Skin in the Game (2019) Movie Script

(dark electronic music)
(knocking on door)
- [Man] Yeah!
- Violet called me.
You want the police up in here
knockin' on your door next?
If you're gonna shoot
me, get it over with.
- [Woman] Lena!
- That's that shit
I gotta deal with.
(woman crying)
- I'm here, honey.
Look, do you have another room?
- I don't sit here
and watch her fuck.
- Just go there, and I'll
be there in a minute.
- You gonna get my
bitch out the bathroom?
- That's why I'm here.
- All right.
- Violet?
He's gone now.
What happened?
- This trick,
he put some weird
shit on his balls.
So I said, what is that shit?
He said, don't worry about it.
I said, fuck yeah I'm
gonna worry about it.
So he goes and tells Ronnie.
Ronnie gets mad,
'cause I embarrassed
the customer.
And he hits me.
- All right.
You just wait here, all right?
- Bitch ready to
go back to work?
- Actually, she wants
to come with me.
- Fuck that.
- Come on, you and me both know,
forcing a girl to stay in this--
- Bitch chose up.
She can make her money.
- But this is just the start.
You keep her here like this,
she's just gonna run
off more and more money.
You really want a underage bitch
who ain't 100% with
it working for you?
- Said she was 18.
- Nigger, did she
show you some ID?
Look, you thinkin'
about this all wrong.
You could keep here
if you want to,
but what happens when next
time she don't call me?
- These girls can't
just come and go.
- [Lena] I know.
- Ain't no fuckin' temp agency.
- I know.
- You know what I
gotta do, right?
- Yeah,
and that's fine.
(door opening)
- You want out?
You better say something ho.
You got this bitch
to come get you.
- Lena!
- Don't be coming up here,
and taking my girls.
You got that?
- Got it.
- You got that?
- Got it.
- Go ahead bitch, leave.
But don't be calling me
when you ain't got nowhere to go
because they kicked
your ass out.
I helped you, and
you're gonna turn on me.
Get the fuck out of
here, you square bitch.
(dark jazz music)
(soft jazz music)
- You okay?
- You okay?
- I'll do what I have
to do to get a girl out.
(soft jazz vocals)
- This is good.
I thought you'd be all
Marvin Gaye, or something.
- How old do you think I am?
- I'm saying like, attitude.
You got that 70's Soul
Train, or Foxy Brown, 'tude.
- Okay, I can live with that.
A girl came to my house,
she got into music production.
This is one of the
projects she worked on.
It's just some indie stuff.
- Cool.
I was gonna be a singer.
- Really?
Let me hear something.
(melodic singing)
Yeah yeah yeah
- You have a really nice voice.
- Thanks.
- Look, not to get all
up in your business
but singing's a
real possibility.
You just gotta decide how
long you're gonna spend
making somebody else a
star instead of yourself.
- Quit smiling.
that's dumb.
- Looks bad, looks bad.
Oh, you know Justin wants to
meet tomorrow after ballet.
- Have you even seen him?
- Yeah, of course.
We Skype all the time,
and I don't know,
he's such a cutie.
Don't tell anybody I told you.
- But I think you
should tell your mom.
- I mean, he's a senior.
- So you're not gonna
tell her because of that?
- I don't know, it's not
like even a real date.
- Yes it is.
That's a date.
You're going on a date.
- Okay okay, well,
she won't let me
have a boyfriend,
so what else can I do?
Go ahead, what can I do?
(knocking on door)
- [Woman] Dani?
- Yeah, Mom.
- Hey.
It's time for bed.
- But it's Friday.
- And you know that
you have ballet
first thing in the morning.
- Yeah, and then piano
in the afternoon,
and then swimming on Sundays.
- I gotta go anyway, so.
- Bye.
- Thank you Miss Walker.
- Bye babe.
- Bye.
- How's it going?
- Just that I have to
finish up this last diagram.
- [Mom] Need any help?
- No, I'm okay.
