Sky (2015) Movie Script

I'd love one of these!
- How y'all doing?
- Hi.
- I'm Jenny.
What can I get you?
- No. No ice for me, please.
- Oh! Okay!
I don't like ice, ok?
What are you having?
- Okay.
- thank you
I'll get 2 eggs, please.
No eggs after 11:00.
- Okay.
Club sandwich.
- Okay, what kind of bread?
Whole wheat, white, sourdough...
- White, white, white.
- Okay.
And dressing? Blue cheese,
ranch, vinaigrette, Italian?
- Vinaigrette.
- Okay.
- Um, I'll take a chef salad
with ranch, please.
Thank you.
I can't stand this:
"What sauce, what bread..." All this shit.
It's good to have a choice.
I'm going swimming.
Isn't it a bit late?
What's with Bombay beach?
They say it'll be
the epicenter of the next earthquake.
- You're so good.
No, thanks.
- I need a drink.
I'll have one.
- Miss? Miss?
Can I get another drink, that?
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- How amazing is my friend?
- Beautiful.
Great singer.
Really, I mean it.
- Thank you.
- I was just telling her and
she's telling me, no.
- You wanna drink something?
- Of course, why not?
- Yeah, I'll have a whiskey.
- Whiskey?
- Yes.
- Can we get 2 double whiskeys
on the rocks?
What are you drinkin'?
- vodka on the rocks too.
- Heather, don't go from
the well I'll mark that one.
- Hi, I'm Richard.
- Thank you, girl.
- Helen.
- Helen, nice to meet you.
- You too.
- Ri... Richard?
Oh, you're French.
- Yeah.
From Paris.
- Oh, my god. I wanted to go
there my entire life.
We should go.
- Really?
- Richard, we should go.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- To new friends.
Thanks for the drink.
- You're welcome.
- What are you doin' in town?
We don't get a lotta French
people around here.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Were you just out in the desert?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Here's my..
- Your friend?
- Yeah.
The one, where..
Not happy!
- Yeah, she looks like
the ball of fun.
- No.
- What have you guys been doin'?
- Oh, boring, actually.
- You boring. You..
Richard, you do not seem boring.
- Sante.
Cheers is Sante.
- Oh!
- Do you want another round?
Do we need another round?
- Of course.
- Well.
- Hey, Romy, Romy.
She has a joke about Indians.
My wife.
- Oh!
- Romy.
- So, there's this 6 year old
Indian kid, right?
And one day, he goes to see
the big chief of his tribe.
And he looks up at him and he asks him,
he real puzzled, he's like
"hey, big chief, where the
Indians get their names from?"
And the chief, he looks down
on him and he says
"oh, it depends how
the spirit moves me according
"to what I see in the world when
the child is born.
"On the day of your brother's
birth, I looked out through
"the hole in my teepee and
I saw a coyote running
"and that is why he is named
running coyote.
"And on the day
of your sister's birth
"there was this
light rain falling
"and so I named her dew Pearl.
But tell me, why are you
asking this, two dogs fucking?"
It's funny.
Oh, come on.
- It's really, really..
- Ooh.
- Ooh.
- Funny, right?
- Very.
- Another one?
- Another one? Okay.
- Can we go?
- Not now. It's fun, for once.
- What do you want?
- To go.
A drink, a drink, a drink! Just a drink.
- Whiskey, please, for my..
- Oh, you're gonna have
a drink with us?
- Some water, please.
- No, no, no, no, no!
No water.
- No, water.
- Alcohol.
Anything but alcohol.
Come on, for god's sake!
- I don't want one.
- Come on.
- We don't get many tourists
around these parts.
- I know why.
It's my wife idea.
She likes the nature
the - the - the plants
and botanic
and spirituality and na, na, na.
I'd like to go
in a island, you know.
By the, by the sea and get,
get fucked everyday.
But no.
We're riding a car, you know
taking pictures of plants
Well, she... she's my wife
for 8 years.
8 years.
I knew her when she was 24.
I guess I, I love her.
I love her, uh, so much
I can give her what,
what she wants.
Money, good life, love,
everything she wants.
