Skiptrace (2016) Movie Script

That's a negative
on Victor wong,
but we got
handsome Willie.
Esmond, do you have
eyes on the house?
One lookout.
Down there on the deck.
One more on the second floor
by the windows.
Handsome Willie and company
entering the house now.
We capture Victor wong's man
in that house
with the matador's
we prove Victor wong
is the matador.
Bennie, we'll get him
this time.
We are not clear yet.
Stay back.
If this goes wrong,
I'm not dragging you
down with me.
Stay put and cover me.
Okay, I'm going in.
How are we doing
on the orders?
Almost filled.
Still some waiting
on the next shipment.
- - He's almost here.
Keep packing.
Be sure everything
goes to plan.
- Hey.
Be gentle.
Mind the packing.
Go take a look.
See what's going on.
Who are you?
Take that!
We gotta go.
Esmond, get Leslie!
I'm on it.
- Stop them!
- Go, go, go!
Hong Kong reporter
is live on the scene.
Details are scarce
at the moment,
but it's believed a police
drug raid gone wrong
is responsible for the collapse
of nearly a dozen homes.
Captain tang,
i did it on my own.
Victor wong
is a respectable
In nine years,
have you found
a shred of hard evidence
that Victor wong
is the matador?
There is no matador.
One man does not run
the Hong Kong underworld,
and even if he did,
that man is not Victor wong.
You want justice
for your partner.
I understand that.
But your obsession
with this case
has taken a toll
on you personally.
Take a month off.
You should start thinking
about retirement, bennie.
The vory code
in Russia says,
"you mess with
someone's family,
there are grave
Jesus Christ, dima,
you got the wrong guy.
Well, I guess you're wondering
how I got here, right?
Allow me to explain.
He was just
a local boy
from the wrong side
of the tracks,
and she was engaged
to a war hero.
But love won out.
Even after
she got sick,
they never
regretted a thing.
Would you shut up
with that thing?
A boy shouldn't
be playing with dolls.
Yes, dad.
Anyway, my dad would go
to the hospital
and read to my mom
from her own journal
and she would remember
little moments
of their life.
They died in
each others arms.
Are you serious?
He's literally reciting
the plot to "the notebook."
- Shhh.
- Shut up.
I know it's corny.
I just always believed
in the power of love
a little more than
the regular guy.
Even now with the houses,
and the Porsche,
and the...
Other Porsche,
I was just always
holding out
for a true love
like that.
I'm sorry.
To answer your
first question
I'll have the chicken.
Oh. Sorry.
Watch where
you're going, asshole.
I'm sorry.
Purpose of your visit.
Here to see the sites,
but then again,
what's there to see
when the loveliest sight
is right here?
Welcome to Macau,
Mr. Cunningham.
Excuse me, I thought
you were supposed to have
a car here for me, right?
No, no, I'm standing
right here.
Right now I don't
see a car anywhere.
I'm in front
of the terminal.
Hey, kid, I think
this belongs to you.
That's my toy.
Thank you.
- All right.
- Take your bag, sir?
Look what he got tonight!
Much obliged,
Oh, man, ain't that
the breaks, I...
That was quite
a display.
It's not everyday
you meet an American
that plays baccarat.
It's not everyday
i meet someone
who leaves me speechless.
I run guest services
for the casino.
The hotel would
like to offer you
a suite
for the evening,
if you are interested.
A suite?
Well, that's
a little cozier
than what
I'm used to, but--
ah, you know, just let me
cash in my chips
and I'll be all yours.
- Sure.
- Okay.
didn't I tell you
backlight's the key
to these photos?
You gotta use a flash.
Oh, hey, will you
take a photo
of me and my gal?
- Samantha.
- Boss.
If you're taking
a discreet photo,
it helps to
be discreet.
Thanks for that.
Why were you
so nervous?
Come on,
he's my boss.
I gotta be cool.
Dealing with obnoxious
gamblers like me
night and day must get
pretty exhausting.
Occupational hazards.
And you're not
that obnoxious.
Well, the night's
still young.
You eaten yet?
Wanna grab
some breakfast?
I'll think about it.
Okay, you think
about it.
Oh, back so soon.
Sergei, ha!
Man, you look different.
Did you shave your back?
Start walking upright?
Heh! Good times.
You think you can
hide from us?