- Well, what is it?
- Just AP chemistry.
- Well, I can tell
you I would be
zero help to you
in that, my dear.
I am so proud of you.
And I know that your father is--
- Mom.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Goodnight baby.
- Goodnight.
(soft electronic music)
- [News Reporter] Police
received an anonymous call
about a body burning,
right here they say,
on 94th Street and Broadway.
When police arrived,
they believed the
victim to be female,
but the body has not
yet been identified.
People in the community--
- That's Nicki.
- Oh my God, that's Nicki.
- That's Nicki.
- Oh my God!
- Hey, what is going on?
- Dominick, he did that!
- Nicki's pimp put a
green light on her.
Burned her alive right on the
street in front of everybody.
- I know that girl,
they're coming for me next.
- Look look, nobody
is coming for you.
Everybody just relax.
Calm down, what are you even
doing, looking at the computer,
you know the rules about
looking at the computer.
- I'm sorry, it's my fault.
I said it was okay.
- He's got friends,
and Lena I'm scared.
- Hey don't be
scared, look at me.
If Lena's got you,
nobody is coming for you.
Listen, all of you
are gonna be okay.
I am here.
- Let's get you settled, okay?
- [Lena] Just calm down.
- I'm Crystal.
- I got you.
You're all right.
- So this is where
you'll be staying.
It gets a little
warm here at night,
so sometimes we like to
leave the window open.
You know this is the scar
that got me out of the life.
You know the night
that I got this scar,
I threw myself down
on my knees in my room
and I just, I prayed,
I didn't even know who
I as praying to but,
I prayed for a way out.
And, a week later,
that's when I met Lena.
And I've been here ever since.
But what about you?
What'd your pimp promise you?
- My situation's a
little bit different,
because we're actually
in a relationship.
Yeah, right now we're
just having some problems.
- I see.
(soft jazz music)
- [Man] Dani?
- What?
- I'm Justin's homeboy.
He's running a little late.
He told me to come swoop you
up, and take you to the mall.
- No, I'm sorry.
- Dani, I'm home
early, wanna get lunch?
Hey Dani, it's your mom.
I got home early from work,
thought maybe we could go
to our favorite lunch spot,
but you're not here.
Just wondering where you are.
And give me a call back
please, sooner than later.
All right, I love you.
Hi, this is Sharon,
I'm Dani's Mom,
a friend of Haley's.
Hi, I'm sorry to bother you.
Is Haley around?
Hi, it's Sharon.
Yeah hi, I was wondering,
have you seen Dani,
or is she with you?
I can't find her anywhere,
and I really need
to talk to her.
You're saying she never
went to dance class today?
Haley, I need you
tell me exactly
the last place that you saw her.
Hold on.
Who the hell is Justin?
- Get your black ass in here.
This fuckin' bitch bit me.
Something funny?
- Like I was paying cash--
- Bitch, don't you ever
take me as a goddamn joke,
you hear me?
- Yes, daddy.
- What?
I say call me king master daddy.
- Yes, king master daddy.
- Now what the fuck is going on?
What did I tell you
about touching my girls?
- That bitch was out of line.
- What did I tell you
about calling them bitches?
How come I have to keep
repeating myself, you dumb fuck?
- I can't calm down Mom,
the police said there's nothing
they can do for 24 hours.
24 hours!
I could have killed
them for suggesting
teenage girls run off with
their boyfriends all the time.
That is not Dani.
It's not her.
(tires squealing)
Mom, I'll call you back, okay?
(funky jazz music)
- My boyfriend gave me
an iPhone, and a TV.
Sometimes we'd
just sit in my room
all day and watch cartoons.
We didn't mess
around or nothin',
it'd just be the two of us.
- He gave 'em to you?
- Well, I think
they were a loan.
But we all gotta earn our keep.
- I'm just saying, it ain't a
gift if it's a loan.
- I guess.
- Did you have to
work to pay it off?
How long did it take
for you to pay it off?