She doesn't want my dick.
Doesn't want my dick anymore.
It makes me crazy.
Where were you?
Come over here.
My wife.
My wife.
Come on.
We thought that going vacation
could fix our couple.
That's what we said, right...?
That's bullshit.
- Please stop.
- No.
- Come on, let's go.
- No!
- Okay.
Is it me talking with girls?
You're pissed off?
She's pissed off!
- Stop it.
- She's pissed off, huh?
You're good at that.
Moody and barren, typical you.
My wife doesn't know how to..
She can't..
Where are you going?
Oh, I was kidding.
She... she's in a bad mood.
- It's gettin' late.
I'm gonna go.
- No, come on let's
take a drink.
Another one.
- Yeah, honey..
- Just one
no, no, no, no!
Let's party!
Let's party!
Hey, there.
Hey, buddy, where is your horse?
Just let me...
I love you.
- Leave me alone.
- Kiss me.
Stop it!
Leave me alone!
- Stop it!
- You're not going anywhere.
What are you doing?
- I'm gonna fuck you.
- You're crazy!
I'm crazy?
Am I the crazy one?
You're crazy!
It's you who's crazy, got it?
- They come in here and me,
I buy.
The thing is
I sell less and less.
Used to buy and sell, but
now they just leave
with the cash.
There's no more business.
Well, this is the best value for the money
in the neighborhood.
Just 1000 bucks, cash only.
- Uh..
Just, um, some
vegetarian chili please.
- okay.
Anything to drink?
- Um, no.
- Alright, we'll bring
that right up.
Can I get you anything else?
- I'm good.
- Okay, enjoy.
- You can come out.
They're gone.
How's the chili, is it good?
- Thank you.
- How you doin', ma'am?
Please shut off the vehicle.
- Yes.
- License
and registration, please.
- Um, I, uh,
I just bought the car.
- Just bought it?
- Yes.
- You're French?
- Yes.
- Passport please, ma'am.
What are you doing here?
- I'm on holiday.
- On your own?
- No, I'm meeting some friends.
- Where's that?
- I'm sorry.
- Where?
Where are your friends, ma'am?
- Uh, they're, they're,
they're in palm Springs.
- This road doesn't
go to palm Springs.
- Can you pop the trunk,
please, ma'am?
- Uh..
I think it's the key.
- No, no, no, no.
You stay in the vehicle.
I'll take care of that.
Please keep your seatbelt on.
Can you check that?
So, what else do you plan
on doing on this trip?
- Oh, nothing.
Just vacation.
- Mm.
How does it look?
- It's clean.
- You're free to go, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Please drive safely.
- Yes.
And slow down.
- Hi.
- Do you have rooms available?
- Yeah.
How many nights?
- Just one, please.
- $59, uh, payable in advance
just tryin' to remember
when it was that I...
...saw a woman as beautiful as you are.
You know, 40 years ago,
all of Hollywood used to come down here
uh, for the river
and then they made a dam
upstream and no more river.
Um, Liz Taylor.
Liz Taylor used to come here..
Classy lady Liz Taylor.
Now, um, for dinner...
- I just need to sleep.
- Oh, well, in that case I'll
give you something, uh
way in the back,
away from the highway.
There you go.
Around back and over up there. See?
- Okay.
- And the behind..
There you go.
- Thank you.
- Hey, baby, how you doing?
Come on in.
You're the bomb.
Come here.
- I'm sorry.
- Are you looking at me?
- Is there anything else
to look at here?
I don't have the time.
...i gotta be in San Luis
Obispo by noon tomorrow.
- Oh, good.
I have to be far away
by tomorrow noon as well.
- So we agree.
- We agree.
- Hello!
- Good day, ma'am
can I help you?
- I'd like to speak
to a detective, please.
I killed my husband.
I hit him on the head
with a lamp
in a hotel and then I left him.
I bought a car for his $1000.
I think it's a Plymouth
and I drove for...
- what's your name, ma'am?
- Romy Kellinger.
- Can I see some ID?
Thank you.
You're on vacation with your husband
here in the us?
- Yes.
- Okay, you hang tight.
