Slalom (2020) Movie Script

Keep your knees up high.
Come on!
Out, then in.
Lyz, practice at the side.
You're in everyone's way.
Like a ski! Go on.
On tiptoes.
More explosive!
Go back to the others.
Justine, knees up.
Hup, hup.
2, 31 Come on!
Eyes front.
I won't tell you again.
Look ahead, not at your feet.
Rat-a-tat! Explosive!
- Why are you here?
- Aren't you cold?
I spoke to the principal
and I left you a few things.
You're lucky, you know?
I didn't think
you'd leave so soon.
If you wanna go home,
now's the time.
Come on, let's start again.
Hey, stop it.
Lyz, your jacket.
Look what I found.
From last year.
You'll forget your head next time.
it's already a mess here.
The school lets us use this place.
We spent a lot on the rest.
It's the best.
Do you like Max?
You'll have 10 hours of sport a week,
on top of classes and weekend training.
We'll build up your muscles,
then go up the mountain.
We'll see what you're made of.
- Not interested.
- Are you a lesbian?
Why "hush"?
You scared of Fred?
Hey, listen to me.
The race schedule.
There are 20 till April.
6 count for the IFS rankings.
We start with the regional circuit,
then the French Cup,
and end with La Galise
for the European Cup.
The main thing is to go for it,
to give it your all,
surpass yourself,
not be scared to commit,
and not hurt yourself.
That's very important.
Lilou is in charge of the classes.
I know it's not your thing, but you must
study, too. Here, girls.
OK, what is the goal?
What's the goal?
If you make it,
it's the Olympic Games.
Every athlete's dream.
- When did you start skiing?
You need to qualify first.
Get undressed.
Lyz Lopez, age: 15.
5 foot 2.
Dislocated right shoulder in 2013.
- You trained in Lyon?
- Yes.
Do I take this off?
No. Get on the scales.
You must give 100%.
We'll push you hard.
110 pounds.
Don't worry. Turn to the side.
You'll have to slim down, too.
Are you regular?
- When did you start menstruating?
OK, take this.
1 tablespoonful twice a day.
You must gain muscle mass.
2 pounds a week, OK?
Of powder?
No! Of muscle.
You're a bit behind the others.
- Will you manage?
- Yeah.
Get dressed.
Lindsey Vonn's trajectory is very tight.
Yes, her trajectory is a bit short.
Remember to turn out the lights!
Lock the door
and clean your shoes
Turn off the hot water!
Was that deliberate?
When will you get through
all those gates, dammit?
See the guy behind you?
He's the French team's coach.
He thinks
you don't belong here.
And that pisses me off.
Screw you!
C'mon, go back up.
This ain't a vacation.
Don't be as shit as her!
OK, Fred?
- Who is it?
- Tom.
Go on.
It's the start of the season.
We'll have nothing left at this rate.
Just patch it up.
Is Fred always like that?
He crushes you,
you listen and you get better.
Does it work?
With some.
Not with you?
I don't know.
- Where you going?
- The pool.
Isn't training intense enough?
You giving 100%?
No, I'm pacing myself.
OK, speed up!
C'mon, let's go!
Do you want to go home?
Lean on your left leg.
Close your eyes and hold it there.
Isn't it right?
She's good for nothing.
Max, do your exercise.
How old are you two?
OK, contract your thighs.
It's the same on skis.
Deep breaths.
Tighten your abs. They're soft.
That's it.
OK up there?
Go on, keep it up.
Shit, I'm dead.
- Can I try?
- Yep.
- Gotta be real gentle.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hard, isn't it?
- Yeah.
You're good at it.
Skiing is my passion.
Hang on.
- What time do we go on Monday?
-7 AM.
- Up the mountain?
- We'll see.
- Is your mom taking you?
- No, I'll hitch.
Why? Are you on your own?
She's working in Marseille now.
In Marseille?
She just got the job.
Well, call us
if you have a problem.
- Have a good weekend.
- Goodnight.
Hitching at her age...
Had your grades?
Yeah, 12 out of 20 in French,
14 in mathematics.
- Your card.
- And you, Lyz?
- 16 and 18.
- Well, that's good.
- Without trying.
- Here.
Justine doesn't want to be
a champion,
just a ski instructor.
Like me.
Don't tell Fred that.
She said you want to be a winner.
Yeah, I want to make it to the top.
I just want to.
Yeah, I'm OK.
