Skytten (2013) Movie Script

- Town Office, Hanne speaking.
- I'm calling about my postal vote.
- Social security number, please?
- 271166-1883.
One moment, please.
This election is important,
don't you agree?
- Yes. Your vote has been registered.
- Great. Thanks.
The climate change in recent years
has made an impression on Danes.
The opposition is thundering ahead...
...a 50% increase in oil prices.
Denmark must drill for oil in the sea,
or Greenland will look elsewhere...
And now on to a hot subject
during this election.
The oil drillings in Greenland. Should
or shouldn't we drill for oil there?
Yes or no?
Becoming independent of oil is the
greatest issue our generation faces.
What are we talking about?
The survival of our planet.
A reduced demand for oil isn't enough.
We must reduce the exploration.
We won't allow Danish state companies
to drill for oil. That's for sure.
The voters have spoken:
Martin Felding is to form Denmark's
new green cabinet and may become PM.
We'll release the roster on Tuesday.
Are you the new climate
and energy minister?
I'm very passionate about climate
issues, but let's wait and see.
- Thomas Borby, our new foreign minister?
- I can't comment on that.
Welcome, Mia Moesgaard, political
commentator with the Morning Paper.
Your comments
on the new government?
It'll be interesting to see...
...if they can live up to the
climate policy that got them elected.
- Watching the news?
- I'm on my way up.
Turn on your TV.
We have reached an agreement today
between the Danish government...
...Greenland and the oil industry.
Negotiations have taken place
behind closed doors...
...and come as a surprise to both
Danish and American commentators.
The deal includes
a consortium and a climate fund.
The consortium, made up of Denmark,
the US and Greenland, will be drilling... North Greenland close to Station
North, Denmark's northern-most base.
But Foreign Minister Thomas Borby is
more excited about the climate fund.
Means derived from the oil profits
will be set aside for a fund... protect the environment.
Getting the US to commit to a green deal
makes me one happy foreign minister.
The deal will make Denmark less
dependent on unstable oil states...
...and create more jobs, according
to the government's press release.
A trilateral treaty will be ratified
on Friday in Copenhagen.
The American foreign minister will stop
in Copenhagen on her European tour... throw light on the deal.
Denmark is dependent
on military alliances in the Arctic.
Only we saw this coming.
Mia did the research, and
she should have a go at the minister.
- When is she leaving?
- Tomorrow.
But this is going to be a hot topic
until they ratify the treaty on Friday.
- I'm leaving tomorrow.
- Guess you'll bring the kid round?
- You like kids?
- Sure.
This is the worst time possible.
DR wants you on Deadline.
I need you. You're the best. It's all
about the government's flip flop.
It's a debate with Thomas Borby.
Give him hell.
Ask him why they lied.
- I have to pack.
- I'll pack your suitcase for you.
It's not such a bad thing
to leave packing a victory.
I'll do it.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- You're on maternity leave now.
- I have to get used to that phrase.
- Have you had time to prepare?
- I've done my best.
So you're ready?
Well, I've packed 36 boxes of formula.
Toys, baby clothes and some gifts
for the women at the orphanage.
I just got off the phone with them.
They're ready for you.
You have a court appointment there on
Friday, and then you'll get to meet her.
Welcome to Copenhagen.
The local time is 2:15 p.m.
Let me, Dad.
My guests in this debate are
political commentator Mia Moesgaard...
...and Foreign Minister Thomas Borby.
Let's go over the facts.
Here, in North Eastern Greenland,
deep below the sea is our new oil field.
Albeit no new North Sea adventure,
the government says it's promising.
Mia Moesgaard, you're skeptical about
Thomas Borby's deal with the US. Why?
You win an election on a green agenda.
A year later you go back on all that.
- Peter Hostrup has made it clear...
- The government's climate expert.
This deal enables us, by using the oil
there, to convert to green energy...
...on a scale otherwise unimaginable
in the light of the global crisis.
The deal creates new Danish jobs...
...and makes us independent
of unstable oil states.
Moesgaard, this deal sounds
like a win-win situation.
But they were elected on the promise
of not going anywhere near that oil...
...and their arguments were...
...that rising CO2 emissions pose a
threat globally and not just to Denmark.