- Well, we gotta pay
for the phone bill, too.
And for the cable.
- I'm not judging you.
I am you.
I'm all of you.
I was on the track
just like you,
and now we're all here.
I'm just trying to point out
that this is how they sometimes
keep control over you.
They'll give you things,
or buy you things,
real nice things,
but then they set it up to where
you can't never pay it off,
and that's how they own you.
And that ain't love.
Ownership ain't love.
I know you all thing
your boyfriends
ain't scared of nothing,
that they invincible.
(doorbell ringing)
But you all are
the ones out there
on the track, every night,
risking your bodies and
your freedom, your lives.
So who's the real coward?
Pimp's only scared
of two things,
losing his money.
- [Woman] Hell yeah.
- Right?
'Cause they sure be standing
outside that motel room
waiting on you to come
and get that money first.
They scared of
losing their money,
and life in the penitentiary,
'cause you can't pimp
in the penitentiary.
Think about it.
We have more power than we know.
- So there's a lady
here to see you.
- Can you take over?
- Yeah.
- What are you doing here?
- I thought--
- How'd you even
know I was here?
- Dani's missing.
- Dani?
The goddaughter that
I've been banned
from ever seeing again?
- She was talking to
this older man online,
and then they met up,
and now I can't
find her anywhere,
and I am so scared
that something,
I thought maybe you
could help that,
you might know something about--
- Of course, yeah,
'cause a high school ho
would know where your teenage
daughter ran off to, right?
(women arguing inside)
- No Lena, I need
your help, please.
- And I needed you too.
Now if you'll excuse me,
I actually have work to do.
- Here, take these.
They'll make you feel better.
Oh baby, what?
No no no no.
Look at that face.
Look at your beautiful eyes.
They're drying up anyway.
Like sunshine.
- Who are you?
Where is Justin?
- I'm Eve baby.
And I'm Justin, too.
I'm the only thing
you'll ever need.
Come on, mama.
Take the pills.
Come on.
There you go.
Good girl, good girl.
Come here, mama.
I got you.
(muffled speaking)
- [Woman] Bitch, give
me the money shot.
Shoot that ass up,
tricks like that shit.
- [Eve] Come here baby, come.
This is where you'll
be sleeping tonight.
(muffled speaking)
- Violet, do you know
who Harriet Tubman is?
- Yeah, the lady who
freed all the slaves.
- Right.
You know she said she could
have freed a thousand more,
if only they'd known
they were slaves.
- I'm not going back to him.
- Goodnight, Violet.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Seven times, right?
- Yeah, we only have
to put with this
five more times before she
stops trying to go back.
- Miss Lena?
Do you know why I
decided to stay here?
It's because you
said that you would
never leave a girl behind.
Ain't a lot of people
that would do that for us.
(funky jazz music)
Oh baby
There's a heaviness
And it's weighing down on me
I know you feel it
- I filed the report,
and the officer told me to just
keep my phone near me and wait.
- It takes 48 hours
to turn a girl out.
- What?
- Just show me her room.
- Hey.
Thank you for helping me.
- I'm not helping you.
I'm helping Dani.
- What are you looking for?
Dani is a good kid.
- The girls in my house
are very creative.
- [Sharon] She never
hides anything from me.
- Don't freak out,
it's just a journal.
Justin her boyfriend?
- No.
Justin is the guy that
she was talking to online.
- Show me.
(door opening)
- You hungry?
Eve said to feed you.
Bitch, get the fuck up.
(girls giggling)
- I'm not gonna do it,
what you girls do.
- Look, Eve don't
like no talk back.
- They can't make me.
- That's what they all say here.
- But what about your families?
- What family?
This is our family.
King master daddy takes
us to get our nails done,
our hair done,
and he take us to
get burgers, bitch.
All I got at the house
is my mama's boyfriend
trying to fuck me.
Later for that shit.
- Can I have some
more water, please?
- Bitch, do we look
like the maids?
