Skylark (1993) Movie Script

(wind whistling)
(goats bleating)
(cows mooing)
Caleb, you look right at me.
No, Caleb,
stand up on that stump.
That'll be a very nice picture.
Very nice. All right.
Everybody, stay real still.
All right.
look right here.
Right here.
(dog barking)
(all laughing)
Your aunts
will like that picture.
Ah, they hardly know what
I look like anymore, the aunts.
I hardly know
like anymore.
It's, uh, Maine
you come from, isn't it?
She livesherenow.
That she does.
Hey, you know what I bet?
I bet Maine is green.
Ah, we could sure
use rain.
We sure could.
You know what I remember?
Those can go
right in that box there.
I remember back when
I was a little boy--
And you remember this, Jacob--
It didn't rain
for months.
And, uh...
then the winds came.
All the crops dried up.
Leaves of the corn
just felt like dust.
That goes right next
to the camera.
My grandfather packed up
his family and just left.
Did he ever
come back?
Never did.
Could be rain.
Now, young man,
you want to come with me
or you want to hop down?
No, sir. No, no, no, no.
You pay me
when I bring
the pictures back.
Thank you, Joshua.
Thank you.
See you soon, now.
Papa, will you worry
if it doesn't rain?
Yeah, but we'll manage.
We always have.
Imagine having
to leave.
That won't happen, Sarah.
We'd never leave.
We're born here.
Our names are written
in this land.
I'm writing Sarah's name here.
You can't even spell.
Papa, your boots.
Thank you.
Could be the last
washing for that floor.
That's a mixed blessing.
Don't feed her too much, Caleb.
She's getting fat
with your food.
I think she's something more
than fat, Sarah.
What does Papa mean?
He means kittens.
(cat mews)
She ever had kittens before?
No. Never.
Could we keep them all?
When will she have them,
I don't know, Caleb.
It'll be just like
having a baby.
Like Maggie.
Onlylotsof babies.
I didn't mean
to frighten you.
Someday I will marry
and move to my
husband's land.
That's what Papa says.
Oh, he does,
does he?
Well, that's what
you did, Sarah.
You came from Maine
to marry Papa.
Yes, I guess I did.
You fell in love with us.
Oh, I did that.
Your letters, then you.
Did you fall in love
with Papa's letters, too
before you knew him?
I loved your papa's letters.
But it was
what wasbetweenthe lines
that I loved the most.
What was between the lines?
His life...
that's what
was between the lines.
Sometimes Papa is
not good at words.
Yeah, sometimes.
But when I read
your papa's letters
I could see the farm
and the animals
and the sky and you.
You know, sometimes
what people choose
to write down on paper is...
more important
than what they say.
Caleb! Anna!
The cows!
(children groaning)
You rascal, you.
(bells chiming)
So, how are you all?
Any news?
Seal's having babies!
Lots of them!
Oh, big news!
Come to think of it
I've seen Seal
at our house.
With Sam, in fact.
The orange cat.
So it's Sam, is it?
(both laughing)
I'm surrounded
by motherhood.
The calf is due,
then kittens...
Caleb! Anna!
Time to go!
Church well's
down a foot.
A foot?
That's more than ours.
(baby crying)
Tom... are those clouds...
in the west, Tom?
Right there.
Maybe it'll rain,
eh, Tom?
Hush, hush,
hush, hush.
We'll be
home soon.
What if itdoesn'train, Papa?
Yes, it will.
It's just the time
before it rains that is hard.
It always is.
Come on.
(clicking tongue)
(rooster crows)
I need you. Hurry.
(cow moos)
Over here.
(cows moos loudly)
It's the calf.
It's turned.
What can I do?
Try and keep
her quiet.
Okay. Good girl.
That's a girl.
(cow mooing)
Shh... Shh...
There now.
There now. Shh...
Shh... it's okay.
Is she all right?
Mame's all right.
