Skyrunners (2009) Movie Script

I like your necklace,
looks good on you.
- Shine on you ...
- Thank you.
- See you at night in the lake?
- Yes
- Did you hear something?
- No, not heard anything.
- It's not your little brother?
- Yes ..
Go and see what he wants.
I'll see you in a few hours?
Well, goodbye!
I'll see what he wants ...
You were with Darryl?
Chat here!
Just kidding.
- Very funny, guys! hilarious!
- I think so.
- After we see, Tyler.
- Bye, Ty, talk later.
See you later, man.
- What? Nick!
- Just kidding.
Do not go away,
put me down!
Well, bite the dick! Open your mouth.
Trust me.
Are you ready?
Nick, I come home whole.
What's the hurry?
Two words, brother.
Julie Gunn Smokin '.
- Julie Gunn?
- Yes
It's more than cool.
- It's great!
-Good ...
- It's perfect!
- Perfect ...
And meet me
You're a liar!
Take my cell phone and take pictures!
Bring me proof!
In your dreams.
I'll go there and you
back home by car.
- Drive the car up at home?
- Yes
I am 14 years old, Nick.
I have no portfolio
and go to prison.
I am 14 years old, Nick. I have
wallet, I'll stop in prison.
Ever been in a cage?
A bed and a toilet without a seat.
I prefer the bathroom of the mall.
What is this?
Tyler ...
We found ...
an authentic, original ...
a UFO, really!
- Is there anyone inside?
- What do you mean, an alien?
It is empty.
Tell me, please!
- Do not touch!
- What?
It could be radioactive.
You ...
- What are you doing?
- I have to communicate.
- It's ours. We think!
- It is not!
Give me that, Nick!
If you find a wallet on the street,
is yours?
It depends on what is in it.
Help me!
In five minutes,
this place is full of police,
helicopters and soldiers.
- Let's hide it.
- We can not hide a UFO, Nick.
Mom will not let us have,
even a dog.
This is a spaceship!
A real ship!
We find!
Is ours!
Fell right into our laps.
And our chance in life.
Help me get it!
- If you give problems, the blame will be yours.
- Yes, yes ... Take ai!
Nick, I want to drive like grandma.
55 p / hour and stay alive,
In the car, quick!
Hold on!
Nick ...
I graduated in eight classes,
on the line
to have an accident
with an idiot?
We are going to the field!
- Blue 6, target species?
- Negative, disappeared.
But I'll get it back.
Be quiet.
- Hi, Mom!
- Hello!
Nick broke the car.
Good joke! I used it with his grandmother,
Ty, we can not lie to her mother.
I have to tell the truth.
- Joke? Are you serious?
- Absolutely!
Mom, the truth is ...
Darryl Butler and the football team
Ty tied to a tree.
My baby became a man!
Finished their costumes from the theater.
They are great.
Come try it!
- I am very proud!
- We love ...
When you tell a lie,
say part of the truth.
- We do not talk everything is good?
- Right.
Okay. Come!
People always talk
about UFOs.
Are they real?
They are watching us?
And because she did this
stupid costume for me?
To smile at you
throughout his life.
Right boys?
Okay, this is greater
Einstein or Columbus.
- The ship must be investigated.
- I agree.
- So, let's give it away, right?
- Wrong!
Let's find out what
this baby can do.
Dude, you have removed the
coverage of the ship?
Buddy, when?
I was at the time.
- Do you think this is an MP3?
- Nick, this is from another planet.
Must have satellite radio.
- Tyler, she wants you to enter.
- You think I'm what, an idiot?
- Come on you!
- She does not want me.
It comes from an advanced civilization,
therefore requires a higher brain.
- Really?
- No. .. Just go in there!
- Why do it ...
- Go!
This is crazy!
It's stupid!
This ...
This is incredible!
- Nick?
- Ty, stop it!
- Tyler!
- Nick!
- Tyler, put it down!
- Take me away, Nick!
- Tyler, put it down!
- Nick, let me out!
I do not believe ...
- Thank you.
- Not at all.
Beautiful scenery and you!
Now, please ...
Please make me down before
that wet my pants.
