Sky Fighters (2005) Movie Script

Our fighter plane can make
a sudden turn within one second.
And beat the crap of the enemy.
It's the most competitive model
in the market.
The differences with other models
are slight.
But the differences
can determine life and death.
You can decide it by yourself.
Champagne for these gentlemen.
Wonderful to have you here
but have you come to see or to be seen?
Which would you prefer, Hubert?
Is the Middle East's top weapons dealer
focusing on Europe now?
Lean closer
and our American friends behind you
will presume much more than that.
The show's about to begin.
If you need anything,
you just have to ask.
Why hasn't the pilot come here yet?
Oh, my God.
Here he comes!
Save the excuses. Take off!
The tower's frantic!
The fighter will begin an armed
trial flight for you.
I'm sorry, isn't that..?
Yes, it's her.
Your guy's losing it!
This is the Control Tower.
The Mirage is heading toward
outer sea.
Is that right?
Is something wrong?
You bet there is.
Marco, answer me, damn it!
Where is the Mirage.
I don't know.
It disappeared from the radar.
I'll call military command.
North Sea
Sharko to Riesling, exercise over.
Inform Orange of arrival.
Message received.
You know, Walk'n,
pretty girls are never free
and free ones are rarely pretty.
You have to come on strong.
When I go after one,
the super model type, classy,
I apply an emotional shock.
Still there? Get it?
Tell me, kiddo,
the emotional shock is you?
See anyone else here?
You bet.
In any case the last one...
Clara if you want...
Anyhow, whenever she turns up,
she grabs you by the nose
and pulls you along behind her.
And you just lap it up.
Sure, wise guy.
Watch it, I have data on you too.
Riesling to Sharko 21.
Sharko 21, I copy.
Seek demo Mirage 2000
at 0-50 to your position
at 60 nautical miles, level 3-5-0.
0-50, 60 nautical miles, level 3-50.
Jet probably in flight,
possibly hostile.
We're onto it.
A hostile Mirage?
One of our guys blew a fuse?
If we spot him, you can ask him.
There's only tourist buses up here,
not a single pointy nose.
He has to be here.
Fahrenheit, that 340...
How many trails do you see?
Shit, five! Well spotted!
Tally ho!
Ask him what his mission is.
I'll radio for orders.
Hiding in the shadows, baby?
Sharko 22 to Mirage, request ID.
Sharko 21 to Riesling,
Mirage located on heading 1-1-0,
level 3-80 below an A340.
Await instructions.
Sharko 21, hold your position.
What is your mission?
Sharko 21, control unidentified jet.
What does "control" mean?
I guess so.
Mirage 2000, request you follow me.
The jerk gave me the finger!
Walk'n, I lost him.
He's tailing me!
Chill, I have you covered.
Sharko 22 tailed by armed suspect.
A warning shot?
Control suspect.
He means business!
Get this bug off me!
Riesling, request permission
to open fire.
Stand by.
He's gonna fire!
Decoys away!
Riesling, here I go.
This is Mandrin. Abort.
Screw 'em!
This jerk'll shoot me down!
Mandrin, repeat!
Abort. That's an order!
He's firing! Fox two!
Do you copy?
Shut it!
Move it!
Screw around and I'll cut you in two.
Okay, Seb? That was close.
Mind if we head back now?
I'd had it without you.
Thanks, pal.
Orange Airbase
Later, Jeff.
We have visitors.
When I said go faster,
I expected you to do so.
25 minutes to get here!
Where now?
This way.
My pilots, sir,
Captain Vallois and Captain Marchelli.
Colonel Farje, CD AO A.
Ms. Coste,
from the PM's office.
Who was patrol leader?
I was, sir.
Did your radio work?
You were ordered to abort.
That shit wanted to shoot me down!
Cut it out, Seb!
I received the order from Command.
But I also saw what was going on.
Give me your flight data,
for the inquiry.
Those who give orders may see less
but they know more.
Tomorrow, the Chief of Staff
wants to see you both.