Can't tell about the calf.
But it'll happen soon.
It's okay.
It's okay, girl.
Hold on to her.
(cow mooing)
(Sarah grunting)
(cow mooing loudly)
Shh... Shh...
It's all right. Okay.
Shh, shh, okay.
(Sarah panting)
Shh, girl. Shh, girl.
It's okay, girl.
It's okay,
It's all right.
It's all right.
(calf bleats)
That face...
pale as the winter moon.
To think...
Anna says sometimes
you're not good with words.
Sometimes... words
are not good enough.
Shall we wake
the children?
Not yet.
Why didn't you wake us up?
When was he born?
Eat your breakfast.
Eat your breakfast.
Does she have
a name yet?
Hurry, Caleb.
Eat faster.
I'm eating as fast
as I can.
What does she look like?
She's small.
Got some white
on her face.
Your Papa says her face
is as pale as the winter moon.
Oh... like...
like a moonbeam.
She's lively.
We had a terrible time
trying to get her out.
Let's call
her Moonbeam.
Is Mame excited?
Does she like
the baby?
I'm not sure I've noticed.
What do you think, Sarah?
Excited cow?
Well, I'd say
she likes her calf.
was Mame excited?
I'd say she was pleased.
Where are you?
No, Jacob, you
were faraway.
I was thinking...
about when I was a boy.
I miss that--
your being a boy.
What sort of
a boy were you?
I was a bad boy.
When I was little
my brothers and sisters
and I used to...
dream about a good life--
riches and fine horses
and buggies, but...
we dreamed about the land.
My father used to dream
about the sea
as if it owned him.
It did.
"And there was this storm,"
Aunt Mattie says
"and the shingles from the port
went to sea.
My hat went to sea."
What does
that mean?
"Went to sea."
Means they blew
into the sea.
"My hat went
to sea, too--
"the one
with the bird on it--
in two inches
of rain."
A real bird?
Stop it, Caleb.
Oh, Aunt Mattie
will miss that hat.
"Two inches of rain
by the glass measure."
A glass?
A glass
to measure
the rain?
What about your letter, Sarah?
Oh, just about the weather.
Painting William's boat.
Read it.
"The grass is green
"growing so tall
"that we've mowed it
many times already.
"The trees are lush.
"Autumn will
be beautiful.
"Come visit, all of you... soon.
Love, Mattie."
Beautiful sunset tonight.
A glass to measure the rain?
Caleb, I thought
you'd gone to bed long ago.
I had something to do...
for Papa.
All right.
Upstairs. Come on.
(crickets chirping)
I put the glass there.
To measure the rain
when it comes.
Thank you for that.
You're welcome.
(chickens clucking)
(thunder crashing)
(horses neighing in distance)
(thunder crashing)
It's just heat lightning.
Try to sleep, Sarah.
I can't without you.
Is it below the mark?
How much?
Almost a foot.
Here's the last
of it.
Thank you.
We have to carry river water
for the animals.
We can do that.
And watch for fires.
I have to measure
out our own water.
We already have.
Have to use less.
Come on!
Morning, Jess.
How are you?
Seen better days.
Not much work.
Gonna change
Hey, Jacob.
Caleb and I want
to walk around town.
All right. I'll be
in the store later.
Going to watch
the blacksmith.
And see if our bridal bed
is ready.
(car engine chugging)
(horn honking)
Good morning, Mrs. Parkley.
(woman crying)
You'll be back...
sooner than
you think.
Please don't cry.
Their well is dry.
Caroline, what can we do?
There's nothing to do.
Joseph says
we have to pack up.
Pack up?
Where will you go?
They have family.
Mrs. Parkley:
No, no. I won't
take money, Caroline.
I won't forget.
Thank you.
Joseph says we'll come back.
But we won't.
I know it.
Well, there must be
some other way.
We could help
haul water, Maggie.
We could all work harder.
