Skybound (2017) Movie Script

[soft music]
Above the clouds,
everything's pure,
Sometimes I wonder...
why would anyone ever
want to return to the ground?
[anticipatory music]
[exciting music]
[stirring instrumentals]
[music softens]
And what about
All of the love
And what about
The things that we said
And what about
The places we've been
And all them...
[tires squealing]
Can I be honest with you,
Sure thing, Lisa, go ahead.
You know, I was expecting you
to ask me on a date
ever since med school started.
You took your time
until tonight.
Actually I was only waiting
for a special occasion...
But if you're trying
to impress me
with this expensive car,
I think you might
just have the wrong girl.
Oh, Lisa, I'm not,
This was the only car
left at home.
I'm sorry... I think
it would just be better
if you take me back home.
Oh... Come on.
I had no choice about the car.
My mom is gonna kill me
when she finds out
I took it for this
three-day vacation.
[pop song continues
on radio]
Damn it.
I'm just messing with you.
I'm sorry, Matt, it's just...
this car probably costs more
than the house I grew up in.
- [phone buzzing]
- I seriously doubt that.
Oh, look, my dad's
calling from Toronto.
Maybe you want to ask him.
Hey, Dad, just a few hours
since I left.
Do you already miss me?
Oh honey,
you know I always do.
But right now I need to
know if by any chance
- you left some cash here.
- Some cash?
I'm afraid I ordered
some drugs for my asthma.
But now I can't pay
the delivery boy
because I didn't make it
to the ATM today.
the neighbors are out too.
But anyway,
I only need like, 10 bucks.
Look, Mr. Murphy,
I gotta be on my way.
Just order again
when you can afford it.
Dad, let me talk to this guy.
Maybe there are a few dollars
in my bedroom drawer.
All right, here.
My daughter for you.
Great, Lisa Murphy.
David Spencer, is that you?
Wow, we haven't talked since
you broke up with Katie.
Listen David,
can I pay this online?
I've got this banking
app thing on my phone.
It should only take
a few minutes.
Uh... nope.
Can't do that Murphy.
You know what?
You sound almost as desperate
as Katie always did.
Funny, David.
Desperate is just
what I thought
when I saw that video of you.
You know, the one where
you're drunk and naked
and tried to do it with
Katie's German Shepherd?
I mean,
thank God the poor animal
managed to get away in time.
You, uh...
you still got that video?
Now I remember.
You weren't totally naked.
You were wearing those
yellow neon tennis socks.
Should get a few clicks
on YouTube.
Uh, Lisa, don't do that.
Uh, Mr. Murphy,
just forget
about the money, okay?
Merry Christmas to you, sir.
Lisa, what did you tell him?
Everything's fine Dad.
Just remember to refill
your medication, okay?
Talk to you on New Years Eve.
Take care of yourself, honey.
You too, Dad.
Remind me never to
tick you off.
[Lisa laughs]
Hey... did we just enter
an airport?
But I thought we were
meeting Roxy and Odin
at your country house.
Don't worry, Lisa.
It's weird... somebody's
supposed to be here by now.
Matt, what's going on?
Look, truth is,
my parents
don't own a country house
in the state of New York.
However, we do own a beach
house in Los Angeles,
Malibu to be precise.
[small laugh]
[engine revving]
What's wrong?
[tires squealing]
Get out of the car!
[mellow rap music]
Odin, are you
out of your fucking mind?
Easy, Parker.
You deserve it.
Kept us waiting for like
30 minutes.
did we really scare you?
Please, you have to forgive us.
It's good to see you too,
Now please don't tell me that...
We're flying to California,
baby, whoo!
Guys, I can't just...
Well, you did pack for
three days, didn't you?
So what's the difference?
Of course it'll be a little
warmer on the West Coast.
And a friend of mine
is gonna take us all
to Vin Diesel's movie
premiere tomorrow night.
And this is how we'll be
getting there.
Our Freedom XJ One, with
over 6,000 miles of range
and speeds of up to
700 miles per hour.
It's my dad's private plane.
He made me get my pilot's
license after my 18th birthday
so I could use it for...
special occasions.
[soft music]
what are we waiting for?
My thoughts exactly.
Come help me with my stuff,
would you?
You have to tell me
Did you two already kiss?
He hasn't tried,
[gate motor whirring]
There he is, finally.
[engine revving]
- [metal clangs]
- Ay, dios mio!
I hope speeding
doesn't run in the family.
You should see us fly.
Is this your brother Kyle?
But he's not coming with us,
is he?
No, he's just here
for the handoff.
He piloted the plane
from Paris today
where our parents spend
Hey, little brother,
where have you been?
People have been waiting.
I arrived a little early,
so I took the bike for a spin.
[soft dramatic music]
Hi, Lisa.
Hello, Kyle.
Kyle, what's up?
Come on, Lisa,
heaven awaits us.