Why did I have asparagus?
Wait, I have money.
I can pay now.
Dima wants
a word with you.
So we take you back
to Russia.
Can't we just talk
via Skype?
You ladies didn't forget
anything in the room,
did you?
Like say this.
Help me!
- - Ah!
Hey, guys!
What did I say?
Let's go to Russia.
I love Russia.
Connor watts should
never have set foot
onto the vip floor
using your key card.
I just met the man
last night.
Whatever you think
of these video shows,
you're wrong.
You should have
recognized him.
He cheated this casino
out of a million dollars.
Find him and you
can fix it.
I'll be keeping
my eye on you, hmm?
Send out everyone.
I want him dead or alive.
This is Leslie.
Leslie, it's bennie.
I need to locate someone.
Can you run the apb for me?
- His name is Connor watts.
- Okay, got it.
Bennie, I found him.
Sending you
his location now.
Yep, looks like I screwed
the pooch this time.
Hello, Connor.
I believe you know
my daughter, huh?
Natalia, you told me
your dad was a butcher.
He is.
Natalia said you were
nice American.
Very respectful.
you would be dead.
I'm pregnant, Connor.
Connor, I'm pregnant.
I don't believe
you can get pregnant
the way we did it.
Not that we did it.
You marry my daughter,
i let you go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We got a big
misunderstanding here.
Trust me, you don't
want me to marry her.
I mean, planning a wedding
on such short notice
is a logistical nightmare.
Dasha, again.
Oh! Oh, oh.
Oh, oh, no.
No hard feelings,
- Connor watts?
- Who's asking?
Bennie chan.
- Hong Kong police.
- Hong Kong?
Whoa! Hey. I can
only walk so fast.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me!
Look out!
Ah! Look out!
Look out!
Oh, god.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Whoa! Ah!
I don't mean
to tell you your job,
but I think taking a car
would be faster.
Connor watts,
you stole money
from casino.
I bring you back
to Macau.
Let's go.
Give us the American.
No one has to die.
Bennie! Hey, bennie!
A little help!
Bennie! Hey, bennie!
Oh! Ooh!
Bennie, help, help!
Help, bennie!
Help! Help!
It's about time.
I'm telling dima.
So heavy.
Not so rough.
He's mine.
Who is this man?
A Chinese cop.
Now get him!
Hey, it's not honorable
to fight girls.
Then stop acting like one.
Oh, ow!
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait.
You did not--
size d?
Double d.
What are you doing?
I was just trying
to give us a head start.
- Uh.
- Thanks for opening
the door.
So you're taking me
back to Macau.
That's my plan.
You seem like such
a great travel buddy.
It's a shame I can't
fly back with you.
What do you mean?
Don't you need
a passport to fly?
How did you get
my lighter?
Better question is
how did I get your passport?
We need to be there
in two days.
Hey, hey, hey,
calm down a little.
Don't you know
there's an ancient
Chinese proverb that says
"out of every crisis
comes opportunity"?
The 745 will be arriving
on track eight.
Please show your ticket
before boarding.
Thank you.
Hey! Do you want
some pizza?
I'm ordering from
the U.S. embassy.
- Open up.
- I'm sorry,
I can't hear you
through this glass.
Can you hear me now?
Dude, you are stressed.
Let's take a beat.
Get you a massage.
Maybe grab
a Margarita.
You're wound up
tighter than a--
What was that for?
Stress relief.
You know, I'm actually
feeling a little--
hey, hey!
Excuse me.
Please, my friend,
low blood sugar.
It looks like Connor watts
has left the country
and bennie chan
is on his trail.
Bennie chan?
Eliminate them before
they get back to Macau.
Do not rest
until that phone
- is safely
in your hands.
- Understood.
Our men are tracking
him down as we speak.
If you have to use
Samantha, do it.
You gotta teach me
that two finger trick.
Where did you learn that?
Only teach men
of honor.
Here. Eat.
I'm a grown man,
i don't need you
to feed me.
A grown man
pays his debts.
Keep your energy up.
You know, I'm on
kind of a cleanse.
Eat it.
Eat it.
Mmm. Nice and crunchy,
what is it?
Goat testicle.
It's delicious.
Bennie, you gotta
try these.
I bet you can't eat
just two.
It's a righty.
How about those guys
who want to find me?
