Skin (2018) Movie Script

Here you go.
- Thanks, babe.
- Hey.
Look at this.
You look so handsome.
Here, give Mommy a kiss.
- Good boy. Babe, we got to roll.
- Yeah, in a second.
- OK. - All right, you ready
for your favorite part?
Sit up.
All right.
Let's take a look, huh?
Highly motivated.
- Truly dedicated.
- You got it.
Let's go, boy.
One minute.
Come on.
- Kristy. - Troy, how many
girlfriends you got, bud?
Zero, but I actually
think you can't get any.
Because you're fat!
- Because I'm what? Troy's
bringing jokes. - F. A. T.
That boy got jokes.
Fuck you, too, Timmy
Fuck the world
Fuck the world
Fuck the world
You ready?
Step up.
Mother fucker!
Troy, put that thing down.
What did I say?
- OK.
- Hey, Troy?
Listen to your
mother, Troy, come on.
There you go, bud.
Little hustle into it.
Come on, buddy. See that
watermelon behind me, right there?
50 bucks, one shot, one kill,
the young man here shoots
that, $100 if he misses.
- What do you say?
- I'll take you up on that.
Yeah, you got it? - I got you.
Yeah, I'm in. All right.
Daddy needs a Christmas presents.
Just like we trained.
OK, careful with that, will ya?
He's a fucking pro.
Come on.
Trying to have a good time.
Shh, do what I trained you.
Breathe, OK.
Let it build.
On your time.
What'd I tell you? He's
our next generation.
- Troy Francis Hall.
- There he is.
- That was fun, wasn't it?
- Super fun! - That's right, man.
Get him another kabob and
beer, Mama, he deserves it.
And I want my boy
sober, Jeffrey.
Beer doesn't get
you drunk, does it?
It gets you drunk.
- Beer doesn't get you drunk.
- $50 back, please.
Give me that.
You wanna race?
You want to go fast?
- I want to race.
- You ready?
- Ready!
- Come on!
I got ya, I got ya.
What kind of beer are
we gonna get, young man?
How about that?
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
You got all the food you needed?
Come on.
- Here you go.
- Got it.
Don't crush that, OK?
There you go.
Thank you.
Were you fucking with my kid?
Were you fucking with him?
He was looking at the toy.
What? I'm sorry,
I can't hear you.
What did you say?
He was looking at the toy.
Do we have a fucking
problem, nigger?
- No way.
- What's that?
You're my fucking problem.
- What's that?
- You heard me, man.
I'm sorry, I can't
fucking hear you.
- Stupid mother fucker.
- With those big fucking lips.
- What?
- Babe. Leave it.
- Jeff.
- It's fine, hold on a second.
Hold on a second, bud.
You see that black
fucking jigaboo
who's walking outside right now?
He's just tried to scare young Troy,
and start some shit with me.
- Jeff, leave it.
- Yep.
Stay here, stay here.
- Stay.
- Hey, hey.
Dad, Dad!
Dad, Dad!
Oh my god J.D.!
No! Stop it!
Stay in the car! Get off him.
- Stay in the car.
- Dad!
That'll teach him.
Leave him alone!
911, what's your emergency?
They're killing my husband.
- Send someone.
- Mom! Stop!
Ma'am, where are you located?
We just went to
get some groceries.
Ma'am, please listen to me.
Get him the fuck up.
Fuck you!
We fucked him up!
- Clear!
- You're the man.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
I need you to
identify where you are, and-
- No, what are you doing?
- Right now.
Somebody help!
Please, stop it!
Come on, babe, come on.
Get off your phone.
Ma'am, who is in front of you, right now? Please,
give me a description as to who's in front
Ma'am, hello?
Don't leave me, come on.
Stay with me.
Stay with me, stay with me.
Stay, come on.
Snakes have
many predators, also.
They have birds,
raccoons, foxes.
So that's why they
have camouflage.
And how do I know
which ones are dangerous,
- and which ones aren't? - Snakes have
scales on the bottom of their head.
And their body.
They're called scoots.
And they use the
scoots for moving.
They don't have legs.
Using their scoots, they push
their scoots out to move.
- Really?
- Um hmm.
- Wow.
- Snakes have colorful bodies,
and they use that to warn
predators that they're venomous.
But in some places,
they have bright colors,
but they're not venomous.
So that is to scare predators.
Hey, I'm venomous,
don't come towards me.
But they're really not.
- Right.
- And they'll be like, hey, go away.
I might have not colorful
colors, but I'm still venomous.
Major predators, it sounds like.
Kind of feels like, if I was
identifying a poisonous snake,
I really want to
look for the color.
The brighter the color,
the more venomous, maybe.
So once they're striking, you
want to move out of the way.
Troy, stop feeding Boss.
Keep eating.
I want you to finish
everything you have, OK?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes ma'am.
- Dad?
- Um hmm.
Can we go surfing?
Why don't you finish
your breakfast first?
- OK.- And then we can talk about it.
- And who's gonna clean him up, after?
- We are.
- You are? - Yeah.
You are?
Faster, faster!
You want to go faster?
Fast Dad!
Give me the sign!
Yes sir!
Here we go!
Hold on, we're going right.
Right! Faster!
Right, woo!
Kick it up a notch, will ya?
Heads up!
That's my boy!
Woo, yes sir!
Hey, we're 10 out.
Guess who surfed like
a damn pro, today?
Troy, baby, that's
awesome, I'm so proud of you.
Thanks Mommy.
The kid has natural talent.
Good boy. There's a viking's
dinner waiting for you two,
when you get home.- Wow, that's
perfect, because we, are...
- Starving.
- Surfing USA.
Well not until
you wash him outside, Jeff.
And the couch.
You promised.
- We promise.
- We will.
- We will.
- OK.
- See you soon.
- Bye, bye.
- Love you, mommy.
- Bye.
Love you.
Hey, move!
Hold on.
Local police are still searching
for Jeffrey Hall.
The 36-year old man was
kidnapped 10 days ago,
as his eight year old son
watched the abduction.
Hey, Krista, is everything OK?
Hey, there's someone outside, they're
trying to break into the house.
How long have
they been out there?
You see 'em?
I don't know.
Not long.
How many are there?
One, I think.
From their gang.
Does he have a gun?
I don't know how the fuck?
How do I fucking know?
Just calm down, all right? Turn off all the
lights, block the door, we're on our way.
Boss! Boss!
Mom, Mom, what's going on?
Hey, baby, I need
you to go to my room.
I need you to go hide
under my bed, OK?
Don't you come out.
You go now, don't come out.
Go, go, go, go.
Let me, let me in.
Let me in.
You son of a bitch.
You get the fuck out
of my house right now.
I will fucking kill you.
- Kristy!
- I'll kill you!
Get out!
Get out!
I will fucking
kill you, I swear.
It's me.
Kristy, it's me.
It's me.