[upbeat music]
This way, ladies.
This is awesome.
Heaven really was
the right word.
Look at this.
This baby's got everything...
TV, stereo, a bar!
[bottles clattering]
And it's well-stocked, too.
[Roxy sighs]
I'll have a vodka
on the rocks.
Coming right up, my lady.
Let me just get
my canvases out.
[engine power-up whine]
Ground control,
this is FJ2244.
Request permission
for takeoff.
Ground control to FJ2244,
thanks for submitting your
flight plan, Mr. Parker.
However, the name of your
co-pilot seems to be missing.
I'm sorry...
please repeat.
Name of my co-pilot?
As you know,
since December 1st,
a co-pilot is required for
all aircrafts of your type
the State of New York.
New regulations
since December 1st
requiring a co-pilot.
What's he talking about?
I have no idea.
- I landed alone.
- Mr. Parker,
please let me
speak to your co-pilot.
Mr. Parker?
Hold on, ground control.
What now?
I mean, you could talk to
him now,
but he's gonna ask again
once we're in the air.
- I know.
- Mr. Parker,
I'm afraid we have to deny
your request for takeoff
- if you do not...
- Ground control,
this is Kyle Parker speaking,
co-pilot of this flight.
Screw it, I'll fly with you.
I was gonna come out
to the West Coast
in three days anyway.
Thank you, FJ2244.
You are cleared
for departure.
Proceed to taxi lane.
Kyle, Kyle man,
how can I ever thank you?
This would've ruined
Hey, you know, this thing
with you and Lisa,
it's over right?
I mean, it was nothing
serious anyway, was it?
Are you kidding?
Seriously, it was nothing.
Besides, I'll be out of your
hair as soon as we hit L.A.
Hey, bro.
Merry Christmas.
To you too, Matt.
- Bathroom door's at the back?
- Right.
[soft music]
What is this supposed to
Lisa, I didn't want you
to see that.
Just... forget about it,
No, Kyle,
you'll tell me why
you never answered
any of my calls right now.
I have a right to know.
Tell me.
You told me you had no
idea who I was, right?
I mean, when we
first met at that party,
you said you had no idea my
family owned Parker Industries.
Yeah, I suppose so.
That's not what your
friend Becca told me.
So after a weekend
of feeling closer
than I ever felt to any girl,
I had to find out
that Becca told you in advance
who was going to that party.
That kind of thing
just happened
too often in my life.
Are you trying to say that...
You knew who I was
when we met.
I didn't!
Becca mentioned
so many people who were
coming to that party,
by the time I arrived,
I didn't know anyone.
Fine, if you really think
I was with you
just because you're rich,
you're an even bigger
asshole than I thought.
[engine revving]
But hasn't the world
in general
become a much safer place
since the end of the Cold War?
Just remember
those massive forces,
the Russians
and the Americans...
But do you really
feel better,
with those massive weapons
repeatedly showing up
on the black market...
Sound's there,
but wrong input.
Yeah, I can hear that.
In this world,
terrible things can happen
- any day.
- You're damn right, honey,
which is why we should
party as long as we can.
[upbeat pop music]
I've always wanted
to do this.
[pop music continues]
- Oh, yeah.
- Ohh!
Oh, yeah.
- Ohh...
- Ah!
He wants to talk to you.
Wanna take a seat?
How are you?
Good, thanks.
I, uh...
I'm just a little tired.
Well, if you can keep your
eyes open a little longer,
there's something
you might wanna see,
right over there.
[soft instrumentals]
So beautiful.
Put your hands on the yoke.
Excuse me?
The stick.
The controls.
[chuckles] No, no, really.
- I, uh...
- Come on, it's easy.
[mechanical whir]
I am alive
You see,
there's nothing to it.
[mechanical whirring]
Now push it forward
just a little bit.
[mechanical thrumming]
Now try moving
a little to the right.
This is like a dream.
There's a silver lining
[music continues tinnily
over ear buds]
What's up with him?
Autopilot's running now.
Thank you so much.
Honestly, I've never seen
anything as beautiful as this.
Me neither.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry, Matt really,
it's just,
I guess I'll just feel
a lot better
when we get rid of your
brother in L.A.
Shit, I'm sorry, no really,
please don't take this
the wrong way.
No, it's... it's fine.
I totally understand,
you know,
and in a few hours
we'll be on earth again.
Thank you.
I'll go get some rest.
[fist thuds]
I can see the sun again.
You're right.
How's that possible?
We're chasing the sunset
'cause we're heading west.
Man, this is one fast
I think I'ma take
flying lessons too.
Isn't that the name of a god?
It is.
It's the name
of a powerful
African god, actually.
God I agree, but African?
I thought he was European.
No, no, no,
it's African.
I know it for sure.
My parents told me.
No, now I remember.
Odin is a major god
in Norse mythology.
He's Swedish.
You mean like those
blonde guys?
