Skin Traffik (2015) Movie Script

Some people might think that I
don't have a conscience.
That it's all about the money,
but that's never been true.
Before I do a job, I always ask why.
You have to keep a sense of balance.
It's a terrible thing what I do,
and it's easy to forget that.
To think that one more doesn't
make any difference...
but it does.
And a day it doesn't is the day
you've lost your soul.
You stepped off the ledge, into an abyss.
Well, then It's only a matter of time
to hit the ground,
and hit against a very hard floor.
So there's got to be a reason.
There's consequences.
For every reaction has an opposite
and equal reaction.
The Universe does not make any exceptions.
So try to make sure you're pushing
in the right direction,
or the Universe will push back.
I'm not saying that what I'm doing is right.
I'll leave that argument to the philosophers.
I only know that some people...
they just need killing.
Excuse me. Mr. Vogel?
She's first appointment this morning.
Ah! Is it the Dutch thing?
Is there anything you'd like?
Oh. Yes, same as usual, um...
- What did that fucker do?
- A few minutes. He's on his way.
Good. I've got my daughter visiting.
I don't like this kind of shit
happening when she's around.
I mean, we could be all nice and... [...],
or maybe we gonna have to... play bad.
Either way - let's make a point,
if he's gonna make one.
It's one man.
That depends on a man, doesn't it?
I mean, eh...
Steiner, this meeting is a courtesy.
If he doesn't check out...
I want you to kill that fucker
slowly... painfully. Okay?
And I want this motherfucker found.
I want to make it a point.
If he's gonna make a point, then I'm
gonna make the goddamn point.
I don't want any misunderstandings
with his employer,
- Dad?
- Hey!
Oh, you look great!
- Pa, thanks, do you like it?
- Yeah, I love the dress.
- Oh, you smell great!
- Thank you. Are you ready for lunch?
Honey, I've been ready for lunch
for hours now.
Damn. Don't I look ready? Hm?
- Good morning, Steiner.
- Hello, Ma'am.
- OK, let's go.
- I've got a...
one dull thing I got to take care of now.
I'll catch you. Why don't you and, um...
your boyfriend go have a drink? I mean...
I'll pay for that, I promise. Okay?
- Okay, five minutes.
- Four, four and a half minutes.
Right, I've got some news to tell you,
but at lunch when Nick gets there, okay?
You got it.
- Cool.
- How about Steiner? What do you think?
He a little scary.
I think I'll go all way by myself, yeah?
Don't tell him that. Hell ask for reward.
- Right, see you in five minutes, yeah?
- See you baby. Right.
You're so popular.
He's coming in now.
Careful, might be loaded.
Sit down.
I'll stand, if you don't mind,
Oh, man, I don't give a fuck
what 'you'd rather'. Just sit.
Listen, I'm seeing you today because, um...
because your employer asked me
to indulge him. So I am.
I already gave him the answered on this.
And the answer is no.
So, unless you've got something, some kind of
business you'd like to discuss with me...
just... sorry, this got to be
a very short meeting.
- You got a name? Mister...
- Bradley.
Mister Bradley.
Look, Bradley, I'm not a...
I'm not a very patient man, and...
And as the saying goes, if I got to pull off your teeth
to get some answers... you understand me, right?
Well, I have to do what I got to do, and, uh...
Let me just get straight to the fucking point.
Why the fuck are you here?
You know why I'm here.
The disc.
The disk that was inconveniently mislaid
and is now in your possession.
- Okay...
- It doesn't belong to you.
- I will not sell it to you.
- That's not yours to sell.
- Hm?
- It's not yours to sell.
It's my safe.
It's my house - that makes it mine.
No, it doesnt.
And that's why I'm here - to give you
an opportunity to return it.
To return it?
Why? 'cause you came in all dressed up
and asked so nicely?
I'm sorry, son, but this meeting is over.
I have asked nicely.
I'm not gonna do it again.
Believe me, it's in your best interests,
just hand it over to me now.
Jesus, Bradley, you came in here
and you asked me - nicely...
Bend over, and put it up your ass -
I'd still tell you 'No'. Oh, come on, man!
Look, Bradley, you didn't have to get, um...
physical here.
The fact remains that the disk is in my safe.
If you kill me, you'll have to have a small bomb
to open that fucking safe.
