Sky Hunter (2017) Movie Script

Him again
What's he up to?
I've sent you the data link.
Let's go
This is the China Air Force
You're entering Chinese airspace
Please indicate your nationality,
ID and purpose of your flight
Change course immediately
I can't hear you
I can't hear you
Stop pretending you don't understand
Save it, words are no use
how about this
His English is getting a little better, isn't it?
Maybe he got himself a tutor.
Continue surveillance.
Hey these guys can stick with us
til the day I learn Chinese.
Watch out! Avert!
You're just asking for it!
Keep on him.
Where is the other guy?
You're entering Chinese Air Space
- Change course, change course
- Son of a bitch
Looks like someone's gonna be learning Chinese.
What? You like this guy now?
He is kind of cute.
Cuter than you.
Your maneuvers reminded me of a movie.
Shut up. We're Chinese Air Force.
Sky Hunter, this is Red Shore. Mission complete.
Return to base
Two unidentified aircraft
approaching at high speed
from your 2 0-clock.
Stay alert
What do they want?
Unfriendless. Be ready.
Bandits 12 o'clock, 2 miles
co-altitude, cold
Let's show force
They've locked on. Evading!
They've gone too far.
Teach them a lesson.
Got it.
Blind Blind.
Keep radar tracking.
I saw it, here it is, there's only one plane.
See you in the next life!
Shit, 6 o'clock,
chaff flares, chaff flares!
Drop fuel tanks, drop fuel tanks,
it's not fun anymore, let's get out of here.
Leaving so soon?
How about that!
Anything just to feel alive!
Be rude not to give some back.
All done!
South-east entrance in 25 meters
Control room, north-east corner.
You'll have to go the long way around
But I just go through this window
and straight on to the target
because I can fly.
Just open the door!
Are you done?
Don't rush me.
I don't mean to, but someone's coming.
Stall him.
Huh? How can I stall him?
Ooh! Shit.
It's too late.
If your number's up, it's up.
See you in the next life!
Oh man!
Are you OK?
Ha ha, sorry pal.
Kill the alarm! Get me outta here.
Exit trough
Go that way. There's nobody there.
Did a dog eat your brains?
You said there was no one there!
I meant no human!
Our mission was to get the enemy's information.
They didn't say to bring back a pet!
The last rescue mission didn't get everyone clear
We think they're trapped in the building.
Another landslide
could take the building at anytime.
Its extremely dangerous
The Wind's too strong
I'm not sure this bird can take it.
Hold on
Watch out for the...
Please! Help!
Found them.
We're down here!
Command center, come in
How long until the landslide hits?
Rain getting heavier upstream,
means you've probably got about 5 minutes.
Yali, the stairs have collapsed
We don't have the conditions for landing
There's no time. Hover here.
Prepare for rescue.
Rescue has priority,
but your safety's important too
There's no telling what might happen
If there's a sudden change
you're life could be at risk
Worse than my Morn.
Where are you?
Call out to me
We're in here
Please help us
In here
In here, in here
The door is stuck and we can't get out.
It still won't budge
Stay calm, take care of the kid
Stand back
Yali, what's going on?
The landslide's almost on you
OK, the kid first
Careful now
Hold on tight
The hillside's crumbling,
that building's gonna go soon
Bring her down
We're coming out
Faster, faster, faster
I've flown for 30 years
I used to be where you are
Below the podium
Witnessing a former generation's heroes
farewell the blue skies, with great honor
But I never let myself think of
when my day would come
The sky is always for new fighters
New pilots to be trained up and sent up
It's time to pass these blue skies
into your ready hands.
But it's hard to say goodbye,
Because the life stories
of my generation
are written in these skies
Every flight path we left up there
testifies our devotion to
protecting of our country's air space
Even these last few days
- Your goddess.
- as I laid in bed at home,
- Cut it out!
- I kept listening to the radio transmissions
It was quite impressive. How he got from
their 9 to their 6 before they
even knew what happened.
Am I awesome?
Yes, Sir!
How about you?
Are you awesome too?
Yes, Sir!
That's right.
You're even better than me.
