Skeletons in the Closet (2024) Movie Script


[Distorted whispering]

You know,
there's some things in life
that you can never
be prepared for...
Things that you never think
you would encounter.
You hear stories
of gods and demons
and angels and spirits,
but you never know
who they really are
and what... what they will
mean in your life.
People pray
to all kinds of things.
Some look harmless,
but others are...
Can scare you down
to your very soul.

[Distorted whispering]

You deserve this raise, okay?
Say it.
"I deserve this raise."
I deserve this raise.
Oh, hey, see. That's what
you get for playing with me.
Your jacket's gonna hide that.
- [Indistinct]
- [Laughs]
I think you got your raise.
[Laughing] I got my raise.
Go get yours.
Stop messing up
my furniture, too.
[Groans] Sexy thing.
[Door creaks]

[Clears throat]

[Distorted whispering]

- Mark...
- Mommy!
I'm coming, honey.

Okay, Jenny,
we should make some...

I came up, I sat here...
[Sighs] Babe, I'm... I'm...
I'm dying here.
You know where my keys...

Are you okay?

Um, you left them by the door.

Fito died.

Oh, come here, baby.
I'm sorry.


Are you okay?

You know what this gives us
an opportunity for?
To get you that puppy
that you've wanted.
How about that?

Mark, we talked about this.
We can't afford a puppy.
Yes, we can afford a puppy
if she wants a puppy.

Come on.
Baby, you know
what I need from you?
I need you to give me
that extra luck and power
that you bring to my life, okay?
I got a big day today.
Give it to me. I'm ready.
You don't need it...
'cause you're mydad.

She's right.

Get out of here!

Bye, sweetie.
You're the sweetest, mama.
You know, it's funny
how it all comes together.
You know, I knew
it was time for a raise.
Yeah, I just figured after
four years at the same rate,
it was time.
Same rate?
- Yeah.
- Raise?

Are you serious?
Wait, isn't that
what you called me in for?
No, I called you in, Mark,
we're letting you go.
Wait, wait, wait.
For what? What did I...
- It's not you. Not you.
- Look, um...
It's a tough economy.
I hope you understand.
Look, can we just go in your
office and talk about this?
It's not gonna change anything.
I'm sorry, man.
Stop by Martha in HR
on your way out, will you?

Okay, honey. You ready?
Alright, come on.

It's gonna be okay.
You feeling alright?

Good to see you, Valentina.
You're a little early
for mass today.
How is our Jenny today?
- Hmm.
- Is... Is she okay?
Can we talk, Father?

Father, I'm so scared.
I must be cursed.
No, no.
Don't say that.
I pray every day.
I come to mass incessantly.
I don't know...
I don't know what else
I'm supposed to be doing.
Try not to lose your faith...
for the Lord is faithful.
And He will not allow you
to be tempted
beyond what you can bear.

You have to believe that.

Can we pray together?

The Lord is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He leads me in the path
of righteousness
for His name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death...

I shall fear no evil.

It's okay.

Yeah, I'm okay.

We ran her blood work twice,
just to be sure.

It's back.
I'm so sorry, Valentina,
but her MRI confirms that
it's now spread to her brain.
We'll have to take
a more aggressive approach
with her treatment this time.
Yeah, we will,
'cause you're so strong, right?
I'm so sorry, Valentina,
but your insurance
didn't even cover her
last round of treatments.

[Dog whimpering]

What's wrong?
It's back.
[Exhales sharply]
I thought you said our insurance
covered... everything.
It was supposed to.
It didn't.
We're gonna figure it out, okay?
We have to.
They can't start chemo
until we can pay for it.

Where did that come from?
It was out front
when I came in.
- How?
- I don't know, I mean...
Wait, where in the hell
is Jenny at?
I got to go pick her up
from ballet.
No, no, no,
I'll... I'll pick her up.
- Thank you.
- Take a deep breath.

Thank you for getting me
a puppy, Daddy.

You know that dog is gonna
get me killed with your mother.