It's not something
i stole in Macau, bennie.
- It's something I saw.
- What did you see?
Tickets and passports,
Let's go.
No, you jump!
I'm not asking twice.
I thought you weren't
asking twice.
I jump, you fall!
My suit's filthy.
- Uh, shut up.
- Whatever.
Look, why don't we
do each other a favor,
cut our losses and
go our separate ways?
This means
nothing to you?
He's gonna kill
my goddaughter.
My family.
I'll take you back
to casino.
I'm sorry.
So you're working for them.
I'm police.
There's something else
you should know, your honor.
They don't want me because
i stole something from them.
They want me because
i saw them shoot somebody.
I woman died in my arms.
- Ester yee!
- Help me.
And you're telling me
that if I don't go back
with you then she dies.
And I'm telling you
if I go back with you,
I'm going to die.
They're gonna kill me.
I don't care.
I'm not loving
the attitude, bennie.
You're tough,
just like your father.
What do you know
about my father?
- Nothing?
- Leslie: Nothing.
I know this may not
be what you want to hear,
but there's no evidence
of a murder at a Macau casino.
If there was
we'd know about it.
I think he's lying
to you, bennie.
I know.
What the hell's
he saying?
I don't know.
You must be kidding.
This the one?
Visa or mastercard?
I don't know why
it's not working.
We use one of yours.
- Where's your wallet?
- I don't have it.
Why not?
Forgive me
for not being able
to grab my wallet
before being kidnapped.
How about that nice
watch of yours?
Not my watch.
Well, how bad
do you want to get me
in Macau, bennie?
Money, money, money, okay?
You know, I think
I got you figured out.
Something tells me
you're either unhappily
or there's no one
waiting for you at home.
You don't have me
figured out.
No, I'm not married.
Women do not go
for that whole
Debbie downer look.
Lighten up.
Smile a little, huh?
Look, unzip
my left pocket.
There's something
important in there.
I promise.
What's that?
Right before
the woman died
she handed me
that phone.
It's okay, it's okay.
Oh, no. It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
Oh, I'm dying.
Take this.
Take this phone...
You big dumb
American stranger.
Here, take it. Uh.
Yeah, pretty much.
There's something
on there, bennie.
All you gotta do
is charge it.
Maybe you can trade it
for your goddaughter.
You will say anything
to get away.
I could have escaped
already if I wanted.
Sayonara, bennie!
Remember to smile!
That's more like it.
Come on, come on.
Come on, man.
Come on!
No, no, no, no!
How about this?
Keep pushing!
2012, my foot!
Come on, ah!
It says still
have a half tank.
No big deal.
I saw a gas station
200 miles back.
Get out of the car.
Come on!
We walk.
Here, come.
What does that mean?
Which foot?
Short cut.
- Can't a girl
catch her breath?
- Whatever.
What's the chance
they'd settle
for you bringing back
some other white guy?
I mean, we all look alike.
Shut up.
Where's this
the shortcut to exactly?
Shut up, Connor.
I think the kid's hurt.
- Let's check on him.
- Yeah.
Are you--
are you okay?
Do you need help?
- Water.
- Bye-bye, bennie!
- Hey!
get off!
Come on!
Go, go, go, go!
Oh! Shoot!
Oh, ho-ho.
Ow, my balls,
my balls! Ow...
Hey, hey, hey!
Ooh, wow.
You guys strong.
You tell him, bennie.
No retreat!
No surrender!
Hit him in the ding ding.
What's that?
I don't get it.
You just got
your ass kicked
and they're cheering.
I fought with honor.
You head-butted
his balls.
Oh, thank you.
I think he wants us
to have a drink with him.
No, we got to go.
Bennie, we can't be rude.
One drink.
- One?
- One.
All right, guys,
who knows some good
Mongolian drinking games?
Drink up, drink up!
How do you do that?
- To the air!
- To the air!
- To the ground!
- To the ground!
- To the homies!
- To the homies!
All: Hooray!
I never would have
figured you
for an Adele fan.
"Rolling in the deep"
is a classic.
Thanks for stepping in
to fight the Mongolian
stomper today.
I know you weren't
fighting for me, per se,
but, still,
you're a man
with a code
and I respect that.
I'm willing to die
for my loved ones.
Without people
to die for,
no reason to live.