I think many people would say you're
lobotomizing democracy, Thomas Borby.
- Are you lobotomizing democracy, Borby?
- That's an insane allegation.
Negotiations have been steamrolled...
...over the heads of the voters...
...and the ensuing frustration
may result in violent reactions.
Should you have given it more time?
- Violent reactions as in extreme?
- I didn't say that.
Are you encouraging riots
or worse?
- I didn't say that, Thomas Borby.
- No, but you thought it.
Mia Moesgaard, are you in fact
encouraging riots and violent methods... part of a political struggle?
Is that your job as a reporter...
No, but you can't disregard the way
Danish voters feel right now.
History has shown repeatedly that voters
who feel muzzled shout louder.
We'll see if anyone takes you up
on that. Thank you both for coming.
- You did great.
- I was vague and too personal.
No, you were sharp and passionate.
- Stop by on your way to the airport.
- Sure.
- Mia Moesgaard.
- How dare you?
- Excuse me?
- Encouraging violence on TV?
- Shame on you.
- But...
Shortly after meeting
with the American foreign minister...
...Thomas Borby met with three other
principle players behind the oil deal:
Environmental expert Peter Hostrup,
Climate and Energy Minister Lvschall...
...and Steen Birger Brask, Dan Oil.
Critics dub them the Oil Quartet.
- Hey, Sis.
- Leaving tomorrow?
Don't you have school tomorrow?
You're never home, so we wanted
to catch you before your trip.
We've got a gift for the new cousin.
I just saw Deadline.
Thomas was really far out.
- Can we bring the pictures?
- Sure.
This is for the baby,
and this is your baby shower gift.
- I haven't even left yet.
- No, but you're on maternity leave.
- Can we play on your computer?
- Sure, if you know how to switch it on.
She's so cute.
Are you nervous?
I was so scared
when I was expecting my first child.
I imagined...
... I'd give birth to some weird monster.
Everything's going to be alright.
I'm getting cold.
- I haven't quite got it.
- Relax your shoulder.
Hell, Rasmus.
Long time.
One year, Detlev.
Come see our new gear.
Look at this.
It's a Sabatti rifle, and I modified it.
I'm pretty pleased with the result.
Let me show you the ammo.
300 Whisper.
Feel it.
All the instructors want to borrow it.
We don't own it officially.
- You want to cancel your subscription?
- Yes!
Mia, please don't scare off all the
subscribers. They do pay our salary.
Stupid people can grab
a free paper on the subway.
Back in the day they had
400 papers in New York alone.
We may not always have
three morning papers in Denmark.
We're doing a background feature
on civil disobedience.
The Resistance, the anti-nuclear
marches, '68, Greenpeace, squatters...
...G8, COP 15, and now
the resistance to the Arctic drillings.
I liked your little showdown
with Borby last night.
We've got the government up against
the wall. How do we keep our edge?
Raise the issue of democracy.
Go into the environmental hazards,
the horse-trade.
Does the US need the climate fund?
No, but the Danish government does.
So we put the pressure on the
government and Thomas Borby.
- When is your flight?
- I'm being picked up in ten.
- I want you back in the ring with him.
- No.
The way he dodged the issue
and made you out to be a terrorist...
...proves you're on to something.
You can't just up and leave.
You have a chance to change
the course of history.
Just stay until Thursday.
You'll get plenty of time with your kid
and oatmeal and dirty diapers.
I think Mia's got the message.
This is our chance to prove ourselves
as more than intellectual darlings.
Hey, fight for it.
Just until Thursday, okay?
Fight for it, Steffen!
You know how happy I am for you.
I don't have kids of my own,
but it must be wonderful.
Get to the point.
I checked the flights this morning,
and there's one for Kolkata on Thursday.
Your sister's here.
It's a lot to ask, but we're buying.
First-class, peanuts, white wine...
...and you won't arrive
with swollen ankles. What do you say?
You may not make it there in time.
If you miss that court appointment,
someone else will get the baby.
- But I'm going to arrive Thursday night.
- You need to be rested.
I'm used to tight deadlines.
I'll sleep on the plane. I'll be ready.
Have you made up your mind?
I'm going to leave on Thursday.
