Sky Monster (2023) Movie Script

- Happy birthday to me.
You still love me right?
- Morning.
- Have you forgotten something?
Of course
not. Happy birthday.
- Well, at least someone remembered.
- Cindy, half your friends
don't even get up before midday.
Just give them time, huh?
- We'll see.
- Look, don't write today.
It is your 21st after all,
and I got a surprise for you.
- Really?
- Well, if I told you that
it wouldn't be much of a
surprise now, would it?
But, we leave in five,
so get yourself ready.
And I'll get the door.
- Hi Mister Don.
- Hey Becca.
- Is she awake?
- She's upstairs.
Not a word about the surprise, okay?
Come on.
- Oh my God.
- Hey, girl.
- I'm so pleased to see you.
I thought everyone forgot.
- I would never forget.
- Well, I think the girls have.
- Well, you know what they're like.
It's midday, they're
probably still asleep.
- Yeah, that's what dad said.
Are you free today?
- Yeah, I got time.
- Good, because I do not wanna
spend my 21st birthday alone
like a crazy old cat lady.
- More like dog lady.
Oh, Becca.
Honestly, has dad planned anything.
- What?
No, no.
But, I got you something.
- Thank you.
Oh, it's beautiful.
What is it?
So I know it's a little tacky,
but I remember that you said your mum
used to get you trinkets
for your birthday,
and I didn't want you
to go a year without.
- I love it.
Girls, time to go.
- Ready?
Let's go. Come on.
- Dad, can you tell me
where we're going yet?
- That's a negative.
- Oh, seriously, what is it?
- Nope.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Just get a bit carsick sometimes.
- Okay,
not far down that.
So I need you to wear this.
- You have got to be kidding me.
- Come on, do as he says.
- Okay.
- Is that covering your eyes?
- Mm-hm.
- I need to stop you peeking.
- Oh, so yes.
All right.
Can you see anything?
- Not a thing.
- You sure?
- Mm-hm.
- How many fingers?
- I don't know.
Look at me.
Good. Great.
Okay, let's go.
All right. Where do you think we're going?
- I don't know.
- Don't be nervous.
It's gonna be good.
Have a blast.
- Surprise.
- What am I looking at?
Dad, what's going on?
- Well, what do you think's going on?
- I really don't know.
Well, here's a clue.
- And over there's a bigger clue.
- I'm ready to party.
- Wait, can someone
tell me what's going on?
- Okay, okay.
You lucky ladies are
gonna get on this plane,
and you're gonna fly for
six hours to St. Lorenzo,
which is a beautiful little island.
- A party island.
- Yes, there are bars there,
one of which is called the Marlowe Bar,
and you have a tab set up.
- Oh, some bar, bitches.
- With a limit.
So order some food, order some wine.
But do me a favor, okay?
No international incidents.
That's you I'm looking at, Lola.
- Guys.
This is way too much.
A private plane, it's too much.
- Calm down kid, okay?
This plane was already
going to San Lorenzo.
You girls are just hitching a lift.
In three days time you hitch a lift back.
Just enjoy yourselves.
All right?
- I love you, dad.
- I love you too, Princess.
- We got the plane, let's
start the party now.
- Yes. Come inside.
- Give me 10 minutes ladies.
- Okay girls, I have to go,
but I'll be keeping tabs on this flight
from the control tower.
So enjoy.
Later, ladies.
Becca, keep an eye on her.
- Look at that ass.
- You're so bad.
- You okay?
- I just really hate flying.
- You got your air sickness tablets?
- Yeah, I've already taken them.
I don't want you to worry, I'll be fine.
- Relax, Becca.
What could go wrong?
I need to load my bag.
- Hey, Vince?
- Yeah?
- Hi.
- My friend wants to
know if you have a snake
like a python or a king cobra?
- A what?
I actually have a hamster.
- Okay, he's yours.
I'm gonna load my bag.