- Get your own fucking water.
What the fuck is wrong
with that white ho?
- She thinks she better than us.
- She better fall in line.
- Whoa whoa, hey.
Where do you think we're going,
some red carpet event?
(car lock opening)
- I still have mine, too.
- Yeah?
- What the hell are you doing?
- Relaxing.
- I'm a nurse Lena,
and I can tell you right now
that shit's not good for you.
- Well I'm a user, Sharon,
and I can tell you that it is.
- Where are we going?
(slow hip hop music)
- I'll stay here.
- Okay.
Hey, Woody around?
- Who the fuck are you?
- Lena, Peanut.
I used to run with
Woody back in the day.
- So wait, you one
of his ex-bitches?
- No.
- Yeah, you got that snitch
jacket on you, bitch.
So wait, think you
can come around here,
asking motherfuckers
where they at?
You know, snitches get stitches.
Or did your ass forget that?
Man, step the fuck off.
- [Man] Oh la.
Who wants the Wood?
I got this.
How you doing Peanut?
Long time.
Or should I call you Lena, now?
Since you went all
straight on me, and shit.
You never said goodbye.
- I know, but that
wasn't about you.
I had issues.
- Fuck, I had issues.
So you go and take up
with the motherfucker
that put you out on the
track selling your ass?
Anyway, I already got
paperwork on your ass.
Baby girl, this
whole conversation
could be going through
the wires right now.
- Ain't no paperwork
on me, Woody.
And I ain't wearing a wire.
- How I know that?
- What that mean?
- [Men] Yeah.
- Take that shit off, girl.
- Hold it, what the
fuck's so funny?
What you all looking at?
You proved your point.
What you want?
- There's a girl,
she's been snatched.
She's only 15,
but she's special to me.
- That ain't my
motherfuckin' concern,
we look like we kidnap
girls around here?
That's some cracker shit.
- It don't feel
like that though.
He used the internet,
but this feels like
some street shit, Woody.
- You know what they say
about streets, right?
The streets is dangerous.
It ain't like it
used to be, Peanut.
These young boys be talkin'.
Drugs you sell once.
But bitches, you sell
over and over and over.
- Can you help me?
Woody, please?
Please Woody?
- All right, look,
I know this gorilla pimp,
he's got two young
girls in his stable.
He be on that internet
bullshit you talkin' about.
- Where is he?
- Over there in south park.
I'll tell you what.
Put you number in my phone.
When I text you,
I'm at that address.
- Thank you, Woody.
- Don't thank me.
Hey Lena?
You be careful, all right?
Them boys bad news over there.
- I'm bad news, too.
(light pop music)
I'm thinkin' you
are thinking me you
Slowly comin' over
I'm thinking the life
Thinking of the life
(lyrics muffled)
- Well hello.
You look nice.
You going out?
- No, I just like
to feel pretty.
- Girl, you are pretty.
You don't need any of that.
For real.
Let me ask you something.
What do you like the
best about yourself?
You know it doesn't have
to be something big.
Well, I think you have
a really nice smile.
You do.
But, can I give
you a suggestion?
That lipstick, is
a little bright.
- What?
- Here, blot.
Okay, just one more.
Trust me on this.
That shadow, too.
Just gonna tone it down just
a little bit, just a tad.
There you go.
There you go.
Now smile.
Can I?
Oh wow.
Girl, you have the most
beautiful, natural hair.
Look, that's beautiful.
You have a lot of
natural beauty, Violet.
You don't want to cover that up,
you want to enhance it.
(phone buzzing)
- Hey, Crystal.
I need you to check the 'net,
and see if you can
find anything on Dani.
Check the dark net, I'll
send you a recent pic.
- Okay, yeah, I'm on it.
- You hos sleep in here.
- Are you okay?
Look, I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm Dani.
What's your name?
- Miranda.
- Miranda.
- They're gonna kill
him if I don't listen.
- [Dani] Who?
- My brother.