I mean, you just don't
leave everything
you've-you've worked for--
your home.
I mean, I don't see
how anybody could.
How can anybody
just give up?
You've never been in this kind
of trouble before, Sarah.
You don't know
how hard it is.
These are for
you, Sarah.
Thank you.
Excuse us.
I spoke
too sharply.
I'm just used
to making things right
making things work.
I know.
I know.
The land come
first, Sarah.
It always does.
What do you mean?
Without the land,
there is nothing.
That's wrong.
Maybe, but that's the way it is.
The aunts...
they write to me
all the time.
I can count on
them, you know.
Like the sun rising
and setting.
Like the tide going in,
coming out.
I'm going to dry up
like the land before...
Any news?
Some news.
Good news.
Good news?
Ha! What good news?
Your birthday soon.
Mattie wrote to remind me.
She didn't.
She did.
So, what do you want?
Where would I go?
Somewhere green.
Somewhere cool.
Do you think I would leave?
Come on!
(wagon wheels turning)
Hold on!
(horses nickering)
Throw those rags out.
Soak them
in the cattle pond.
Be careful!
There's a wind coming up.
Don't get too close.
(dog barking)
Jacob, over there!
(barking continues)
(grunting and panting)
You all right?
I said,
"Don't get close"!
I told you
to be careful!
You can't put the
fire out by yourself.
Stop shouting at me!
Papa, here!
It's all right.
Put the animals away.
Good boy.
That's a good boy.
We have to keep watch,
day and night from now on.
You're a sight.
You know?
You look beautiful.
Do you really think
I would leave?
(bird squawking)
(muted laughter)
Go ahead, try
and catch me.
Maybe this will be cooler.
Oh, I dream
of my old home sometimes...
and I dream of long,
cool mornings of sleep
without the baby waking.
Night dreams or daydreams?
What's a daydream?
Well, sometimes, no
matter where you are
you think of something--
a place, maybe
or maybe it's
something you wish for
and it's so close,
you can almost touch it.
Caleb, will you please go
out to the burrows
and get us some water?
And take out the baby with you
to the girls, please?
(muted barking)
(door shuts)
What's wrong, Sarah?
(sighs dismissively)
This talk of dreams.
Oh, Sarah.
Before I had my son,
I had dreams.
They were
the strongest dreams...
so real.
I could feel the soft skin
of him
oh, and that sweet smell
of his hair.
I could hear
the soft sounds he made
when he slept.
It was almost as...
As if you knew him
before he was born.
When I first married Jacob,
it was enough.
We were a family-- Anna, Caleb--
but now with the drought
the worse it becomes
the more the land dries up
and the leaves turn to dust
I have this dream
almost every night
that everything
will be all right
if I have a baby.
Have you spoken to Jacob?
Do cats dream?
I have dreams at night.
Mmm, bad dreams
or good?
Good dreams.
Every night,
I dream of rain.
Do you?
Do you dream of rain?
I dream about rain.
That's good.
Then, it will
come true.
(wind blowing)
(door banging)
Some wind out there.
It's magic,
isn't it?
Someone goes away--
There's that picture
left behind.
The face stays forever.
It's a fine
picture of you.
But I'm not leaving,
(door continues banging)
Barn door.
(door opens, then closes)
you're a wild thing.
I'm not leaving, Jacob.
I'm not leaving.
I'm not.
I'm not leaving.
I'm not.
I'm telling you...
I'm not...
I'm not...
Hello, Maggie.
What will we do?
Such happy voices.
They'll know harder times
soon enough.
We have to go further
for water.
There's water
in Waconda Springs.
I don't know if there's
enough water there
and that's a three-day trip,
maybe four.
We'll go together.
Think, Jacob--
We bring water back,
then what?
The cattle...
the crops?
There are no crops.
Maggie and I have been talking
about other ways.
I think what Matthew means is,
they're thinking about leaving.