What are you gonna name it?
That's a name for a dog.
Now, you know you got to look
after it, too, right?
Every couple of hours,
you got to take it outside,
so it don't pee on anything.
We'll deal with your mom.

- I love it. Can I get another?
- Can I get you another one?
Why not? Please.
Of course. Thank you very much.
Good Lord, have mercy.
I like your earrings, too.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, pretty lady.
I'll be back to check on you.
And I'll be right here,
thinking about you.
Ooh, look at that
pretty mother fucker.
- [Laughs]
- Come here.
Oh, yeah.
- Big brother.
- I ain't done, baby boy.
I was so worried about you
surviving prison.
I got... I got this one and...
I have one ready for you.
- Yeah!
- You damn skippy.
Well, I like the hospitality.
Cheers, my brother.
Thank you very much.
How did you avoid all that
monstrous death in prison?
Well, watch.

Santa Muerte.
Check this out.
See that right there?
Holy shit.
It's a true story, brother.
Man, I saw one of those things
on my front porch.
- Is that right?
- This evening.
Like an action figure.
No, no, no. This ain't no
action figure, brother.
This is the saint that kept
my Black ass sane in prison.
It's the reason why I'm here.
She makes wishes come true?
your Black ass desires.
Well, I need money,
and I need it fast.
- You tried a sperm bank?
- I need 50 grand.
Oh, yeah. That's a lot of pulls
at the hammer.
- Can I get another one?
- What's her name, anyway?
Her name is hospital bills.


Yeah, I ain't even...
Valentina's ain't never
had none of her family,
so we can't go to them.
And... so, I got to
come up with the 50...
come hell or high water.

I might know a guy.
I wouldn't call him a friend.
More like a last resort
kind of nigga.

I think I'm at the last resort.

His name is Miguel.
And check it.
These ain't the kind of cats
you like to mess around with,
so, uh, be careful, hear me?

Got this sumbitch
under Crackhead Miguel.
How do you know him?
I'm gonna send this
to you right now.
I saw him beat up a midget
with a box of dildos.
- [Laughs]
- What you laughing about?
Come on.
Don't forget your manners.
- Thank you, baby.
- Cheers.

Look after her.

[Distorted whispering]


[Distorted whispering]



[Speaking native language]



Next weekend, we're having
a little memorial service.
Wanted to see
if you all wanted to come.
More like a spiritual
retreat with...

Excuse me a second.

Welcome back.
How could He do this?

Let's have a seat.

What's on your mind?

I prayed.

I prayed every single day.

And it still came back.


Valentina, listen.

A mother's love
for her child is...

Try to understand that,
even though you pray,
life still takes its course.
You understand?


How could... a loving God...
give families children,
just to take them away?

God's plan?

That's just a placeholder
to explain
anything bad happening.


It doesn't work.

Excuse me.
I'm... I'm here to see Miguel.

- You're here to see Miguel?
- Are you Miguel?
Follow me.

- Did you check him out?
- No.

I don't have anything
except my wallet.
And cellphone.

Can I get my wallet, please?
Don't cross the line.
Let's go.


Don't cross the line.


My brother Andres told me
that I should come and...
Hopefully he didn't tell you
too much.
Nothing... Nothing beyond
the fact that you're...
You're the man, you know, and...
Andres needs to learn
to shut the fuck up.

Look, I need 50 grand
for my daughter's...
Like I care.

25 K.
But I need 50 grand
for my daughter's thing.
Once again, not my concern.
What I am concerned about
is collateral.
Well, if you need collateral.
I got my car, man.

Look into my eye and tell me
that car is worth 25 K.

I got equity in my home.
It's got to be 50 grand
of equity in my house.

You enjoy being a family man?

You know what?
No, no, no.
Let him go.
I'm sure he's got
tons of options.
There's a bank
right down the street.

But the Bank of Miguel?

I'll take this as collateral.

30 days.
You feel me?

Thank you.

[Rap music plays]

Say, man, you got a light?


You look like you've had
a rough day.

Tell me about it.

It'll get better.
Thanks for the light.