- You're going to leave on Thursday.
- Thanks.
The foreign minister
will see you shortly.
- Mia Moesgaard.
- Hello.
You don't know me, but I saw you on TV,
and you said something important.
- I've got some info for you.
- Who is this?
- I agree with you.
- Thanks, but please tell me your name.
It's time to act. The government's
lying about the quantities.
Please tell me your name,
or I can't talk to you.
I thought I'd return your plants.
- Your plants.
- Sure.
- Hello?
- Sorry.
- Anything wrong?
- No.
- Thanks for seeing me.
- Any time.
I've repotted them.
They won't do it by themselves.
They're plants.
They haven't got any arms.
This one's got a little baby.
Anyway... thanks
for letting me look after them.
No, thank you.
Thanks. I thought you were
all set to go away and become a mom?
Well, we just opened the debate,
so let's finish it.
Can I tape this?
- Remember Schrder?
- Schrder?
He took pictures of us
in order to document police violence.
I found this in my drawer.
18 May, 1993.
The Maastricht Treaty.
That's you throwing that brick,
isn't it?
You do know what'll happen,
if you print that?
Don't pull cheap tricks on me
like you did last night on Deadline.
- Do you intend to print that picture?
- Of course not.
Let's agree that that was then,
and we've both moved on since.
- Let's talk politics.
- Let's.
- So give me something.
- Mia, look.
You know politics better than most.
We choose our battles. It's not easy.
We didn't go to the polls on our
climate policy. It won us the election...
...but we'll be judged
on our welfare policy.
So anyone can be pro-climate,
as long as it doesn't hurt welfare?
Can I quote you on that?
Of course not.
We're convinced this deal was drafted
with the US during the campaign.
- You may think we aren't friends anymore.
- Let's not mix things up.
When did you start negotiations
with the Americans?
If this isn't
a new North Sea adventure...
...what's in it for the Americans?
No further comments.
Today's peaceful rally
against the oil deal...
...was marred by a few troublemakers.
The police had to intervene...
...when protesters started
throwing fireworks and bottles.
The police have arrested
20-25 protesters.
Friday sees
the ratification of the oil deal...
- Are you okay?
- Look where you're going, man!
I was looking! You're riding with a kid.
Maybe you ought to be more careful.
What's going on?
- Get out of here!
- Let go!
THOMAS BORBY WON'T COMMEN Environmental expert Peter Hostrup
was shot at outside his home today.
Nobody was hurt...
...but the police say shots fired at his
car came from a high-caliber weapon.
The police have no suspects, but as
Hostrup is part of the Oil Quartet...
...the shooting could be related to the
public outrage against the deal...
...which is being ratified on Friday.
- Mia, follow up.
- I've seen it.
Do they know who took the shots?
- Mia Moesgaard.
- I'm sorry I hung up the other day.
- Who are you?
- Heard the news about Peter Hostrup?
- Yes.
- I've got some info for you.
- Can we meet?
- The Jaguar Bar on Holmbladsgade.
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back in an hour.
Don't look at me.
Just go.
Just keep driving.
We must get the government
to call off the drilling.
We must tell the public
about the quantities below the sea.
What do you mean "we"?
Sorry, but you can't use your phone.
I'm going to keep it here.
- What do you want?
- I want you to do your job.
Tell the public what they need to know.
That deal is a standard corporate deal.
No, the politicians and the
oil companies are deceiving us.
Print this.
Maps showing the fields and quantities
in our deal with the US.
Print the climate tables too
against the deposits.
- "Tipping point diagrams."
- It's a great story.
CO2 surveys, gas and oil deposits...
He thinks we're going to print this?
- Climate terrorist goes vigilante.
- We're calling him a terrorist?
Environmental activist then.
If it is him.
If we write about this, we might end up
hoping he'll carry out his threat.
Mia's the only one in the country
in contact with him. It's a scoop.
- We need to get an interview.
- He shot a climate expert.
No, he punctured two tires
and shattered a side-view mirror.
Are you sure this isn't just some loony
out to get his 15 minutes of fame?
He called me before shots were fired at
Peter Hostrup. He didn't say his name.
- Sure it was him?
- Pretty sure.
We have a kick-ass exclusive here.
