Sky Fighter (2019) Movie Script

Get up.
Get up.
You gotta get up.
When life knocks you
down, you get back up.
Get up.
Do you know your name?
- Your cybernetics are out.
I tried to fix it.
- I can fly, my skills work.
- Take over.
ALs up our ass.
- Good shot.
- What are you doing?
- Hiding.
Good flying.
We should wait here to
rendezvous with the fleet.
Or what's left of it.
- Hayat seni devirdiinde ayaa kalkarsn.
- We need to go silent.
- Who am I?
- You're John, Cockroach.
We were attacked by an enemy probe.
It stuck itself onto you.
It messed you up.
- Can you plug in?
- I'm not wired.
- Everybody's wired.
No, that's bullshit, this is a sim, right?
- Stop!
- Who the hell are you?
Mo, your co-pilot!
- No way I'd take a
co-pilot that wasn't wired.
- You took me because
I'm good at what I do
Shut up and listen to me!
The invasion was a disaster.
Alice has new weapons, they hacked us.
- Not this ship.
- We had this argument 12 times already.
Why hack the ships when you can
hack the pilots, understand?
These probes invaded our ships,
hacked our pilots, all over the fleet.
We lost.
I'm all natural.
Don't ask why, it's a long
story, but it saved us.
- What probe?
- It got in through the service airlock.
I tried to fix you when you passed out.
Do you remember anything?
- My father, a long time ago.
We were outside somewhere.
- It's not real.
It's a memory implant to control you.
- It's my dad, I remember him.
- You were raised by your aunt.
You don't have a father.
It's some kind of shared memory,
to make you part of a hive mind.
- I need a visual.
On three.
one, two, three.
I saw friendlies.
We're fighting our own ships.
- I can undo your hack!
- You altered the read-outs.
- It was your idea.
We have to work together, your words.
[Radio] K-5 niner,
Cockroach, are you there?
- Don't answer.
- [Radio] Last chance, or
we're gonna light you up.
- We're here, don't shoot.
- [Radio] Cockroach, John,
we were about to end you.
- Are you Javi?
- [Radio] Yeah, it's me.
Listen, John, the whole fleet was attacked
by some kind of probe.
It reprograms us, makes us alien drones.
- It attacks our cybernetics.
- [Javi] No, it's biological.
Our cybernetics filter it out.
Did you get the update from fleet?
- No, my co-pilot.
She's not wired
- [Javi] I knew it, she's
compromised, she hacked you.
Is she there?
John, what's going on over there?
- What are you doing?
- [Javi] You're neutralized, stand down!
- John, wait!
- [Javi] John, respond now or I'll fire.
- Stand down, I have her.
- [Javi] Look, John, this is hard,
but you gotta put her down.
She's a danger to you,
to us, the whole fleet.
- It's a lie.
You know me.
- [Javi] Be strong, John, be strong.
- You know what to do, be strong.
- You've broken free before
and you can do it again.
- It's done, I have the ship.
- [Javi] Good man, I
knew you'd come through.
I knew you'd be strong.
Everything's all right now.
Like my daddy always said,
life knocks you down,
you get right back up.
You get right back up, John.
- You get right back up, John.
You get right back up..
- [Javi] You're a good boy.