Skyward (2017) Movie Script

Boy: Where are you?
Girl: [giggling] Here I am.
Over here. [giggling]
Boy: Where are you, Piper?
Do you see that?
What is that?
It looks like it's moving.
Do you feel that?
Feel what?
That. I can feel it.
Come on. It's getting dark.
Your dad's gonna be mad.
[rock on radio]
[music turns off]
[car alarm blaring]
[door creaks]
Piper: Have you always felt
deep down that we're not alone?
That maybe there's more to life on Earth
than the naked eye can see?
If you have, then your ears
are in the right place
because UFO Radio is looking for
that connection to something
greater in the universe.
So join me and my sidekick
as we go on this ride.
Our first believer today is Heather.
Hi. You left a message on our hotline
about experiencing
an unusual phenomenon.
Do you mind if I record you
for our Podcast?
- Heather: No, not at all.
- Tell me what happened.
Heather: Well, I keep hearing
the most freakish sound at night.
Eerie, like it's following me,
haunting me.
It comes out of nowhere
when I least expect it.
Can you describe the sound?
Heather: Mm-hm.
I... I actually recorded it.
- Do you want to hear it?
- Absolutely.
Man's Voice: You've been roasted.
You've been roasted.
- Heather: [laughing]
- [beep]
[sighs] Wow.
You just got roasted over the phone.
I didn't even think that was possible.
- It is now.
- As usual,
we either get prank callers
or Ira, our only follower.
Nobody takes us seriously.
They should. Wildwood has a
history of unusual sightings.
Technically, there was one UFO
sighting, like, four years ago.
Five years. And you were
standing right next to me.
We both saw the orb.
Your dad said it was just
a weather balloon.
And the strange bellowing sound?
You heard it, too.
Probably the balloon deflating.
Come on, Piper.
We've been doing this Podcast
for over a year,
and we still haven't found any
evidence that aliens exist.
I know, I know.
Both: Believe.
[phone rings]
UFO Radio hotline.
You're being recorded.
So, what did you see?
Let me guess. Little green man.
Man: Actually, it looked like
a giant eyeball with teeth.
I might have hit it with my truck,
then crashed into a sign.
- [beep]
- Another pranker.
Man: [on radio] We have an 11-83
out on Mill Road. Fender bender.
Delivery driver saw something
strange in the road.
[chuckles] Downed a trail head sign.
We got a live one.
[police radio chatter]
[siren blaring]
All right, keep it movin', Butch.
Yeah, there's nothin' to see here.
Piper: Look. They're gathering evidence.
I'm gonna hang onto you.
Hey, Sarah. Look at this.
Let's get a closer look.
Okay, on the count of three. All right?
The driver said he
hit it with his truck,
so keep your eyes open for
some kind of alien blood.
- [muffled gasp]
- Don't move.
[whispers] Something's right above us.
Sorry to drop in like this
and burst your bubble,
but that's not alien blood.
Yeah. I dropped my Popsicle.
- Hi, Ira.
- Hey, Ira.
Hey, Curtis. What's up?
- Piper.
- What are you doing out here?
That's what I should be asking you.
Out looking for alien life forms?
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Yeah, my dog ran away.
We're trying to find him.
Let's drop the charade, missy.
And Curtis, you don't have a dog.
We all live on the same street.
Plus, I've been
hacking you two for months.
I know you're the brains
behind the UFO Radio Podcast.
- You hacked us?
- I'm always one step ahead.
Doing whatever it takes. Believing.
Tracking. Finding.
- You found something?
- Slow your roll, Nancy.
But I will.
We will. Right, team?
- We'll think about it.
- Well, think about this.
I'm the one with the skills, the
technology, and the sixth sense
to find whatever we're looking for.
What was that?
- Did you see it too?
- It was round.
- Like a giant eyeball.
- Probably just a possum.
Were you recording?
I want to say yes, but...
- We missed it.
- Ira: Or did we?
These, my friends,
are called Ira glasses,
named after the inventor.
