Slam (2018) Movie Script

- Mother, they will
not make me forget.
They cannot silence this tongue,
these stories from
your womb to my mouth.
I'll carry our women's
stories and birth them.
I will scrape the dirt of our
lands from beneath fingertips
and place it on lips of
those still speaking untruths
into the abyss.
Let them hear truth echoed
as I bleed these stories
etched into my existence.
We know the strength
in speaking truth.
Lips to ears, hearts to
souls, this is how we rise up,
gather strength, become a
force to be reckoned with.
Refuse to submit, to assimilate,
their continued
colonization will not abate.
We must destroy
those who dictate
the ways which we should live.
Dismantle the
system bolt by bolt.
Crush white supremacy, fist to
fist, violence with violence,
the only language
they understand.
We will not be silent,
no matter how hard
they try to silence us.
Mother, we will show them.
By any means necessary.
Mother, they will
not make me forget.
They cannot silence this tongue,
these stories from
your womb to my mouth.
- Ameena, that was amazing,
give me a fist bump.
Let's make some noise
for Ameena, come on.
Such powerful words.
And now, without further
ado, I'd like to introduce
our feature for this evening.
Please give it up for Uncle Ken.
- Thank you and good evening.
First I'd like to
read "End Times."
You the colonial monster
have dehumanized me
for two centuries or more.
Guilty, guilty, guilty.
Your barbaric crimes
so horrific, so calculated.
Your demise is the only answer.
You, the colonial
terrorist, beware.
We, the First Peoples, are
coming for our justice.
My words will leap from every
page that I've ever written,
an attack, yet a fact.
Words are symptoms of anger and.
- Come on, pick up.
The number you have called
is currently switched
off or unavailable.
Please try a...
- It's beautiful, huh?
Okay, come on.
It was amazing.
- See what you do, is taste
and see if you can
identify 10 botanicals.
- 10?
- Local distillery.
- Oh, so beautiful.
Try this.
- And so big.
- Try this.
- Is that right, Rob?
- Beautiful.
It's probably
an aged export...
- Oh my god, it kicked.
- Yeah?
- Like, bloody good.
- Did you see that?
And, as for this gin,
they gave me the
bottle for free.
- Do you know if it's
a boy or girl?
- For free?
- No, we wanna
keep it a surprise.
- Distilled cold.
- That's so sweet.
- Not ideal for
the grandparents.
- It's really delicious.
- Oh, you'll survive, Mom.
- Lightly brewed.
- The chilly temperature.
- What you're gonna find here
is a very, very difficult gin.
It was absolutely amazing.
How uncomfortable was that?
That's the truth.
- Very difficult to
get at the moment.
That's kind
of what helped me though
when she cried.
- Taste this.
- All right.
Oh, that's very nice.
- Very delicious.
We picked up a bottle of this
at Lisa, our friend's house,
the other day.
- Ricky, go on?
- Sure.
- Yeah.
- It was absolutely amazing.
- We met the brewers.
Taste and see if you can
identify some of those flavors.
Mm, it's very nice.
Definitely taste the cinnamon.
- Absolutely.
- Mm-hmm.
- Delicious.
And um, some Asian flavors.
Yeah, mm.
I can taste the
Tasmanian pepper berry,
the uh, uh, the
lemon myrtle, and...
- Yeah.
- The chili.
- Oh, give me your phone.
Give your phone,
cheat, cheating.
No one likes a cheat.
- Oh, and I can taste the gin.
- No, that's not fun.
Babe, we're going home.
I'm taking my gin
and going home.
- Oh mate, it's okay, come on.
- No.
- Come on, now, come on.
- I'm taking my gin home.
Would anyone like me to sing?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Oh show me the
way to go home
Said the girl on Bondi Beach
I had a little swimsuit
'bout an hour ago
And it floated
right out of reach
Now all I have on now
Is sand and sea
And foam
- You okay?
- I'm okay.
So show me a page
- All right, I think...
Of the Tele
- We should go, yeah?
Show me the way to go home
- Woo-hoo!
- That was bad.
- Speaking of home, I think
we're gonna get going.
- Oh.
- So early?
- We have to get to the
cafe in the morning.
- How's it going?
We must drop by
one of these days.
Yeah, you should,
it's going really well.
We've got our
regulars that come in.
There's a little
bit of competition
from another cafe though.
- It's early days, but I
think we'll find our niche.
- Actually, Ricky's starting
to have a lot of fans.
- Come on, now I could
say the same about you.
Well, you always did have
a lot of fans.
- Well, we're a really good
team, we have great staff,
and of course, the
support of my dad.
- To the cafe.
To the cafe.
To the cafe.
- Well done, guys, you
guys are so enterprising.
I wish I had that in me.
- Do you wanna go get Alia?
I'll get our stuff.
- Holy fuck.
- Language.
- They've shot an Aussie
plane down over Syria.