I'll be right back.
We're just gonna verify your ID.
In the meantime, would you
like to have a lawyer present?
- No.
Do I have to?
- Well, no.
It's not required.
But I do wanna run you through
a couple of the steps
about what's gonna happen next.
So before I'm gonna open up
your case into the facts of
which you have accused
yourself, I'm gonna ask you
a series of questions.
We can verify the details
of those questions
and all this turns out
to be true
then yes, at that point you are
gonna need a lawyer.
Do you understand?
- I understand.
Thank you.
- Alright, then.
You okay, miss,
you ready to start?
- Yes. I'm good.
Thank you. You're very kind.
- Okay, so why don't you
tell me where this happened?
- At a motel, in 29 palms.
I... I think it's called the 29.
- And when was this?
- 3 days ago.
It was during the night,
around 2 o'clock in the morning.
So I guess that's technically
the 29th.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to mix up the dates, I...
- ma'am, ma'am.
It's okay, relax.
The questions are gonna
be precise
'cause I need to verify
all of these details.
What's your husband's name?
- Richard Moreau.
- That's French, yeah?
- Yes.
- So then you're the one
of German descent?
- Yes, by my mother's side.
- She raised us.
My father was French but..
Yeah, my brother and I kept...
- ma'am, that's enough
for right now.
I'm gonna step out again
try and verify all of this
it shouldn't take me more than
a couple of minutes.
Hang tight, I won't be too long.
- Okay, so.
It's like I guessed.
You didn't strike me as a killer
when you walked in here.
I have some good news.
Your husband is alive.
And he told me the story.
The two of you had a bit
of a domestic dispute
it sounds like, it got heated
he slipped, he hit his head
nothing but an accident.
I'm gonna give this
back to you right now.
I think this is something
you need to talk
to your husband about
not the police.
I'm just gonna take that..
...and we can pretend like you
were never here.
How's that sound?
He's in the hospital
in 29 palms.
I'm so ashamed.
I'm so ashamed, Romy.
Where were you? What did you do?
I drove for miles.
I was so scared.
I drove for miles.
- What matters is that you're here.
- No.
What matters is that you're alive.
There was so much
I wanted to tell you but...
We'll go back to Paris and...
We'll talk.
I'm not going back.
I'm staying.
How? With what money?
I bought a car with your money.
An old...
Brown Plymouth.
It's yours.
- Where you going?
- Las Vegas.
- Las Vegas. I'm going
to las Vegas too.
- Oh, oh, my god!
These fucking shoes.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm, I'm Charlene.
- Romy.
- Hi, Romy.
So where do you come from?
- Um..
Paris, in France
- wow.
That's exciting.
The only French I know is..
...half a grapefruit.
- Um, you have some ketchup
on your nose.
- I'm sorry, what?
- Ketchup.
- Oh!
I put ketchup on my ketchup.
- Those shoes look like
they would hurt a lot.
- Yeah, they do.
I think you're only supposed
to wear 'em in bed
if you know what I mean.
- Hello!
I'm on my way.
Well, it's show time.
It was really nice
getting to know you so well.
- It's okay.
- Yeah, your hands are cold.
- Stay warm.
- You too. Thanks.
Nice outfit.
- Hi, come take a picture
with us.
Come here, take a picture.
Hey, hey, hey, where's my 20?
My 20 bucks?
- I'm sorry, it's alright.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Do you, do you have
a cigarette by chance?
- I'm Romy.
You look good.
- There was this girl,
from, uh, Texas.
- Anyway one day
she didn't come back.
She, just, uh, pfft,
So pick out whatever you want.
- Yeah, that's so nice.
I like this.
- Oo la la!
Hey, you can stay here as long
as you want, alright?
If you don't mind just, uh,
put 40 bucks
in that kitty over there.
And, uh, for work..
I don't know, I'm sure
we can find something for you.
You know what? Saturdays I do
waitressing in a bowling alley.
I can ask.
Do you know how to roller skate?
Sexy time, that's it.
Sexy time, girl.
Good girl.
- Woo!
- You know what, I think we
can forget the bowling alley.
