Skyggen af Emma (1988) Movie Script

I got it, I got it!
Have you been dragging
more animals into the house?
Hello, Emma.
Look at this mess.
- I'm not the girl's nanny.
Impertinent replies, that's
all one gets in this house.
Is Aunt Mogga coming too?
- No, I think she has a cold.
Are you disappointed?
Remember, I told you
about the school play?
Inga got the part.
- I'm sick of that school!
Yes, he arrived today.
Not until the boardmeeting.
Miss Zachariassen said my
essay was the best of the lot.
It's about Aunt Mogga.
- Grand Hotel as usual.
What's Aunt Moggas real name?
- Rodzianko.
Ludmilla Alexandra
Sumarokov Rodzianko.
Ludmilla Alexandra
Sumarokov Rodzianko.
Guess what I wrote.
- Henriques and Lwendren maybe.
I wrote about her escape
from Saint Petersburg.
The dogs were right behind her
and tried to bite her.
They kept barking.
- Danish Sulphuric Acid.
They barked like this!
- That's one possibility.
That's enough, Emma.
Get out of here at once!
And then I wrote that the
rest of the family was killed!
No, don't break it.
Aunt Mogga gave it to me.
I wish she was still in Russia.
Then we'd live in her palace.
Just the two of us.
And I would be called
princess Rodzianko.
Then a prince would carry me
off to a country far, far away.
Kidnapping is my special area,
but only a small part of it.
I'd never choose a well-known
person like Charles Lindbergh.
How will they fetch the ransom?
The police will be waiting-
- when they come to get it.
What do you think, commissioner?
It's a lot of money. The criminals
will have thought of everything.
How can you talk about money?
A child's life is at stake.
It must be terrible to lose
your most precious possession.
The time has come for
this little girl to go to bed.
Say goodnight to the guests.
- Goodnight.
Don't you talk about anything
exciting whilst I'm away.
Nice girl.
You're eavesdropping!
- No, I'm not.
Yes, you are!
How often do I have to tell...
You haven't taken...
Your father is going to hear
about this. Now get to bed.
Get rid of this at once.
And put Emma to bed.
- Now!-
That was about time.
Over there.
We're new at this.
The lords and ladies don't
care for warm champagne.
Are you hungry?
- No, we're going to "Nsen".
They serve cheap dinners.
- "Nsen"?
The best tavern in town
- Where is it?
In Poppelgade. You can eat
till you're stuffed for 1 kr.
Our father owns it.
- I see.
But you have to pay in cash.
- Sure. Here you go. Thank you.
Her ladyship hates animals.
You can keep it.
A hat for a cat.
You gave them my cat!
- Now, Miss... you know why.
Those little prols. Don't let
them in, they've got lice!
If you made yourself just
half as useful as them...
Any fool could do the kind
of womens work that you do!
No, Emma!
I think you forgot this, Miss.
I'll see if they have any.
One Sarah Bernhardt cake
- Thank you.
I'll be back in ten minutes.
Now stop it, Line.
Let's go. The brat's waiting.
Where the hell is she?
Give me a ride instead then.
Stop it, Line.
- Oh, my God!
"This is a kidnapping. "
Pay the ransom, if you want
to see your daughter again. "
"Don't go to the police if
you want what's best for her. "
"We'll be in touch. "
You can pick up
your paycheck tomorrow!
"Malthe, Malthe, till the end.
Malthe is my boyfriend!"
"Malthe is the one want. "
"I'm freezing, I am very cold. "
"Malthe, I hope,
my hand will hold. "
"Malthe, Malthe, till the end.
Malthe is my boyfriend. "
"Malthe is the one I want. "
"I'm freezing, I am very cold. "
"Malthe, I hope,
my hand will hold. "
I'm sorry!
My knees hurt!
- Yes, we'll take care of that.
Just be quiet.
- Watch where you're going!
I'm sorry.
- It's bleeding!
Stop it!
Here... sit here.
Right, now you just relax.
No iodine.
- Don't worry.
Please hurry up, Mister.
You can use my first name.
- It hurts!
You should watch your step.
- More light...
We need more light.
How about electrical ones?
- I don't have any more.
You should've watched your step.
- Yes. Shame on you, Malthe.
Now look at my dress.
