Skinwalker Ranch (2013) Movie Script

This is Cody's special day,
November 11th.
Dad! Dad!
Well, there he is.
Wait, is it your birthday today?
You got to make it!
You got to make it!
I told you.
I told you I would get it.
Happy Birthday.
Next birthday we'll have
a whole team of guys here.
We'll all be playing
baseball together.
Get set.
I pulled a muscle.
Got to do...
What the hell was that?
- Cody?
- Cody?
Cody? Cody!
Nah, I don't think Hoyt
had anything to do with it.
Uh, sad but true,
kids are kidnapped.
Well, right after it happened,
'cause, you know...
...they had to, like, drag him
into court and all that stuff... he's kind of forced to be around
everybody and all that stuff...
...there was a difference. And there was
some mean in him then, you know.
I didn't consider him, up until
that time, a drunkard or anything.
I didn't talk to him at length
about it, but, you know...
we were delivering hay,
and he was just broke up.
You know, show it to me
and then I'll believe it.
You ask me, I think he's...
he's guilty.
Maybe everybody's projecting
their fear on Hoyt.
Maybe that's what's going on.
That's why he's left alone.
But he's staying there
until he finds his boy.
I mean, it's sad.
It's sad as can be.
I've got kids and grandkids.
And if an 8-year-old grandkid
of mine disappeared, I'd be...
Yeah, I don't know what I'd do.
Cody was in my little girl's class.
I've been having to go in and sleep
with her almost every night... know, 'til she falls asleep.
So, yeah, it's been hard.
Of course, I know Cody, man.
He's a good kid.
Little wiry. He was gonna grow
into them feet one day.
Yeah, man.
Yeah. I knew Cody.
I mean,
I've followed it quite a bit.
I don't really buy either one.
I'm not into the paranormal stuff.
I've never seen that tape.
And I've never seen a wolf like that.
But it could happen.
Could happen around here if
it's going to happen somewhere.
That's... I don't believe
any of it, you know.
I got to see something
to believe it.
I've never seen anything like that.
You stick around, man,
you'll see something.
My name is Sam green.
I'm a PH.D.
In socio-cultural anthropology.
...from the university of Chicago.
I've been working for MDE
...for about six months as
a field scientist.
My man!
Hey, Sam!
How are you, buddy?
- Good to see you, man.
- You, too.
My name's Cameron Murphy. Um...
I'm an investigative journalist
from Los Angeles.
Sam and I grew up together.
He called me about a month ago.
Told me he was heading up an investigation
to some strange cattle ranch.
Asked me if I would come out and observe
it from a third party perspective.
Hey, this is our
videographer Britain.
Hey, man. Cameron.
Nice to meet you.
My name's Britain Sloan.
I'm a freelance cameraman.
Normally don't like to be
in front of the camera.
So I'll make this short.
I've done this kind of work
before with other groups.
And we've never come across anything
strange or out of the ordinary.
So I hope this trip
is a little different.
Hey, man, would you grab
his bag for him?
- Thanks, man.
- How about a little tour of the grounds?
- Yeah.
- All right.
I want you to meet
my friend Cameron Murphy.
- Hey, Cameron.
- Hoyt, pleasure.
Hoyt Miller. That's my name.
Hoyt Miller.
And, uh, I bought this, uh...
This ranch, oh, four years...
little over four years ago...
with the idea of turning it
into something, you know...
...special or... Say, uh...
Do I have to do this?
Can I... Do I have to talk
to the camera right now?
I don't really feel like it.
Nice to meet you.
All right, you guys be
up in about 45 minutes.
We'll have the ATV ready.
- Sounds good.
- Come on, girl.
This is our main vet tech Lisa.
Lisa, Cameron.
Oh, Cameron,
I heard a lot about you.
My name is Lisa Moreau.
I'm the field veterinary tech.
I've worked locally for years.
I just started working with
MDE a couple months ago.
This is my first big
case with them.
They brought me on because I'm so familiar
with the cattle mutilations in the area.
It's disturbing.
I've seen a lot of sick and dead
animals in my line of work.
But... The cattle mutilation
phenomenon is...
I don't have an explanation for it.
Is the horse still acting unusual?
Uh, no. The horse's moods
have stabilized.
Their behavior's been
completely erratic.
So, it's fine now.
But talk to me in 10 minutes.
- All right, I will.
- OK.
Uh, you seen Matt?
Yeah, I think Ray has him setting
up something behind the house.