Every time I look at you
I am honestly astounded
not only because of your courage,
your skill,
and thought
but because
the blood that beats in your veins
beats in time with this new era
yours is new blood fit
for a new generation of fighter planes
And because you are better
more perfect
and used to succeeding
there is something
that I must tell you all today
You all need to be prepared
not only to meet with victory
but also to face your failures
This is the true greatness of a soldier
You must learn to treat the skies with reverence
This is the only way
can you shoulder the responsibility.
All rise!
At ease.
My dear wife,
Thank you for all your understanding
and support all these years
In my heart, you
Will always be my true blue sky
Three, two, one,
Another, another, get us in too
Is it a selfie? Voice-activated.
Right, ready? 3, 2...
Mr. Lu's handsome, yeah?
OK, come here. Have a look.
How is it? Show me
How's it look?
Very nice!
Mr Lu looks great
Why didn't you smile, Mr Lu?
I smiled
That's a good one
I think Yali's even better looking
than she was at flight school
What's it to you, anyway?
You'd better send me that photo
Who needs photos when she's right here?
Stop kidding, I'm being serious
I even think
Maybe Yali has a crush on you
I'm going left, pulling up
Can you tell me where the world full of flowers is?
If it's a real place then
I will find a way to get there.
I have never given up on what I believe
Even when days were full of melancholy
Stop staring
This is the best chance you've ever had
Why do I feel like you're a total imbecile?
Only you can determine your fate!
Fate will never leave us grovelling for mercy
We'll embrace through the blood, sweat and tears
No compromise through the years
Have some more.
There's a fruit tart.
These two pieces of cake are enough for me
I'm right behind you
- I'll just grab these two
- OK, I'll wait over there
Though time goes by
We'll never part
Can't believe, after so many years
You're still looking as great as ever
As I listened to you sing that song
It was like my 18 year old self
was brought back to life
You know, it's like
once you've been through the struggles
as comrades in arms
no matter how much time passes
that sense of affection
it never really changes
You are...
Wu Di.
Who Di?
Wu Di, we were classmates. In Mr. Lu's class.
I don't remember
Yali, come on now!
You sang the same song at our graduation ceremony
You wore a red dress
And someone smeared cake on your face?
Who did that?
Damn right it was you!
Hey, you there!
Is that you, Yali?
Keep it UP
How have you been, bro?
Long time no see.
I thought I taught you everything
Yet you still don't remember not
to offend women, did you?
Mr. Lu.
You wanted to fly overseas, its been approved
It's good pay, don't spend it all
Do drop by before you leave
My wife wants a proper send-off
For sure. I'll drop by
Mr. Lu, what are you going to do?
There's many ways to fly
UAV's are also aircraft, right?
Can't wipe it off, hey?
When did you make this decision?
A while ago.
I wasn't sure it'd go through,
so I didn't tell you.
Flying overseas
You didn't even run it by me?
It's not like you're my guardian
Then what am I to you?
You're like my brother
have been since we graduated from flight school.
But I've thought this through
I want a different kind of life
You can find another wingman.
Not just anyone can be my wingman
We've always been the best of thenpilots
If you give up now, you'll regret it
The best,
there can only be one
It's you.
This again.
All dynamic duos have a hero and a sidekick
One of them has to pay the price
Just like you and Yali.
All these years
both of you so proud
you never managed to get together
That isn't even the same thing!
If you are my brother, you'll respect my decisions
Hey, What's with you two?
We're leaving.
We'd better get moving.
Let's go.
Not me.
It's your time.
Sky Hunter is our airforce's covert unit.
We exist to hone airforce combat-readiness
We represent the airforce elite
Those we have defeated gave us a name
Battlefield Grindstone
Joining Sky Hunter
requires you to pay a price.
Once you're in,
your current positions including all benefits
will be forfeit
You'll be leaving your comfort zone
Taking on the most dangerous missions
and challenges
You'll only have each other
and the possibility of death.
You can still change your mind,
just turn around now and leave
Smoke and mirrors
All of you
were handpicked by me from the airforce's elite
I have brought you all together here
to undergo my personal stringent selection
Personally, I'm your biggest fan
I love seeing your faces full of such confidence
your pride
that you think you're all that
Now I look forward to seeing what you're made of
This might be the only pleasure I derive,
in this wilderness
lam the head of Sky Hunter Special Brigade
My name
Ling Weifeng.
