Sketch (2018) Movie Script

'All incidents and characters in this film
are fictitious, bear no resemblance'
'No birds or animals were harmed
during the making of this film'
'Today 5 a.m'
'These 3 factors show
the other face of a man'
'I am in that kind of situation now'
'If I tell you I am the cause
for this dilemma...'
'...will you believe me?'
'North Chennai is famous for
both legal and illegal business'
'Vehicle seizing'
'This business was started
by a financier Bhupal Jain Sait'
'But in this business...'
'...he did not expect to face
such humiliation and loss'
'He decided to go back
to his hometown'
'That was when his son
volunteered to channelize it'
'His pillar of strength
was my uncle Dorai'
'Dorai's right hand was Ravi'
Where's the key?
'This combination was mutually beneficial
earning a lot of money, name and fame'
'Sait was generous in paying Dorai'
'But at that time there was
a gang war in Otteri'
'Dorai's hand was chopped in the brawl'
'Then they were in a dilemma
as to who will take Dorai's place'
Sait, Doraianna is incapacitated now
I'll take care of seizing vehicles
I should select my successor
Let Sait decide
'Listen, Sait'
My nephew Sketch will take
my place, I'll support him
- Don't worry
- Sait, it is your call
Ravi, Dorai is very important for me
I'm not important to you
Fine, see you
You'll come to me complaining
these amateurs failed you
I'll be waiting for
that day to dawn, sait
'Even if he leaves this place...'
'...he has to come back here
and finish me off'
'I know this is his plan'
'I am just an employee here'
'But I am treated
like the king of this garage'
'They are my friends'
'Guna, Chitti and Bhaskar'
'To sketch out a plan and seize
any vehicle whose due hasn't been paid'
'And bring it to the garage
in time is our job'
"Plan a sketch precisely"
I knew when he called me
you would have seized his bike
Depends on who seized it!
If Sketch sketches a plan
the sketch won't go amiss
Only if it misses
let me know
I'll finish it
without any knots
Don't show off, go
"He learnt to sketch the hard way
Now Sketch is here to stay"
"Nizar bazaar's creamy biriyani
Sketch is sweet & sour potpourri"
"Watch out, beautiful face
Bike skids, you're a gone case"
"You'll end up in heaven
Sketch is sharp 24x7"
"Boys who brag at a stretch
run a mile scared of Sketch"
"If you rip open his heart
it's pure gold, 24 carat"
"Hide and seek, shoot bull's eye
Zip zap zoom, bullets just fly"
"Even a glam doll chick
will fall for me double quick"
"Even the wisest man I can fool
And enjoy life real cool"
"Watch, aim, fire
Dump him into the pyre"
"Be it Gilbert's bike or scooty
Daulat's fancy car, a real beauty"
"Sketch's sketch in hand
will wave his magic wand"
"Be it Gilbert's bike or any vehicle
Daulat's Benz, cool spectacle"
"Sketch's sketch he'll take
All just a piece of cake"
"Watch out, beautiful face
Bike skids, you're out of the race"
"You'll end up in paradise
Sketch is sharp and wise"
"Sketch to our rescue forever"
"Sketch, quick on the trigger"
"Sketch will sketch
without a hitch"
"If you lie or hide
in for a terrifying ride"
"If you create a ruckus
stinging slap is your bonus"
"Old rice wine, so-so face
Take a dig with no delays"
"Come hell or high water"
"He learnt to sketch a winner
Now it works in Sketch's favor"
"Nizar bazaar's creamy biriyani
Sketch is sweet & sour potpourri"
"Foreigners schemed slyly
to ban 'Jallikattu' fully"
"Tamil Nadu came up trumps successfully"
"King of Lanka, Ravana
planned to kidnap Sita"
"Lord Rama brave
sent Ravana to his grave"
"Don, got a gun in your hand?
If I shoot you'll be a dead man"
"Hey man, got into a soup, iffy?"
"He'll get you out of the mess in a jiffy"
"Deal and play the right card
T(h)rash him in the dumpyard"
"Be it Gilbert's bike or scooty
Daulat's fancy car, a real beauty"
"Sketch's sketch will do the trick
hassle free and double quick"
"Be it Gilbert's bike or any vehicle
Daulat's Benz, cool spectacle"
"Sketch's sketch is a breeze
He steals or seizes with ease"
"Watch out, beautiful face
Bike skids, you're a gone case"
"You'll end up in heaven
Sketch is sharp 24x7"
"Boys who brag at a stretch
run a mile scared of Sketch"
"If you rip open his heart
it's pure gold, 24 carat"
Sait, I gave my car for servicing
All my stuff is missing
Who cleaned my car?
- I did
- You cleaned?
Don't hit our boys
Hey! Go
So early in the day
he's creating a ruckus?
Don't know, he says
his stuff is missing
He's suspecting our boys
They hand over mobiles or wallets
they see in the cars
- What bottle or cap?
- His car is a rattletrap!
I had kept methanol to clean my glass
You're educated, right?
You'll die if even 1 drop
falls in the air conditioner
That's why he must have thrashed it
One chap will throw
Another will mediate, huh?
Just bring it and
fling it back in his car
Don't know who I am
Even you don't know who you are!
What do you say, sait?
This is how tense you will be
if you dye even the hair in your ears!
Bye, uncle
Where's my methanol box?
Hey! Sniff it under his nose
'What a jam! Killing us
in this blistering heat'
'Why are you getting bugged?'
'It will take an hour
to move from here'
What happened?
Are you new to this city?
Royapuram Kumar
- Paying respects to his father's tomb
- In the middle of this road?
When his father died
they buried the old man here
'This place was full of brambles'
He bought this place
Govt tried to grab this place
claiming to lay a highway road
'He requested permission from
the Govt for 1 hour every year'
'Govt relented seeing
his affluence and thug status'
'Who has gone to buy the garland?'
Our politician friend
wanted to sentimentally
'At snail's pace, huh?'
You say he's a big shot
He owns this tinbox?
Listen, he has a fleet of cars
'But this car is his favorite'
'He won't let anyone touch it'
'Kumar got a prefix to
his name as Royapuram'
'...only after he bought that car'
MLA has come
Am I the scapegoat
for your political gimmicks?
Only because of that
you revel as a rowdy, right?
Siva was one of us
Let him do his business
Why hassle him without reason?
Let's discuss and compromise
I'll bring him over to your place
Fine, bring him
We'll resolve it
'Praise be to the Giver of Life,
Remover of pain and strife'
'You are the most acceptable intelligence
May Your inspiration pass on to us'
Hi Priya
- Bye, ma
- Enough!
Good luck
Showing off with your scooty
My dad hurt his leg
So he hasn't gone to work
- You'll ride?
-, I'll trust you
You lost your scooty
Did you file a complaint?
I did but I have no hopes
in getting it back
After our exam
we must go to the library
Define the electronic data
interchange and-
- My hall ticket is in my scooty
- Gawd! Hurry up
Where's your scooty?
I parked it right here
It is missing
Security anna
Did you see our scooty?
I went to the canteen
We trust you and park, right?
- Did you take the keys?
- I forgot
How can anyone be so careless, huh?
Can't differentiate
a license and ID card
Stupid college!
Isn't that your bike?
Who are you?
Why did you take our scooty?
Yours, huh?
Why are you yelling?
You'll steal my scooty
and reprimand me?
Who is the thief?
You think the thief will return it?
- Sketch, you sympathized
- 1 minute
I found your hall ticket
I wouldn't have come otherwise
So you'll take it
without permission?
Why are you raising your voice?
Your father is Narayanan, right?
That's my father, sir
Sir, huh?
Are you Narayanan's daughter?
If he doesn't pay EMI for 4 months,
then what do you expect?
Only 4 months, no?
Hey! Take him away
Won't you shut up?
Ask your father to pay and take it
Thanks, sir
He's a thief
- How can you thank him?
- Keep quiet
Give me your address
I'll bring my lawyer
Whether lawyer or a Mr Nair
come with cash to settle the dues
Let's go
Excuse me
All the best
How sweet!
Excuse me
Narayanan's daughter
Why do girls ignore me?!
Don't simper
With this as excuse
they will follow you
Don't be surprised
if they land up at your doorstep
You're imagining too much
You've made
my coffee like spicy gravy
Like chilli hot gravy?
Give me rice, I'll dip it
in this and feed you
'And a doubt, huh?'
He should fit the bill, right?
That's also true
Many such tea vendors
con innocent people!
- Don't yell!
- Don't look at him
This tea is yuck
'I told you not to turn'
They have followed you
up to our road
Why did you grin
when he gave your hall ticket?