[laughs] Okay, Lisa,
you almost got me.
Not bad, but please,
don't make fun of that.
No way. No, I'ma Google
that shit right now, man.
That's not even funny.
Swedish man.
He ain't Swedish.
Someone's parents
got something wrong.
He is not...
[electricity buzzing]
[Roxy shouts]
What happened?
- Kyle.
- What's happening?
I don't know.
[alarm ringing]
The speed and altitude
are unchanged.
Primary navigation's
still working.
Alarm's coming from
the radar.
Looks like it's offline.
So is TCAS.
[tense music]
Great, now we can't locate
other planes around us.
Whoa, wait.
But they can still
locate us, right?
I mean, before they hit us.
Right, right, it's
nothing to worry about.
Ground control,
this is FJ2244.
Do you copy, ground?
It's dead.
Can't even change channels.
Cell's dead too.
Mine's still working but...
there's no signal.
Same here.
What does that mean?
Well, I don't know what's
happened to the phones.
That actually seems
kinda random.
But as far as
the plane's concerned,
it might just be
a short circuit
in the main electric system.
Get back to your seats.
We're gonna land.
No, wait, let me check
the circuitry first.
If I can't locate the
problem, then we'll land.
Matt, don't you think
it's safer to set down
and figure it out
on the ground?
Well, if it's just
a short circuit,
I can switch to secondary
Then there is no problem.
And since navigation's
not affected, we're in no
immediate danger, right?
What is this TCAS
you were talking about?
Uh, it stands for,
uh, Traffic Alert
and Collision Avoidance
Every plane sends out a signal
that the other planes receive
letting them know when they
get too close to each other.
That way you avoid mid-air
But, we're not sending
that signal anymore.
Right, but, uh...
we should still appear
on the other planes'
radar systems, so...
[loud thudding]
Everything all right
down there?
just removed the casing.
[soft, suspenseful music]
Guys, take a look at this.
Looks like quite a thunder
storm going on down there.
Oh, and that might
explain the random failure
of our electrical devices.
How's that?
Lightning can cause a sudden
change in magnetic fields,
creating an electromagnetic
and these can overcharge
sensitive electrical equipment.
That should do it.
[power-up whine]
Let's hope that works.
[dramatic music]
Please, I mean no harm.
Odin, get down here...
[thudding, clattering]
- Matt, what's going on?
- Matt? Odin?
- [objects crashing]
- Move!
Up here.
Kyle, go check if the
instruments are working again.
I switched the circuitry.
Who's this?
[electricity buzzes]
[soft power-up thrumming]
- [blip]
- Radar back online.
It looks like it's damaged.
TCAS and radio
still completely dead.
What have you done to
our plane, motherfucker?
Please, I didn't sabotage
anything, believe me.
How did you get
I got on
right after... he landed.
I was looking for some food
and then the jet was suddenly
locked from the outside
and soon after that,
you all entered
and we started.
can I introduce myself?
My name's Erik, Erik Harris.
Come on guys,
go easy on him.
Where's he gonna go?
Please, can I have
something to drink?
The air down there
is really bad.
Looking for food could not
have been the only reason
to enter an airport area.
You were trying to board
a plane, right?
It's true I have some
problems with the authorities
back in New York,
but, uh...
can't you just let me go
once we arrive
in Los Angeles, and...
you'll never see me again.
Look, even if
I wanted to help you,
without radio and TCAS
there's no alternative
to landing immediately.
where's the closest airport?
Should be Chicago.
Come on,
there is nothing wrong
with our navigation system,
is there?
Sorry, man,
looks like
you got on the wrong plane.
Haven't I seen you
before somewhere?
[gun cocking]
Oh, shit!
[ominous music]
What's your name, son?
[suspenseful music]
My name's... Matt.
This plane stays skybound.
It will not alter course,
nor altitude.
Is that understood?
Look, since we don't know
the cause of the malfunction,
it'd be far too dangerous
to continue this flight.
Don't worry about it.
As long as navigation works,
everything is fine.
Lisa, I'm scared.
Sit down!
You bastard!
[dramatic music]
[electricity buzzing]
Get me the first aid kit!
We gotta stop the bleeding
[Kyle groans]
I don't think the bullet
hit an organ,
but we gotta get to a hospital
as soon as possible.
I'll set a course
for Chicago right away.
Damn, this hurts.
Stay calm.
You're gonna be okay.
You lunatic.
[engines whooshing]
Okay, Buddy.
This is for your pain.
Wait a minute.
How can we land without radio,
radar and all that?
[moans] It's okay.
As soon as
we appear on their radar
being unreachable by radio,
ground control will withdraw
the landing permissions
for all the other planes.
What's going on?
We're not landing,
are we?
Yes, we are landing,
and you're gonna be
locked up for what you did
to my friend,
hijo de puta!
[soft whirring]
Oh, shit!
[groans] Uhh...
