Skyscraper (2018) Movie Script

The unit in charge, the unit in charge there
is a problem of domestic interference.
There were officers who were injured.
The perpetrator is still unknown,
considered very dangerous.
Male perpetrators,
hiding inside the house.
There are 3 hostages.
The situation is still uncertain.
I won't come out. Do you hear?
I won't come out.
I want everyone to leave.
You go too.
If my request is not
fulfilled in 5 minutes...
You won't like what will happen.
Can you contact him again?
He finished talking.
Do it
Mom, calm down.
FBI, show your hands!
Your hands!
Turn around!
My shot is clear, boss.
No, he is unarmed.
Ray, look at me.
All is over.
This shouldn't be the case.
This shouldn't be the case.
Lower your son and stay away.
It is okay.
You will be fine.
From the Great Pyramid of
Giza to the Tower of Babel...
brick by brick, and stone by stone,
man has been consumed
by one wish...
to touch space.
Maybe we finally succeeded.
The top floor is very high.
A great man, Zhao Long Ji...
Zhao Long Ji...
- Zhao Long Ji...
- Zhao Long Ji starts...
Just waiting for time to
create a city in space.
He created a pod-shaped elevator
in the center of the building.
We do not accept statements
about restrictions.
This is not another ordinary building.
The tallest building on earth.
This high technology flows
all the energy needed,
from two double rotating devices
at the top of the building.
Twice higher, even three times
the Empire State building.
With the bottom fully
filled in 6 months.
The upper part is still
not open to the public.
A good building creates
a good society.
A better building will
create a better city.
A better world.
In a statement released today,
he made sure the plan was to
open the top floor on schedule,
despite rumors that question the
inability to function perfectly.
He ensures that the ball will be
the best structure in the world.
With Hong Kong views...
The TV is dead, use your shoes.
Fast Where is your father? I have
to fix my phone before we leave.
He spoke to himself again.
Good, I can say it well.
You are okay?
Hey, this is my next step, you know?
You look so handsome.
- Yes.
- Do I look excessive?
No, you look respectful.
Is the tie correct?
No, you should
wear it like this.
I can hear your heartbeat.
What is wrong?
I just don't want to mess it up.
You won't screw it up.
I don't know, what if
I forget something?
Believe me, there's no way
you can forget something.
You've been preparing for this meeting for 6 months,
I've never seen anyone as passionate as this.
And you're ready for this. You know better
than the architect. You will be fine.
After all if you can't,
then who else can?
I hope so.
I always think about this.
This can change our lives.
Working for a large company is far better
than just working from our garage.
But our garage is nice.
Just because your company is small
doesn't mean you're incompetent.
For the record, Ben risked his career
for you, because he's your friend...
and that's what friends do.
Hey, look at me.
You can do it.
I love you.
Better so.
- Come here.
- My phone is broken.
Oh, so all... your words...
apparently only to fix your phone.
That's a big possibility.
What did I tell you when
your cellphone didn't work?
- Try to turn it off and then turn it on.
- Try to turn it off and then turn it on.
Almost every time, it will work.
So, have you tried it?
No, I prefer if you
fix my cellphone.
Oh, so you asked me to fix
your cellphone for my good?
Thank you again.
Don't forget your things.
Alright, you will see pandas...
while I will make the bathroom.
May I ask?
Who loves you?
- me.
- Whom do you love?
- me.
- me.
- Confidence.
- Not confident.
- Whom do you love?
- me.
Okay, you know, you're right.
daddy loves you two.
I have to get a chance too.
- Have you fixed it?
- As usual.
You really love me.
- Yes, just a little.
- Come here.
19th floor.
Brother How are you?
- Sarah, you look beautiful.
- Thank you, nice to meet you.
- Yes, right?
- Are you kidding, are your kids?
They are big.
What will you do?
We will go see the panda.
I heard that.
This will make you
when the panda is fed.
After everyone left.
Very difficult to obtain.
- Thank you.
- But I know some pandas.
This is for you, equipment so
that you look part of the family.