- Wait, I have no things.
- Relax. Your dad's cool.
He packed you already.
- Hey, birthday girl.
So your dad tells me that you like to fly.
Once we're up in the air, I
can bring you into the cockpit,
maybe even let you take control.
That way I can have a
couple of beers in the back.
- It's fine, don't worry about him.
He's a joker.
Nice to meet you Cindy.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- And?
- Becca.
- Hi.
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God.
- This is amazing.
- Where's the pool?
- Oh wow.
- Emergency exits are
to the rear behind you,
and by the front of the plane.
Ladies, you're smart.
You know how to put your seatbelt on,
but any trouble and I'll
do it for you, okay?
Okay, so buckle up, and
let's get ready for takeoff.
Excuse me, Vince?
Yeah, can you help me with my buckle?
- Sure.
- You smell nice.
- Thank you.
- Ladies, welcome to your flight
between Miami and St. Lorenzo.
My name is Roland, I'm your captain.
You've met Vince.
He's gonna keep you fed and watered.
So we've got about a six hour flight.
It's clear skies,
I would say it's gonna be
a very pleasant journey
between here and St. Lorenzo.
And if anyone feels
compelled to say thanks
by buying me a drink on the island,
I'm there until tomorrow night.
We ready for take off ladies?
Flight THX 1138, ready for takeoff.
Here we go.
This is flight THX 1138
to St. Lorenzo, checking in.
- Hey Roland, you're on our
system, we got eyes on you.
Your path is clear. Have a good flight.
- Thanks buddy, will do.
Over and out.
Take the seatbelt sign off shortly.
You got any plans for the island, Vince?
- Yeah, you know what?
I'll be drinking, hunting,
and pulling some ladies, hopefully.
- Be careful what order
you do those in, buddy.
- Yeah, you're right.
Probably oughta go and check on them.
- Hey and good luck back there.
I think you might need it.
- Come on Roland, I'm a ladies man.
Don't worry about me, I'll make it work.
Ladies, drinks?
- Okay.
Okay, cheers to being besties.
- Fancy a dance?
- Sorry.
- It's okay.
You're gonna be okay?
It's just a flight.
You'll never make it happen.
- I wanna get one with the pilot.
- Are you gonna sit on his lap?
- Funny.
Hey, sorry I.
Are you in control?
- Yeah, it's on autopilot, don't worry.
This is the easy bit.
- Oh.
It looks cloudy out there.
I thought we were clear until arrival.
- Yeah, well, I mean we
can't predict everything,
but don't worry, it's
just a storm formation.
Nothing to worry about.
- Can I have a selfie?
- Thanks.
See ya.
- Mike, I've got a storm formation ahead
and we are flying straight into it.
I can't steer around without
veering into a flight path.
It seems mild, so should
be nothing to worry about.
Thanks Roland.
Your straight west of it, keep going.
Keep me in the loop, over.
- Yeah, will do.
Over and out.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah.
A little better.
- Don't be silly.
I used to be terrified of
flying before my dad taught me.
We clocked up a few miles in the air
and I guess I'm used to it.
- I don't think I'm ever
gonna get used to it.
At least they don't seem to
have any problems flying though.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Okay ladies, I'm going to check on Roland,
see if he wants something
and I'll be right back, okay?
- You are so terrible.
You need to stop.
I'm only just getting
Hey Roland.
- You okay?
- Not really.
You wanna swap?
- No, I wouldn't survive.
- What's with the sky?
- It's just thick clouds,
nothing to worry about.
Nothing I can't get us out of.
- Okay. Cool.
- Ladies, surprise.
- No way.
- Lola, you are so bad.
- Quick ladies, let's change
before Vince gets back
and give him a little fashion show.
- You can't be serious.
- I got them for the beach.
I got them on a five finger discount,
if you know what I mean.
And you too, Becca.
- What?
No way.
- Yes, you've got an amazing ass.