Are you hungry?
I think you are.
- A bit.
Let me buy you dinner.
I'll get something from "Nsen".
They've got split peas.
- What?
You know split peas.
You get two porkchops and
a piece of sausage. This big.
It'll only take a minute.
Maybe two.
You have to make the call.
Is she nice?
- She's good at screaming.
Mind your own business.
They do that now and again.
The money's in my pocket.
- Leave it till tomorrow.
Malthe's got fleas and lice!
- What did you say?
Help Malthe carry the food.
- No, thanks. I can manage.
But he does have lice.
- And you're a brat.
Where are you from?
- Where?
You can't be Danish.
- I come from Sweden.
When did you move here?
In 1927.
- And your Danish isn't fluent?
Is this yours?
- Yes, it's for my work.
- Under the streets.
In the sewers.
- Are you a worker?
- Yes. -
You're down there all day?
- Sometimes.
The work is good. Nice mates.
I'm not a real Dane either.
I was born in Russia.
- I said in Russia!
- What?
That means "mate" in Russian.
Well, I'm sick
of speaking that language.
My aunt and I had to flee
because of the... bolshe...
Because I come from
a very noble Russian family.
They killed my nanny.
Actually they shot my whole
family and stole all the jewels.
Apart from this.
And they're still after me.
That's why I hid in the yard.
What's your name?
My real name is Ludmilla
Alexandra Sumarokov Rodzianko.
- But you can call me Mogga.
Don't breathe a word of this
to anyone. Cross your heart!
I'll take you home.
I'd like to sleep here.
- But...
Go ahead.
Is it yours?
Yes. But you can use it.
- Thank you.
And please be quiet. My knee
hurts and I'm exhausted!
There's a certain person
I don't want to talk to.
Now you watch out
they don't catch you.
Thanks for your help.
If you ever need help again...
- That won't be necessary.
- No. -
So there was someone at home?
- No.
He's gone to work.
- Who is little Miss Know-It-All?
I'm his niece.
- Oh...
Malthe doesn't have a family.
Or so he always says.
I am his niece.
- He's so unreliable.
He's an ex-convict.
- Is that a fact?
Hey! I'm not working my knees
to shreds for the heck of it!
Get out!
- I'm sorry.
That's just not enough.
You wipe it clean!
What kind of girl is she?
- What kind?
What do you mean?
- Well... is she happy?
Is she hotheaded?
Does she have any friends?
She does very well at school.
I really couldn't say.
Excuse me for just a second.
- Yes. -
What are they going
to do about it?
They asked what she's like.
- What do they mean?
Her character...
whether she's happy.
What the devil can I say?
- Well...
You know Emma. Did you tell
them what she was wearing?
But what is she like? You're
her mother, you should know.
I'm at the company all day.
- I don't need these problems.
- The masseuse is here.
Thank you. You wouldn't have
a company were it not for me.
I knew it! Are you going
to start all that again?
I got a spoiled girl who's never
earned a single penny herself.
Who doesn't know her own child.
- I'll be right there.
We're closing the door now!
Or so you say. But aren't you
exaggerating dear Paul?
They never took notice of her.
All he thinks about is money -
- and the posh Mrs. Zlow spends
all day with her masseuse.
Family life is not for me.
- Our child wouldn't be a brat.
You're dreaming.
I'd like to stay
the night again.
They're still after me.
Two men. They're bolshe...
My knee still hurts.
All that about the bolsheviks...
is that really true?
Then tell me about it!
Some things are
better left untold.
You can stay here tonight.
I met the lady who knocked.
- What did you tell her?
I said I was your niece.
- I don't have a niece.
Now you do.
Let's go to "Nsen".
Then we can give
my dinner to the cat.
I'm not hungry.
Let's go.
You look silly with that hat on.
Ruth's looking for you.
Who's that?
My cousin.
- Is she staying with you?
Yes, for five days.
- Are you playing hooky?
I'm your niece.
Here's something for the smell.
- You don't smell too good either!
Eat up, Mogga.
That's my cousin.
I thought she was your niece.
- Oh, yes... my niece.
You haven't forgotten our trip
to the theatre tomorrow, I hope.
See you then.
That's my cat.
But you can hold him.
He's a bit dangerous.
Bottles, Gustav!
