Slamma Jamma (2017) Movie Script

of the greatest dunkers
of our generation, Bill.
Oh, my! The mustard
is off the hot dog!
What a play from Michael Diggs.
That's 34 points for the sophomore!
Bill, this young man
has an incredible future
here, at USC.
TV ANNOUNCER: And that's the
game! They win it at the buzzer!
Michael, you have so
many fans here tonight!
My biggest fan is my ma.
I love you, Ma!
Lisa, I love you too!
Craig! Where Craig at?
My best friend Craig!
All right! Watch out. Gimme that.
Hey, shout out to this dude right here.
I'm so proud of you,
bro. You did your thing.
- Yeah!
- Everybody...
Y'all thought we couldn't do it,
but we did it, baby! Let's go!
It appears that Michael Diggs has
been charged with armed robbery.
The basketball phenom and USC champion
is now appearing in court.
The trial starts today for Michael Diggs,
the once huge NBA prospect, who
is now charged with armed robbery.
Michael Diggs was convicted today
of the armed robbery charge
that happened last year.
His penalty phase, it's coming up.
There's no one here.
I didn't tell anybody.
Can I give you a lift?
No. I'm okay. I'll do it on my own.
Have you decided what you're gonna do?
Haven't even thought that far yet.
Well, I wish you the best, Michael.
You too, Warden.
- How much?
- Three-fifty.
- It's gone up.
- It has.
didn't you use to play basketball?
Yeah. Long time ago.
PLAYER: Let's go!
Where's your D at, bro?
Yeah! Yo!
Go, go, go!
Hi, Mama.
GEMMA: Michael.
Why didn't you tell me you was out?
- Why didn't you...
- I didn't want to bother you.
- You just saw me last week.
- Oh, I could have met you.
Don't worry. It's okay, Mama.
You should have told
me. I would've met you.
It's okay.
You're like a changed man.
I am.
A changed man.
Praise God.
- So where's Taye?
- Taye? Well...
Your little brother, he's not doing well.
What does that mean?
He's not doing well.
Where is he?
I don't know, he's out.
Let me look at you.
You look so healthy. I
prayed every day and night.
Come on, you gonna stay
in your old bedroom.
All right, Mom. Look,
just for a time, though.
Oh, don't be silly. You gonna
stay there as long as you want.
GEMMA: Here, son.
- Take it.
- No, Ma.
Look, I still got some money
that the prison gave me.
It's okay.
I'll make us some dinner.
No, Ma. Ma. I already ate.
Listen, I gotta go do some things,
but I'll be back, all right?
Where you going?
I gotta get a job.
(SCOFFS) That can wait. You just got out.
I'll be fine, Ma.
Don't bug me with this nonsense.
I told you already. How
many times I got to...
Hey, man, have you seen Taye around?
I'll call you back.
- When did you get out of jail?
- Today.
Welcome home.
- Thank you, man.
- Yeah, yeah.
No, I haven't seen him.
All right. No worries. Take it easy.
Jerry, some kid slipped and fell.
Aisle 9. The mom's pretty upset.
Seriously? Did they get hurt?
Hey, listen, I gotta go
take care of this thing.
I don't have time to look at this.
Not much experience, huh?
Listen, I'd be a great worker.
Okay. We'll give it a shot.
All right. Great. When can I start?
- You can start today.
- Now?
- Yeah. Now.
- Okay.
- Enjoy your day.
- WOMAN: You too.
Taye, man!
What up?
Yo, what's up? When did you get out?
Oh, all right.
Man, I was wondering if we
could hang out after work?
I just got this new job.
Yeah. If I'm free.
That's cool.
Yeah, it's good seeing
you after all this time.
Listen, uh, I gotta go, all right?
All right, little bro.
See you soon.
I got the ball!
Hey, guard George! Get George! Come on!
- Come on, come on!
- Watch it! Watch it! Watch it!
On the ball!
Here it comes, here it
comes. Here it comes.
Whoo! That's game! That's right. (CHUCKLES)
All right, who's next?
Hey, man. You play?
It's been a while.
That don't matter.
- Come on.
- All right.
- Yo, you gonna wear that, man?
- What?
Your supermarket apron.
- Let's go.
- Thanks.
You sure you can play though, right?
Like I said, it's been a while.
What do you mean "been a while"?
- I mean...
- Nah, it's all right. That's cool.
We just need another guy.
We're all right. Ball up.
Here we go.
Shoot that! Shoot that!
Steal that! Steal that!
I was open!
I'm up!
Deep! Deep! Deep! Deep!
Deep! Deep! Deep!
Come on, to the hoop!
Man! Hey, come on, now.
You straight? You straight?
I'm feeling good, man. I'm good.
Let's go! Pass the ball! Come on, man!
Pass the ball! Go! He's open, he's open.
- Damn.
- Yo! Yo, he was wide open. Come on, man!
- Come on, man!
- I got you, I got you. I got you.
You might think that
you can hurl me down
- No way!
- That's game.
- Well, where did that come from?
- I don't know.
Yo, maybe he's LeBron in disguise.
Dude, where did that come from, bro?
I told you, I ain't played in a while.
Yeah, right, not played in a while.
Yo, how come we haven't
ever seen you before?
- You just move here?
- Yeah.
You must have played
some kind of college ball.
- You just didn't come out of nowhere.
- TERRELL: He did.
Brother played at USC, right?
First team All-American.
Averaged 27 points per,
and led USC to an NCAA tournament,
then he got arrested.
Good to see you too, Terrell.
Oh, you played for USC?
I think I remember you now!
You got arrested for
robbing someone, right?
Good to know some things never die.
Yo, I'm sorry. Who are you?
I'm an agent.
- An agent?
- Yes. An agent.
What are you doing here?
I'm looking for the next big client.
If it's any of your business.
I'm your next big client.
No, I don't think so.
(SCOFFS) Well, you obviously never
seen me play then before, huh?
- Am I right?
- I've seen you play.
You have about as much
chance to make the NBA
as that thing over there.
LISA: Well, I didn't mean to.
Why are you gonna stay at home?
LISA'S MOM: 'Cause I'm tired.
I just made that whole meal and I'm tired.
CRAIG: Why are you acting like that?
LISA'S MOM: Because I'm old.
- LISA: Mom...
- CRAIG: ...nothing to do. Come on.
LISA'S MOM: You know what, I'm
tired. I'm about to go to bed.
LISA: But no...
- Michael?
- Hi.
When'd you get out?
A few days ago.
- Lisa?
- LISA: Yeah?
- (CLEARS THROAT) You got a visitor.
- Who?
- Hi.
- CRAIG: Who is that?
It's Michael.
Michael, you remember Craig,
- Man. When did you...
- A few days ago.
Look, man, I know you feel some type of way
because I ain't come see
you while you was in the pen.
But, as you heard, I'm
playing in the League now.
The schedule's kinda crazy.