What should you say?
Go have fun.
See you tonight, honey.
Good luck.
I love you.
- See you later.
- See you later.
Thank you for recommending me, a
small company for something big.
Come on, this is nothing.
I'm just doing my job.
The top still needs to be checked, and
I need someone who can check it out.
Plus you are more
muscular than others.
Very stocky. Twice their size.
Is that 100 %%?
True, pure titanium.
There is nothing better than this
to welcome us to the penthouse.
Ready to be amazed?
I think so.
I mean, I think
we'll go somewhere.
Yes, right?
Mr. Sawyer.
It's an honor to
finally meet you.
You know me...
I am kidding.
Thank God.
My wife only taught
that one sentence.
Sarah, right? He's a
great surgeon, isn't he?
Right, and he is also an expert
in language in Indianapolis.
And your twin children, Henry and Georgia.
You know a lot.
You are the first family to stay
at the top of this building.
I thought that would
be a good test for us.
That's really awesome.
This is our first visit to Hong Kong.
They have arrived.
Allow me to introduce, my
personal security chief,
Ajani Okeke and Mr. Pierce,
from the Hong Kong security.
An honor.
- Nice to meet you, Mr. Sawyer.
- I also.
After your assessment is approved,
we will make sales
for the top...
who will break records in history for the most
expensive price for a single place to live.
So, can we start?
I can't wait.
The Pearl fire prevention measures, unique
ventilation systems, and water sprinklers,
and a range of carbon dioxide sprayers
that can extinguish fires in an instant.
All are supervised from a
building located 1 mile away.
The security system for this building is the
best and most sophisticated in the world.
Only one is lacking.
After I check the last system,
my task will be completed.
And you can start selling the top.
You're the right
person for this job.
Same as Ben said.
This tablet will give you access,
to fire prevention
systems and others.
After connecting with biometric data...
only you can access it.
Ben will take you to our building, so you
can make sure everything is going well.
If we hurry, there is still time.
Time for what?
For you see it.
- Follow him.
- Good.
real pearl.
300 sensitive motion projection panels...
make this ball the
best in the world.
I am there.
Inside here, everything is possible.
This ball, is a combination of
nearly 25,000 ultra-defined panels.
With an unlimited 8k
camera on both sides.
Both sides?
Welcome to heaven, Mr. Sawyer.
Welcome to heaven?
Did he really say that?
Looks cool or horrible?
- Both.
- Both.
Gosh, rich people.
You work for him.
Have you ever missed him?
Our team.
Yes, of course.
But the situation is
different now, I have...
wonderful wife and children and I haven't
touched a gun for nearly 10 years.
- Are you kidding?
- No.
What is wrong?
After that incident...
I just...
feeling scared, you know?
I've buried it, and...
I don't think I'll dig it again.
Blood, not here.
I always wear a vest, I don't
feel safe if I don't wear it.
That's bad luck.
That is it.
You know without that bad
luck, maybe I'm uh...
I will never meet Sarah,
and won't have those kids.
I don't know what I will be
without my family, and...
maybe I'll get lost, and...
- maybe...
- Become like me.
Sorry friend. I don't mean that.
Relax, I'm just kidding.
We arrived.
Come on.
He is really excited about tonight.
- Yes, of course.
- All night.
- Thank you for picking me up.
- No problem.
Of course, your last dinner.
He took my bag.
- Are you alright?
- Yes.
Oh, friend. Very bad.
Cut deep enough, right?
What happened?
- This feels familiar.
- Yes?
You need a few stitches
for that severe cut.
- I remember, sir.
- Yes.
- Do you still have your tablet?
- Yes, I put it in a jacket before we leave.
- I learned that from my father.
- Yes, friend. Very clever.
We will both be fired for that.
Hey, Mojo. Hmm. See it.
Hey, how's Anderson?
- Come on, Mandy.
- Well, we really don't see them.
Because Henry was in a strange
state and started vomiting.
- Behind.
- Is he okay?
- Is he attacked?
- No, he's fine.