You need to show it off
and ditch this granny dress
and stop being boring.
- Fine.
- Okay, I'm going back in, okay?
What the?
- Come on.
Oh my God, look where we are.
Oh, this is amazing.
- Pull your tongue up before trip over it.
Please don't blame me
if you cannot tame me
Everybody knows your name
Everybody knows your name
You've got money, you've got fame
But you ain't got love
The part is over and
everybody is sober
But I still want to dance
The party is over and
everybody is sober
But I still want to dance
Let me dance more
Let me dance more
The party is over and
everybody is sober
But I still want to dance dance dance
The party is over and
everybody is sober
But I still want to dance
Want to dance
Want to dance
The party is over and
everybody is sober
But I still want to dance
The party is over and
everybody is sober
But I still want to dance
Let me dance more
Let me dance more
- Flight CM97, you're
cleared a land, proceed.
That's odd.
Roland's flight's completely
disappeared off the radar.
- That's strange.
- Roland, do you read me?
What's your current
coordinates at the moment?
- That's strange.
The readings are off.
It says that we're off
course, that we're circling,
but I haven't altered the course.
That altitude reading is off, too.
I don't like the sound of that.
- I mean it's still smooth,
it's just thick clouds.
Maybe there's some kind of
an electrical disturbance
that's affecting the readings?
We've got to still be on course.
Your course was on
track until 20 minutes ago.
That appears to be when you went off grid.
- About the time we
entered the storm front.
Okay buddy.
Well, be careful.
Until we know for sure
we're gonna assume you're
on the correct course.
- So you were with the singer?
- Lola, bikini.
- Well, it's gonna be like
a sauna when we get there,
so it may as well be beach ready.
Ladies, sit down and strap in.
We've got some turbulence.
- I got news for you pal.
I have been trying, but
this storm formation,
it's got some kind of a magnetic pull.
It's got us locked in a
circle and it's steering us.
I tried to break loose,
but I can't overheat the engines,
and I can't burn fuel by
increasing the power too much.
- What the hell can we do, man?
- We have to hope that it's subsides
and that I can pull us out.
- Call it in.
- The radio, it keeps going in and out.
I can't get through to the
tower in this thick cloud.
Should we tell the girls?
- Jesus no, I don't want them to worry.
Look, I can get us out of this.
This ain't my first rodeo.
- Okay, okay.
Okay, cool.
- What is it?
- This photo.
Outside in the clouds, there's,
there's a strange outline, big.
- This must be a shadow or I
dunno, strange looking cloud.
- Really?
- Adriana, my grandma thought she saw
a deceased rabbit in the sky.
It was just a cloud.
Looked like a couple of ears.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
- Well, that was exciting.
- You all right, ladies?
- Yeah. Fine.
The cake.
- Okay.
You okay?
- Yeah, it's just my head.
I don't handle flying well,
I think it's the altitude.
- I might have something
that may help your head.
- What is it?
- It's just something to make
you feel chilled and relaxed.
- Is it safe?
- Yeah, I've had one.
Trust me.
- Thank you.
I think we should go back now.
I think Lola likes you.
- Really?
- Really.
- I didn't notice that, but
I've noticed you, you know.
- Me?
- Yeah you?
I think you're the
prettiest girl I've seen.
- You say that to all
the girls at the clubs.
What are you doing?
I don't meet.
- We met a couple hours ago.
What the hell did you
think was gonna happen?
- I'm sorry.
- Thanks for the pill.
- Fuck.
- What's going on?
Can you please get this cake
before she turns like 22.
- Do you have a lighter?
- Yeah.
- Okay bitches,
I'm so pleased we're all here to celebrate
our little Cindy's
welcome into the 21 club,
even though we'll all
fucking hate you in 18 years
when we're all 40 and you're 39.
No but seriously, we love you.
You're amazing.
And even though you're the youngest,
you're the most mature,
and you've really stopped us
from getting into some
serious judgments of valor.