- Lisa, pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.
That's a long time
to be in Afghanistan, man.
Actually, I was embedded with
a group of about 10 soldiers.
...for a period of
nearly three months.
- How's it going?
- You mean, motion sensor hell?
Hi, I'm Matt Johnson.
And I work in the media lab at MDE,
which is how I met Sam...
who brought me onboard the project.
We both share a passion
for the paranormal.
And, uh, well,
I really hope that this project.
...helps legitimize the
field a little bit.
Also I'm here as the team's
driver, cook, and resident bitch.
You ready?
What was that?
My hand, over.
Walk in front of it,
you stupid ass.
That's Ray.
Let's go meet him.
Ray, I want you
to meet Cameron Murphy.
Hey, man.
You here to help
with the sensors, man?
Ray Reed.
Here for the security
and wires and shit.
If lady luck shines upon us, this place
is gonna be a God damn fortress.
That's all I got.
We done?
How are the cameras coming?
They're almost set up.
When you guys are done...
why don't you pop on by
and I'll show you.
Afternoon, Hoyt.
Ready to roll?
Let's go.
All right.
Everybody in?
Where we headed?
Hoyt found a dead deer
on the property.
Sam wants to check it out.
What's the acreage?
About 1,000 give or take.
Well, it's not clearly defined.
But parts of Southern Idaho,
the Uintah basin, four corners...
...all the way to Nevada
and California is considered.
...the paranormal Mecca
of the United States.
Local tribes won't even set foot
on this land to this day.
There's evidence for this?
We got, uh, evidence going
back to the 1800s.
with the first documented
UFO sightings.
Roswell crash in '47.
First reported cattle
mutilation in '67.
Dugway is basically
the new area 51.
Never heard of it.
You passed it right
on the way up here.
Ground zero for U.S.
military research.
I mean, we're talking everything from
remote viewing to psychological warfare.
Just over the ridge here.
Sam, I'm sorry to burst your bubble.
But she died of natural causes.
Do you see the discoloration
in the tongue?
It's a classic case
of hemorrhagic disease.
Take a sample anyway.
Sure, whatever you want.
Hey, uh...
We'd better get back.
We got a big storm coming.
Thanks, Hoyt.
All right.
All the feeds record directly
into the server here.
Just in case, I got it
all backed up on the C-70.
It's generator powered.
It's all independently wired,
and it's set to record 24/7.
Camera one's a wide
shot of the road. we can monitor everyone coming
in and out of the property.
Camera two is wide of the house.
Camera three is of
the Western pasture.
Camera four is of the corral.
Camera five is the barn exterior.
And camera six is inside the barn.
That's it for the exterior cameras.
What happens at night?
They all switch to infrared.
This is the X-ray
I was talking about.
Not really my thing.
Oh, let me see it.
Well, just pass it along.
If I could,
I'd like to propose a toast.
Uh, I just want to, um...
Thank you all for coming up here.
Since my boy's been gone...
...the help's been
few and far between.
And I just...
I really appreciate it.
And I want you to know that.
whatever this thing is,
I believe it's still here.
And it's really smart.
As a matter of fact...
I would bet my arm that
it's watching us right now.
Oh, no.
Don't leave me up here.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Where do you want me to go?
Just walk and I'll find you.
This is the living room?
Say hi to big brother.
Say it.
Bedroom one.
Bedroom two.
The dining room.
Hey, Matt, can you go downstairs
for me, please?
You got it.
Hoyt's room.
Cody's room.
Got the basement.
And this is the old butcher room.
Oh, my God!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean...
just the cameras.
And I thought you knew I was here.
It's all right. Just don't
sneak up on people like that.
I know. It was stupid.
I'm sorry.
- All right.
- This works. God damn it, Ray.
The blind spot's going
to be on you, man.
If you guys need to review
any footage, just let me know.
And I'll set it up
right here.
I got motion detectors
across most of the property.
So if something moves,
we're going to know about it.
Also I programmed most of the sensors
to detect only large objects.
I don't want the local wildlife
having us chase ghosts all night.
All right.
August 2nd.
It's my first official night
here at the ranch.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Are you in here
talking to yourself?
Um, no.
Actually it's the camera.
I use it as a video journal.
Oh. What happened to the days
of the mighty pen and paper?
Is that still a thing, or...
Sadly, they are gone.
Hmm. Well, as long as you
don't use this thing.
...for any midnight photography...