Let's print excerpts of this...
We may have an exclusive in which
Mia provided the ideological fuel...
...for a potential terrorist,
about to open fire in the streets.
- Terrorist?
- That doesn't hurt the story.
No, but it might blow up in our face,
if we're not careful.
- Go get the editor-in-chief's permission.
- Shut the fuck up.
- Hvid is away, so I make the decisions.
- You sure do.
- Let's find a number cruncher for this.
- I'll call Holger.
And, Mia, look into the possibility
for an interview with the shooter.
I'll never call you a wuss again.
You're a modern-day newspaperman.
- You call the shots.
- Jesper, you're fired.
- I should've asked for his number.
- Your ticket is ready.
I keep my promises,
and I appreciate this.
North Eastern Greenland is a risky
area because of ice and isolation.
But this summer the Arctic may be free
of ice, posing an even bigger problem.
No ice will give easy access to the oil.
If there are huge quantities,
which there in theory could be... will mean higher CO2 emissions
and escalate the situation.
Extreme weather conditions are
becoming a global problem.
- And Borby's climate fund...
- What about it?
In my book he has a double agenda.
He wants to shift
public focus to a positive thing.
A drilling hole is a drilling hole.
I smell big-time politics.
- Thanks, Holger. See you tomorrow.
- See you. Bye.
- Mia Moesgaard.
- Sorry to bother you.
Why don't you write I contacted you?
Why don't you publish my reports?
We only met a few hours ago.
Just hold my figures
up against the politicians'.
We're double-checking your info.
You shoot and bring people in mortal
danger. Why should they listen to you?
Why shouldn't they?
I think they will.
- Can I interview you?
- No.
I'm not important.
Hold my figures
up against the politicians'.
Let the public decide.
You can't make demands on me
nor my paper unless you cooperate.
The clock is ticking.
Good morning.
Frida, let's go home.
Christian Lvschall,
are you happy...
...with your ministry's influence
on the climate deal with the US?
It's a green deal,
and we're very happy with that.
What's up?
Is it the deal you wished for?
The environment is a top priority
in the deal...
...and we're very happy with that.
We have to tell parents their children
have been shot at. This isn't Denmark.
The shooting incident took place
less than an hour ago in Copenhagen.
We were walking along with the children,
and then we met the lady with the dog...
...and the children wanted to pat the
dog, and suddenly we hear a crack.
They're calling him a terrorist.
Did he call?
- Rasmus?
- I've run out. Can you spare a little?
You're in luck.
I was about to wash a load myself.
- Let's hear your expert opinion, Holger.
- We're looking at huge quantities.
- How huge?
- Very huge. If these figures are true.
Some of it looks confidential.
Where did you get it?
Sorry, my source is anonymous.
- Sum it up for me. How huge?
- I need time to work it out.
- I'll get you some coffee. Milk?
- No, black.
Hvid is "pondering"
and reading up on the press laws.
Pondering my ass. Our only problem is
that we haven't written about it yet!
Someone who's been in contact with
our paper is on a shooting rampage.
How did this contact come about?
He called Mia and said
someone had to act.
After the Hostrup shooting he called
back, and she tried to reason with him.
- Obviously in vain.
- Did Mia contact him?
She's met him.
It's her job.
If he calls again, we're going to try to
set up an interview. This story is hot.
We aren't at liberty to protect a source
who risks over four years of prison.
He shot a dog, for Christ's sake.
You don't get four years for that.
We met with a man who attacks
politicians, and we hushed it up.
No one is ever going to give us
another story, if they go to the police.
Mia, your phone.
- It's of interest to our readers.
- Sure, but we mustn't politicize.
- Mia, they want you on Debate Night.
- Who else?
- The climate and energy minister.
- Gutsy.
Steen Birger Brask from Dan Oil
and a Greenpeace spokesman.
We'll do it.
Hvid isn't sure about our contact with
the shooter, so we'll have to stall.
Stall? Well, that'll sell
a shitload of papers!
- Coffee.
- Thanks.
My source mentioned
the finance ministry.
What does it mean that the decision to
drill was made in the finance ministry?
Well, 76% of the state oil company
are owned by the finance ministry.
Who's strongest?