It's just that, you know,
there's no panda. Very bad.
- So bad.
- What a pity, baby.
I will take them, tomorrow,
when you feel better.
- See you later.
- Goodbye.
Oh, sorry, lady.
We are scheduled and think
this room is empty.
Ah, yes. I also.
Is everything okay?
Everything is fine,
we just check it.
- Is it broken again?
- Well, it won't, until we finish.
Well, look at this funny band.
Do you have fun?
You have a castle on this floor.
Regrettably, for strong knights
and beautiful little daughters.
I'm a king.
Apology, Your Honor.
Come on, you guys.
- They should go.
- I know.
We have to take care of that.
No, you have seen it.
They will be taken care of themselves.
What is wrong? Where are you going?
I have to go, Henry doesn't feel well.
And go back to the building.
- Will you go back to your apartment?
- Yes.
I'll call you tonight.
For tomorrow, huh.
You won't be on time.
They you have to take it.
The child is hit from behind.
Ben, what are you talking about?
Leave the Tablet, Will.
- What is going on?
- What is going on?
You screw up. You will get the
glory of life, what do I get?
Hah? Excluded from medical care?
Looking for delinquents?
You don't know these people, Will.
I do not have a choice.
You screw up.
You are sick, brother.
You don't want to do this.
We are not brothers.
Ben, stop it! Hear...
Come on!
Ben, stop it!
Come here.
You stay with me.
Wake up. Come on...
No, do you hear me?
Come here.
You stay with me.
Press here, press firmly.
- I need you to tell me what happened, fine?
- Fuck.
Okay, I can help you.
You tell me what happened.
They shouldn't go home, Will.
They shouldn't be there.
Who shouldn't be there?
Sarah and children.
What are you doing?
Tell the building will burn!
And knowing what
he really loves.
- Mother? What happened?
- Active temporary action.
I don't know, let's come here.
Take shelter in a safe place.
Take shelter.
The act of cracking an active fire.
- Actions of cracking an active fire.
- Stay at home.
- Should we evacuate?
- Evacuation?
Yes. Using a helicopter.
- Why do we do that?
- The building is on fire.
The building is not burning,
the 96th floor is burning.
And 100 floors above. And the anti-fire
action will continue to withstand the fire.
We are very safe here.
I assure you.
What do you do?
I trap you.
They need the Tablet.
They will kill me,
they will kill you.
- Who? Who?
- They...
Come on!
Hello, Will.
Watch out, police!
There they are!
There is a shot from above!
Let's go!
- Let's get out.
- There is a fire in the building behind me.
Let's get ready
Hey, look at that.
Fire on the 96th floor.
We are evacuating.
- There is still no further action.
- How to turn off on the floor as high as that?
We can if it's 10th
floor but it's 96.
So we can't do anything yet.
- There have been no fatalities.
- That is good.
But it could be worse.
Look at
Not active fire prevention.
Not active fire prevention.
Okay, friend. To the bathroom.
- Take refuge...
- Come on.
Take shelter in a safe place.
Not active fire prevention.
Come here.
I'm fine, mother.
I don't need that.
We're fine now, baby.
But how is it out there? And there is a
lot of smoke out there. And bad air.
I don't want you sick, fine?
Go, Georgia, back there, I
want you to get all wet, fine?
- Prepare two.
- Good.
Please, you hold Inhale.
Mother... Are we going to die?
No. Honey, we won't die.
We will be fine.
I promise.
We need to be positioned outside the control facility.
Do what you can.
This is it. Unfortunately, there is a fire in the building.
I know, I can't help you, the police
have surrounded the building.
I want you to leave there, go to the
hall, there should be a logistics panel.
You show me, I can direct you.
Take the children and keep on turning on the phone.
I need that, come on.
Warning, on the 96th floor.
The source from where, the door is
locked and it's been an hour ago.
They are in the building.
Look for 2 people, use the forced
code manually in the elevator.
- Take them here.
- Yes, Sir.
You two, go.
What? The fire won't die.
We need to go now.