Your flight plan?
That's for Special Missions,
meaning me.
Less than five minutes
between the Mirage going missing
and our fighters' intervention.
This proves, if proof were needed,
that our aerial defense
cannot be faulted.
I'm Colonel Esbly,
secretary to the Chief of Staff.
Please, follow me.
The journalists are being briefed.
Just a handful of the important ones.
The European capitals have called Paris
to congratulate us
for taking our responsibilities.
Our pilots from the Orange base...
Glad to see you, gentlemen.
Please, join me.
We regret the loss of this plane
and we shall explore the matter fully.
But, without the swift intervention
of our pilots here,
this armed fighter made
a formidable weapon in the wrong hands.
Gentlemen, you did
what had to be done.
I wanted to congratulate you in person.
Thank you all for coming.
I'll join you at the buffet shortly.
Thank you, gentlemen.
We've screwed up.
Screwed up badly.
Show them in.
Do you know this man?
No, sir.
Me neither, sir.
Like us,
you'll know him as Bertrand.
I run Special Missions.
Maelle Coste,
the liaison with the PM.
That Mirage you shot down
was one of our missions.
Everything you hear in this room
is top secret.
The Mirage was on an LVE:
A Limited Vulnerability Exercise.
Since September 11, 2001,
we all know
how civilian aircraft can be used.
What if the next step is the theft
of an armed military plane?
The government has ordered us
to consider and implement
such a hypothesis.
This allows us to test our defenses
with a reasonable level of risk.
But if we succeed,
that means others can succeed too.
The idea is
to show our weak points.
New steps are then taken
in order to avoid the worst.
I shot down a pilot on a mission?
That's why you were ordered to abort.
And who was the pilot?
It's classified but I'll tell you.
Major Barth,
my unit's most senior pilot.
The most experienced too.
He opened fire on my team-mate.
He had orders to call off the exercise
if intercepted.
He did the opposite.
Captain, no one is blaming you,
but I have to tell the government
why we're one 40-million-euro fighter
and one pilot short.
The investigating committee
will determine that.
Good luck to you.
I wanted to tell you that too.
A pat on the back,
then a slap in the face.
You said it. A real double whammy.
Excuse me!
Can I have a word?
What is it?
You're France's best pilots.
I can help with this blunder.
I just did what I had to do.
So fly for Special Missions.
As family, we'll work things out.
Work things out?
Thanks, we don't work undercover.
See you.
Captain Marchelli!
I'll give you some friendly advice:
Two mistakes in two days is too much,
even for the best.
Have a safe trip back.
She's pretty hot.
Give it a rest.
Nice boobs too.
I'm on top of the world today.
What's on?
Greeting two new guys
with a combat simulation exercise.
Greenhorns for breakfast!
We'll make them cry for mommy!
Good night, Jeff?
Yes, sir.
Babe, we've got work.
Who are our clients?
They're hot from Nevada.
I get it.
F-15s, the Grand Canyon...
Las Vegas, Death Valley...
I have two contacts.
Full south. 10 nautical miles,
level 1-80.
We should see them soon.
Switching to combat frequency.
Let's kick some cowboy ass.
Why did he open fire?
Your pal screwed up again?
Mandrin gave the order.
If he screwed up,
you can't cover for him.
For the last time,
he didn't and I'm not.
Your ID, please.
A hit and run.
The ugly one's mine.
Where is the jerk?
Shit, he's behind me!
10 to 1 on the new guys!
No chance!
What's the score now?
This is getting interesting, guys.
Vallois is in the shit.
I'm in the shit!
Screw the Grand Canyon!
Ipod! What's up?
Ipod's back behind.
Vallois looks bad.
He's trying to get cloud cover.
Vallois, the clouds!
Goddam louse!
Vallois just got diddled!
That's tough.
It's dumb.
What can I say?
Sorry, honey.
Just shut up, okay.
Anyone else?
Ready for a surprise?
I must've done bad stuff
in a previous life.
