Skellig: The Owl Man (2009) Movie Script

I know it's further away
but you'll see your mates at school.
And we'll have the new baby
for company soon.
I liked it here.
What do you think?
Say something, then.
It looks like
it's about to fall down.
Nothing's about to fall down.
Trust me.
This'll be useful.
In 50 years' time.
(Dad) Come through here.
You've got to picture it
in your mind's eye, son.
- Your what?
- Your mind's eye.
Your imagination. Here.
No, it's still a dump.
Mikey... you know the flat wasn't
big enough for the three of us,
especially with the baby.
(Bird squawks)
We did it, hey?
There's just so much to do.
(Dad) I know it doesn't look much
but I'll get it all done up.
I know you will.
How come the toilet's
not in the toilet?
Er... the man who lived here was...
well, he was old
and he couldn't move easily.
- What happened to him?
- He died here.
- What, in this room?
- On the toilet.
- Dave!
- Joking! I'm joking!
Mr Myers passed away
in the vicinity of the kitchen,
whilst partaking
of a bottle of fine ale!
But it was a week
before they found him.
The smell drifted
down the whole street.
It was like old socks and rotten fish.
Is that a smile?
Bugger me, it is! A sm... Lou...
Look at that! It's a smile!
Watch the plant, please!
I want the room by the bathroom.
I need that room
for the baby, my love.
We thought you'd like the top room.
You know, a bit of privacy.
- (Creaking)
- (Footsteps)
Hey, careful.
You'll fall right through.
A couple of those boards
need replacing.
(Huffs) Give us a hand downstairs.
Some boxes need shifting.
But I've moved all my things.
Michael, I don't want
your mum carrying stuff, OK?
(Mobile rings)
Hello, Cooper Cabs.
(Whispers) Get down there now.
Yeah, no problem. Where are you?
- Mum, there's spiders all over my room.
- They're harmless, my love.
Maybe you could skip school today.
Stay and give us a hand.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
Just me and you.
- Is Dad working?
- Get more done without him.
You can help me pick out colours
for the baby's room.
Maybe we should have found out
what we're having.
It'd make decorating a bit easier.
Nothing. Just remembered
I've got a test.
Well, I can phone your school
and let them know that I need you.
See you, then.
# And through it all
she offers me protection
# A lot of love and affection
whether I'm right or wrong
# And down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
# I know that life won't break me
when I come to call
# She won't forsake me
# I'm loving angels instead #
And that, lads, is how it's done.
Very impressive, Mr Leakey.
Glad we've finally found one subject
you could master.
Right, who's next?
Michael Cooper.
(Boy 1) It's easy.
(Boy 2) You can do it.
He doesn't like
being so high up, sir.
Oh, that's right, yes.
Sorry, I forgot.
- He's got a phobia.
- (Boy whispers) Come on, Mikey!
- (Teacher) Well?
- It makes me feel sick, sir.
Mikey, you can do it, man!
All right, get back down here.
20 lengths.
Right, which one of you
is gonna show me some guts, then?
Well, don't put your hands up
all at once, will you?
"It makes me feel sick, sir."
It makes me feel sick and all
and I gotta do it.
- Give it a rest, Coot.
- And I got a dodgy ear.
- You got dodgy hair to match!
- At least I'm not a wuss!
Maybe he don't wanna belly-flop
like you, Coot.
Want a lift?
It's OK, Dad's not on
for another hour.
Nah, I'll hang around here for a bit.
Things bad at home?
Stepdad's back. (Laughs)
Till she kicks him out again!
- (Car horn)
- Hey! I'll start the meter in a minute.
You'll be all right, won't you?
(Engine starts)
Hi, Dad.
# Sha-la-boom-boom, yeah
# Do it, do it, do it, do it
# Sha-la-boom-boom, yeah
# Sha-la-boom-boom, yeah
# Ooh, do it easy...
# Sha-la-boom-boom, yeah #
(Lou) Mikey!
# Oh, take me higher... #
Oh, no. Please, please, please.
(Man) Who's there?