- Keep the balance
- Thanks, sir
He didn't even give us a 2nd glance
Don't let your imagination run wild
He's a thief
He pretends very well
Don't keep looking back
He'll come to your house then
'My little princess'
Please eat
Hey! My scooty
Look, your aunt is coming
We'll go with her
and buy candies
Don't cry, moppet
Look at this akka
Who brought the scooter back?
We didn't pay EMI
so they seized it
Dad said he'll pay and
asked them to return it
They brought it back
and they are over there
How did Valli fall for you?
You painted such a negative picture
Take everything
on a positive note
'He won't hit
Rs 500 bet'
'Do it, Sketch
Rs 500 is at stake'
'Don't hit for my sake please'
Chinni, come here
Bull's eye, machan
- Called me?
- Did you smoke?
- No, bro
- Don't fib
Did you or did you not?
Just 1, bro
At this young age-
If I catch you once more, get lost!
'Only 1 it seems'
Guna, your girl is coming
'Why is she coming here?'
'Who is at the back?
Her mother?'
Don't snitch
I've been telling you
Councillor's son is hounding me
You ignored it
I told him I have a boyfriend
He grabbed my mobile and said...
'Bring your guy to retrieve your mobile'
Come and get it back
That's a worn out mobile
I wanted to get you a new one
I'll get you a new mobile tomorrow
Clear out now
She has a problem
Instead of solving it
you're making fun of her
Where will he be?
"Sketch a plan with elan"
"Sketch a plan neat"
"On the dot complete"
"Plan it to the T"
"Subtly and deftly
Bullets from a gun swiftly"
"Go for the jugular
Close his chapter"
"Plan it wisely
Bullets from a gun precisely"
"Aim for the wise guy
That's it, bull's eye!"
I'm here just to play
I'm also here just to play
"Sketch a plan with elan"
Acting smart with me?
You know who my dad is?!
We should ask his mother
who his father is, right?
He's asking me instead
Isn't that a blunder?
Wrong, sir
How can you agree
with him like a nitwit?
I'll be back
Don't get flustered
Drink juice, fluids
and tender coconut water
I'm not responsible if you
fall sick eating solids, okay?
"Plan it to a His final journey"
When this hen is taken to the shop
it knows it will be cooked in a gravy!
Still it will crow its throat hoarse
It probably crows
knowing its end is near
But passers-by will think it is
putting on a brave front, right?
Yes, sir
Fear in gallons tucked in, why do you
roam around with such false bravado?
Her mobile?
Hey! Give him that phone
"Plan a sketch"
Good boy!
- Thank you, brother
- Okay, sir
Hello, please come
Welcome to our showroom
I'll be shelling out cash
Sorry, didn't notice you
If you see a girl,
you won't see the guy
Wow! Awesome bike
Hey! 'Dalda'
1st let's get you a cycle
and then a bike
Is he your wife's brother?
My dear papaya
My wife has 1 more brother
He wanted to study law
I sponsored that rascal's education
He sued me as his 1st case!
Then why are you
being nice to him?
He shouldn't end up the same
You're indeed great
What's the next
new model you're selling?
With gear or without?
- I always prefer no gear
- Anything special?
A bike with a gear is like your wife
We have to obey its commands
A bike with no gear is a mistress
She'll listen to our orders
Why are you getting
into this idle chat?
Manju, can't you see
I'm talking to sir?
I ticked her off
A wife is generally a torture, right?
Connected by a copper wire is electricity
Linked by a sacred thread is wifey!
You'll get electrocuted if you touch it
This is ditto but 24x7x366!
Super 'matter', sir
Who is he referring to as 'glamdoll'?
- 'Shall we go for a test drive?'
- By all means!
I'm trying for a new bike
You're trying for a 2nd hand?
Our showroom is very lucky
Any bike you touch
instant delivery
Is that so? Then why
hasn't this delivered as yet?
Your test drive vehicle
is outside, come along
Aiyo! Where is he?
There he is!
Come...come, son-in-law
In 1 hour just watch
how I'll disguise all 3 bikes
Even the boss won't be able to guess
You rock, son-in-law
Get lost!
1 more daughter like you
I would've got 2 more bikes!
Throw me the spanner
Hey! Don't aim for my knee
Is this a job to be proud of?
Same old story every month
Am I not taking care
of you like a princess?
Sound like a broken record!
Dorai, Councillor was
supposed to come
You are known to me
So I volunteered to mediate
You and mediation?
Since it's my area,
why did you ignore me?
They roughed up the councillor's son
He is furious
Forget him being furious
Won't you 1st hear both sides?
Natural for boys to flip for a girl
Ask Sketch to apologize
The boys will cool down
If a teacher intervenes
when boys squabble, she is wrong
How can the maid butt in?!
Dorai, I have no problem
We have 2 hands
to eat and clean
But poor you!
Stuck with just 1 hand
If you dare deride my uncle
you'll be minus a tongue!
I challenge you to come near me
- I can tackle him
- I asked you to clear out
Ravi, this is wrong
Leave quietly
Sketch is calm because of his uncle
Sait, is this why
you called me to your den?
What will you do
if we come to yours?
Hey! Didn't I ask you to clear out?
You heard him, right?
Go...clear out
- Clear out
- Out of here
Get lost!
'Hey! Why are you honking?'
I shouldn't hear your horn
till you cross my gate
'Must be a loose contact, uncle'
Our beacon of light!
'Tell me, Sekar'
I want my daughter Gayatri
to marry your younger son
That's good news
- How are you?
- I am fine
Your son and my daughter
are well educated
They will share the same wavelength
Anyway why don't you consult your son?
- Murali?
- Appa?
- Hello?
- Hello, uncle
I've decided to get you married
to Sekar uncle's daughter, okay?
- Whatever you decide, pa
- Okay
I'm glad this ended on a happy note
'Let me start making arrangements'
Hope you're doing good
How is this fair to fix a bride for Murali
when our older son is still single?
You heard what he said?
Both are educated and
will understand each other
If he acts like a rowdy,
seizes vehicles and loafs around
...will he get an educated bride?
'Put it on record, he'll get
a shrew or an useless bumpkin'
You'll do this deliberately
- When did you come?
- I didn't hear anything
You said Sketch won't come
- Not enough booze
- You don't drink
Hey! Sketch, come
- Come, machan
- Why such a long face?
Go slow, you'll die
of liver failure
What's with you?
Drinking it raw!
Don't know why
- Doesn't matter if I die
- Why?
I don't know why my father hates me
- Not mine, yours
- Shut up!
- You know Sekar uncle
- Your father's friend
He wants his daughter
to marry my brother
That's his problem
My mother asked how he can
ignore the older son?
My father said, 'he will get a shrew
or someone as useless as him'
Land owner himself said 'waste' huh?
How can he say that!
I'll give him a piece of my mind
- Forget it
- I will ask
I'll take home a soooper girl
and tarnish his face with coal!
He's already like burnt cinders!
Your share also gone!
Didn't I see a girl in that college?
The one who thanked us, huh?
That's all out-dated
To thank someone for a favor
- Your girl
- Doesn't matter
Next to her was a girl
light and white like a momo
Wheat complexion
Yelled nineteen to a dozen?
She thought I was wrong and yelled
She fought for someone else's item
Machan, her good heart appealed to me
- Super
- But she won't comply
- She's a Brahmin
- How do you know?
You can recognize
a bike by its sound
I can guess by a girl's belch
if she ate curd rice or mutton
- How?
- God's gift to me
'You aren't blessed'
I'll tell her I like her
Okay means, my life starts
I offered it to you
Take a week to think it over
But I'm sure you can't
Why not?
I'll show you in 2 days
Hit on!
Go ahead
Looks like it will rain
Go home
Sir has come
Give me a plate of 'atho'
I'm starving
You've come with VIPs, huh?
Siva seems to have gone up the ladder
Earlier on he'll get up
when I come with respect
Now he sits as my equal
Why do you bring him down like that?
Then what?
He wants to skyrocket
Isn't that wrong?
MLA, discuss only what you came here-
Siva, will you keep quiet?
Sir, let him attend to his business
He won't cross swords with you
Same goes for you
Then you mean to say
he intends crossing my path?
No, I didn't really mean that
Live with the fear of how
your brother was killed, run now
You said compromise
and you killed him
What could I do?
He made the 1st move
So I had no other go
They won't even let me
eat 'atho' in peace!
'Notorious rowdy Siva was found dead
last night with his neck slit'
'A special task force is
tracking down the killer'
Why are you glaring at me?
Lie down in a drunken stupor
and gulp lemon soda next day
But you want to fall in love
If you challenge flicking a bike, fine
But what gall to say you'll fall
in love, that too within 2 days
Think you're cupid's son!
He'll just put her into his pocket, huh?!
Not necessary at all
'I am coming!'