I'm paying for it now.
I don't get it.
Shot down by broads...
Shut it!
What did he say?
Forget it.
It's dumb...
Talking to me?
Captain Leslie Hedget,
code-name Stardust.
How do you do.
And Captain Estelle Kass,
aka Pitbull.
Meet Grizzly...
Bandit, Tala, Ipod...
Get that thing off...
One eye?
your escort girl...
I recognize Captain Antoine Marchelli.
Walk'n, Fahrenheit...
I just got this.
Until the hearing,
no overseas exercises,
no sky policing.
Nothing but training work in France.
The bitch...
He said nothing.
The Rafale course?
I'll send Bunker and Wanai.
Take their new recruits.
They want Kass in shape for Red Flag.
As for Hedget, she's on the exchange.
Sir, I remember that bitch on...
On Operation Cougar with Kass.
You'll fly with Hedget.
Walk'n can coach Kass.
I appreciate it.
Special Missions Squadron
Switch angle.
I'll refocus it.
Cold coffee?
Worse: Military tea.
How's it looking?
Marchelli picks his trajectory
and opens fire.
Is our plane threatening Vallois?
Barth knows
Marchelli will shoot if he does.
It's intimidation.
Barth's counting on this deadlock
to make the other guys give up.
A typical aggressive ploy.
It works. Marchelli screwed up.
No, it doesn't work.
In that case,
why did Marchelli shoot first.
Why did a pilot like him.
a typical aggressive ploy?
You realize who's behind this?
Don't worry, it won't stop there.
It'll be flight simulators
and latrine duty next.
If they come looking for us,
they'll find us.
That's for sure!
That's why I love this job too.
Even grounded, we get to 7th heaven.
I'd let her take my joystick.
Your flight suit's too tight.
I'm boiling hot in here, pal.
It'll pass.
I'm not so sure.
Sorry, my alarm didn't go off.
I hope I'm not too late.
I'll let you off, kid.
Open your flight manual
to page 32, chapter 5.
Let's see where you're at.
One on one,
sector 3-Charlie/3-Delta.
I enter, you lose.
3C/3D. Get your parachute ready.
Villette - State hunting lodge
De Seze from Dassault.
Mrs. Redgrave,
whose clients we all know.
General Buchanan
of the Australian Air Force.
The general helps with sales
to his part of the world.
The general understands French.
Remember the Lindley contract?
48 long-range fighters?
We lost it.
To the F16-D Block 60.
We had lost it.
The general,
who knows that part of the world,
says the deal is on hold.
The client wants the plane fitted
with the new APG-80 radar.
But the Americans will only deliver it
with the standard APG-68.
Yet the United Arab Emirates
get the APG-80.
Off the record, of course.
This gives
the American plane's opponents
a case in favor of the French plane.
It's a unique opportunity.
But they don't care
if the plane can loop the loop.
They want a real demo?
To decide between the two planes,
they suggest...
a competition.
In the automobile world,
they call it a "cannonball".
Our Mirage 2000-D
would take off from here.
And the F-16 from the US Rota airbase
in southern Spain.
Arrival point: You there, them here.
4,125 miles in a straight line
to the Horn of Africa.
Same distance, same timing,
same flight conditions.
The first plane
to pass over the target
and send back a satellite photo wins.
It's the typical "artillery race car."
The Americans are walking all over us.
We need this order,
with the subcontracting,
or a load of jobs will be lost.
We can do the plane,
but not the flight.
It's over hostile territory.
To commit a plane,
I want two fighters as back-up.
So do the Americans.
It's a deal.
You're crazy,
accepting without the PM's approval!
You think someone would authorize
a thing like this?
If you play, you bet high stakes
or you're out.
I needed to get authorization first!
You know them like I do.
15,000 jobs.
You'll get what you ask.
And we'll take the rap.
That's what we're here for.
Come closer...
Come on, come closer.
You've had it. 3C is mine.
Exercise over.
I'm calling the PM.
The coded phone, please.