Yeah, but there's
no reason for life
if you don't take time
to enjoy it.
You're too caught up
in your job.
You gotta get out there
and meet some friends,
take a pilates class,
have some fun.
You like that girl tonight?
She liked you.
Why didn't you talk to her?
She didn't even notice me.
When was the last time
you connected with a lady?
My fiance,
nine years ago.
You never told me
you were married.
We not marry.
She left me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
What happened?
Victor wong have her.
The matador.
He killed my partner.
I watch him die.
After that...
My life
became revenge.
I let everything
it slip away.
"Bennie, sorry I had
to take off.
Don't take it
I'm leaving you this phone
because I think it might
be of use.
All you have to do
is figure out a way
to charge it.
Thanks for the honor lessons,
buddy. Connor."
Hey, young boy.
Did you see
the American guy?
Just last night.
Buy my horse.
He bought your horse?
Damn dumbest horse
in all of Mongolia.
Come on.
Come on!
- Hey, hey!
- Juh!
Hey, bennie, went to
make a coffee run.
I was gonna surprise you
with a mocha frappuccino.
Bennie, bennie, no, no.
I bruise, I bruise, please.
I bruise, I bruise, please.
- You.
I want my refund.
You sold me a lemon,
you little shit.
You know,
this kind of big horse
only runs
for a hundred miles.
Small horse,
run forever, stupid.
I'll remember that
the next time
I'm in Mongolia.
You had the money
all the time?
Just a little.
For emergencies.
You never stop lying.
How your parents
raise you?
You don't know a thing
about my parents.
Everything you say
is just horse apples.
You see what I mean?
Next time I talk
to my bookie,
"hey, sal,
sorry about that two grand,
let me pay you
with a wallet full
of honor."
Don't say a word.
Bennie, bennie,
that's the guy!
No, hey, be quiet.
That's the guy
who shot the girl
in the casino.
Victor wong?
Are you sure
that's who you saw?
He shot her
at point blank range.
That's not something
you forget.
I take you to Hong Kong.
I spend my career
trying to prove
Mr. wong is the matador.
Now you can.
I'm taking you to testify
against wong.
Victor wong
will see to it
that I don't even
get to trial.
Your proof
is on the phone.
I'm not going.
Hell, no.
Just be quiet.
All right.
I'll play it cool.
He kidnapped me
and he said he's going
to use my pretty face
to make a million dollars.
Sorry! He had brain damage.
I'm a loud, handsome,
arrogant American
and you have
a lovely country
and I will
only ruin it,
I promise.
El diablo blanco.
He drink too much baijiu.
- Call Hong Kong police.
- Call the U.S. embassy.
One at a time.
- He kidnapped me.
- I'm working a big case.
- Were you not listening?
- One at a time.
Shut up!
Both of you.
- He started it.
- He started it.
Connor watts,
you're under arrest
for the murder
of ester yee.
Who's ester yee?
And officer chan,
you are being charged
with accessory to murder.
This is a setup.
Well, you two
are going back
to Hong Kong.
May be for
the best, bennie.
Life in prison's better
than getting killed
by psychopaths.
And jail might not
be so bad.
We can both get jacked,
get some tattoos,
maybe meet Morgan Freeman.
The phone.
We have to get it back.
Do you see the situation
we're in, bennie?
Do you know there's
a Chinese saying,
"in every crisis
there's opportunity."
I found that more convincing
when I was saying it.
Who is she?
She's the
siberian Terminator.
Dasha, what a coincidence.
Of all the trucks to hijack.
Where is the other one?
I thought he's with you.
- Get out.
- My legs are asleep.
You know it always
does this on long trips.
I said get out.
I'm sorry.
You missed.
Wow, you look great!
Those headbutts to the face
really treated you well.
No, no, no,
not the face.
I know this looks bad.
Hey, hey, hey.
I told you I don't
fight women.
I know, that's why
i brought the gun.
Okay, okay.
Just one fight.
Chinese man.
Now you are a killer.
I didn't mean to.
My leg hit the gear shift.
It was an accident.
You know, you are so
- She was about to kill you.
- That's no excuse.
This-- this
is the reason
I prefer public
We only have
one earth, bennie.
Holy shit.
How about a little
head's up next time?
Let's go!
Open it.
- Huh?