- (Moans)
- Mum!
Mum, what shall I do?
- You've got a baby sister.
- A sister?
Thank God you were there.
Caught us by surprise, didn't she?
- Can she come home?
- Soon, we hope.
The doctors say she's a real fighter.
Did you see that?
She looked right at me.
(Dave) Mikey.
I just had a look in that shed
down the bottom,
full of worthless old junk.
You didn't?
There wasn't anything else?
You stay away from it. Do you hear?
It's a bloody death trap.
- I better get started in here.
- I can... help if you want.
Are you feeling all right?
Come on, then.
Right, you start
clearing all this up.
# If the fish swam out of the ocean
# And grew legs
and they started walking
# And the apes climbed down
from the trees
# And grew tall
and they started talking...
Original tiles.
# And the stars fell out of the sky
# And my tears rolled into the ocean
# Now I'm looking
for a reason why... #
(Dave grunts)
- Dad?
- Uh-huh?
Do you think Mum would have
had the baby yesterday
if we hadn't moved house?
I don't know, Mikey.
Do you think
if I'd given her more of a hand
and stayed home from school
she would have been all right?
(Sighs) Here.
Take it.
Go on.
Go on! That's it.
Smash it up.
Get it all out of your system.
You know your problem, Mikey?
You think too much.
Sometimes you've just gotta...
let go.
That's it. Carry on like that,
I'll let you have a go on that shed.
You're the new boy.
I'm Mina.
I'm Mina and you are?
I live just across those fields.
And you're the closest thing
I've got to a neighbour.
Well, a human one.
I suppose
you'll be putting down lawn.
Your garden's home
to a multitude of creatures.
You know that's our wall
you're sitting on?
Your wall, is it?
(Man snorts) Here.
(Michael) Who are you?
Go away.
(Dave) They're just
being cautious, love.
They've got to play it safe,
haven't they?
Please, Lou, don't cry.
It's gonna be OK, I promise.
It'll be OK.
I know.
I've got you a ticket
for the County Diving Championship.
Oh, thanks!
I'm gonna get gold, man. I know it.
Look after that, Mikey.
You're the only person I've got coming.
Leakey, so guess what I found
down the garden shed?
This guy. Homeless. Must be.
- I hope you told him to shift it.
- Yeah, course.
He was weird, though.
He looked really sick.
(Laughs) Mikey, don't be thick!
The guy's a junkie!
You'll probably never see him again.
Come on, before we're late.
(School bell rings)
Evolution. Do you see how the head
changes shape to hold our big brains?
- (Impersonates a monkey)
- (Laughter)
Did I say, "big brains"?
Maybe I should qualify that, Mr Coot.
Right, get out
your exercise books, everyone.
- Michael, where did these come from?
- I don't know, sir!
- OK, calm down. Wait.
- I dunno!
- Leakey, was this you?
- No, sir!
Leakey! Don't touch anything!
Quiet, everyone! Calm down!
- Do you like birds?
- I suppose.
Do you like drawing?
Well, it's better
than history and physics.
Do you draw the things around you?
You ask a lot of questions,
don't you?
Drawing makes you look
at the world more closely.
- Helps you notice the details.
- Whatever.
Didn't anyone ever tell you
it's rude to stare?
Anyway, I notice plenty.
Yeah? What colour's a blackbird?
- Black?
- (Scoffs)
By the way,
there's an insect in your hair.
Like I said, details.
They're slow-moving little critters,
these are.
Even in the gut.
(Stomach rumbles)
We've got lots of proper food inside.
We've got crisps, different flavours,
chocolate, fish fingers.
27... 53.
They're pretty, aren't they, hmm?
Are you Mr Myers?
That old git's dead.
Are you a... Are you a junkie?
No, I'm not a junkie.
I'm just junk.
I'm worthless old junk.
Let me help you.
You wanna help me?
Well, forget I exist.
Pretend I'm a bad dream.
Then you'll wake up
and, bingo, I'm gone.
There's no power.
Damn you.