I don't see one on you, Bradley. See, you gonna
have to kill me, because I'm not gonna open it.
So it looks like we are at a crossroads here.
I'm not gonna kill just you.
Bradley, yes, [actually], I do know of you,
and I know you won't do it.
Oh, sure, you kill me...
you ain't gonna go for the girl.
Not a guy like you.
I know that.
You full o'shit, be bluffing.
Are you willing to take bet chance
with your daughter's life?
Then you gonna die, not knowing
if that can be paid off.
Listen, man, I don't believe you. But, um...
No, man, that's not one gamble I'm willing to take.
You don't even know what the fuck's
on that disk, do you?
So, now I...
What I am gonna say, I presume
you gotta just kill me.
I'll just take the... roast pork
and bean sprouts, please.
- Okay.
- And some steam rice.
- Can I get you a drink as well?
- Yeah, I'll take a green tea, please.
OK. Ten pounds.
- Thank you.
Here's your receipt.
It will take a few minutes.
Hello, boss.
- Can I buy a bottle of that?
- Hey!
- What's that?
- Nothing! Nothing!
- No! What's in your pocket?
- Fuck that!
You! What are you looking at?
- I'll mix you up, man. I'll mix you up, man!
- Stop, my friend. Let's go!
- I'll mix you up, man!
- Fuck that!
Go, man!
- Okay?
- Ohh...
I know these boys.
I know these boys since they were born.
Why do they act like this?
Steal from me, break things up...
Trouble every night. Every night!
No one would want to live here.
Food's ready.
That's your food.
Thank you.
- So what is this?
- That's all there is.
It's cold.
It's laziness.
You tell: "Sergei, I want a roof over my head,
and cocoa, and cupcakes."
But I don't want to work for it.
This is not how we do things.
This is bad performance!
- May have to consult my [...] manager here.
- No, Sergei!
- She tell you the truth.
- You shut up!
This is meeting with me and her:
management and employee.
You are in my office. Door is closed!
You're outside!
It's cold!
You see? That's what we call official warning.
It's fall as verbal one.
Can I help you?
Did you call catering?
Where is mine?
You don't mind, you?
- It's Asian food.
- I'm not in the mood for this Chinky shit-goo!
You know what I want, don't you?
Burger with fries.
You don't have anything like that, do you?
How about... you get lunch?
We call it expenses.
That's very generous. Lunch all round!
Now go.
Crossed the line when you threatened my family.
I'm so sorry.
(sobbing) I want my Dad.
What I'm gonna say, I presume
you gotta just kill me.
I guess you are more afraid of
my employee than he is of you.
He just wants the disk. And you were right:
I wouldn't have killed your daughter.
I'm so sorry.
- Do you see it?!
- HELP!!
- You were warned!
- HELP!!
Please, help! Please!
Get her in the car!
You shut up!
You won't say anything, will you? No?
Good girl.
Yes... yes I am,
And you're a whore.
We all know what whores do.
There's a customer upstairs. [...]
- You hear that?
- What was that?
Where's my dinner?
I'm at the Common Inn, on Great Stand drive.
We need help here.
- Can [...] emergency?
- Look, I need an ambulance, right away.
- Sorry, can you repeat...?
There's an ambulance on the way.
She'll be fine.
But I can't be here. I can not be here
when the police come.
- Then go!
- Go where?!
Look, you will not help me before.
Looks like somebody was mad about the service.
- How many dead?
- Eight tough.
Clean upstairs.
It gets worse.
Whoever did this, [...] didn't at all like him.
Well, not that I did myself.
Still, what goes around, comes around.
Aye, Sergei?
- You know who did?
- Nope.
Not a customer.
They said they've never seen him before.
[...] that she did.
Alright then. Usual drill.
Alright. Take it a full description.
The rec from CCTV?
I'll bet their partners didn't know about this.
- Jesus!
- That's our man.
Alright, look - get this issued, right?
But not to the press just yet, alright?
Not 'til I know what's going on.
This didn't happen because of a bad blowjob!
And find out who THAT is!
Thank you for what you did.
I know [...] be traumatized
for the rest of her life,
but... thank you.
Those bastards! deserved it.
Every bullet.
What did you say your name was?
I didn't.
Can I ask you what is your story?
You can ask.
But I will not get the answer.
Not one that you like.
This is not the end of it, you know?
They won't let you just... do that and walk away.