Matt, what's going on?
Some plane
almost crashed into us.
[percussive chords]
Look at that.
They must've had us on their
radar for quite some time
if all those planes
are stayin' up for us.
[ominous chords]
I've never seen anything
like this.
Look, those two
just got really close.
I-is that normal?
Do you think it's because
of the holiday traffic?
Kyle, God damn it,
you can't move around.
Get back and sit down.
Something's wrong here.
[dramatic sting]
We should've appeared
on that
plane's positioning system.
They must've
simply overlooked us.
It can happen in crowded
airspace like this.
- Kyle, come back here!
- But look...
they're all flying
way too close to each other.
I mean, this just doesn't look
like supervised airspace.
What are you trying to say?
I really hope
I'm wrong but...
what if we're not
the only ones
with malfunctioning
collision avoidance?
[intense musical build-up]
But that's impossible!
A failure
of positioning systems
on multiple planes
at the same time?
Maybe some of the planes
were affected
by the electromagnetic pulses
from the thunderstorm too.
I mean, there aren't any
walls to pass through, right?
[muted boom]
[ominous sting]
Oh, my God.
Holy shit.
All those people.
Matt, I don't know
what's going on
but let's get
out of here now.
He's right, we should climb.
Trying to land here is nuts.
I'll set a course to
the closest airport.
It can't be far.
No, wait,
that's probably where
most of the others
will be heading too.
We should aim farther afield.
Okay, just let me get
outta here first, all right?
[somber music]
So just to let everyone know,
I've set a course
for Kansas City.
We'll be landing in an hour.
And there's a hospital
there too.
Try to get some rest
before we land.
I think your temperature's
Let's see
what the news says
about what's happening
in Chicago.
Good idea.
[static buzzing]
Damn, there's no
signal anywhere.
Leave it on.
Maybe it'll come back.
Guys, I've been thinking.
What if all those planes
didn't actually want to land?
Like if there was an emergency
down in Chicago airport?
Right, like if some
terrorist just got caught.
I heard they'd shut down
the entire airport then.
Oh, what, and all
the positioning systems
on all the planes fail
at the same time?
I mean that's a bit of a
coincidence, don't you think?
I heard some touched us, too.
You shut the fuck up,
all right?
What's happening to him?
We have to go back and land.
But... why?
The bullet... it must've
caused an infection.
If it's not removed right away
it could go septic,
and he could die.
You can't land in Chicago.
It's far too dangerous.
Is there really
no other way?
No, there isn't.
But can't you take the
bullet out yourself, Lisa?
I mean, if we go back,
we could all die, right?
She's right.
Going back would be suicide.
Roxy, I'm in my third
semester in medicine.
I'm not a surgeon!
[intense musical build-up]
I'm not gonna let
my brother die.
What do you think
you're doing?
I'm sorry man,
but we can't turn around.
You know that.
- Are you out of your mind?
- You want to put us all
- in danger?
- Can't you at least try, Lisa?
But I've never done
anything like this before.
[dramatic music]
- Matt!
- He's my brother,
- for Christ's sake.
- Matt, Matt, calm down!
Calm down!
You'd do the same
in my position.
So now...
it's all down to Lisa.
[weakly] I trust you Lisa.
You can do it.
All right...
let's prepare
a space in the back.
[lightning crackling]
Let's see what else we have.
There's some bandages.
That's good.
And this pair of
plastic tweezers.
And alcohol sterilization.
[loud rattling]
Keep the plane still, Matt!
I'm trying...
it's the weather.
I hope this doesn't happen
while I'm pulling
the bullet out of his wound.
Okay, get to work on that.
[suspenseful music]
[Kyle grunts]
This is gonna sting
a little.
I think I can see
the bullet.
I'm gonna start now,
okay Kyle?
[breathing hard]
[loud rattling]
[lightning crackling]
Oh, shit.
Oh, stick it in me,
will you?
[groans] Ohh!
this thing's slippery.
[intense music]
Okay, got it.
Hand me the knife.
This will close the wound.
[dramatic musical sting]
Your fever's dropped.
So how'd I do?
You're gonna be okay.
I knew you could do it.
Now you can call yourself
a real doctor.
There hasn't
really been a chance
for me to say... thank you.
[soft music]
For saving my life.
Looks like you just
returned the favor.
I want to apologize
for the way I was last year.
I was all wrong about you.
I see that now.
For a moment there
I thought...
she's your girl.
You guys better get ready.
Be landing in a few minutes.
Matt, wait.
Don't you think it's safer
if I sit in the co-pilot
seat for landing?
Whoa, cowboy,
you need to get some rest.
I know, it's just...
given our situation,
I think it'd be safer to have
the second pilot in place
just in case anything
unexpected happened.
He's right.
I'll carry him through.
[ominous chords]
weather is getting rougher.
So how's things
with you and Lisa?
What? What do you mean?