We only need to access general control.
I can't use functions without...
Oh, dentist, fine.
We have entered.
All systems have been rented out.
We are fully locked.
Do you mean we are locked?
I thought that something wouldn't happen.
We control the fire system.
Fire door lock. Burn out. And turn off the
anti-fire system from floors 96 to above.
Everything will be OK.
The panel should be on your right.
Tell me what you see?
Fire prevention measures
die, what does that mean?
That means the entire fire
system above you is dead.
Sarah, listen to me. Fire won't stop.
You have to get out soon.
Continue, go on. You go, and don't stop.
Don't look.
Now, raise the fire.
Hoping to remove evidence.
Give fresh oxygen.
Let it burn.
Audience. I give you a 6.5
billion dollar chimney.
Mrs. Sawyer, we are building security.
Please come with us.
No, back off!
No! No!
What is your status? Report.
Did you hear?
With fire like that,
they must be dead.
We move into position,
you know what to do.
Come on, hurry up.
The police hunt down a
man named Will Sawyer.
Hands up, don't move.
Wow, wow, please, you don't
understand, my family is inside.
Listen to me, I have
to go to their place.
Raise your hands!
So, full control is on the tablet,
no face recognition is needed.
All access is encrypted.
So now the entire building
has been secured.
I use my own program
to encrypt it
so I'm the only human on
earth who can solve it.
I'm smart enough, right?
Not that smart.
If the fire keeps rising, the
rescue becomes impossible.
And the wind is getting bigger, sir.
I hate to say it, but this
means now or not at all.
You are happy? Your plan doesn't
work, it's time to leave.
Well sir Pierce, you
get what you want.
Prepare the helicopter.
Turn on the engine.
Who is Will Sawyer?
He is a war veteran
from America.
Likewise with his
wife, Sarah Sawyer.
Both of them have been inactive.
They have worked in one team.
The child and his wife
are in the building.
Keep an eye on Will
Sawyer, don't get away.
- Wait a minute.
- Yes, Sir?
Will Sawyer went to the building.
Keep an eye on him, don't be careless.
Yes, Sir.
Come on.
Damn it.
He climbed the tower.
Maybe he's desperate.
Come on, quickly!
Open the door.
Sir, I can't protect you if you
don't tell me what happened.
This is not an ordinary fire.
How can you be sure?
Don't leave a trace,
who is behind this?
Kores Botha.
I do not understand.
If someone like Botha wants you
to die, there is an easier way.
He doesn't want me to
die, at least not yet.
He wants this.
And causing a fire is the
only way for him to get it.
Is there something I need to know?
Yes, the helicopter is waiting.
We report from the scene...
What will she do?
That is useless.
There he is.
Let's move. Come on, come on, come on!
Do not move! Raise your hands!
- Okay, don't shoot!
- Come on!
Catch him.
Get close.
Hold the shot!
Hurry up, chase him.
Look, that's it!
Maybe he has lost his mind.
Sir, we got word that Will
Sawyer had entered the building.
We have seen it, he is there.
Through this way.
You do it well.
Come on, let me help you.
Okay, calm down. Come here.
- What sound is that?
- That's the fire department.
- Where are we going?
- I do not know.
I think we should go
there to stay safe.
Come on! Come on!
Come on, go through here.
Keep going.
Do not stop.
The helicopter is ready to depart.
What is wrong?
- That's not our pilot.
- Botha...
Come on!
Come on, come on!
- It's been a long time, Botha.
- Yes, you miss me?
I see you've met my friend.
Why don't you just shoot me?
Do you think I'm stupid?
I cant do that.
My boss will kill me if I
don't take it from you.
I will be paid and
finished with all this.
Now, smart people like you think
you will always be smart.
You are not that smart.
We will take you and your driver.
And the helicopter.
I will make you watch your building
burn and there is nothing you can do.
He entered the room.
Open the door!
The room has its own
security system.
- Zhao must have set the system.
I can't open the door
using this tablet.
Wait, it looks like Will
Sawyer is in the building.