Look at this place!
It's made to withstand a third world war!
It's 3 kilometers walk to the valley
You are now entering a top secret military facility
If you're not up to the task, go no further
this place doesn't exist.
Your ID
Hey, that photo there, can I take it with me?
You can't take your phone or wallet with you
That, you may as well leave behind
For sure won't be needing it
This was assigned to me by my troop
What troop are you from?
So considerate.
Field Troop issue for emergency use
For water storage and sand-proofing
I know that.
Books are the stairway to enlightenment
Ebooks are like an elevator
Not allowed
Anything else?
What is this?
Cold medicine.
Do you want to keep this picture too?
Helicopter pilot Zhao Yali.
Air Force Sergeant Ba Tu
Air Force Sergeant Gao Yuan
from the Thunder Commandos
Wu Di
Winner of both Golden Helmet
and Golden Dart
Qinghua Degree in Data Security and Automation
Good with guns, combat, and explosives
Unfamiliar terrain and complex weather
conditions are no problem
Sky Hunter needs a tech-savvy
and multitalented person like myself
I'm confident I'll pass
and be a Sky Hunter
I've come here
to become the best pilot I can be.
I can handle all kinds of weather
proficient in 3 types of jets.
I have been awarded...
You pulled off an expulsion mission out at sea
a few days ago, right?
As far as I'm concerned, that was a piece of cake.
Not even worth mentioning
After all, at the time...
Even though I don't know what I'm doing here
I just want to say
every second spent on the ground
I consider a waste of my time.
Tell me
when can I get in a plane?
Right now.
I've got this
I can do it, I can
Ling Weifeng.
This is training for survival
You're a pilot, downed behind enemy lines
You need to get to the assigned rendezvous point
There'll be a rescue squad waiting for you.
Turn on your Beidou Navigation
and Positioning System when needed
Only your rescue team will be
able to see your location
Up until then,
you'd better make sure you're not captured
by the pursuing enemy.
Rescue One. Rescue One.
Do you copy? Do you copy.
Reading you loud and clear
My current position is S1H45
After the pilot reaches the ground
they should maintain radio silence
until reaching the planned time and location
to avoid discovery by the enemy
This is a perfect example of how to fail
It seems this guy can disappear
But it shows the signal at this location
Here's the signal source we've been tracking
So sneaky
They still managed to find me
Based on Wu Di's landing position
the rate at which he's moving
and my calculations of the terrain
the rescue team should pick him up here
Why the random running?
Cap'n Ling
Wu Di'd be dead by now
if it was the real battlefield, right?
I thought the Golden Helmet was a real big deal.
He lost it in such a short time
He's up to something
That'll do it.
Rescue Two continue on to the planned
rescue point.
I have a new location
Show me Wu Di's Beidou signal trajectory
Yes, sir.
Zoom in.
A bit more.
What is he doing
He was writing with his navigator
Nanshan south
I'm here.
I'm the man!
You're quite the runner
Running Man?
I count three mistakes you made
You threw away all your comms devices
You left behind a trail
made with your own footprints
See for yourself
The command center sent us this
Using your nav to send a location
Props for thinking of that
Your guys are cheaters!
Need eyes in the back of your head
Welcome to Sky Hunter.
Yali, that was perfect
Emergency rescue code states
until your identity is confirmed
you must be treated as hostile
Admit it, you want to be taken too.
With fresh air and sunshine like this
This assignment is turning out
to be like heaven on earth for me.
And I gotta tell ya
You and Ya Li
had better start picking up the pace
Don't let me beat you to it
Cause I plan on being surrounded
by a brood of mixed-blood kids soon.
In short,
Don't be too envious
Don't be jealous of me and don't miss me too much.
You need to focus on you and Yali...
Just a minute
This is war!
Hi. Can anyone see me?
Are you the friend Uncle Haochen talks about?
Duoduo. Xiaoqing.
- Are you making mischief again?
- Come on.
Run for it. I'll cover you.
