Skoonheid (2011) Movie Script

- Congratulations Uncle Francois.
- Thank you.
- Hullo Paul.
- Congratulations Francois.
Stop calling me Uncle.
You're a grown man and I'm not your uncle.
I wanted to ask you.
That story you told 'bout my it true?
Yes of course...all true
That's how sawyers do business?!
Well, it's amazing!
We don't get wood from
that region any more,
but for many years that was where
we were supplied from.
Well, if you ever need a lawyer
in the near future...
How many more years do you have?
In a year I'll have my Master 2.
You wouldn't want to waste your time
in a place like this one.
Capetown is far more exciting.
I don't know.
I mean...I think I could live here.
Come and dance, Christian.
It was really happening, right?
Caryl had never seen
a more beautiful wedding.
Jessica was a beautiful
Did you see how Anika and Christian
never left each other?
Not another marriage I hope.
He's nice, isn't he?
Quite good looking and friendly.
He wants to be my lawyer
after he graduates.
He's really great.
When are they back?
Tomorrow or the day after,
We should invite them
to lunch.
My God, they've come so far...
it's amazing!
When's the last time we did that?
The 15 hour drive to Capetown.
I think Willem's business is doing badly.
Then it's his fault.
He never took the opportunity
to join up with you.
Things are tough for everyone
just now.
Yes, but they waste
so much money.
Did you see Marika's ring?
It's huge!
Good night.
Did you drink tonight?
Francois, don't lie. The doctor said...
I didn't touch a drop.
Everyone was impressed, I think.
Yes, I know.
I forgot to get it back.
I'm coming.
Five minutes.
Yes I'm coming. OK, 'bye
Hennie? Sorry. Gotta return.
Has Johan's order gone out?
Yes, great. Thanks.
What's happened?
He didn't even know his name.
He just wanted to pick a fight
with Christian.
He'd seen Christian
in an ad.
I shouldn't have have
hit him though.
You say he started the fight.
Yes, he couldn't do much.
He was a little runt.
He looked like a poof!
I still think he was trying
to hit on Chris.
No really. He felt humiliated.
So he complained.
I don't think
that's why he did it.
You never know with these poofs.
Let's talk about something else
After I hit him the first time...
he just went...
He sounds like a...
Hello, Auntie!
You back alone?
Where were you?
Hello, uncle Willem.
- Grab a's ready.
It looks good.
Chris, I believe your studies
are nearly finished?
You don't struggle
with the English?
I went to an English school.
In Capetown
everyone speaks English.
- I know
- It's very normal.
When I was at school
my English was so bad!
So Anika, are you next?
Get married.
Not at all!
- Anything but.
Chris, your mother
says you've been doing
a lot of modelling these days.
Have you seen the ads
'Mr Price' has on TV?
They're running now.
Anyway, Chris is in them.
It's weird to keep seeing
your son on TV.
Is there a lot of TV stuff
being done in Capetown ?
Oh there is.
I've done like three jobs
in the last two months.
Mostly international adverts.
But law's what I really
want to do.
Peter Stuyvesant blue.
-Peter Stuyvesant. 25 rand.
You found us.
Hullo Henry.
The instructions were very clear.
Thank you very much.
Nice trip?
- Yes it was perfect.
Beer in the fridge.
Help yourself.
So, cheers!
Good time for a barbecue.
That's what I said
but they're pushed for time.
Me too.
All's well with the emails?
- Yes, very good.
You'll tell me if anything
needs to be changed?
Yes thanks, I will.
You know each other?
This is Brian.
He's already come once.
Don't worry, he's nice.
-Francois, my pleasure.
Ah, Gideon.
Can I talk to you?
What's happening?
Wait in the car.
He's okay.
Trust me.
I wouldn't have brought him
if he was from around here...
Gideon, get rid of him.
Are you mad?
You can't bring him here!
I know...
But you know me.
You can trust me.
I'd never do anything
against you.
How long has he known?
He's quite okay,
trust me, really.
He's a friend.
- We aren't crazy!
No coloureds.
- Thank you.
Yes. I know.
Go on.
Is there a problem?
If you please!
Henry, I just wanted ...
Stop pushing me!
Why are you doing that?
Okay...I'm leaving.
Shit. Fucking cans!
Happens to me a lot.
-Cut myself.
I'm not good
at opening them.
He's left. It's fine.
He's no longer welcome.
This isn't the first time.
He won't be back.
So let's drink.
- Cheers!
A receipt,
or shall I email it to you?
Receipt please.
I always forget to back up my emails.
Modern technology, Mr van Heerden.
Has your daughter's wedding happened?
Went well thanks, without a hitch.
The bride was happy.
Just need a signature.
Thank you.
Have a nice day Mr van Heerden.
You too.
I'm fed up with the maintenance
on this house.
You're the one who wanted
a big house.
The pool has to be done.
It's full of algae.
I'll get onto it.
You always say that.