I hate this land.
No, I mean it.
I don't have to
love it like Jacob...
like Matthew.
They give it everything--
and it betrays them;
It gives them nothing back.
You know,
Jacob once told me
his name was written
in this land.
Well, mine isn't.
They don't know
anywhere else.
You know...
you are like
the prairie lark.
It sings from
high in the air
to tell the other
birds it's there
and then it
drops to Earth.
But you have not
come to Earth, Sarah.
You don't have
to love this land.
But if you don't,
you won't survive.
Jacob is right.
You have to write
your name in it
to live here.
What are they doing?
All right.
Whoa, oh.
Keeping busy.
How far, Jacob?
Down that much.
Jacob, I think...
Don't say it.
(thunder rumbling)
It's been doing
that all day.
It's been doing that
for months.
We're leaving.
It's all right, Matthew.
I know.
(thunder rumbling)
Papa! Papa!
He'll kill Moonbeam!
Jacob, what are you going to do?
Stay inside, Sarah.
Jacob, no!
No! No! Stop! Stop!
Jacob, don't do this!
Jacob, don't...
Don't do this, Jacob!
All he wants
is water!
That's all he wants
is some water!
That's all!
He's not going
to hurt anything!
He just wants some water!
He just wants water!
He wants water!
He just wants water!
Water! he just
wants water!
Put the animals
in the barn.
That's all he wants!
He just wants water.
I can't... I can't stand it!
Anna, get something
for Sarah to drink.
Anna, now!
(Sarah crying)
Sarah, it's all right.
Sarah, it's all right.
It's all right, Sarah.
Everything will be all right.
(kids laughing)
Anna? Caleb?
What is this?
Happy birthday, Sarah.
And there are
presents, Sarah.
But I'm not dressed.
Well, get dressed.
Come on.
Woman 1:
You're just in time.
Woman 2:
What is that?
You'll see.
Woman 3:
Here she is.
Happy birthday, Sarah.
Happy birthday, Sarah.
A present...
from the aunts.
(Italian opera playing)
(crowd clapping)
Thanks for having us.
Get ready for bed, Anna.
I have a present
for you, Sarah.
Come on.
(lamb bleating)
Anna, what is it?
It's a book I
wrote about you.
About our family.
"When my mother...
"...came here,
she came by train.
"I didn't know I'd love her,
but my brother, Caleb, knew.
"Papa didn't know, either,
but he does love her, I know.
"I've seen them kiss...
"...and I have heard
the sound of his voice
"when he talks to her and seeing
his hand touch her hair.
"My mother, Sarah, loves us
"but she does not love
the prairie.
"She tries,
but she can't help it.
She can't help remembering
what she knew first."
Do you like it?
I like it.
Thank you.
It was a fine
party, Jacob.
I'd almost forgotten music.
Where's the glass?
Caleb's glass?
Put it back, Jacob, please.
It should be there
when it rains.
I'm sorry to be going
and be leaving you.
You'll be back.
I'll miss you.
We'll be back.
Put your bonnet on.
We'll be back.
(baby crying)
Hyah. Giddap.
(thunder crashing)
(dog barking)
(horses neighing)
Grab those sacks!
Pour water on them.
Come on, get out!
Go on! Get out!
Go on!
Get out!
Go on!
(cows mooing)
Get the cows!
Come on.
Oh! Oh!
Oh! Jacob!
Get me water!
Get back!
Be careful!
Get buckets!
I'm coming!
Jacob, here!
Give that to me!
Give me that!
It's no use!
It's our
last barrel!
(dog barking)
Get back on the porch
and stay there!
I could have been gone.
I could have gone for water
when this happened.
But you weren't gone.
You might have been here alone
with the children.
You have to go, Sarah.
You have to take
Anna and Caleb
away from here.
No, Jacob.
Sarah, there's no water.
for Anna and Caleb.
I can't have them here.
They can't go alone.