You understand, right?
Yeah, I understand.
Hear you're doing good
too. Congratulations.
Appreciate it.
Anyways, we about to
head to the Clippers game,
meet up with the homies.
So we gonna roll.
Nah. That's no worries, man.
I just come by to say hi.
- For sure.
- LISA: Michael...
You living with your mom, now?
Yeah, for the time being.
That's great.
Welcome back, though, man.
For real. It's good to see you.
For real.
Nice car.
See you later.
Michael, Merry Christmas.
Lisa? Why is Michael showing
up over at your momma house?
He was just saying hi.
I haven't seen him in six years.
Well, why are you
concerned with seeing him?
Like, that's... That's the
part that's trippin' me out.
Why do you care to see him? I'm your dude!
He came to my house.
That fool's crazy, man.
Watch out, fool!
What are you doing? What is wrong with you?
Hey, Mr. Porter,
Um, I was wondering, when
are our paychecks coming?
Every two weeks.
- Okay. Thanks.
- No problem.
Is that you, Michael?
Hi, Melinda.
When did you get out?
A few days ago.
I tried my best to defend you, Michael.
Sometimes the justice is dead on arrival.
I truly lost my soul
when they took you away.
Listen, you did the best you could do.
So, that's all that matters.
I gotta get back to work, so...
It's good seeing you.
See you.
- Hey, man!
- What?
You throwin' that out?
Yeah. It's 30 days old, man.
- Can I take it?
- Sure. Here.
You feeding the birds?
- Uh, yeah, and the goldfish too.
Well. Good luck, man.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
TV ANNOUNCER: Next up is
Michael Diggs from USC.
He just needs one complete dunk
and he wins the competition!
But he missed it!
And the winner goes
to Craig Jackson.
Michael Diggs is runner up!
Bro, what is you trippin' about?
So what was you tryin' to do?
Like I said, I about to do this
dunk you ain't never seen before.
That's your problem.
You always tryin' to do
stuff you know you can't do.
Yeah, no use of playing that over
and over again in your mind, Michael.
You just lucky I ain't make that dunk.
Right. So what was you tryin' to do again?
Like I said, it's something
you ain't never seen before.
Whatever. Look, you're good, bro.
You'll go number one in
the draft. You straight.
You got your girl. I won the dunk contest.
So, what? Let's keep it pushin'.
Michael? Is everything all right?
Yeah, Ma.
Just reminiscing. That's all.
See, if you don't show up,
I gotta give him the work.
And do you want the work?
- Run that. I need that.
- He's hungry.
You acting like you ain't hungry right now.
No, I swear, I'm on it, bro.
MICHAEL: Yo, what up, Taye?
Michael Diggs.
When they let you out?
Couple days ago.
Yo, that's one of the best
basketball players I ever seen.
Twenty eight points per game, right?
No, not anymore. Come on, man.
Hey, Mike, if you need that
work, you know who to come see.
No, I'm good. I got a job.
Just letting you know.
We don't do drugs anymore.
We're pushing guns now.
Guns is the latest and greatest,
you know what I'm saying?
I know you know what I'm sayin', but...
Listen, we're not interested.
- All right.
- Come on, man.
Yo, Taye, just be on time, a'ight?
- A'ight?
- Right.
Yo, man. What are you doing, man?
Yo, he giving me work.
Yo, he's a gang member!
Mama needs the money, fool!
- What?
- Yeah.
She's desperate. She needs the money.
We don't need to make money like this, man.
I just spent six years
in prison because of this.
Don't that mean anything to you?
You gonna do what with your
little grocery job, huh?
- I'm proud of my job, man.
- I'm sure.
Listen, we don't got to
make money like this, man.
Don't go down this road, bro.
Look, don't talk to me like
you ain't served six years, huh!
If I get hooked up, I
won't get caught like you.
Man alive.
Why didn't you tell me?
A $2,300 hospital bill?
I didn't want to give you grief, son.
You just got out of prison.
Look, Mom...
I'll work two jobs.
You know, don't worry.
We'll do this.
God will be with us, son.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Just working late at the nursing home.
I'll be fine.
Look, Mom,
don't worry about anything, all right?
You was always there for me.
I'm gonna take care of you now, okay?
- Excuse me, sir?
- Yeah?
- You guys have any open shifts?
- Sorry, man, no.
- All right. Thank you. No worries.
- Okay.
GEMMA: God will be with us, son.
- PLAYER 1: Pick it up.
- PLAYER 2: Hey, take it from him.
Take it from him.
MAN: You go!
Ain't that Michael Diggs?
Yeah, it is.
I haven't seen him in years.
MAN: Hey, Mike, join the game, man!
- Help me out!
- Oh, no! No!
The sound, what's
up, you can't take him
And the road less traveled
makes for a humble occasion
He said the bro can't resist
And many broken bridges
The feet didn't tread over me
Know this, focus on the roses
And you get these
cockroaches and vultures
That's crazy! He still got the hops!
- Where's he been?
- In jail.
- Were you livin' in a cave?
- Jail? I didn't know.
Words from my mind to yours
Free your pen and pencil
when you reach the middle
The sidewalk chalk,
squat, shut your mouth...
Two scores, Michael! Go!
...from L.A. to Newport
Walkin' home from school
and walk in the ball court
That's game!
(LAUGHS) That's my boy!
Michael Diggs, that's my boy!
- That's my boy!
- Yeah!
- Yeah.
- That's right.
- All right.
- All right, who's next?
I got next.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
You must have the wrong
court. The YWCA is over there.
- Hey, man. Let her play.
- Give me the ball.
- Give me the ball!
- Her ball.
Easing your mama's pain
'Cause the mama's
scatterbrained with us
Time is what you can't afford
The medicine could change
Magic Johnson does
for these entrepreneurs
Man, the change is coming
Get's the goal I gave myself
When I hit this ground running
Yeah! Let's go!
Amaze the fans
from L.A. to Newport
Walkin' home from school
and walk in the ball court
To hear him recount
tales, talk about all sorts
You go, Michael!
To hear him recount tales,
talk about all sorts
Oh! What's that? What's that?
- Whoo!
- That's game, baby.
That's right.
- You wanna go out sometime?
- No.
- Yo, what's up?
- She said no.
Bro, ask her again.
Chicks dig it when you ask
her a second time, seriously.
Go. Go. You got this.
Yeah, that's right. Uh-huh.
Hey, you want to go out sometime on a date?
Did you not hear me? I said, "No".
She said, "No".
You discouraged? Come on, bro. Come on.
I saw her lookin' at you earlier.
No, no, no.
Go. You got this.
Excuse me, do you want to go out sometime?
Are you mentally ill?
I said, "No".
Let's go.
Gimme the ball. Come on, man.
Give... Come on now.
- Who has next?
- DOUGGY: Who got next?
Hold up, hold up, hold up!
I don't want anybody talking
trash to this little guy!
