Skinner (1993) Movie Script

He'll come back here.
I know he will.
It's just a matter of time,
but he'll be back.
Like a dog returns to his vomit,
so a fool returns to his folly.
You're a creature of habit, Skinner.
You'll be back.
I just don't wanna be here alone, Geoff.
Yeah, I love you, too, you jerk.
Yeah, I know.
I know, I got the bills
piling up all around.
Geoff, you act as if
you don't even wanna come home.
afternoon, ladies and gentlemen,
this is Judy...
No, not yet.
Speaking to us now...
Honey, I'm gonna put them in the cupboard
and you can deal with them
when you get home, okay?
I do, too.
You cannot believe how
creepy this place is.
Mmm hmm.
Yeah, I will.
Okay, I love you, too.
And do you feel...
Oh, I'm sorry.
Didn't mean to frighten you.
The door was open so I came right in.
Can I help you?
Yes, I saw the sign in the
shop window down the street.
Said you had a room to rent.
Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.
Yeah, it is.
Hi, I'm Kerry Tate.
Dennis Skinner.
My friends call me Denny.
What have you got in there?
Tools, just tools.
Do you wanna come in and look around?
I'm making some coffee.
You could have a cup
unless you're really busy.
Then I can show you the room now.
No, black's fine.
Oh, okay.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So what is it that you do,
I mean before you came here?
Um, well, I've just sorta
been traveling around places,
trying to find some place to stay.
So what brings you to a town like this?
Well, I don't know.
Just sorta seemed like a nice place.
I don't call a town like this nice.
Why don't I show you the room right now,
if that's okay?
Does anyone else live here?
Just the two of us,
my husband Geoff and me.
Are you planning to stay long?
Well, I haven't given
it much thought really.
Awhile I guess.
You want someone for awhile?
I could stay awhile.
Have you ever
rented a room from anybody before?
Uh, yeah, but it didn't work out.
What happened?
She died.
This will be your room.
Uh huh.
Kinda cozy.
This is a safe room.
Is the other room yours?
Yeah, there's just two bedrooms.
I like it.
It's not the fanciest of houses.
It's okay.
You know, Dennis, I wanna
be totally honest with you.
So far, you're the only
person to even come
to look at the room, so I
guess if you're interested
and you're willing, it's yours.
Oh well.
You mean you'll take it?
Great, I guess, make yourself at home.
It's good to be home.
Look at it again
Insane, every time
Going away, release the time
Carry me up
I need a room.
150 a week, 30 a day,
sheets are four extra,
any breakages to be paid for in cash.
Hey, you don't like it,
go try the Holiday Inn.
Ain't never forgive you
Now get outta here
Ain't no way
Now get outta, get out
Night falls near this
Now, get outta, get out
You oughtn't let people see you do that.
Not around here, not
with that kinda money.
Hurry up please.
All right, all right, don't fret.
Hey, once you pass through these doors
ain't nobody gonna bother you.
A room.
Sign the register.
Okay, Miss Heidi, hidin' Heidi.
Every time, it's the same
Number 30 upstairs on the right.
The speed of time
Feeling is nice
Wishing to die
Ticket to get outta here
Sneaking away
To get outta
Something wrong?
No, nothin'.
To get out of here
Save more time
It's the game that you play
Heidi, Heidi, ho.
Get out!
Sooner or later I'll find you.
Promise you.
I'll find you.
I didn't hear you come in.
What did you do today?
Oh, just kinda having a look around,
checking out my new territory I suppose.
Well, I hope you like it.
Look, I'm gonna turn in.
You sure everything's okay?
Fine, thanks.
Gonna turn in myself.
Well, I'll see you in the morning then.
Good night.
Uh, excuse me.
Are you for sale?
That depends on who's buying.
You mind if I call you Kerry?
You can call me anything you want.
Uh, this way.
Whoops, watch the gravel now.
I wouldn't want you to twist
your ankle or anything.