We won't leave you.
I won't go.
I can't go.
I know, but you and the children
haveto go, you understand?
This land is my life.
Like your father,
the sea.
I can't go away from it.
But you have to.
Without you, I...
Can you take Nick
and Seal?
What'll happen
to them?
They'll be happier here.
I'll take
care of them.
What are you going to do
when we're gone, Papa?
I'll miss you.
We can swim in Maine, Sarah.
Don't be afraid.
You'll be here all alone.
That's all right.
What will happen to us?
We'll write letters.
We've written letters before.
(train whistle blowing)
It's so green.
When Sarah came,
she wore a yellow bonnet.
She brought
her cat, Seal, to us.
The corn was high
and the wheat all yellow
roses bloomed on the fence.
We laid down
with the sheep in the field
and Sarah taught us
how to swim.
Then they were married.
My mother, Sarah
wore a dress soft like mist
and a veil.
I think Papa cried.
Did he?
Did he cry?
Is this the way you came?
Yes, Caleb.
This is the way I came.
(station bell ringing)
It's all right, Anna.
It's just, uh...
It's what you wrote
in your book--
I'm back to what I knew first.
Sarah Wheaton?
You're still here.
Where would I be
except here?
I'm Sarah Witting now, Chub.
These are my children,
Anna and Caleb.
Pleased to meet you.
Are the hens
meeting you?
Could you drive us?
Ah, you bet.
Oh, good.
Here, I'll take
this for you.
Could you put the trunk
in the back, please?
Is this Maine?
Yeah, this is Maine.
Can we go swimming now?
Soon enough.
I've never been
in a car before.
Oh, about time
you were.
Want to drive?
And I won't tell the aunts
you called them hens.
Yeah, here we are.
Look at all
the water!
Oh, how beautiful!
(Anna laughing)
(birds cheeping)
(buoy bell clanging)
Come on.
Let's go see the treasures.
Will they like us?
They will love you.
They will fall upon you
with kisses.
Morning, Mattie.
(Mattie gasps)
We're home.
I'm so glad you
came to visit us.
You're such a
pretty little girl.
I loved your
letters, too.
Look, this
is magic.
You like that?
Oh, Sarah...
Sarah, Sarah.
Aren't you hungry?
Don't you want
to lie down?
You thirsty?
I can't believe
you're here.
You better lie down.
Here's a cookie.
Here's another cookie.
Now, that cookie...
I made that cookie.
Doesn't that look
pretty good?
Are you hungry, honey?
Oh, I'm so glad...
I thought about you so
much, and your brother.
Want a bath?
How about a bath?
Oh, Harriet.
Let them be.
See, I told you.
(dog barks)
(Mattie gasps)
Look who's here!
Mind that beast.
(both laughing)
The beast's
name is Brutus.
An appropriate name.
Lou works
with animals.
Lou works with
the veterinarian
and Harriet may
never get over that.
She wants me
in silk and pearls.
Oh, please. Down.
Dogs like me.
I have one at home.
Oh, that's what we've needed
all along-- a child.
We must get one.
Looks like we have two.
Anna, Caleb, you can go
for a walk if you want.
Down to the water.
Take Brutus with you,
if you want.
He'll run after sticks
for you.
He's silly enough
to swim in the cold water.
Come on, Brutus!
Come on!
Here, boy.
I wrote you a letter, but...
we had to leave so quickly
I didn't have a chance
to mail it.
I wrote about the drought...
and the fire.
And did the letter say
that you are pregnant?
Come... come sit
down here, darling.
Oh, dear Lou, see
what you've done?
I need my tonic.
Lou hasn't done anything,
Sarah, is this true?
Lou, how do you
know this?
You know,
don't you?
No, I mean, I...
I mean, I... I suppose, um...
Well, there's a drought
and the prairie is all dried up
and a... a fire took the barn
and all that time
when the water was drying
and the corn and the wheat
was dying, all that time
all I could think about
was a baby.