- I'll do it.
Are the new supplies OK?
- Yes, fine.
Don't worry,
everything's fine.
Anika wants to talk to you
about the festival.
You have any sticking plaster?
-No, why?
I cut myself
and it's bleeding.
Let me see.
- No it's alright.
Forget it, it's stopped.
I'm sick of it.
Let Anika do what she likes.
She needs to get serious.
I'm not a money-pit
We'll talk to her when she gets back.
-You always say that.
I'll do it.
She's a hopeless case,
she's so unstable.
I know.
What can I do for you?
I...I feel irritated all the time.
I don't feel good.
Any pain?
-No, I...
At times I feel ill.
Like before?
No, no...
I'm still in control.
But you can't quite make it?
I don't know.
Do you feel more aggressive?
Just count up to ten
if you feel you're losing control.
How are your kidney stones?
-It's alright.
-All well.
Are you still cutting down,
or drinking more?
More than a drop.
So let's take a look.
Open your shirt.
Take a deep breath.
No pain?
Sleeping alright?
Not too badly.
Do up your shirt.
Maybe it's stress
-Could be.
How are things at work?
-As usual, working hard.
Do you want something for anxiety?
-No, it's OK.
Thank you, doctor.
-My pleasure.
Give my regards to your family.
- Shall do.
Sorry to drop in unexpectedly.
-That's fine.
How's it going?
You know I...
Yes, I heard.
Like everybody.
It's like a little village here
you know.
Anyway I made my decision.
Business seems to be picking up.
I like to think so.
I'm building a new house.
At Woodland Hills, we're...
her name's Lucia...
building our new house.
I'd like to give you an order.
Of course, what do you want?
A dozen beams 4x3, plywood.
Skirting boards.
Do you have 8cm boards?
Only in cherrywood,
but it's beautiful.
I'll send you a guy
for the sanding.
Thank you Francois.
-My pleasure...nothing else?
Not right now,
but later probably.
That'll be ready for tomorrow.
You want it delivered?
Yes please.
- No problem.
You look well, Cliff.
I've never felt so good.
I don't give a damn
what they say.
They can say anything.
I can't be happier.
I must be off.
-Me too.
Thanks old chap.
-It was nothing.
Why didn't you invite Cliff Engel?
I couldn't invite him
because of Heidi.
I saw him today.
He's building a new house.
With his wife?
I guess so.
I heard she was young.
Was Heidi at the wedding?
I didn't see her.
Don't tell her you're selling
timber to Cliff.
Why not?
What do mean "why not"?
You should have refused.
She's our friend
and he left her with nothing.
I can't refuse an order.
My God, Francois, you carry on like
we were on the verge of bankruptcy.
I've got to go to Capetown
on business.
Tomorrow maybe.
When you back?
End of the week.
Hennie can't go?
No, he's too busy.
Anyway, they're my clients.
And I have to tidy up everything
after the wedding.
And guess who has to pay!
Of course...sorry.
I know you have
a lot of work.
I'll pack your bag later.
Leave it, I'll do it.
Elena...good evening.
Yes, that was great, thank you.
Willem, it's Francois.
Yes thanks.
Did you get home alright?
You won't believe me.
But I'm in Capetown.
For some meetings.
No, since yesterday.
Seven years and now twice
in one week.
I'm at the Garden Court.
That'd be nice.
Wait a bit.
Friesland 14.
The very next.
I'll find it...I'm just a farmer's son,
but I'll make it!
See you later.
At the time it wasn't easy,
but we felt safe.
They're turning us into racists.
Where's Christian?
I don't know.
I tried to call him...
Doing revision probably.
Speak of the devil.
I wondered who's car that was
in the driveway.
Hullo, Uncle Francois. We meet again!
Chris, your plate's
in the kitchen.
Working hard eh?
-Not so sure.
I'll believe it when
I see his notes.
Same with Anika.
You have to check the notes.
May I smoke?
-On the terrace.
Theres an ashtray
in the cupboard.
Will you be here Saturday, Francois?
We're having a barbecue.
There's rugby. WP and the Bulls.
You're welcome.
OK I'll be out again.
3 probably, it's here
at Newlands.
So you'll wanna leave
a little earlier to get here.
When there's a match on
there are traffic jams.
OK, I'll come.
Did you buy the drinks?
How many times must I ask?
I'll go...he's busy.
He's always busy!
I'll go, there's enough time,
it's only Thursday!
Don't raise your voice at me.
Do women squabble
like this, Francois?
They're worse...believe me!
Francois, come see
a flat screen TV
-It's an LCD TV screen.
The picture quality's
How much for
something like that?
How much was it, Christian?
-11 999.
It's beautiful.
They're all the same to me.
'Cause you just watch your soapies.
-I love my soapies!
-''Uncle'' Francois.
Don't be silly, call me Francois.
You're a grown man.
I was gonna say that if I had an iPod,
we could play audio through it too.