And I see movement.
That's his family. They are still alive.
You won't catch it
using violence.
You need someone who
knows his weaknesses.
And I know the right person.
If anyone can approach
him, that is him.
He is in the building,
we just have to find it.
We don't need to look for it.
We know what he wants.
No one cannot repair the tape.
I know the tape will be useful.
You know the use of the
army, for a time like this.
If this goes according to
plan, I will find you.
You know I'll find you.
Okay, okay. Come on, we're almost there.
Come on.
- Sarah Sarah.
- Oh, yes.
Nice to meet you.
I got them. They are in the park.
Come on, you two.
That's right, listen to your mother.
It's okay baby, do what I say
and everything will be fine.
Okay, we have to get out of here.
I will find another way.
Running towards airterjun.
I will enter from inside and meet you there.
You know how much you really
want to see your child.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Why can you be in this building?
The story is long. Where are the kids?
- Mother and father!
- Hey, are you okay?
- Do not move.
- Where's your sister?
He climbed into the waterfall.
- Honey, stay there. Daddy there.
- Okay.
How can we save it?
Let's finish this.
You will be fine, baby.
Be careful, the bridge is unstable.
We must bring it down together.
I'll tell you to be careful, okay?
Okay. What do you do?
- Will...
- You better hold tight tightly.
Will, what are you doing?
Hang in there.
I come.
Oh my dear.
Okay, come back.
I see, so, come back.
Okay, come on.
You can do that, you can!
I can't hold it anymore, jump!
Oh thank you.
What was that earlier?
I don't know but I have
to get you out of here.
Georgia, I'll be there soon.
Okay dad.
These elevators work with
electromagnetic systems.
When a fire occurs, the brake
will function automatically.
- When I disconnect this cable you will fall.
- What?
- Really?
- Just listen to me.
You will fall through the fire, the
magnet will light up when you are safe.
But I want you to pull this
to activate the brake system.
After 400 feet you can pull the brake.
I want you to count to five and pull.
- This is crazy.
- Trust me.
- Are you okay?
- I'm afraid.
It's okay to feel scared.
Everyone also feels fear.
But now I need you to be brave.
Can you do that for me?
- Yes.
- I want you to hold your mother.
- Who depends on his life?
- me.
It is true.
Okay honey, can you sit here?
We have to get ready okay?
I love you.
It's better.
Count to five.
5 ..
4 ..
3 ..
1 ..
Oh, God!
Hey, hey, it's okay.
It is okay.
We are good people. You're safe, come with us.
Meet you
You're a little bastard.
That is what I'm looking for.
And you too.
I with you know everything about this building.
I don't care, the important
thing is you solve the problem.
And you will do it for me.
Listen to me, the only way to
open the door is with an insider.
While the fire burns this building, you
can't open it because the system is dead.
Is it true? Then let me say something.
Everyone has weaknesses.
Easy to find. You know what he likes,
as well as the entire building.
And you. Your weakness is your family.
So now we will know how
much you love your family.
Listen to me. Opening this door
from this floor cannot be done.
Whatever can be done. The problem is motivation.
No, no!
Ok, you will show me
what is behind the door.
Or I will drop your daughter from the roof.
Up there is clearly not good.
No, no!
To the roof of friends, here will be very hot.
No! Father! Father!
Dad, help me!
Excuse me!
I have to open the door.
Where do you put the subroutine.
Where do you put it, friend.
Behind the turbine. Oh come on guys.
Damn it.
And you claim your husband is not involved.
My claim is that he is not involved.
There are several witnesses who say so.
When I was up there there was someone
using a Scandinavian accent.
He is 6 feet tall, muscular.
That's it, the top, the second from the right.
Is this the man you see?
That's him, who is he?
Kores Botha, a former military officer.
Have a cruel crew.
Work in various places to make a living.
Come here
This is not true, if he is wrong
everything will fall apart.
If we are right then everything
will be our benefit.
Does that make sense?
I don't know if that makes sense.
Excuse me?