Run faster.
Not brute force
This takes smarts
catching you
is really hard
But you did catch me in the end
Why did you join the Sky Hunters
I want to become a better pilot
And why else?
You were a fool
To miss out on coming here!
But no, there's another reason
Another thing
It's fine
Forget it.
Come on.
Get up here!
Flying. Flying.
My comrade named this tatic
the marsh mellow tatic.
Now, I must not forget my comrade.
He is my best friend.
And he knows me better than my girlfriend,
even though I don't have a girlfriend yet.
By the way, he is my wingman.
Then I think to be a great fighter pilot,
you must have a equally great relationship
with your wingman.
Class is over.
Good luck.
Your class is very exciting.
You are not only a good pilot
also a good teacher.
I have had a lot of flying experience,
so I know a lot.
But I still don't understand one point.
Which point?
The trainees said you used to be
a great fighter pilot
and you don't understand such a simple tatic.
I just don't understand
when enemy found you
and seized you at an excellent position
at 6 o'clock,
why would they allow you to hide in the clouds?
Your country haven't been
into a war for decades now.
What if we start a war tomorrow?
Are you guys even ready?
I just assumed a situation.
I don't mean to get trouble.
See you the next day.
Steady. Steady
Go Go Go!
Get 'em on the right
They're getting away, shoot them
- In here, in here
- Get me a perimeter
- Help me.
- Get In the car.
- Move, move, move, move
- Hurry up!
Get on the ground
Nobody move! You move and I'll kill you
It'll be alright
Don't touch my baby. Don't touch
please don't kill my daughter.
Don't move.
I'll shoot you
Let them go!
Let them go!
I'll shoot you
Let them go!
Shoot him!
Let them go!
If you want to save more lives,
you'd better drop your gun.
It has nothing to do with you.
Hunter en route to target location
We are approaching target location
Approaching target location
Switch target location
You have a new target
You have 200 seconds.
Target has moved
New target is Point C, 5 clicks on vector 30
Roger. Changing heading
Pick up the pace
Hunter Hunter
You now have one hundred and fifty seconds
Hunter, target confirmed
Heading 1-3-5
Prepare laser guidance
Target is locked. Laser guidance is in place.
Hunter Firing
Shut down laser guidance remotely
Yes, Sir
Training requires increased challenge
What the hell did you do?
Mission failure, return to base
Mission is incomplete, requesting second pass
Mission complete, returning now.
A good result
With that time he almost beat your record
Means he still needs some work then
You see that?
Still full of himself.
Sir, sir!
The terrorist organization Light Group
has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
What's the situation of the Chinese staff
located at the airport?
Don't know sir. Still missing.
Then how will I explain it to the general?
We don't know. They've probably been kidnapped
Probably, probably, damn it!
Then your military career could also be over.
You got that?
You'd better come up with a good answer
for the General
...helicopter during a routine en route
has been shot down, casualties unknown
Government forces admitted that
the air strike against occupation forces
at the Hara airport to be a major failure
Government forces have officially
escalated the situation to a Level One Terrorist attack,
Prior to this, the government has already...
I've heard enough tragedy today.
I hope you're bringing me good news.
General, some Chinese staff stationed
at the airport were kidnapped earlier today.
They are still missing
and out of touch at the moment.
I have to warn you, general.
This is the last call of us.
You have 36 hours to release our leader
before I fulfill my promise.
I'm warning you, too.
This is no joke.
Even if you control the missile silo,
you do not have the technical ability to
launch that monster.
You better act before its too late
My granny told me
when the Goddess of Mount Chess cries,
it's the time of our nation to decline.
Contact the Chinese government immediately.
Everything is ready.
I am Gorula Rachman
responsible for the airport military base.
As a professional soldier,
I hereby confirm
that they still have the launch authorization
and encrypted key to a long-range
ballistic missile,
which can likely reach an area
within a radius of 1500km.
Do not approach...
The hostages are kept near the silo.
A total of 37 people have gone missing
A total of 9 Chinese, 2 of whom are kids
We believe they are
all in the hands of the terrorists
The priest they have demanded be released
is leader of the terrorist group Holy Light.