No beer.
Aw no, Louie,
pick up the cat.
Let's get her outta here.
Oh blat, here he comes,
he's after us.
Look out,
the box is opening.
Hi, Betty.
Stupid Louie,
that's so bad, your rickety hand.
But you're alive.
What the fuck are these?
Jesus, Geoff, you scared me to death.
What are you doing with Dennis's sneakers?
Who the fuck is Dennis?
The guy who's renting the spare room.
You got some guy living here
with you while I'm away?
Look, I thought we'd
agreed that we'd rent out
the spare bedroom.
Yeah, I guess we did.
But I thought you mighta
waited till I got home.
Look, and risk losing one.
We're in no position to
procrastinate, Geoff.
Listen to yourself.
You're not making sense.
Look, Kerry, I'm really tired.
I've been on the road for the past week.
I got a splitting headache.
I apologize.
I don't like the idea of
someone living with us either
but we need the money.
I thought that's what we agreed we'd do.
Um, I heard voices, I was sleeping.
Hi, uh, you must be Geoff.
Pleased to meet you.
Geoff, this is Dennis.
Sorry, I guess I left my
sneakers in the other room.
Yeah, whatever.
Look, I'm just making some coffee.
Would you like some?
No thanks.
I'm gonna go out.
Probably won't be back till late.
It was nice meeting you.
Nice going.
Welcome home, asshole.
You can't run forever.
I know the places you go.
I know the things you do.
Sooner or later,
it's gonna be me
and it's gonna be you.
Hey, you lookin' for a girl?
Well, do you want it or not?
I haven't got all night.
Do you have some place we can go?
You don't
like it on the street?
I'm a little shy.
That'll cost you extra.
Follow me.
I miss you, Geoff.
Please say you don't
have to go away again.
So, we'll get the formalities
outta the way first.
A 20 gets oral, 50 for straight,
anything kinky is extra.
Uh, how much extra?
Depends how kinky.
Uh, oh, uh.
Oh, there's no need to be shy here.
No, no, it's just that um,
well, I thought if we try something
a little more interesting.
But you have to promise me
to keep your eyes closed
until I tell ya.
No, no, don't take those off.
I love stockings.
I really like your shoes.
You want me to close my eyes now?
Get on the bed.
Now, I want you to tie
your feet to the bed.
Uh, yeah.
You'll have to tie my hands.
Now, here's the rule.
I'm gonna go into your bathroom.
Guess you have no objections.
And I don't want you to open your eyes
till I come back out.
And then, not until I say so.
What if I open 'em?
No lookie loos.
Got it.
Are you still there?
Oh Jesus!
I told you not to look
while I was getting dressed!
We're gonna have a talk, you bitch!
What can I make you for breakfast?
Nothin', I'm not stayin'.
Not even coffee?
I gotta go.
Are you just gonna walk out that door
without even saying goodbye?
God, you frightened me.
I didn't know you were home.
What are you looking for?
I found some blood on your towel.
I thought you might've hurt yourself.
Oh, that's right.
I cut myself yesterday.
You see, I'm a hemophiliac and, well,
it was nothing serious.
Looked worse than it was.
As long as you're all right.
Oh, I'm fine.
I'll just wash this for you.
What are you doing?
Just looking at the water.
I like the way the
light sorta plays off it
and it's always moving and changing.
Yeah, and always costing.
I'm sorry.
So what are you gonna do today?
Got about a million and one
things to do around here.
And you?
Um, gonna chase down a job I think.
Well, good luck.
Oh, sorry.
Good morning.
You must be our new recruit.
Dennis Skinner, that's me.
Well, the dog thinks you're okay.
Is that good?
It'll do for me.
God, the pain's gonna stop.
Come on.
Get in there.
I can't take this anymore.
Dow Jones Average
at three points, closing
high today in heavy trading.
Local area weather calls for
mild daytime temperatures.