The climate and energy minister
or the finance minister?
The same person shot
at Peter Hostrup and Kiki Lvschall.
He's a good marksman,
so we've looked at rifle clubs.
War veterans.
We've infiltrated
the militant activists...
...but haven't come across
these methods.
We're probably looking
at a single-issue activist...
...and that means
he could be anyone.
You're not worried, are you?
If we are on this madman's hit list,
as the intelligence service believes.
I don't know. I've never tried
anything like this before.
No. Well, I've been posted
in both Brazil and Nigeria.
There, death threats come with the job.
Usually they're just out
to rattle our cage.
And I have bodyguards,
so I'll be fine.
40 activists were arrested
after the pincer movement.
Still the situation escalated,
and an hour ago 60 more...
Excuse me.
- Mia Moesgaard.
- They listen to you.
- What's all that racket?
- People listen to you.
- Can I interview you?
- Now?
No, face to face.
Hello? extensive as the riots after
the Maastricht Treaty vote in 1993.
- Yes.
- It's Holger.
- If I say 900 million cubic meters...
- Is that a lot?
It's three times Denmark's current
oil reserves in the North Sea.
We're talking gigantic quantities.
Thanks, Holger.
Don't use those figures. We need
two independent verified sources.
Two sources. We know Holger, but
we don't know the other guy, damn it.
Stick to the subject,
but don't wave any figures about.
Nrrebro is a battleground,
and several arrests have been made.
Let me remind you...
...that the American foreign minister
is flying in in two days... ratify the oil treaty.
Mia Moesgaard should tell
her henchmen...
Oh, come on!
...that these acts of violence
are unacceptable.
Mia Moesgaard, your part in all this...
Don't you feel responsible at all?
No. I find the situation alarming too...
...and I respect the climate minister
for participating today.
But it's my job as a reporter... ask the politicians the questions
the voters want answered.
- Like this: How much oil did you find?
- Lvschall.
I can't say exactly...
...but the quantities are big enough...
...for us to uphold our end of the deal.
How many cubic meters?
Christian Lvschall, care to answer?
Attempts to pinpoint exact figures...
...are always bound to fail.
I trust the experts when they say
the quantities aren't huge.
What do the Americans
get in return for the fund?
A piece of the Danish oil revenues?
Want to talk somewhere else?
Going somewhere?
Sit down.
- I'll record it...
- No, please take notes.
What the hell do you hope to achieve
by shooting at a group of children?
I was sure I wouldn't hit them.
How does it help your cause
that you're branded a terrorist now?
What do you have to say?
It's violence.
Even if it's far away.
Even if it affects
someone we don't know.
- Violence?
- Caused by our oil exploration.
A child... Cambodia, Thailand,
India or Bangladesh, drowns.
Or falls ill.
Because of flooding.
900 million cubic meters?
I've double-checked your info.
Where did you get it?
- Are you employed in the oil industry?
- I can't reveal my identity.
But the quantities are correct,
and I want you to write about them.
- While you're busy shooting more dogs?
- No.
What then?
When are you going to stop?
I'm going to stop
when the deal is annulled.
I can't.
I can't have you visiting me here.
I want you to leave.
I'm sorry.
You're not the type who lies on rooftops
taking shots at people.
You didn't plan for it to go this far.
Unless you stop now, you're going
to help the people you oppose.
Don't you see?
Thanks for the coffee.
So I don't think
you remember what I look like.
- Okay?
- This meeting never took place.
Jesper, the interview's off.
We have a visitor. They're waiting
for you in Steffen's office.
Mia. This is Adam Larsen from
the Security and Intelligence Service.
This is Mia Moesgaard
who's been in contact with the suspect.
We need help with our investigation.
Do you recognize this voice?
Why don't you print the documents
I entrusted your paper?
Come forward and we'll talk. I won't
waste my time on it, unless you do.
This isn't your time,
Steffen Husfeldt.
- Look at the clock and do as I say.
- Don't you threaten me.
- Is it him?
- He called you?
- Can you confirm this is the man?
- Yes.
- I'd like to ask you a few questions.
- Sure.
When he got into your car,
could you tell how tall he was?
- Normal height, I guess.
- Normal height.