(Woman singing a melody)
(Singing a melody)
- How are you feeling, Gracie?
- Never better, dear!
(Laughs and sings a melody)
You can't let 'em give up on you.
Then you're really done for.
I have to keep moving, me.
I go once up and down the ward
and three times round every landing.
I do that every day.
It keeps Arthur away.
My old friend, Mr Arthur-itis!
(Sighs) I'm absolutely knackered, me,
but I'll be dancing again soon.
Have you got a little baby brother
or a sister in here?
My baby's all grown up now.
He was a lovely little boy...
like you.
Busy man now. Very busy man.
Coming next weekend, he says.
Here... what is it
with grapes and hospitals?
I've never had so many in my life!
Well, gotta get moving.
It keeps the ticker ticking.
(Sings a melody)
How's your dad's cooking?
Is he doing all right?
- Too many veggies!
- Yeah?
(Dave) Doctor...
You would tell me
if anything was wrong.
Course I would, darling.
(Rapid heartbeat)
You didn't tell me you had a sister.
Are you all right? Are you OK?
What are you doing
creeping up on me like that?
- You shouldn't feel embarrassed.
- I don't!
- How is she, your sister?
- She's in hospital.
- What's her name?
- She hasn't got one yet.
Mum and Dad haven't had time.
- Doesn't your school have a uniform?
- I don't go to school.
My mother educates me.
That's weird, not going to school.
What about seeing your mates?
"How can the bird that is born for joy
sit in a cage and sing?"
- You've heard of William Blake?
- No.
He wrote poems and painted pictures.
A lot of the time he lived nude.
You mean, with no clothes on?
With his tackle hanging out?
He was extraordinary.
He even saw angels in his garden.
He sounds like a nutter.
Champions League tonight, son.
Right, what's on the menu?
Not pizza again.
How about Chinese?
That'll have a few veg in it!
- All right.
- Here you are. What do you fancy?
27 and 53.
Blimey, that was quick!
I've got a knife and fork
or chopsticks.
27, 53. Food of the gods.
You're not as stupid as you look.
A fortune cookie?
(Scoffs) Fortune?
You having a good look, are you?
You're nosy, you are.
- I think you should see a doctor.
- Why?
Why me? Why now?
I don't know.
There must be some other sick soul
you can inflict yourself on.
No, I can't help them.
- Get off!
- (Gasps)
Are you a hunchback?
Your back, what's on it?
Nothing. It's no good any more.
Of course,
he doesn't look like that now.
A bit of grey.
Like me.
He couldn't make it this time
but next weekend, he says.
We're taking the baby home today.
Oh... to go home, what a feeling.
- When are they letting you out?
- Oh, any time now.
- Grace... do your hands hurt?
- Mm.
Arthur and me,
we're old friends, we are.
I know someone who's got arthritis.
Tell him from me to keep moving.
And cod-liver oil. That helps.
He lives in my garden shed.
There's a lot of homeless about
these days.
He's not like us.
Not a normal person.
He's something different.
Given up on life, has he?
He doesn't care... about anything.
He just sits there,
like he's waiting to die
and I don't know what to do.
You mustn't ever give up.
Here, have a grape.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
And no toilet.
It's not gone far, though.
I thought it'd make
a nice garden scene.
(Lou) I thought that shed
was coming down.
(Michael) But Dad promised me
some shelves first!
It's true, I did.
He's living out of a suitcase.
I'll get round to it, I promise.
It's next on my list.
(Baby cries)
(Bird twitters)
(Baby cries)
Did we wake you?
- Is she gonna be all right, then?
- Yeah, my love. Everything's fine.
I think you've got taller
these last few days.
- Believe me.
- Mum...
Come here.
Come here a sec.
You'll always be my baby,
you know that.
Don't jump too high. Wouldn't want
you getting scared now, would we?
- (Laughter)
- (Whistle)
Right now, you lot, pay attention.
Eyes on me, Lee.
You're gonna take your shirts off.
You can do it in skins, right?
(Boy) Yes, sir.
Anyone says they're cold,
they can run round the field three times.