She's pretty too
So sorry
As if this is new
We go late to college daily
'Your sari is ruined now!'
Sketch, why did you ask us to come?
You, didn't you tell me?
- That girl won't talk to me
- Yes, I did
I am repeating it even now
I professed my love yesterday
in Tennis corner
- Look at that!
- I think she likes me
I can't roam around in parks,
beach and theaters
If she likes me
I told her to come in yellow
- What color?
- Yellow
- Good choice
- True that?
Has the bus come?
Waiting for half an hour
The bus...look!
Cover me
'She shouldn't see me'
Yellow yellow
Lucky fellow!
'Good lord!'
How did her saree become a 'salwar'?
"A fantasy, a dream
A novelty theme"
"When I'm awake too
my dreams continue"
"Like a bird in the sky
my mind sprouts wings to fly"
"Alone, I lower defenses
Losing all my senses"
"As love drizzles in the distance
my mind drenches with happiness"
"The tiny raindrops blur and eclipse"
"The moment I set eyes on you
I melted, softened, thawed anew"
"My feet not listening to me
follow you diligently"
"Is this true or my imagination?
I ask myself in hesitation"
"Hey! My lassie so lovely"
"You mesmerized me totally"
"In my eyes because I treasured you duly
without lowering my lashes; protectively"
"I embroidered you in my heart in ecstasy
Now I am in a dizzied state so tipsy"
"Because in my eyes I cherished you true
Not lowering my lashes; I waited for you"
"I knitted you in my heart in delight
Now look at my flustered plight"
"Don't fence my love with a gate
My heart will be too heavy a mandate"
"When you look cutely
my heart hums a melody"
"Your strawberry eyes, dear
made my breath sear"
"My attitude and arrogance
vanished into thin air at once"
"Don't fence my love with a gate
My heart will be too heavy a mandate"
"A cute look from you
my heart sings anew"
"Your strawberry eyes dreamy
my breath got steamy"
"My attitude and arrogance
vanished into thin air at once"
"My dream of ecstasy"
"Illusion's treat; fantasy"
'His girl is calling'
'- Pick it up
- Give it'
- Who is it?
- Your girl
- Go on, talk
- As if she'll talk to me
- Oh! He is Chitti
- She'll talk only to him, huh?
Hope you are paying your EMI properly
"With a single glance you conquered me"
"With her words she poleaxed me instantly"
"Was it you, tell me?"
"In a girl's heart soft and tender
a rage of fury (f)lashes a fiery character"
"In my eyes because I treasured you duly
without lowering my lashes; protectively"
"I embroidered you in my heart in ecstasy
Now I am in a dizzied state so tipsy"
"Because in my eyes I cherished you true
Not lowering my lashes; I waited for you"
"I knitted you in my heart in delight
Now look at my flustered plight"
"Don't fence my love with a gate
My heart will be too heavy a mandate"
"When you look cutely
my heart hums a melody"
"Your strawberry eyes, dear
made my breath sear"
"My attitude and arrogance
vanished into thin air at once"
"Don't fence my love with a gate
My heart will be too heavy a mandate"
"A cute look from you
my heart sings anew"
"Your strawberry eyes dreamy
my breath got steamy"
"My attitude and arrogance
vanished into thin air at once"
"A fantasy, a dream
A novelty theme"
"When I'm awake too
my dreams continue"
"Like a bird in the sky
my mind sprouts wings to fly"
A new officer Shakthivel
will be heading this unit
He is an irregular policeman
He won't shave or wear uniform
He won't respect any officer
He isn't in 1 place
for more than 3-4 months
Wherever he was posted
encounter list is a mile long
To be honest he's a lunatic
Has the crime rate reduced?
Asst Commissioner of Police
Special squad officer
All of you have to report to him
I didn't call you here
to ask your opinion
I called you to announce my decision
To handle some lunatics...
...we need some maniacs too!
- Kutty, not going to school?
- Exam today
- I'll see you
- Bye, dear
Ma, I'm going that way
Ask him if he needs a ride?
I can walk with my God-given legs!
Tell me
- Where are you?
- Can't sleep if I don't tell?
Coming to Doveton Coffee shop?
Your girl is here
My girl is here too
I can't trick you at all, eh?
Caught you
Come and join us
'I look stylish, no?'
'Can I just wash my face?'
Why not refresh with acid?
You'll be gleaming!
- Your girl is inside
- I know
You wanted to ditch us, no?
Are we attending a funeral?
To go in a crowd?
Let's go
She called only me, if we all go,
she'll think we want freebies
- You think so even if she doesn't
- Why are you in a rush?
It's like our well water
Usable always
- Don't dip into the well next door
- I'll try
He is here also
knowing it's your birthday
Such a fancy coffee shop
No electricity
That's cooling glass
I thought cooling glass
was only for faces!
Why is the wrong bulb turned on?
We shouldn't go in with Sketch
We can go in as a customer
Let's go and see
what he is up to
'They are coming in'
I am so full
Look, he left
Tell me if my hair gets mussed
- Hold this
- Cake, huh?
- Shall I go wish?
- Your funeral!
Why curse me on a good day?
I told you that day, right?
That day means which day?
These girls can't be trusted
- What's wrong?
- No idea
They expect us to nod
like these dolls from Tanjore!
If you nod, clap or else slap
- What happened inside?
- Toe their line
She stamps cow dung
We should too!
Only then it's true love
Or else throw a tantrum
What happened inside?
If you ask a phone-kiss
she'll call you face to face
If you go, you're desperate
If not, you're pricey!
Why are you so hyper?
'If you had come in
I would have looked a fool'
What went wrong?
It hurts in here
Guna, if they eat Sketch for breakfast...
...if we get caught,
we'll be pounded to a paste!
Not 'we', speak for yourself!
- I have a girl
- She's Hulk, not a girl!
Got a matchbox?
- No
- No gas in my lighter
Get me a matchbox from inside
I kept it here
It's missing
- Where?
- Here
'Thank you, my mascot'
'- Done, huh?
- Joker!'
[popular song from '3']
- Isn't it simply soooper?
- You bet!
- Look how he's dancing
- Click on a fast beat song
Wait, I'll play it
Raise the volume
Hide it, quick
Switch it off
What are you up to?
- Nothing
- Simply, bro
I heard a song
- Nothing
- Answer me
- What is it?
- Phone, bro
Show it to me
Give it to me
Who bought it?
It belongs to us, bro
Looks brand new
How did you get the cash?
We traded the crap here
in a junk shop for money
How dare you!
Which is junk?
How can you decide
what's junk and what isn't?
I'll tell sait and chuck you out
- Bro, don't
- Please
Let go of my feet
- What, uncle?
- Chitti went to watch a film
'No sign of him at all'
It's raining plus thunder also
As usual must be in the theater
'Just go and check'
Royal pain!
'Hello...stop the car'
I'm shouting
and you keep driving
Who are you, sir?
A plump fellow came here
Did you see him?
He didn't reach home
Check if he's the one
hiding in there?
There, huh?
Anjali baby is fast asleep!
- Anjali, get up
- Get up please
Aren't you a darling?
Wretched rain
Nonstop downpour
How much longer
will you hide like a kid?
My worry is mine!
Let's wait for the rain to stop
Come out
We are here
My mother has said the eldest son
should not watch lightning flash
That's when you were a kid
Grown up like a buffalo now
You might find it funny
I feel I'm seeing my mother
Come, I'm there for you
'I am trusting you'
Where was sir during Vardah cyclone?
'He shut himself in the loo'
Split your mouth from ear to ear
If it rains scurry like a rat in fear
'Don't bring the umbrella
Lightning may strike it'
Welcome, sir
Royapuram Kumar
You can even raze Royapuram
But Kumar can't be touched I heard
I'm least bit bothered
how you were before this
I must decide hereafter
how you should behave
I'm not asking you to reform
At least act like you've changed
That's good for you
I think you would have understood
See you
'He has the gall to threaten us'
[indistinct whispers]
What are you looking at?
You bashed them coolly
So you're my bodyguard today
My blessed luck!
Don't cake up your face
with so much make up
- Hey!
- He's calling you
- What?
- Only 1 more stop, machan
Call me when you reach home
I'll see you
- Let's go
- 1 more stop
Sketch's girlfriend
- Why is he smiling at her?
- She's his girl
'Just watch me in action'
'She's gorgeous'
Hey! Ammu
'I'll deal with you
Just you wait'
You came here too?
What's your problem?
You follow me in college
and come to my neighborhood
You wave at me in the bus stop
You behave like a rowdy hounding us
Thugs like you make my blood boil
Hey Ammu!
Poor thing
Let's get down
Move aside
I apologize on behalf of my friend
It's okay, sis
Get down
Hey! Ammu
She doesn't love you?