Buy yourself an iPod,
no one's stopping you.
He had one and lost it
and now he wants another.
You think money grows on trees?
Francois, a coffee?
-Yes, thanks.
How're things?
Grahamstown? But I said no.
And she even took the car?
She never listens.
I'm tired.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Sleep well.
I love you too...
He missed it?
When he should get it, he doesn't.
When he does, he loses it!
They fumble too much.
Don't know what their tactics are.
Go WP!
Christian...your father's going
to throw a fit!
He hasn't called.
I'm so irritated!
Is there a problem?
Christian's gone to the beach.
The beach?
It's where all the young people go
to be seen.
Marika, sorry,
I have to go.
But we haven't eaten!
-I'm sorry.
Take something with you.
-It's OK.
'Bye...nice meeting you.
-And you.
Say 'bye to the guys for me.
Good match.
Come and see us before you go home.
I'm sorry.
-Doesn't matter.
Christian's going to help me
with some papers...
...give me some advice.
Advice you don't need
to follow.
Anyway, I told him yes.
Can you give me his number?
Christian...there it is.
I hope The Bulls get up!
-Doubt it!
Yes I'd like to report
my car stolen.
A blue BMW... 3 Series.
It's my car. Find it!
Shit! Elena, shut up and listen!
I called the police and I don't care!
I hope they arrest her.
Double scotch and cola.
Buzz off!
So where do you go out
in Capetown?
Around the town.
You mean like bars?
Usually close to home.
So you never go out
in Greenpoint?
When I was younger, about your age,
I was a big party animal.
You couldn't stop me.
I'm sure.
I wanted to be
in the airforce.
I was crazy about planes.
Everything about how they worked...
When I was in the army I wanted to fly,
but we just patrolled.
I'm sure your father told you.
In those days...
we had duties to the family.
Sometimes I still feel like
becoming a pilot...
flying away
and leaving everything.
I'll take you home, eh?
Thank you for helping me, Christian.
Not a problem, Francois.
I may stay a few more days...
if you want.
Yes, that'd be nice.
You know, these corrupt policemen
are typical of this government.
All they want is money.
all of them in this government...
those greedy bastards.
I don't fart-arse around.
I get the job done.
Don't rob anybody.
I can help someone...
and keep it to myself.
None of this drama
that always goes with all the stuff.
Some people don't know how
to keep it together.
But I do.
You know what I mean?
I don't need these things
to get the best of me.
My beliefs,
my way of doing things,
that's just fine.
You'll see...
it's important
to know yourself...
and not become
like that scum.
You'll see.
I could show you
how to keep it all together
and make it work.
You want anything else?
I need to ask you something.
It's there.
Would you like a drink?
There...put hairs
on your chest.
Can you smoke in here?
There's no detector.
So as I said,
the money will allow me
to start up the investment...
and you'll get everything back.
I'm 100% sure.
Gimme a kiss!
Stop, Francois!
Why me?
Isn't that the reason
you wanted me to help you?
It's because I don't...
I don't have anyone else
with that kind of money.
Get off me!
Come on!
Take off your pants.
Take them off.
Get off me!
Don't you want
to see the doctor?
I went to one in Cape Town.
It's just a scratch.
If I'd been inside
he would have kidnapped me.
The police'll do nothing. As usual.
The country's going to hell.
It's OK. I'm alright.
Linda called.
The honeymoon is going well,
apart from the bad weather.
Anika's fine.
She's afraid to see you.
Hasn't she left Grahamstown?
Don't know.
She doesn't want
to talk to me.
- No thanks.
Good evening, daddy.
I'm sorry, daddy!
I'm sorry!
Please! I'm sorry!
Come here!
Come on.
It's over...finished.
It's alright.
- Why's he so angry with me?
I forgive you.
Stop crying
It's over.
Everything's alright.
'' She approached him
and the heavens opened.
The dusty earth was refreshed...
by showers.
The rain washed everything between them...
and all they were doing.
From moment to moment, their love returned.
Like beads of rain at the beginning,
and then like a flood.
When they could no longer live separated...
the force of the flood united them.
The smell of ferns and the breath of life
emerging from the mist...
on an endless white plain.
They danced around in the white sun.
Happiness was returning to the country that
had separated them...
and poisoned their love.
Night was falling
but their limbs were exhausted.
They were asleep
and they would remain entwined...
for eternity.''
It's a long queue...
let's go if you want.
Going out?
- Yes I'm going to the Mystic Boer.
I wanted to ask you
a question.
Are you still talking
to Christian?
Occasionally, but not lately.
I just wanted to know.
You seemed to be getting along
at the wedding.
He's very nice,
but he lives in Capetown.
Have fun.
Don't be home too late.
There we are, Mr van Heerden.
Your waiter's coming.
Good day sir. My name's Ti.
Would you like something to drink?
Coke please.
Do you know what
you want to eat?
A "Monkey Glamburger".
Sure, anything else?