- Have I made myself clear?
- (AIl) Yes, sir!
- Have I made myself clear?
- (AII louder) Yes, sir!
Hey, hey! Don't eat those!
They could be poisonous.
I got you these aspirins.
- A bleeding-good Samaritan, you are.
- Just take 'em.
They'll make you feel better.
That is a vile, unnatural brew,
that is!
You eat flies, beetles and spiders
and you spit this out?
- You ever tasted spiders' legs?
- No.
Well, you're hardly in a position
to comment, then, are you?
(Baby cries)
(Impersonates baby crying)
It's my sister. She's not been well.
(Impersonates baby crying)
Babies... Spew muck,
spittle and tears out.
It's good she's crying.
It means she's strong.
How did you know about 27 and 53?
You used to hear him on the phone.
Most nights he'd ring 'em.
What? You mean you left the shed?
Do you do that now ever?
A never-ending never.
But with Ernie, though,
you used to go inside the house?
I used to find his leavings by the bin.
That and a bottle of brown.
Brown ale. It's the sweetest
of nectars, that is.
Did he see you?
He used to look right through me.
Perhaps he thought I was a figment.
You think I'm a figment.
I'm not sure what you are.
Pow! Pow! Pow!
- You're dead!
- Only wounded!
I found it in my stepdad's things.
I'll put it back after, though.
He'll never even notice it's gone.
(Fluttering wings)
Reckon I could hit one?
I've been practising.
I could kill it stone-dead.
- Leakey!
- (Gunshot)
What's going on? Stupid rabbit!
- I think it's a hare.
- Not any more.
- Where are you going?
- Something's wrong.
(Lou) It's not OK.
Don't tell me that!
They told me to bring her in.
How is that OK, Dave?
(Dave) It's probably nothing, love.
(Lou) There is something wrong.
I should never have listened to you.
You and your big ideas.
Moving us into some old wreck
with damp and no central heating!
I did it for you. I did it for us.
You did it for you. So you could be
the big man in the big house!
What was I thinking?
- What if we lose her?
- Don't say that.
(Lou) After trying for so long.
All those tests and doctors,
the miscarriages.
I thought she was
our piece of luck, our miracle.
- Please, babe.
- We can't lose her. Not now.
Come here, darling.
(Baby cries)
It's OK.
(Baby cries)
Don't you worry. Do you hear me?
Your dad will be back in a bit.
(Chandelier jingles)
(Chandelier jingles)
The baby's back in hospital.
Come on,
I've got something to show you.
(Michael) What is this place?
I used to come here all the time
when I needed to think.
If you wanna cry, that's OK.
I used to cry all the time...
after my dad died.
I just wanted you to know.
(Imitates owl hooting)
How do you do that?
Put your hands together like this.
- Yeah.
- Now put your thumbs together.
And now blow across
the top of your thumbs.
Not so hard.
(Soft hooting)
See, you've just got to try.
(Mikey giggles)
- Dad?
- Hmm?
You know the baby?
Not now, Mikey.
I didn't realise you wanted
another one so much.
What are you on about?
You didn't tell me.
Come on.
Wake up. Wake up!
- You again?
- (Shrieks)
Of course it's me.
You scared me! You frightened me!
I thought you'd given up
coming to pester me.
I thought
you'd finally left me alone.
Well, I'm here now.
Well, you took
your bloody time, didn't you?
My sister...
She had to go back to hospital.
She's been really ill.
Oh, well, there's a shock.
Don't you care?
The doctors say she might...
It happens every day.
Every minute.
Every heartbeat.
She's just a little baby.
She's a speck...
in a boundless universe.
I want to bring someone to see you.
What, someone to tell you
I'm really here?
- Someone who'll know what to do.
- No.
- They're clever.
- No.
Well, what am I supposed to do?
Just tell me!
My dad's sad,
my mum's sad, you're sad.
I'm trying to help you.
I just wanna do something right!
This bloody shed's about to collapse
and you won't move!
You're nasty and spiteful
and I'm sick of you, but...
But what?