Show off!
"In this diverse nation how much longer
will they deceive us, I wonder?"
What a situational song, bang on!
You seem to be in a good mood
Welcome to our party
I believe 'love blossomed'
in the bus with that Brahmin chick
But you fooled us totally
with your performance
- He's an Oscar winner!
- Count me out
Sketch, sit down, my dear friend
Bugging me! Any good news
I'll share for sure
- Nothing has bloomed
- It will blossom!
Nowadays girls prefer guys who 'get hit'
rather than the ones who hit!
They prefer the underdog
to the winning horse
Way off target
They like the doer
That was then!
Even girls take a shot
Bang on!
Voice of experience
as a married man
Go and apologize to her
and come without a 2nd glance
And then?
Don't be your stubborn self
- Just ask
- Please ask
He's the one
You created a scene in the bus
with some chick it seems
I didn't see it
- Show me now
- Is that so?
Come again
'Nowadays girls prefer guys who 'get hit'
rather than the ones who hit!'
You came to bash me up?
What are you waiting for?
- Go on
- He's giving permission
Why bring us over?
Go ahead and bash him
Did you hit me?
They are bashing him up
and you came away
He'll do some gimmick
all the time to impress you
'Wish he would impress me!'
- You know what he called me?
- What?
He called me 'sis'
From the beginning
he has been targeting you
Even yesterday they tried to
accost you, so he hit them
Yesterday he looked like
he was born to be bashed up
Now seeing me vault and flick
a cigarette with a lot of swag
...are you zapped?
That scene warranted a villain
When she saw you hitting me
I think I've become a hero
Anyway tit for tat
Sir is busy!
You can attend to your work
Hey! Pittu
Smash him
"Etch a sketch"
"Plan a sketch"
If you can make me horizontal in 1 blow...
...try your luck
If you think you're here
So you might as well
get pounded to a pulp
Come on
Thrash him
In 1 strike
"Plan a sketch perfect"
"Implement it like a prefect"
Why does this happen only to me?
I was being bashed till now
and you didn't see that
Only when I am retaliating
you land up, bingo!
In the bus yesterday-
You don't know what happened
You think I'm the villain, correct?
You know my friends, morons
They instigated me and I feel... some knife is piercing
my heart for the past 2 days
But it's very comforting
Like a bike left to rust for long
suddenly starting with just 1 kick?
Silly feelings
I'll erase all that
No need
What I did was-
I was waiting to apologize to you
These morons messed it up
You carry on
Get married and be happy
Have a brood of kids
"Thoughts of my heart's offspring
sear within me sadly scorching"
"In this world, only my days
dawns pitch dark always"
"Journey of our eyes abruptly ends
when we should be more than friends"
"Even after she stole my eyes
dreams continue to visualize"
"Can fields ever flower
if skies don't shower?"
"I am the fence here
for your garden, dear"
"Can flowers bloom in this garden
without rain from clouds laden?"
"I am the fence here
for the flowers in your garden, dear"
"For the job my eyes accomplished
love was the bonus I cherished"
"The way your eyes glanced
Silent language of love enhanced"
"The sun however fiery
can never dry up the sea"
"Even if lightning strikes suddenly
my sky won't break and fall on me"
"To speed breakers my road is oblivious"
"I don't know anything else to say obvious"
- What does your father do?
- Don't have parents
Sketch bro is paying
my fees, he's my idol
Here...your pen
'He is Sketch bro
who sponsors me'
- What?
- My hand's in a sling
Akka has come to be my scribe
See you, 'ka
- What brings you here?
- To study!
'Without a sling
as if you would have aced it'
You'll spend sait's money
on her travel, huh?
1 minute
Don't add all the good karma
into your account
Give me some
"Confined to 4 walls, I was just a bamboo
I turned into a flute with melodies anew"
"I was just a paper unfilled
I became a novel fulfilled"
"I was resigned to being lonely
Now I have a festive halo really"
"Far away as a star, I was a dot tiny
I became the silvery moon shiny"
"Won't your love's beauty
add to my longevity?"
"I bloom and blossom in your stalk
my tall and handsome hulk"
"My petals open out to you in rapturously"
"My body is as sweet as honey wondrously"
'Take your hands off him'
- Should I be quiet?
- Get out
He is already bashed up
Poor boy! Don't hit him
- I was insulted because of him
- David, take him away
He is a pipsqueak
So what? He'll keep getting
bashed up by Sketch
'Rowdy to the core
he has insulted my brother'
I must teach him a lesson
I'm waiting for the right chance
'If Sketch sketches a plan
the sketch won't go amiss'
'Only if it misses
let me know'
I'll finish it without a hitch
Let's run...hurry
- What, Sillu?
- Sait
Looks like you will
climb up the ladder soon
- Seizing vehicles, huh?
- Give me a job, sait
I'll finish it without a hitch
Clear out!
No hitch it seems!
Sait, if these boys usurp my place
I have to water camels in Rajasthan!
I feel sad they never went to school
Look at them vegetating!
Sketch, forget them now
Why I wanted to meet you was-
I came because MLA called me
I don't know how
you'll deal with this
If Siva had been alive
he would've aced it
Siva was Kumar's henchman
I don't know all that
He will do a good job
Don't judge Royapuram Kumar
by the fancy facade of his house
His backyard is a dumpyard
Want to watch my true colors?
You misunderstood me
As long as you finish the job, fine
You'll get what's due to you
Why is he harping on money?
Tell him to part with a share
I've never paid anyone
a share till now
You can't over ride me
I won't let you either
- You have no choice
- You got me into such a fix?
You've entrusted the job to Kumar
Just relax and watch
I'll see you
Let me see how you fare
'He braked all of a sudden'
- How dare you retort!
- Who will pacify my boss?
'Creating a jam
1st clear out'
No, sir, not unless he pays
I can't pay him, sir
Clear up, don't we have to go home?
Will you be quiet
if it happened to you?
- Pay up, I say
- I'll pay, start your car
Will you talk to my boss?
- Move aside
- You move
Clear out...make way
'Don't crowd around'
'Where's the bike?'
'Move...don't hang around'
Sait, I promised to clear
all my dues within 2 days, right?
How many times will I call you?
Haven't you seized my bike?
I've got the cash with me
Show me the bike
Hey! Give me the cash
Here's your money
- Bhaskar
- What, sait?
Call Sketch
'He isn't picking'
'- Sillu?
- Yes, Sait'
- Order tea for all
- Okay, sait
Don't cover up with tea
and bun, show my bike
'Sait, why is Sketch coming in an auto?'
Where's the bike?
Minor accident near Chetpet
A crowd gathered
I got down to check
and someone stole the bike
Someone stole my bike?!
Where did you sell the spare parts?
Lower your tone
You have the gall to steal
my bike and ask me to shut up!
Listen, sait, don't have
such losers handling my-
This is bound to be the outcome
I want my bike back
Or things will take an ugly turn
What will you do, huh?
Call Ravi here, no need Ravi
Call Sekar from Perambur
Call all our boys from Puliyanthope
All our cubs
Sait, we will do or die today
By all means most welcome
Hey! Sketch
Someone is coming it seems
Go down
Clear out now
What do you want now?
Give me 0.2 million
I'll leave you in peace then
Are you happy now?
You should bring the bike
straight to the garage
Why hang around and
gawk at everything?
Go easy on your words, sait
What do you mean?
200000, mind it!
Does money grow on trees?
Gain is thanks to you
Loss is also because of you
'Call Ravi here'
Why are you laughing, Sketch?
Only after his bike was stolen
he has come here!
Are you serious?
By tonight, the bike and cash
...will be here!
Ravi, Sketch isn't a much of a bigwig
You asked me to steal the car
and ensured I got paid
'You are awesome'
You would have seen Sketch win
Not seen him lose, right?
I witnessed it
Why didn't you click a photo?
I would have also seen
'But I have come in person!'
"Etch a sketch"
How did he land up here?
Did you think I won't come? thought I cannot come?
"Plan a sketch precise"
"Keep it simple and concise"
"Plan a sketch incomparable"
"With no loopholes; do-able"
"Plan it with originality
Bullets from a gun swiftly"
"Aim at the foe, brave
Send him to his grave"
"Design it deadly, deftly
Bullets from a gun swiftly"
"Aim and stab with the knife
That's the end of his earthly life"
"Plan a sketch without any strife"
Anyone can sketch a plan
But if you sketch a plan for Sketch
how can you win?
You'll be healthy if you eat
only from your plate
But if you eat from another
man's plate, it's leftover-
I don't think I have to repeat
See you?