He masterminded several
large-scale terrorist attacks
and was captured in Mahbu just four months ago.
Now the Mahbu airforce base has been
confirmed as controlled by the terrorists
Mahbu has officially requested our assistance
Two Chinese jet fighters
will take back control of the air
and assist their ground forces in
launching a rescue effort.
Give terrorists an inch and they'll take a mile
Our superiors have made it clear
its to be a joint anti-terror operation
Who's my wingman on this mission?
According to current statistics,
Wu Di is your best choice
Based on the capacity graphs
for pilots on this base
Wu Di's stats are clearly ahead
of the other pilots
But I would not suggest choosing him
for this mission
because Wu Di's former wingman
is one of the terrorists' hostages
and our mission orders are just to assist,
not to rescue
I'm afraid his emotions may cause erratic behavior
Who is the pilot on duty right now?
It's me.
No-one else?
I want to take part in this mission
I'm a professional
Soldiers don't allow emotions to interfere
with a mission
Thunder ready to go
Hunter ready to go
You're good to go
Thunder, Hunter, tactical formation
Copy that.
How long have you known Haochen?
I am asking you.
We've been together
since we were in the aviation school.
He's always been your wingman, right?
before I joined Sky Hunter.
I've read the report of your
expelling mission on the sea.
He's smart.
Don't worry. It would be OK.
The course chosen by Captain Ling
is completely consistent
with the plan preferred by the computer,
and it's even more effective.
Thunder. This is UAV reporting.
An air defence radars
searching right in front of you.
It might be supportive,
Don't rule out other possibilities.
Lower the altitude
and pay a close attention on it.
Copy that.
Pay attention to the radar. Position 225 degrees.
It's not in the report
and its power-on time is very strange.
Do you think theres any problem?
The system of Mabul has always been
on the brink of breaking down.
Why is it activated now?
Rahman, I made it!
Now it's time to show them
They'll release my older brother at once.
We are surrounded by the military.
Two Chinese fighters are coming in fast.
Take them down.
Yes, sir.
Guys, we'll use all of the machines... go, go, go
The Guidance radar on the ground is initiated.
Sam missiles are launched.
Scatter and dodge.
Roger that.
Descending altitude increases speed
Chaff flares!
Pull up for a 30 degrees recovery.
They are too close to get rid of.
Do a crossover
That maneuver you used at your graduation ceremony
Copy that.
I fly to the left
What are you gonna do?
Shut up. Just follow my instruction.
Take a reverse maneuver.
The missile is right behind you.
Let's go.
Sky Hunter, mission canceled. Return immediately.
Evaluate the damage condition.
Can you operate the plane?
I can't see clearly.
I can see nothing.
It seems that your canopy, left and right elevator,
The left end of the rudder are damaged.
Copy that.
If you can't make it, you can parachute.
I've been a pilot for years.
Have you ever seen me parachuting?
And besides, it's beyond Chinese territory.
I've know the damages.
Ready for return.
Sky Hunter I've sent you the data link.
You lead me back.
from now on,
you'll be my eyes.
Mountain ahead.
Push leftward.
Push leftward.
Level off.
Level off.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Don't slop leftward.
Push rightward.
Push rightward.
You're too fast. Slow your throttle to 75.
Aligning the runway.
Release the landing gear.
Hold on.
Captain Ling.
Captain Ling.
Hold on, Captain Ling.
Open the door.
Scatter and dodge. Chaff flares.
Lower the altitude. Dive and increasing load.
Pull up for a 30 degrees recovery.
What do you want to do?
Shut up. Listen to me.
Your incompetence embarrassed the President
No matter how you do it.
You must guarantee the safety
of the Chinese hostages.
The Chinese government will take action.
Are we
gonna leave here alive?
Don't worry.
They dare not do anything to us.
We'll be saved.
Trust me
shut up
He needs a doctor.
You'd better eat something.
You have a long way to run
because you have to send a message
to the Chinese government for us.
To be honest, you impressed me.
If you have something to say,
tell it to me straightly.
Tell me,
how you felt facing death for the first time?
Especially after you killed someone.
Isn't it fascinating?
It's disgusting.