They say an old flame
never dies, right?
Excuse me?
What are you talking about?
Lisa's here with you.
I'm fully aware of that.
Oh, come on,
even the stowaway noticed
- what's going on.
- Really?
So what is going on, Matt?
[thunder rumbling]
[edgy music]
You're being ridiculous.
Let's just say I would
appreciate it
if you stay away from Lisa
for the rest of this...
- journey.
- Matt, take a look at that.
That's way too warm for
this altitude, isn't it?
Display must be
malfunctioning as well.
Temperature's still rising.
It's now reaching 30 degrees.
Hey, can we talk?
I need to tell you something.
It's important.
Odin, accompany him.
What do you have to say?
I've been thinking...
what if something actually
has happened on the ground,
I mean something big,
like a natural disaster,
a volcanic eruption,
for example?
Bullshit. We would've
seen that in Chicago.
now at 60 degrees.
What the fuck?
This is the middle of winter
and we're still miles
above the ground.
- It must be a malfunction.
- What if it's not?
What if it's not such
a good idea to land here?
Oh, no man,
not a second time.
I am gonna land this plane
right now,
no matter what.
Whatever is wrong
on the ground...
what if we're actually
flying closer to it
instead of away from it?
100 degrees and rising?
[dramatic music]
I think Erik
might have a point.
Maybe we should climb.
Matt, let's climb!
I'm taking over.
What the hell was that thing?
What's happening?
- Aren't we landing?
- That much light
can only come from
an explosion
or forest fires...
I have no fucking idea.
Why not some large area
natural disaster?
There are a lot of volcanoes
in the United States.
[whispers] What?
Is that really possible?
Look, the turbulence
is dying down.
As soon as we get far
enough away from here,
I'm gonna land this plane
wherever I can.
Military airport,
mall parking lot... I don't care.
I really think
it's important
not to freak out right now.
So far as long as we've
stayed up in the air,
nothing has happened to us,
He's right.
We need to stay calm.
After all,
we filled up for L.A. right?
So we're not gonna run
out of fuel anytime soon.
For all we know,
some explosion or forest fire
happened in Kansas City,
or maybe there was
a connection
with what we saw in Chicago.
But either way,
we still have enough fuel
to get far away
from this whole area.
[static buzzing]
[bells tolling]
[intense musical build-up]
Where's the little ticker thing
at the bottom of the screen?
The one with all the stock
Why aren't they
reporting on... on anything?
But... Christmas is over,
isn't it?
It is.
December 26th
and December 27th.
Here. Right now I guess
it's crucial to find out
what happened on the ground.
And since we don't have
the net, or any televised news,
maybe we can find some hints
in these papers my Dad left.
But they're from yesterday.
Do you think they predicted
the future?
Maybe there have been
some weather forecasts,
tornado warnings
or something.
Or military tests
or maneuvers
scheduled in the area.
Or a political crisis
threatening to break out.
Good point.
Let me help you.
The fashion part?
Baby, we're looking
for natural disasters.
Not fashion disasters.
Look at this!
I'm about to have
a nervous breakdown.
I need something
to calm me down.
[edgy music]
take a look at this.
Did you guys find something?
[edgy music]
Nice to meet you, Mr. Lamar
You said your name was Harris.
Head of a religious movement
that believes in
the apocalypse.
His real name is Erik Lamar.
I knew I seen your face
It says the FBI's been
after him ever since
plans of an assault came to
their attention last Wednesday.
You piece of shit.
Are you the reason
behind all this madness?
I'm not.
How could I?
Each time we try to land,
you try to stop us.
You wanted to keep this
plane in the air at any cost.
Is it 'cause you know
we'll die down there?
You must be out of your mind.
Did you bastards
cause an explosion
or diffuse a virus
or something?
Is that why all those planes
didn't want to land
back in Chicago?
You snuck aboard
because you knew
that only up here
you'd be safe.
You must believe me,
I just wanted to make
money with that sect.
I was good at talking
and my followers,
they kept donating...
and I myself never believed
in that apocalypse bullshit
at all.
And... we never planned
any attack.
I swear.
Oh, right,
the FBI was just mistaken
about that information.
it was all
a huge misunderstanding.
Some of the members
got it all wrong
and they started
trash talking online,
and the FBI was monitoring it.
[watch beeping]
There! Guys, I have to
tell you something.
A moment ago I saw Lamar
checking his watch
right before there was
a glow outside the window.
I mean, as if he knew
exactly when to expect it.
Man, you are dead.
It's just a pulse watch.
Please, I suffer from diabetes.
It's true.
It's a pulse watch.
It warns me when I get
too excited, you understand?
To avoid seizures.
That's why
I looked at it earlier.
Oh, what a coincidence.
It's already started.
you know about the condition.
Can I get some insulin
from my pack?
It's still back
in that hatch.
I can die if I don't get it.
Right, I'll go with you.