Really? I just need practice.
- You just wanna look
for goofy tourists
that wanna give us their money.
And act like you're
having a good time.
- Come and get a picture
over here, bud.
- You.
- Pictures.
Wanna take pictures?
- It's not as easy as it looks,
so you just go.
Keep on trying,
you look fantastic.
- Pictures.
- Maybe, maybe just,
you know, stand still, just,
you know, don't pop around.
- Sure it's like a bunny but
just, you know, try to be sexy.
Don't pop around, you know.
- Yeah, not the Easter bunny.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
- You know where
the bathroom is?
- Yes, if you go down
straight and make a right
and up the escalators and it
will be on your right hand side.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Rabbit.
- Oh.
- Wanna get a drink?
- Sure. Why not?
- Room 5330.
150, will that work?
- What?
- 200.
- I, I, uh, I know I look like
one, right now.
But, I'm not a prostitute, so..
You know where the bathroom is?
Thank you.
- How about a drink in the bar?
- Why not?
- I only fuck whores.
It's easier that way.
No strings attached.
That's why I come to Vegas.
- At least it's clear.
- Yup.
- I'd like another drink.
- Hmm.
- You?
- Can we get another round?
- I like the name Diego.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You Mexican?
You got lots of horses?
- Someone told me once you
shouldn't have more horses
than you have asses,
and I only got one ass, but..
No, I don't have any horses.
Let me ask you something.
What's a nice girl like you
doing here all alone
in Vegas, dressed up
like a bunny rabbit?
- Actually I'm coming out
of a long relationship.
I don't really
want to talk about it.
I'm happy it's over.
Other than that I really have
no fucking clue why I'm here
or why I put on a rabbit
costume, I mean.
It's not really me.
- Fair enough.
- Do you have a light?
Thank you.
I don't know where I'm going,
but I know I'm gonna get there.
You know, I'm just,
I want to be free.
And I'm so, so fucking
done with love, you know.
I just don't want love.
I'm so happy.
That I don't have
love right now.
It's just so, I'm free.
And I don't know where life
is gonna take me
but I'm gonna get there
and my aim is on earth
to just float,
I'm just gonna float.
And I think..
- Just to shut you up, rabbit.
- Excuse me, has room
5330 checked out already?
- I'm sorry, I can't give out
that information.
It's hotel policy.
- Okay, can you at least tell
me if it's booked for the night?
- You said 5330?
Yes, it's booked until tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hey!
- Am I disturbing you?
- Did you bring back
my costume, my bunny costume?
- Of course.
- Turns out, you can't stay
over here anymore, okay?
I think I know
what you really are.
And I want you to take
all your stuff
and get the hell outta here
and not come back.
- Okay.
- Just want you to go.
You don't have any other
place to stay?
- Please.
- Look, I'm sorry I...
- do really think I give a shit
about your life story?
You can't stay and that's it.
- Fine!
- Hey, you, and just put..
Could you please put 40 bucks
in the kitty before you leave?
- Thank you.
- Hello, again.
- How are you?
- Good.
Do you have rooms available
for one night?
- One night? Yes, I do.
- Uh, smoking or non?
- Yes, could I speak
to room 5330, please.
- Hello. Hello.
- Hi, can I speak
to Diego, please?
- Your name is Diego?
He said "who is it?"
- It's Romy.
Tell him, rabbit.
- Rabbit.
- I'll call back tomorrow.
- He'll call you back tomorrow.
- Okay, uh, uh, room 1003.
Okay, please,
it's important, room 1003.
- Sure, sure, I'll tell him.
- Okay!
- Hello!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Why did you give me
your address
if you didn't want me to come?
- Is that all it takes?
Here you are.
Sorry. I'm drunk.
- Oh, come on.
Don't do the dishes.
- You're a cop.
- Hmm. Park ranger,
at your service.
So, is the, uh, the girl
that wants gently on there
still gonna be here
when I get back?
- Yes.
- Alright.
- Adios, partner.
If you wanna go downtown
the keys to the truck
are on the refrigerator...
- bye, partner.
I like your hat.
- This must not be allowed..
..To continue!