Anyone who makes one little
tiny joke will answer to me!
You wanna be on my team, little fella?
Come on, man!
Yeah! Yeah.
Watch him!
Come on, man! Dang!
Take that, little fella.
Little fella.
Michael Diggs.
How have you been?
Been a long time since I've seen you.
The last time I saw you, you
were in high school, Michael.
Good to see you, Pastor Soul.
Sorry, it's been so long.
Been out of church for quite some time now.
That is true.
But the doors of this church
are always open for you, Michael.
But if you are looking for redemption,
you're not gonna find it here.
You know? We could use your help.
We need role models like you, Michael.
Role model?
Me, a role model?
I'm a guy who spent six years behind bars.
Look, I wanna help any way I can, but...
I'm not ready for that yet.
You are Michael Diggs. Or was I mistaken?
- I was.
- Was?
In another life.
You are still Michael Diggs.
I know you have been put through hell.
But you came back.
And you still have that
God-given talent and ability
you always have had.
You are not the only one who
has screwed up in this life.
A lot of people have
screwed up worse than that,
and they came back, stronger
and better than ever before.
Now, let's... Let's fix this church up.
Let's resurrect it.
Do we have a deal?
- Let's make it happen, preacher.
- Let's do it.
Man, this place is nasty.
It's gonna be beautiful, man.
I sure hope so.
It's perfect. We don't
need to clean up no more.
Come on, man.
Man, they can sit on the ground, right?
Hey, yo, Michael.
You don't have to tell us
if you don't want, you know.
I'm cool, but...
What happened, man?
You mean how I got sent to prison?
Yeah, yeah. I mean, you know,
we all know the headline, but,
I wanna hear it from you.
I was hanging with the
wrong crowd one night.
Yo. Michael, Mike. Hey, man, what's up?
What's up, man? You still ballin'?
- Yeah.
- Taking it to the hoop?
Yeah. Somethin' like that.
Hey, man, you wanna make a quick G?
- Doing what?
- Hey, nothing.
I just want to introduce you to
somebody who's a big fan of yours.
- Why the money, though?
- Oh, come on, man.
Look, it's good for business.
You bein' a celebrity and all.
What up, Mr. Johnson?
Hey, Red.
- Do you recognize this guy?
- I sure do.
Michael Diggs! Wow!
- How are you, sir?
- I'm good.
- Big fan of yours.
- Thank you.
What are you doing here?
Twenty eight points a game, right?
More like 27.
What's it matter?
You're one of the best in the nation, kid.
Say, how come the coach
didn't let you shoot
that 3-pointer in the tournament, huh?
I mean, that was stupid, right?
Yeah, I don't know. That's coach.
What? Did you hear that?
Hear what?
I thought I heard something.
No, you ain't hear nothin'.
What are you doing, Red?
Hey, Joe! Get out of here!
Don't do that, man.
- Why did you shoot him, man?
- Shut up!
- Get out of here! Go home.
- Why did you shoot him?
Man, dead men can't talk, Michael.
Now go home, and you
ain't hear nothin', right?
Nothin'! Nothin'! Now get outta here!
It doesn't look good.
They have you as an accessory to murder.
What does that mean?
Possible life sentence.
I believe you, Michael.
And I will do everything I can to
work out a deal with the prosecutor.
I don't want a deal.
I did nothing wrong.
Michael, you were there.
The killer paid you.
And those are the facts they
are going to present to the jury.
I don't care!
Michael, I know you're innocent.
They used me.
- I was a fool.
- And,
he was identified through a key witness.
When he was later picked up,
he had $1,000 cash on him.
One thousand dollars.
Now, Michael Diggs
will have you believe he was just ignorant.
That he was just... Just
playing the game, huh?
But evidence shows he knew
exactly what he was doing.
Who gives someone $1,000
for just introducing them?
He knew exactly what the
other three defendants,
all gang members, were up to.
And it's for that reason alone...
You must find him guilty.
Talk to me.
- (VOICE BREAKING) My life is over.
- No, it's not.
- You don't understand.
- We can get through this.
I can't catch no break in court.
- Where's your faith?
- What faith?
There is no God.
God wouldn't do this to me!
- It's over.
- Don't say that.
Go find somebody else!
MELINDA: Your Honor,
my client is innocent.
He has done nothing wrong.
He himself is a victim
of this incredible scam.
- They used his name...
- I don't care.
He should have shown better common sense.
I sentence Mr. Diggs to
10 years in State Penn.
Please escort the defendant
out of my courtroom.
- Next case!
I had no idea, man.
And that's not what I heard in the news.
Man, that's not right. That's not right.
I'd be the most bitter man
on the face of the planet
if that happened to me!
But he's not.
That is the whole point.
- How did you keep your sanity, man?
- Faith.
Couldn't you have protested more?
- I mean...
- No.
But you, you would have
been drafted number one!
I mean, in the NBA, bro!
Why you gotta make him feel worse?
It's all right. It's not
like there was a guarantee.
that it would have happened anyway.
I mean, the Good Book says,
"Tomorrow is guarantee to no man.
"And what good does it profit a man
"to gain the world but lose his soul?"
But God has a plan.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How are you?
You never wrote me.
You never let me visit you.
Lisa, I didn't want to hurt you.
So you just cut me off?
Did you not think about how I would feel?
- Look, I had to do it, all right?
It was something I had to do for myself.
I know.
You had to.
The great Michael Diggs.
Always making your own decisions,
regardless how anybody else feels.
I'm a changed man now.
Yeah? How?
I found God.
Well, everybody finds God in prison.
- So you're seeing Craig now?
- Yeah.
We're dating.
He wants to get married.
I'm sure he does.
Listen. I gotta get going.
I'm glad you have a new life now.
Thank you for coming.
I really appreciate it.
Mmm-hmm. Take care.
Michael, come over here.
Yeah, boss?
(SIGHS) We're gonna have to let you go.
I'm very sorry, Michael.
Why? I don't understand.
It's the company policy
not to hire convicts.
I didn't know. I didn't read
your application thoroughly.
I was so busy.
It's okay.
You still have a paycheck coming next week.
You can stop by and pick it up.
Take care.
TERRELL: Now you know
I've been out there
doin' my thing, shaking the game.
like you need me to,
baby, like you need me to.
And I've spoken to three
lottery teams already,
and they believe if you
declare yourself eligible,
you'll be the number one
player drafted in the draft.
And they're putting their
money where their mouth is.
They're talkin' about 65 milli millies.
We're talkin' about $65 million.
All of your problems go away.
All your worries will leave you this day.
And your beautiful fiancee,
you can give her the life
she deserves, Michael.
after this season, many think
you will declare yourself
eligible for the draft.
Any thoughts?
Yeah, I've decided I'm
gonna stay put right here
with my coach and fiancee.
I'm not going anywhere.
could be number one in the draft.
- Are you sure?
- What did he say?