Thank you very much.
So what do
you think of his story?
He just might
be telling the truth.
I just don't know what
to believe.
[suspenseful music]
Do you think Lamar threw
this away to hide it from us?
Move it.
Oh, shit, listen to this.
"Former sect members claim
"that Lamar
fed them psychotropic drugs,
"causing massive paranoia
and hallucinations
"in order to impose
his will on them.
"Upon consumption,
people believed that they were
actually witnessing...
the end of the world."
Holy shit!
Give me that.
We know all about you
and your drugs.
Is this what made us
see and believe
- all those frightening things?
- Honey, what do you mean?
He gave hallucinogenic
drugs to members of his sect,
making them think that the
end of the world was near.
Well, you must believe me,
I swear I didn't
give you anything.
It's true we experimented
with pharmaceuticals, LSD,
stuff like that,
but I can assure you,
none of us ever
experienced anything
like we did during
this flight.
Then why would you hide
that page?
this could be the explanation.
It could finally be the
explanation for everything.
I really hope you're right.
Wait, hold on.
How is he supposed to
have given us any drugs?
Thank you.
Well, he was in
the cargo bay area
for a long time
before we found him.
Down there it's easy to
infuse the air cycle machine
with any sort of
foreign substance.
But just why would I
do that?
The air cycle machine?
Well, planes create
an artificial pressure
and temperature environment,
otherwise people
wouldn't be able to survive
at such a high altitude.
Think of the whole cabin
as a giant oxygen tank
we all breathe from.
It's true.
I read about similar
with hallucinogenic drugs
on airplanes.
I heard enough.
Hey, what are you doing
with that?
- I need those!
- Odin, what are you doing?
So much for your goddamn
drugs, you piece of shit.
[water rushing]
You just signed
my death warrant.
Are you out of your mind?
Don't worry Kyle,
he won't die.
What Matt described
makes perfect sense.
These must have been
the drugs we read about.
Just how can you be sure
of that?
You might have killed
the man.
He might have killed you!
[somber music]
All I wanted to do was
cross the border to Mexico.
Just cross the border.
Don't fall asleep.
He's going into a coma.
Can't we give him some sweets
or something with sugar
in case he didn't lie about
his condition?
No, not while someone's
Things can't be changed
Here's what we do.
We exchange our cabin air,
before we try to land under the
possible influence of drugs.
To be on the safe side.
Exchange the air.
That's it, man.
We'd have to release
the cabin pressure
and open the emergency
exit at the same time.
We'd have to descend
significantly for that.
The turbulence is gone.
I mean, if there ever were
was any in the first place.
Kyle, you'll be the pilot.
Odin and I will open
the emergency exit.
Everyone else...
fasten your seat belts.
All right,
ready when you are.
put it around your waist.
Like this, see?
This way we won't be sucked
out or something, right?
Well, at this altitude
we won't anyway.
It'll only be windy,
very windy.
Okay, ladies, listen up.
Just try breathing normally,
Okay, here we go.
[intense suspenseful music]
[air whooshing]
Let's bring it in.
[wind howling]
[dramatic vocalization]
Why is the snow... hot?
[labored breathing]
It's probably
just withdrawal symptoms.
I experienced
something similar once.
This is not snow!
It's ash!
[watch beeping]
He's dead.
[softly] What?
It's just like
a diabetic shock, he...
He might've been telling
the truth all along, I...
[suspenseful music]
[intense dramatic
What... is this?
A nuclear explosion.
But... couldn't this still be
a hallucination from the drugs?
I don't think so.
We're at war.
[ominous chords]
You think the aluminum hull
could protect us from
I don't know.
What do you mean,
My cousin lives in Denver.
That's not far from here.
I wanna land right now.
I wanna talk to her.
I said land!
Land this plane,
God damn it!
I wanna talk to my family.
Your cousin's dead,
Dead, along with everyone
else within hundreds of miles.
And we'll die too if we
even set foot on the ground.
How can you be sure?
You're not an expert, Matt.
How can you even be sure
it's a nuclear explosion
and not a hydrogen bomb
or whatever?
That's a nuclear bomb
It even explains
the random failure
of our electronic devices,
doesn't it?
I mean, a blast like that
sends out
electromagnetic pulses
that could burst
sensitive equipment, right?
No chance.
We were too far away.
What if this isn't
the only one?
That green glow sure looked
like what we saw underneath
the clouds in Kansas,
and before even.
They say that in
a nuclear explosion,
everything inflames like
paper within seconds.
For miles and miles and miles.
Right, but there was
nothing in flames
in Chicago, was there?
No, but the radioactivity
could've extended there.
Maybe that's why no one
wanted to land.
We're still close enough.
I'm tired of this mystery.
I'm gonna find out what's going
on in the ground right now.
[tense music]
My God.
[dramatic orchestration]
[bison roaring]
[cell phone
playing tune]
What is that?