I just got back.
- Can you hear me?
- Yes.
Are you coping with the cooking,
the washing and so on?
Yeah, I can look after myself.
Well, you're not used to doing it,
so I'm asking.
Oh, that's what I wanted to say.
Remember Uncle Milou?
Well, he's in the hospital.
I have lots of work.
It brings in the money
because without the rent money,
it's not easy.
I mean, life isn't just a ski pass,
you know.
Are you listening?
Yes! If there's a real problem,
I'l ask Dad to pay the child support.
It's not that simple
and I don't want you getting involved.
So why mention it?
I mention it, Lyz,
so that you realize
the effort I'm making.
Do you understand the sacrifice
I'm making for you?
You seem to think
that everything is simple,
but actually...
Hey, Lyz, your vest!
Get ready.
Hurry up!
Let's go!
Don't let me down over this little race.
I wanna see what you're made of
or you go home!
Go for it! In and out!
Go on!
Team FL World Cup's newest recruit
begins this regional race.
It's my birthday next week.
- Will you come?
- You inviting me cause I won?
What do you think?
I like you, actually.
- Are you jealous or what?
- No.
But it's pathetic how you show off.
You're late.
You never pick up.
I left you 20 messages this week.
I don't listen to them.
I come home, exhausted.
I'll call you more often.
Every week.
I'll see you at Christmas.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Well...
I've been meaning to tell you.
I met someone.
- A guy?
- Yes!
What else would it be?
He invited me
to spend Christmas in Bilbao.
You can't come.
So I gather.
You only have 2 days off
from your training, don't you?
I was thinking that for Christmas,
you could call your dad.
I mean, it won't kill him to...
Forget it.
Look, you were crap.
Were you scared or what?
I was tired, my legs hurt.
So why are you here?
Think you're here to have fun?
- It's the first time.
- And the last!
You need to wake up.
Who's that? Ah, Lyz.
She's not scared.
She goes for it. She's hungry.
Don't overthink it.
Take off the brakes,
stop thinking,
and go.
OK, that's enough for today.
I need to know about that stuff.
It's important for training.
Did you discuss it with your mom?
Do you at least use tampons?
You know you can swim
on your period?
Listen, don't be scared of your period.
You can use it.
We'll adapt your training
to your menstrual cycle.
For example, the start of your cycle
affects your muscle mass.
You'll have more power.
If you want to push
your body to the limit,
you have to listen to it.
So feed it well, look after it.
That's just a matter of respect.
periods are beautiful.
They follow the moon.
It's cosmic.
OK, go get dried.
Thanks. A last drink for the road.
Where's he going?
Clearing snow.
All night?
Since I was 17.
- Go on, it's Christmas.
- Thanks.
OK, I'm off.
How's training going?
- And Fred?
- She's his favorite.
Ah, the favorite...
I'll be right back.
Will you serve?
Watch out for Fred.
He won't care about you
if you break your leg.
OK, let's go out.
It's cool. Thanks.
You like snow in your face?
I mean it, it's cool.
That's OK.
- I took a joint off my mom.
- No!
I did!
- Want some?
- Yeah.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
Ever slept with a guy?
Yeah... Well...
I blew Max in the restroom.
I hated it.
Come on in.
Want a cola?
Take a seat.
- No more beer?
- Look at the back.
Oh, yeah.
What's this?
It's an overview.
Do you do that for everyone?
It's great, though.
- What is?
- When it works.
The training, the medals...
Come on. I have a gift for you.
Go on, then.
Like it?
They're the best.
You bet.
Wasn't it expensive?
- I got you a sponsor.
- Really?
Well, yeah, sure.
Are you happy?
I got something else, too.
Now you gotta ski
and you gotta win.
Thank you.
- Hear the wind?
- Yeah.
It's beautiful.
There's something there.
- I saw it!
- What?
A wolf.
- For real?
- Yeah. There.
- Just there.
- I can't see it.
It's gone.
If I see it, do you think
I'l win La Galise?
Look hard, then!
Look for it.
You got new skis?
I have a sponsor.
How was it at Fred's?
Was Lilou there?
She's really nice.
Yeah, real nice.
- Coming?
- No, I'm beat.
Make the most of your youth.
There's more to life than training.
Come on.
Are you scared?
You're scared.
Well, you never answer the phone.
I wanted to tell you
I couldn't get tomorrow off.
So I won't be
at the French championship.