- Cara ...
- You okay?
I thought you would not see more!
I thought you were gone!
I thought I had lost you!
I thought it was gone!
It's amazing. There are no limits
what he can do.
- We get it?
- Definitely, yes!
- Hey, bro?
- We have a problem.
I know, man. Arranged find
Julie. What should I do?
There were four cars
police in the parking lot.
I suspect that came by ship.
I'm going home to hide it.
Relax, do nothing.
I know that some kids
found something
and the police are not investigating,
but the NSSC.
- I know that people disappear.
- Have not seen you on TV?
Oh, you remembered.
WZPZ, Tori Lee
Investigative reporter.
Tiler Burns.
Man student.
Let man, we are late
for the physics class!
What happens in NSSC?
They try to hide a UFO
pretending to be a
experimental aircraft.
You know what?
I thought so.
Hey, watch out!
Is Julie.
How are you?
Seems furious!
Meet you here and this
is all you have to say?
No. Where were you last night?
I waited for hours.
Let me posted and now lies!
You know how to use the girls.
Let me explain what ...
- Kiss me my ...
- Darryl Butler!, Coming!
You had a chance, Nick,
but you blew it.
You want a translation?
No, I think he understood.
Beware, the next time,
will hold in the cactus!
Beware, Butler!
- Julie Do you threw in the trash?
- Temporarily.
- But it may decide to return.
- Do not trust it.
And the next time he shows up with
my brother has problems with me.
Why not now?
I am warning you!
I am yellow stripe.
Tyler ...
If you knew anything about UFOs,
can talk to me.
I'll give you my phone.
Can I have your phone?
Nick, my phone is on you?
If the NSSC find the phone,
are finished, I took pictures.
- I believe you lost it.
- I did not fall, you left!
If it was taken for pick-up
home, I would be in confusion.
Excuse me?
I said I could choose what not
belonged to us, would go to jail?
- Now, repented?
- No!
My only regret is that we
a robot to investigate the NSSC.
You do not see,
do not see what we did.
You are paranoid!
So, back to the mother,
give a hug and eat cookies.
Who wants a cookie?
- Hi, Mom!
- Hello!
- Hi, Mom!
- Boys ...
He is the agent of Armstrong,
the NSSC.
Do you have any idea what
look in our kitchen?
No idea.
You, last night,
by chance have not seen
an unusual airplane in the sky
that landed on the road
they returned home.
The test ended at 6:00 and only
arrived at home after 8:00.
The football team tied me
in a tree.
It was not long for
untie you, Tyler?
Welcome ...
We were caught.
We arrived late because ...
I had a meeting
to the Julie Gunn.
- Julie Smokin 'Gunn?
- Right.
Who is this Smokin 'Gunn?
It is the most beautiful girl
since kindergarten.
I have to confirm
No, because we
When we meet,
because Tyler did not return
alone in the truck, home.
See? I said there
a simple explanation.
Now, if already done,
I would like to talk
with these two alone.
We saw two boys running
in a red pick-up
the place where the UFO crashed.
It is better to invent another friend.
Nobody believes in UFOs.
One day, boys,
only be you and me.
And minutes later ...
I want to be alone.
Government wants to dissect,
the mother is suspicious,
press to divulge
story ...
My life is over!
Who's calling?
Hi, Julie, is Nick.
Please call me.
Thank you.
After you took off?
Where is your self-esteem?
Where's your dignity?
Forget it!
She closed the windows.
- What?
- The window of the former.
When someone breaks up with Julie,
still has a
window by 48 hours
to reconcile
before becoming an ex.
You had, Julie closed the
window well in your face.
Oh, no!
She told me!
- Moreover, we have a secret weapon.
- No, we ...
We can not.
In the middle of the afternoon?
You said you know the words
as "stop" and "go home".
And if I say "use this baby before
to close the window?
Julie's car.
The window of Julie's back.
Down, boy!
You know what to do.
You did that?
How am I? I'm fine?
Hi, beautiful!
- Need Help?
- Not you.
Hi, Dad!
My car broke down. Call me!
I take a look?
Just look.
You know me messages?
In fact, there were three.