Yeah, I know.
I can help.
I know a little bit about them.
What they do.
If you want my help, you need to tell me
everything you know.
I need for you to help me find my sister.
I have not seen her for more than... one year.
- What happened to her?
- I don't know.
Think she managed to get out,
find her way home?
No. She get put to another place,
like you just seen.
We both end up... meat.
I'm Anna, by the way.
- Look, if she's alive...
- She's ALIVE!
She's alive.
Then, I'll find her.
Why we stop?
I need to make a phone call.
Unless you want to sleep in the car tonight.
Ohh... so you pull over because you don't want
to break the law by calling while driving?
It seems alone unarmed man entered the building,
somehow overpowered and then killed
the gang of heavily armed criminals...
as we understand were involved
in the illegal trafficking of women.
I need a safe-house.
I know. I'm just watching the news.
I was surprised to see you back in business.
I'm not.
A charity work?
It's been a while, you've gotten sentimental.
Can you help me or not?
Can I help you...
423 Eastwood Walk.
- Combination of old.
- Thanks.
We missed you badly.
Now when you're back from vacation,
we'll be in touch.
So, who was that?
My Dad.
How is he?
Bradley's active again. Location 5.
Arrange a wake-up call.
Ohhh... your Dad have nice taste.
Wait here.
There is a room upstairs, you can relax.
You might find some old clothes in there.
- Take a shower or do what you gotta do.
- I'll take bath.
I'll check the kitchen...
- I'm starving!
- See if there is anything to eat.
It look good.
Not bad for tin cans and frozen sticks.
What is this?
You stop for a nuclear war or something?
Who are you?
What do you do?
I cook.
Badly, but...
go ahead and eat.
This is good.
Old family recipe?
I don't have a family.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It was a long time ago.
What about your family?
Jessica and I were very close.
I was supposed to...
take care of her,
I'm her big sister.
And I could not do it.
It's okay.
Try to eat. Gets your strength back.
What did Jessica look like?
I have picture.
I get it.
This is Jessica.
That's Jessica?
I've saved.
What happened? Who hit us?
Wasn't a competitor, wasn't a gang [...] over,
just talk to the man on the inside
and what I'm hearing from the girls...
it was one man.
- One man?
- One man.
Who the hell was it?
No idea.
Can't even get a hold onto the surveillance 'til
tomorrow morning, after it's packed and stashed.
Nobody even never seen him before.
Not one girl recognize him.
Well, somebody who can do
something like that on his own...
can't be too hard to find.
What I'm saying is somebody who can
wipe out everybody like that...
by themselves, it can be narrowed down a bit, right?
We would know somebody like that.
Not necessarily.
People like that are very dangerous.
Not born that way. Except for my case.
They're created.
You never hear anything about them, because
everyone who ever met them is gone.
Try: fucking bloke's in, tears the place out,
makes a phone call and leaves us, fuck, [...] nuts!
That girls could be talking to anybody,
had no idea what kind of freak
shows and get through that place.
Nice [...].
- Crazy Hat...
- What?
My grandfather fought at Arnhem.
American Airborne.
Fought against the SS division.
Called themselves The Crazy Hats.
I do not know how to say in German, but, um...
never called that by their own side.
Soldiers who had lost their families
and lost everything.
They wore a same kind of uniform and a hat, so
they'd be shot as soon as they put their hands up.
My grandfather said that Krauts
were pretty tough when they fought.
But in the end, they would rather live than die.
These other characters, I guess...
thought it was a suicide mission, eh?
Wanted to die for what they believed then.
The whole thing was a game.
Maybe that's what we're up against.
Well. if that's the case, then... someone has lost
control over pretty serious piece of ordnance.
We're better off just walking away,
taking the hit,
and... let... letting somebody else
worry about this.
Well, gonna have to get some kind of photo ID
on the cap, because you know what?
It's the only thing anybody's gonna be
up to anything to find a way...
I'll have it by daybreak.
- Listen, I have to get out of here.
- Okay.
- Who were they? Police?
- No.
- Who then?
- Old friends.
How did they knew we were there?
Why they trying to kill us?
That's what I'm gonna find out.
- Oh fuck!
- [...] in the back. Keep your head down. - OK.
Morning, [...]
I want the breakfast special, please.
Um... and coffee.
Make that two, but two tea, please.