If it does
mother nature will react..
In a way where almost all men
will suffer the end of life
as they now know it.
Sister to earth.
Yeah. Sister to earth!
Bring your lives here.
Sister to earth!
Thank you, sis.
Thank you very much.
- Hmm.
And not even close.
- I thought your interest
was in plants?
- You know, nature is like
some country... For animals.
If you know who lives there,
you know about the plants.
- Well, lots of bobcats..
...gila monsters.
- Gila monsters?
- Gila monsters.
- What's that?
- Big lizard.
- Oh.
- Kangaroo rats..
...desert tortoises.
- I met this Indian..
...and he said
I was a tortoise.
- Tortoise?
- A tortoise.
- He told me I was a tortoise.
- Well, you can't
be an eagle, huh?
- Well, you're not an eagle,
you're a..
- Kind of an eagle.
- Diego's back
and with a hot girl in his arm.
- Hey, you guys
want a couple beers?
- Yes, sir.
- You guys need an explanation?
It's a little early.
- Thank you.
- Good to see you, mate.
You look great, you look great.
- Welcome back.
- Thanks, man.
- Beautiful.
- Nice to meet you.
- And chicharrones.
- Yeah.
- You come here a lot?
- Well, weekends mainly.
- Hey, Diego.
- Hi, Gloria.
Maybe once or twice.
She's a good one.
- Yeah, she looks good.
- Hey, darlin',
can I buy you a drink?
- No, she's good.
- I don't believe I was
talkin' to you.
Can't the little lady
answer for herself?
- Yes, the little lady can.
She's not drinking with men
with no manners.
- Bitch.
- Hey, get a beer
for my friend right here.
Get a beer for my friend here!
I'm sorry.
- What are you doing?
- I'm sorry. He started it.
It's just, I want you to know..
- Let's go.
- Alright. Let's go.
- Goodnight. Goodnight.
Goodnight. Goodnight.
Fistfight is..
...kind of like real life.
- Mm.
- You gotta make quick decisions
hope for the best.
When you knock a guy out.. sort of throw
his, his existence in his face.
And there's no.. glory in
being the winner.
You just wanna..
...feel something, I think.
- I love you.
- I thought you didn't
wanna hear about love anymore?
- Hi!
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- How are you?
- I'm good. This is Billie.
- My sister-in-law.
- Hi.
- Romy, a friend of mine.
- Hi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Harry, say hi.
- Hi.
- Say hi...
- he never does that.
Joe! Be careful, Joe.
- Quiet down, Billie.
He's gonna be fine.
- So you guys are comin' over
for dinner on Sunday?
'Cause with the kids, it's just
easier to do it at the house
but we'll make somethin' good.
- Yes, that'd be nice.
- Good.
- You like this.
- Later, gator.
- What are you doing?
- You know it'll make Joe happy
to hang out with his brother
a little bit.
- Yeah.
- It was really
nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Okay.
- I'll see you soon.
- Okay.
- You wanna always make sure
that it's nice and neat.
Spoon on the left,
fork on the right.
- Knife in the middle.
- Okay.
- Any questions so far?
- No.
- Okay. The kitchen,
your pots, um
here we like to keep the soups
and different things
to keep hot
throughout the entire day.
And then..
...welcome to the team.
Here is your apron
and then you also always
wanna put your hair back
or in a braid or something
because we do not want
any hair to go into the food.
- She said I should make some..
...French pastries.
That the clients
will come for that.
I think that's a really
good idea, no?
My mother taught me how to make
a really good apple tart.
It's the only thing
she taught me.
- What's this about
gettin' a job?
I thought you were
just passin' through.
- I am just passing through.
- Your brother's here.
Oh, my god,
you got all dressed up!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- What's that?
- I made you a pie.
- You made it?
- Yes.
- How's it goin', man?
You good?
- Yeah.
- Alright.
- The cattle running
was very impressive.
- Yeah, Joe's the tattoo king.
You are.
- Damn, Billie, when're you
gonna fix your tooth?
- Well, I don't have time
with the kids. Lay off me.
- I gave you cash for that.
- Yeah. I have the cash.