But there was so much to do.
There was so much
to worry about.
I mean... I mean...
but how'd you know?
There's a look about you.
I could always tell
by a dog's eyes
when she's pregnant.
Oh, for heaven's sakes, Lou.
Sarah's no dog.
(all laughing)
Where is Jacob?
Come on!
Sorry about your trouble.
Come to help.
Can't pay you, Jess.
I didn't come to get paid;
I came to help.
By the way, what's that glass
doing on that post?
That's for rain.
Oh, they are
wonderful children.
It was hard for Jacob
to send them... to send us away.
They're his life...
after the land.
"After the land"?
Sarah, it seems to me
that what Jacob did
was to put you first
to send you here.
He had no choice, Mattie.
Oh, my dear...
...he had choices.
How long will you stay?
I don't know.
Will Jacob come?
No, Jacob won't come.
Jacob will write letters.
Letters again.
It was because of those
letters that you left.
And who was it
who told me to go?
I could nevermakeyou
do anything, Sarah.
All I told you was
that every winter
I watched the
geese fly away
to places
I've never been...
leaving me behind.
I didn't want you to
be left behind, too.
Are you sorry?
Sorry that I left here?
I miss the sea.
I miss all the green...
though somehow it doesn't seem
quite as green as I remember.
The sea isn't
as comforting.
I was so frightened,
I remember, when I left here.
But I'm more frightened now,
I never knew.
No one ever told me
how hard it is.
To love someone?
(Brutus barking)
The water is cold here.
(both laughing)
Not too cold
for children.
Yeah, only children and
my Aunt Lou swim here.
And Brutus.
Come here, boy.
Uncle William?
You're home.
For a visit.
Meg, you look wonderful.
(both laughing)
This is Anna.
And Caleb.
We've missed you.
Two years!
Anna. Caleb.
I should've known
the moment I saw them.
And Jacob...
where's Jacob?
Papa is at home.
William, did you hear?
Seal is going to have kittens!
(all laughing)
The father
is orange.
(all laughing)
I remember Seal--
like Sarah.
Imagine that--
Seal a mother!
Just shows a change of place
sometimes works wonders.
It's all right.
It's all right, Anna.
(calf bleating)
I'll come tomorrow
for the sheep.
Don't worry.
Things will get better, Jacob.
(calf bleats)
Keep this one.
All right, Jacob.
(calf bleats)
Thank you, Samuel.
"Dear Jacob, we are here now.
"Anna and Caleb are happy,
but they miss you.
"The aunts
have taken them over.
"They will, I fear,
be loved to death.
"They're going fishing
with Lou tomorrow.
Caleb is taken with the sea."
"Anna is, no surprise
"spending her days
watching and listening.
"We think of you every day.
"We miss you.
"Anna asks about
Seal and Nick.
"Caleb wants to know
if it has rained.
"I think of Moonbeam every day.
Love, Sarah."
Are you going
to tell me?
What did
the doctor say?
I'm fine.
The baby's fine.
The baby...
The baby.
(piano and flute
playing upbeat melody)
(raindrops falling)
(Caleb and Anna laughing)
(piano and flute stop playing)
What is it?
What are they
doing, Sarah?
It's been so long.
what are you doing?
Oh, look.
(dog barking)
Oh, Sarah.
Yay! Whee!
(opera playing on gramophone)
"Lucille's happy and busy.
she had four kittens..."
"Three gray
and one orange.
"Nick misses you.
"Sometimes he sits
and looks down the road
"waiting for you to come back.
"I am fine.
"Still no rain, but soon.
"Give Sarah a kiss for me.
Love, Papa."
He forgot to tell us
about Moonbeam.
Well, you know
he's probably busy
with the farm.
But he forgot.
I'm going to tell you,
Come on, get your end up.
Easy now.
Easy now. Watch yourself.