He's gonna stay loyal to our school.
You guys, you're unbelievable.
Lisa? Any comments?
Whatever Michael wants that's
best for him, I support.
Michael, can you address the rumor
that Craig Jackson is not
that happy to see you come back
'cause he might have been the
primary scorer this season?
All right, that's all. Folks, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Excuse me. Aren't you his agent?
- What?
- Someone said you're his agent.
Who? I'll sue them.
It's illegal to recruit underclassmen.
I'm a man of integrity.
I represent people like Troy Aikman
and Emmitt Smith and Marshawn Lynch!
Why do I need to do something illegal?
What's your name anyway?
You're goin' around
repeating this, I'll sue you.
I'll sue you till you pay me
with the seams in your jeans.
The only reporting you'll be
doing is from an unemployment line.
Cheap reporters.
- MICHAEL: Hi, sir.
- MAN: Hi.
Um, I was wondering if
you had any job openings?
I'm sorry, we don't. Uh...
The other shop in the back may have
some openings if you like to try it.
- Okay. Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- How you doing?
- Hey. How you doing?
What can I do for you?
Um, I was wondering if you
guys had any job openings.
Uh, what kind of experience do you have?
Uh, do you know anything about
carburetors or engine diagnosis?
Um... No, not that.
Can you mount and balance tires?
No, I can't do that, either.
How about oil changes?
Well, unfortunately,
I'm not looking for
anybody right this second,
but I can give you an application.
Um... Once you get some experience,
you can come back and talk to me.
Maybe we can do something for you.
All right. Thank you. I appreciate it, sir.
Sorry about that.
Hey, yo, Mike, what's...
Why you lookin' so downcast, man?
- Life ain't that bad.
- What do you want?
Now, is that any way to
talk to your benefactor?
A welcome home gift.
- What is it?
- It's cash.
- Cold cash. $2,500.
- What for?
'Cause I'm givin' it to
you, that's what's for.
No strings attached. Just
consider it a gift to your church.
- How you know about my church?
- I know all things, Mike.
No, thank you.
(SCOFFS) You know, you really
need to learn how to accept a gift.
No. There's always strings attached.
What's that term? "Beware
of Greeks bearing gifts"?
Nah, I never heard that.
I learned it reading in prison.
You should do the same.
Don't you walk away from me.
So, you think you're better than me,
but you're nothin' but a washed-up
ex-ball player with no future.
See him gettin' all puffed up?
Do somethin' Mike. Do it.
Come on, gimme your best shot, man of God.
See I can see all that anger inside of you.
But God can't help you, can He?
No. God can't save you
'cause He doesn't exist.
But I do.
So don't you forget that.
Just chill out.
Arthur, that last order is for table 5.
Michael Diggs.
Long time no see.
- Hi, Mr. Peters.
- When did you...
Last week.
So glad you're back. (SIGHS)
I know a lot of people have
been hating on you, Michael,
but I believed in you.
Thank you.
Now. What can I do for you?
I was wondering if you
had any job openings.
I'm sorry, Michael. I
just filled an opening.
Mr. Peters, I really need this job.
I'll do anythin' for work.
- Have you tried next door?
- Yes.
Well, would you be willing
to bus tables and wash dishes?
Yes. I'd do anything.
Hey. Be sure to get all
the grease out, okay?
Them fried chicken has a lot of oil in it.
Yes, sir.
- Hungry, man!
- Hey, me, too.
And everything's on me today, baby.
It better be. You makin'
2.5 mill a year off me.
That's a fact, CJ,
but the truth is,
I get so much 'cause I
make you so much more, baby.
I get you the best deals.
What was that?
It's okay, folks. Just some broken plates.
Hey, Michael, go get a broom.
Yes, sir.
TERRELL: What have you decided on?
Michael Diggs!
Come here!
Look at this fool.
What's up, guys?
You a cook now?
I didn't know you could cook.
So what are you doing in the kitchen?
I was washing the dishes.
Washing the dishes?
When you're busing those suds, make
sure you clean the dishes, baby.
I hate a dirty, greasy dish,
you know what I'm sayin'?
Go hard on him. That's crazy.
my mom's having a
birthday party on Saturday.
- Would you like to come?
- No, I'm sorry. I can't.
I gotta work.
Are you okay?
Do you need any help from us?
Check it out.
I'ma keep it real with you.
If you need it...
I definitely got it.
We go back. Just holla at me.
No, I'm good.
If anything, you could
just give it to my church.
Your church? What do I look like?
- Yo, what church is this?
- The one on 112th Street.
That building's been closed forever, baby.
Yeah. We reopened it.
You guys should drop by sometime.
We'll see.
Listen, I gotta get back to work, though.
It was good seeing you all. Take care.
- Good seeing you too.
- Bye, Michael.
That's quite a fall.
What a waste.
Everybody finds God in prison.
Yeah. I said that, too.
Do you believe in God?
- Who? Me?
- Yeah. (SIGHING)
That's my God right there.
And I praise him every day.
MICHAEL: Look, I know a
lot of y'all had it rough.
But you gotta keep your faith.
It's been really tough for me too,
but I truly believe,
like the Good Book says,
all things work together for the good.
Yeah, sometimes it doesn't seem like
things work together for the good.
At all.
Sometimes it may seem
like there's no way out,
like you've hit rock bottom.
I bet Joseph felt that way when
he was in that prison in Egypt
for a crime he didn't even commit.
And after many years,
God got him outta there,
and look how that worked out.
Thank you, Michael, for sharing that.
We all appreciate your transparency
in sharing all your trials with us.
Let's stand up and pray now.
So glad you made it.
I wanted to show my support.
- This is a lot.
- That's okay.
So do you want to get lunch or something?
Uh... No. I'm sorry.
Craig is coming to pick me up.
We're going to a celebrity basketball game.
No worries.
Take care of yourself.
Will do.
Hey, Lisa.
Thanks again for coming.
Really appreciate it.
WARDEN: I'm sorry. He's not seeing anyone.
I know. But I'm his fiancee.
Yes, but, um, he's not seeing anyone.
Why? How is this possible?
- What...
- It's his choice.
Well, can you tell him I'm here?
I did.
And he doesn't want to see you.
I'm sorry.
She's gone.
You can complete your journey alone now.
Split. Split. Split. I
got it. I got the ball.
I wake up today
It's a beautiful day
He's back, baby! the music I play
It's a beautiful
world outside
- Game, baby! That's right.
- Ooh!
Come on now. Let's go.
Where'd you learn to dunk like that?
I don't know.
You got some serious
hops for your age, bro.
Thanks, man.
PLAYER: Man, those six years behind
bars did nothing to change that.
There's a dunk competition,
Michael. You should join.
They allow convicts, I think.
Man, you got some serious game.
Thanks, bro. Thanks, man.
- And you can fly, too.
- Mmm-hmm.
I want you to enter my
dunk contest this weekend.