- Highs today in the mid-80s.
- Damn it!
The lows in
the valley area will go down
to around 65 degrees.
Southland basin area
expect early morning fog
clearing by mid-morning.
the city it's currently
- 72 degrees.
- Oh, you cut yourself.
Look at that.
Authorities have announced
the presence of yet another body.
The Southland serial's...
- It's nothing, really.
- The 20-year-old victim...
Why don't you just go set the table.
Dinner will be ready
- in about 20 minutes, okay?
- Was discovered
late Sunday evening in the
Pacific Union warehouse downtown.
The body was found after
employees of the packing plant
complained about an unusual odor
coming from the facility's
storage lockers.
Authorities are refusing
to speculate on whether this murder
is linked to five other skinning victims
along the highway.
Accounts of similar
attacks have been reported
across the country over
the past three years.
However, FBI
have no leads
in what authorities are now fearing to be
one of the worst serial killing sprees
that's shocked the nation.
Local area traffic
reports for the Basin area
reports the sig alert on
the northbound 87 freeway.
A three-car pileup has the
number three and four lanes
closed to Fremont Boulevard.
- Simple.
- You're listening to WSNR.
Thanks, Dennis.
You're welcome.
Ooh, ooh, I love this song.
Come here.
It's a good song, isn't it?
Uh, here comes the bass rhythm,
now you think you can spin?
- Spin?
- Yeah.
It's really nice to have some company.
Hi, Kerry.
Where are you?
What time is it?
Sorry to wake you.
It's four in the morning.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I just pulled off to get a little sleep.
What do you want?
I wanted to hear your voice.
I wanted to tell you that I love you.
I love you, too.
Look, let me talk to you tomorrow.
You've become so predictable.
Even after all this time.
It's the beginning of the end, Skinner.
And you don't even know it.
You won't kill me without destroy.
Are you following me?
Oh, kind of.
Somebody help me, help me.
Very bad.
And I'm going to help you.
Fuck, what are you doing here?
Get away from her!
Okay that's it.
It's either you or the girl.
You fucking coward!
Just lay still.
It'll be all right.
It'll be all right.
It's all over now.
Gotta tell her I say it's over.
Can I tell ya a little story about myself?
I don't know if you ever met my father.
I never really liked him much.
I doubt you would've.
Anyway, when my mother died,
he insisted on doing
my mother's postmortem.
Why, I don't know.
Well, anyway, there I
was watching my father
cutting her up, doing his slicing,
doing his dicing.
God, I remember it like it
was happening yesterday.
And he said, he had a smile on his face,
"I want you to watch this, son."
And he reached over and he
pulled my mother's face off.
Just pulled it right off.
Ah, I was pretty sick to my stomach
as you can imagine.
I mean, I was six years old.
What did he expect?
So after he beat me up
and I had time to think
things over a little bit,
I snuck back into the
room where he did it,
the cutting up and stuff.
And I just stood there, looking
at my mother's dead body
for hours, dead, in the box.
Well, Father hadn't done such a good job
of sewing her up.
But like he always used to say to me,
"Sewing is woman's work, son."
Anyway, just kinda
walked over to the corpse
where my mother was and I reached down
and I pulled her face right off.
Just like Father showed me.
Then I walked across to the big mirror
my father used to keep in his room.
And I looked at myself in it.
Except that it wasn't me
looking back at me.
It was my mother.
And believe me, at six years old,
that can really freak you out.
You know what I mean?
This really is clothing for a divine soul.
Why are you
letting him do this to me?
Come on, babe, don't feel so bad.
You got away from me tonight
but you can't run forever.
Sooner or later I'll find you
and I'll kill you.
Not just for me
but for all the others.
I'm gonna kill you.
By an exclamation point
Or by a comma when the
feeling's aren't as strong
So when you're happy or sad
Or frightened or mad
Don't I even get a hello?
I didn't expect you until later.