You don't have thick arms
for an F-15 pilot.
The French talent for flattery.
I love it!
Hear the radio?
Our honor's saved.
Walk'n shot Kass down.
Screwed you, did he?
I saw. I was above you.
He used his John Derry Roll.
His what?
His John Derry Roll.
An old Spitfire pilot trick.
He uses it often?
Only if he doesn't want
to make an effort.
Who's that?
The first pilot fitted with an MP3.
They agreed,
if the pilots
prepare their resignation.
You were right. Bravo.
The day things stop going
the way I plan them, I'll quit.
No one ever surprises you?
I have the feeling
you'll manage to do it.
You're often...
very close to it.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Ace of the Month
Seen Seb?
He's gone to fetch croissants.
Want a refuel?
No thanks.
What an honor.
Some never make it.
But you do on the first day.
Estelle, why have you come to Orange?
To prepare Red Flag.
We never meet on the ground.
Are you avoiding me?
No, really.
Not particularly anyhow.
You're improving.
You avoid me here, in the air...
Believe me, I don't.
Your John Derry Roll...
I've watched you.
I can't do it.
I know. I've improved it.
It's better... and more effective.
Teach me?
If you want.
You swerve.
Neither too soon, nor too late.
You don't stop, you keep on pulling
and end up facing the other guy.
I need you.
Give us a second chance.
Would you follow me?
The way you fly
shows you haven't changed.
See you later.
You broke you word.
We'll make it, Ms. Gray.
This. Can I make you?
The power of mind can't distance.
But high technology
is even more dependable.
I'll welcome their come.
Our save we have to available.
The only waiting for you.
That's it.
The last minute of our flight.
Not the best but go on.
You, him and me.
The jerk opens fire on you. Why?
We screwed up his mission.
If he opened fire,
he had specific orders to.
Bertrand says he had orders to abort
if intercepted.
Maybe he's lying.
You sure don't mince words...
It's not logical.
What isn't?
You saved a pilot. Me.
My training cost a fortune.
They should give you a medal.
We get sent out, called back...
Screw their inquiry.
You piss me off at times!
They're this close
to ripping our wings off.
You can always work for Vallois & Sons
but this is all I have.
I wanted to fly
before I could walk.
I won't let Miss 007
mess around with me.
You follow?
Don't I always?
Okay, let's get to work.
It's like a dogfight.
Visualize the position, then slip in.
You can't go wrong.
You bet I am!
Wait up.
I wanted to ask you...
Where did you learn to do the splits?
I used to dance in bars.
It paid for my studies.
It's just dancing.
Oh, right.
I was thinking...
We're having a party
for Bunker and Wanai tonight.
Could you do a number for us?
Why not?
Got money?
Money? What for?
Babe, I don't work for free.
Oh, right.
Hurry it up!
Hedget, Hedget!
Go on, Hedget!
Let's move along.
These are Marchelli's shells.
But look at the tips
of the Mirage's wings. Smoke.
The missiles ignited
before Marchelli hit it.
Too late.
Marchelli's shells had struck.
Go on. Scale two.
Five frames,
not even a quarter of a second.
Be more precise.
Gunfire is the only way
to preclude a missile launch.
Surely Barth fired on Vallois
in reply to Marchelli.
Like this,
Barth couldn't see Marchelli's 2000.
He fired anyway.
But what if Marchelli was wrong?
He wasn't.
Barth shot at Vallois,
Marchelli disarmed him.
No other pilot can do that.
This isn't like Barth at all.
Did the ground crew
see him board the plane?
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking the impossible,
that maybe it wasn't Barth.
Not bad.
Not bad for a bureaucrat.
I knew you would surprise me.
A Navy ship is searching
the Forties sector
for the plane's wreckage.
See how she eyed me?
Watch this and learn, pal.
Don't catch a chill.
Thanks, baby.
Your driver said he dropped you off.
I tried calling you.
I always walk from across the bridge.
I checked.
No one saw Barth board the plane.