Scout's honor.
Oh, good.
- I got that on tape.
- You did.
- And tape.
- Right.
So how long have you known Sam?
A couple months.
Listen, uh, I actually would
prefer this to be off.
It's actually this button.
Well, that is good to know.
What the hell was that?
They're on the roof!
What the hell is it?
Is that the...
Oh, my God.
You guys. You guys!
I'll get the ladder.
Careful going up, Britain.
Wait, Lisa, what...
Matt, don't.
You ever seen anything
like that before, Hoyt?
Hell no.
Nothing like this.
There's no trauma.
The internal organs are fine.
It was definitely the tone
that messed with their sonar.
This is just the beginning.
I'm gonna get some sleep.
Good luck with that.
I'm going to document it
as the tone.
Yeah, absolutely.
I need you to check more.
We've already checked...
...hello. Please leave
a message after the tone.
Hello, Mr. Miller, this is
Dr. David at white oak psychiatric.
I wanted to talk to you about your
wife's progress over the last month.
If you could give me a call
at your earliest convenience...
I'd appreciate it.
Oh, my God. Sorry.
Ok. It's ok.
- You guys all right?
- Yeah.
Good. 'Cause I'm going to need you
to follow me out to the pasture.
What's going on?
MDE never mentioned anyone else
coming up to the property.
I don't think that's them.
He's been sitting out there
about 35, 45 minutes.
There's no plates on it.
Is that thing military?
I don't know.
It's hard to tell.
Well, maybe it's someone
who got lost.
He's on the move.
He's turning around.
Sam, wait. Hang on.
I have a question.
What do you think, Ray?
I don't know.
But it's not right.
No. It sure ain't right.
I've never seen anybody
out there like that. No way.
Look, I'm team leader
of this thing.
If you are the team leader,
then you're supposed to know...
...look, Hoyt, I don't know every vehicle
that's going to come on to the ranch.
Hey, calm down.
Listen, figure it out.
OK, so I ran an analysis
on that tone from last night.
Turns out there were actually
two sounds on that tape.
There was that high-pitched noise that we
obviously know, the one that woke us up.
But below that I found
traces of infrasound.
Yeah, it's a frequency below the
audible range of the human ear.
So what could cause
something like that?
I mean, infrasound can occur
naturally or it can be manmade.
You know,
at certain cycles per second...
...the military has actually
successfully tested infrasound. cause things like vertigo,
depression, fear, anxiety...
...physical lesions, throat pressure,
all sorts of awful side effects.
And, I mean, those are just
the ones that we know about.
Ok. And how about naturally?
All the big natural disasters
that we know of...
...volcanoes, earthquakes, avalanches.
It's why animals are able to detect
earthquakes before people do.
They pick up the vibrations.
Animals... whales...
they use inaudible sounds. paralyze and catch certain prey,
like, you know, fish.
I'm just saying
that the sound we heard.
...that Matt's talking about could've
been caused by a live animal.
We have no idea what
we're dealing with here.
How the fuck would
a whale get up here?
So what are we doing out here?
Oh, it's really well
documented that attempting. communicate with
paranormal energies directly.
...really increases
likelihood of contact.
Follow me.
After you.
Sam has asked me to come and do
a blessing on the property. communicate with the energy
that speaks from this earth.
But you need to know.
This land is forsaken by my people.
And it's only to try and
bring you some protection.
...that I've agreed to come.
There are legends of warriors
hunting in this valley...
...returning to their tribe
disturbed and changed.
Stories of whole tribes
There is a darkness in this soil.
I would not feel right if I
didn't suggest that you leave now
...or to say that this place has
nothing for you but suffering.
I also know that you've
chosen to stay.
And I'll do what I can to bring some
light here, no matter how small.
I ask for silence now while I
reach out to my ancestors.
Ahh. Ahh.
Are you ok?
Can you breathe?
There's nothing I can do for you.
You need to get
the fuck out of here.
Uh, 1:00 A.M. On the 4th.
Um, already low on sleep after
the events of the other night.
Sam seems to think we're close
to getting something concrete...
...some... Some kind of evidence.
I admit the sound, the dead bats...
...strange, certainly.
I'm not so sure.
Hang on.
So what's up?
Ray's got something.
Come on.
So what do we got?
Just a second ago,
something very large set off. of the sensors
in the blind spot.
Zone three, specifically.
So we're talking about
something bigger than a deer.
Try the size of a
god damn helicopter.