What's up, man?
You want to talk about it?
[Sighs] No, I do not.
Okay, look. Bartenders,
we're like priests.

We pour you wine
and listen to your confessions.

Well, Father,
I have sinned,
and I know not what I do.
What can you do for me?
Well, in that case,
the ministry of my church...
What's up, baby?
What's up, baby boy?
would like to grant you
pardon and peace.
- Hey, man.
- What's up, baby?
in the name of Jack...
- Mm-hmm.
- Daniels
and the Holy Spirit, baby.
I'm assuming one of those
is mine.
Oh, baby, you know it.
- Hallelujah.
- Hallelujah.
- On the house.
- Thank you, Jesus.
- Thank you, Jesus.
- Cheers.
Salute. Look me in the eyes,
you Black mother fucker.
I'm looking you in the eye,
you Black mother fucker.

That's my man.
Maybe you want to
go play football again.
- Is that right?
- Hell, yeah.
So, we're drinking during, uh,
the day now, huh?
[Chuckles] Shit.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold up.
This ain't about Miguel, is it?
Nah. No, he was nice enough to
give me half of what I needed.
This nigga here, man.
30%, too.

Listen, I, uh,
I heard this story.
I don't know how true it is.
This guy,
a friend of a friend...
he didn't, uh, he didn't pay
Miguel back on time.
So, word on the street is
Miguel took him
on a little boat ride.
And tossed him overboard?
No. Tossed his wife overboard,
Made the nigga watch
and everything.
What the fuck?
Why didn't you tell me this shit
before you even
introduced me to him?
I'm telling you now
about his...
Listen, I said, I don't know
how true it is, alright?
So, just calm down.
Don't... Don't worry about it.
Don't let it sweat you.
It's probably a wives' tale
or some bullshit.
But be careful
with that mother fucker.

[Water running]
[Distorted whispering]


Mother fuckers will sneak up
and get you.
- You've got to be kidding me.
- Yeah, yeah.
Ye of little faith, my brother.
Where is she?
Ooh! "Psychics on duty."
Put that down.
Well, hello, Madam.
I knew you'd come in today.
I bet you did.
You say that to everybody,
don't you?
$50 for a reading.
- I don't like that.
- Come on.
Have faith, my brother.
Have faith.
Dude, I just bought the doll.
I didn't...
Oh, here.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Now what?
We sit down.
You're here today because
you're concerned about someone.
Wow. I'm just blown away
by... by the insight.
It's like, wow.


Okay, yeah, I-I'm here because
I'm concerned about somebody.

Your daughter, yes?

She has cancer.

What is this, man?

This a joke?

Shuffle these cards,
and place them
into stacks of three.

Now choose the one
that you want me to read to you.

I don't want to alarm you...

but, uh,
I will not lie to you.

This is your past.

This is your present.
This is your future.
Stretched out before us...
I see a lot of pain
and worry.

It's as if you're under
a dark cloud.
And, uh, you can't seem
to escape it.

I've never seen anything
like this before.


I can read your future,
but I can't change it.

But I...
I know someone who can.

[Door opens, closes]
What are you doing here?
I didn't feel
like hanging at the bar.
Why were you at the bar?
[Cellphone vibrates]
I didn't have the heart
to tell you the other day.
I got fired.
I didn't get a raise.
I'm sorry.
Mark, what are we gonna do?
Whatever we got to do.
Working on a couple of things,
but [Sighs] it's weird.
How's Jenny?
She's had a good day.
How do you feel about, um,
my brother watching her tonight?
Just for a few hours.
I want to take you someplace.
I am not in the mood to go out,
and we're not supposed to be
spending any extra money.
It's not that kind of place,
and it don't cost any money.
I just need you
to trust me on this.
Say you'll go.
- Yeah, I'll go.
- Thank you.

[Dog snarling playfully]

You little monster.

She already tucked away.
I think she'll be alright
for a while.
You give her her doll?

There's something
I need to, um, tell you.
[Door opens]
Hey, hey.