"Plan a sketch to a T"
Sait, you spilt words
you can't take back
'If Sketch sketches a plan
the sketch won't go amiss'
Take it
I know that
Then why did you
let your tongue run?
Care for a drink?
How is it, Sketch?
Whatever it is shouldn't have derided me
'Gain is thanks to you
Loss is also because of you'
Don't keep rubbing salt
on to the wound
Shall I tell you something?
Everyone cannot win
always in all ways
In this world, in some situation
at some time or the other, one has to lose
Has the plan I sketched
ever gone amiss?
That isn't the point
When my father was in this business
Royapuram Kumar bought a car on EMI
He threatened the man
who went to collect his EMI
My father got so wild, he grabbed
his shirt in the middle of the road
He hit my father
in that very spot violently
My father was so humiliated he died
Then doesn't it mean we lost?
You wouldn't have lost
if I had been with you
Even then we would have lost
Shall I seize his car?
You enjoy your drink
Just tell me, sait
Shall I?
Aiyo! I am not-
Shall I seize that car for you?
Sketch, I am drunk
and blabbering, you go
'Sait...don't think I am
challenging in a drunken stupor'
'Tell me'
Shall I seize it?
Shall I bring that car
to your doorstep?
- Tell me
- You won't listen to me
You don't have to collect dues
after seizing his car
To prove you have his car
Just send me a selfie
I shall gift you a chain
of 10 sovereigns of gold
But it isn't as easy as you think
You keep your chain ready
I'll show you I mean business
According to the tip off I got
Kumar is smuggling drugs to Tada
He has 5 centers of activity
'Fish market'
'His house'
'Flower stall'
Mall and the 5th is-
Sir, ice factory
Ice factory
That can't be seized on the way
If no petrol it can run
alternatively on gas
If you think of a puncture
the tyre is tubeless
Only Kumar has the car keys
'With a tiny remote sensor'
Even if anyone goes
anywhere near his car-
Check who is near my car
If he isn't in it, can't even seize
the car, let alone go near it
Then how will you steal it?
No pain, no gain
If our job was easy, you won't
need Sketch to sketch your plan
One of us should be near Kumar
Bro, you were looking for a cook?
Good afternoon, sir
His vehicles have left all 5 places
'Our men are following all the cars'
'Regular vehicle, sir'
'We'll be the judge of that'
'Get down!'
[overlap of voices]
'Why aren't you picking my call, sir?'
I'll call you back
Tell me, sir
Who is smuggling the drugs?
- Me
- What?
That's why I brought you here
I have brought the stuff
over here a week ago
'A little while ago it was
transferred to my car'
'But the Asst Commissioner of police
made my job simpler'
'I registered in his mind that our stuff
is being smuggled from 5 places'
Hospital is the perfect spot
- What?
- We'll seize his car
- Chitti surveyed the area
- Hospital has tight security
I am not transferring the goods in Tada
But in our wine shop in Guindy
We'll take the car when he is in it
You're asking the free hen to
come and fall into your cooker
'Look here'
He has to take the main road
if he's coming from Zam bazar
So that isn't the right spot
'There's a street
parallel to the main road'
We should somehow bring his car here
It should block the main road
That's your job
'Men at work'
'He has started, come'
'In this street, he can
either go forward or reverse'
But he can't reverse because Guna and I
will be following him closely in this car
Bhaskar, your job
'You'll be in this narrow street'
'At the right time
you'll block him here'
'After that'
Hey! Reverse, I say
Hello, brother?
How long do I wait?
Why are you impatient, huh?
Can't you see this car?
He seems to be drunk as a skunk!
Hey! Move your damn car
We have our own deadlines
2 minutes, sir
I have work to do
Move now
Our words are falling on deaf ears
'He thinks it's his parking lot or what?
Drunken driving, huh?'
- Yov! Move it
- Yes, sir, now, sir
'I'm going...going...gone'
Hey! Wait, I say
Hey! Wait
Such a pain!
- What, man?
- I'm a mechanic, sir
'Why do you get tense?
Get down'
Hey! car!
- Yes, bro
- Hey! Murthy
- Someone seized my car
- What do you mean?
He shouldn't cross Zam bazar
He's in 1st street
Wait there
I'll bring the boys
- Tell me
- We checked all the check-posts
- Found nothing
- I have a doubt, sir
Has Kumar diverted us
and taken another route?
Do you think he has cancelled his plan?
Why do you think
I am not as perturbed as you?
I don't know, sir
I know where the stuff is
What do you mean, sir?
When he has a spy here
won't 1 of our boys be in his camp?
- Ashok?
- Yes, sir
- Switch on the GPS
- Okay, sir
The stuff is wherever Kumar is
'Subramani, where are you?'
'TCX 9848'
Red Fiat
The car passed us and is
heading towards the beach
Subramani, chase that car
Mani, can you hear me?
'TCX 9848, red Fiat
cruising in Triplicane area'
Block with a barricade, over
Hey! You go that side
Why has the car stopped?
- Sait
- Tell me, Sketch
Check your WhatsApp
- Sketch!
- We did it, right?
The cops are chasing me on one side
Kumar's boys are on the other side
Bring this car's seizing letter
to R2 police station
I'll come immediately
Sir, the car is coming into our area
Our area?
Sir, it is heading towards our station
'Sir, it is now turning
into our compound!'
Smuggling drugs?
- Will you take your hand off?
- He's messing with a cop!
Hey! Sketch
'1 minute, ACP sir'
I said 'take your hands off'
This car belongs to him
I work for him
- The due hasn't been paid
- Kavi, open the boot
'Drugs, sir'
Your job is to find drugs
Mine is only to seize the car
I've done my job
'You can attend to yours'
Sait, give the seizing letter
or else ACP will be hopping mad!
- Superb, Sketch
- Sooper timing
Go in and sign
'I'm a mechanic, sir'
ACP sir, how are you?
Like in the movies you'll say...
'I am innocent
My driver did it'
'ACP sir is bang on'
How can you malign him?
Sir, unload the stuff
and release my car
- I'm late
- I can't, sir
I can't return the car
till the case is closed
See you in court
Kavi, confiscate his car
Hey! Careful of my-
Just the indicator
Can change it
Kavi, drive the car to the go-down
'On your way out, file
a complaint on your driver'
- You said I can't
- You can and you did it!
'If Sketch sketches a plan
the sketch won't go amiss'
'Only if it misses let me know
I'll finish it without any knots'
Sait is the main culprit?
He isn't that gutsy!
'Ask him to reward you heavily!'
The four of them
are the spunky ones
'We thought we won that day'
'We didn't know then'
'Our problems started on that day!'
'We thought we won that day'
'We didn't know then'
'Our problems started on that day!'
Sir, you claimed you have
seized the drugs
- When will you arrest the culprit?
- Very soon
You know the car belongs to Kumar
When do you plan to arrest him?
Isn't that why I am here?
That day will dawn very soon
I'll arrest him
'He seems to have got some award!'
Your TV is blaring
right up to the street
You weren't adept at finishing
the assigned job, happily watching TV
Siva would have aced this
Wretched fellow died
It isn't important whom he worked for
But how adept he is at his job
If I hear 1 more word from him
...there will be no trace
of his presence here
If I ask you to pay up
you will kill me, huh?
First ask him to leave
Tell him, before he steps out
money will be deposited in his account
Why the hell didn't you
tell me this earlier?
Those 4 are to blame
for all this disgrace
We must teach them a lesson
Already that ACP is like a scenthound
Calm down, sir
I am not a fool
I know you are extremely intelligent
'Do as you please'
Shall we turn a blind eye?
I'm not a politician to strike later
All 4 should die
Without knowing who killed them
Bring down goons from out of town
Let them stay elsewhere
I must only hear the explosion
in which all 4 died
You beat your own record
- Sketch
- 1 minute
This should be-
I don't want
Listen to me
You deserve it
I'm Ammu here
I can hear you, go on
I am in Mylapore
Can you come over?
- I'll come
- I'll text you my address
No need
What a surprise visit!