What will you do about Marchelli?
I'll have the missile smoke erased.
It's late. I'll get you a car.
You have three minutes to convince me.
Sorry, I can't offer you a drink.
They want pilots to resign
before their race?
I have better: Blacklisted ones.
The best going.
You want them to fly for us too.
They'll work for any airline going
before us.
What do you see?
The only personal item
you seem to own.
They sent 15 agents and myself
to a place that'll stay secret.
Our cover was blown and we failed.
They signed our resignations for us.
Only four men returned.
But we all signed up for more
without any regrets.
What are you exactly?
A civilian or a soldier?
I'm whatever you want.
What I was trying to say
is that principles
can't resist an ideal.
They'll come
as the only one to give them a jet
will be me at Special Missions.
Excellent plan B. Let me try first.
We were all in Bosnia.
Operation Cougar.
A night mission
to destroy an arms dump.
Artillery, ground-to-air missiles
Kass went alone
to take all the credit.
I ended up without cover
and I got hit.
I ejected in the Serbian zone.
It took me days to get back.
God, I didn't know!
I won't fly with her.
I don't trust her.
I've known her six months.
All she told me was about
splitting up with Marchelli after Bosnia
and her two years in the Gulf
to forget.
Do we have to talk about her?
Let's celebrate the death of a proverb.
Pretty girls are never free
and free ones are rarely pretty.
What does that mean?
I'll show you!
Very nice...
the estate agent told me.
But he didn't know you.
How did you find me?
Easy for Special Missions.
You haven't come 400 miles
to savor such a minor success.
I have a mission.
Vallois and you
are the pilots it needs.
The answer's no.
I expected such a conventional reaction.
You have a debt, captain,
towards us and France.
You're a man of honor.
Of course.
Do this mission for us or...
Go on.
Or the commission will down you
like our Mirage 2000.
How about that.
Take my offer.
It's an honorable way out.
You think you know pilots.
I know men fairly well.
But I don't understand you.
Meet me at the base at 1500 hours.
I imagine you can get
flight authorization.
All right.
Know the Luberon?
Not really.
Just wait.
It's not bad.
Look to the right.
The Alps.
What do you say?
You don't feel sick?
I don't think so.
Let's carry on.
Take the controls.
Use the throttle and the joystick.
I don't feel much.
Go on, don't be afraid.
Got it now?
Let's head to the left now.
Over to you.
Time for a break. I'll take over.
Pull it slowly towards you now.
Holy cow!
It's fantastic, Marchelli!
You like it?
I love it.
Chocks away, Toby.
Go on, reach out.
What do you say?
It's so beautiful...
It isn't always.
What do you mean?
Right behind you.
What's that?
This plane will pursue us.
We can't fight back. Sounds familiar?
- Engage hostilities.
It's just an exercise.
You know you won't die.
Okay, I get the message, Marchelli.
I get the message!
Let's head back.
Are you okay?
Now you know
what my partner went through.
Except you got
the safe, VIP treatment.
So drop the blackmail.
See you at the hearing.
Look after the lady.
You listen to me now!
Intelligence reports the presence
of dormant terrorist cells.
They're in places
that would terrify you.
The Mirage 2000 incident
hints at their presence
among our pilots.
I can't tell the hearing that.
I have a tough mission
and you're the only one I can trust.
I came to tell you that.
But you can go to hell!
Welcome to Civvy Street!
Salon de Provence Airbase
Vallois first, then Marchelli.
Captain Marchelli, sir.
Please remain standing
to hear Colonel Farje's report.
Riesling sent us there.
The counter-order came too late.
That order was to abort.
That was impossible.
My partner was under attack.
Two to one?
Despite Special Missions' claim,
the pilot had orders to fight.
can you prove that?
Go on, captain.
perhaps someone
aware of the mission
tried to commandeer it.
Captain Marchelli,
this board doesn't deal in theories
but in hard facts.
Colonel Farje?
Ignition of a Magic 2 missile
necessarily and instantly
creates a puff of smoke.