A Royal Australian
Air Force fighter plane
was shot down during a
routine mission over Syria
early Friday morning.
The pilot, Lieutenant
Matthew Robinson,
ejected safely from
the burning plane
but was captured by
Islamic state fighters
when he reached the ground.
Lieutenant Robinson was
paraded by the fighters
in a video released
earlier on social media.
The prime minister met
with Cabinet colleagues
and chiefs of staff
of the armed forces
in an emergency briefing
that took place earlier today.
In New South Wales,
temperatures were down
under cloud cover today,
18 to 20 degrees in the city.
A high pressure
system in the east
is directing more.
Anything to drink?
- Nope.
- Please count to
10 into the machine.
- One, two, three.
- Okay.
Have a good one, drive safely.
- Thank you.
- Yamma?
Tareq, Ameena
hasn't come back home.
She never does this.
- Did you call her mobile?
Yes, yes, I
called so many times,
but it's always the
answering machine.
- I'm sure she's fine Yamma.
What if she's hurt?
What if she's in hospital?
- Maybe she's with a friend.
She sometimes stays at Hanan's.
I called her, but Hanan,
she too is looking for her.
Tareq, I'm very worried.
- Don't worry, Yamma,
I'm coming over.
Please, darling, please.
- I'm sure she's fine.
Darling, please come...
- Yamma.
- Please, darling.
- I'm coming over.
- Is everything okay?
Hi, you've reached Emeena,
I can't take your call
but please leave a message
or send a text.
- Baby, what's going on?
- Ameena hasn't been home
yet, Mom's really worried.
She hasn't called and she
isn't answering her phone.
I'll be back in the
morning, you gonna be okay?
- Yeah, I'm gonna be fine,
don't worry about me.
You get Alia ready for school
and I'll drop her
off when I get back.
- Ricky, try not to stress,
okay, it's gonna be fine.
I love you.
- Love you.
Honest, Yamma.
Honest, she's fine,
I'm sure she's fine.
So where did she go tonight?
- I don't know, she
never tells me anything.
- Yamma, you must
have some idea.
I've gotta tell the
police something.
The police?
- Well if you think
she's missing,
what else are we gonna do?
- Talk to people, ask
people at poetry meeting.
- What poetry, which people?
- She does slam poetry,
she took me there once.
They are wonderful, Tareq.
I didn't know that.
- She's very famous.
Her poetry is brilliant.
- Where does she do it?
- At the community center.
Hello, Bankstown Police Station,
how can I help?
- Yes, hello, I'd like to
report a missing person.
Are you a close relation
of the missing person?
- Yes, I'm her brother.
And the missing person
is resident in the area?
Hold on, please.
Hello, this is
Joanne Hendricks, duty officer,
how can I help?
- My sister hasn't
come back home tonight
and my mother's very worried.
Okay, your name, sir?
- Tareq Nasser.
And the missing person's name?
- Ameena, Ameena Nasser.
And the address?
45 Carnation Avenue.
How long's she
been missing for, sir?
- Few hours, she normally
comes back home by nine or 10.
You must've
tried calling her as well.
- Yes, of course, but
it's always her voicemail.
Sir, you really
have to come into the station
in person to file a report.
- Okay, I'll come now.
- How is Sally?
- She's good.
- Seventh month now, isn't it?
- And my little Alia?
- She's good.
I haven't seen
her in such a long time.
- In Year One now.
- She's so beautiful.
You don't visit us anymore.
You have become so
distant from your family.
You have become
an Aussie, Tareq.
Ameena is back at the uni.
She's studying to be a teacher.
- Does she have a boyfriend?
- She never told
me, I don't know.
I wonder where she is now.
I pray to please keep her safe.
Hi, you've reached
Ameena, I can't take your call,
but please leave a
message or send a text.
- Okay, the missing
person's name?
- Ameena, A-M, double
E, N-A, Nasser.
- A-M, what's your
relationship to her?
She's my sister.
Got a picture?
- Yes.
- She have a fight at home?
- Not that I'm aware of, no.
That you're aware of?
- I don't live here.
- Where do you live?
- In Enmore, with my family.
- So, who's she live with?
My mother.
- And your father?
- He passed away
when I was five.
- And there's been no
pressure for marriage, or?
No, none.
- Okay.
- There's one more thing, uh,
I saw on her profile
there were a lotta haters,
trolls threatening all sorts
of terrible things to her.
- Okay.
Um, can I just get you to
write down her username?
- Sure.
- Look, I'm sorry, I
understand your worry,
but you know you're
just gonna have to wait.
Sometimes people just
don't wanna be found.
- There's no reason
for her to disappear.
- Take my card.
And if you have any other
information just call me.
Look, if
somebody has another citizenship
and that person poses a
threat to Australian security,
we'll strip them of their
Australian citizenship.