Yeah, well, I just couldn't
keep away from you.
So where's our house guest?
Still at work I guess.
Man, I tell ya, I been
working like a dog all day.
You shoulda seen me when
I was fighting, man.
I coulda been the heavyweight
champion of the world.
- Yeah.
- All I needed
was good management.
I'da taken Tyson out nothin' flat, man.
He's nothin' but a chump anyway.
Hey, man, how come you're always smilin'?
I don't know.
It's good to be happy.
Yeah, that's our Dennis.
He's a regular Cheshire Cat.
Ain't ya, Dennis?
You know, you remind me of those people
I used to see up there
in the state hospital
when I was a kid growing up.
I went up there to see my grandmother
and I wanna tell ya, you never seen
a bunch of losers grin so much.
And to this day, to this day,
when I think about that,
I still get scared.
Grinnin' like a loon, huh?
Hey man, you better believe it.
And what do they say about
guys with funny haircuts?
What do they say?
I don't know.
I was just asking.
Don't let him bother you, Earl.
Hey man, I'm tellin' ya.
- I coulda knocked
- Just tryin'
- to help you out, man.
- Tyson out, man.
I coulda knocked Tyson out, nothin' flat.
Nothin' but a chump, man.
If I do the bitchin'.
Take me for a walk, Earl?
Yeah, baby.
I coulda knocked Tyson out.
I coulda knocked Tyson
out in nothin' flat.
Stop the fucking car!
Just, just get the hell out.
Get out, get the hell out, will ya?
Fuck you!
Excuse me.
Hello, are you all right?
Oh, oh, uh, yeah, I think so.
I think I just sorta hurt
my head or something but
everything's just fine.
What's the matter?
Oh, oh my God.
No, no, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, don't please.
I don't wanna, please,
- I don't wanna, please!
- Get away from me!
Look what you've done to me?
Who do you think you are?
Fucking bitch!
Yeah, baby!
It couldn't be now.
Yes sir, I'm comin' to get ya.
Yeah, I sees ya runnin',
I know I just on it.
Is it, ah, now then where'd she go?
Some bad hip, ah.
Where the hell you go, bitch?
You somewhere and I gonna find you.
Yeah, I sees you runnin'
Ah we've have some funnin', yes.
Hey, get back on fire.
Nobody watched the big game.
Playin' pinochle and all the damn, oh.
Well now.
Yeah, I smells you, bitch, yeah!
Y'all like a rat talkin', runnin', yeah.
Yeah, I'm Earl.
Earl ain't no po' little girl.
I'm gonna find ya, rip
the skin from behind ya.
Yeah, now, when I find a little girl,
I open like you's mammy's restaurant
which is one part payin', one part good,
and one part gizzard.
'Cause y'all got no way
to pull it together, girl.
Damn, you dead, bitch!
Yeah, I know, that old pinochle game
back at the old homestead.
And on and on and on.
Oh I could just use some wood,
get the fuck outta here, there, kiddo.
Fuckin' tired.
Forearms drawing.
What is it, boy?
That's Bop.
Show me.
Oh, it's the badly mess dog up.
Makes some ah, good.
Got to give him fat.
Earl fats.
Look, doggie, doggie, doggie, doggie.
Look, doggie, doggie, doggie.
Come on up.
What ya got for me, boy?
That's right, Earl.
Who is smiling now?
Are you in there?
Dennis, are you in there?
That's all you're having?
Here, you can have this.
I gotta get an early start.
Aren't you gonna eat first?
Geoff, I know things
aren't going well for you
but you're never here and when you are,
all we do is fight.
Well, you don't think I know that?
Look, Kerry, if I had another job,
if I made more money, I
wouldn't be away from you
all the time.
Good morning.
How you doin', big guy?
Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
I think it's gonna be a good day today,
don't you think?
What's gonna be so fucking good about it?
Well, I don't know.
Later, chief.
Will you excuse me for a minute?
How could you treat him like that?