It makes me realize
that the soldier is the guard of peace.
It seems you are a qualified soldier as I am.
You betrayed your country and your people.
How dare you talk about
what a qualified soldier does.
You are from a powerful and peaceful country.
You have never been to a war
or experienced humiliation and hurt.
You are like a spoiled child enjoying all the love
while spreading compassion to the people
suffering in the world.
I didn't betray my people.
But my government betrayed me.
It's time for you to go.
Your country's made the wrong decision.
Since you are a Chinese soldier,
you should take all the responsibility.
We officially warn the Chinese government.
If you dare to intervene with our action again,
this will be the end of the Chinese hostages.
We made it.
We made it.
You are a lucky boy.
Yet we meet again.
You'd better keep your promise.
I smell freedom.
Hey convict.
You killed my wife and unborn child.
You abominating piece of shit. You deserve this.
Get down, down!
He tried to b... I'm gonna kill every...
You need medical right here.
Can anyone see me?
Are you the friend Uncle Haochen talks about?
There is nothing here.
There's nothing good to eat
No good games to play
not even cartoons to watch
You don't want to come here
2 hours 45 minutes ago,
a Chinese fighter jet
involved in a joint
anti-terrorist mission came under attack
one of the pilots injured and a fighter damaged
Our intelligence reports have confirmed
the Mahbu military
has lost control
of some of its military facilities.
At this point, 5 hours after the incident
we are approaching the deadline set
by the terrorists
Because the group's leader was killed
the terrorists are sure to
launch ballistic missiles,
and kill hostages.
A fifteen hundred kilometer radius of Asia,
including Western China
will be vulnerable to ballistic strike
So we must, with all haste,
attempt our own rescue operation
It must be sudden and precise
Its essential that we free the hostages
without alerting the terrorists
The problem we are currently facing is
the two surveillance radars
near the Chess mountains
effectively block almost
all the possible flight paths
And the SAM missiles used in the attack
on our planes have
been moved and concealed
We have a powerful backup force and support system
The key will be in how to suppress
the enemy's guided missiles
so our jets can make their incursion
According to surveillance
the terrorists have no blind spot
radar coverage in the valley,
so there is a 10-second scan vacancy
between the two radars.
During this 10-second window
our fighters will need to fly through
a narrow 20 meter valley
no higher than 30 meters off the ground
Since the valley is broken up by several ridges
our pilots must traverse two mountain crests
avoiding detection by their SAM radars
crossing the Chess Mountains
It's an extremely difficult low-altitude flight
Worse, it's a night flight
Any error, we lose both plane and pilot
and the whole mission is forfeit
Today, when I was evading their missiles,
I noticed
that though the SAM guidance radar reacts quickly,
the array's sidelobe level is too high.
Our latest anti-radiation missile
can capture the weak signal behind the antenna.
I can fly out just after dawn
go through the Chess mountains
at low altitude to the missile silo
As soon as I pull up,
and the guidance radar has got a lock on me
my wingman can get in the blind spot
behind their antenna
and take out their radar
so that SAM would be useless.
Then I can destroy the missile silo with a bomb
Mahbu made a mess of the handover of their leader
The death of their leader
Means we don't have the time to wait for daylight
Then I will fly at night.
Air Bus 500 in the air, heading for the target
Assignments from command
Ground combat team will be led by Batu and Gaoyuan
Zhao Yali is hands down the obvious choice
for the Helicopter Rescue Squad
Zhang Li will take the wingman position
for this flight
And the leading pilot...
Wu Di
Do we have a problem?
I worry he is not recovered
from his previous mission
A hero wears his scars with honor
The mission takes precedence
If he is a true pilot
we have no problem
I know now
lam not the most outstanding pilot
But I am the person most
suited to carry out this task
Because I've flown there before
My knowledge of the conditions
will help our mission
I'm not making promises
Because when a person makes a promise
they don't understand what they have committed to
Our people are undergoing suffering
If we cannot fight for our own people
then who can we fight for?
it's my honor to stand here
and look upon the soldiers of Sky Hunter base.