- Six messages.
- Six.
I deleted them all.
Without hear them.
Because it was an apology
from the heart,
the other two were
sweet and romantic.
I kept the other three.
And I do not want to hear them?
I love you
I'll get you!
- Thank you ... I think.
- If I want to thank you,
Let's go, before
Darryl, leave the cafeteria.
- Right. Between!
- Great!
Sorry, sorry ...
It's not over!
You hear me? It's not over!
What ...
Brother ... Thanks, man.
We should do it.
Julie was ...
Well, because I think
Darryl Butler
may have seen the UFO.
Who cares?
Julie and I go to the pizza, Friday.
And with this baby can
go to Italy.
Forget Italy!
Take her to the moon!
Tomorrow, we have to find a
better place to hide the ship.
The best place to
hide what?
Mother! Come!
I'm here, dear.
Along with the press.
Guys, everyone wants
some answers.
What they have in the garage,
Our bicycles
old things,
shoes shoes Ty ...
- Nick ...
- Do not be ashamed,
you are talented.
Nick is over.
We have to tell the truth.
We saw the UFO falling.
And put in the truck
and brought him home.
You are in there.
What are you waiting
open the door!
- Do you think this is a joke?
- I think you're a joke.
- You're stuck!
- Okay!
Hold us all,
and then tell the judge
as you stormed
a mother and her children
because they showed you,
their flying thing!
We will see us
but you do not
see me coming.
So what we have for dinner?
- Water and bread.
- Come on, Mom ...
I did nothing wrong, right?
At one point,
I skipped the chapter,
in which he said never, never
should cause problems for
a government agency?
- Now we say that?
- Guys, home immediately!
Soon, Mom!
I left something in the garage.
- I do not understand where is it?
- I do not know.
Maybe ...
- What are you doing?
- She's here!
- What?
- It's right there!
Not real!
It's invisible!
It is invisible. You are camouflaged.
It's like a chameleon.
I think it is a just a machine.
He's alive!
He thinks.
And you know who are friends.
Our consoles command
locas were last night,
when listeners began to connect
and say they saw a UFO,
began to alien invasion
and all had a hallucination.
Did you hear that?
The world saw the UFO.
- Maybe they saw another UFO.
- There is another UFO.
How do you know? If there is one,
there may be two or
ten or twenty.
The guy who said,
an alien invasion.
- Nick ...
- What's with your voice?
- I lose my voice. Watch ...
- Stop!
How to stop?
Since when talk like that?
You have a cold night?
- I have a beard, Nick.
- And then?
Yesterday, I had not.
Let me see, Ty.
Let's run!
It's the Wolf Man!
Welcome to puberty,
If the father were here, talk
to you the things of man.
But as it is not,
then I will have to be me.
Lesson 1
Do not think you will use my
shavers. It would be unpleasant.
- Nick, which made my jeans?
- Nothing.
- You put glue on my pants?
- No, did not touch them.
The last time I used the stapler.
Thank you very much.
- You help me, please?
- Help you?
- And then? Helping to tie their shoes?
- Stop!
- Ridiculous.
- Wait, wait ... For!
- In Three. One, two ...
- Pull down or up.
- I do not help at all!
- Welcome ...
Wait a second ...
It is right!
- What?
- Man, is as tall as me!
You grew up during the night!
You're different.
It is not normal, Nick!
Certainly, it is not normal!
Relax, man!
Certainly, it's nothing serious.
Are late to school,
I have to clean the room, come on!
If the mother see me so
will surely suspect something.
- You only have to invent an excuse.
- I do not invent!
I can not say in part
the truth as you.
You have three seconds.
Um ..
- Use my jeans!
- Two ...
- What?
- Take my pants!
Good morning!
Where is Tyler?
He was early for school.
Because of its test
acting as a pirate.
No, no ...
I can swear I heard it.
Not here.
Hi, Tyler!
Hi, Katie!
- Something happens to you two.
- About two?
With you and Tyler.
They may have mistaken the agent
Armstrong, last night,
but I have years of training in art
decipher adolescents. Give up.
- It hurts.
- Please!
- Are watching you.