- I just didn't
fix my tooth yet.
- Austin!
Austin, come here.
Come here, mister.
We're gettin' in the tub.
We're gettin' in the tub.
- Yeah. She's been
dumpster divin'.
- What?
- Pullin' food
out of trash bins.
My wife's a fuckin' whacko!
She likes to be full till
she's fuckin' burstin'.
She goes down
to the grocery store
she checks out the date
on the food they throwing away
and she comes back
with a fuckin' trunk load
of garbage.
Its fuckin' cans of beef.
It's fuckin' garbage.
- Well, we make savings.
- Oh, yeah, what good
are savings 6 feet under
with some
like dumb-fuck bacteria, huh?
- Come on.
- Austin?
Come here.
We gotta take a bath.
We gotta take a bath.
- Can you take her
for one second?
Thank you. I just
gotta get these tarts out.
We're not really having
anything too fancy
'cause you can't really
do that with kids, but..'ve got so much
Patience for that.
God! I can barely
handle it, you know.
It's just like one... Kid
after the other.
I don't know what to say.
I just get pregnant so easy.
Kayla, are you being good?
Is she being good?
- Oh, they're very sweet.
- She is very sweet.
He can be kind of an asshole.
- Chip?
- Hey, you mind takin' these
out to Joe
and just see
if he's started the grill?
- Sure.
- Can you handle that and her?
- Thank you.
- We'll go outside?
- Hmm-mm.
- I cannot believe
you found work around here.
Do you know, everybody's lookin',
no one can find anything.
And you just roll in..
And I thought you were just
a tourist passing through.
What are we gonna have now
a French sister-in-law
'cause that'd be funny.
That'd be a funny thing.
- You gotta clean that dumb-shit
out of your conversation, Billie
'cause it sure is
buggin' us around here.
- Okay, Joe.
Then you make conversation
if you're so good at it.
Well, look what happens
when I don't talk. Nobody talks.
- Why does Diego
cough like that?
- I don't know. I mean,
I think he's been doing it
ever since he came back from the war.
I mean, that's what Joe told me.
He said that,
it left him real broke up
I mean, I've only know him
5 years since I've been with Joe
but it's been like that
the whole time.
So it's gettin' real serious
with you two?
- I don't know.
- Hey, Billie,
quit telling your last story
and come out here and show me
your cheerleader routine.
- Oh, my god!
- You make a really
pretty cheerleader.
- I haven't done it in ages.
I don't want anyone judging me.
- Okay.
Go team!
Woo! Woo. Whoo!
- Higher. Higher.
- Woo! Woo!
- Stop!
Stop! What are you doing?
Do you wanna lose your baby?
- Hey, chill out.
We're just having fun.
What the fuck's wrong with her?
- You really are a couple of fools,
you know that.
- Ow.
- I got to you..
- I didn't do a good job.
- You did a great job.
- Are you alright?
- I'm sorry.
- That's alright.
They're idiots anyway.
You know how many people die
of thirst, crossin' the border every year?
Go ahead, pick a number.
- What, Mexicans?
I don't know.
A hundred?
- Way more.
Not just Mexicans either.
If anybody sees me do this,
I'm gonna lose my job.
- Hey.
- Don't.
- Why can't you just accept
what's happening to us?
- Is that sex?
I buy that.
I told you that from the start.
I thought maybe we had a chance
'cause you wanted the same things.
You lied to me,
I didn't lie to you.
- Lied to you?
I didn't lie to you.
- I ain't in love with you.
- I don't believe you.
- Just doesn't make sense,
that's all.
- Life doesn't have
to make sense.
What's wrong with you?
- I'm gonna go for a drive.
While I'm away, you get in there
and you pack your shit
and you get the fuck out!
- You're right.
A guy like you is not worth it
for more than a week anyways.
- Do you even have a place
to sleep tonight?
Go clean up your den
'cause she's gonna need
a bed tonight.
You know where we keep
the clean sheets.
- I... I think so.
- Thanks.
- You bet.
- Listen, I don't mind
helping you and stuff, but, um..'s a temporary thing,
- Of course.