You've got a Peugeot 306. If his head
was 10 cm from the roof...
...that makes him about 180 cm.
Would you call that normal height?
Sure, 180?
Did you see his face?
He was wearing a hoodie,
so I couldn't see his face.
I knocked several times.
I found that metal thing in your pocket.
You really should remember
to empty your pockets.
I'll drop you off at the airport.
- May I?
- That would be great.
- Look at the clock and do as I say.
- Don't you threaten me.
We filtered out the background noise
and may be on to something.
This church bell.
It's a single-clang profile.
If we compare it with,
say, the Church of our Lady...
...look at the reading.
All church bells have their own distinct
profile. This is a double clang.
We're looking for a single-clang profile
like the one in the conversation.
- How many churches fit that profile?
- In Copenhagen?
I think...
- Hey.
- Hi, it's me.
- Where do you think I am?
- On your way to the airport, I hope.
- I am.
- I can't wait to see you both.
- Me too.
- Have a good trip.
- Kiss the others from me. And thanks.
- Bye.
Forget all about us now and think only
of yourself and your little girl.
- A packed lunch?
- On home-baked rye.
It's Christian's Church on the tape.
We know the time...
...and we've collected over
ten surveillance tapes from the area.
Two tapes show passers-by
talking on the phone.
One shows a man dumping his phone
at the end of Langebrogade. Add sound.
- Look at the clock and do as I say.
- Heavyset, 40-45 years.
Can we get a better view of his face?
Get this material to the media...
...and go to Langebrogade
and find out if anyone's seen anything.
There's been a shooting at Dan Oil.
One dead.
K749 to Kolkata,
please proceed to gate B42.
- Mia Moesgaard?
- Yes.
Michael Smith, the Security
and Intelligence Service. Follow us.
- I have to be on this plane.
- You're detained. Passport, please.
We're conducting
a terrorism investigation. Come along.
Don't touch me.
A bodyguard was killed
and Steen Birger Brask wounded... the shooting at Dan Oil today.
The authorities have a suspect:
This isn't your time.
Look at the clock and do as I say.
The police just released the
surveillance tape and the conversation...
...with the suspect
behind the recent shootings.
The police would like to talk to anyone
who can assist in identifying the man.
The suspect looks Danish,
about 180 cm tall, heavyset...
...about 45 years old
and wears a green parka with a hood.
Rasmus Holm Jensen, 46.
Single-issue activist.
Unknown to us.
Described as intelligent,
shy and polite.
A bodyguard was killed and
Steen Birger Brask was wounded...
...after a shooting
at Dan Oil earlier today.
Rasmus Holm Jensen, 46,
is believed... Head of Intelligence Adam Larsen
to be the man behind the shootings.
The capital is in a state of shock,
and the authorities are on the alert.
A trained geophysicist, since 2003
employed with the GDG...
...the Department of Geological Surveys
for Denmark and Greenland.
Periodically stationed in Nuuk
specializing in oil deposit studies.
For years he's been producing material
for the climate and energy ministry.
Three days ago he came back to Denmark.
He went to see
his 86-year-old demented father.
Then he approached Mia Moesgaard...
...who for personal or political reasons
covers up for him.
I have a little girl waiting for me.
Who'll let her know I'm not coming?
The Indian authorities have suspended
your approval for the time being.
You can't leave Copenhagen.
I know my rights.
I'm going to write about this.
You're being detained as a key witness
in the case against Rasmus Holm Jensen.
You can call these two numbers
around the clock.
It seems Rasmus Holm Jensen
for several years...
...has been active on the Internet
under the alias Earth.
Since his youth he's been a member
of rifle clubs, first in Holbk...
...and then in Copenhagen
where he won almost all tournaments.
He got the ammo and the weapon
through the Copenhagen Rifle Club.
A super subsonic modified Sabatti rifle.
We know all this about him.
The problem is he's one step
ahead of us. He could be anywhere.
- You've touched down?
- I never left.
I don't believe it!
- The flight got cancelled?
- Intelligence took my passport.
I'm at home.
Meet me at the paper.
- We'll work this out.
- Okay.
Hand over your phone.
There's a sleeping bag for you too,
if you get cold.
It was an accident.
I didn't mean to kill him.