- Right.
I told you!
Where you are unfamiliar.
Actually, forget it!
Why is the roof?
This is not underwear.
Are ... "Briefs."
- Briefs!?
- Yes, they are similar to underwear.
Are in vogue now.
Bears and things.
I bet your brother had
you say it. Goodbye!
How could I be so uninspired.
You can come, it's gone.
Different look. What happened
with your workout clothes?
Think shrank
in the wash.
Perhaps not block
Attention is burned, Burns.
Supposed to run away from the ball.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Go for a walk, Darryl,
and take your clowns!
It is very brave!
You think you can me?
I do not know who is crazier,
you or your brother.
T-Rex, give them a small
lesson and good manners!
Okay, guys ...
Let's make him cry!
It has more ammunition.
Now try to hold
my fastball.
Director Duddy ...
This means the arrest
Mr. Butler.
- Finished later.
- I can not wait.
Well, all standing!
Step up!
- How did you do that?
- Well, I ...
I have no idea.
Tomorrow, at night,
we eat pizza,
a quiet place and
have a little chat ...
not tomorrow.
I totally forgot the
graduation party of Darry.
So I go with you.
Nick is his "friend" Darryl.
I do not think it's called.
One of my qualities is that
like a little competition.
- Mr. Burns ...
- You can take me out?
- I think not.
- Sorry, Miss. Gunn!
I see her tomorrow. Call me if
change your mind.
Not turn on.
I'm surprised they make plans
this weekend, Mr. Burns.
Director Duddy, we met
how long 4 years.
You can call me, Nick.
Can I call you, Herman?
No, you can not!
Mr. Hiddlebaum informed me
have yet to do
the science project.
It is a big lie.
I started the project.
Study on orange juice
your brother can drink
until he vomits?
This is not a project.
It's not just orange juice.
I added juice
grape and wine dry sweet.
You should see the color of vomit.
In this case we are well.
- Really?
- No!
If you bring a project
serious for the examination,
within two days,
not pass the year.
No project
without qualification.
In other words,
you do not graduate.
- You will have your project, okay?
- Good
If you have to repeat the year,
I will make your life a nightmare.
- Do you understand?
- Yes
Want to know what a nightmare?
The habit of his mouth!
I know,
chili "causes me many gases ...
Janine thinks I'm good.
Oh, yes!
She wants me
My dress for the
Graduation ball is super.
I'll be the prettiest.
You said your pretty dress?
Man, I do not have enough
social challenges.
A dress would not fall and
with my social status.
You do not hear voices?
Come with a lack of sugar.
Eat a pudding!
No, I'm fine.
See you later.
do not think anyone noticed
my new haircut.
I like your new
haircut, Claire.
new pants make me look fat?
Your jeans was well
I'm so bad
If you do, do not tell you how
get a girl to the prom.
You need a girl, right?
This is bothering you.
I never told anyone.
Claire has a new haircut,
and Heather have some new trousers.
If you make an accolade, of course,
one of them will go with you.
- If you're lying ...
- Do it!
If Tyler knew how
I want to kiss you.
- Hey, you're taller?
- I? High?
No, I very sprawling
when agreement.
I like tall guys.
Boys high dark-haired.
Boys high, dark hair,
smart boys.
- Katie I'm sorry, I can not.
- What you can?
Go to the movies with you this weekend.
My life is very crazy.
- But not told you yet.
- Did not you say?
I wanted to tell you,
but you gave me no chance.
You're a psycho,
or something?
No, no ...
I have to go to class.
I'll see you tonight.
Come dressed for the tests.
It was crazy, Nick.
UFO made me a thing!
Is taller and has more hair.
Notify the press!
You should have seen me today in the gym.
I was playing very well burnt.
This is really a novelty.
I was better than good.
I was fantastic.
- I gave a lesson in Darryl Butler.
- Really?
Seriously, I was never good at anything
was remotely athletic.
It is as if time passes on camera
slow and I'm super fast.
Therefore, you are taller,
with more hair and more athletic.
- We cover a superhero.
- You do not hear me.
I changed.
I can do certain things.
Yes, let me guess, you can
feel a "fart" to 3 meters.