Look... [Chuckles]
Look after her.
You know I will.
- Thank you.
- Oh, no problem.
I'll just, uh, help myself
to the fridge.
- Yeah, stay away from my quiche.
- You always do.
Shut up.

Well, Madam Futura says that...
Madam Futura?

Who's Madam Futura?

An adviser.

What kind of adviser?
She's a psychic adviser.

Mark Trudeau, you've really
got to be joking right now,
because I know you didn't
just leave my daughter
at the house, who's sick,
because you think
some psychic adviser
is gonna solve our problems.
You're joking, right?
This is different, babe.

This is different.

Are you serious?

Oh, my goodness.

Are we paying for this?

Look, this isn't like that.

It's being worked out.

Okay, let's see the tattoo.
Is it ready?
Oh, that's a good one.
That's a good one.
You want to do this one next?
Oh, that's a good one.
Alright, you picking that one?
Okay, you hold it.
And you...
You got to hold it here.

You think your daddy's brave?
My daddy?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.
Well, when we were little kids,
even though we slept
in, uh, separate bedrooms,
I would wake up in the middle
of the night
with him climbing
under my covers,
scared to death, talking about,
"Something's trying to get me."
I'd call him a little punk,
but I'd let him stay.
He never told me any of that.
Yeah, you know why?
'Cause he didn't want you
to think that he wasn't...
Wasn't brave.
But he is.
He and your mama.

The way they looked after you
when you got really sick?

That was courage sent by God.
[Door bell jingles]
It's a lot brighter
during the day.
I perceive you found
the courage to see it through.


This is, um, my wife, Valentina.
This is Madam Futura.
I'm happy to meet you.

It's the fourth door down.
You'll find him.

Thank you.


Sit down.

My name is Luc.

What are we doing here?

I was talking to Madam Futura.

And she laid
these exact cards out.

You haven't told him yet,
did you?

The cancer...
has spread through the brain.

But you can get, uh,
rid of it for a cost.
- What's the cost?
- Well...

How much is it worth to you?


I'll tell you something.
Here's a parchment.

Write down your wish.

And you'll bring it back in...

24 hours.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Let's go.

Oh, there they are.
Um, Jenny's upstairs
in her bedroom.
And for the record, I did finish
off the rest of that quiche.
And about four of these.
Don't let it sweat you,
baby bro.
Yeah, thanks for it.
So, are you keeping shit
from me now?
You know that anyone
I have ever loved dies.
Come on, stop that nonsense.
No, my mother, my aunt,
both of my grandparents.
Anyone... Anyone that
I've ever cared about.
Jenny and I are still here,
so what does that say?
Yeah, that's everything.
That's what I'm saying.
I need to get as far away
from both of you...
Okay. Try it.
Where you gonna go?
I don't know.
I got people in Antarctica.
You don't have any people
in Antarctica.
If you go there,
I got people there,
and I'm gonna find your ass.
And I'm gonna chain you
to the basement.
You ain't getting away from me.
Stop all this nonsense, man.
[Knock on door]
[Doorbell rings]
Hey, fella.

What now?
Why are y'all here, man?
Nice pad you have here.

What's the matter?
- Honey, who's this?
- Um, honey, this is...
This is my friend Eric.
We were old college roommates.
We were just in the area,
wanted to come by
and check up on our old friend,
his beautiful family,
and, uh, see how
your daughter's doing.
- Is that her there?
- Yeah.
How you doing, little one?
Stay upstairs, baby.

Want to step outside
with me and catch up?

Nice meeting you, ma'am.

[Door closes]

Look, Miguel
never said nothing
about sending people
to my house.
Man, I'm good for the money.
Not feeling it.
Look, what am I supposed...
My friend sent me here
for assurances.
Don't fuck this up.

He thinks your wife's beautiful.
Kid's pretty, too.

So, this is
what you're working on?

Uh, look, um...
Mark, I'm not an idiot.
Just spit it out.

No, you're not.

Look, don't worry.
I got this under control.

'Cause my husband is out here
working with a mob
and some fucking fortune teller
to fulfill our wishes.
You got suggestions?