Yeah, right. It's the Kenny
Dobbs dunk competition.
Hey. What is this tiny guy doing?
What you think, man?
I think when his mom met his dad
and they made him 4 feet nothin',
it's okay for him to stop
foolin' himself about dunkin'.
Hey. I'll dunk it one day.
Yeah, I'm sure you will.
When a snowball freezes in hell.
You're too short to dunk.
Man, what are you talking about?
Snowballs don't freeze in hell.
All I'm sayin', man, is there are
some things that are impossible.
Man, I would love to encourage you.
There's just not enough
of you to encourage.
You're too short to dunk.
I will, man.
Man, why don't you leave the
brother alone and get a life?
I have a life. What about you?
I have a life.
Oh, really? Where do you work?
- Me? Taco Hut.
- Mmm-hmm.
Taco Hut?
Never heard of it.
What is that, like the poor,
poor cousin to Taco Bell?
Yeah. So what?
But it shows. No direction, no focus.
That right there? That
should cover your expenses.
- Man, what's his problem?
- Hey!
DOUGGY: Hey! You think it's impossible?
You got you something. All right.
- Let's go!
Let's go, Douggy!
Let's go! Go get it.
Get it. Go get it. There you go.
Go get it!
Yeah! Yeah!
Hey! And I'm 5'5.
- PLAYER 1: That was crazy.
- PLAYER 2: There you go.
- Yeah!
- There you go.
Hey, Ma.
How are you?
- Mom, you all right?
- I'm fine.
Mom, you sure I can't get you
something from the drugstore?
No, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm fine.
I'm gonna join that dunk
competition on Saturday.
What you think?
I think you'll win it if you
want to, Michael. That's for sure.
Mom, Mom, look, Mom, you sure
I can't get you something?
The nearest drugstore is seven miles away.
I mean, I can go on a bus.
You know that.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
- How's your new job?
- Oh, it's great.
I'm learning how to be the
world's fastest dishwasher.
Have you seen Taye?
(SIGHS) No, I haven't.
I was looking for him too.
if anything should happen to me,
and it shouldn't,
but, if anything should happen to me,
please take care of your brother.
Always gonna take care of Taye.
But don't worry.
I mean, nothing's gonna happen to you.
(CHUCKLES) I know, dear.
I just want to be reassured.
Mom, don't worry at all, okay?
MC: Welcome to our
12th Annual Inner City
Kenny Dobbs Dunk
Competition and first up.
And here he is himself,
dunker extraordinaire,
My man Kenny Dobbs, a.k.a.
Million Dollar Hair!
What's up everybody?
It is about to go down!
Hey, man, what's up?
- How's it going?
- What's goin' on?
- You guys seen Taye around?
- Taye? No. No.
- KENNY: Slam Dunk Champion...
- I thought he'd be here.
...Young Sam!
Yeah. Hey, your mom's here.
- That's all that matters, right?
- Yeah.
That's right. How you
doin'? You feel fresh?
- Yeah, I'm good.
- All right.
- Michael Diggs.
- What's up?
Whatcha you doing here, boy?
- I signed up.
- Really?
Trying to get some of that past glory?
Things have changed since you've been out.
- Yo, listen, Jimmer.
- I'm Jammer.
Anyways, here's the deal, man.
- Michael's gonna whip your...
- It's all right.
Let's just have a good contest.
A good contest? This is my contest.
I ain't tryin' to give no
type of hope to any ex-convict.
Hey! That's my friend. Don't be
callin' him no ex-convict, a'right?
- Yeah, man.
- All right.
So what should I call him, then?
This is being broadcasted live
in L.A. from all three stations.
- I'm Belinda Mason.
- I'm Bill Smith.
And this is Jerry
Johnson with Channel 19.
The first dunker of the night,
we got my boy Steve
Trace from Los Angeles.
Clap your hands. Let's
go. Clap! Clap! Clap!
Clap! Clap! Clap!
Off the glass! Tomahawk dunk!
Whoa! Beautiful! Beautiful!
KENNY: Off the glass
with a Tomahawk slam.
- Boo!
- That was a horrible dunk.
He didn't even get off the ground!
KENNY: Here we go, first round.
It's the Great White Hype.
Let's go!
He takes off, one...
BELINDA: A 35 from the judges.
- Not too shabby.
- BILL: Well deserved.
KENNY: We got the Big Fella.
Seven and some change.
Rock the cradle.
Rock the cradle! Put
the baby to sleep!
Put the baby to sleep! (WHOOPS)
10! 10! 10!
Man, that's the worst dunk I've ever seen!
KENNY: Whoa! With a Tomahawk slam!
BILL: Ooh, tomahawk, dog.
In the vein of Vince
Carter. (LAUGHS) I love it.
KENNY: Here he goes. Windmill!
Oh, yes.
finesse touch on that one.
KENNY: We got the shortest man
in our competition. He's 5'9.
Now show him some love. Let's go!
Windmill dunk reverse!
A reverse dunk, ladies and gentlemen.
Make some noise!
All right, here we go. Round one.
He's setting up his dunk.
What is he gonna do?
Looks like he's
bringing in some help.
He's gonna go off for the bounce.
Let's go, crowd, make some noise!
KENNY: Off the
bounce. Windmill dunk!
Off the bounce with the first
round, we got Michael Diggs.
Make some noise!
But Michael Diggs has been
out of it for so long,
but I don't think that matters.
I agree, but we're gonna have to
wait and see how this all plays out.
KENNY: He just got outta
prison after six years.
Now make some noise!
Mike, come on! Mike, come on!
(CHANTING) Mike! Mike! Mike!
KENNY: Just the local
magic of Michael Diggs!
KENNY: That was crazy right there.
JEROME: That was the
sickest dunk I've ever seen.
What, are you superhuman
or something? Hoo-hoo!
Ten! Ten! Ten!
And another ten! All
across the board!
BILL: Incredible. The judges gave him a 40.
KENNY: We got The Jammer.
Let's go. Make some noise!
Off the lob
with the reverse slam!
JERRY: I think Jammer
has the ultimate tools
to make it to the championship round.
KENNY: In the first round
he went off the glass
with the Tomahawk.
Let's see what he's got.
Let's go, crowd, make some noise!
Let's go crowd, clap
it up. Clap it up.
360! Oh, with the 360 dunk!
Beautiful! Beautiful!
KENNY: Round two, it's
the Great White Hype.
What's he gonna do?
KENNY: The Great White Hype from
the baseline. Reverse two hands!
Five, six, seven, seven.
We got the Big Fella. 360!
- 360!
- Oh, please, that's nothin'.
With a pop reverse.
My goodness!
A three, a one, a two,
and another one. No love.
In the first round, he
slapped the glass in windmill,
now with a reverse off one foot!
This competition is heating up!
Nine, nine, ten, ten.
There we go, much respect.
- Let's go! Let's go!