He's our house guest
whether you like it or not.
Exactly, I don't like it.
You don't like it?
You're not even gonna be here.
You're gone all next week.
I'm the one who has to live here.
You're living with him.
And what's that supposed to mean?
Just forget it.
I can't believe
you'd even think that.
Just get outta here!
Mornin', Bob.
Where's the dog?
He's sick.
Some bastard laid out
some poison meat for him.
I got it off him
before he ate most of it
bit it's too late.
My God, that's terrible.
Any idea who did it?
Not yet.
But I got a surprise for him
if they try anything like that again.
What do you got?
This'll show him.
Whoa, well, that's, don't
go pointing that at me.
No, I won't.
Unless I have to.
Whoa, oh, okay.
See ya, Bob.
Hey, Dennis, you seen Earl around?
Um, mmm mmm.
Kinda worried.
He hasn't been in in a couple of days
and I went around his place last night.
He wasn't there.
Well, I wouldn't worry about old Earl.
Heck, you know him.
He could be right under our noses
and we wouldn't know it.
Yeah, guess you're right.
See ya, Bob.
different pairs of shoes
in two different colors.
Beautiful pumps with an antique gold color
and we really need pumps to
go with our different fashion,
our different dresses, our
different suede outfits.
One is done in blue.
One is done beautiful,
almost a raspberry color.
With a little bit of gold embellishment.
Extremely, extremely complete errors...
Hi, Kerry.
And how many times...
How was your day today?
It's a big sell-out.
Same old story.
Just me sitting around
feeling sorry for myself.
Anything I can do to help?
Not unless you got a magic wand.
Wait it's a handbag.
Take a look at this,
you're gonna love this.
- Oh, look at this!
- Look, if you don't mind,
I think I'm just gonna go to bed.
I'm suddenly feeling a little tired.
In basic
black, it's fabulous.
Good night.
Good night.
If we
went with that very same
in this main,
which is what that is,
I betcha which one would look best.
But here's the deal today.
Always changing it's shape
with each environment.
Maybe it's time to try...
Okay, okay, okay.
Kerry, I just wanted to tell you
that the other night
was really beautiful but maybe now
isn't the right time for us, you know.
And, I mean, I know things
will work out for us sometime.
But I think first maybe
you should get to know
the real me.
You're a creature
of habit, Skinner.
Your time has come.
So this is the guy who's
got you so worked up.
Poor girl.
What are you doing in here?
Been worried about you.
Where have you been?
Get outta here.
I've been waiting for ya.
Don't touch me.
Come on, don't be like that.
I want you.
Why are you so surprised, huh?
You're a very attractive woman.
Where did you get that?
You took it away in your Bible, 'member?
Like I said, you're a
very attractive woman.
That's not me.
She died a long time ago.
She died and I was born.
Give it to me!
What'll you do to me?
Please just stop it.
I want you.
And I'm gonna have you.
Get outta my room.
Whoa, whoa, what the fuck.
Look, I don't know what you got in there,
just keep that shit away from me.
I just want you to get outta here.
So why are you so desperate
to get this guy, huh?
That's my business.
You don't know anything about it.
Oh yeah?
I know the one thing that you don't.
I know where he's staying.
You don't even know him.
I don't need to know him.
But I followed you around tonight
when you went down to the river.
You seemed so interested in him
so I decided to follow him
see what it is he's got that I haven't.
You know where he is?
Tell me.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
Just like that.
With nothing in return?
If you don't tell me I'll kill you.
Come on, be reasonable, huh?
Go ahead, kill me.
Then you'll never find out.
Come on.
Don't be so modest.
I know what you're like.
I've seen ya.
Do you still want me?
Why not?
Just put that away.
You have to tell me.
I will, just relax.
You have to tell me now.
I wanted you to see the real me.
Hey, Kerry?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for Dennis Skinner.
Who are you?
You're in my house.
How the hell did you get in here?