Clearly I'm out of options.

[Monitor beeping]


[Speaking native language]
[Speaking native language]




[Door opens, closes]
Yo, yo!
Hey. You rang?
This shit is baffling
to me, man.
Absolutely baffling.
Is that right?
It's baffling to me how...
the people that
you trust the most...
people are supposed
to be on your side,
and they're just looking out
for their own damn selves, man.
I still don't have a clue
what you're talking about.
Them niggas
that you hooked me up with,
that came to my house.


Bad fucks.
Mark. Mark.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mark, look at me.

Look at me.

I told you that story
about that guy.
This is a bad dude, man.
Now shit's all fucked up,
and it's supposed to be
on me, huh?
You didn't say
he was going to come
to my mother fucking house,
and three days after...

- Mark, listen.
- I'm scared.
Listen to me, man.

I don't have any...
You're my family, bro.
Hey, you're my family.
You're my brother.
I'll kill for you.
You know that.
You want me to stab
this mother fucker in the eye?
I'll stab him in the eye.
Nigga, I just want
to keep my family safe.
Let me help you, man.
What you want me to do?
Just tell me what to do.

Get away from me!
Stop it, stop it!
Why can't I just wake up?!
Breathe, breathe.
Mommy's talking to herself.
She's scaring me.
Hey, don't cry.
Don't cry.
Look at me.

[Glass shatters]
Hey, hey, hey.
You want some ice cream?

I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I'm so... I'm so, so sorry.
But Jenny's scared.
Andres is scared.
I know.
And whatever you...

Look at your hand.
Look at this.

You have to get away from me.
No, we got to see somebody.
You and me,
we got to go talk to somebody
'cause this shit ain't normal.
And I'm scared for you.


Valentina. Mark.
You have something for me?
The parchment?
- Yes.
- This way, through the curtain.


We shouldn't have
trusted this guy.
What the fuck is this?

As I said...

the world of the unseen
is an amazing place...

with secrets.

Place the parchment in the bowl.

Don't play with fire.

[Distorted whispering]
[Distorted whispering
Your husband's offer...

is not enough
to save Jenny's life.

I will do anything for her.
A life...

for a life.

Okay. Yes.
Whatever it takes.
Just please save her.
Your wish has been heard.
Life for life has to be paid
in three days time.
What the fuck?
Baby, what?
Baby, we were there.
You... You were there.
How did I get back here, Mark?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Bye, baby.
Go get 'em.

- Any more?
- No.
Thank you.

[Clears throat]
She's got this.

Mr. Johnson?
Come on, kids.

Good luck with your daughter's
She'll be in our prayers.
Thanks. You, too.


Honey, did you see that?

Did I see what?

She was... in the woods,
and then she was
just right there
in a long white dress,
just looking at us.

You didn't see that?
What are you talking about?

Oh, my God.

Oh, fuck. What is...

She was...

Baby, take a deep breath.

Everything's alright.

No, Mark.

I'm not okay.

Give me the keys.
Where are you going?
I got to go get some answers.
Can you just stay here
and wait for Jenny?
Yeah, I guess we can
catch a cab or something.

Thank you.
Deep breaths, baby.

I'm just trying to understand
how all that stuff happened.
Who paid off
the insurance company?
What the hell happened to us
when we were in here?
the world is like an iceberg.
Most what's happened
goes on below the surface.
The unseen.

There must be a balance
to everything.

Let me show you.

What are you doing?


Stop, stop, stop, stop.
What are you doing?!

Skeletons in the closet.

Heard that expression?


It's when...
people have a secret
in their past
they don't want
other people to know.

But that's not
what it really means.
The skeletons
are our personal guides.
With them, we discover
about the past, the present,
and what the future holds.

Tell me, who is the skeleton
in your closet?

How are you? Oh, yeah.
I've been... I've been...
I've been hanging out.
Oh, that's good.
That's cool.
Hi, Mommy.
Hi, my love.