I just dropped by
Come in
- Sit down
- Sit by my side
Aunty, you came home
Met me as a bride for your son
You said, 'I like you very much
You're my daughter-in-law'
I'm really very happy, aunty
Karthik is also good
Smart, brilliant, intelligent
I have a special dream
from my childhood
About the man I will marry
Bearded like this
Shirt unbuttoned
Like this
Then he should be
slightly rugged looking
Tough nut to crack, but inside
soft as a marshmallow
For example
Like a jackfruit
Prickly on the surface
But the fruit inside is soft
And sweet
Like that, aunty
Instead of comparing
you might as well marry him
'You have understood but-'
I think aunty hasn't understood
Of course I do, dear
'It is clear as crystal'
"You devoured the air around me
My sophisticated sweetheart missy"
"You made me breathless, honey
with your eyes like a honey bee"
"You devoured the air around me
My sophisticated sweet missy"
"You made me gasp, breathless
with your honey bee eyes, my princess"
"I became a hollow to hold
your kisses multifold"
"I reduced my height
to admire your waist so white"
"In the shower of your words true blue
I turned into a love-deluge, Ammu"
"I stored the beauty of girls plenty
in a special place as bounty"
"They can't hold a candle, see
to your ethereal beauty"
"Take my magic buds as your treasure"
"Hide them in your beard to savor"
"Feature in my dream whenever I ask you"
"Gift your macho scent to me, my beau"
"You devoured the air around me
My sophisticated sweet missy"
"You made me breathless, honey
with your eyes like a honey bee"
"Pollen grains shower on me
Drenching my DNA soulfully"
"My heartbeats tattoo in his journey
like melody in rhythmic rhapsody"
"In your love's shadow I'll rest happily
Throughout my lifetime heartily"
"In my daily calendar you'll be
refreshing shower of rain, my lady"
"Come and live with me for eternity"
"Anchor our love, conquer my femininity"
"Shall I conquer the femininity
you offer willingly to me?"
"Come, merge with me
Let you and me emerge as we"
Sundaram, you wanted to
tell me something important
'Where is my son-in-law to-be?'
I wanted to tell you
My son got a job in Dubai
and left all of a sudden
What do you mean?
Think of it as God's will
My older son is yet
to be married, right?
Let your daughter marry him instead
'Even he doesn't know'
'I thought I'll tell you first'
1 minute, dear
Come inside
What, my dear?
I didn't agree to this just because
he is your friend's son
I accepted because
we are both educated
If you feel awkward
I can tell him myself
That is-
The point is-
Doesn't matter
Uncle, I need to talk to Gayatri
Hi Jeeva
How are you?
Don't get me wrong
I have dreamt of how exactly
my husband should be
He should work
in a software company
Clean shaven
Professional look
Our children should
study in a convent
I have so many requisites like this
I can't let go of my dreams
I'll pray to God
specially for you
You should be blessed
with a beautiful girl
Doesn't matter
You made it easy, I was
wondering how to turn you down
You don't have to pray for me
God has already blessed me
You haven't seen my girl, right?
Tell me the truth, is she
more beautiful than you or not?
You are angry now which means
she is more beautiful than you!
How many times to tell you?
Will be delivered by 2:00 p.m
I don't have any driver here
Okay, I'll find someone
'What's up, sait?'
Deliver the black Ford 9997
parked outside
Let Bhaskar come
We'll go together
He's in a tearing hurry, da
Is it an ambulance to be in a hurry?
He's a good client
with a big bank account
Go with a smile
Cover up everyone with cash, sait
I'll meet your deadline!
Mr Narain Karthik, where
are you off to so urgently?
You think you're a racer!
Showing off
Sacred ash on forehead
Didn't shower, can't I find out?
[humming a song from
'Pattikada Pattanama']
He just left in that car
Bro, chapter closed
for 1 out of 4
'Did you check properly?'
What is it, Kavi?
The container somehow got unlocked
and fell down from that crane
The boy died on the spot, sir
- Where's the operator?
- He ran away in panic, sir
That building has a camera, right?
I got it, sir
I want that footage
'He is crying, machan'
Find another stick
Hey! Your uncle
Cover on top with-
Chitti is looking at us
'I feel I'm seeing my mother
if I hear a loud clap of thunder'
'I don't step out if it rains'
'I am terrified of rain'
'Give me the last shot'
'No one is picking my call'
'Who will do all this work?'
Where the hell are you?
- What is it, sait?
- 'Everything is at a standstill'
Even I am upset by Chitti's sudden demise
'We have to move on'
1st all of you come to my garage
I am consoling Sketch
We'll come in a day or two
Valli has been coming here
asking for you
Call her
I'll talk to her
No issues
The groom looks so smart
- Get coffee for them
- Okay, ma
The groom looks like
Amul baby, soft and cuddly
Come and serve coffee
Your mother is comparing him
to Arvind Swami in 'Roja'
My mother is living with my father
thinking he is Kamal Haasan!
Come, dear
1st serve the elders
I like her, ma
The groom has agreed
Let's proceed?
We can check for an auspicious date
And finalize
- I am going
- Where?
The groom I intend marrying has come
'I'll talk to him and be back'
'You keep talking'
- Ammu
- Akka
Where is she going?
We assumed it was a decent family!
- Does your uncle know?
- No
Akka has come
Who is this chap?
Ammu, what's wrong with you?
Ask her to come in first
Come in
1 minute
You can fix the wedding date
whenever you like
But it's such a waste to spend money
on wedding preparations
Whenever you fix the date,
this is what I'll do
I'll kidnap her
My words won't sink in
So I showed it in action
I decide who will be
my son-in-law
He has to be a Brahmin
I don't know about
your clan or mine
She is my girl
Kavi, what happened
to the CCTV footage?
Sir, an army officer lives there
He's out of the country on vacation
He'll be back only after 10-15 days
'Why is it crowded?'
Kavi, pull up near that shop
- Who are you?
- We've come to attend a wedding
Whose wedding?
From where?
- Bangalore
- Chidambaram
You say Bangalore
He says Chidambaram
I'm from Chidambaram
He has come from Bangalore
We are staying closeby
in Lotus lodge
- Don't hang around here
- Okay, sir
He and his crook of a face!
Tell me, Manju darling
Would you like me to
make 'sambar' or 'rasam'?
You cook, dear
I'll come and name it
Quiet Mischief you are!
Thinks she is Master Chef winner!
Hi Sketch
You seem to have zeroed in on me
It seems you have a ladies' 2 wheeler
No, I don't have
- I met your father-in-law
- He snitched, huh?
Must rip the lips
of that motor mouth!
Fascino, your favorite 2 wheeler
Hello, happy birthday
Thank you
What's news?
True friend, eh?
Some people stick like glue
She's giving us so much privacy!
See you
I came 5 minutes ahead of time!
- Mad at me?
- Nothing of that sort
Even if I was mad, you've brought
my favorite vehicle
'I'll adjust, don't worry'
- Finally alone!
- Where's my gift?
I'll take you for a ride
Full day in that Fascino
101% useless!
I knew you wouldn't have
got anything for me, but-
'I've got a return gift for you'
Have you ever seen
a watch on my wrist?
That's why I chose this
'Don't use it 24x7'
Whenever you miss me
wear it to think of me
- 1 more rule?
- Has a special feature
It shows you the time?!
Joke, huh?
- 'Does it work?'
- No
Gifting me a run-down watch
'It works now'
'Hey! Stopped now'
- Then?
- It has a sensor inside
It runs based on your pulse
Is that so?
You like it?
Very much
Do you like me very much?
The extent of my love for you
I want to live with you
and demonstrate
A cute life
With a 'little prince' like you!
"My fair lady beautiful"
For a boy like me
to find a girl like you
Herculean task it will be
"My life's light meaningful"
"My wife-to-be wonderful"
"My sweetheart sinful"
"My princess playful"
"My beloved blissful"
"My bearded lover, one and only"
"I'll search and kiss your face gladly"
"I'll weave many a meaning
Don't chew me, darling"
"More than you'll ever do
I'll try to get real close to you"
"Without letting you know, I'll enter
Fuse with your cells and senses favor"
"To rejoice with you forever welcome
a million nights I'll gather, come"
"Walk my journey
My life's destiny"
"My lucky mascot plentiful"
"My heartthrob thoughtful"
"My fair lady beautiful"
"My golden angel graceful"
Think you can catch me
You'll get caught one day!
Hope you have your license with you
I do, but do you have the book?
'Kumudam' or 'Vikatan'?
- I told you to stop
- Yov! Oldie
Come and see my boss
1 minute, wait
Won't she fall down
if he grabs the key like that?
All that's fine
Get me the RC book
'Give me the keys'
I want your papers
I can open only with the key
Take it
- 'Take it out'
- Wait for a while
'Where is your RC book?'
'Give me the key'
'Get lost'
- Yes, Sketch?
- Mari
The cops stopped me
Where's the RC book?
I've never set my eyes on that crap
- Whaaat?
- No emotion, just escape
You can say that so cool-
'Don't snitch to the police'
Won't you put it back
after the water-wash?
Gulp it down raw
Junk fellow!
Sorry sir
He left the book at home
Are you playing the fool?
You aren't even Traffic police
Why are you stopping us?
We get pulled up
by goons who steal at night
Do we look like car thieves to you?
Drop in at the station nearby
and talk to my boss
Velu, take the vehicle
to the station
What is it?