I can read thoughts.
- You worry me, brother.
- No, you're not!
You know that this has
nothing to do with puberty.
And you are.
And I think that is a way of trying
finish your project, to graduate.
- Who told you that I will not pass?
- No, that's the point!
And you want to change the UFO place,
before someone picks it up.
- Sure, you're scaring me.
- Well, because I am also very much.
You're my brother, if you do not
take seriously, then who will?
Until now, I'm taking
seriously, the fact that
need to hide the UFO before
we are caught by the mother.
And I think I found the perfect place,
want to see?
- I think so.
- Well, because you're driving.
It may seem that I am 16 years old
but I have no portfolio.
I did not say you
lead my pick-up.
- How did you find this place?
- Very good, right?
Here are two Halloween's,
I was challenged by buddy Marty
to sleep here one night.
- And you usually accepted.
- Sure!
I won the bet.
I need to find a place
to hide our stuff.
- Watch out for rats!
- Mice?
What rats?
- If you see a mouse?
- Searching.
- And now what?
- Do not believe what I saw.
He spent a film on the windshield
of future disasters on Earth.
- Fires, floods, pollution.
- Yes, show me a replay!
Perhaps the lesson of biology
Hiddlebaum, give you nightmares.
- I'm not invented.
- So ...
Now, you have psychic visions and
watch movies rented in his head.
I know what I saw.
Something important is happening.
Perhaps, therefore,
the UFO came to us.
Look, I love you, Ty,
but I think that what they're saying
affected his thinking.
- He believes in nothing, right?
- And why you believe it?
For Nick
this is happening to me!
If you do not want to hear, perhaps better,
I talk to the agent Armstrong.
To get us out of this incredible ship
and send to the workhouse?
Tyler, this UFO is the coolest thing
that ever happened to someone.
Why do you want to spoil everything?
Okay ...
The mother, the less you know better, know only the essential and only answer, ask
- If she see me, be scared.
- So, do not let her see it.
- Hi, Mom!
- Where's Tyler?
A little boy, who lives here.
his brother.
Tyler? I have not seen.
You are hiding something.
Who do you think I am?
An amateur?
Okay, look ...
Not get out of this court, until
you say what is happening.
- Nick ...
- Mom, you're right.
Something important is happening.
I'm all ears.
There is nothing special, Mom.
You're exaggerating.
When you father
hence there are many, many years,
you can decide what is
important and what not.
and what is appropriate.
I heard, by his brother,
you arrived at puberty?
I think it's the most worrying
word of English.
My little man,
You're lucky, brother,
I had a camera, lane
meats and Aunt Sofia.
You grew even during the night.
It is almost ... Weird.
Yes, the wonders of nature.
Listen to that voice.
Honey, do not use razor
your brother, is disgusting.
I have to call Aunt Sofia.
You even at puberty.
- It's strange.
- Madness.
- I do not believe she fell for it.
- Man, look at that!
What do you think?
Is exaggerated?
Remember the stupid concert
we drew with his mother and father?
We did everything together, Nick.
You remember this day?
You bet.
Look for dad ...
He was fantastic.
He would have heard about me
my connection with the aliens.
You are exaggerating, Tyler!
- He would have heard.
- Dad is not here!
I hear you, Tyler.
I understand that you changed.
Thank you.
Just do not understand, why, to make
this conspiracy theory.
- Because ...
- For girls now, look you?
- Why do not ignore it?
- No. ..
Because we made the trip more
fantastic universe?
This is all fantastic, but ...
Tyler ...
Relax, ok?
Now, should help me
solve a real problem.
Julie goes to the feast of Darryl, and will
cancel our meeting.
I have to find a way her
leave that exhibitionist.
And graduation?
Not have to do your project?
I think this belongs to you.
We the field.
Where the UFO was seen.
- Oh, thank you.
- We need to talk.
I'm late for class.
When I was your age,
I used to look at the stars
and I was wondering what would be there.
That is the reason why I do what
I am still looking.
I still wonder.
- Have you ever felt like this?
- All the time ...
Your brother is not so
confident as you.
Now, is very busy, has a
important work of science.
