Skypemare (2013) Movie Script

Good Evening. I'm Gary Gray with this breaking news report.
It's Halloween, and if you're out and about tonight,
no doubt you'll see any number of ghosts and ghouls and goblins wandering your neighborhood.
But tonight there is one ghoul that has local authorities on the lookout.
Jenna interrupts: You know what? Can you just turn that TV down? I can't hear anything.
New reporter: Thomas Kendel escaped earlier this morning, making this Halloween particularly scary.
Okay. Better?
Yes. Thank you.
How are you?
I'm okay. I'm good.
You know what? I think there should be a rule in the dating handbook that says
guys aren't allowed to dump a girl on her favorite holiday.
It really pisses me off that you're sitting at home nursing two buck chuck when you should be out in a slutty costume.
I know I just didn't feel like I could be a slutty Sandra Dee with out my Danny Zuko.
It'll look like I'm begging for it.
Well maybe you should.
You should say...
Please sir, will you take me home?
No. I'm good. I'll just live vicariously through you.
So tell me what happened with Steve tonight?
It was horrible.
Yeah he blew me off.
Keep your children indoors. Although details are sketchy, the convict is still at large and considered extremely dangerous.
Can you turn that TV off? I just can't hear anything.
Don't be sorry, because
I went to the bar and across from me was the hottest guy.
Like a sign from the universe. That kind of hot.
He was exactly like I like them.
He was like, such a bad boy, you know?
But he looked like he might have a sensitive side. So yummy.
Jenna you're being crazy.
Steve is allowed to to go out with the guys for a night with out you bringing home some stranger from the bar.
Especially when some physchopath escapes from a mental hospital.
I didn't take him home!
Maybe I should have.
I could go back to the bar and get him.
Then who's that standing behind you?!
That's very funny.
That's very funny.
Nice try. I almost fell for it, but I've seen that movie.
Jenna. Seriously! There's someone moving in the room behind you!
911 What's your emergency?
Oh my God! It's not me, it's my friend. Someone broke into her house.
Are you sure it was a break in?
Yes yes I'm sure!
I need your friend's address.
Okay hold on.
911 What's your emergency?
I just got disconnected. Someone broke into my friend's house.
I need someone to go help her right now. Her address is...
It's 1211 West Willow, Apartment A.
He's cutting off her fingers!
Miss I'm going to need your information.
Stop it!
Please, please someone has to help her!
Please, someone help her!
911 What's your emergency?
Please! She's gonna die.
Alison, we have your caller ID.
We're sending someone to the location your provided.
Please! Are you going to help her?!
Police and medical are dispatched. Now we need some information.
Okay. Okay.
Oh my God!
Oh my God! He's coming for me!!
Why did you blink?
Steve! You left me in here forever!
Steve: Sorry.
911 Operator: I'm sorry. Ma'am? There's no disturbance at that address. Everything appears fine.
Are you sure you gave the right address?
Happy Halloween Allie!
911 operator: Hello? Hello? Are you still there?
Steve: I hope this cheers you up!
Jenna: I hope this cheers you up too!