- KENNY: Make some noise!
Out of the hand. Windmill dunk!
All right, here we go!
Make some noise for Michael Diggs!
Let's go, kids! Make some
noise! Make some noise!
(CHANTING) Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael!
- Michael! Michael! Michael!
- There we go.
KENNY: Tens across the
board! 360 windmill!
- Michael!
- KENNY: Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah!
Last round, he had the 360 dunk.
What is he gonna do? Off the wall!
KENNY: Here we go. Seven
foot tall and some change.
Make some noise!
- Let's go!
- KENNY: Out of the hand!
All right. That's it. That's it.
He's out, man. So close.
This is it. The third
and final round.
Michael Diggs!
With the Tomahawk Sling shot!
Now that is gonna be hard
for The Jammer to beat.
JERRY: I don't know.
We'll have to wait and see.
All right, this is
it, our last dunk.
He needs a perfect score to win.
Make some noise for
your champ The Jammer!
BELINDA: The moment of his
career is happening now.
KENNY: Wiping off his
shoes, he's ready to go.
Let's go, crowd, make some noise!
Jammer! Jammer! Jammer!
Jammer! Jammer! Jammer!
He's up in the air! Oh!
Oh, my goodness!
Ten, ten, ten!
And a perfect score. He
wins the competition!
- No way. A 40!
- All tens!
- A perfect 40!
- Wow!
That's what I'm talkin'
about winning it all.
Better go back to school, Michael.
Or better yet, jail.
Oh, yo, that's not right, man.
So what're you gonna do about it?
- That's what I thought, punk.
- CROWD: Jammer! Jammer! Jammer!
And your winner
of the Kenny Dobbs Dunk Competition is
The Jammer!
BELINDA: Great effort, Michael.
Are you going to the national
championship next month in Venice Beach?
- Uh, no. I don't think so.
- But you automatically qualify.
Oh, you goin'. You goin'.
He's goin'. How you doin'?
Jerome Matthews, I'm his
agent. Nice to meet you.
- Michael.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- LISA: Michael, it's your mom.
- What?
- She collapsed. I called 911.
- What happened?
I don't know!
Mom! Mom, you okay? Mom!
Call help! Call help!
Mom! Mom! Mom.
(SOBS) Mom.
- Is she gonna be okay?
- She had a stroke.
I'm so sorry.
She was so happy today.
Seeing me play, it was like old times.
- And then...
- I know.
Michael, but she was happy.
Listen, you better go.
It's late.
- Michael, I...
- I understand.
I appreciate you coming.
NURSE: Dr. Bruce, telephone, please.
Dr. Bruce, telephone, please.
- Yo. Where you been?
- How is she?
She had a stroke!
Is she gonna be okay?
- Where have you been?
- Around.
Around? That doesn't
cut anymore, little bro!
- Look, you ain't my daddy.
- No, I ain't your daddy.
But I'm your big brother.
I'm not lettin' you fall like I did.
Look, what do you want from me, huh?
I want you to get your life together!
If not for yourself, then
do it for Mom! That's what.
- Go to hell.
- Hell?
I've been there.
Try six years in prison, Taye.
You done? Hmm?
She loves you, man.
She told me to take care of
you if anything happens to her.
Doc, I don't want her moved.
Michael, her insurance
doesn't cover private rooms.
I'm so sorry.
How much does it cost?
Approximately $26,000 a month.
Oh, this is our V.P., Kent Ashworth.
Michael, I'm sorry.
Your insurance just doesn't
cover a private room.
I'll give you the other thousand later.
What is this?
I won it yesterday.
(SOBS) God...
I just want my mother
to have another chance.
I let her down so many times.
She don't deserve me.
She don't deserve me.
I just want my mother back,
God, please! Please, God.
What's up with you, boss?
Man. Good to see you. Always a pleasure.
For sure. For sure.
- What's wrong with you?
- It's Michael's mom.
She suffered from a stroke.
For real?
That's crazy.
What up, boy?
I'm gonna see you inside.
Come on, baby.
There he is. There's my man.
- How you doin'?
- I'm good. Good to see you.
Come on, I'll get you guys in.
All right, Craig Jackson is in the house!
You dig it? Yeah!
What up? What's up? What up?
What up, what up, what up, what up?
- What's up, boy?
- Hello, boy.
- How you been, man?
- Good, son.
How y'all doin'? Check it out,
man. Shout out to everybody in here.
Shout out to my boys Tray,
Money, and Harlem over there.
Garyonie and Wheezie. I see y'all.
Good to see you, bro. How you doing?
I'm good. Anything you need. Anything.
I appreciate it, man.
It's good to be here, man.
I like what you've done with the place.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- You lit it up tonight, man.
I appreciate you, fam. Thank you, man.
- Forty five points.
- Don't forget about the 12 assists.
You know how that go. Already. Yeah.
Let me get another 40, homie.
I need one. Right now.
I think you've had enough.
Girl, what's wrong with you?
Don't be snatchin' nothin'
away from me in this club.
Better watch yourself.
Out here acting crazy.
- What's wrong with you? Look at me.
- Don't touch me like that.
Don't you hear me talkin' to you?
Look at me when I'm talkin' to you.
What's wrong with you?
I just had a bad day!
Bad day?
You seem to be havin' a lot more bad days
now that Michael and his mom is around.
Why do you care about
him and his mom so much?
- It's irritating me!
- Because she's a good woman.
A good woman? How is she a good woman?
What does she do for
you, me, or anybody else?
Look at me when I'm talkin' to you.
I just went to support him as a friend.
He won the slam dunk
competition, by the way.
A friend? Are you talkin' to me
about a slam dunk competition?
See, that's what trip me out
about these girls nowadays.
$25,000 got you hot and bothered,
ready to throw it around.
There's 25 mill over here,
baby. Don't play yourself.
- I got to go.
- Where are you going?
Out of here.
Bitch, I...
Lisa! Lisa! Lisa!
- Girl, I know you hear me talkin' to you?
- What?
Come here!
Man, are you trippin'
over this fool making 7.50?
- No.
- Seven-fifty.
That's what you want?
He makes 10!
Oh, well, don't break the bank, homie.
But he has a million dollar heart.
You're right. He'll never be you.
Yeah, I'm glad you know that.
There's only one Craig Jackson out
here. And that's me. The big homie.
The best thing that ever
happened to you! And you know it.
Twenty-five mil.
You just walked away from it.
I'm available if you're looking.
Hoochie, get out of my face.
I don't have time to be playin' with y'all.
Hoochie? You best not come here
and say that to my face again!
- Yeah, you.
- Oh, yeah? What if I do?
You a hoochie and nothin' else!
- Uh!
- VERONICA: Uh, what?
- She hit me.
- Yeah, I hit you.
- No, no.
- VERONICA: I didn't think so.
Get off me, man!
Don't touch me!
Nobody touch me! Nobody!
I love you, Michael dear.