His name is Matt.
- Listen, Miranda,
I'm gonna get you
out of here, okay?
Okay, and you,
you're gonna get
to see Matt again
and I'm gonna be able to
get to see my Mom again.
Look at me.
We're gonna get out of here.
Okay, I'm gonna need your help.
- Where are we?
- What do you mean?
- What city?
- We're in Los Angeles.
(muffled speaking)
I just woke up here.
- Hey sunshine.
So I heard my ballerina
had a good shoot.
Get this ho ready to
bring me some money.
- Let's go.
Time to rotate inventory.
- No.
- [Man] You gonna pay.
- [Miranda] Okay, okay.
- What?
Don't you worry, you're
time's coming real quick.
(phone beeping)
- [Lena] What is it?
- It's a text from
Woody, it's an address.
Is this where we're
gonna find Dani?
- I hope so.
(ominous electronic music)
- Get your fuckin' ass in there.
- Lena wait up.
- Get up, bitch.
I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
Shut the fuck up.
You hear me?
(knocking on door)
What the fuck!
You say one fucking thing,
and I'll kill you,
and whoever is on the other
side of the fuckin' door,
you get that?
Thank you.
- The fuck ya all want?
- I'm sorry, just rolled
through because I heard
you had some young females.
I'm looking to buy.
- Y'all bitches ain't got no
email or nothin' like that?
- Is it a problem, nigger?
- Look, I got some bad
bitches up in here,
but they ain't gonna be cheap.
- That's cool.
Let me see 'em.
- Wow, this motherfuckin'
walk up to the door.
All right, whatever,
it's gonna cost you
40 bucks just to see 'em.
- Nigger I ain't gonna
pay you for no bitch
I can't inspect first.
- You buyin' a bitch or what?
- All right, here, cool.
- Shit.
Better not be that fake shit.
Okay okay, hey bitch, get
here, come get this money.
- Hey man, what
the fuck is this?
I heard you had young
females up in here.
- Oh, they young.
See I stay away from
all that freak shit.
- But you know about it, right?
You do your biz online.
- The fuck you know
about my business?
Yeah, I got this new
app, what about it?
- So you know somebody
who recruits and sells
young girls online or not?
- Kidnaps young girls online.
- Fuck, is you all the police?
- I'm a mother.
- I got a mom, I
feel you, I feel you.
Hey hey hey bitch,
remember that motherfucker
that was all fuckin'
about money and shit?
Didn't want to fuck
that nigger up.
Yeah, I know that
bitch-ass nigger Qwan,
fuck that nigger.
- Qwan?
- That's all the
fuck I can tell you.
- That's cool.
Thanks man.
- Bitch, count that money.
(slow jazz music)
- What's up, Derrick?
What's up with this
nigger named Qwan?
I heard the girls
around this area,
he's got some young girls,
you know anything about that?
- No, I don't.
- You know anybody who does?
- No, baby girl, I don't.
- All right, thanks.
- Hey girl, how you doing?
- I'm good, I'm looking
for a nigger named Qwan.
You know anything about that?
- Qwan?
- Yeah.
- Around here?
- Yeah.
- Got a cigarette?
- Here.
My boy says Qwan stays
somewhere around here.
There's a particular
ho I'm looking for.
He said Qwan might
know where she is.
So you don't know
nobody who knows Qwan?
Anything like that, anything
that could get me to help?
- I don't know no
nigger named Qwan.
- I figure we can find out
who some of Qwan's
girls are over here.
12 to two, those
are the hot hours.
- Hot hours?
- It's when the
businessmen go to lunch,
and they ain't just
trollin' for fast food.
That's one of them over there.
- [Sharon] She doesn't
look like one of them.
- What does one
of them look like?
I mean obviously
they'd look like me.
But they can also
be cute and blonde.
- What is this about, Lena?
You showed up to my daughter's
ninth birthday
party high as hell,
and I didn't know how to
deal with your shit anymore.