- Well, you've tried.
- So now blow out your
birthday candles, bitch.
- Becca, do you want some cake?
Are you okay?
- I,
I saw something outside.
- What?
- I I I
I don't know what it was.
It was, it was like a, a a long
Sorry, what?
- Becca said that she saw
something in the clouds.
- In the clouds.
A tentacle.
- Don't laugh.
- A tentacle, that's ridiculous.
You probably just saw like a
bird or a cloud or a shadow.
- Did you take anything, Becca?
- What?
- You know, for your flight sickness.
- I gave her something
to make her chill out.
- Something? That sounds ominous.
- Just a mix of Valium with
a little bit of mushroom.
- Not a shiitake I take it.
- No, generally it doesn't
cost hallucinations,
but on rare occasions it does.
Well, you are.
- Enough.
- You're fine, Becca.
There's nothing out there, okay?
- Ladies, maybe you should sit down.
We all need to strap in.
Are you not getting loose?
I, I'm losing more control.
Mike, can you read me?
Thank God, we've been worried.
- Look, I'm gonna make this brief.
The radio keeps cutting in and out,
but we are stuck in this storm formation.
There is some kind of a magnetic hold.
I'm trying to break loose, but,
we're going into thick cloud again.
I'm gonna lose you again.
- Did you get anything
on satellite imaging?
- Okay, now by this point the plane
should have passed Jarith Cove,
700 miles south of St. Lorenzo.
Imaging shows a,
a really weird storm
formation about 10 miles wide.
It's swirling in a circular formation,
and appears to be of varied depth within.
That'll explain why the
radio is cutting in and out.
My only assumption is
that they're stuck inside
the cloud formation.
But you know, I have no idea
where it's emerged from.
- Do you think it'll disperse soon?
I mean, how much reserve
fuel do they have?
- Well, as long as they
don't use excessive power
in trying to break out of the group,
they can ride it out for
another couple of hours.
- I'll notify the airfield at Triega,
in case we need to make
an emergency landing,
and it's a little closer.
- Thanks, Karen.
- Are you okay?
- Sure.
I thought she wanted.
- Are you a bad boy?
- Yeah, I mean, I have my moments.
- I like bad boys.
Do you have another one of those pills?
- Wait, wait, wait.
But don't blame me if you
have any side effects.
- Yeah.
I'll keep Yvonne away from you.
- Thank you.
- How long till we get there?
I can't take any more of this shaking.
- I still think we've got a few hours.
- Straight to the beach when we get there.
I hope these black clouds
don't follow us to St. Lorenzo.
- I'm sure this will pass.
- There, it's back.
Look outside, you must have seen it.
- Did you see anything?
- I, I'm not sure.
- Cindy.
- I saw something, but I'm not sure.
- Okay, what are they
pumping into the oxygen
into this plane?
Because like you two have cabin fever.
- What the hell was that?
Still think it's cabin fever?
- Vince, what is it?
- Well, what was that?
- No idea.
- You in control yet?
- No, not yet.
Something very strange is going on here.
Apparently we're carrying
in an extra half-ton.
- What?
Maybe it's another faulty reading.
- Go and tell the girls that it's okay.
Tell 'em that it's just turbulence.
I'm gonna call Mike.
Mike, do you read me?
- Roland, I'm here. What's happening?
- We're being pulled into
the Bermuda Triangle.
We just felt a big thud, like
something landed on the roof.
- Really?
Apparently we're
carrying an extra half-ton now.
- What?
That's not possible.
- Mike?
Mike, can you read me?
- I, I saw something.
- There's something on the plane.
- It's nothing ladies, I'm
sure it's just turbulence.
- Turbulence doesn't
have tentacles, Vince.
- I just can't figure it out.
How do you take on extra
weight during a flight?
Maybe it's a seagull.
- A half-ton seagull?