I'll tell you
that's a good
start, Jacob.
I better be
heading back.
I promised Samuel
I'd stop by
and help him
with his stock.
Someday when
times are better
and there's money
to be earned
I'll buy a place
like this.
My papa used to say
a man is rich if he has land.
People, they come and go
but the land is always there.
You got the whole world
under your feet.
The whole world...
That's what I used to think.
The whole world, Jacob.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Mail this for me
in town, would you?
That's it.
(all laughing)
What's so funny?
We had a lovely day.
Catch any fish?
Tell me.
You gonna tell me?
Tell me.
Uh... it's a secret.
Oh, a Chubb secret?
I know how to
deal with you.
You tell me
the Chubb secret
and I will tell you
Chubb's real name.
You can blackmail him.
What's blackmail?
A criminal act,
my dear.
(Caleb giggling)
Aunt Lou:
Come along, Caleb.
Let us go to the porch
where I will reveal--
only to you, mind you--
Chubb's real name.
Aunt Lou would
make Papa laugh.
Papa doesn't
laugh very much.
Aunt Harriet?
Have you ever been married?
That's personal.
Aunt Harriet:
That's all right, Anna.
Personal, yes,
but like everything else
it's also history.
No. I never got married.
Almost, but not quite.
I didn't meet
a dashing man
like your father.
our family historian.
What's dashing?
That's what I'm doing,
right now--
dashing into the water.
You are?
You want to come?
I'm going skinny-dipping.
No! Not in front
of the children.
what is it you do each evening
when everyone's in bed?
No clothes on?!
You mean, you're going to swim
all naked?!
(dog barking)
Everyone goes
Come here!
In the moonlight,
she looks like a big fish!
Caleb, what is it?
A dream...
A dream I had.
A bad dream?
I dreamed of old Papa.
But that's a good dream.
He... He couldn't
find us, Sarah.
He looked and looked
and couldn't find us.
Oh, Caleb, your papa
knows where we are.
He does.
I used to dream
about rain.
Now I dream about Papa.
Is this our new home
(humming softly)
? Don't say a word ?
? Papa's gonna buy you
a mockingbird ?
? If that mockingbird
don't sing ?
? Papa's gonna buy you
a diamond ring ?
? If that diamond ring
turns brass ?
? Papa's gonna buy you
a looking glass. ?
"Dear Papa
"The water is cold here,
but guess what?
"The aunts swim naked and white
in the water at night.
"They call it skinny-dipping.
"But, Papa,
Aunt Lou'snotskinny!
"Here's a secret:
Chubb's name is
Chubbers Horatio Umberto Bell.
"Sarah says it sounds
like a song.
"I miss you.
"I love you.
Don't go out
on the rocks, Caleb.
The tide's up.
I won't!
Watch your step
on the stairs.
They need fixing,
They always have.
The town's 200th birthday--
that's a fine thing
to celebrate, isn't it?
How many years
have we sat right here
and watched the fireworks?
Too many.
(all chuckling)
Is there anything else
to be done, Lou?
Nope. This is the last of it.
when we were little
we used to sit
here when Papa...
Papa fished.
We'd wait to see
his boat come
and then run up the hill
to tell Mama.
do you remember
Papa singing a song
about a skylark?
I only remember the first line:
Like a skylark, Sarah sings.
You never stayed
still, you know.
You were always
in the trees--
climbing rocks.
He used to call
you his skylark
and he said you'd
never come to earth.
I can hardly remember
when he was happy...
before Mama died.
Yeah, then you only had me
and the treasures.
Only you?
Don't you know
you were my hero?
And the aunts.
The aunts were
like the sea--
Always there.
Always... surprising.
Always different.
Always the same.
Almost like...
Jacob could work here
with me.
You know, if the farm fails.
Oh, William...
If you knew Jacob
you could see
how that cannot be.