- Look, I made this doll.
- Oh, wow.
I made it
'cause it looked like you.
It's beautiful.
It looks just like mine.

Do you know I love you
with all my heart?
Yeah, I know that.
And that you're gonna
be better soon?
And that I would do
anything for you?

I know that.

A life...

for a life.

Whose life?
You already know.


Father Jackson?

Is that me?

Where's he going?

What happened to me?

I don't remember any of this.


Santa Muerte.

Are you okay?
Lay down, get some sleep.
I just had a nightmare.
Jenny's fine.

Not a lot of people put
any stock in this sort of thing,
but I've seen it work more times
than I can explain.
- What's that?
- Oh.
She is Santa Muerte.
She looks out for those of us
on the fringe of society.
"The fringe of society"?
[Chuckles] Yeah, it's where
the cool people hang out.
The Catholics, now, they
won't acknowledge her sainthood.
But we will.
With a little dough-re-mi.
There you go.

[Water running]


This is all wrong.

[Sobbing, screaming]

Chase her.
[Speaking native language]

[Speaking native language]

[Swing creaking]

Honey, what do you have there?

Baby, where did you get this?
A man gave it to me
and told me
we should pray to her
to protect us from the shadow
that watches me.
Okay, honey,
but w-what shadows?
What... What man?
He came to my window
while you were sleeping.
Come here.
Everything's gonna be fine,
But you got to tell Mommy
these things, alright?
Was this last night?

[Keyboard clacking]

Mommy, I'm ready.
Alright, honey, let's go.
[Scoffs] I can't believe this.
There's no sign
of cancer anywhere.
I'd like to perform another...
No, no, no.
That's enough.
Thank you.
I did this.
I saved her.
Mommy, what did you do?


[Whispers] Where is everybody?

[Distorted whispering]

[Cellphone rings]

Hey, boss.
Yeah, we just pulled up.

Yeah, we were gonna
take him fishing.
Him and his kid.

He's clear?
Alright, we'll go make
the next one, then.

What you looking at me
like that for?
I feel all better now, Daddy.
Do you know the day
is gonna come
when you'll be too big for me
to pick you up like this?
But that'll be a good day.
You know what I want you to do?
Think about the best places
you want to go.
I want you to go
write that down,
and we'll start visiting them.
What's up with you?
I don't even know
how to say this out loud, but...
I've been seeing this woman
in a white dress everywhere,
and I don't know...
I don't know if it's a dream.
I don't know
if it's a memory, I just...

You see her now?

[Sighs] No,
I don't see her now.

Um, I don't know
what to say about that.
What I do know
is Jenny is cured now.
Completely cured.
It's a freaking miracle.

I know.
Luc did that.

What do you know about Luc?
Well, that's what I'm saying.
Beyond the fact
of what he does come true.
He was telling us the truth.
Hell, I don't know.

It's just I don't trust him.

Deep breaths, baby.

Jenny, where did you get that?

He told me to take it
from your drawer.

Jenny, go to your room.
- But...
- No. Don't argue with me.
Go to your room.
Go upstairs.

I don't want you talking
to my daughter.
She just wants what
your family took away from her.

What do you want from us?
The real power is in you...


[Keyboard clacking]

[Line ringing]

- Hey, bro.
- How's Jenny doing, baby bro?
Yeah, no. She's fine.
She's feeling a lot better.
Um... remember you told me
you had a friend
in the Las Vegas
Police Department?
Oh, for sure.
You know that.
- Come here.
- Which one?
Guy you can get
information from.
Oh, yeah, yeah. For sure,
for sure. What you need?
Yeah, can you reach out
to him for me?

For sure. Let me
give him a call.
[Dog whimpering]

Valentina, this...

is what you're looking for.
Only the goddess of death
can save you.
Santa Muerte.
How did you know?
I'm a helper,
just as your late mother was.
It's in you, too.
As for me,
I must pay also.
I'm alive because of her.
Have faith in Santa Muerte.

[Speaking native language]

- You will pay your debt.
- [Gasps]

You warned me.

A life... is owed...
to the darkness.