What the fuck was that?
Who are these men?
Why were they chasing us?
They are chasing you.
Who are you?
I told you:
You wouldn't like the answer.
What can you tell me about Jessica?
Did you pick anything up from your captors,
from the girls you were stuck there with?
We used to live together in a small flat
provided by the agency.
When one girl left, the next moved in.
Like a... production line.
So when I get... put to full time,
as they call it,
then Jessica get picked to a place
called The School House.
But I don't know where that is.
I need for you to find out.
This agency...
- What was it called?
- Capital Promotions.
What branch did you work with?
Who was your agent?
Paul Hamilton.
He worked at a small office there.
So... what is your plan?
You just...
go in there and say, um... "Where is Jessica?"
Something like that.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Is Paul Hamilton here?
I'd like to have a word.
- Do you have an appointment?
- No, I don't. Um...
It's concerning Jessica and Anna Peel.
I am their brother.
Mr. Hamilton was their agent.
I was just wondering if he could shed
some light on their whereabouts.
Okay, take a sit, please.
Mister Peel?
I'm Paul Hamilton.
Is a pleasure.
Come in.
Take a sit, please.
How are you, today?
My attorneys picked a full day already.
Well, I know how that goes.
So, what I can do for you?
Rachel mentioned something about Anna.
Yes, were you used to be Anna's agent?
And Jessica's too, I believe.
So I was hoping you could tell me
exactly where Jessica Peel is right now.
Well, I'm sorry, but we no longer represent Anna.
She is no longer with us.
She was with us for a few months
and then she left.
Got a new job and a new agent.
It happens.
We worked a notice, it was paid.
And I haven't heard from her since.
I think you're misunderstanding me, Paul.
- I call you Paul, right?
- Yeah.
I know where Anna is.
She's sitting in the car, just down the road
at the moment.
- Yeah, that's right. I took her out
of that cesspit you had her in.
I want to know where Jessica Peel is.
I want to know where the School House is
and if she is there. Right now.
I don't know who you think you are, son,
but you got the wrong fucking guy!
You're coming into my office,
asking me about some fucking slapper,
and you already know where she is.
Are you taking the piss?
Do I look like a cunt?!
Get the fuck outta my office
before I lose my temper!
You pulling a fucking shooter on me?!
You gonna have to pay for [...], son
if you gonna pull something like that.
Who do you think you are?
Billy The fucking Kid?!
I can assure you, I am a bit better
in this sort of thing than you fucking are!
Get the fuck out of my office!
Take your fucking piece-shooter with ya!
- Fuck! - Sit down!
- Fucking fuck! What the...
- Tell me where the School House is.
- I don't know! I don't know!
Tell me where Jessica Peel is.
Tell me where Jessica is!!
Weston Park House.
Weston Park House. Try there...
That's where the keep the girl.
That's what you gotta tell me?
You sell women... children... into slavery.
They disappear, never to be seen again.
Never see their families, never see their homes.
Well, you make me sick!
So tell you what,
I don't have time to do this slowly, so...
will still make it painful.
I don't think you're better at this than me.
Were we able to help?
Yeah, he remembered them well.
Actually, he quite choked-up.
Have a good day.
Weston Park House.
How did you find that out?
I asked.
More of that later, now over to...
got it.
I'm out.
You go inside, get some rest.
I'm gonna check out Weston Park House.
Do not open the door to anyone.
It's our man.
That's the big hero, eh?
Spread that out as soon as possible.
I want everyone to know exactly
what he looks like.
You really think he's gonna hit us again?
I don't know. Excuse me.
That's... fucked up.
You can spare me the details.
Okay, I... Thanks.
Hamilton just got off.
- What?
- Yeah.
Right in his own office.
With the secretary sitting right outside.
Guy just entered in, couple o'minutes
later just walked out.
Found Hamilton a few hours later, with his neck
stretched out like a Christmas turkey.
He had [...] bit off his own tongue.
The same story.
Big dude.
I guess he probably will hit us again.
- Hello?
- Why?
You are a risk, Bradley.
You inactivated after your last job for us,
we couldn't deal the collateral damage.
You couldn't be relied upon.
You became an unknown.
We don't like unknown.
Don't like random, if you [...]
The job was completed.
You got the requested goods.
Yeah, but you don't just disappear
like you did, Bradley.