Bring the whole street.
Bring the whole damn town!
Fine, I will.
(Rain pattering)
(Michael) Are you ready for this?
(Mina) Yeah!
(Michael) It's dirty and dangerous.
(Mina) Really?
(Michael) Really.
It's really cool, though.
- Uh! Uh!
- (Rattling)
(Man snoring)
I brought my friend, like I said.
This is Mina.
Ugh. Girl.
Sugar and spice and all things nasty.
Just ignore him.
I got you this.
(Opens bottle)
Aaah! Nectar.
Drink of the gods. (Belches)
- Ugh!
- (Man sniffs)
Who are you?
Mr Had Enough Of You.
Don't be so rude.
Oh, it's like that, is it?
It is if you want any more of this.
You've got insects in your hair.
Yeah. They're delicious.
You want one?
- You feel like a dead person.
- I should be so lucky.
It's calcification. The process
by which the body hardens,
becomes inflexible.
More beer.
It's linked to another process,
by which the mind, too, hardens,
stops thinking and imagining.
This process is ossification.
- A bit of a show-off, your girlfriend, in't she?
- She's not my girlfriend.
Oh, it's like that, is it?
- Have you told anyone else?
- No one.
- So, what do you think about him?
- Mm... I don't know!
- But do you think he's like us?
- No.
- So, what is he, then?
- (Bird caws)
Your mum was right about that damp.
Never seen anything like this.
Why didn't you tell me?
- (Loud creak)
- Hm. That needs sorting.
- I'll be in the shed if you need me.
- The shed?
Aaah! Oof!
- Sorry.
- (Crash)
Hello, cherub.
What are you doing back here?
Is the baby not well?
Oh, don't look so sad.
Your sister's gonna have a long life.
She'll be old like me one day.
You listen to Gracie.
Oh, here.
This is for you.
And these are for your friend.
- What are they?
- Cod-liver oil.
- For your friend with Arthur.
- You remembered!
And tell him from me to keep on dancing.
Thanks, Grace.
Did you have a nice visit with your son?
He hopes... in a couple of weeks.
I could come and see you.
For a proper visit, in the ward upstairs.
That'd be grand.
Oh! But say that you get too busy,
or... or I'm out dancing, maybe,
and we miss each other,
just remember,
them as can walk should walk.
Them as can dance should dance.
And them as can fly...
Well, you know the rest, don't you?
(Grace coughs)
It's not because she came early
or anything.
It's her heart.
It's not working properly.
The doctors are working really hard.
(Whimpers softly)
(Whispers) I'm sorry, baby.
Get strong.
Please get strong.
(Tap dripping)
I could have swore I put more in there.
(Opens bottle)
You were right, Mikey. This is a dump.
I should never have brought you all
to a place like this.
(Dog barking)
- (Door opening)
- (Owl hooting)
(Rattling and creaking)
Dad, what are you doing?
I told your mother it was coming down,
so by God, it's gonna come down.
Get out the way.
Dad! Please, not now!
Piss off, Mikey! Let a man
do one thing right, at least.
Dad! You can't!
Get back in the house. Shift it.
What you gonna do?
Don't we even have sodding matches
in this house?
- Dad! You're not going to...
- You, bed.
- Dad.
- Move it.
- (Crash)
- Uh!
Come on! He's gonna burn it down!
- Ah, let it burn.
- Move it!
(Dog barking)
- (Man) Ah, get off me.
- (Grunts)
(Michael) Aaah! Aaah!
Stay here. I'll come back later.
My little baby.
Little girl, Michael.
What can I do?
What can I do?
Come on. Come on.
(Imitates owl hooting)
- My dad burned down the shed.
- What?
- I burned my hand.
- What about him?
- I left him in the woods.
- Come inside, but be quiet.
- We have to take him somewhere safe.
- Ssh. Don't wake my mum.
Ashes to ashes. Ashes and dust.
Nearly there.
(Mina) Aah!
(Man) Oh, I'm tired.
So unbelievably tired.
(Groans softly)
Who are you?