I know it's important to you,
but I'll be thinking of you.
I'll send you good vibes.
Call me when you can.
Love you.
Go on!
The finishing line is in sight.
Here she comes. Lyz Lopez!
I told you.
Hard work pays off.
Put your jacket on
and show the logo.
I'm proud of you. Well done.
You need money?
I'll buy her off you.
We'll show the Federation!
- You're making a big mistake.
- You're the mistake!
There'll be lots more.
- Champion of France.
- I beat 'em good!
A rocket!
The girls were so jealous.
You were perfect.
A great champion.
Ever been to the circuit?
- Really?
- No.
- Never?
- No.
You're crazy!
Look out, hold on tight.
Are you scared?
Go on, accelerate.
Go on.
Go on, accelerate, accelerate!
Turn left. Left!
Look out.
Look what you do to me.
You won't let me down?
We'll go to the Olympics.
We'll fight for it.
I promise.
I don't feel good.
Deep breaths.
It'll pass.
Want me to take you back?
C'mon, let's go.
I miss you.
But I'm OK. Everything's fine.
And how are you?
Tell me how you're doing.
Was it good with Patrick?
OK, cool.
Well, that's great.
I gotta go, Mom.
I've got training now.
Love you, Mom.
Miss Lopez...
Think it's funny?
You had excellent grades.
That's why we took you.
Now they're in free fall.
Can you explain?
You didn't tell me.
She's having trouble
keeping up at the moment.
It's simple. If she can't handle
the skiing and her studies,
the skiing stops.
- No!
We've beaten all the French girls.
We have a sponsor.
There are priorities, Fred.
- She must study.
- I didn't.
Well, Mrs. Lopez,
can you help your daughter
with her homework?
Well, no.
I have a job in Marseille now.
Do you mean...
Lyz is all alone here?
It wasn't supposed to be that way.
We were supposed to do her homework
via Skype every day.
The wifi is no good.
What do you mean?
This costs me a fortune.
Rent out your crappy apartment!
- I don't care!
- Don't you?
Didn't you bug me
into letting you live alone?
"I can manage!
I'l be just fine!"
I may have a solution.
I've never done it for anyone else,
but I think Lyz has real potential.
It'd be a pity.
So I suggest
she stays with us.
All day,
we train together.
It'd be simpler in the evening.
You could help with her homework.
Yes, of course.
It's rather unusual, though.
Mrs. Lopez?
I don't know.
We can't waste such a chance.
Her future depends on it.
You don't agree?
Of course I agree.
Especially if...
if she has potential.
She's picking up speed
and is catching up.
Will she catch up in time?
- Sorry.
- I didn't lock the door.
We leave in 1 hour.
- Really?
- Yes.
- You said I was off today.
- The others, not you.
How long have you been with Fred?
Pass me your book.
Remember the stylistic devices?
"Whether you are powerful or weak,
the court condemns you
to be black or white."
Is that an antithesis
or an oxymoron?
It bores the shit out of me!
Think I enjoy it?
Your hair looks so good.
The helmet has ruined mine.
Put anything on it?
What're you doing?
What'd you say if it were Fred?
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I interest Fred
just cause I win races.
But it's a first for me.
It means he believes in me.
I like that.
To hell with the rest.
OK, let's do this.
I'l only be a second.
In position.
Feet parallel.
Go down slowly.
Explosive as you go up.
OK, let's go.
and push.
Go down slowly.
Explosive as you go up.
Down, down, down...
Go on, down, down, down.
C'mon, again.
C'mon, you can do it.
Does it hurt?
Take deep breaths.
I had 2 operations.
The right leg.
A year later, the left leg.
The Federation kicked me out.
I was nothing anymore.
There's you.
Let's go.
Can I smoke?
Hello, miss.
Can I help you?
I want the morning-after pill.
Do you know how it works?
Did you have intercourse
under 3 days ago?
- Yes.
- OK.
- How much is it?
- It's free for minors.
- You're sure you know how it works?
- Yes, thanks.
I'm her coach!
I have to be behind her.
I do it with all the other kids.
- What's your problem?
- She's 15.
You're with her every day.
On weekends, too.
It's so we can win!
Are you jealous?
You don't get it.
I'm sick of your skiing
and your shitty podiums.
I thought we both wanted it.
I'm going.
Yeah, go!
I don't need you!
Be more careful.
Hey, get up!