So there are two classes
of Australian citizens
under the proposal
because people who are
second-generation Australians,
like me, I was born in
Australia, but my parents
were born oversees, so I
would be treated differently
than Australians who are
third or fourth-generation
Australian, wouldn't
I, under this scenario?
I think this
is absolutely common sense
that people who would take
up arms against Australia,
who would seek to
kill Australians...
But there are two classes,
that's what I'm getting to.
In breaking
news, Islamic state fighters
have shot down an RAAF fighter
on a routine mission in Syria.
The pilot, Lieutenant
Matthew Robinson,
bailed out safely before
the plane crashed,
but was captured by the
rebels after he parachuted
into enemy territory.
The Islamists have
released multiple videos
purporting to show the
moment the plane was hit.
One clip depicted
a jubilant crowd
gathering around the burning
wreckage of the plane,
with the camera lingering
over the captured pilot
as he was paraded
through the village.
In New South
Wales, temperatures were down
under cloud cover 18 to
20 degrees in the city.
A high pressure
system over the east
is directing moist weather
and will cause rain.
One year, two year,
three year, four
Comes a khaki gentleman
knocking at the door
Any little boys at home
Send them out to me
To train them and brain
them in battles yet to be
When a little boy is born
Feed him and train him so
Put him in a cattle pen
and wait for him to grow
When he's nice
and plump and dear
And sensible and sweet
Throw him in the trenches
Hi, you've reached
Ameena, I can't take your call
but please leave a
message or send a text.
Stay strong.
Look, you can't do this
to yourself, here love.
- What are we going
to do, oh Tareq?
Where's my baby, Yamma?
I want my baby.
- I should have
answered the phone.
Maybe she was calling
to tell me something.
I hope nothing bad
had happened to her.
I feel so responsible.
I haven't seen Ameena
in three weeks.
We had a fight, I
was angry at her.
I'm sorry.
- Do you know about her poetry?
- Yeah.
- Do you know any of
the people involved?
- I mean, she's not
really friends with them.
For her, that's just a place
to go and express herself.
She just does her thing.
You know how she
feels about groups.
- Maybe someone knows something.
- Coffee's up for Jess.
All right darling,
I'll see you soon.
See you tomorrow.
Hi, what can I get you?
Can I get two
long blacks to have here?
No worries, here's your change
and it won't be long.
Thanks very much.
- Hi baby, you okay?
- Okay.
- Yeah, what're you gonna do?
- I don't know.
- Do you have any idea
where she could be?
- No, Hanan doesn't know either.
- A guy, anything?
- Who knows.
- Hey, just relax, all right.
She's gonna be fine,
she's gonna be fine.
Hey guys, how are you today?
- All right, and you?
- Yeah, fantastic,
what can I get you?
Uh, two soy flat whites,
and a golden latte, please.
And a golden latte, no worries.
That is $6 for you guys.
Thank you.
- Hi, sweetie.
Let's go.
How was your day?
There's a track winding back
To an old-fashioned shack
Along the road to Gundagai
Where the blue
gums are growing
And the
Murrumbidgee's flowing
Beneath that sunny sky
Yes, darling?
- Amelia said only Aboriginal
people have tailbones.
- You know it's not true.
- I know, I told her
we all have tailbones,
and that monkeys
are our cousins.
She said I was wrong.
people say silly things.
- But why, Baba?
- I don't know, sweetie.
But you did well to tell her
what you learned at the museum.
There's a track winding back
To an old-fashioned shack
Along the road to Gundagai
of State expressed outrage
and demanded Wednesday that
Islamic state extremists
release Lieutenant
Matthew Robinson,
the Australian pilot, as
secret talks in Jordan
sort his release
through tribal channels.
Efforts to free the pilot
have been stepped up
with the release of an
apparent ultimatum late Tuesday
from the Islamic state group.
In the message,
the extremists say
the hostage will be
killed within 24 hours,
late Wednesday
night eastern time,
unless Australia withdraws
its occupation forces
from Iraq and Syria.
We found it
on AirbnB, didn't we?
And were you there long?
Yeah, we were
there a week, weren't we?
Oh, nice.
We'd love to go back, actually.
- Yeah.
- It's just such
a perfect spot.
- Yeah.
- During tourist season.
- Yes.
- Darn right, John.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Joanne
Happy birthday to you
- I haven't seen you
for such a long time.
How are you?
- Yeah, I'm fine,
fine, and you?
- Oh good, yeah.
- Hey, Jo.
- Hey.
- Your mum tells us
you're back at work.
- Yeah, hey mum.
- Lovely seeing you
looking so well, Jo.
- You want a drink, Jo?
- No, thanks.
- Come on, honey,
happy birthday, love.
- No, I said, "No."
- Come on, just,
old time's sake.
- Well, I hope you
lot aren't driving.
- Ah.
- I'm the designated driver.
- Yeah.
- How many have you had?