Wearable telecommunicator,
and video capturer.
Cloud linked.
Cool glasses, but
that could be anything.
Where'd you get those glasses?
That's confidential, Piper.
I stole them from my dad's lab, Curtis.
Man: Is someone down there?
Hey. Did you guys see anything?
Let's get out of here.
Piper: Guys, we need to
keep quiet about this.
Curtis: Agreed.
Ira: Sleep tight, alien hunters.
Goodnight, Curtis.
I don't know what we saw out there,
but it was something.
Uh, maybe.
- Night.
- All right, see ya.
Hey, sweet pea.
You been home long?
While, huh?
Okay, well, I tell ya what.
To avoid pre-teen one word responses,
how about I tell you about your day,
and you correct me if I'm wrong.
- Cool.
- Cool.
School was okay.
Track practice was fun.
We're still unbeatable.
You came home, finished your homework,
and now you're tired.
You know me too well.
That was a five word response.
Wow. Now my day's complete.
- [giggles]
- It's time to unplug.
I'm powering down the Wi-Fi.
Thank you.
When do I get a real phone?
When I think you're old enough to
be exposed to the entire world.
So... never.
Ha, ha.
Anything interesting at work today?
One word response.
Okay. Um...
Well... [sighs]
There was a delivery driver who
was working a double shift,
smashed up his truck.
Said something otherworldly
ran out in front of him
instead of what it really was:
- road kill.
- But what if he was telling the truth?
What if he really did
see something weird?
And yet another reason why
we unplug in this house.
Too much noise out there,
makes an imagination
like yours run wild.
I should have stuck with
my one word response.
Goodnight, sweet pea.
Love you.
Goodnight. Love you.
[school bell rings]
Piper: I didn't get
any sleep last night.
Well, stop trying to change the world,
and you might get some rest.
I got my solid nine in.
No time for sleep.
I'm gonna do whatever it takes
to prove that we saw...
An alien.
Hello, team. What's first
on today's agenda?
Reminding you that
you're not on the team.
I see how I need to play this.
If we're all wearing these,
we won't miss a beat.
All information is constantly
being uploaded to the cloud.
If one of us gets abducted...
most likely Piper...
then Curtis and I can tap in to
find your location and save you.
Thermal imaging.
Enhanced audio.
Girl: Did you study for
the geometry quiz?
Boy: Yep.
If you make me your partner,
I've got access to
a lot more than glasses.
These specs are pretty sweet.
Maybe we give him a shot.
Here's how it's gonna work, Ira.
We'll definitely consider you,
but we need to see how
you perform in the field.
Basically, probation.
I prefer the term internship.
Probation. And I'm the boss.
You good with this?
Let's go change the world.
[no audible dialog]
Piper: I told you he'd be here.
I know exactly how we get that evidence.
Here's the plan:
Piper, you stand back
and let us handle this.
I call this the cowboy switch.
We're gonna need some fishing
line, three ice trays
two crates of lug nuts, and Curtis,
how well can you ride a horse?
Plan B works, too.
[snorting] Mm, banana gram.
All right, so we got a hair tie,
a plastic spork,
Gummy Bears, and...
What is that?
Time for a little CS-Ira.
Ira: What you're about to see
is going to change your lives forever.
Curtis: A garage.
Filled with junk.
This isn't junk.
Everything Dubek Avionics
has ever failed at ends up here.
My dad takes it home.
And I fix it.
This is a Cloud Burst forerunner.
AKA: A rainmaker.
Magneto funk.
Can make a cell phone
go haywire from 1,000 feet.
Curtis: [chuckles] What's that,
an electronic alien trap?
It's a bug zapper.
So, how is this stuff gonna help us?
Subtronic DNA sequencer.
Can read the molecular
structure of anything.
[electronic blips]
It's Latin for Gummy Bear.
Adenine. Guanine.
That's meteor DNA.
- Seriously?
- Come on, no way.