- Merry Christmas,
All you gotta do
is charge that thing
and you're in business.
You know, bennie,
i like you
and I'm happy you're finally
getting what you want.
But sadly, I'm not
gonna be around
to see it happen.
Your turn.
You must be tired.
Always running away.
I mean it looks
pretty tiring
fighting as hard
as you do.
No. I'm actually
kinda pissed.
Don't point that thing
at me, man.
Hurry up, hurry up!
Which part of the pig
am I blowing on?
Is that what
we're trying to make?
The cops ask any questions,
you just look at them
like you don't understand
a word, okay?
Okay, that's good.
- Push harder! Harder!
- With this chopstick?
Can't believe these things
went out of style
in the middle ages.
So, what's the plan?
We take the phone back
to Hong Kong police.
Captain tang have to
arrest Victor wong.
Well, great,
you don't need me.
You're the only tying
Victor wong to the phone.
No you, no wong.
You have to testify.
You got Samantha into this.
Samantha's your goddaughter?
Well, I thought
there's supposed to be
like a billion people
in this country.
This ain't
so bad, bennie!
You look like
you've seen a ghost.
- Whoa!
- Whoa-ho-ho!
- Promise you'll let me go.
- Promise you'll testify.
You're in no position
to negotiate.
I can't swim.
I can't swim!
I can't swim.
Oh, god.
I got you.
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
I can't believe
you can't swim.
No swimming pool
in my neighborhood.
Ah, ah, oh, god.
For a second, I'm not sure
you're gonna save me.
I wasn't so sure either.
Is Hong Kong nice
this time of year?
Don't play with me,
I'll testify.
For you.
And for Samantha.
I think we're
getting close.
- - Captain tang.
I'm Samantha.
I met you
at my father's funeral.
Yes, of course.
I remember.
I'm in trouble.
I haven't been able
to reach my uncle bennie
in days.
I didn't know
where to go.
He said you
could help me.
Yes, of course.
Wow, it's beautiful.
Kongming lanterns.
You make a wish
and let it float up
to the sky.
Would you like one?
- For me?
- Yes.
Well, let's make a wish.
To take down the matador.
To get Samantha
back safely.
Does that mean
wish granted?
Connor, you're right.
I work too hard.
Fight too hard.
I have no life.
That's okay, bennie.
Why don't we go
find ourselves some power?
Hurry up.
- I'm hurrying.
- Almost.
- Ready.
- Okay, let's do it.
Damn it.
Good thing out
of every crisis
comes an opportunity.
What are you
talking about?
If that's
the matador's phone,
then only has thumbprint
can activate it.
If Victor wong
opens it--
it shows that
Victor's wong
is the matador.
We've located chan
and the American.
Do not let her
out of your sight
until we return.
I've got it under control.
She's not going anywhere.
Spread out.
Find them.
I'll be damned.
Why, you little--
come on, let's go.
Mud festival.
Good for harvest.
Oh, this is bad.
I agree.
Someone should tell them
this is gonna have
no effect on the harvest.
I mean that's
really bad.
There! Get them!
Is this the kind of time
we stay and fight, bennie?
This time we run.
Oh, no, no.
How do they keep
finding us?
No, no, no, no.
I'm shot!
No, no, you're not.
Just popcorn.
It's just some popcorn.
Go, go!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
How do they keep
finding us?
- The phone.
- What?
They're tracking
the phone.
Turn it off.
It's so difficult.
On and off is
the simplest thing
a phone does.
This is a hundred-family
All the families gather--
are you a Wikipedia
all the time?
Hey! Hey!
Don't eat the food.
No, no, no!
Don't eat the food.
I'm sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry.
We must sing to pass.
It's a tradition.
Well, what's not
a tradition in
this country?
Sing something.
All right! Chin chin.
Well, go on,
sing something.
Sing so we can go through.
- I can't swim.
- I'm scared of heights.
New plan.
Hurry up!
Hurry up!
There they are!
What's the weight limit
on this wire?
I better go first.
It might be safer.
And don't tell me
not to look down.
Don't look down.
- Ah!
- Ah!
I'm slipping.
Easy on the ding-ding.
It's the only thing
i can hold!
Too small.
This is a bad idea.
Don't hang there.
Use your feet!
I told you it was
a good plan.
How long are you going
to do this?