I think we both started
with the left foot.
- We can help each other.
- I have to go.
You can start by being honest
on the night
found the UFO.
And I can explain ...
strange things
what happen to you.
Things that his brother
not understand.
I entered my number
your phone.
When you're ready to talk
call me.
Not have to go through all
That alone, Tyler.
The rate of deterioration of the
environment has reached alarming levels.
People are obviously the cause
pollution and global warming,
but climate change
extreme in recent years,
seems to be due to causes
mysterious and unknown.
- Mr. Burns ... Tyler!
- Yes, sorry.
What do you think is the cause of
catastrophic climate change?
I do not know.
One knows
but if current trends
continue, within a generation,
Earth may become completely
uninhabitable for humans.
What is he doing?
- Is there a problem, Mr. Burns?
- No, Mr. Hiddlebaum.
The light bothers me
I do not want to miss anything
this fascinating lesson.
Everything is under control.
All right, class.
Let's go!
I have to go to the bathroom.
My mom made pork chops.
His brother used the same
excuse last year.
What are you doing here?
Whether I be expelled?
Listen, I'm not having a good day,
Last week I was
a normal student, and now ...
I am here talking to a UFO.
I like to order, routine ...
I press the toothpaste
My life was well organized
until you came.
I can not go for a ride.
I'm serious!
Be a good UFO and go away!
What could be worse?
What's the panic?
- Need to see something!
- What?
It seems that ate the pie
Mom's surprise.
He went to school
and practically kidnapped me.
- Yeah, right.
- Truth.
Nick, I think it is a kind
The message for us.
What are you trying to say?
Buddy ...
When you're right,
you're right.
-Beautiful! ...
- Great ...
It is a kind of manual.
Photos and diagrams
all parts.
I do not dare use anything
without at least check.
- It was spectacular!
- Yes
Before we try something else,
I think we should read the instructions.
Serious men
do not read instructions.
Yes, it's a serious man who did
a hole in his head real hard.
Laxative alien?
Had to know work
to serve ...
What we have here?
I think it would be time
You cut the hair of the nose, pal.
- This is not an ordinary binoculars.
- You can not believe that.
You can see planets with them,
navigate the space.
But first,
want to research something.
Lindo ...
This is very useful.
What happened?
Julie is the feast of Darryl.
I have to go.
- Do not go to any party!
- Want to bet?
You will in my
- It's tonight?
- Presentation only ..
Brother, I have a serious problem.
- Today, the night is the prom.
- But Darryl did not invite you.
- Technically, no.
- Okay, technically, he hates you.
- I know I promised to see the play.
- Correct.
- Were exactly those words.
- But not forgive more than once.
Perhaps not so.
The point is that this is my
single prom.
- There is nothing so special.
- You're the best!
It seems that sold
all entries.
Viva pirate! Are late.
Where were you?
- Practicing my lines.
- It came in the trial yesterday evening.
- I wanted to come, but my mother ...
- No matter.
You tell me this story
Sorry, my sword!
Be right back.
Pirates, do not forget the slap
eyes and fake blood!
The party is great.
Do not hate me, Nick.
All ready for "A Storm
Sea. "begins in a minute.
Where are you?
We go on stage now!
So where was I?
I know.
Would thank me, to appear,
and save you this boring party.
No, I asked,
what you are doing here.
If you see Darryl,
you will be lost.
So, in other words,
I came here to see it, even
the risk of taking a beating.
Very romantic.
- I'm here with Darryl, Nick.
- I understand!
The most popular girl out with
the most popular guy.
Makes sense.
But you do not want to try something
less predictable?
- What? Exiting with a fool like you?
- Exactly.
- Perhaps
but I need to know if
take it seriously,
or, for you,
everything is just a big joke?
I can be serious.
What about you?
That was predictable.
Course ...
But also caring and encouraging.
I think you have some
fruit "punch" right here.
It is now, he says, "let me clean"
and tries to kiss me.
Come on
think I would use a
vulgar trick like that.
Nick, you okay?
I was.
What are you doing here?
Because you do not answer the phone.
I thought I was having problems.