Look. People have been discovering
components of DNA in meteorites
since the 1960s.
This is made of the same stuff.
So, if this machine is right,
this ball might not be of this planet.
Even if that's true,
what does this thing have to do
with what the delivery guy saw?
What do you kids want?
Um, you called our hotline.
About the alien sighting.
[lock clicks]
Uh, no. Wasn't an alien.
Was a bald coyote that I may or
may not have hit with my truck.
Does this look familiar?
- Nope.
- What about the blood?
- You said it was...
- Antifreeze.
Leaked from my radiator when I crashed.
Any other questions about
the alien I never saw?
What happened to your arm?
Cut it. Shaving.
What's up with the tin foil hat?
I'm getting highlights.
Have a nice day.
Look, we have recorded audio of you
saying you saw an alien.
I believe you.
[lock clicks]
If I tell you the truth,
do you promise not to use it?
The sheriff told me
that if I went around telling
people that I saw an alien,
I could lose my job.
So for the record,
I saw something.
[lock clicks]
Could this get any weirder?
Woman: I got these scratches.
It's so weird.
Please call me.
I could do a lot with this place.
If I were a part of the team.
Guys, we have 23 new subscribers,
and 13 callers all reporting
the same thing;
waking up with mysterious
scratches on their forearms.
Why are you using an old school
answering machine, anyway?
We forward an internet
number to this machine.
We screen all callers.
Basically, so we can stay anonymous.
Especially from Sheriff Gary.
[phone rings]
Woman: Hi, this is Mrs. Olmstead.
I live on Lone Tree Road.
Found your flier on my windshield.
I've had an odd night,
and woke up this morning with
the strangest marks on my arm.
This is great.
I can check it out on my jog home.
Coach said I need to log more miles.
Stay connected.
Who knows if any of
this stuff is related.
I hear ya, homie.
But the DNA sequencer doesn't lie.
And if it did, none of us would know.
- [beep]
- Guys, do you hear that?
Ira: Yeah. What is that?
Curtis: It's probably just a train.
- [thudding]
- [glass breaking]
I'm going in for a closer look.
Turn on thermal imaging.
- [beep]
- [whirring]
- [screeching]
- [gasping]
- It's just a cat. Just a cat.
- [exhales]
Curtis: You know what, guys?
I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but...
we still have nothing.
- [rustling]
- [gasping]
What was that?
I don't know, but it's in here with me.
Ira: What's in there?
Curtis: Piper, get out of there.
- Piper, can you hear me?
- Ira: What's going on?
- What's happening?
- [grunting]
Let's get out there.
Guys. Guys!
Oh, ho, ho, Piper. Whoa.
- Dad.
- You all right?
What are you doing way out here?
Where you, uh, logging some more miles?
Yeah. That's what I was doing.
What are you doing out here?
Uh, got another call from cat
lady Olmstead, bless her heart.
Something round allegedly
attacked her in the night.
I'm guessing it had
four paws and goes meow.
But, uh, still gotta check it out.
Are those new glasses?
Uh, no. Borrowed them from Ira... Ayla.
A girl.
You don't know her.
Uh, come on, I'll give you a lift.
Uh, sure you're okay?
You seem a little jumpy.
Dad, I'm fine.
Okay. Just trying to connect.
- [engine starts]
- Man: Chapter Two:
Connecting with your pre-teen daughter.
- Ah...
- Man: Chapter Three: Hygiene.
You hungry?
Father: How's the fried chicken?
Piper: Good. As usual.
Father: Hm. Maybe I should
try to make that at home.
Please don't.
- Ouch.
- [chuckling]
Piper, I want you to be entirely
straight with me about something.
Be honest.
Where did you get those glasses?
Dad, I told you, from a friend.
You didn't go see Dr. Forhay, did you?
No, but I don't know
what the big deal is.
All kids my age go to see doctors.
Well, I'm not a fan of
the whole medical profession.
Maybe Mom was just sick,
and it was her time.