(thunder rumbling)
(dog barking)
(people cheering)
We should have fireworks
all the time, shouldn't we?
At all our family gatherings.
New Year's, Thanksgiving,
Christmas, birthdays.
Yeah! Meg loves
these family celebrations.
Why don't we retire
for a slice of pie
before the next battery
starts up.
Watch your step there.
A nice little
piece of cake.
Wasn't that
Oh! Wonderful.
Yes. Yes.
You know, Caleb,
I'm a very smart man.
You know, I... There's
something different about you.
I swim better here.
The salt keeps me up.
Maybe. Maybe.
Could be that.
But I think
there's something else.
I told you my real name
didn't I?
Oh, it's all right.
It's all right.
And now you owe me a secret.
I only know one.
Oh, no.
Don't tell me the one
about the hen swimming
in the buff at night.
You know that?
Oh, everybody knows that.
But I think the real
secret here is...
you miss your Papa.
Both you and your sister.
Am I right?
And there is this.
Prairie dirt.
Oh, they're beautiful,
the fireworks.
They're like the sunflowers
in the fields at home, remember?
(people cheering)
I like your name.
(station bell ringing)
Over here!
Excuse me.
Could you tell
me where the
Wheatons live?
Get in.
I'll take you there.
I'm Chub...
Horatio Umberto Bell.
Jacob Witting.
Jacob Witting, yeah.
About time you got here.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Someone's here.
Who is that?
Mattie, come quickly.
I think...
It's him.
Harriet, it's him.
Papa! Papa!
(dog barking)
It rained.
It rained.
And there were
fireworks, Papa.
How big is Moonbeam?
like you.
like you.
You want
some food, Jacob?
Harri, a solution
to the problems
of the world.
No, thank you.
I couldn't eat.
(seabirds squawking)
(foghorn sounding in distance)
Those sounds.
The sea.
Where are they going?
It's all right.
They'll be back.
Caleb said
it was cold, but...
he didn't say
it was so beautiful.
I love you, Sarah.
There are things that can't
be written in a letter.
I'm not good with words.
You're fine with words.
I never thought you'd come.
I dreamed about
it at night
when the sea
sounded like wind
in the grasses.
I thought about it
at night when Caleb
had bad dreams.
I saw your face
everywhere, Jacob.
I'd look at the sea
and I'd see your face there
and in the sky.
When I looked
at Anna and Caleb,
you were there.
Once in the street, I saw
somebody that looked like you
and I rushed after him.
Once, I met the train
because something told me
maybe you'd be there.
But I never
thought you'd come.
Here I was like a child
come home to my beautiful sea
and I should have been happy
but I was frightened.
I mean, Iamfrightened
because this terrible love
for you is so strong
that I've... I've never
known such a thing before.
I know.
I never thought
you'd come.
They're kissing and hugging!
Of course
they are.
They're doing it more!
Once Mattie asked me
how long I'd stay here
and, uh, I know now.
I came to stay long enough
to say good-bye.
I think, Jacob, our baby
should be born on the prairie.
It's the right thing.
And you were right--
some things can't be
written in a letter.
You-You said it once.
Sometimes words
aren't-aren't good enough.
I see it!
I see the house!
And the new barn!
(horse whinnying)
Oh, Moonbeam!
And Nick!
Welcome home.
Hello, Jess.
Your new kittens are waiting
for you on the porch.
How was Maine?
Green, cool.
I'm envious.
Welcome home.
Thank you.
Thank you
for staying.
And thank you
for finishing
the barn, Jess.
Everything's fine.
We got a level
in the stock pond.
Look, Sarah. Orange.
(kitten meowing)
New wheat sprouting
in the fields.
Can you stay
for supper?
Thank you, but I got a mare
that's about to foal.
Maybe another day.
It's good
to have you folks back.
There was talk
you might
be selling.
No, Jess.
Won't be selling, Jess.
I might be interested
in one of the new kittens.