Until we get
to Hong Kong.
No, I mean this.
Chase guys like me
halfway around
the world.
You know, you're no
spring chicken anymore.
I'm set in my own way.
Not young enough
to change.
Well, you could
still change
if you wanted to.
What would you do?
I like alpacas.
Okay. So we're talking
about alpacas now.
To me, they symbolize peace.
I've always wanted
to have one,
but it's impossible
in Hong Kong.
Move out here
to the country
and have a whole
pack of them.
Hell, start
an alpaca festival.
Or do they already have
one of those here?
Listen, I think you did
a really great job
of looking after Samantha.
Settle down,
I'm being Sincere.
Look at me.
When you see her,
remember my face.
No, I just mean
even though you're
a hard ass
and short tempered
and stubborn, mean...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
get to the compliments.
All right, even though
you're all those things,
she turned out great.
Without you, hell.
Can I ask you
a serious question,
How do you do
the two fingered thing?
Pressure here, okay?
You know, pressure.
You need to practice.
Just not like aim it!
You'll never learn.
Uh! God! Shit!
Whoa-ho, whoa, whoa!
Need to keep body warm.
Keep heat in.
We don't have any
blankets or fire.
We're fu--
we have each other.
Take the clothes off.
Oh, god.
Somehow I knew it was
going to come to this.
How come you get
to be the big spoon?
Shut up, Connor.
Whoa! Just-- whoa!
- Whoa!
- What are you doing?
one of them's come alive!
Do you know where
the gift shop is?
It's not what
you think.
I need to call Sam.
I really need
to wash my hands.
They were uncomfortably warm
when I woke up.
- Hello.
- Sammy...
Samantha is just fine.
If you hurt her,
i promise--
bring the phone
to the casino tonight
or I'll kill your Sammy.
No casino.
We meet in public.
Kai tak terminal, 7:00 pm.
Samantha okay?
Look, I can explain that.
I was gonna
give that back.
You have excuse
for everything.
You're a liar.
Okay, fine.
Total honesty,
I wasn't gonna
give it back,
but that's when you
were being a dick.
Now that we're partners
i was gonna surprise you
and I was just
looking for--
I don't partner
with cowards.
You're bad luck.
You make things worse.
Oh, really?
If it wasn't for me,
you'd be moping
around your apartment
eating ramen,
reading "alpaca daily."
You say I'm lonely?
If I'm lonely,
what are you?
Where's the picture
of your family?
Back off, bennie.
- You have no one.
- You're right.
I don't have anyone.
All those stories
about my mom and dad
and how great they are,
i made them up.
I never knew them.
They dumped me at birth.
Does that make you happy?
Can I have my jacket?
You got the phone.
So long, bennie.
Excuse me.
Would you mind
holding that for me?
- Yeah, okay.
- Thank you.
Aw, come on, dude.
You hand me an urn
with somebody in it.
Why are you so nosy?
Why you look inside?
Do you just walk around
with that thing?
Inside is my friend.
Before he died,
i promise him,
I scatter his ashes
in Victoria harbor.
I make a promise,
now I'm doing it.
Do you have a problem
with that?
No, sir.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
I didn't realize.
You about a 40 jacket?
You look well.
Where's Samantha?
Give me the phone.
We can do this
the hard way,
if you'd prefer.
Let's do this
the hard way.
Captain tang,
the phone has proof.
Victor wong
is the matador.
It can only be unlocked
by his thumbprint.
Mr. wong,
would you mind
humoring us?
Not at all.
How can this be?
I'm not the matador.
I never was.
My Sincere apologies,
Mr. wong.
Bennie chan,
you're under arrest
for accessory to murder.
Take him away.
Hey, Natalia,
it's Connor.
How's Russia?
How's your dad?
Listen, I want
to ask you a favor.
It's ridiculous how long
you made me wait.
How am I supposed to
cross-process my client
in a timely and
litigious manner?
- Hey, bennie.
- Connor, what are you
doing here?
Well, real men stay
and deal with their problems.
A wise man
once taught me that.
You guys familiar
with the case Kramer
v Kramer,
because you're
about to be?
A little space.
They're gonna arrest you.
I'm your lawyer.
So, what's the plan?
I was hoping you
had some ideas.
You come barging
in here
with no plan
to get out?