Piper, I know you think
I'm overly protective.
And I know that drives you crazy.
I've had two loves in my life.
I lost one.
I'm not losing the other one.
Sheriff Gary, we need to tell
you something about Piper.
She's sitting right next to you.
Thanks for the update, guys.
- Uh, goodnight.
- Have a good night.
You know, I'm no detective,
just a... just a sheriff,
but, uh...
I get the feeling something's going on.
You know you can tell me
anything, right?
- Thank you, sweet pea.
- Mm-hm.
He has one of our fliers.
He's onto us.
But did your dad see the creature?
No. He showed up after.
[sighs] So, we still have no proof.
Yes, we do.
Every girl in these photos
has the same scratch marks.
And we know it's an alien life form.
Well, it's some kind of life form.
It's not eating anyone
or probing anyone.
It's just going around
scratching people.
Like it's taking samples.
Dude looks like a lady.
Maybe it's only sampling females.
We don't have any reports from guys.
So this thing thought that
the driver was a girl.
How do we catch it
before somebody else does?
We're gonna need bait.
And we know one girl
it hasn't sampled yet.
Why did I volunteer to do this?
I'm getting your audio.
You don't have to do it. I totally can.
I know, I meant why do I have to wear
the same clothes you wore yesterday?
Look, running tights look cool,
but, man, they ride high.
I'll tell you why
you're doing this, Curtis.
Because your devotion and admiration
for a member of this group
is so strong
that you're willing to
risk your life for them.
Thank you, dear brother.
All right, let's cut the bromance
and walk through the plan.
When the creature comes for Curtis,
- we lure it to...
- Curtis: The bug zapper.
Inspired by your suggestion, Curtis,
and Piper's improvised stun gun.
It's now been modified to an EAED.
Electrified alien entrapment device.
120 volts of shock and awe.
[electricity zapping]
Enough to contain, but
hopefully, not enough to kill.
I'm on power, Piper's entrapment.
Curtis is bait.
- [buzzing]
- [whooshing]
- [zipping]
- [beep]
Piper: Curtis, I know
it's gonna take a lot
to make you a believer.
Just hang in there with me
a little longer.
Curtis: It's not that I don't
believe you, it's just...
It's hard to believe.
- [screeching]
- [screaming]
You're going the wrong way.
Lead him back toward the trap.
I'm trying!
Head south.
Which way is south?
Behind you!
I'm coming back.
Get ready.
Watch out!
Ira: Man down.
I lost visual.
Piper: Curtis, don't move.
Hey, Cyclops.
Man's Voice: You've been roasted.
You've been roasted.
You've been roasted.
Welcome to my world.
You just paid the piper.
[electricity zapping]
We did it.
Turn it off.
- Piper: Is it dead?
- Ira: No.
This is proof that we're not alone.
You a believer now, Curtis?
[grunting] Yeah. Yeah, over here.
I'm fine.
Piper: I'll grab the cage,
you grab Curtis.
- Piper!
- Come on.
I thought I lost you.
I'm not going anywhere, buddy.
Why do you think it left?
Maybe it got what it came for.
Are you a believer now, Curtis?
Well, I believe...
that something very weird chased me.
Probably a mutant bobcat.
And the helicopter, I admit,
it was a bit dramatic.
It's been an unprecedented week
here at the Podcast.
From mysterious scratches
to disembodied moans
to lights above the forest.
According to the Wildwood Gazette,
there was military testing last night.
Or was there?
It seems every time
something unusual happens,
there's always a logical explanation.
Or is there?
Thank you to everyone
who willingly or
unwillingly participated.
Remember, we need your help.
Together, we can find the answers.
So, if you see anything unusual,
or you just get that feeling
that something isn't right...
please feel free to tweet,
snap, Instagram, or email us.
Better yet,
reach out the old fashioned
way and give us a call.
[phone rings]
Piper: And always remember
as you look skyward
into this vast universe of ours,
you are not alone.
Because here at UFO Radio,
we believe.