They carried a container
with a wing logo on it.
And I see a red sign.
Just look at it yourself.
This is stupid.
This is the place.
About 200 meters away is
the point of the fall.
And that thing is around this black line.
A flat and foreign place.
I expected to be in this former parking lot.
There is a peak at Wedan.
North is many, but I estimate here.
How about this. What is this?
It's nothing, it's a construction site.
Former church.
If we don't pay attention,
this will be quite dangerous.
Do you think he will trap his own
child in a burning building?
Whatever can be a part, this
may be your husband's plan.
Take me there.
If I'm wrong and if I'm wrong, but if
I'm right we lose this opportunity.
My family is there.
Please help.
What are you doing?
One two three.
I found it, it's easy.
Cut the cord, close the
cover and finish it.
Oh, my God.
Doesn't this look like
someone is playing with you?
Do not move.
Get close.
Drop the gun.
Okay, if we want to leave here,
you must tell me the truth.
Who is this person doing this?
His name is Kores Botha, he is the leader
of three major criminal syndicates.
This all starts with this
construction project.
He said he would mess up my business, and
kill me if I didn't want to cooperate.
- Continue.
- Yes.
but he did not know I had moved
the software on this device.
The program helped me find accounts,
and made me able to make transactions
tell me the bank account, name
and identity of the owner.
This is just in case.
Suppose Botha knew they
had been betrayed.
They threatened to destroy Botha if I
didn't clean up the mess he had made.
If something happens to me, the copy
will be sent to the authorities,
but if I give the original, he won't
be able to hijack this program.
So this building is on fire because you
have taken the most valuable thing here?
- I just don't want to die.
- Good reason.
We just give him what he wants.
After he gets this drive, he will
kill both of us as soon as possible.
Maybe, he held my daughter's
life more meaningful than me.
I will take the drive to the
roof, and give it to him.
So what's your choice Zhao?
So what's the plan?
Do you have duct tape?
- Daddy!
- Hey!
Sawyer see? I thought
you would find a way.
You carry my stuff.
Give the drive to me,
and bring Zhao here.
No, my daughter first.
I can't let you do this.
What are you doing?
This is not the plan.
Turn around.
He held my daughter.
Don't do this to me.
Turn around!
I want a parachute.
You need me alive.
Parachute or you
won't get anything.
- Give the parachute to him.
- What?
Give the parachute to him.
I will approach.
Stop! Drop the rifle.
- Come here, take the drive.
- This is what you want?
Go take it.
Chase, come on!
That's my daughter.
I think you're right, there's
a shootout on the roof.
Shoot them!
Down, don't leave the car.
Thank you, you were very
convincing out there.
Go find your daughter.
Come on, assault!
Let her go!
Go, go find him.
I will be back for you.
Turn around.
Turn around, now!
You shoot me, I drop
this and this girl.
- Drop your gun, now!
- Help me father.
Okay, you won.
The situation will be fine, honey.
Now throw the drive at me.
Okay, but there is something
you need to know first.
I'm behind you.
I've caught you.
We are safe.
- What is that?
- Squeeze device.
Looks like we can hack the building.
So we are looking for someone
who understands this matter.
I can do it, but I need time.
- Take him.
- Good, Sir.
No, don't stand up. I will
find a way out of here.
What are you doing?
- I'm looking for a gap.
- Does that work?
Not yet.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Calm down, keep calm.
- Honey, we will be safe. Of course.
- Certain.
There is a father here. There is a father.
I'm sorry.
Daddy is really sorry.
Succeed. How do you do it?
I restarted the entire
building system.
And it turns out the extinguisher
is functioning again.
Zhao, wake up let's go. Come on.
What will you do now?
Give way.
Sarah. Has anyone seen my wife?
How do you feel?
I win.
- How are you? You are okay?
- Yes, yes I'm fine.
I am fine.
I love you.
I love you, too.
You really have to take a shower.
Yes, of course.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
Will Sawyer.
Nice to finally be able to meet you.
You managed to save your family.
I'm a lucky man.