- Easy! Why are you nervous?
- Why are you nervous?
Let's see ...
Perhaps because of a monster
space trying to kill me.
It is a "gamer". He likes to play
the alien's, dragons, elves ...
Have you noticed how Julie is
beautiful tonight?
I'm not going anywhere.
See you later.
You will find me later?
I can no longer exist after.
I'll let you talk, guys.
I thought that was supposed to,
take care of each other.
- Interrupting a family reunion?
- Not now, Darryl.
Crazy things are happening and
you only care about yourself.
- Okay, I'll do it without you.
Enjoy the party! - Tyler.
I am in detention
because of his brother,
and you're getting into
with my girlfriend.
I have to say that at this point,
love your family.
I'm patiently
Now, Darryl. Right!?
I do not know what happens
with you and your brother,
the nut of his brother.
Ty is not crazy.
Since you do not know.
Yes ..
This is all because of Julie?
He left me kind of burnt,
I began to see things.
Even, I see a UFO.
Yes, I heard that.
I heard that he cried as a
girl, and fell to the ground.
I want you out of here now
but ...
- What happened? You okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
Somewhere to be alone.
I want you ...
But I can not,
I'm sorry.
Until tomorrow, right?
At graduation?
I'm glad
decide to call me.
There was no one else
to turn.
Your life is about to
become much simpler.
Here is what has sought.
He promised to explain why I
these strange things happen.
You have had visions telepathic
Yes I have,
not want to play cards with me.
- And you have super powers.
- Yes, I am a superhero.
I just can not wear the
my old clothes.
So what's going on?
When a teenager is
a transition of metabolism ...
- I mean, puberty?
- Exactly.
When it is exposed to radiation
of heavy particles in space,
whole process of growth
becomes hyper-accelerated.
That's why we grew 13 cm,
But the growth is the lowest
You may have noticed that you
acquired extraordinary powers.
Why nobody knows about it?
Because NASA has already sent
adolescents in space.
- I think they should have done.
- No idea, as is right.
There is a name for
People like you.
Skyrunners ...
So when I went to space was
That happened to me?
Their skills,
if properly understood,
could do in humans
most powerful species the universe.
Could become dangerous to
So believes an "alien"
came after me?
The aliens are very real.
And they are closer
you think.
Hold on!
Why did you do that?
You humans
are a very interesting species.
So smart Numas things,
and so ignorant in others.
You said "you".
I mean, you're not ...
I'm the reason why the
your planet is dying.
wherever it is!
Man, I'm sorry.
I behaved like an idiot
with you lately.
Tyler ...
Where is my brother?
Tyler says that you are smart
So tell me where!
Tell me!
Sorry, sorry ...
If something happens
with my brother ...
I'm afraid ...
You reached here.
I'll try to fix you.
Instructions ...
never, never talk to Tyler
I used it, okay?
Show me the instructions!
Be there!
I see that I can
work with it.
Oh dear
really need help.
You know what, it's okay.
You know why?
Because I have a secret weapon
all good mechanics.
Trust me
this solves everything!
Hold up,
It's okay.
A minor setback.
So, better now?
Almost ready.
Hold on! Only one to go.
So how do you feel?
Buddy ...
Dude, you need to fly!
Look ...
Only you know where he is.
If something happens ...
I do not know what to do.
Is anyone there?
Man, I like speed,
but this is extreme.
I think I'll vomit.
What you want from me?
Why did you bring me here?
Bread and water?
Thank you.
Very kind of you.
I'd rather die of hunger, you hear?
I'd rather die of hunger.
Dude, please
do not tell me we will get there.
We have to get out of here.
Get out of here ...
You must let me out of here.
I suffer from claustrophobia.
Brands nails.
It means that I am not
first visitor here.
What the hell ...
It seems that some kind
spaceship crashed here.
This place is a crater
enormous impact.
Ty ...
Tyler, where are you, brother?
Course ...
Here it is.
Brother, what happened to you?
Tyler ...
Disgusting ...
Who needs instructions?
He said we were the kind
most powerful of the universe.
Said we were dangerous
for aliens.
Said I have skills
I am a Skyrunner.