Everyone of you was selected
from our airforce's most elite teams,
But even more important than titles
you're spirited
highly skilled
Chinese soldiers
have yet to experience war's baptism of fire
have yet to experience war's baptism of fire
I can already see it in your eyes
determination to win with courage
You are about to set out to rescue your brothers
To a soldier, this is not only a duty but an honor
Go and defeat them
They need to understand
offending us
was their stupidest decision
My comrades
my children
Please look after those who battle beside you
It is my hope that you'll all
return safely
We're heading out in 10 minutes
The weather broadcast says
There'll be turbulence in the mountains tonight
When making the pass... be careful
I Will be
The guidance radar will lock on in a few seconds.
So you must be prepared
with your evasive maneuvers
I Will be
Of course. You've flown there before.
You know it all by now
Don't worry
I'm gonna make it back
My boy
Its up to you
Air Bus 500 has reached the target location
On this rescue mission
our actions need to be clean and agile
collateral damage minimised
international sovereignty respected
unless we come under direct attack
or the mission requires,
we are not to attack Mahbu's facilities
nor should their citizens be harmed
Apart from bullets fired
all personnel and equipment
must be brought back with you
Storm Cloud ready to go
Hunter ready to go
Entering target zone in 1 minute
This is the real deal. You nervous?
Are you?
Height: 75 Wind: North Northwest Speed: 10 knots
30 seconds.
Don't worry. I'll make sure you
make it back home safe and sound
Thank you.
Make sure everyone makes it back
My brothers, make it back safely
Mission Complete. Returning now
Two at 11 o'clock.
Six more men at 12 o'clock, two armed with guns.
Team Two heads up
vehicle approaching from 12 o'clock.
Team Two is in position
Team One in place
Signal scrambler is on
Ground teams are in
Hunter, Storm Cloud,
final pre-mission refuel complete
Begin phase two of the mission
Target airspace reached.
Prepare to enter Chess Mountains
Hunter Copy
Height: 35 meters, Speed: seven eighty
Heading: 278, Distance: point eighty
He'll reach the target in 30 seconds
Prepare to track their radar signal in 3O seconds
Hunter undetected by radar
He made it through
Entering discontinuous valley segment in 15 seconds.
Hunter undetected by radar
Penetration mission complete.
Through-wall radar
All clear
Where are the Chinese?
Where are the Chinese?
The intelligence was wrong
Our hostages weren't in the missile silo.
Check UAV reconnaissance
Prepare contingency plans at once
Yes, sir.
SAR detects a large number of vehicles
at an airport 43km away.
And there's lots of communication coming
from this tower.
There's a chance fighter jets might be deployed
our airborne surveillance has just moved off
Reassign UAVs
Rainbow 5 surveilling
Silo hostages are safe
Hunter Hunter
Missile silo hostages' safety confirmed
Awaiting further instructions
Hunter copy. Beginning aerial attack
Up there
He's up there
Keep shooting
Go Go Go!
Come on, go g0 9090
Let's roll
How did he get there?
I don't know how he did.
He just appeared on the radar like a ghost
Hurry! Hurry up!
Move it, Move it
Well, come on
We are finished.
Lock on target
SAM radar has got a lock on Hunter
Proceed just as we planned
Storm Cloud copy.
Commencing attack on the sidelobe
Target radiation source detected
Target is locked. Firing.
Target destroyed. Storm Cloud Mission Complete
SAM threat eliminated
Rescue team, get to the evacuation site.
Team Two, turn on laser guidance.
Long life to the holy light.
Hunter Hunter the hostages aren't clear yet
Hold your fire
The hostages still have 30 meters
till their in the clear
20 meters.
10 meters.
Fire now!
Hunter Firing
The priest has been killed. We've been fooled
What happened?
We're fucked!
We shouldn't have made deal with the rubbish.
Our leader, he's not coming back, is he?
Do it.
We keep our promise.
Keep moving!
Rainbow 5 has found the hostages
Where's Haochen?
None of ours here.
They're all being held at the airport
Hunter Hunter Did you hear all that?
Do you copy?
I just received orders from base
Storm Cloud will stay
and cover the foreign hostage extraction
Rescue Team 2. Return to base. Return to base
Get those hostages outta here
Storm Cloud, make sure Rescue Team 2
gets back to China safely.