It's my cell.
I put it back in my bag.
[tune continues]
Lisa, sweetheart!
Oh, thank God
that you're alive.
I've been trying to reach you
for hours.
Where are you?
I'm onboard an airplane
with some friends.
I... We were on our way to L.A.
Dad, you have to tell us.
There's been nuclear attacks,
I mean, we've got almost
no information up here.
Yes, Lisa, there have.
The Continental United States
was hit
by 11 nuclear missiles
in the course of the night.
Millions of people were killed
in the explosions alone.
At the moment,
everybody is trying
to escape from the radioactive
I'll probably drive further
north in the morning myself.
Dad... who...
who did this?
What they say is that
unknown rebel forces
have taken over a military
base in the Russian outback
from which the missiles
were launched.
The execution of that attack
must've been
highly professional.
About an hour ago,
the Russian Government
claimed they've regained
control of the facility.
So... the attack is over?
[cell phone beeping]
Lisa. Lisa.
Are you still there?
Oh no, my battery's low.
Dad, Dad can you hear me?
Lisa, listen to me.
- Dad...
- Listen to me.
You must stay in the air
to avoid the radiation.
All airplanes are advised
not to land
but to fly out of
the contaminated area.
Since the bombs
exploded on the ground,
even a few minutes
of ground exposure
is already said to be lethal.
Get away from the mainland,
as far as possible.
Stay skybound.
Stay skybound!
[busy signal beeping]
I love you.
[whispers] Hey.
So... bearing in mind
what Lisa's dad said,
what course should we set
with our remaining fuel?
How far do we have to
fly away from
let's say our major
mainland cities
not to be affected by
nobody here knows anything
about radiation or its range.
Without cells, radio, or at
least an internet connection,
there's no way to find out
anything up here.
And we can't... [pound]
land... [pound] either!
Hey, isn't that entertainment
and education package
still on the hard disk
of the video system?
You mean that kid's
Come on.
[whispers] Don't be damaged.
Don't be damaged.
- Yes!
- What is that?
It's just a collection
of games and movies
in case you get bored during
the flight... it's useless.
Well, we just need
range information, right?
At least just a vague idea.
There's gotta be
some kind of entry
on the bombings of
Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
Ha. You can't be serious.
It really is for children.
[electronic clicking]
All right.
"Although the explosive
forces of today's bombs
"are about seven times higher,
"the bombings of Hiroshima
and Nagasaki
during World War II
were devastating enough."
"Radiation never reached
the U.S.,
"as radiation range
decreases over water.
In this case,
the Pacific Ocean."
feeling smarter now?
You're right,
it's... useless.
Well, this one seems to be
telling some sort of range.
How do you know that?
I was always good at math.
Didn't wanna study it though.
Too boring.
Honey, are you kidding me?
Did you think I was dumb,
or what?
So if I give you
our fuel range,
can you make something
out of it?
Well, let's see.
That one seems to stand
for explosive force,
which we know is about
seven times higher now.
Didn't you just so, Kyle?
Uh, yeah, I did.
All right, tell me how much
fuel's left
- and, uh, do we have a map?
- Yeah.
Okay. Bring it to me
and... a shot of something?
I need to wake up.
[anticipatory music]
No, go ahead,
tear it apart.
[chorus vocalizing]
Okay, so based upon
our remaining fuel,
and assuming
that either Los Angeles
or San Francisco were hit,
we can't get far enough
anymore going north or south.
And since the east is
where we're coming from,
the only safe place we
still could reach lies west,
about 300 miles before
the Hawaiian Islands.
But that's in the water.
How are supposed to land there,
How should I know?
Can I have another one
of these, please?
I sure wanna be drunk
when I die.
[glass thunks down]
Is there really
nowhere else we can go?
contamination everywhere.
Then we are dead.
Only 300 miles away
from Hawaii?
But can we make that somehow?
- What if we lost weight?
- Oh, forget it.
You would never ever
gain that much more range
by doing that.
Not by tossing out the
suitcases, you couldn't.
But what if we ripped
out the entire interior?
I mean the TVs,
the seats, everything.
You cannot be serious.
What if we take
everything apart,
including the bathroom,
and throw it out?
Then with a little luck,
Come on,
what have we got to lose?
[dramatic music]
[wind howling]
[glass shatters in background]
[wind whistling]
[anticipatory music]
Okay, so the computer
should automatically
detect our new weight
and calculating
if we have enough fuel
to reach Hawaii.
So here goes.
[suspenseful music]
Just 80 more miles.
Not even a third more.
See, I told you.
Oh, that's just great Kyle,
to have known that in advance.
That's really great
and so fucking helpful.
All right, you can
shut the fuck up.
- Make me.
- Guys, take it easy, come on.
You're so smart little bro,
you're the smartest kid I know.
You know what?
You can be real proud
of yourself Matty,
you know why?