It was my favorite jeans.
- You okay?
- Yes
You have blood on his forehead!
Like a lot of theater
has its advantages.
- What?
- Blood false.
Do not scare me as well!
I'm sorry
to have you disappointed.
- It's okay.
- No, not at all well.
I thought I lost you,
You found me.
As always.
And ever find.
- By the way, how did you find me?
- The UFO helped.
- Is he alive?
- Yes
- I saw Armstrong destroying it.
- I fixed it.
You noticed a spaceship?
This is great!
And where are we now?
In a crater of aliens.
Never again
doubt anything I say.
- Really?
- Absolutely!
So watch out!
The aliens are here to destroy
the environment and eliminate the humans.
Yes, then
they take care of the planet.
- Man, I believe in you!
- Fantastic!
- Just because I say?
- No,
Because I saw a cave in which
are pumping toxic gas.
Perhaps, pumping into the atmosphere.
We must stop them!
I get out of here alive.
Come on, let's go.
- Nick ...
- Yes?
Thank you.
Wait ...
Here we go.
- Guess what?
- What?
Armstrong is an alien.
It was he who brought me here.
- Shut up!
- No, no.
- Okay, okay, I believe in you.
- Fortunately, I was not sure.
- What happened with the binoculars?
- I had a little accident with them.
And the gun?
The same happened to her.
- I said to read the instructions.
- Be careful.
Look at this.
is huge!
Tell me about it
That smell.
It is not just unpleasant. It is toxic.
Probably be lethal.
- What do we do?
- I'm thinking of running.
- You said we were going to stop them.
- Have you seen how many?
- Come on, let's go!
- Wait! Still have it?
- Yes, but do not know what it is.
- Give it to me here!
Wait, what?
What will you do?
I know what it does,
because I read the instructions.
- You give me a clue?
- It's easy, you see.
Nick, get up!
The cave is collapsing.
We go.
- You corrected her with duct tape?
- It looks pretty, but it flies.
Let's be buried alive.
Come on, girl!
Some more!
Be careful!
Do not look back!
This does not throttle.
Look who will not graduate!
Apparently, Nick Burns received
finally, what he deserved.
Excuse me ...
- We will not get!
- Here we come, come on, Tyler!
Now, we will deliver the diplomas
in alphabetical order.
First row.
Maria Teresa Aguilar.
Ronald Esther.
Ronald, congrats!
We can not suffer another blow.
We must respond.
- Then do it!
- There is a problem.
- What?
- I do not know how!
So it is better.
I did nothing.
The ship did everything.
The evil insect
bad happened!
Nick, we'll fall, too.
Theodore Rexford Anderson.
Grande, T-Rex!
Darryl Butler.
You missed my son.
- Darryl Butler.
- Yes, you forgot Nick Burns.
I did not forget, Ms. Burns.
You see, by chance,
your science project?
Hold on, Ty!
Hold on, okay.
What is that?
Hold on, Tyler!
Hold on.
What kind of joke is this?
There is no trick
Director Mr Duddy.
This is my science project.
Mr Hiddlebaum,
This UFO was completely
destroyed, and I fixed it.
Repaired it.
And now also save the planet.
Hope you can consider it
as my science project.
Well ..
I. .. I think it is ...
Herman, my diploma ...
Why do not you tell me?
Yes, sorry to bother.
He received the diploma,
he gets the girl ...
I'm going crazy.
Do not believe it!
- Hi, Katie!
- You, me, movie Friday night!
Test route.
Well success!
- It seemed somewhat unstable.
- It's a joke?
The sound system
is incredible.
Forget the "stereo"
did not fly so well
and landing
was not the best.
We came up here and now,
have a sound, the best.
The beach on this end.
Guess who's
waiting for you?
- Katie Wallace.
- What?
Yes, I made plans for you.
I said you'd be here.
It's crazy for you, man.
I also like her, Nick,
but I will not ...
Do not be shy!
Since it is a Skyrunner, your body
is not so skeletal, brother.
Let's get them now?
Not yet.
They think they are safe
They think they have eliminated all of us.
Will have a surprise when
discover that they have cheated ..