I've known you all your life,
and you've always had
such great promise.
But ever since that night,
the question is...

do you remember?

I have some flashes sometimes.

You had cancer.


This is all wrong.

We must stop.
There's no time for second
choices right now, my love.
- But the cost.
- You know the cost.
- Is...
- Yes.

Por favor... mi bebe.
Save my baby!
[Speaking native language]

Celia. Celia!
It's time.
Por favor!
It's time.
No, no, no!
We are out of time.

Chase her.

There is always a choice.

- Celia!
- Valentina!
- Celia!
- Valentina.
[Speaking native language]


[Speaking native language]





No! No!

It was the only way
to save her.
No. No.
A life... for a life.



Where are you?!

God rest your soul, my child.

Your spirit is
with the Lord now.

May you rise up...

with the Lord's grace
and mercy.

It's time these
were returned to you.

I kept an eye on you
since that day.

Even as you bounced around
from foster home
to foster home...

I kept an eye
on your mother's ashes for you
until you were ready.

Until today.
We're almost to your new home.

God rest her soul.
Your mother was a saint.

She really believed in miracles.
[Door opens]

Oh, my God.

You're dead.

I thought so, too.

I tried to look out for you,

But then it cost me your mother.
What do you know
about my mother?
Your mother...
she appealed to Santa Muerte
for the cure.

But it didn't work.

So, I had to look elsewhere.
What do you mean, elsewhere?
We thought it was a spirit.

But it was a demon.

And we... we... we learned
be careful what you ask for.
Another man approached me.
He told me he could save you.

At a cost.

And I took the deal.

I took the deal, not knowing
what it would cost me.
Then why are you back here now?

Jenny has cancer...

because of you.

- No.
- Yes.

You weren't supposed to live,
which means Jenny isn't
supposed to live, either.
The cancer is nature
trying to rebalance itself.
The demon and Santa Muerte
are competing for your souls.
And your mother, she sent me.
She's been trying to warn you.

I've seen this... ghost
following me a-at the house,
at work.
A long white dress,
long black hair.
Black hair.

Her face, her eyes,
and the way she looked at you.

That was your mother.



I wish it was taken care of
with her life.
This curse on our family
will never end
unless we free ourselves.
Jenny's children
and her children depend on it.
We must go now.

What do you mean?

W-What do we have to do now?

Do you have her ashes?


It's the only thing
to send her home.

I can't.

What's her name?
- Daisy.
- [Laughs]
And this one's Pinky Tuscadero.
Like a little baby Daisy.

[Distorted speaking]
What is that?
[Distorted speaking continues]
It's okay.

Your mother was
the most beautiful bride.

I haven't been back here
since that night.
After I lost her,
I burnt the house to the ground.


Damn it.

We have to find the exact spot
she lost her life.
The exact spot that her soul
was cut off from her body.
Once she's returned
to the earth,
we pray that Santa Muerte
will set us free.
But the demon
is always watching.
[Distorted speech]



Where are we going?


Okay, this is good.
Once we put the box
in the earth,
her soul will be released.

For her soul to be released,
cover it.

[Speaking native language]

What did you do?

I didn't do nothing.

[Speaking native language]

I had to save Jenny.
What did you do?
I had to.

What happened?
What happened?
Tell me you didn't make
a deal with him.
[Footsteps approach]

Run. Run.



- Go! Get upstairs!
- Upstairs. Come!
- No!
- Run!

[Distorted speech]

[Distorted speech continues]



[Distorted speech]



You gots to go!


[Distorted speech]



Get your hands off my daughter.

[Distorted speech]

Una vida por una vida.
Valentina, I have always
been here for you.

Now, we can finally be free.

You know what you must do.
It's the only way.
A life...
for a life.





Thank you, guys.

Where to?

East or west?
You know that's where
the sun comes up, right?
That's how you chase the sun.
East it is.
Seat belt.
Everywhere we want to be.
[Engine starts]


Don't be sad.

He will be back.
He will be back.

Come on.

[Song playing]