I'd been taking care of
you since high school,
you running off for days,
high, out of your mind,
and you wanted me to do
the same thing while
raising a child?
- No, I wanted you to
not turn your back on me.
- Oh, don't act like you
were a fucking angel, Lena.
You were in the goddamn streets.
- And you're so perfect, right?
You got all these
extracurricular activities,
and all these fancy-ass
clubs and instructors
who are spending more time
with Dani, than you are.
- Fuck you, Lena.
- That's right, Sharon.
Fuck me.
- Your man Ronnie, right?
- Yeah.
- [Man] Heard he got
a new moneymaker.
- So?
- Just saying.
Heard she might
be pregnant, too.
- Where are you going?
- I'm not about this
square-ass life.
- Hey, you know there's
nothing out there for you.
- I miss him.
- You didn't give it a chance.
Please, don't go.
- Oh shit.
- What is it, Lena?
Tell me, what is it?
Tell me.
Oh, oh my God.
(muffled whimpering)
- We're gonna find her.
- She's top of the line, ho.
Never been touched.
We good.
Now we just gotta
turn this bitch out.
- You know what hurt
my feelings, Sunshine?
You trying to run away from me.
I thought you were mine.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck me?
Fuck you.
Fuck you, your fucking mother
don't give a shit about you.
She's never gonna find you.
Her working all the time.
She doesn't know how you feel,
how you felt after
your daddy died.
You know who does?
Justin knows everything.
And sooner or later,
you're gonna realize
that I'm the only one
who truly loves you.
- It's gonna be okay.
Listen to me.
I've been on this track before.
These pictures don't
mean it's too late.
We can actually
use them as clues.
Look, this is all code.
They say she's 18,
but you can tell how old
she really is by
counting the hearts.
I know who's got her.
We had the same pimp
back in the day.
- So you could just
talk to her, right?
- It's not like we're
on the best of terms.
I was Killer P's bottom bitch.
That made Eve crazy.
- You you know where they are.
You know where to
find them, right?
- Look, believe it or not,
there are rules to this,
and Eve doesn't exactly
play by those rules.
- No no no, look there
has to be something.
There has to be something.
You know the codes.
You know how this works.
I know it's sick but,
can't we just set
it up to buy her.
I just want my daughter back.
- No.
It's too dangerous.
Okay look, there
might be a better way.
It's a long shot but
I'm still in contact
with her girl, Marcie.
- Marcie might
know where she is?
- I hope so.
- Lena, leave before
I call the cops.
- I just want some
information, Cesar.
- You crazy, bitch.
- It's not gonna take long.
- Get out.
- I just want to
know where Marcie is.
- Fuck you.
- Actually looks
like you fucked her.
Why don't you tell
me where Marcie is,
and that way I don't
have to call the police
and tell 'em you're
paying for pussy?
- Excuse me?
Get the fuck out of here.
- Okay.
But first why
don't I call Nancy.
She should like to know
what kind of freaky shit
her husband is involved in.
- How much you want to
keep your trap closed?
- I don't want money.
- Well that's a first.
- Where's Marcie?
- Haven't seen her in months.
- That's my business.
- Studio City, I can't
afford her ass anymore.
(dark electronic music)
- Are you sure this
is the right place?
(doorbell ringing)
- Can I help you?
- Marcie called me.
- Really?
- It's about a panic
attack coming on,
and she forgot her meds, so
she called me to bring 'em.
- I suggest you get out of here.
- Look, she really needs
these meds that I've got.
- Now.
Hey, putsch,
she can bring.
You, I watch you.
(uptempo techno music)
- Hey quit playing.
- Come into home.
(techno music)
Go to the left.
You are best friend?
- No.
Can you hear me?
Wake up, where's Eve?
Eve, sit up honey,
I need your help.
Where's Eve?
- Fuck Eve.
That bitch threw me away.
She said I was too
old to make her money.
Do I look fuckin' old?
- No, no you don't.
Just tell us where she is.