We'd looked, and we couldn't find you.
We never had that happened before,
and that worried us.
Who knew what you might be doing?
You did alter conscience of us, buddy.
You became a liability.
You know how this is gonna end, don't you?
- Yes, I do.
- One of us is gonna die.
- Contact.
- Where?
East London. Stratton Street.
Building 51.
Dispatch Team 2.
- Mama?
- Kto Govorit? [who is this?]
- Eto Anya.
- Anechka?!
Ya obeschaju [I promise]
- Mi obe budem doma skoro [we return home soon].
- Kogda vy budete, kogda? [when will you be back?]
Ya tebja ljublju [I love you].
Ya tebja ljublju, Mama [I love you, Mom].
I'm scared!
- I want to go home!
- You want to help your sister, don't you?
- Yes.
- And you want to see your Mommy again, don't you?
- Yes.
- Well, then this is the way to do that.
If you don't, then I don't know how long
it will be 'til you can go home.
Both you and your sister.
- And it will be your fault!
- NO!!
Then are you going to be a good girl?
It won't be so bad.
They're nice people you're getting to meet.
And that [...] you a present.
We have to just be nice to them.
- Like in those photos you showed me?
- Yes!
Don't be scared.
Everyone's scared the first time, but
there's no need. That's just fun!
It's just grown-up games you are
getting to play. Okay?
Now, you go with Sarah.
She's your friend. She'll look after you.
Okay, honey?
Right. Hurry up!
Get yourselves ready.
A flock of guests tonight.
So I expect best behavior from all of you!
C'me on bitches, move it. Now!
Come with me!
Fuck off!
Primary target acquired.
Stand down!
- Say again?
- You are to stand down, not engage. Confirm!
- Confirmed.
- Withdraw surveillance station.
I want him riddled,
thinking emotionally instead of logically.
You got me?
What we were able to [...] on killing
in Kensington, um...?
Paul Hamilton?
Nothing that I'm aware of.
He's a local promoter, why?
Well, the woman who went missing last night,
you know - the one who took up with the perp,
well, she's down as having worked for Hamilton.
She disappears and then next turns up
working in a knocking-shop.
- That's not the first story you've heard about that.
- Maybe not,
but her sister went off the map at the same time.
Just a kid, too.
I mean, Peel was living in the flats above
with the other girls, not mentioned the kid.
What are you thinking?
That the girl is still in London...
and that the perp is looking for her.
I have a wife and daughter!
For pity's sake, DON'T!
- They're better off without you.
- No!
Don't be scared. The flicks are on their way.
She's gonna be fine.
- Where is she? Where is Jessica Peel?!
- I don't... Jessica?
Jessica? She is not with us now.
She was bought.
A gentleman of ours. He liked her,
he bought her. She's with him now.
- Who is he? Where are they?
- Jacob Andries.
- Andries Diamonds? The merchant?
- Yeah.
- Brookes.
- It's me.
423 Eastwood Walk.
What you want to talk about?
I try to meet face to face.
I'm at Weston Park House.
Theres something there I think
you'd like to see.
What have you done?
Just made this small part of the
world a better place to live.
Look, I'm not gonna be here long,
so you better hurry.
It's our man.
Weston Park House. Come on!
Cuff up!
Ah, sshhit!
Weston got hit!
By your man, Bradley. Right?
Completely destroyed.
We're gonna get a fuck lot o'heat for that, right?
- Leave that to me.
- Sure.
I guess you don't know who's
on the guest list, do you?
Yes, I do.
And I know they will be most grateful to
a friend who can help them.
What about this... Bradley?
Find him.
The guy we're looking for, he goes
by the name of Bradley.
You better find him, fast.
I think we got it covered, boss.
How's that?
When he hit the School House, he took one
of comms units off one of our security guys.
They're all fitted out with a... tracking system,
so we can locate them in case of emergency,
and we think Bradley's got it with him,
so we know exactly where he is.
Isn't that clever?
- I've got the best guys, ex-militaries...
- Well, they damn will better be!
Because they are working for the Executive, too.
And he wants him dead.
No! This is a whole different fucking ball of wax!
I. Don't. Deal. With anything the Executive has [...].
I don't blame you.
I don't trust him, either. Okay?
- We're all labeled end up dead.
- Maybe so.
He's a rotten son of a bitch,
But he wants him dead, as much as you and I.