Let us see your girlfriend.
Or must we unwrap her ourselves?
I'm not going
to the theatre with her.
I get a niece who becomes my
cousin who then becomes my niece.
Her knee hurts and she's
being chased by the bolsheviks.
Then I get some tickets
for the teatre...
It's pronounced "theatre".
Are you unhappy?
No, but my knee does hurt,
and I am being chased.
Sure... I'm sorry.
I'll go with you.
But not in this old rag.
- I've got money of my own.
Can you play Mikado?
The winner gets
a wish fulfilled.
- Yes. -
Do you mind stopping that?
Please stop it, Beatrice!
It moved! I saw it.
- No!
I won.
But you coughed just as I...
- Is that against the rules?
Does it work?
- No.
I want my wish fulfilled,
like we agreed.
Is that your girlfriend?
- No. -
That's the Virgin Mary.
Let me see your girlfriend.
- No.
I knew you'd be a sore loser.
You're all alike!
You can't trust the grown-ups.
They're full of promises.
But you're all
a bunch of cheats!
How old are you?
- Eleven.
So is she.
If you laugh
I'll wring your neck!
I'm sorry... she's very pretty.
I'm sorry.
I really am, Malthe.
11-year old girls can't run
around naked. That's indecent.
She does in the sewers.
But now she's in the company
of a noble Russian lady.
Shame on you, Malthe.
11 years in that smell.
Forgive me, Miss.
I don't think you smell.
Goodnight, Malthe.
I hope she hasn't changed. But
they won't let her walk about.
How many men did you get?
-10.2 in each part of town.
Maybe someone's noticed her.
You know how children change.
Take my boy. He's gone vain.
Now his parting is straight.
You'd never recognize him.
They might have cut her hair.
Get the lab to check this out.
Why don't you find
something a little smaller?
Where is the silly, little man?
He's bringing coal to your place.
Well, that's only proper.
He does so like helping others.
What do you mean?
Well, he's had a rough time.
But I did my best to help him.
Now I teach him when I find
the time. We both enjoy it.
There's my pupil now.
Shall we go?
I told your niece about your
dancing lessons. Have a go now.
Come on... first step.
So you won't show your niece
what you've learned?
Yes, but...
- Come on.
I think we'd better leave now.
Why of course.
Good, hurry on inside.
Ruth, come along.
You wait here.
I'm afraid there's only
children's seats left.
Children's seats at the theatre?
- Now, it's not Ruth's fault.
Why don't I take the girl?
- I'm not going without Malthe.
Enough of that nonsense.
- Listen! I wouldn't dream-
- of seeing that stupid play
without Malthe!
You can just tell me about it.
- Won't you ever wisen up?
Such impertinence. Your niece
needs to be taught some manners.
That's what you think,
stupid bag!
Stupid bitch.
- No, she's all right.
Why do you put up with it?
- Why?-
You let everybody use you.
This organ... it's broken.
It's out of breath.
It reminds me of myself.
Ruth says
you've been in prison.
That's what she says!
Some things are
better left untold, right?
The soul, Mogga.
The soul of the organ.
It's right here.
It's kaput.
Can't you just buy a new one?
- Yes... if I had the means.
But the sound...
The sound will
never be the same.
But it would help though.
I'm going to be late.
Say you overslept.
- No, my mates are waiting.
See you tonight?
Excuse me,
but have you seen Malthe?
Have we seen Malthe?
What do you want with him?
Look at this.
- You'd better feed him yourself.
Get out!
Get the bloody hell out!
What happens if...
- Nothing. Just go home.
You can't just stand there.
I can't...
Proletarians! Common, dirty
proletarians! Stupid prols!
And they're your mates?
- Nothing happened, Mogga.
It's my own fault. It's the
oldest trick in the book.
What have you done to them?
Just go home. Let's forget it.
- Forget it?
We'll show them yet!
You're drenched.
- So I won't notice it now.
If you run around the house,
we'll meet up.
Hurry up, then I'll let you
hear something beautiful.
Mogga, this is the voice
from the deep!
We meet again,
princess Rodzianko. Come on.
Here, Mogga!
Are you there, Mogga?
Are you drowning?
No, no. See you tonight?
- Right.
Malthe... can you see me?
- Yes.