- She had a new bitch.
- I knew I don't trust you.
- No no no, we just need a
little information, please.
That's all.
- You, I think I trust.
But you?
I don't like you.
Get the fuck out.
- Okay, we're gonna go.
- No no no, she stay.
She stays here.
- You know what?
You don't want her with you.
She doesn't have any skills.
I'm good.
- You try to fuck me,
you fuck my business.
- I'm the one with the
skills, leave her out of it.
- I don't want you, nigitch.
(speaking in foreign language)
- Down, down.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- That bitch gets her
drugs from cardiac doc,
the Richmond location.
Tell her Marcie said, ha.
- Richmond.
I think I know where that is.
- Sunshine, you're special.
I haven't had
an offer like that in years.
Sunshine here, she's
gonna be a big moneymaker,
you mark my words.
(phone buzzing)
Hey Jas, the pickup's ready.
Give me attitude, honey.
Bottom bitch.
Hey, come on.
Give me your hands, it's
time to give thanks.
Come on Sunshine, hold my hand.
We're gonna get you on.
God, we thank you so much,
for bringing our family
together over this table.
For Sunshine, thank
you this blessing Lord.
You keep her safe and
you keep her strong,
and may your angels carry
her every step of the way.
You bless her, and you give
her your almighty protection.
May that money flow to this
house whole, with gold,
with so much blessing
that will overflow
these doors and these windows.
Lord keep these sisters united,
and keep them strong.
Thank you, Lord.
(eerie electronic music)
- Damn, I missed you baby.
- I missed you too.
- So sexy.
I got you something.
I'm gonna go get it.
Happy early birthday.
- For me?
- And I also got you a
recording session, I set one up.
I got a music
producer coming in.
He's gonna sit in and listen
to that beautiful voice.
- Really?
- Right, what did I tell you?
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- All right, I want to see
how tight it is on you.
- Beautiful.
- Try it on.
- It's pretty but,
it's kind of short.
- It's a work dress.
- Work?
- Recording studios
cost money baby.
Dreams don't come cheap.
- I thought it could
be different this time.
- You know, we're in love.
But we all gotta work.
Whoa, whoa whoa.
Get up.
You're not gonna need these.
(bells ringing)
- You can't get in here.
- Where's Eve?
- Who?
- Eve.
- I don't know who that is.
- Okay.
How about now?
'Cause a little birdie told me
that she likes to buy drugs,
and you like to sell 'em to her.
- I know who she is, but
I don't know where she is.
- Okay, let's try
this a different way.
- Now, once I insert this needle
into your external jugular,
this succinylcholine is
gonna stop your heart,
but slowly, because
for seven long minutes
you're gonna enjoy the tight
unbearable constriction
of your failing heart.
Now you have three options.
She can cut you, and
you'll bleed out.
I can stick this
needle in your neck,
and in seven minutes
you'll be dead,
or you can tell us
where the fuck Eve is.
You got anything to say.
- I'll tell you everything.
She's on the way.
- Remember when
I got my license?
Drove us up to Mulholland
in that shitty old car,
watched the sunset.
That was nice.
- Yeah, and then
your car broke down.
My dad was so mad at us.
He was like, if I wanted
you to go joyriding
I would have left
you with your mom.
- You know your father still
lives in the neighborhood?
- I heard.
- You were right about Dani.
I should spend
more time with her.
- Don't do that.
Don't beat yourself up,
it's not gonna help.
You did the best you could.
Better than my mom and dad.
Probably better than yours, too.
Saint Maria Goretti.
Forgiveness, that's why
she's there, to remind me.
- Sister Mary always said,
when you forgive, you in
no way change the past,
but you sure do
change what's to come.
That was one mean old lady.
- Yeah, but she knew what
she was talking about.
- You know what I want, Runway?
I want you to make
my Sunshine pretty.
- Let's go.
- Where the fuck is that bitch?
- That's gotta be her.