I'm ancient as the earth.
Have you got a name?
My name is Skellig.
Dad. It's really late.
You've been working all day.
Be careful in your room.
The floor's done, but it needs more work.
It's going to be really nice in here.
- All for you.
- (Mina) Let me help you.
No. No, don't touch me.
- (Groans)
- I'll make you more comfortable.
- Trust me.
- Get off me.
Come on. Come on!
(Skellig) No, don't.
- (Gasps)
- (Groans)
(Skellig moans)
(Michael) Wow.
(Mina) Michael, I'm scared.
(Sighs and groans)
(Mina) What is this?
They're amazing!
(Skellig) They're no good.
Let me sleep.
(Owl hooting)
(Mina) There are so many wings here.
Insects, bats, birds.
- Angels, even.
- None look like his, though.
- What is he, Mina?
- It's like he's something... in between.
I don't see how these angels actually fly.
They just float.
- (Giggling)
- (Michael) Mina...
- Do you think Skellig could ever fly?
- Ssh. Be quiet.
What about this? It says here
that dinosaurs descended into birds.
Maybe we'll change too.
This isn't how we're supposed to be forever.
Maybe we're always changing. Evolving.
Like it never stops.
Michael, we are extraordinary.
(Mimicking) "Michael!
We're extraordinary, Michael!"
- (Laughs)
- Shut up.
"Maybe we'll change too."
- Thinking about the girlfriend?
- She's not my girlfriend.
Yeah, right. So, spill it, then.
Let's hear the details.
What's your girlfriend's name?
Where's she go to school?
Mina doesn't go to school.
Her mum tutors her.
You what? Is she thick or something?
"Michael, don't go!"
"We're extraordinary!"
Where's he going?
(Animals squealing)
(Animals squeaking)
I thought you weren't going to come.
- Ssh!
- Where is he?
Listen. What's that?
(Owl hooting)
They're feeding him.
Careful. He's changed.
- He's much stronger.
- (Munching)
Come here.
(Mikey gasps)
- (Mina) Aah!
- (Skellig sighs)
Remember this night.
- Ah!
- Did it really happen?
It did.
My hand... it's better.
(Mina) What?
I think he healed me, Mina.
(Door opens)
What's going on, Mikey?
You don't have to worry, Dad. Not any more.
Everything's gonna be OK.
Look, Michael...
I've got to tell you something.
Alcohol... is never the answer.
Hey. I'm being serious here.
- OK, I'm not one to talk...
- Dad, what are you on about?
Look, what were you doing up
in the middle of the night?
Huh? And those missing beers?
Don't be stupid.
I haven't taken your beers.
Well, they've been disappearing.
- It wasn't me, I swear it.
- Well, who is it, then, Michael?
The bloody Sugar Plum Fairy?
- Oh.
- Are you sure you've got everything?
- I think so.
- We've got to make him strong again, Mina.
Strong enough to fly.
Grapes. Only good for one thing,
they are.
- He means wine.
- I don't like 'em either.
Now, you should take these, once a day,
and I'll get you more when they run out.
- What is it?
- Cod-liver oil.
- For your joints.
- Cod.
I don't like fish.
They're stinking, slithering,
slimy, scaly things, they are.
Talking of stinking...
- Ugh. What now?
- It's all the spiders and insects you eat.
- I don't need that.
- Yeah, you do.
What you really need
is a proper dental regime.
Brushing, flossing...
occasional trip to the dentist.
- (Belches)
- I'd take it if I were you.
You've got to open it for him.
It's not bad, that.
You're not meant to swallow it.
What you supposed to do with it, then?
- You're supposed to spit it out.
- Why?
What's the point?
What if someone comes?
- Stop worrying.
- (Skellig moaning)
Is there no end to your torture?
It's for your feathers.
It'll make them silky and smooth,
and... and add volume!
(Thunder rumbling)
- (Moans)
- Oh! Ugh.
I hate water. Home of the fishes.
- Stinky, slimy, scaly...
- Yeah, we know.
- Ah. Oh.