All right.
Cameron, check the far
side of the field.
The rest of you guys, come with me.
Over here!
This is not a natural death.
What about an animal attack?
Oh, no. There are no bite marks,
no claw marks.
These incisions, they're perfect.
Sorry, girl.
No blood.
It's almost surgical.
All right,
I want to bag the whole thing.
Matt, get the bag.
What is it?
Come on, Sam, if you're going
to do it, do it quick.
Hi, Lisa.
Hey, Sam.
Hey, Britain.
Oh, yeah.
I had a nosebleed last night.
You prone to nose bleeds?
Uh, no.
And I've had a couple
since I've been here.
I'm thinking
it's just the elevation or...
Come on, Britain.
And you knew to check the tape
because she had a few bloody noses?
Just a hunch.
I don't think we can tell him.
Tell him what?
How would you even explain this?
You don't. You want to see
something even crazier?
This is a tape from the 9th.
August 8th.
Oh, my God.
August 7th.
11:11 every night.
Ray, what time is it?
It's 11:09.
What time is it, Matt?
It's almost 10 after.
Ray, check the camera.
You guys, what's going on?
What are you guys doing?
Sam, what's going on?
Matt, I need you to give me
an exact count up to 11:11.
- You understand?
- All right, camera's good.
- Why?
- Camera's good.
- Where are we at right now?
- You're at a minute right now.
- What are you guys doing?
- Can you come outside for just a second?
Sure. Sure. Yeah. Wait a minute.
What are you guys doing?
Wait a second! This is my house.
What are you guys doing?
All right, look, the last couple
of nights at exactly 11:11... has moved through the house.
Sam, you're at 45 seconds.
- An energy in this house?
- Yeah.
What do you mean "an energy"?
What are you talking about?
- No, we don't need...
- You don't need the gun!
Where we at?
30 seconds?
All right, no matter what you see... matter what you guys see,
the camera goes first.
I'm putting it down.
Ok, we're at
10... 9... 8...
7... 6... 5...
Cody! Cody!
Cody! Cody!
Hey, Cody! Cody!
Cody, buddy, it's daddy.
Sam, get back.
Matt, Lisa.
Get in here.
What the hell is this?
Matt, you go get her kit.
We need to cast all these prints.
Look at all these tracks.
Where did they come from?
These are definitely canine prints.
But they're enormous.
Nothing yet.
How's Hoyt?
For better or worse, he's got
a lot of alcohol in him now.
But it seems like he's calmed down.
You guys, I got something.
It says "for emergencies only."
What the hell is that, Sam?
Make a call right now.
No one's picking up.
Do you have another
number for them?
- Sam, someone's...
- What do you want me to do, Lisa?
I'm just saying...
I did call, yes.
Well, what we have...'re saying they were here?
- From '67 to '71.
- Doing what?
Look, you guys are looking
at this the wrong way, ok?
They answered all my questions.
They offered to provide
They're not trying
to hide anything.
They did? They answered
your question... Your questions?
What the hell are
you talking about?
They answered all my
questions, Hoyt.
My goodness gracious, they did?
They didn't find anything, ok?
I want to talk to you for a second.
They were here.
They were here.
Wait. Wait.
Just listen to me one second!
- Listen to me!
- Matt!
They were here?
You're telling me they were here.
They were here before
my boy was taken.
Better science.
You're just talking.
You're just talking.
You're not saying anything.
You just say, "blah, blah, blah."
That's the way you live your life.
You just talk.
I'm talking about something
real here.
I'm talking about my boy.
Look, we had no idea until I
just had that phone call.
But them being here has
nothing to do with your boy.
You understand, Hoyt?
Why? Why does it have nothing
to do with my boy? Tell me.
Do... Do you have an answer?
Excuse me.
Lisa, you are a scientist.
What are you investigating?
What are you trying to find?
Are you trying to find my boy?
Are you trying to find my son?
Just look me in the eye and tell me
that you're trying to find my son.
Are you trying to find my son?
- I'm trying to help you.
- How you trying to help me?
You're trying to help yourself.
I'm on to you.
You'd better watch out.
You'd better watch yourself.
Put it down.
This is what I was
telling you about.
Guys, I found two more
containers buried in the shed.
Now, one was empty like
the first one I found.
But the second had this in it.
- What is this?
- It's a U-matic tape.
Mostly used in the late
'60s and early '70s.
And, Sam, that would correspond
to the timeframe.