- Yes.
"If you want me back, you must
put 2000 kr. underneath the pump-
- in Frihavnsgade tonight
at 7 pm precisely. "
Mogga... are you asleep?
What are you thinking about?
The bolsheviks?
- A bit.
We've never really
talked about that.
Not that it matters.
Soon we'll get lots of money.
- Oh, we'll manage.
No, we won't. We'll start
by buying you some new clothes.
But don't ask anymore questions.
Promise me that.
what about your parents?
Were they..?
They've disappeared.
You'll find them again.
Be sure to get that checked.
- Yes.
That's what we've waited for.
- Yes.
What are we to do?
Of course we'll pay, but...
We simply follow orders.
- That's easy for you to say.
It's not your daughter.
We'll send a man over
to help you with the details.
Her ladyship isn't
feeling too well.
Repeat it.
- We have to fetch a parcel-
- which Mogga can't carry herself.
And I'm not to tell anyone.
And I get 1 krone, right?
- Right.
Come on, Gustav!
- You can hold him.
See you at 6:30 pm.
Let's have a little chat.
- I have nothing to say to you.
Don't you come here all high
and mighty and try to trick us.
How dare you, you little bitch?
So you're Malthe's niece!
I'll figure you out yet!
I'll figure out
what you two are up to!
What have you gotten me into?
It wasn't meant to go this far.
What about mum and dad?
What a funny place
to pick for the delivery.
Strange... 2000 isn't enough.
- You don't know my salary.
What's the time?
- Almost 7.
I have something to show you.
- I'll be back in a second!
It's a load of rubbish!
- He'll help her carry the parcel.
Get going, son.
You're being too hard on him.
- The post office closes at 6.
So they'll have to run.
Find out what they're up to.
She'll get him into trouble.
Anything to avoid
the smell of your split peas.
Is everything okay?
Come on!
- What are we going to do?
Do you want to earn
that money or what?
- Then come on.
Here we are.
- Hadn't we better go home?
No, come on.
What the hell
are you doing here?
You must be out of your minds.
You're not allowed down here.
We have to fetch a parcel.
- Please help us.
I'll explain it all later.
- Is it illegal?
You owe me an explanation.
- Just push!
Can you see it?
- Push me higher.
Go on, push!
- All right!
What's inside?
Let's just get out of here!
Find a way
to get down in the sewers.
Look, we agreed that...
- Calm down, Zlow.
What the hell's going on?
Where's Emma?
- We overlooked a possibility.
- Don't you tell a soul!
I didn't think this kind
of thing happened in real life.
See you tomorrow at 6.
I'll pay for everything.
We'd better hide this.
- Why?
Use your head.
- Okay.
We'll say we're going to the
cinema. Then they'll allow us out.
You promised
not to ask any questions.
I see.
I'll get us some bread.
- You just mend that organ-
- and I'll fetch the bread.
I've come to get some bread.
- We're all set for tomorrow.
Get a move on!
- All right.
You're exactly the right type.
I'm talking to you!
I just want to talk to you.
But if you want to play first...
Get the hell out of here!
Don't you wreck my store
just because you're drunk.
They're really out to get you.
Was he one of them?
Can I use the kitchen door?
- Of course.
Are you feeling better?
Not a bad idea.
- A girlfriend of mine thought...
Name and address?
- Malthe...
Malthe Eliasson.
And the address?
- Poppelgade 11.
Check the names.
- Yes.
Is this the Grand Hotel?
I have to make some reservations
for my father, Mr. Eliasson.
- Yes. -
We want the suite.
Just for one night.
The four of us will
be arriving at 7 pm.
Don't put them there.
- The kitchen. I have to change.
I want to look nice as well.
Where did you get those papers?
- Where we got the cat.
Why all the rush?
- We're going to the movies.
Don't come home smelling
like the sewers again!
Get a car and six officers.
- Six?
- Yes. -
He's done time for assault.
Malthe Eliasson. The one with...
- Yes.
We're leaving, Malthe.
- No!-
You owe me that.
Let's go!
You owe me that!
You'd better hide the cat.
Pay up
and leave the rest to me.
- A suite for Mr. Eliasson.
My father's out paying the cab.
- Yes. -
We'd like the bill right away.
We're leaving early tomorrow.