- (Cracking)
- (Snap)
- Aah.
- Aah.
- It's getting cold.
- We should go in.
- Always on the move, in't ya?
Leave the shed, go to the tower,
leave the tower, go back to the tower.
(Michael) Come on. Before you catch a cold.
(Thunder rumbling)
Did you do that?
(Michael) Then Daedalus and Icarus
stand on the edge of the cliff.
The sun's beating down. They're not sure
whether the wings'll work or not.
But they're ready to jump.
Then there's a big gust of wind.
(BIows raspberry)
Wind. Get it?
Since Mr Coot here finds it all so amusing,
maybe you could inform him, Michael,
of what happens to our feathered men?
They do fly, but Icarus...
he gets too close to the sun.
Their wings melt
and they crash into the sea and die.
Thank you, Michael.
Right. We've all heard a little
of what Michael's been reading at home.
So, who's going to tell him
what we've all been learning here?
(Leakey whispers) Mikey, don't forget.
(Teacher) Leakey?
Uh, our insides?
- (Knocking)
- Come in.
- (Whispering)
- (Teacher) OK.
You've got a message from home.
- You've got to try to help my sister!
- Oh...
She has...
She's really ill.
She has to have an operation.
She... Her heart's really...
She might... She might not...
I can't help her.
I can't help anyone.
But my hand healed!
You can save her, I know...
No. No more of that.
I've had an eternity of that,
and I want it to stop. You understand me?
That can't just be it!
You can't just give up!
I told you, at the first.
Leave me alone.
Why are you so... so unhopeful?
I'm sorry, Michael.
I'm so sorry.
(Thunder and rain)
(Mina) Michael! What's happened?
Are you OK?
It's not the baby, is it?
- It's over.
- What do you mean?
She's gonna die
and there's nothing I can do about it.
Sleep well, both of you.
Never had a friend sleep over before.
Bet you've had loads.
- But not...
- But not what?
- Not a girl.
- Oh.
I'd have liked a brother or sister.
I didn't really want... the baby.
I just liked it the three of us.
I didn't want to move house, so I didn't help.
Then she came early.
- It's not your fault, Michael.
- How do you know?
I know because...
I used to think that... if I'd been good...
if I'd never been bad...
then my dad wouldn't have...
Anyway, it's not true.
Not for me, not for you.
What happened to him?
He was just...
He didn't want to live any more.
He was just tired of living.
He was just tired out.
You must really miss him.
Yes, I do. Even the sad him.
Do you think your mum
will get married again?
Then perhaps...
you'll have a brother or sister after all.
It'll never happen.
My mum says she's like a swan.
Why a swan?
It's just...
swans mate for life.
(Dave) They've got a heart surgeon
coming up from London.
He'll do the operation this evening.
Mina's mum said you could
stay at theirs again tonight.
I don't want to stay there!
I want to come to the hospital with you.
Me and your mum think it would be better
if you went to school.
Well, you're wrong!
You're just leaving me out again.
Mikey, trust me.
It'll just be upsetting for you.
And also, today, there's nothing you can do.
You'll just be hanging around.
- I want to come with you!
- No. Sorry.
- We know best.
- Do you?
What's that supposed to mean?
- Right. It's settled, then.
- I'm not going to school, not today.
- You will do as you're told.
- Why should I?
You think you know best,
but you don't know anything.
You just care about the house.
All you do is work on the bloody thing.
- Don't say bloody.
- Bloody, bloody, bloody...
Right, that is enough!
You're going to school today
if I have to drag you there my bloody self!
- You don't know anything about me.
- You little shit.
- You just want me out of the way.
- OK, that is enough.
You don't include me,
you hardly talk to me,
you never told me you wanted a baby,
and now you're not telling me the truth!
I know she might die. I know it.
I love you. OK?
I love you.
Come on.
Back in a sec.
- You looking for someone, love?
- Grace.
I'm very sorry.
Gracie passed away late last night.
- Passed away?
- I'm sorry.
I was coming to see her. I promised.
She's gone, love.