What was Bradley to the Executive?
I wish I knew the answer, then.
I don't think they exchanging any
Christmas cards...
or goddamn fishing trout together.
If the Executive has something to do with this,
that means that this is about more that just a guy
with a thing for chicks...
and a slab story.
I say - we get out!
I don't think we have much of a choice.
That's the order. He wants it done.
- I don't like it.
- That's the way it is.
You and him go way back, don't you?
You could say that.
Are you going tell me the story of you love
and all that, or leave it up to my imagination?
- You don't have a sick enough imagination.
- Yes, I do.
Million years ago, when I was... joining The Force
and trapped in my wake of courage,
I met the Executive. He told me
I could be a model...
so next thing I knew I was swinging
around the pole.
Character [...] some shit, I did not even
know the fuck it was.
I was crawlin' around naked on the floor, for
dollar bills, begging for more of the fucking shit.
I'm lucky to be alive.
I know who the Executive is.
Alright, well... that's a good story.
We need to get our people together
and just kill him.
Kill that motherfucker.
Early this morning the police raided the largest
pedophile network, discovered in London in recent years.
Many prominent business people, both men
and women were arrested.
Authorities refuse to say how many
children were involved,
but their number was substantial.
Police cautially [denies] a vigilante tip-off...
or that any of those arrested were injured,
in spite of number of ambulances
seen at the scene.
Police ensure that this is strictly procedure.
We bring you more of that story
as it unfolds later...
That was another royal fuck-up!
You and your...
undefeatable mercenaries, and that
commandos, and paratroopers, and...
whoever the fuck else showed up!
What to do? They're fucking...
Zhanna. Sorry.
Can I have a word?
Now is not a good time, Sally, thanks.
- Zhanna.
- What?!
Okay, just say it, Sally.
I need an advance.
- I can't do that.
- Just a week.
Just to cover pay-bills. I need rent money.
I'm out if I miss another week.
You know I can't give you an advance, Sally.
But - look, you're a beautiful girl.
You should be a model, I keep telling you.
Come to one of our red dress parties.
We need a girl. We lost somebody
last week, you would be perfect.
I heard there is... sex... involved.
It's a model party. Are you... there are models,
there are actresses, producers...
lots of wealthy powerful men.
You know, you could... get discovered,
it could be your lucky day.
You've got what it takes.
Oh, you just flash a smile...
could make a lot of money.
Does not... sound sketchy...
How sketchy is 2,000?
Put a red dress, shoes...
Wear a sexy outfit, like you're...
going on a date.
Get yourself a Gucci.
You take this - you show up.
You got talent.
You could go far, kid.
Far, far away...
What are you - recruiting now? Is that it?
I've still got a business to run.
We lost a girl last week.
Do you really think now is the best time for that?
There are more important things to talk about.
Alright, alright.
- Are you gonna tell me about that girl?
- What?
Some politician got overzealous with his
dominance game, and the girl ended up in ICU.
You know, you know what I really like about you?
- What?
- Absolutely nothing.
- Bradley.
- Bradley? What are you doing here?
I need supplies.
- What kind of job?
- Nothing long-range.
Just something small and reliable.
Give me an hour. Is that it?
That's it.
Usual drop-off.
- Excuse me.
- Hello?
I'm a little lost. I was wondering if you
could tell me where room 130 is?
Well, if you would go through
these doors, take a left...
- Great, thank you very much.
- You are welcome.
I was wondering when you were going to arrive.
When you know why I'm here.
The Executive.
I'm not with the Executive.
Aren't you?
Came here for the girl.
If that's what you believe.
No games.
I'm here for Jessica Peel.
Never heard of her.
Don't make me ask you again.
You may not believe this,
but you do work for the Executive.
You do as I ask.
Tell me where she is, and I'll make this quick.
Otherwise I gonna take you apart, piece by piece,
and you don't want to die like that.
- You'll be killing an innocent man.
- You lie.
No, the Executive lies.
They mix truth with deception,
black is white and white is black.
Gray laps and overflows.
With every piece of information they give you...
and then you may think you are getting from them.
Many men have pleaded for their lives with me.
This is nothing more than that.
And how many of those men knew,
who was sending their executioner?
How many of those men knew the Executive?
And were allowed to live?
Like yourself?
What did they tell you?