Jesus Christ, Don.
- I saw it move back into the clouds.
Maybe it's gone.
- Better go see what Roland says.
What the hell is this shit?
- What's happening?
Where is he?
- This can't be happening.
- Vince, do something.
- Vince, call in.
- Fuck, no signal.
- Vince, you need to fly this thing.
- What, me?
I can't fly it.
- Thought you were a co-pilot.
- I'm a fucking flight attendant.
Get out.
Get out.
- What are you doing?
- I can't do this.
- Vince!
- So what do we do now?
- Cindy, can you land the plane?
- I've flown two-seaters and cropdusters.
I can't.
- Cindy, you are our only hope.
- Cindy.
- Dad, can you hear me?
- Are you serious?
Cindy is gonna fly the plane.
- Look look look look look.
- Is that it?
- What the hell was that?
- Vince?
Vince, get out of there.
- Fuck.
Just trip man.
Fucking trip.
We need help and I can
only hear.
- Cindy, why can't you land this thing?
- There's nowhere.
- Well, you need to get
your dad to help us,
'cause this thing can get inside here and,
Vince is dead.
- Dad!
- Dad, dad, you need help us.
We're trapped.
Roland's dead and Vince is dead?
Jesus Christ.
- I don't know, there's
a creature in the clouds.
Is this some kind joke?
- I'm not fucking joking, Dad.
Just send help, please.
Listen kiddo,
you hang in there, okay?
I'm gonna send someone to
check in, see if they can help.
Yeah, well they need
to hurry 'cause this thing
has breached the plane twice.
- Just hang tight, okay?
Keep the plane as steady as you can.
You know the basics.
I'll try, over and out.
- Benny, you there?
Yeah, here. What's up?
- Listen, I need you
to do something for me.
Okay, go on.
You need to head
back to that storm front.
Roland's plane's stuck in there.
It's some kind of magnetic
pull and he can't get free.
They're saying there's
something on the plane,
some kind of creature.
That seems impossible, Mike.
- I know that, but all the same,
I need you to turn around, okay?
And just see what's happening.
I'll send the coordinates shortly,
but looking at your speed and distance,
you can make it there in 15 minutes.
Okay, over and out.
- Should we?
- It's gone quiet now.
What are you doing?
You heard them.
- Looking for the gun.
Why would there be a gun?
Do you even
know how to use that thing?
- Yeah.
Don't ask.
On the count of three, you're
gonna walk to the door,
open it, and then run
straight back into the cabin.
- Don't hit a window.
- Yeah, no shit.
- Is it going?
- It's just moving.
- Who the hell is shooting?
- We hit one of the tentacles.
- Should we be angering this thing?
- Well, it's our only option.
It's either that or it
pulls us out one by one.
- I can't take this anymore.
We should be topless on the
beach and fucking hot guys.
Oh my God.
Cindy, why aren't you driving?
- You don't drive a fucking plane, Lola.
It's on autopilot.
- Is help coming?
- Soon, I hope.
I have an idea, but you might not like it.
- We have to try something.
- I'm gonna spin the plane.
- That's insane.
- My dad did it to me in a flight once.
showed me how maybe I can
shake this bastard off.
I can't get out of this current,
but I can still maneuver in the channel.
I think I can spin us.
- Do it quick before I change my mind.
- Hold tight.
Here it goes nothing.
- Did it work?
- It didn't work, I think we angered it.
- I don't know what to do.
The storm doesn't look like
fading and unless it fades,
we can't get out.
- Mike.
- Shit.
- You think there's
something up there, Mike?
- No, there has to be
some kind of rational explanation, Don.
- Remember Crazy Larry?
Well, Larry Haskins may be not so crazy.
I remember he said something,
something about how he had escaped.
He killed the plane.
He switched everything off
and it released the grip.
Maybe it's something electrical,
magnetically drawn to the plane.
- Jesus Christ on a passenger
plane, that'd be suicide.