Mama, please, please don't. Please don't.
The way you came back made me so happy.
Made my entire life worth it.
Please don't.
Please don't.
GEMMA: You'll be fine.
- Please don't...
- You'll be fine.
No, Ma, please don't. Please.
Watch over Taye for me.
He needs you.
I promise I will. I promise I will.
I'm going home.
No, Mama. No, Mama. Please.
- I'll see you again.
- No.
No, please.
No. No! Please.
Please, Mama!
PASTOR SOUL: "The Lord is my shepherd.
"I lack nothing. He makes me
lie down in green pastures.
"He leads me beside quiet waters.
"He refreshes my soul.
"Even though I walk
through the darkest valley,
"I will fear no evil, for You are with me.
"Your rod and your staff, they comfort me."
Now Michael'd like to say something.
My mom
was a saint, as you all know.
She taught me the meaning of life,
not by her words,
but by the way she lived.
She had a very hard life
and never once complained.
She took the forces of evil
that the world threw at her
and stood strong.
I love you, Mom.
I'll see you again.
I'll see you again.
PASTOR SOUL: Thank you
for coming. God bless you.
Thank you.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
If there's anything that
you need, I'm here for you.
God bless you.
- All right, Michael?
- Yeah.
- She raised a great man.
- Yeah.
Anything you need, we got you, all right?
I know. You guys being here is enough.
- We got you.
- Thanks, bro.
Be strong.
PASTOR SOUL: Glad you could make it.
Thank you very much for coming.
I'm so sorry, Michael.
Don't let your mother's
death to be in vain.
She truly believed in you,
believed that you were...
That you are a very good person.
And I also believe it too.
So sorry.
Thank you.
It's okay.
PASTOR SOUL: Thank you for coming.
Thank you very much for coming.
Michael. She was a good woman.
She was.
- What's up, man?
- What's up?
Hey, listen. I'm joining a
dunk competition on Saturday.
Would love for you to be there.
I don't think so.
- I just need a little bit of time.
- I understand.
Maybe we can just hang out...
- Nah.
- ...and do something.
I've got some things I gotta do.
Look, I'll catch you later, all right?
He'll be okay, all right?
I sure hope so, man.
Yeah. He just needs some time.
- Nine.
- Higher.
- Ten. Dunk it, dunk it.
- Higher.
There we go. All right, take a rest.
Yo, Mike,
if you want to beat The
Jammer and that German dude,
you've got to come up
with a special dunk, man.
You got to.
You sure you're up for this, Michael?
I'm doing it for my mom.
She wanted me to have
another chance at something.
I'm just not sure what that is yet.
Winning this dunk tournament's
going to be a start.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
It's something more than that.
Let's keep goin'. Let's go.
Come on, let's go bass fast.
- There we go.
- JEROME: That's right. Finish strong.
- Here we go.
- BRANDON: Got it, right?
JEROME: Let's go. Two
more. Two more. Come on.
- BRANDON: Ready? You dunk, baby.
- JEROME: Finish strong. Finish strong. Ah!
Who are you, homie?
I'm Michael.
What do you want?
- I want to see Taye.
- What?
Why you think you can just
roll up in here like that?
- Man, I ain't afraid to die.
- What?
LIZARE: Let him go!
Michael, Michael.
I hope for your sake that you
came with a change of heart.
So? You gonna cop one
of these .44s or what?
It's the only thing that's
gonna protect you out here.
You know that, right?
No, I don't need a gun to protect me.
What, you Superman now?
Catching flying bullets with your teeth?
Show me.
I said show me, Superman.
Who's gonna save you now, Mike?
God gonna protect me.
- Shut up!
God, huh?
Take a look around you, Mike.
God doesn't live here anymore.
He checked out a long time ago.
Where is he?
He's out back.
I want to see him.
Go get him.
You must really hate guys like us, huh?
Doin' time for their con.
No, I don't hate you.
Red caused you six years behind bars.
He took everything away from you, right?
I'm sure you hate him a little bit.
Took his girl.
Took your family.
Your dreams and aspirations of the future.
You could've been playing in the NBA
making millions of dollars, but...
But instead you're here with us.
How's that make you feel, Mike?
Either way, I guess Red
got what he deserved, right?
Three months into his sentence...
He gets killed by a gang member.
Red was sloppy. I'm not.
Make it quick, Taye.
Don't make the same mistake I made.
I was a fool.
I know you don't respect me.
You got every right not to.
Respect God.
Respect your mother.
Respect your family, man.
Yo, I lost it all six years ago.
I was young and dumb.
But I get it now.
You see this white piece of paper?
Man, that's you.
You're clean.
Not a mark on you.
Man, don't ruin your life.
God loves you.
He loves you.
Man, I don't care if they kill me.
But you?
You got your whole life ahead of you.
My life means nothing if
you go down the same path.
Lisa's gone.
Mama's gone.
You're the only family I have today.
You're the only family I got.
Mom made me promise to protect you,
take care of you.
That's what I'm here to do, man.
I love you, man.
Go with your brother, man.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
You still ain't better than us.
I'm not.
That's why I'm here.
Come on, man.
LISA: Hey.
What are you doing?
Practicing for the slam dunk competition.
Oh, right. The national championship, huh?
Wow! Can I help?
I mean, if you want.
I left Craig.
But I thought you guys were like...
Uh-uh. Let's just turn back
the time six years ago, okay?
Well, if it's six years ago...
That means we're still serious.
Mmm-hmm. Just like before.
So kiss me.
Not with all that sweat on your face. Ew.
Come on.
We have a lot of practicing to do.
Hey, man, your mom would
want you to win it, all right?
There's not enough time, man.
The dunk contest's in two weeks.
There's enough time, Michael.
- JEROME: You got this, kid.
- Oh, God.
Keep it goin'. You can do it.
- Yeah.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Pick up those knees.
- Let's go.
Yeah. Let's go. Higher.
Here we go. Higher! Let's go, Diggs!
- Yeah.
- JEROME: Come on, man.
Seriously, that's not gonna
beat The Jammer. Let's go!
- Gotta work!
- Quicker, baby.
Come on, Michael. You're not gonna beat him
- if you're not working. Let's go!
- BRANDON: Quicker, baby. Quicker!
Hold it out. Hold it out.
That's good. Come on, man. Too simple.
Let's go.
Explosive. Explosive. There you go.
- BRANDON: Try to get lower.
- JEROME: Let's go.
- Lower, lower.
- Keep going.
Feel it.
- Move it, baby.
- Nice work.
Come on, let's go.
JEROME: There we go. Come on.
Let's get in there.
Let's get in there.
Let's hear it for him.
Let's hear it for him.
Come on. Come on. Clap. Clap.
- Whew!
Come on, man, you're too slow.
You're slower than my grandpa.
Your grandpa's, like, 75 years
old. I don't see the comparison.
- Bro. It's a metaphor.