She's saying only Traffic department
should ask her for the papers
You can go
Take a seat
Only the police will ask,
who else will?
Actually he left
the papers at home, sir
It's just missing paper for you
For us, paper absent means
it's a stolen vehicle
Does he look like a thief to you?
You are putting me in a spot
Get the chassis # of their vehicle
Sign here saying you'll bring
the RC book tomorrow
'Okay, go'
Hello, I'm in a police station
Can I call you back in a while?
'Talk properly into the phone'
I called you
He stole your vehicle
and took you for a ride!
And made you say
it's his vehicle!
Boss, you are too good!
My scooty is yellow
Give me a moment
A vehicle's number and
color can be changed
But the chassis # remains the same
You are Amudhavalli, right?
Mari is-
You said you seize
only vehicles with EMI pending
You also steal, huh?
- You know Mari
- Give me the keys, sir
He seized that vehicle to-
Please don't talk to me
How can you get upset for such-
My dear man, wait
Sit down, she is justified
in getting angry
If I file a case
you go in
What shall we do?
I'm not bragging
I believe people are saying
she and I are made for each other
I'll dump you and zoom away
Will you shut up?
You are green with jealousy
Don't be long
Only 5 minutes
Give me 10 minutes, Sketch
What will you do in 10 minutes?
Sky is the limit
May end up in a delivery
in 10 months, go slow
Tell me
You won't call me
if I don't, huh?
'How can she ditch me?'
Yes, Guna
- Where are you?
- At home
Valli messaged me asking me
to meet her at 10:00 p.m
I am here, but why is
her mobile switched off?
Valli lost her phone
How can she text you?
- Didn't she tell you?
- Is that so?
I'll go and ask her to meet you
I'm in the ground behind her house
Ask her to come soon
'Do you know why I yelled at you?'
Only because I did
the cop didn't ask me for money
- Can I talk later?
- Mad at me?
Did not take money it seems!
Why did you come here?
You'll be fine
Don't be scared, okay?
There were 2 witnesses at the spot
One is that girl
His girlfriend
I've enquired thoroughly
She doesn't know anything
The other is his friend, sir
He says all the faces were
masked with a kerchief
- 'Smuggling drugs?
- Will you take your hand off?'
I'll call you back
You rubbed a policeman
the wrong way, then what?
Do you suspect anyone?
- They seized Kumar's car, right?
- Yes, sir
Why can't Kumar be the culprit?
It's a possibility, sir
Don't say 'may be'
Collect the evidence
'Do you suspect anyone?'
How did you let him die?
Couldn't you identify a single face?
I know the man behind this, uncle
- What do you mean?
- Ravi came with his boys to kill me
I was their target
They killed Guna
Narayana, post-mortem is over
Arrange whatever needs to be done
How can you be quiet
knowing he did this?
Bhaskar, get the weapons
Sketch, get ready
Didn't you hear me?
Machan, my brother
was my whole world
He left me all alone
How dare you walk into our area
after killing my brother!
David, don't talk rubbish
- Be calm
- Ravi anna is dead
He always defended you
even if you didn't see eye to eye
He was always there for us
How could you kill him?
Hey! Stop it
Sketch didn't kill my brother
My brother planned to kill Sketch
while piss drunk but it misfired
'Our car collided into a tree'
'We got out of the car and ran'
'But another gang killed Guna'
'I saw them'
Sketch was right there
How could Sketch
have killed my brother?
Guna's murderer has killed my brother
Sketch, you go
Bro, take him away
Sketch, if you know
Guna's assailant, tell me
If I know who killed
my brother, I'll tell you
But his death will be
only by my hands
Sir, I told you repeatedly
Couldn't you be quiet for a while?
We can take it easy if it is
just politics or mere violence
This is murder, sir
You can go behind bars
Let the election get over
We'll close their chapter then
Then it's your wish
It's locked
Shall we enquire next door?
Can I see Priya-
- Priya, come here
- Coming, akka
Where is Ammu?
House is locked
Ammu has gone to her hometown
Explain everything in detail to him
Her relative is in Kumbakonam
They took her and got her engaged
She was taken completely by surprise
She is getting married in Chennai
on the 18th of this month
She may have felt bad to tell you
That's why she wouldn't have
Please pretend as if you don't know
If you love in excess
this is the end result
'Excuse me
All the best'
'Don't add all the good karma
into your account'
'Give me some'
"My silence is broken as soon as
your eyes speak with eloquence"
"Your words are my world truly
I am your sentence utterly"
"You're the time keeper, lass
of my heart transparent as glass"
"Girl, in your waterfall tresses
my moustache like a creeper caresses"
"Who is she?
Who is this lovable lassie?"
"Who is this bewitching me?"
"With your hazel eyes as bait
you keep me awake; eagerly I wait"
"You rock me and sing a lullaby
Then why do you bid me goodbye?"
'You rubbed a policeman
the wrong way'
'Sketch, if you know
Guna's assailant, tell me'
'But his death will be
only by my hands'
If Chitti's death isn't an accident...
...Guna's killer must have killed Chitti
Someone is orchestrating this
Sketch, you seized Kumar's car in a rush
He is behind all this
Why will Kumar-
Sketch, he is a shortcut millionaire
He can't take insults easily
Don't imagine, uncle
Kumar should have
targeted Bhaskar or me
Why would he kill Ravi?
Someone who is our enemy has-
What, Sketch?
What is the discussion?
- Nothing, Sait
- Okay, see you
After servicing why did Chitti
deliver the car to the client?
Sait told him to deliver it
You can find the address and
phone # in our bill book
Get it for me
Not connecting
What is the address?
Saravanan, Mettu street
Know any of our boys in Villivakkam?
- Tell me
- Are you in your area?
- Yes
- I'll text you an address
Will you let me know
who lives there?
I'll find out from the boys
- What?
- You promised take me to my mother's house
I said I'll come and drop you
- How many times will you call?
- Work is your 1st wife!
This is something very important
When are you coming?
Nag-nag all the time
Who was it?
You cut the call
- My wife
- What does she want?
Wants to visit her mother
Baby showers and rituals
She's pregnant
Go and be with her
- Stop supporting her!
- Go, man
'- Yes, Thyagu
- Hey! Dhansu'
- What, bro?
- Had lunch?
Not yet, boss asked me
to wipe the car
Go and eat first
No such address in that area
We have the car #, right?
Ask the RTO officer
for the owner's address
Whom do you want?
- Manicka Vinayagam
- My father
Is he at home?
- Chithra?
- Coming
- Bring coffee
- It's alright
It's okay, go make coffee, dear
Ford Fiesta black car
Is it yours?
Did you see it anywhere?
You gave it for service
I don't understand, sir
My car was stolen 15 days ago
I lodged a complaint
at the police station
I even have a copy with me
Meena, get the FIR copy to sho-
It's alright
Don't have to show
We came regarding this
- Where was it stolen?
- Madhar Sha, Purasawakkam
They stole it from the main road
Sir, what about my car?
You have complained, right?
Pressurize the police
You'll get it
Someone has stolen his car
and given it for service
He has used the car
after service to kill
- Where did he say?
- Purasawakkam
Call Mari
- Yes, Sketch
- Simple matter
- Know any car thief in Purasawakkam?
- Why do you ask?
To enquire about a stolen car
I don't know anyone in this area
But whoever does
has to inform Johnson
Then I need to meet Johnson
- Mari, new hunt, huh?
- Shut your gob and go, man
Sketch, wait here
I'll talk to Johnson
Did you steal some car or what?
Nothing of that sort
Those boys over there
Close friends of mine
Don't know who stole
their car in Purasawakkam
I wanted to know if you can
help us find out
You seem to imply
one of my boys stole!
I came here trusting you, Johnson
Then it's up to you
Let me do this
I'll ask my boys
to enquire about the car
- Okay, see you
- Go, Mari
- Is everything fine?
- Yes, sir
- Everything okay, sir
- Be alert
What's up with you now?
Why haven't you come home as yet?
I told you not to call me
Aren't you worried I am
all alone in this condition?
I won't come
Disconnect now
- I'm talking only to you
- Hang up now
- What's bugging you?
- Nagging me
Look how rude he is, bro
He will be home in an hour
Trust me
- Sketch?
- What?
Johnson called
He got the fellow
He asked me to bring you
over to the shop
Let's go, quick
- Hey! Go home
- What?
I'll update you in the morning
Stick to Sketch
Shall we go?
Mari, you go
I'll handle this
Lock the shop and go home
- What's your name?
- Sketch
See you
Your knife
...has fallen down
You might forget it
The tall chap over there
He's the one, Sketch
Now that you've told me
Like selling salt to the sea
sketch for Sketch, huh?
Don't let go of me
- Don't let go
- Scared, huh?