I really appreciate it.
- Alright.
- Here are your coffees.
- Thank you very much.
- I'll be right back
to take your order.
- Would you like milk?
- Yes, please.
- Thank you.
- Alright. Do you know
what you'd like?
- Yes, I'll have
a sandwich, please.
- Uh, would you like
rye pumpernickel, white
or sourdough?
How about cheese?
- No cheese.
- And if you'd like
for dessert..
...we have homemade
French apple tart.
- Well, let's go.
Well, you can stay as long
as you like.
- Are you sure it's no problem?
- If you don't treat us like
Indians can see in the dark
speak to damselflies
and make their life choices
based on the shape
of their clads
we should be fine.
- I'm gonna bless you
with Sage and I smudge you off
so.. can continue on your
journey of what you're doing.
Your new name will be sky.
Mapiya, like the sky.
- Mapiya. Sky.
- Mapiya.
- I like that.
- Yeah.
- I gotta tell you something
that my grandma told me
yesterday about you.
She told me, um,
you're expecting a child
and, uh,
it's gonna be a little boy.
- I can't have babies.
My body rejects them.
- I've had four.
or spontaneous miscarriage?
- DNC once.
- And the three other times
it just happened.
- You're not bleeding?
- No.
- Well, your pregnancy's
off to a good start.
So don't go on
fearing another disaster.
That'd be a shame.
Make sure the father
to be pampers you.
- Then you'll be fine.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Saw Diego's truck last night,
- He's in the bathroom.
He's not doing too good.
- Are you okay?
Come on.
- My body's sick, Romy.
It was poison.
- I'm broken
like you said I was.
I could light up a whole town
with the..
...amount of ray in my gut.
This is the payoff from..
...depleted uranium is..
..When it hits a target
and you.. breathe it in..
...right here.
It gets in your blood
and your lungs.
You fell for a guy
that's gonna die.
- I can't even
make love to you anymore.
- Do you remember
when we made love
for the first time in Vegas?
Afterwards I went walking
outside in the sunshine
...i saw my shadow.
And next to my big shadow
there was... A small shadow.
Like a child.
And I was holding hands
with the child.
And Missy,
she told her grandmother.
And she said it means
that I will have a child.
And it's true.
I went to the doctor
and it's true.
Are you okay?
- You gotta get rid of it,
- I'm not afraid
to have this child.
- Actually, yeah.
Let's keep it.
It might be nice..
...have a little baby
with a eyeball
in the middle of his forehead.
Or maybe a baby
born with no arms.
Maybe he'll be born
with leukemia.
A nice little cancer
his dad gave him.
Someone he's never
ever gonna meet.
- Stop it!
- No, you stop it!
You wouldn't even hold this baby
in your arms.
That's how much you like it!
You'd think it was ugly.
You'd feel so bad about yourself
for being such
a selfish bitch that you...
- stop it!
- You piss me off with
your little fucking angel eyes
you know that?
Get rid of it.
- I don't know what to do.
- You can't change
what happened.
It's all meant to be.
But you've been given
a beautiful, beautiful life
to take on.
So don't, don't cry.
I will be here for you.
We'll go through this together.
It's gonna be okay.
That's why we gave you
the name of sky
You're always changing.
The sky is always changing.
- Thank you.
- You probably won't like this.
It's cactus.
- I like cactus.
- Hmm-mm, I don't know
if you'll like
this one actually.
- It's good.
- Hm..
- Hmm, no.
- May I take your order?
- Yes.
Uh, Polish sausage, please.
- Thank you.
That'll be right out.
- The white man
for material possessions
and power
has blinded him.
- Those guys are such a drag.
It's a letter to president Nixon
from 1970.
- Nah, you're tough.
I signed the letter
before I knew you.
- Yeah, well,
that doesn't surprise me.
- Thanks. Nice.
- Oh, come on.
Not you. You're different.
- Oh, yeah.
Very, very different.
- Hi.
- Jesse sent me.
I know you're gonna be sad..
- Shh.
- I love you.
Tell him he was always
wanted for me.
You tell him that.
- Diego.
I love you!
I love you!
Let's run.