I was on my way
to fetch my little daughter.
I was going to adopt a little girl,
and now someone else will get her.
Those are the rules.
It's your fault. I covered up for you,
and then you chose to kill a man.
What kind of man are you?
If I can save thousands,
maybe hundreds of thousands...
...are my actions wrong?
Are they immoral?
Or should we keep talking
and covering up for politicians...
...and a democracy
that lies to the people?
You shot a man.
What are we doing here?
What do you want?
I need your car.
I'm going to Germany
at the break of dawn.
There's nothing more for me to do here.
You have called Mia Moesgaard.
Leave a message or text me.
What are you doing?
Don't try to fight me.
You won't get cold,
if you stay here.
For how long?
The police will find you.
Outside the Climate and Energy Ministry
hundreds of protesters are gathered.
They're waiting for the
American foreign minister...
- Steffen Husfeldt.
- It's your boss.
- Mia?
- Steffen Husfeldt.
Mia Moesgaard's life is in danger unless
the government calls off the deal.
Don't touch Mia!
She's got nothing to do with...
We've got a death threat.
The suspect is targeting the reporter.
The police aren't taking any chances
after the shootings in Copenhagen.
They're here in full force...
...and I've even seen sharpshooters
posted on the rooftops behind me.
Can we proceed
before we know Mia Moesgaard is safe?
We very much want to stick
to the security plan we've drawn up.
But it's up to you, Minister.
- Let's do it.
- Copy that.
Don't be mean!
Let's go green!
There you go.
- Feel the lining.
- I'll take it.
- Oh, you have to try the dark suit first.
- Okay then.
I'll find one in your size.
- The police.
- I just went jogging in the common.
I noticed a suspicious-looking tent.
- Your name, please?
- Conrad Pedersen.
We've localized a tent in the common.
- Police!
- I'm alone!
Are you Mia Moesgaard?
- Yes.
- Kurt Jensen, team leader.
Do you know
where Rasmus Holm Jensen is?
Heading for the border in my car.
- Any news?
- We've found the shooter's tent.
The suspect seems to be on his way
to Germany. We've set up check points.
- Moesgaard?
- Safe.
He probably took her hostage
to gain time to flee the country.
That's the best news today.
Thanks for driving me home.
The suspect car has been found
carrying stolen license plates.
Stolen cars will be inspected. The
suspect probably got a new vehicle.
- Hi. What are you doing here?
- I live on the top floor.
- Your name?
- Kasper Dahl.
- Can I check your briefcase?
- Sure.
- Fine.
- Thanks.
Thomas, when do you think your fellow
Danes will be ready to hear the news...
...that we'll be moving
into Station North?
Well, the Thule base is still
after 50 years a very sensitive subject.
We have to approach this
one step at a time.
I suggest that that first step
be taken as soon as possible.
- Do a last reconnaissance round.
- Copy that. 703 out.
Calling 703.
Do you copy, 703?
Don't be mean!
Let's go green!
The motorcade will be
arriving shortly.
703, please respond.
Do you copy, 703?
Calling all units.
The suspect may be in the vicinity.
Calling all units.
The motorcade is arriving in one.
Can I borrow this?
- I'm sorry.
- That's okay.
Thomas Borby.
Please leave a message.
Thomas, it's Mia. The shooter is
out to get you. Stay away!
Here comes the motorcade
with the American foreign minister.
Calling all units.
The motorcade has arrived.
- It is a pleasure working with you.
- The pleasure's all mine.
Code red.
Switch to...
The motorcade just left.
So it's now.
Don't do it.
Look at me.
Look at me.
- Mia.
- Thomas.
Take this.
I asked our consul in West Bengal
to get you approved again.
We'll just have to see if he succeeds.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
See you.
Felding, any comments?
The oil field in Greenland
contains considerable quantities.
This is a complete surprise to us,
albeit a happy one.
Two or three times the current
oil reserves in the North Sea.
New offshore drilling techniques mean
we will be collaborating with the USA...
...on many projects
over the next 50 to 70 years.
Sources in the defense department say
that Denmark's Station North...
...over the next five years
will be expanded to comprise... American strategic military base...
...which will monitor the north eastern
passage through the Arctic Ocean.