The expert's report says so.
No smoke. The analysis...
of your flight data
shows no use of weaponry
against you or your team-mate.
That's impossible.
This footage
must have been tampered with!
someone is covering up
the theft of an armed combat fighter!
Captain Marchelli's words
are so serious
that I request time
to investigate this.
That won't be necessary.
The board concludes that you chose
to ignore the order to abort,
losing us a plane and its pilot.
You are dismissed from the Air Force
and returned to civilian life
while awaiting penal proceedings.
They fired you.
You're a pilot, son.
Who goes there?
Are you with the unit, captain?
No, sergeant.
I'm afraid you'll have to leave.
I know.
Royan - 3 months later
110 knots. Is this junkjammed?
120 knots...
It's not jammed.
I'm bored shitless here.
Stop! That's okay.
There'll be no flying today.
Do the oil-change.
You're not going to do it?
Of course I am.
If it rains, we see to the planes.
If it's sunny, we fly.
Call this flying?
Look at you.
You're an elevator attendant!
You take guys up, you come back down,
take some more up...
In mine, I could step out to pee!
No, this isn't flying.
Before, we'd open up the throttle
and see the sun every day.
That's flying.
Not this.
Why has every airline blacklisted us?
Isn't that fishy?
We've had it, okay.
I don't care.
I have all I need here:
Sky, air and time to forget.
Split if you want.
Sure I will.
I didn't think you'd come.
How is he?
In a bad way.
You convinced him he killed a pilot.
Can I help you?
No, I'm here to help you.
Here's how it stands.
Tony was right.
You were fooled
but wouldn't tell the hearing that.
Can you keep a secret?
I owe you that for coming.
Maybe the pilot wasn't Barth.
We need the wreckage
to ascertain that.
No one learns to fly a 2000
on the Net.
There can't be
more than a handful of guys.
We've watched them since 9-11.
Outside the armed forces,
there are 25 in Europe.
One of them went missing
after the Farnborough incident.
Whose side are you on?
You have to trust me.
Will that be enough?
It'll have to be.
Just a second.
Tony, you have a visitor.
Don't be pigheaded, please.
I sent for her
so give her five minutes, okay?
Okay, but only five.
I'm sorry about what happened.
You treated me as an enemy.
You were wrong. I tried to warn you.
Are you going to sulk
and fly that crate forever?
What a hero!
Thanks for the clothes.
My offer still stands.
Play straight with me.
I think the cannonball is at risk.
They won't fail this time.
I only have suspicions.
Help me to confirm them.
Will you drive me back?
That's the main outline.
Now meet your teammates.
Send them in.
The government requires
prior resignation from pilots.
You'll be reinstated on return
for services rendered.
All right.
I must be dreaming!
You're not.
Something wrong?
Yes, I think Captain Kass represents
a danger for this mission.
This isn't Orange,
but Special Missions.
Captain Kass has volunteered.
Her record shows she can work
with you to pull this off.
leader on the 2000-D flown by Kass.
Ipod and Vallois as back-up.
You and your planes will be armed.
No flight clearance.
4,125 miles over hostile territories.
Any rescue mission
would be even more impossible to set up.
So you're on your own out there.
A single goal:
Our plane
must be the first over the target.
Nothing else matters.
Red Flag was a front.
Why did you come?
Why are you doing this?
For the fun of it.
For the fun of flying with you.
Level 2-90. Direct to 3D-07.
And at 3-70...
Why did you follow that bitch?
She has her good points.
We pass 50 nautical miles
from Tripoli?
That's right.
Come on, tell me.
At 3-70...
That's not what I mean.
There's nothing at 3-70.
She touched your ass!
I'm not stupid.
Found the wreckage?
Not yet.
Three other pilots
have vanished recently.
All qualified to fly the 2000.
It smells fishy.
Don't worry.
Of course.
Our competitors have left.
Every minute counts now.
Check the nav lights.
Something wrong?
No, I'm okay.