- Oh, two, but
they're only shandies.
- You can tell she's
back at the copper's, eh?
- Stop it.
- And I'm proud of it, so.
- How was your day?
- I had a strange
dream last night.
I dreamt I was a young girl,
and I was suddenly
woken by loud shouting.
My mummy was crying loudly
and my daddy was shouting.
Then he was saying
he'd had enough of her
and he was leaving.
I heard the door slam and I
heard him get into the car.
I run outta the house
and go to the driveway.
He was shouting loudly,
cursing my mummy.
He starts the car in the garage
and drives it out very fast.
Headlights glaring in my face
and I tried to stop him but,
he can't see me because
of his drunken rage.
The headlights move
towards me and...
- I had a dream about
winning the lottery once.
Yeah, that didn't happen either.
- I'm going to bed darling.
- Yeah, I'm gonna go home.
- Goodnight, Rose.
- Goodnight.
- I've gotta go.
- Come on, let me come with you.
- No, I've had a long day, I'm
tired, and I wanna go home.
- Hey, I got you a gift.
Come on, please.
- Thanks.
You shouldn't have.
Well, how 'bout a night cap?
- I don't drink.
Just one?
- It's not gonna happen, okay?
- You said you
wanted time, yeah?
And I've given it ya, haven't I?
I've been bloody patient, Jo.
Ryan was my son too, you know.
terrorists would likely
be affected by personal
motives, individual history,
their psychological
states, mental wellbeing,
social situations, family
context, personal relations,
social identity and
ideological attachment.
These factors, when combined
with misguided and deviant
so-called religious teachings
become a dangerous recipe
with serious consequences.
Many Australians
have joined the conflicts
in Iraq and Syria, and at
least 12 appeared to have died,
two in suicide bombings.
They have joined some of
the most extreme groups
in the region.
Evidence has also emerged of
active recruitment efforts
within Australia, connections
to earlier terror plots,
and that some Australians
have leadership roles
within the extremist...
- Ricky, all this
is really scary.
- It is.
Don't worry, it's gonna be fine.
- Do you promise?
- Why are you saying that?
- I don't want you to
get in any trouble.
- What trouble?
- Nothing, nothing, I
just had a bad thought.
- How would I get
into any trouble?
- Nothing, baby, I just
had a bad thought, please.
- What, you think that Ameena-
- No, Ricky, that's
not what I think.
But I don't know Ameena really,
I don't really know
anyone in your family,
you've always kept them from me.
And you know your sister
doesn't really like me.
That's not true.
You know she's difficult.
I don't get along
with her either.
- Yeah I know, I
know, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Ricky,
I know it's hard.
I'm sorry.
- Mom?
- Yeah?
- What're we eating
for dinner, I'm hungry.
Something delicious,
please go wash your hands,
with soap.
- I hope Ameena's all right.
I didn't know she
was writing poetry.
- Poetry, really?
- Checked out her page.
Some powerful stuff.
- What kinda stuff?
- Slam poetry, spoken word.
- Yeah, yeah, I saw that at uni.
- She's quiet famous,
saw some videos.
- Can I see them?
- Sure.
- Like this nation,
birthed by genocide,
stripping people of
red earth beneath feet,
not caring that red
earth is sacred.
Magic, from which
dreaming flourished,
flowing song lines, music
pouring onto deaf ears to it.
Only hearing their
own righteousness.
But I am not deaf, Mother.
I am trying to learn the
language of dream time
so I can teach you, Mother,
there are stories of survival
buried deep in that red earth.
She speaks in fervent
whispers, and I am listening.
- She's very good.
- She is.
- She's very political.
- Was always like that.
She doesn't like my ways.
- Yeah, I remember.
I remember when she called you
a fucking capitalist sellout.
- She did?
- Yeah.
- She also called me a coconut.
- Brown on the outside
and white inside.
I love you.
- I love you.
- Mother, they will
not make me forget.
They cannot silence this
tongue, these stories
from your womb to my mouth.
We were poets long before we
were sculptors, philosophers.
Long before they branded us
savages, backwards, submissive.
They won't understand
hijab is my choice.
Woman empowered
outside of men's gaze.
I won't be read by my curves,
but by the fierceness
of my words, Mother.
How's it going, Joanne?
They will not make me forget.
- Fine, it's going good.
- Let me know if there's
anything I can do.
You should look at
that Muslim girl.
- You mean the missing girl?
That is exactly what I'm doing.
- Muslim girls don't
just go missing.
Yeah, what happens?
- You think she's
still in the country?
- Oh look, I don't know, I
mean, I've got a query out
at the moment, so.
Might be worth
tipping off the feds as well.
- Okay.
Keep 'em in the loop.
- If you say so.
- You never know.
Don't forget the journo.
- He wants to talk to you.
What about?
- About the missing girl.
- G'day.
- Hey.
- I'm Pete, from
the Daily Telegraph.