Storm Cloud copy
Rescue Team 1 is taking off
Take the children!
Take the children
Duo Duo
Kill everybody else
Duo Duo.
We're gonna stream this to the world.
Haochen, don't let me down now
You should know what I'm about to do
Do not be afraid.
We have the Chinese hostages.
Listen up.
No matter what happens next,
here's what you have to do
Open your mouth Cover your ears
Or We Will kill them
Just remain calm
- Kids, you need to listen to me now
- Shut the fuck up
You must open your mouths and cover your ears
Do you understand me?
Shut up!
You must do exactly as I what I told you
This is our very last chance!
Get down!
Go to hell!
You go to hell
Get behind the container now!
Quickly, go!
All units, split up and proceed with rescue.
Regroup at the evac point in 3 minutes.
Gao Yuan.
Come on!
- Haochen.
- It's me.
Where're the others?
Follow me.
Throw a grenade there!
Come on! Let's go!
Over there! Go, go, go!
Take the hostages.
Come on! Roll out! Roll out!
- Freeze
- Don't shoot
hands up
Don't shoot, sir
Get on your knees.
I'm a hostage
Get on your knees.
Don't shoot, sir
Get on your knees.
I'm a hostage
Hey, don't shoot.
Don't shoot. I'm a hostage
My name is Rachman
Gerula Rachman
Please check
Mabul Air Force.
Mabul Air Force.
It's okay, sir. Follow me please.
Ba Tu. Ba Tu.
I'm getting you home
Shoot 'em
Try this on for size!
Take him!
All teams, be on the alert
Unknown fighter jet just went airborne
In here, quickly!
Who's flying the J-10?
It's Wu Di, who else
You tell Wu Di
there's an ace pilot flying the Mirage
He was the mastermind of the whole thing
Hunter Hunter Did you hear that?
Watch out for that Mirage
Hunter Copy
Take the valley and get those
hostages back to China
Release decoys
You have nothing left, little boy.
I devoted everything for this land.
Who do you think you are? Disturbing my plan?
You've lost.
As a soldier,
you can protect nobody.
You don't have the power to be a pilot now.
You're just a terrorist
and you're not qualified to be a soldier!
You think you're better than me, don't you?
You have got only one missile.
Come on!
Take me down
I want you to watch while I shoot them down,
and you,
are going to be hopeless.
you see the sunrise.
The light always belonged to us.
Listen up everyone
We've used up all of our decoy bombs
We're in for a bumpy ride
Game over.
Wu Di.
Wu Di.
Wu Di?
Where'll you go after graduation?
He'll go wherever you go,
People with dark hearts
shall never gaze upon the light!
do you COPY?
Do you COPY?
Please respond
Hunter, Hunter, do you copy?
Please respond
Your flight path and altitude are erratic
If the engine stutters, parachute out
do you COPY?
Are you able to return to base?
Can you get her back here?
We have already cleared the runways
You can land at the Number 13 airfield
on the border as planned
There'll be turbulence in the mountains tonight
When making the pass... be careful
I Will be
The guidance radar will lock on in 4 seconds.
So you must be prepared
with your evasive maneuvers
Don't worry, I'm gonna make it back
I'm sorry
I owe you an apology.
I've just been doing everything wrong
all these years
I've tried expressing myself
in some inexplicable ways.
What was I thinking?
It took having a guided missile
on my tail that I couldn't shake
for me to realize
There is something that
I should have said ages ago
Though time goes by
We'll never part
I want to be with you forever
And you are...?
Wu Di
"There is no peace without sacrifice"
"Dedicated to our national sky heroes"
During this mission, Wu Di's maneuver
was first performed in nineteen eighty seven
It's called the Barron Sea Scalpel
Personally, I think it was a totally insane,
unwisely chosen,
kamikaze style action
Never attempt
this maneuver yourselves
Its not just any man
who could pull it off
28th this month
The firt high-speed rail that China aid
and build for Mahbu has been put into operation
The high-speed rail project, which symbolizes
the friendship between the two countries,
will open a new chapter for
communication and cooperation
between countries along the border