'Cause now we can't even
get the news broadcasts
anymore, can we?
Stop it, both of you!
What's gotten into you?
This isn't gonna help anyone.
Damn it!
I'm sorry.
[Matt breathing heavily]
So what else can we do?
Maybe just fly north or south,
as far as possible,
and then land?
After all,
Roxy's calculations
might be slightly off
to our advantage.
but even if they are off,
one thing's for sure...
the difference between
how far we must travel
over ground
or over water is extreme.
We've all read
the radiation range
decreases over water.
So if we go north or south,
we might stay within
radiation range?
No, we will for sure.
Last year I was on
a passenger plane
headed for Buenos Aires,
and one side's engine failed.
But the pilot managed
to land the plane
as if nothing had happened.
Even during landing, you
wouldn't have noticed a thing.
All smooth.
What are you saying?
If we could remove
one of the engines,
we'd probably lose
the necessary weight
to make it all the way
to Hawaii.
Remove one of the engines?
How the hell are we
supposed to do that?
This here is steel.
That out there is only
You wanna walk out
onto a wing
and cut off one of
the engines?
Are you insane?
Matt, that's suicide.
He's only messing with
you anyway.
I say let's try it.
We have to at least try,
I mean,
even I heard of failed engines
on passenger planes
that still landed safely.
Odin, even if we reduce our
speed as much as possible,
we'd still have to stay
above 160 miles an hour,
otherwise the plane just
drops out of the air.
So you ever stick your hand out
of your car going that speed?
Then you might know
the feeling.
But look,
the engine's mounting
is right above the wing.
Just like two yards away,
and we still got those belts
to hold Matt from the inside.
We even have the
parachute's belts.
All right, count me
out of this one.
But I can't bro, we need
someone to level the plane
when the engine comes off,
to restore the balance.
I know you still
love her, Kyle.
But I love her too.
I guess that's just too bad,
isn't it?
Matt, please.
But either way,
little brother,
she'll die and we'll die
if you and I
don't stop fighting
and start working together.
I know you're smart, Kyle.
Way smarter than me.
It was always like that.
But sometimes...
you have to take a chance.
You must take a risk.
Try the impossible.
You know,
if we don't act now,
we're dead already.
This plane...
it's gonna be our tomb.
Either we'll crash because
we run out of fuel
or we're gonna land and die
from radiation eventually.
we can fight.
Fight our way back
into the light.
We can climb out of this tomb!
Even if we're...
we're scared and desperate,
and the only way to do it
sounds insane.
We can't let out egos get
in the way anymore, Kyle.
You and I...
need to work together...
as brothers.
Or we will die
as individuals.
[stirring music]
[wind howling]
You really think
it was such a good idea
to take the canvas off?
What would be the point
in landing?
Yeah, right.
[soft music]
Well, it's been quite a
first date, hasn't it Lisa?
It has.
But you know...
it's not over yet.
You promised to take me home,
Yeah, I promise.
[emotional music]
I'll wait for you to do that.
Okay, speed down to 160.
Let's do this shit.
[dramatic sting]
[engine whirring]
[dramatic vocalization]
[intense chords]
he made it, he's hitting it!
Yeah baby, whoo!
[Matt shouting]
[electricity buzzing]
[power-down whine]
There! For a moment
it was disconnected
from the electricity.
Come on Matt, hold on!
[Matt shouting]
[electricity buzzing]
Oh, God!
[alarm beeping]
Hurry up guys... it has to
come off now or we'll crash.
I can't reach the end.
- [alarm continues]
- I can't hold it any longer.
[women scream]
[percussive music]
[no sound under percussion]
[intense musical build-up]
[no sound]
[build-up continues]
[alarm continues]
[alarm beeping]
It worked!
The plane's back in balance!
We made it!
[somber instrumentals]
Where's Matt?
[quiet crying]
[soft chords]
Thanks, Lisa.
Still minus 26 miles till
we reach our destination.
What... does that mean
we're not gonna make it?
No, I think we will.
The computer uses
an average wind speed
for its calculations
and there's a buffer, so...
With a bit of luck...
everything will be just fine.
I'm so sorry for you, Kyle.
About Matt.
He was right.
you have to take a chance.
He was so...
[somber music]
You're gonna have to live
for the both of you now.
[loud booming]
[Roxy screams]
The engine just shut off.
We're out of fuel.
How far away are we?
Only a few miles.
[controls beeping]
We're gonna hit the water!
Caution. The rain.
I'll try and keep
the nose up.
[Roxy screams]
[epic music]
[loud booming]
[water splashing]
[both coughing]
[soft dramatic music]
Although millions
were killed
in yesterday's
disastrous attacks,
people still keep getting out
of the contaminated areas,
reaching Mexico,
Canada, or even Hawaii.
And as the world stands
ready to help civilians
of the catastrophe,
a new beginning
will certainly come.
[soft instrumentals]