As you wish.
Can I help you, sir?
Come on, daddy.
We'll send up the bill.
Please sign here.
Which champagne do you prefer?
We have Dom Perignon-
- sec or brut.
One of each. You prefer brut,
don't you, daddy?
And some lemonades.
- Food?
Dinner will be brought to you.
- I want bread pudding with cream.
Do you have any luggage?
- It's on its way.
What happens now?
- You're all invited-
- to a Russian dinner.
Make yourselves at home.
Did you get wet?
- Shut up!
Have yourself a bubblebath.
- But won't they mind?
We're paying for it.
Do you want to try?
- No!
Where do you want to dine?
- Just leave it up to us.
Bon appetit! If you need
anything, just ring the bell.
Bon appetit...
Have they left?
This is wonderful!
Have a king prawn.
One of those.
How cozy.
Go ahead.
This is becoming a bit eerie.
Come here.
Come on!
You're a sissy, Gustav.
Is it strong?
- No, my father often drinks it.
The night we bumped
into one another...
That was my lucky night.
- When you bumped into me.
Cheers, Malthe.
So it was hers?
- Yes.
Go back and get more details.
I'm going to the station.
Don't let him drink too much.
Just let him enjoy himself.
- He goes crazy when he's drunk.
He's just having a good time.
- You're mad.
We're getting out of here.
Come on, Gustav.
- I was just feeding the cat.
Come on.
Did they leave?
- Yes.
You start talking or I'll
have to beat it out of you!
Where is Malthe?
- Calm down, Tage.
He's at the Grand Hotel...
with her.
In the suite.
He's in the suite...
Do you have lice?
- Yes. -
If I had my organ here-
I'd play for you.
That doesn't matter.
I'd better go home now.
The same goes for you.
- Yes. -
Come on.
- Yes.
Goodbye and thank you.
Can I try?
Come here, Emma.
No, stop, Malthe!
Don't worry.
The lower basement is locked.
We're moving in nice and easy.
I don't want anything
to happen to the girl.
Eliasson, open that door!
I've something to tell you.
- I won't let them touch you.
That's not it!
My name's not Mogga!
It's not Mogga at all!
And I'm not from Russia!
You have to listen!
You have to!
I made it all up!
Now he's gone
completely bonkers.
Let's go.
I don't want to.
- I always put up with everything.
But not anymore.
All manholes within a kilometer
of here must be uncovered.
No need to worry. She just
needs absolute peace and quiet.
Thank you very much.
- Yes?
May we have a chat with Emma?
- That is out of the question.
She needs to rest.
- I understand perfectly.
But it's very important.
- Here's what's important!
Leave us alone. You've made
a big enough mess already.
They've caught the man. I'll
see to it that he's punished.
Malthe... Malthe...
You'll stay with her?
Just leave it outside the door.
He keeps repeating that we must
leave the girl alone. That's all.
There are too many lose ends.
Let's say the girl herself...
- Nonsense.
Leave the Zlows alone.
Besides, the man has a record.
But we must question the girl.
- The case is closed. Excuse me.
- Yes. -
Sometimes it's hard to explain
your job to the children.
But the one about the
jigsaw puzzle always works.
The strand and lock of hair
seem to come from the same girl.
Seems to?
- It's more than likely.
What if the Zlows have
the rest of this newspaper?
I'm sorry, but...
I thought your boss had
ordered you to stay away.
Just one question. Do you have
the Monday edition of Politiken?
In the stack in the kitchen.
- But, my dear child...
What are you saying?
- It's in the kitchen.
Emma, do you realize
what you're saying?
The errand boys got it.
Albert and Gustav.
- The boys from "Nsen"?
Thank you, Emma.
They fled across the ice and
the dogs tried to bite them.
They had a lot of silver and
gold, so they couldn't run fast.
How terrible, with the dogs
right behind you.
If I'd been there I'd have
helped them carry the treasure-
- and maybe gotten some of it.
Isn't Mogga coming
to play anymore?
One never knows.
That's my hat.
- The reddish one?
I dyed it myself.
Someone's been
cutting it all to pieces!
How did it end up here?
- I swapped it for a cat.
Not a bad swap, huh?
- No.
Can we have it?
- Yes.
- For An Angel-