...that MDE said they were
originally on the property.
I'm not sure offhand if we have
anything on site I can check this with.
I'll see what I can
put together, all right?
Late night.
August 12th.
Apparently MDE was out here in the
'60s looking into this thing.
The box we found in the shed
said "for emergencies only."
And it was empty.
I would, uh, probably be
more concerned about that.
...if I hadn't seen what
looked like Hoyt's son.
...tear through the house...
...go into a shed,
and completely disappear.
He was gone.
I... I can't explain it.
I feel like Sam is so obsessed
with finding evidence.
...about what's happening here.
...that he won't even
question MDE's motives.
So, Lisa, you've never
seen anything like this?
That's it, then.
Let's go hunting.
There should be tracks, right?
I think we should be looking for
the tracks we found in the shed.
It has to be the same animal.
And just judging by the size
of the wolf we saw...
I'd say it was easily 500 pounds,
which is five times larger...
That thing is huge.
Come on, let's go get it.
Come on, that's what
we're here for. Go!
We got to go the rest of the way
on foot, he's right out there.
All right, let's go.
Easy now.
Easy now.
Look at that.
I want to go back now.
Easy. Wait. Slow down.
I'll be right there.
Careful! Careful!
Hoyt, where'd it go?
I don't see it.
Be careful.
Guys, over here!
Wait, Sam, did you see the light?
- What is it?
- There was a light.
I bet it's a cave system.
I got some ropes in my truck.
Let me go get 'em.
- All right.
- You guys be careful.
That thing's still
out here somewhere.
Sam, you're gonna want to see this.
How old do you think that is?
Jesus, Sam, what's going on really?
What the hell we even looking at?
Ray, look at this!
Looks like we found our artist.
Shh. Shh.
How the hell would that thing
even get down here?
Oh, God! Go!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
I said hurry! Let's go!
Matt, the rope!
Britain first!
Come on, turn off the camera.
August 13th.
We just...
...the wolf, I don't know...
...come and take a closer look
at the artwork in the morning.
Could be a vimana, right?
A what?
A vimana.
In India, they've uncovered
all these ancient texts.
...and documents that describe a
flying spacecraft called a vimana.
And I mean, it looks...
it looks just like this.
Even though that stuff is,
like, 6,000 years old.
...and a lot of people
think it's myth...
...experts in our field
think that, you know...
...based on the schematics and the
flight plans and the design.
...that it's as modern as
anything you'd see today.
Are you suggesting that
our native painted a spacecraft.
...on the inside of this cave?
Just, I know everything we've seen.
That just seems pretty astounding.
- Well, it's, like, a perfect match.
- And the wolf?
This is bigger than
a wolf or missing kid.
How do you even know
he's back here?
He's working on the ATV.
Just wanted to say I completely
lost my perspective back there.
And, uh...
I'm really sorry.
Stuff like that
happens sometimes, you know.
You know, uh...
Cody, on his birthday,
he woke his mother up.
with a handful of wildflowers he
picked in that field right out there.
And she looked at him,
and she said...
"son, what... it's your birthday.
Why... why you giving me flowers?"
And he said, "well, because you're
the reason I got born, ma."
That's the kind of kid he was.
He is.
That's Cody.
Listen, um...
I'm sorry I gave you a hard time
the other night at the table.
It's just... I don't...
I don't understand
your techniques. And, uh...
I just want you to know
I appreciate you're here.
And, um...
I mean, it's the only thing
that gives me any hope.
That doesn't make sense at all.
What's the problem?
The pasture cam's down.
Matt, take this walkie
and go out there.
Won't even take you
two minutes, man.
- All right, Sam, can you...
- Just do it, Matt!
Take me through
all the exterior cams.
All right.
Do you copy?
Give me 30 feet back for focus.
Thanks, buddy.
Aah! Oh, my God!
Matt's up and about.
He's pretty beat up,
but he should be fine.
I have no explanation for
what happened to Hoyt's dog.
Cameron, did you hear me?
Yeah, I'm... Sorry.
Seriously, Sam, just back off.
I mean it!
Why are you doing this?
What the hell is wrong with you?
I was just picked up and thrown.
And we don't have a single explanation
as to how that's even possible!
Look, let me tell you
what's going down.
I'm going to the E.R. Then I'm
booking a flight out of here.
And if you guys had, like,
an ounce of common sense...'d all come with me!
You need another driver so bad,
you hire someone else.
Be careful, guys.