Stop acting like a kid!
Go get them.
We'll go back up.
- Why can't she?
- Got a problem, Laura?
Just get out of my sight!
They're looking at us.
Don't you get it?
Hey! I'm not your boyfriend.
I'm your trainer, OK?
Stop it.
Stop it!
I want to stay with you forever.
You said
you wouldn't let me down.
What is it?
They all take it.
It gives you a dopamine flash,
you lose all your fear.
There's crushed glass.
Put it behind your lip.
Give it.
It goes into the bloodstream.
- It's pure nicotine.
- I know. Leave me alone.
What're you doing?
Are you crazy?
- Want some?
- No.
Wanna get kicked out?
Spit it out.
I don't get it, Lyz.
You wanna throw it all away?
Just cut the crap.
Take the day off.
See you tomorrow.
- What's wrong?
- Sit down.
Up to you.
Don't flunk this year.
I just want to know
if you're doing your homework now.
If you want,
I can help you in the evening.
I left because Fred has changed.
Tell me, Lyz.
This club is my responsibility, too.
- What happened?
- Get off my back!
You know what I mean.
What happened with Fred?
He's just coaching me.
He wants me to win and...
he believes in me.
Stop it, dammit!
Stop repeating what he says.
We've done nothing.
Have you talked?
Are you sure?
Look me in the eye.
We have to keep it to ourselves.
That's not it.
What, then?
- I need a breastplate.
- Cover up.
- I need a breastplate.
- Cover up! I'll get you one.
Look, it hurts here.
Here, too.
- Here, too.
- Enough!
Everybody hurts.
But you have to keep going.
You have to wake up.
You have to wake up!
La Galise is in 1 month!
Do you want to beat them or not?
So hit me.
Go on, hit me.
Go on.
Do you want to beat them or not?
Hit me harder.
Harder. Go on, hit!
Hit, hit!
Go on!
Hey, honey, it's me.
There's an article about you.
That's really great.
And I know why you don't call.
Fred explained.
He said you had to concentrate,
that you were training well...
So I understand.
I don't blame you.
So keep in touch.
Well, I'm doing OK.
Same as usual, you know.
I love you lots.
- May 1?
- Huh? Yeah, sure.
Are you at the club?
How's it going?
The training is going well...
so I hear.
It's all good?
Not easy, is it? It's tough.
She loves what she does.
She's a revelation in this discipline...
I'll drop you off at the funicular.
It's beautiful.
I liked my coach doing that.
It's the best thing for injuries.
Your muscles work.
You rest.
Deep breaths.
You gotta fight. Don't let go.
That's what I liked.
Almost falling.
Always borderline, on the edge...
The pleasure.
Absolute grace.
The moment when...
your body and your speed are one.
That's what we share.
Not talking?
I'm concentrating, that's all
It's me.
I bought croissants.
OK, hon?
This looks serious.
Yeah, we're getting ready.
Yes, I know, but I thought that...
It's kind,
but she shouldn't eat before the race.
It's the pressure.
I never told you, but...
I'm proud of you.
You know...
It took me a while to realize
how much this means to you.
It all went so fast.
You'll win, I'm sure you will.
My little baby...
You know, now I'll...
I'll be here much more.
I won't leave you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
it's the final stretch
of the women's European Cup
with this parallel slalom.
We're going up the slope
for the start
with the amazing Lyz Lopez,
Team Fred's great hope.
We weren't expecting him,
it must be said.
It's her last run.
Will she win this European Cup?
We'll soon find out.
The girls are getting ready.
The snow is being prepared.
It's the final
of the parallel giant slalom.
Lyz Lopez is off.
Her tempo was off.
Now she's back on track.
It's snowing hard,
it's not easy today.
Visibility is poor.
The snow is sticking to their masks.
Will Lyz Lopez be able
to keep this up?
She's made up the lost time now.
The last gate... Keep going!
Victory for Lyz Lopez!
We did it!
We made it!
I'm proud of you.
Lyz, over here.
Say a few words.
The happiest day of your life!
You missed the first few gates,
then you caught up
and won the race.
It's thanks to your trainer, Fred
who's by your side.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know...
Look, give her some time.
She's exhausted.
She's cold. It was very intense,
she gave 100%, and we won.
What the hell?
Don't touch mel!
Next year, we'll be
in Beaver Creek in the US.
Before that, Val Gardena.
We'll go everywhere together.