Your boss asked me to see you.
- Yeah, he told me.
- Could you be frank with me?
- Yeah, what about?
- Are you working
on an Islamist angle
with the Muslim girl story?
- No, not really.
I mean, there's no
indication of that angle
according to our investigation.
- So there is an investigation
toward that hypothesis.
- It's a missing persons case.
- Too bad, would've
made it newsworthy.
- Right.
- Who knows?
I'm just saying maybe she
went to the Middle East
to join the fucking jihadists.
Allahu Akbar.
Thanks for your time.
10-1-5, got a call through,
gonna stay at Dunwar
Street job, three blocks.
Gin, seven, alpha, three blocks.
Copy that.
Copy that, you think you can
catch at their location?
staying, and is your radio
still secure for the present?
Still secure, go ahead.
Get back to the station
in relation to the
previous domestic,
we've been at our end so far.
- I have already had a visit
from two other
officers this morning.
- I know.
But I'm the
investigating officer
from the local
police station, so.
- Mrs. Nasser, do you need me
to help you with your English?
- Thank you, my English is fine.
- I've already told your
colleagues everything.
I had fallen asleep
while watching TV.
I suddenly woke up, it was past
two o'clock in the morning.
I quickly ran to her
room to check on her.
I realized she wasn't there.
She would usually
come home by midnight.
It's not like her to
stay out and not to call.
And then?
- I tried calling her, but
she never picked up the phone.
I just kept getting
that same machine.
- And then?
- I called my son, Tareq.
- So, did Ameena ever stay out?
You know, like with
friends or boyfriends?
- Sometimes Ameena
would stay over
at her best friend Hanan's.
But she would always
call me though.
- Have you noticed
anything strange
in Ameena's behavior lately?
- No.
Ameena is an angry girl.
She is angry about how the
world is unfair to our people.
She is angry about the
life we are forced to live.
But she's a good girl.
- You do have a good
life here, I mean,
Australia's been good to you.
- I was a school
teacher in my old life.
And here, I have spent
my life doing two jobs.
One as a seamstress, and
the other cleaning houses.
They told me these were
the only jobs I could get.
But yes, it has been very
good to me, and my children.
- Thank you, Mrs. Nasser.
So it's only dual citizens
who become vulnerable
under this bill,
and those are really key
issues, and will necessarily
be matters that a high
court will take into account
to do something as
dramatic as taking away...
But we
have to send a strong message
that this will not be tolerated.
Not only should their
citizenship be taken away,
but their family's
citizenship too.
Okay, those people who decide
that the response to...
- Can we turn this...
- To the extremism...
- Off, please?
Of a very small minority
is to vilify all Muslim.
In a press statement wrote out
by a family member,
Lieutenant Robinson's parents
have appealed for the
safe release of their son.
"Matthew was just doing
his job," says his mother,
Mary Robinson, who is
reportedly too distraught
to appear on camera.
The prime minister has again
said the Australian government
will not cede to the
demands of IS fighters,
saying, "Australia is committed,
along with our partners,
"to bringing an end to extremist
rule in the Middle East,
"and making the
world a safer place,"
he told the press gathered
outside Parliament House.
Now to the weather,
in New South Wales
a mostly cloudy day with rain
and isolated thunder storms,
and so far 54 millimeters of
rain recorded at the airport.
The call is for the
heaviest falls over.
Haven't seen
you in the area for awhile.
- Omar, I wanna
speak to you, Omar.
I need to talk to you, Omar.
- Go deal with it.
- Have you seen Ameena?
- Look, I don't want any
trouble, all right, leave me alone.
- Omar.
- What the fuck do
you want from me?
- I need your help.
- Look, I don't know
anything about it,
don't want anything
to do with it.
- What the fuck,
Ameena, what the fuck?
Mother, they will
not make me forget.
Mother, they will not
make me forget.
- They cannot silence
this tongue.
They cannot silence
this tongue, these stories...
- These stories...
From your womb to my mouth.
Your fears and your strengths,
I carry your cells
in my particles,
your atoms in my blood.
- I am made of you, Mother,
you and your...
- I am made of you, Mother.
- Displacement.
You and your displacement.
- Because men gather
stripping people of dirt...
- Because men gather.
- Beneath feet, not
caring that dirt
is sacred.
- Not caring dirt is sacred.
- Dirt beneath nails, magic,
from which olive trees flourish.
Thick, golden, pouring
across invaders.
- We hadn't talked to
each other for awhile.
- How long?
How long?
About three weeks.
- She tried to reach
you that night.
- Yeah, she did, but
my phone was dead.
And I tried calling her back
later, and she didn't pick up.
- Well you guys are very close.
- We met when we were toddlers,
in a shared house in
Punchbowl back in the 90s.
Her mom and mine, they
helped each other survive
in this country, it
wasn't easy for them.