Control will keep us posted.
Until they refuel
and vanish from the radar screens.
Off Sardinia
Hooligan 15 to Big Fat Alpha.
Can you serve some thirsty guys?
Welcome to the duty-free zone,
Hooligan 15.
Perfume? Souvenirs?
I'll take 8 tons of S34 fuel.
With a straw for two.
Okay, hook onto the nipple.
You wiped your mouth?
Should I have?
When's the next service area?
In two hours. Why?
I forgot to pee.
Next rendezvous
in 6 minutes for radar erasure.
Turn the light off, honey,
I can't see the road.
Yes, sir.
Ready to switch radar signatures.
Note transpoder for exchange:
Manta, note transpoder:
2112. Roger.
Hooligan 20 to 15 and 16,
cut transpoders.
Exchange complete. Thanks, Manta.
Tripoli - Radar control station
Sir, come and see.
Three unidentified dots!
Okay, one radar echo for three.
Stick close.
There's only one dot.
It's the Airbus
and it's on the schedule.
Let's melt into the landscape.
Libyan coast
Where are they?
They vanished 45 minutes ago.
After the Americans?
Ten minutes before.
The Americans had trouble refueling.
East Africa
Fahrenheit, everything okay?
Climb, we're using too much juice.
Head up, we're low on fuel.
Negative. We refuel in 40 minutes,
we can make it.
With no safety margin.
Climb, okay!
What frequency do we use?
Hooligan 20,
I have a fuel emergency.
I don't see them anywhere!
15 minutes to playtime.
You hear, Poodle?
Negative, Walk'n.
We land, that's an order.
The fuel's all gone.
We're out too.
Head for Charlie emergency strip.
It's the only solution.
I hope our diplomats are good.
You said it.
Full weaponry and no clearance,
they'll love us!
This is a disused strip?
Right, let's get acquainted.
Hands up. Don't move.
Bang on time.
What's going on?
We just gave three planes away.
The planes haven't landed.
The tanker crew was killed.
Thanks for the jets.
Around here, a French pilot
is worth 10 million bucks.
As for her...
Take her away.
Fucking hell!
Try to breathe. Look at me.
Hold on.
Breathe, Ipod.
Handcuff the pilot.
Bring the plane back.
We suffered enough damage today.
Our forces are on alert.
I've asked for a satellite.
Coste, go and hold the PM's hand.
De Seze, go with her
and find your arms dealer.
Ask Coste's help if need be.
We know where the runway is?
We have the satellite?
It's sweeping the region, sir.
Act quickly.
Transport the plane back.
Not a single mayday
from any of the planes. It's crazy.
Excuse me...
The naval office, please.
How is the search
for the wreckage of the 2000 going?
That's right. I'll hold.
You were told to search in Forties?
Who told you Dogger?
Turn back. Hurry!
No one.
That's a crazy scheme.
It'll never work.
After Estelle,
and Ipod...
what if we do get taken out?
You're on.
Shut up.
The plane won't start.
Come and do it.
Maybe you spat in it.
It's okay now.
We'll take her up to check.
Show me how the radar works.
Your ejector seat is off
so if anything goes wrong, I'll eject
and you'll make a big hole
in the desert.
Count on it.
The timing is perfect.
The initial objective
was accomplished.
The plane will reach France tomorrow.
The family grows daily
but you are its star.
Thank you, Aziz,
but save your compliments
for when we finish the job.
400 knots.
The radar's clear.
In attack mode,
we're at 150 feet, 500 knots.
You follow?
600 knots,
field at 15 nautical miles.
Better than TV.
What's up?
What the hell are you doing?
Sure, we'll tell him.
Everybody, move.
Everybody, move.
I'll take care of this.
Shoot them down.
It's too late
Move the truck away.
In our job,
sorrow and joy are equally intense.
To those who are back,
to the one lost,
and to one we hope will be back soon.
To them... and to fighters!
Give me a beer instead.
Coming up.
Actually, I did more or less
what I did with you.