You're an asshole, Sam!
You know that?
We still have Hoyt's truck.
We can go in Hoyt's truck.
So what's going on, Ray?
Are you guys aware that Matt found
additional MDE materials in the shed...
...including a videotape?
Yeah, he mentioned it. But I thought
it was too old to play up here.
No. It turns out I was able
to find an old deck.
...and transfer it to a hard drive.
Ok. So what was on the tape?
I think it's better if I
just play it for you guys.
There. Right there.
Rebecca, can you hear me?
We're on our way back
in with Rebecca.
About eight minutes out.
Mommy? Mommy?
Where's mommy?
That's what we're trying
to figure out, Rebecca.
You remember the last
time you were with her?
How far out was she?
Well beyond the pasture.
And the dog?
What's she doing?
Ray played us the tape
that Matt had found in the shed.
There's something
unexplainable out here.
If that tape is to be believed...
...then I just witnessed the killing
of an entire team of people. something completely unknown.
Why would they send us out here?
Sam is so obsessed
with what's happening...
we're hesitant to even
show him the tape.
And Hoyt...
I think we should go.
We have to go.
But I do not think that he is in a
place to make decisions right now.
What the hell are we
supposed to do then?
I say we leave tonight.
We have Hoyt's truck.
Get behind me.
Get in the truck.
Get in the fuckin' truck!
Go! Get in the truck!
Where is it?
What the fuck is it doing?
Ah, shit!
Where did... where did it go?
He just ran off.
Are you OK, Lisa?
Are you OK?
Lisa, no! No!
What are you doing?
Stop it!
Lisa, stop!
I don't remember anything.
We should've left with Matt.
We're getting unprecedented
footage, guys.
This is what we wanted.
This is why we came here.
This is what we wanted?
People are getting hurt.
What are you talking about, Sam?
Look, I think the thing
is a single intelligence.
Oh, for... You know something?
You're out of your mind.
Look, we are so close.
We are right there.
Close to what?
What if this thing can turn into
an orb or a wolf or even Cody?
Or me?
Sam, seriously, it's fuckin' done.
I don't want to be here
anymore, Sam.
I can't be here anymore.
Go pack your bag. I'll meet you at
the front door in five minutes.
Ok, we are leaving.
You're not going anywhere.
Cameron, please!
Get your hands off me.
It's done, Sam!
- Well, I'm not leaving!
- It's over! Stop!
I got your bag, Britain.
I'm ready.
We ready?
What about Sam?
He won't listen.
We'll send somebody back.
Who gives a shit about Sam?
What the fuck is this, Cameron?
Oh, my God. Oh, my God!
Come on. Come on.
Let's go, Lisa!
They're sending a van
first thing in the morning.
In the morning?
That's the soonest
they can get here, Lisa.
That... That's great, Sam...
...considering we were just
out in Hoyt's driveway.
...and his truck was
completely disassembled.
...and we didn't hear
a God damn thing.
- Leave anytime you want.
- How?
Do you find it odd that the
moment we arrived on this ranch. when all this shit
started happening?
He's right. We could be
part of a MDE experiment...
what are you talking about?
You should know better.
How do you explain what's
been happening here?
How do you know MDE doesn't know
exactly what's here, Sam?
I never should've asked you
to come here.
We're going to get home.
Look at me.
We're going to get home.
Cameron, there's something
wrong with Ray.
Whoa. Put the gun down, Ray.
All right?
Just... Ok.
I don't want...
Oh, my God!
Come on now!
Oh, God!
Oh, shit.
Listen to me. You go.
You get the ATV.
Go! Go!
Open the door!
Open it!
Get back!
She's gone.
She's gone.
In the barn.
Come on. Come on.
Hang on, Sam!
The future's holding on.
Oh, suspend me in my past.
And this is how I woke up.
You're dangling by a string.
Above everything you could be
And this is how you woke up.
Sharpen their teeth.
On your neck.
Remember your flaws.
Like a bad dream.
You want to wake up.
Please wake up.
Oh, please wake up.
Oh, please wake up!
Oh, please wake up!
Oh, there's still time.
Just for a moment as we stare
Projecting our thoughts into the air
As if we had practiced it before
Our minds danced hand in hand
And choreographed by both our lives
Told like stories to our eyes
All of the world frozen in time
And this is how we woke up.
And we remember who we are.
We were passing in the dark.
As if we're something in the light
We're left you know
Left you know!
When you won't even fail.