What I'm holding the key to some
precious information that you would kill for?
And kill, and kill again, until you obtained it.
I'm sure you believe your mission is just.
You're obviously very good at what you do,
and you would never kill a man for no reason.
And that's why they gave you a reason.
They fed you a reason.
And now you're doing exactly
what they want you to do.
I've never killed anyone who wasn't guilty
of the sentence I gave them.
Of course.
Truth with lie... lie with truth.
So how do you know all this?
Because I used to be a pawn for them.
Just like you are now.
And I worked for them quite willingly.
Until I asked a question.
And once you start asking questions, well...
Then your time is limited, or you have less time.
Because every job for the Executive...
is temporary.
So what exactly did you do?
What does that matter?
They needed to keep me alive and
they found a way to ensure that.
But you're widowed.
Your daughter studied abroad.
They killed your wife!
They holding your daughter!
Maybe you should have a seat.
- This is the girl I came here for.
- Beautiful.
In the School?
- You know of the School?
- Oh yes.
I know of many such places, they're all fronts.
They use them to extort and blackmail people.
Every room has a camera and microphone,
completely covered.
Then why would they have me close it down?
There was a woman there, she gave me your name.
- And they tried to kill me.
- But they couldn't.
Circumstances changed. They still want you kill,
but events created new opportunity.
And the woman who mentioned my name...
she would've been told that I was
the reason the girl was moved.
They all would've been told that...
because no one had any idea
who you would interrogate.
And as to why the wanted you
to close that place down...
well, because you're a pawn
in Executive's chess game.
A sacrifice for the greater strategy.
Maybe they wanted some people silenced,
maybe they wanted some people in their pocket.
I don't know.
What I do know, unfortunately is - whatever
business of theirs you disrupt...
they have many others to go to.
- But the girl - she's real.
- Oh yes, she's real. They are all real.
They are merely actors on a stage
that the Executive created.
I still need to find her.
She could be anywhere, my friend.
I made a promise.
Then, you need to get the Executive
to reveal where the girl is.
Sure. But how do I do that?
By getting the girl to lead you to the place
where the Executive wants you to be.
That's the next step after killing me.
- But I broke that plan.
- Yes, you did.
But they don't need to know that.
Bradley has activated his phone again.
Of course he has.
He wants us to know exactly where he is.
Bravo, Bradley, excellent work!
Andries was a tricky shot.
I know, because... we considered it.
- This ends now...
- Really?
Aborting the mission?
You have uncompleted objectives, Bradley.
This isn't like you.
Andries didn't just think that you sent me.
Tried to make a deal for his life.
Gave me some data.
- That's interesting.
- Not as interesting as it'll be when I...
make a dozen copies and send them
to every newspaper and police agency.
Well, that would be a pity.
A pity for Andries' daughter, for Anna's sister...
Never met them. They mean nothing to me.
Come, come, Bradley!
That little rampage you just threw
across few cities,
was all that just a slab for a cheap whore?
Look... we both hold something
that each of us wants.
It would save us both a lot
of time and nerve, if you simply...
How do I know I can trust you?
You don't.
How do I know you won't copy
and distribute that information?
We just gonna have to trust each other,
good buddy. Simple as that.
- I'll need proof before I show up, anyway.
- So will I.
[...] diamond merchant, Jacob Andries, was found
dead this evening, on the floor of his hotel suite.
Police refuses to confirm details, but we
understand this to be a murder investigation.
An unconfirmed buzz of Andries been found,
apparently slain, on the floor of his apartment...
They'll be waiting for you this time,
they not gonna make the same mistake twice.
If I may... what got you into all this?
Like you said... does it matter?
It does if the Executive has something
he can use against you.
I've seen...
I've done some pretty... terrible
things in my life.
I always believed it was for a just cause,
so I could live with it.
Now when I look in the mirror,
what I see is just another murderer.
You danced with the devil, my friend.
I can't make right the things that done wrong.
Maybe I can make some
[repayment], do some good.
This is your penance.
That was your weakness,
That's what the Executive will hold against you.
- What if there was any other way?
- There is no other way.
They have my daughter and the girl
you're looking for.
I'm asking you to bring both of them back.
Just means more deaths.
Remember, my friend...
Death himself is an angel.
"Thou has seen my sin...
now judge down my cause".
(~ Lamentations 3:59)
I'm gonna need some supplies.