I attacked.
My joystick was rock hard.
I pushed through...
Hey. Pete.
Babe, where are you?
Of course I can.
Of course, dear.
I love you, too.
Darling? Who's this Pete guy?
Your brother?
Not exactly.
A Navy pilot. He's in Marseille.
I don't quite get this.
If he's your boyfriend, who am I?
Sex playmate, dear.
I went to France to train for a year.
It's life.
Don't be like this, babe.
What a bitch...
Pretty girls are...
Know what? Keep your mouth shut.
I don't know about you,
but generals kowtowing to us,
I can't get enough.
Paris, Military School
Wait here for me.
All set, then?
I'll leave you.
No, don't go.
I'm not into watching.
Cut it out. Stay.
You're shape.
A week of desert heat with cool guys,
couldn't have been better!
Any news of Captain Kass?
Our teams won't give up
as long as there's hope.
We were all fooled.
The satellite photo
backs up your reports.
Only one Mirage was destroyed.
Where's the other?
Why do they want a 2000 so badly?
No idea.
To attack an American ship maybe.
In the Gulf?
That plane can strike
where and when it wants.
This weekend's European summit?
I know.
We have fighters, AWACS planes,
missiles and six choppers.
Paris is airtight
but can a fighter get through?
Alone? No.
Senonches - Disused airfield
Straighten up!
Straighten up.
Let's move it!
Don't you have a TV at home?
I don't have friends at home.
You were lonely so you thought,
I'll go over to my pal's place
to eat some chocolate.
Why not?
Don't you ever take time off?
Live from the Champs-Elysees...
It's starting.
The Air Force
has been here since dawn,
notably with AWACS surveillance
ensuring security around Paris.
Because of the European summit
with 25 heads of state,
the security measures
have never been so important.
Sharpshooters are in place
on the Arc de Triomphe
to secure the President's drive
along the Champs-Elysees.
Seb, the 2000 won't come
from the outside.
It's already inside.
Call Command!
Sharko 21 and 22 supersonic.
Contact established.
Radio in at subsonic speed.
Sharko 21, all aircraft
are in the holding pattern.
Three minutes to parade start.
How's this going to play out?
If the tanker blows,
it'll be a massacre.
20,000 gallons of kerosene.
It's a flying bomb!
I have a dot too many
in the tanker group.
Yes, 4 dots confirmed.
That's him. Go!
Begin parade.
Seb, push 202 alpha.
Roger. Coding.
6 more to go.
Target 5 nautical miles ahead.
There he is.
Get between him and the tanker.
I'll intercept him.
Sharko 21 to Mirage 2000.
Land immediately.
Final warning!
I give the orders now, Walk'n.
It's Kass!
Walk'n, okay? You hear me?
I'm going after her.
Want back-up?
Stay with the tanker.
Don't do it, Estelle!
There's no more Estelle. Get lost!
Holy cow!
They've passed by now. Land.
Screw you!
Too late, Walk'n.
Sharko 21, Sharko 22,
shoot down plane immediately.
It's too crowded below.
It's heading back to Paris.
It's lost 500 feet.
An opening 10 degrees east!
Walk'n, it's Stan.
Mission completed, Stan.
Gibraltar, Spain
Thank you.
Those planes were to be used
in the Gulf,
not in France.
I believe that's what you call
a mission reassignment.
All right.
I have one for you too.
It's okay if you fail.
If you want to play with sheep,
don't pretend to be a hound.
Pretend to be a rabbit.
If you want to dine with a tiger,
don't pretend to be a lion,
be a kitten.
Then you won't be exposed.
You must know when to yield
to carry out your revenve.
Walk'n, there's a visitor for you.
Thanks, Walk'n.
You're in Orange?
I couldn't resist getting here first.
Ready, Fahrenheit?
Anytime, baby. But for what?
An emotional shock.
You with me?
I love this!
I'm on my way, beauty.
Sharko 21 and 22, supersonic.
I'm waiting.