Ameena and I, we went
to the same kindy,
school, uni.
- And does Ameena spend
the night here often?
Sometimes, weekends.
- Do you think she would've
spent here that night?
You know, if you'd have
answered your phone.
- I don't know.
I told you that we weren't
talking to each other.
- Why weren't you
talking to each other?
Because we had a disagreement.
- What about?
Will you please
answer the question.
- She couldn't make up her mind
about whether she
wanted to move in here.
That's what you would've liked.
- I can't afford to
pay the rent on my own.
- Is Ameena a practicing Muslim?
What do you mean?
- Does she always
wear the hijab?
- No, not until recent years.
But you don't wear it.
- No, I don't.
- So did she become religious?
- No, I think she always
was, like most people.
- Mm.
Aren't you?
- Uh, no, I mean I was
raised a Christian,
but I don't know that
I'd call myself one.
- Why not, don't you
celebrate Christmas?
- Yeah, but you know,
it's not the same, I mean,
it's just, I don't know,
it's a cultural thing.
- So when you die, aren't
you gonna be buried
in a churchyard?
- Yeah, I guess so.
Buried my son in one
a few years ago, so.
- I'm sorry.
- I'll be in touch.
Is that yours?
- You work for an airline.
- Pacific International
ground staff.
- Call me if you have any news
or anything you want to tell me.
What're you doing here?
- I waited here
for over an hour.
- How'd you get in?
I want you to leave.
- Or what, are you
gonna call the cops?
Come on.
Have, come and have
a drink with me.
- I don't drink anymore.
- Well, just one beer.
You know, I, I just
want another chance.
I bloody love you, Jo.
- I can't.
- Well fuck ya then.
Fuck ya.
- Baba, wake up.
Baba, wake up.
Baba, wake up!
- Morning, my love.
You all right?
Read this, call me later, okay?
We're late, we have to
go, say, "I love you,
- Bye.
- Baba.
- Bye.
Okay, where's your bag?
Are you coming?
verified the CVTV footage
shared on social media
of the Nasser woman
at Istanbul airport.
Why is that we have no
intelligence report about this woman?
How did she manage to
slip past our border?
I want answers from
the prime minister.
Hi, you've
reached Senior Constable
Joanne Hendricks, please leave
a message after the beep.
Tareq, the neighbors
came and told me about
what they are saying about
Ameena in the papers.
The Sheik and the
elders came to see me.
They said that they have no
proof, just hollow accusations.
- Come and see you later.
This is all lies, Tareq.
- I'm working now, Yamma.
Oh, oh, Ameena
wouldn't do this, Tareq.
Hi, you've reached
Ameena, I can't take your call
but please leave a
message or send a text.
- Yamma?
- This wouldn't have happened
if you hadn't left us.
It's all your fault,
Tareq, all your fault.
Look, I'm sorry,
habib, I'm sorry,
I didn't.
- No, it's all right.
- I brought some food.
- Habibti, please put
them in the kitchen.
Habib, well, I didn't
mean it was you.
- Would you please tell me
what the fuck is going on.
- I don't know.
- Tell me the truth,
you're hiding something.
- No, I, I'm not.
- Come on Hanan, tell
me what's going on.
You know everything about...
- No, I don't.
- What about Omar,
what happened with him?
Why don't you tell
me what's going on?
- Omar wanted to be with Ameena,
Ameena didn't wanna be with him.
- I thought they were
seeing each other.
- No, that was just gossip.
I haven't seen Omar in awhile.
He got in trouble with the cops.
What for?
- He said some dumb shit online.
Look, I don't know
the full story.
He got put in super max.
- Do you think what
they're saying is true?
- No, she wouldn't do that.
I know her too well, she
wouldn't do that.
- Baba?
What's a terrorist?
- Ricky.
- Dada?
Ricky, we'd like to know.
Have you heard from your family?
How long has she been gone for?
Tareq, have you
received any sort of contact
from your sister?
- Leave us alone.
It's all right.
Has she gone back to Syria?
Oh yeah, when did you
last see her, mate?
- It's all right.
It's all right, baby.
Leave us alone.
- Have you heard from her?
Where is she?
When was the last time
that you actually
spoke to your sister?
Leave us alone.
You gonna be
taking your family to Syria?
Where's your sister?
- I've got you.
You okay?
I've got you now, are you okay?
Just sit up here, I'll
give you a big cuddle.
Good girl, oh what a good
girl, what a good girl.
I tried to call you.
Oh, it's okay, honey.
You're okay, I got you.
Ricky, what're we gonna do?
- I don't know, maybe you
should go to your mother's
for a few days.
- I'm not going without
you, what about you?
I'll stay here, I
have to look after the cafe.
- No Ricky, I'm not going
without you, I need you.
- No, think of the baby.
Think of Alia.
They'll follow me
if I come with you.
- You're okay.
I'm so sorry, Ricky.