(eerie electronic music)
That must be the
house, right there.
- Where's my daughter?
- Bitch, who the fuck are you?
Gonna fuck you up, bitch.
- And I'm gonna
fuck you up, bitch.
Get off of her.
- Lena.
- Dani?
- Aren't you that
bitch in the streets
playing captain save-a-ho?
- Shut up.
- What you come back for?
You wanna suck some dick, bitch?
- Shut up!
- Nobody's here.
- Where's Dani?
- The new bitch?
She's getting turned
the fuck out, right now.
Eve got her ass at your old
stomping grounds off Ventura.
Yeah, bitch.
- Lena?
Lena come on, we got it.
Let's go.
- The fuck you waiting on?
Not that one,
that one.
That's the one.
First time is
always the hardest.
It's game time, let's go.
(dark electronic music)
- You look nice.
- Lena, we gotta go.
We really gotta go.
So what happens now?
- Look, it's gonna be
easier if I go by myself,
so you just stay here,
and I'm gonna go
find the room, okay?
- We came all this way,
and you expect me
to just wait here?
- Just trust me, please.
- Come back with my girl.
(suspenseful electronic music)
- Room service.
- Room service.
- Room service.
- Room service.
- Got the money?
What the fuck is that, bitch?
Where's my stuff?
You don't hold out
your dumb bitch.
- Now what's the matter,
pretty cheerleader?
So soft.
(knocking on door)
- [Lena] Room service.
- Do not disturb.
(knocking on door)
- [Lena] Room service.
- Jesus.
(knocking on door)
- Room service.
- I said no room service.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- I'm going.
- Dani?
Hey, it's me.
It's Lena, I'm here to help you.
I'm gonna take you home.
- No, no, God what
did you just do?
Now she's gonna hurt
me, she's gonna find me,
and she's gonna hurt me.
- No, nobody's gonna find
you, no one is gonna hurt you,
I promise.
Nobody is gonna hurt you, okay?
You just come with me,
and everything is
gonna be all right.
No one is gonna hurt
you, I promise, Sweetie.
- She's right, baby.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
How ya doing wifie?
Coming back home?
- You let her go, Eve.
- Looks like she
doesn't want to.
- You know good and goddamn well
this girl does not want
to be here with you.
She is a child.
You let her go, and give her
a chance at a normal life.
- A normal life?
How about the life
you had with me?
Where I made you feel real good.
The game is the game,
and always will be.
And why the fuck am I gonna
give her another chance?
They never gave me one.
- Dani, let's go.
- Sunshine.
- Dani, let's go.
- Sunshine.
- Dani.
- Looks like the ho chose.
- [Sharon] Dani?
- Sunshine!
Oh hell no, this bitch is mine.
What the fuck?
- Lena!
- Go get Dani out of here.
- Fuck you, bitch.
- It's okay, it's okay.
You're safe, you're safe.
It's okay.
I love you.
No one's gonna ever
hurt you again.
- Don't you move.
- What bitch, you gonna kill me?
- You haven't got the balls.
(gun firing)
(somber electronic music)
(dark electronic music)
(soft jazz music)
(lyrics muffled)
Don't make any
long-term plans
Just love me with
all your might today
(lyrics muffled)
I had my head
up in the clouds
But my heart is
in your hands
Don't think your
faith take chances now
'Cause now is what we have
Is your love your love
And the time is gone away
Change my heart
(lyrics muffled)
Give me hope now I can't
live without your love
Your love
Can't live without
your love your love
Your love
Fresh as the water I drink
Nourishes my soul
I don't like to
think about love
Your love your love
I had my head
up in the clouds
But my heart is
in your hands
Don't think your
faith take chances now
'Cause now is what we have
Is your love your love
(lyrics muffled)
Change my heart
(lyrics muffled)
Give me hope now I
can't live without
Your love your love
Can't live without
your love your love
Your love
Fresh as the water I drink
Nourishes my soul
I don't have to
think about your love
Your love your love