Answer the call
Hold me, please
Murthy, job done?
In a minute
Hey! Who is this?
What's up?
Choking for breath?
You, huh?
In a short while
even that will be snuffed
Forget killing me
Go save the only chap
still alive in your gang!
What is your name?
Bhaskar, right?
What, man?
Someone is chasing me, sir
Please protect me
Krishnamurthy, check it out
I can't see anyone, sir
- They must have left seeing you
- No one?
- Which area?
- Puliyanthope, sir
- Puliyanthope?
- Yes, sir
2 victims were killed in this area
My friends, sir
Get into some mess and
come running to us
Krishnamurthy, drop him
safely at home
'This event occurred post 12 midnight'
'Identity of the serial killer
still remains a mystery'
'People are losing faith in the police
due to the serial murders in North Chennai'
'Priyanka from News 7'
- Hello
- Keep moving
Don't disturb
How could you leave me and go?
Didn't you promise to name our baby?
Who will be with me
and our baby, Bhaskar?
'Even if you get mad at me and yell...'
''ll always defend me, Bhaskar'
Jeeva, all of us are grieving too
Just see his face once
Even if you want to
see him later, you can't
Please listen to me
You abandoned me
I am an orphan now
You said he'll be home in an hour?
He came back to me
as a corpse, look at him
'Both our friends are gone'
'Nothing should happen to Sketch'
Look at the plight of the man
who kept telling me that
Aiyo! Bhaskar
I'm going to my hometown tomorrow
1 minute
Come inside, ma
- I don't want money please
- I'm like your brother
Accept it for now
1 minute
'I'm Ammu speaking'
'I want to see you
I'm waiting at the ground'
Came to invite me for your wedding?
If I invite you, will you come
and bless me and go?
I'm not the kind to love one man
And marry someone else
Do you know something?
Many girls have told me
'I am unable to marry
the man I love'
'I might as well lead a life
as ordained by God'
Then why fall in love, huh?
I am not the kind to lead
the life ordained by God
I want to lead a life
I know I'll love
If I ever get married
only you'll be my husband
All these excuses of
emotional blackmail
I am not the kind to change
my mind in any of these situations
What is this then?
Wondering why I agreed?
If not this one, my father
will fix another groom
How many times will I say 'no'?
I am repeating what
I told you the other day
'The extent of my love for you'
'I want to live with you
and demonstrate'
Whatever you say is right
But my situation isn't conducive
Marry the man
your father has chosen for you
See you
Everyone won't be blessed
to get the life they wish
Let us think the same
I know what's churning in your mind
The wedding is at 7:30 a.m
I'll be waiting for you till 7:29 a.m
You had better come and take me
I'll be waiting for you
"Come and live with me for eternity"
"Anchor our love, conquer my femininity"
"Shall I conquer the femininity
you offer willingly to me?"
"Come, merge with me
You and me will emerge as we"
You told me right then
the culprit is Kumar
I didn't believe you
I've decided to kill him
'The police will deal with Kumar'
We've already lost 3 of our lot
Dump all this and hide
somewhere safe and come later
- Hey! Dhanusu
- Sait
- Keep this bag in my car
- Okay, sait
My fault, letting you seize that car!
What wrong did I do?
I seized a car
That's all
That's my job
That too, not his car
It belonged to you
Let's say I park this
damn car in his house
Can Guna, Chitti, Bhaskar
be brought back alive?
After all it's a car, sait
'It isn't as easy as you think'
You are a lone crusader
He has an army
I've decided to-
Why is he a lone man?
I am there for him
I was once adept with a knife
My boys are just maintaining their distance
One nod from me
the whole lot will back me up
That isn't the poin-
You thought I'll send someone
to light a lamp for Bhaskar's funeral
The lamp in our house has been snuffed
He should only be a corpse
You plan your sketch
I'll bring my boys
Martin, Dorai here
- Tell me
- You have to kill someone
When and where?
Good evening, sir
Sit down
Stop, zoom this chap
Kavi, this chap is so familiar
The gang at the tea stall
attending a wedding
Call the lodge owner and collect
all their details right now
Make it fast
Sketch, you were right
There's a lamp post near his house
I studied the area from my sister's shop
He's often on the phone
from his balcony
Then we should decide
only the time of crime, right?
We usually strike pre-dawn
No one can enter Royapuram that easily
Why not?
Even if a kid enters
he will ask 10 men about the kid
- Ambulance can enter, right?
- Sure
That ambulance will spell danger
...I'll be inside
But you can't smuggle weapons in it
- I'll deal with it
- Who will take the weapon?
Watch when I kill him
Tell me
Are you sure?
We know that gang's hide-out
- Where?
- Capital Residency
Sketch, it's all A-OK
We'll ask our men to
come back in the morning
Assemble on the dot
You can go now
- See you, Sketch
- Uncle, 1 minute
She vowed she'll marry only me
and gave me the wedding invitation
She said she'll be waiting for me
Wanted me to land up
and take her with me
I must close Kumar's chapter
So I'll be in Royapuram
Mari and you go to this venue
Suppose she gets married the groom
her father has finalized
Bless her and come away
Suppose her wedding
does get cancelled
...bring her to Periyar ground
I'll finish my job by then
Sketch, I'll come with you
- Mari, take him
- Let him go
Go, uncle
Come, bro
Let's go
'Have you ever seen
a watch on my wrist?'
'Whenever you miss me
wear this to think of me'
'Do you like me very much?'
'The extent of my love for you'
'I want to live with you
and demonstrate'
'Where is she going now?'
To change into her wedding saree
Then she's getting married for sure
Bro, Kumar is in his balcony
'Only event you are not
envious you missed is death'
'You yearned for it
You have to experience it'
- Ammu
- What happened?
- Ammu, open the door
- What is she doing inside?
All of you please forgive me
I'm not in favor of this wedding
Let's go wait outside
Treatment is for you
Not for him
As we keep splashing
cold water on his face...'ll see him gasp for breath
and cough up the truth
If he dies, your turn next
Sir, I'll tell you
Kavi, stop
All set?
- Packed all my clothes?
- Yes, bro
- Filled fuel in the auto?
- Done, bro
Okay, take this auto and-
1 minute
I'll call uncle
'Tell me, bro'
'If these boys usurp my place
I have to water camels in Rajasthan!'
Why should you feed
the camels in Rajasthan?
We can't bear to see you in that state
Sillu, strike
'We wanted to be like you
from the beginning'
'But we couldn't oppose you
and move forward'
'How long will we work under you?'
'When sait gifted you with a gold chain
for stealing Kumar's car, we knew'
We can't reach great heights
with them around
'Whatever we did
was always wrong in your eyes'
'You side lined us
with a knock on our heads'
'That's when we had a bright brainwave'
We should finish off all 4 of them
'The sketch we sketched
for all 4 of you'
'...hit the bull's eye, bro'
Kumar called us to Chennai
to kill that gang of 4, sir
'We gave a car
for service in a garage'
'We planned to kill them
when they deliver the car, sir'
'The car parked in a spot
earlier than where we planned'
'No one got down from the car
I asked the crane operator to stop'
'But he thought my plan was
to crush the car and he reacted'
'We sprayed methanol in the car's AC
before Chitti bro delivered the car'
'Get lost'
'Chittianna must have died on the way'
'But when we heard he died in an accident'
'...we were ourselves quite stunned'
'We stole Valliakka's mobile and
called Gunaanna to her area'
'We didn't expect you to be with him'
'Still we killed Gunaanna'
A knife was already lodged in his neck, sir
We stabbed him after that
- Who killed Ravi?
- Who is Ravi, sir?
I killed Guna
Ravi anna saw me
Gone case!
'We had no choice
but to kill Ravi anna too'
'Who killed Bhaskar and the policeman?'
True, we chased Bhaskar
But seeing a policeman with him
we backtracked, sir
Reverse, quick
'When we killed Bhaskaranna
that poor policeman tagged along'
Come on
We knew only from the papers the next day
Bhaskar and the policeman were killed
We have nothing to do
with that murder, sir
Where is Sketch now?
'We wanted to let you off actually'
But you'll track us down
some day or the other
'That's why we stabbed you'
Get out of here
- Don't get caught
- Sillu, come
'Sait, why do you support child labor
when they should be studying?'
'I should get you arrested'
'Don't smoke in front of them'
'See, you are setting a bad example'
'This problem is only because
they handle a knife instead of a book'
'Students are bound to squabble
with their classmates'
'But kids who work will consider...'
'...their colleagues as rivals
whatever their age'
'You and I are the main cause'
'If you see children working anywhere
question the employer assertively'
'If you can afford it, ensure
a proper education for them'
'We must abolish child labor'
'Sponsor a child to study'