I'm so sorry for all
that's happened to you.
- No, I'm the one
who should be sorry.
It's my stupid family
fucking things up.
- No baby, come here, Ricky.
Come here.
Hey, you listen to me.
This is not your
fault, all right?
- This orange head, and this one
- He's funny, he needs
some hair up here.
- Yeah, it's so cute.
- Put some hair on him?
- I like this one.
Is that Grandma?
- All that.
Move, please
will you just disperse?
Goodness gracious,
that's appalling.
- Ricky.
- Hi.
Darling, I've
been so worried about you.
- Where are they?
- Sally?
- Sal?
Sally, darling.
- Hi, sweetheart.
Look here...
- Oh, darling.
- We really need to hurry, um...
- Can you get these?
- Have you got your,
got your things packed?
Is this uh...
- I've got that.
- We should hurry.
- Don't forget Teddy.
- Yeah.
- Come on, sweetheart,
here we go.
Here we go, do you wanna
say bye-bye to Daddy.
All right.
- All right.
Off we go.
Let's go.
Take my hand.
It's all right,
we can get in the car.
You got your things?
I think uh...
Now come, give me your bag.
This one's fine.
Why don't we uh, now,
can you just, Margaret,
why don't you just get the door.
- All right.
- And I'll carry...
- Come here, darling.
- Alia, sweetie, here we are.
Whoa, there we go, all
right, we're ready.
Be safe, okay?
Come on,
darling, we have to hurry.
Off we go.
- Be safe.
- Off we go.
Go home.
What did you tell the police?
We're not, we've got
nothing to say to any of you.
- Go away.
- You have no right
to be harassing
them at their home.
Have you had
any contact with her at all?
What did Ricky tell you?
Did Ricky tell you something?
I'll tell you what,
this is private property.
You set one foot...
Why isn't Ricky coming with you?
Where is Ricky?
Why is he hiding
inside the house?
Why has she gone to Syria?
- Oi, why you following me?
Tareq, what the fuck,
what is wrong with you?
- I just wanna talk.
- I don't wanna talk to you.
What the fuck, they're
gonna know you're here,
I'm gonna have to tell them.
- Who, what're
you talking about?
- The spooks, you fuckhead, I
don't wanna go back to prison.
- Do you know where Ameena is?
- How the fuck would I know?
- I'm just trying to find
out where my sister is.
- I don't know where
your sister is,
and I don't fuckin' care.
Look, they got nothing on me.
But my life is fucked.
I put money in a charity, and
they put me in a super max.
They took my passport, they
said I was funding terrorism,
for putting 400 bucks
in a charity in Syria.
Oh what, you don't believe me?
You're just like them.
You think you're
an Aussie, Tareq?
Just 'cause you're fuckin' one?
You're worth nothin', mate.
You're just a fucking wog.
An Arab fuckin' dog, and
that's all you'll ever be.
And forget your sister,
she's as good as dead.
Who's that guy?
- Hey...
- I live here, I'm Tareq Nasser.
Hey Ricky,
do you have a comment, Ricky?
Ricky, Ricky.
- It's nothing, Yamma, it's
nothing, it's all right.
- Shane?
Shane, are you here?
What do you want from me?
- Why are you so angry at me?
What have I done to ya?
- He died 'cause of you.
You sent him there.
Hey Ryan, Ryan was a hero.
- It was all because of
your fucking male ego.
And he was my baby.
- Yeah, I know.
I know.
Hey, I loved him too.
We, we should be proud of him.
Yeah, we should be proud
of our son's sacrifice.
I love you.
I love you, Jo.
You have gotta stop,
stop blaming me.
I need ya.
I love you.
- What, what?
No, get off, get...
- I need you.
- What're you doing?
Get away.
Get off me.
Get off.
I need ya.
- Of me, get off me!
Get off me, yes.
No, get off of me.
- Yeah?
Are you coming to the station?
- Yeah.
The boss is asking for you.
- Why, what's happened?
They've killed the pilot.
Ryan, Ryan?
still studying the evidence
that we collected
at the Nasser house.
We are waiting for cyber
crime to get back to us
with the data on the computers.
The accused's brother,
Tareq, Ricky Nasser,
has been released
after questioning,
but he's under surveillance.
- Is he a suspect?
- No, but it's procedure.
- We're investigating
the possibility
that Ameena Nasser's left
the country on another alias,
and with stolen documents.
- And have you
got leads on that?
- The investigation is underway.
- So it's still a
missing persons case.
- Let's not jump the gun.
We have to wait for due
process to take place.
- Due process, sir?
- Yes, Joanne, we have
to wait for the agencies
to finish their investigation.
- So, we just wait until
they can find some evidence
to prove their hypothesis?
- Yes.
You'll stand by until I say so.
- There's a young
woman who is missing.
- That'll be all,
thanks for coming.