- Mike, that's the only choice we have.
There's no other option.
- Benny's on route, okay, Benny's there.
- You ready for this call?
- Go for it, man.
- Cindy, do you read me?
Cindy, come in, over.
Cindy, do you read me?
Who is this?
- This is Benny.
Your father sent me.
We'll be with you shortly.
You have to be careful.
You might get thrown into the storm.
- Oh, don't worry about us.
We've got Calamity Carl
here to save the day
if anything goes south.
Just sit tight, we'll be with you shortly.
Good luck.
- Oh shit.
- Never been trapped, no.
- I think it's moving.
- He's hiding under the wing.
- I've got a visual on the aircraft.
- Any signs of a creature?
- The only creature I can see up here
is you and your ugly pus.
Just kidding, you look cracking, bro.
- Dickhead.
- Okay, trying comms.
Cindy, it's Benny.
Do you read me?
- What do you want me to do?
- Go to the back door, strap yourself in.
Open the door and see if you can get
a visual line of communication to them.
- I see something.
- What is it?
- A plane.
It's a plane.
- They're here.
- That's right but, how exactly
are they gonna rescue us?
- I think we provoked him.
Are you there?
I can't hear them.
I, I can't hear them.
You're gonna have to communicate
with them at the back.
Go to the back door.
No sides of the creature.
There may be a problem
with their oxygen supply.
- I'm ready, Benny.
What's the outside pressure?
- Reading says okay.
Altitude's a bit lower than normal.
It's odd.
I guess we'll find out.
- When you are ready, can I open the door?
- I guess, but we need to be careful.
Can you go and tell the others?
'Cause I need to hold this thing steady.
- Benny, you gotta get a bit closer.
Sure thing, Carl.
- And take it up a little.
Okay, opening the door in three, two, one.
- So, we've lost signal
with the other plane,
and we need to communicate with them,
so we need to open the door.
- We can't open the door.
- But what else can we do?
- It's too dangerous to open the door.
We cannot open it.
If we open the door.
- I'll do it.
- We need to do this safely.
We're gonna do this together, okay?
We've got this.
- Dad?
Can you hear me, Dad?
Dad, I can't hear you.
Dad, come in.
- How you doing back there, Carl?
Cindy, do you read me?
- Mike.
Boy am I glad to hear your voice.
What's happening?
- We're alongside the aircraft now.
Carl's at the back
trying to establish a visual
line of communication.
What do you need, Benny?
- Mike, Mike, I can see it.
I can see the creature.
- Mike, send the Air Force.
Send them now, right now!
- Cindy,
do something.
Cindy, listen to me.
You can do this.
Just keep the creature out, okay?
Don't let it get in.
- Dad, Dad it's in the plane.
What do we do?
- Mike, tell her to cut the power off.
That's the only option.
At that altitude,
they can drop the plane below the cloud
and switch the power back on again.
- What's the window for
getting the engines back on?
- 10 To 20 seconds.
Dad, what can I do?
- Okay, Cindy, honey, listen to me, okay?
I need you to listen very carefully,
because we only have one shot at this.
We can't just wait to die.
- Come in, come in.
We're inbound.
Storm formation ahead.
T minus one minute.
- Okay, it's time to cut the power.
All right?
The fighter jets, they're seconds away.
They won't get trapped inside.
- No, no, no.
Not with their power.
They just punch straight in and out.
Yeah, no problem.
Just a damn Kraken in the sky.
- I love you.
- I love you Dad.
Girls, I'm getting ready to cut the power.
Hold on tight.
We're getting out of this goddamn storm.
- No!
- I can't get it.
- The plane's dropping.
Locking up, preparing to fire.
Direct hit.
Swinging back for another pass.
- Power.
Please work.
- Yes?
Dad, dad are you there?
Dad, we made it.
- Woo hoo.
- Oh.
- Girls, we're safe.
I did it.