(Fly buzzing)
(Grace) You just remember,
them as can dance should dance.
And them as can fly...
You know the rest, don't you?
- Where have you been? I was looking...
- I've got to go.
Wait. I wanted to talk to you, darling.
I want you to know that,
no matter what happens...
- Mum...
...we'll always have each other.
- I want you to remember that.
- I'm OK, Mum, honest.
- Where are you going?
- Can't give up, Mum. Mustn't ever give up.
- Gotta fly!
- Michael!
(Heavy rainfall)
Where were you? Don't you even want
to ask how I did in the competition?
Leakey, I'm really sorry.
Is this where you come
to get all loved up with your girlfriend?
- No!
- Well, what is this place?
Leakey, I want to explain.
What are you hiding from me? Move!
No, Leakey! Stop!
- Aah!
- Aaah!
- Get off me!
- Aah!
Aah! Oh!
Come back!
Skellig! Get up!
- (Animal squealing)
- Skellig!
Get out! Go! You'll ruin everything!
(Leakey) What's this?
Tell me!
Nothing, just go!
I thought we was best mates.
(Owls shrieking and hooting)
Come here.
You're hurt, Michael.
You can fly, Skellig. You can fly to her.
I know you can.
What are you doing?
I believe in you. Even if you don't.
Sleep, Michael.
(Woman) I don't think she'll make it
through the night.
(Baby whimpers)
(Mina) Michael.
Michael, wake up. Michael?
- Oh!
- Mina!
How did you get here?
(Lou) Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, sssh.
(Baby cries)
She's so strong.
She's amazed all the doctors,
that's for sure.
Haven't you, little one?
It's so strange.
I had a dream this man
was watching over us while we slept.
He was filthy. Tattered shirt.
And I could swear there were... wings.
Or feathers, at least.
(Dave) Sounds horrible.
No. I wasn't scared at all.
It was like I knew he was there to help.
- The way he looked at me.
- Blimey.
Some dream.
Don't you think it's time
she had a name?
Yeah. It's just,
nothing seems quite right.
Not for this little one.
Grace. How about Grace?
It could be.
Hello, Grace.
- Hello, Grace.
- (Cries)
(Lou) Oh! Ssh, ssh, ssh, ssh, sssh.
- (Rock song plays on radio)
- Oh, there you are.
- # Why don't you get back into bed? #
- This! This is what you call a song.
# Why don't you get back into bed?
Why don't you get back into bed?
# Why don't you get back into bed? #
# Reasons to be cheerful, part three
# Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three!
# Summer, Buddy Holly, the working folly,
Good Golly Miss Molly and boats
# Hammersmith Palais, the Bolshoi Ballet,
jump back in the alley and nanny goats #
Is that a smile? Is that a smile I see?
- Yes! There it is!
- Get off!
- That was brilliant.
- Thanks, man.
- All good.
- All right.
- See you later.
- See you at school.
Look what your daddy's made for you!
She's home.
I should never have blamed you.
Hey, don't be silly.
- We're swans, you and me.
- What?
Nothing, it's just something
our son told me.
(Michael) All for you.
27 and 53.
Sweetest of nectars.
Food of the gods.
You're a pair of angels, you are.
- You saved my sister.
- A heart of fire, that one.
Gave me strength.
Just like her brother.
Is this goodbye?
Where will you go?
- What are you?
- I'm something... like you.
Something like a bird.
- Something like an angel?
- Yeah.
Something like that.
(Michael) It's weird how things
can be so normal so quickly again.
- Nice normal?
- Yeah.
Are you gonna tell your sister one day?
Do you think she'll believe you?
If we both tell her.
Come on.
- Got a project to hand in tomorrow.
- (Mina) What is it on this time?
(Michael) Science. Darwin.
Don't suppose you want to do it for me?
(Mina) Erm... Maybe.
It'll cost you, though.
(Michael) You've changed, you know that?
Where's the Mina I used to know?
(Mina) She's evolved.
(Michael) Yeah, well,
you're still rubbish at footy, though.
(Both laughing)