Not you, you can stay.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Nothing's fucking
wrong with me.
- You insulted me in
front of my colleagues.
- I didn't, I was...
- I do the talking.
Maybe you're not ready
to come back to work.
Maybe there needs
to be a reevaluation
of your mental state.
- I don't need a reevaluation.
- You look like shit.
Have you been drinking again?
You know you're on probation.
- What do you want from me?
- Be a team player.
- Okay.
- I'm gonna give
you a last chance.
- What's being a team
player mean, Paul?
Hm, that I should just sit
back and let you play politics?
- We have a security
situation in this country.
We are under attack, we have
to be incredibly careful.
The agencies are
all working together
to make Australia a safe place,
and to protect
Australians from harm.
- And the missing woman?
- What about her?
She may be participating in
the killing of Australians,
or of causing violence.
Have you forgotten
that your own son
was killed by these madmen?
- How could I forget my son?
But I just, I just
don't know what it is
he gave his life for.
And I ask myself that
question, I ask it every day,
every hour, every
fucking minute.
- Because men gather,
stripping people of dirt
beneath feet, not caring
that dirt is sacred.
Dirt beneath nails, magic from
which olive trees flourish.
Thick, golden, pouring across.
Invaders, as they
push back the line,
men able to make innocent guilty
as though we made
our own genocide.
They push back the line.
Bulldozers, rifles,
missiles, white phosphorus.
Massacres and mass graves,
they push back the line,
imprisoning the young so
that they will never grow
into warriors.
Stones in their hands
to stones in our shoes,
they sink quick in the
sorrows of we who mourn them.
Mother, they will
not make me forget.
They cannot silence this tongue,
these stories from
your womb to my mouth.
- Yeah, missing persons unit.
Senior Constable
Joanne Hendricks.
No, now.
- Ricky, I can't, Ricky,
I can't do this anymore.
I can't, I can't, I
can't take the stress.
It's not good for the baby.
Oh fuck, fuck, fuck
Ameena, fuck her.
I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
- I'm sorry, baby.
- It's all right.
- I'm sorry.
You okay?
- Here we go.
That's your baby.
Can you see that flickering?
That's its heartbeat.
- Yeah.
Oh my god.
Fuck this.
Oh my god, Ricky.
- Hey, Ricky.
- Come on, Ricky.
- Ricky what're you doing?
Ricky, don't!
Oh my god.
- Record, that.
- Ricky!
- Hey, what're you doing?
- Don't.
- Don't, don't.
- What, Ricky?
- Why are you doing that?
Don't do that to him, mate.
- You have to make things right.
You hear me, Ricky, you
have to make things right.
Your family comes first.
You cannot do this
to my daughter.
And your children, you've
a new baby on the way, man.
Now, I don't care what your
sister did or did not do,
you have to fix it.
Now uh, Gregory is going
to help you fix this mess.
He's an old friend and
he knows what to do.
- Yeah, look Ricky, we're
gonna fix all this, mate.
But I need your help.
- Oh, he'll, he'll do
whatever's required.
Won't you, Ricky?
- My name is Tareq Nasser.
I'm here to publicly
apologize for my sister,
Ameena Nasser's actions.
I did not know, and
neither did my mother,
that she had become
a radical Islamist.
By leaving overseas to
join Islamic extremists,
she had betrayed the
country that gave her,
and all of us, shelter,
when my family had
to flee persecution.
ISIS is completely opposed
to the Australian values
of democracy and
This country has
given us opportunities
that we could never
have imagined.
Education, security, freedom.
There's a place
for everyone here,
and I for one am proud to
call myself an Australian.
10 fingers, 10
toes, that's all you want.
Alan, honestly.
He takes after his father.
- He's very handsome.
- Such a great talker.
- He's definitely got
your beautiful eyes.
- Uh-huh.
- But he's probably got my hair.
Oh, be careful.
- I love you, babe.
Go baby.
- Mother, they will
not make me forget.
They cannot silence this tongue.
These stories from
your womb to my mouth.
I'll carry our women's
stories and birth them.
I will scrape the
dirt of our lands
from beneath our fingertips
and place it on lips
of those still
speaking untruths.
Into the abyss let
them hear truth echoed.
As I bleed these stories,
etched into my existence.
We know the strength
in sharing truth.
Lips to ears, hearts to
souls, this is how we rise up.
Gather strength, become a
force to be reckoned with,
refuse to submit, to assimilate.
Their continued
colonization will not abate.
We must destroy those
who would dictate
the ways we should live.
Dismantle the
system, bolt by bolt.
Crush white supremacy,
fist to fist.
Violence with violence, the
only language they understand.
We won't be silent, Mother.
No matter how hard
they try to silence us,
we will show them, Mother,
by any means necessary.
Mother, they will
not make me forget.
They cannot silence this
tongue, these stories
from your womb to my mouth.
- No!
Get in the car!