Yeah, that's how
we do in America,
fast and loose.
Bennie chan's attorney's
here to see you.
I'm Connor watts.
Here we go.
We're in.
Thank you
for saving us, Leslie.
Thanks for
letting me help.
Well, maybe when
this is over
I could take you out
for a chicken and beer?
Yes, I'd love
chicken and beer.
Okay, we're ready.
We've bypassed
the thumbprint.
Bennie, it just
looks like gibberish.
- It's nothing.
- Wait.
Stop right here.
I know where to go,
but we need a plan
to get out of here.
Wait up, wait up.
This is the place.
And Ben is the one
with the armed thugs.
- You and I split up.
- Okay.
Don't try to be
a hero by yourself.
Right, no need
to start now.
Go! Go!
I had no choice.
I did what I had to do
to get the phone back--
we never touched her,
just scared her a little.
Tell him, Willie.
I was only following
your orders.
If I had known
who she was--
you liar.
You couldn't have achieved
any of this without me.
I am the money man.
You need me.
That's where
you're wrong, Victor.
I don't need anyone.
You really don't know
when to stop, do you?
What the hell
are you doing here?
It's a long story.
I'll tell you over
Forget breakfast.
Where is bennie?
I have to go find something
to open this with.
I'll be right back.
Don't you dare
leave me here.
I'm sorry I got you
into this.
Bennie, I tried
to warn you.
Captain, the phone.
You're the matador?
He looks like the kid
from Jerry Maguire.
Thank you, Connor,
for sticking with me.
You're welcome, partner.
Guns in the water.
Connor: Dasha!
Oh, it's about time.
Sorry we're late.
Well, just glad
you could make it.
Welcome to
the family, Connor.
- Thanks.
- Family?
- Yeah, long story.
- Huh?
Hello, Chinese man.
Let's go.
Hey, get 'em!
Look out.
Go get Samantha!
Go! Go!
Go! Hurry!
Hey, gentle.
Mind the packing.
This is the Hong Kong
police department.
We have you surrounded.
The ship's sinking!
We have you surrounded.
Hands behind your head.
Connor, watch out!
Take care
of my daughter.
I'm going to choose
to remember him
as he was before.
My father died
nine years ago.
He was a good man.
Best partner I ever had.
Best Chinese partner.
Taking off
for Russia tonight.
Wise man once told me
that honor
is the most
important thing in life.
I made a promise
and I intend to keep it.
Sorry, Connor.
Dos vedanya.
Where are you taking me?
You'll never get away
with this.
Will you pipe down?
You're ruining the surprise.
Was he always this grumpy?
Keep the blindfold on.
All right.
You took me
to my own farm?
No, this!
Wow! Alpacas.
Thought this might
keep you busy
since you're no longer
chasing bad guys.
Hey, guys!
Look at this.
Bennie, you're famous!
Ooh wee!
Speaking of...
Sam and I are
going to go
for a little walk.
No, I go, too.
Don't worry, uncle bennie,
i still have the mace.
So all--
What are you doing?
It didn't work,
did it?
I told you.
It takes practice.
I've been practicing.
So practice more.
Are they gone?
Bennie, are you okay?
Are you okay?
What have you done to him?
Bennie, wake up.
Come on, please.
One, two, three, action.
I really don't know
how to swim.
- Really?
- Yes.
Okay. Come back.
Dry him out.
- Very good.
- He's all right.
Hey, hey!
How's that going?
You don't know shit
about my parents.
- Money. Honor's more
important than money.
- Speaking of shit.
Why are you shitting
in front of Johnny?
Whoo! Whoo!
Push! Push!
I'm falling off.
Victor wong will
see to it ow nev--
- give it to me.
What are you doing?
What are you
trying to do?
La la la la.
I'm okay.
- Now.
- What?
I-- I got to get
a better angle.
Why-- why you
can't do the..
You make me
run again.
- You missed.
- Huh? No.
- Good job.
- Great job.
One take.
BMW x5,
300 horsepower.
27 miles
to the gallon.
What are you doing?
You're doing a commercial?
- BMW, bring me one.
- They won't give you.
They won't give
to you.
- Right?
- Oh.
We're here in guilin
having a ball.
Jackie's trying to
get us off this rock.
Push, Jackie, push!
Visa or mastercard?
Can you get it?
dinner time.