Hey, Kerry.
Who are you looking for?
My wife.
Read it to me.
It just says, "Sorry," but
this isn't Kerry's writing.
What do you know about this?
Tell me where to find him.
If he's run away with my wife,
I wanna know about it.
You dud, if that's your wife,
I don't think they will
have run away together.
What are you talking about?
You obviously know him,
tell me what's going on.
You don't wanna know.
Don't fuck with me.
You're talking about my wife.
Now, you tell me.
I'll find him myself.
You're not going anywhere
until you fucking tell me
what's going on.
If he has your wife, then it's
probably too late already.
Tell me where he goes.
He never strays far once he settles.
What are you talking about?
I've been hunting him for five years.
And I don't suppose I was the first.
This is what he did to me.
Jesus Christ.
It's his hobby.
This is what he'll do
again if I don't stop him.
So I want you to tell me
where does he go?
What does he do?
I said tell me.
I don't know.
He works in a factory.
He's a janitor or something.
He cleans, I don't know.
Where, where?
You're wasting my time.
Get up.
You're gonna take me where you saw him.
And what if I refuse?
You know, when people first meet,
they often say to themselves,
"Okay, here is a nice, lovable guy."
And that's how I like to present myself
as a nice, lovable guy
not as some sort of freak.
It's just that, you know what, it's like,
it's difficult to be
in that house with you and him
and know how much he means
to you and everything.
It's just, it's rough for me.
It's very rough, you know what I mean?
What in the hell's that?
I know what you and Geoff think of me.
I mean, I know you guys are always talking
behind my back about me and everything.
You know, say I'm kinda
funny looking or whatever but
I don't really care, it's okay.
Please don't hurt me.
It leads in there.
You'll need this.
What the hell was that?
I told you.
Dennis Skinner is mine.
Hey, hey wait a minute.
You can't do this to me.
I already have.
Ah shit.
You do kinda talk about me
behind my back, don't you?
I mean, that's okay and everything.
In fact, one person I used
to know at the institution
was talking behind my back but
I took care of him.
But I'm digressing.
Do you talk about me behind my back?
No, I'm asking you a question.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
It's a yes or a no.
Do you agree with me that you and Geoff
were talking about me behind my back?
Don't fucking lie to me!
You talk about me behind my back.
Fucking kill you!
I finally found you.
Heidi, stay away from my tools.
You know how much I hate that.
Feel about that.
You just know me.
You know it bugs me.
You know it bugs me.
So why do you do it?
What are you doing here?
You all right?
Please, please help.
Oh my God.
Look out!
Please, cut me down.
Got my damn dog but
you're not gonna get me.
Come and get me.
What the hell?
Don't shoot me!
Does it hurt?
It's felt better.
Now you know how we felt.
Look at you, lying there,
your guts hanging outta your back
and your cheap, pea green, flea market,
bargain basement coat.
You know what they're gonna do to me?
They love people like me.
They're gonna bring me in,
do some tests on me maybe.
And then, a few years from now maybe,
when I get bored, through biding my time,
they're gonna let me go.
You know why?
They love people like me.
They'll think I'm cured.
Doesn't that make you wanna scream?
Doesn't it make you wanna scream?
Doesn't it just make you
wanna rip a good one out?
We have your emotional value
With you
Wonderful life
Uh uh
Such a wonderful life
No emotions
Like a trance
Red insanity
It's his greatest sin
See wet spots
Shitty trains
Its where you down race
Toss strings
They kiss the night
We'll chase us all
All systems go
Inside your head
Trapped in your soul
It's the night
Of self-control
Tired faces
Trapped in emotion
All that is great
By your face
Mad evasions
Mine to taste
He kills the night
He'll taste the soul
We'll kiss some flesh
All systems go
Inside your hell
Trapped in your soul
You convince your mind
No self-control
Throw it away
Not gonna let you
This night can take me away
And I don't need to smile