My contact has already taken care of that.
What seems to be the trouble?
What's the trouble?
One of guys has introduced a cut to
my [regular] salary, that's the trouble.
And my monthly bonus got canceled,
along with Sergei and his boss.
We were most grateful for your assistance.
This is a one-off?
- Want a monthly retainer.
- A retainer?
We only pay...
when service is rendered.
Yeah. And my services are rendered when I ask for.
If you want it to stay that way - then
that's how it works.
Unfortunately... that's not how we work.
We put you in touch with East Europeans.
If you stay patient...
we'll supply a new client.
Yeah, that's all about patience, isn't it?
You can't cash it in the bank.
You know, I've played this just
the way you wanted it,
and it netted me absolutely nothing!
So what I'm saying...
- it stands to you to cover my losses.
- Cover your losses?
Have you ever heard a story of the magic vase,
the story of a genie in a bottle?
In the most tellings...
the genie grants three wishes,
and only three wishes.
And then puff... she vanishes.
In the Chinese version, however...
the genie sticks around.
She warns people of the limited three wishes,
but people - people being people.
Just can't help themselves.
They always go for that - fourth wish.
fourth wish...
is greed...
it undoes all the other wishes.
And the wisher...
goes straight to Hell.
Greed will kill you.
I'm sure you'll find everything you need.
They'll be calling any moment.
They won't give you very much time,
30 - 35 minutes at the most.
Whatever they do offer, don't accept,
because the next...
- Where is my proof?
- Do you have access to the net?
Means nothing.
This could've been recorded any time.
Are you reassured now, Bradley?
Do we have a deal?
Yeah, we've got a deal.
6 Monearn. 8 p. m.
Do you think you're in a position to bargain?
I'm in a position to not better walk
through the door you're holding open for me.
- Then what do you suggest?
- An alternative.
And you expect me to walk through a door
that you are holding open?
You know where I am, I know where you are.
So halfway between the two.
- That's acceptable.
- 22 Bethlin.
Very well. Half an hour.
Get ready, I'll meet you outside.
Okay, Bradley, we're breaking off now.
Assuming backup position.
Copy that.
Good luck.
So! We're all here.
It's nothing personal, but...
let's keep this professional,
and everyone walks out of here.
Fuck with me, and it does do the same with you.
I'll see you soon, Bradley.
As you can see, I kept my side of the bargain.
Where are the girls?
They were getting [...] out of hand.
They're at back.
I'm curious.
How do you intend to do this?
Very simple.
All you got to do is walk over here
and take this out of my hands.
What's going on?
I think now, Bradley, you've played our little game.
But now the final whistle blown. You have lost.
So I claim my prize: this stick!
Like I told you:
You just gotta walk over here and take it.
I'm afraid I've never been a very
good sportsman. Give it to me!
Why the girl? In London...
Bad luck. House sweep, neutralize
the [contingency]. You know the drill.
If you'd been home [...] galloping around
on your white horse...
she'd still be alive.
But you always were a sucker for a sad story.
It wasn't her fault you left that phone.
Another mistake of yours, another person dies.
So you were behind all of that?
Women... children... everything.
Oh, please! Again with the naive sentiment.
The world's a bad place, litl' buddy!
Bad things happen.
We didn't create that playground.
They'd spring up on their own without us.
Admittedly we find them of use.
But we are more occasional custodians,
than proprietors.
These places have their uses, so
we - use them, just like we used you.
I come in high price.
Just a mere bagatelle. Nothing we can't make up.
Now, the data.
But you can't make up the damage it'll do,
if the information on this stick gets out.
No. But I appear to have
that problem under control.
Wear a nice suit.
Elegant speech.
Just dressing on another street, scumbag.
Silver paint on shit.
[foolish words] hurt bad...
but bullets - they hurt [...] more and now.
The data!
For this.
For this?
It's a pity, Bradley.
You could have gone so far.
You're a fucking idiot.
The Executive's dead, huh?
Finally cut up with his taste for suits.
And that prick Bradley?
Gone ghost. Totally off the radar.
Did this before.
He doesn't want found, and he won't be.
But he doesn't care.
Leave him be, and he'll leave you be.
Well, as you state, I can't leave him be.
I got a dead daughter.
I couldn't be okay with anything...
until I stand over that motherfucker
pissing down his eye socket.