- Okay, well...
What's that?
He's not, like, literally...
Never mind.
Well, they're gonna have the best
dunkers in the world there, Michael.
- Yeah, I know.
- Yeah.
They got that one, that German dude.
Frankie Fudengurstgleen...
- Frick... Frick...
- Hey, just... Just stop.
- How you feeling, man? You good?
- I'm good.
- You still got the hops, man.
You know you got to come
with that one killer dunk
to take it all, you know that, right?
Yeah, I know. I've been
thinkin' about something.
I just haven't attempted it yet.
Why not?
Well, it's impossible to do.
BRANDON: Impossible?
(SIGHS) Impossible.
Impossible? Which one is that?
It's a 540 dunk. No
one's been able to do it.
TAMMY: A 540? What's that?
It's a 360 with an extra loop.
- It's impossible.
- TAMMY: No way.
ANNOUNCER: Everybody,
what time is it?
Here we go!
Make some noise,
y'all! Coming up next.
Make some noise!
Welcome to the International Slam
Dunk Competition, Slamma Jamma,
where we have a one million dollar
first place prize for the winner.
The world's best dunkers are here, Bob.
LINDA: We have a newcomer, Michael Diggs,
who many remember served six years in jail.
Is there room for redemption?
That's another story.
Let's go. Round one.
The Jammer, Round one.
The Jammer from Canada,
people. Let's go.
Clap. Clap. Clap. Cartwheel.
You way too special for
this competition, boy.
This is nationals.
I'll be surprised if you
even come in 10th place.
- Chill, man.
- The Jammer.
Think you're all cool making
millions, being a world-class dunker,
havin' all the girls chasing you?
Well, you still be just
a high school dropout.
High school dropout?
I got my Masters in education.
What are you talking about?
Oh, yeah?
Well, can you make five tacos
blindfolded in one minute?
Yeah. I bet you can't do that.
Got him.
Round one! The Jammer...
The Jammer has never lost a dunk
competition in three years, guys.
- ANNOUNCER: Clap. Clap. Clap. Cartwheel!
- Wow.
- Out of the seat! Out of the seat!
- TV ANNOUNCER: Unbelievable!
What a dunk! Oh, man.
All tens. Jammer is now in first place.
Wow, incredible dunk.
Jos Marks from Argentina.
Everybody, let's go, make some noise.
TV ANNOUNCER: Up next is Jos Marks,
winner of the Argentina dunk competition.
- Great dunk!
- KENNY: Hey!
Let's go, fans. Clap,
clap, clap, clap.
Up... Between the legs dunk!
Man, that was nasty!
Okay, ladies and gentlemen...
TV ANNOUNCER: Next up is Michael Diggs,
the former college champion
who spent six years in prison.
A real tragedy.
And Michael, of course, placed
second in the local dunk competition.
But these are the world's greatest dunkers
vying for that million-dollar prize.
And I think Michael Diggs should
count himself lucky to be here.
KENNY: Give it up. Give
it up. Michael Diggs.
Michael. Michael. Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael! Michael!
- Ah! 360!
- TV ANNOUNCER: Incredible dunk!
- LINDA: Oh, my... Wow!
- TV ANNOUNCER: Spectacular dunk!
Oh, that will ensure he
gets to the next round.
Next up. Frank Frondheim from Germany!
BILL: Frank Frondheim has a 48 vertical
leap. He's the best dunker in Germany.
KENNY: Coming up...
TV ANNOUNCER: What is he doing?
KENNY: He don't like
it. He don't like it.
This guy's too short. He
wants to add a chair in there.
What is he gonna do?
MAN: Go higher!
- KENNY: He wants to go higher.
- TV ANNOUNCER: This is crazy.
He's gonna jump over that guy?
Amazing. The German is now
in first place over Jammer.
KENNY: Goodness! Clap it
up. Clap it up. Clap it up!
How about a round
of applause, please?
TV ANNOUNCER: Wow, that was fantastic.
KENNY: Whoo! Perfect tens!
And now...
TV ANNOUNCER: Whoa. What's Craig
Jackson doing? The NBA star?
Get off the roll, punk!
Look, I'm tired of all y'all people out
here cheering for these whack dunkers
like they're really doin' somethin'.
You all know what's
up. Yeah, you heard me.
It's about time Craig
Jackson came out here.
I'm in the dunk contest, homie.
Sir, no, no. The rules clearly state
an NBA player cannot be
part of the competition.
Look, man... Bro, give me the
rules. Bro, give me the rules.
I don't care about your
rules. I'm in the dunk contest.
Your rules, I break 'em.
That's what it is, homie.
- Okay.
- I'm making the rules.
We need to check with the judges.
Yeah, go check with your
little judges, homie.
Dang. Is y'all ready or what?
Let me hear it. Make some noise.
I see you. Hey, you
got that jersey on?
- It looks...
- Hey!
What are you doing?
Lisa, get out of my face, man!
- What you always coming up on me for?
- It's not right!
You trippin' 'cause you
think your little boyfriend
gonna lose, that a real one here?
Please, don't do this.
You got one choice. Listen to me.
You got one choice.
You drop that fool Michael
and come back with me, and we good.
I'm out of the contest.
Otherwise, suffer the
consequences with him.
He needs the money!
I don't care nothin' about that.
you know, Craig Jackson
is the three-time NBA slam dunk champion.
KENNY: Let's go. Let's get it.
Ready? Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap!
TV ANNOUNCER: Unbelievable!
They're letting Craig
Jackson in the competition.
KENNY: Craig Jackson,
everybody. Get up!
Yay! Between the legs,
over the dude with the nasty dunk.
Craig Jackson, ladies and gentlemen.
judges give Craig all nines.
A 27 for Mr. Jackson.
What you gonna do? What you gonna do? Huh?
KENNY: And the
competition is heating up.
- CRAIG: Gonna stand there like a punk?
- KENNY: Craig Jackson,
Michael Diggs.
Crowd, make some noise.
TV ANNOUNCER: Wow. It looks like
Craig has a beef with Michael Diggs.
Yeah, your homies heard me, too.
Josie from Kenya now up.
KENNY: All the way from Kenya!
Between the legs over three people!
TV ANNOUNCER: And the judges give him a 29.
KENNY: Off the lob.
TV ANNOUNCER: And the Argentinean
hits it, but is it enough?
No! The judges rule him out.
KENNY: In the first round he
went between the legs, 360.
What's he gonna do?
Over and...
Whoo! Over the guy,
reverse dunk! Here we go!
Frondheim is getting all 10s!
He's in the finals!
- That was nasty.
- Das ist gut!
So, uh, what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Yo, I got an idea. Follow me. Follow me.
- Where did he get that shirt?
- I bought it for him.
Can you get me one?
It looks like Michael Diggs is
going to jump over a motorcycle.
KENNY: This is a level 20.
- Is that possible?
- Oh, my gosh!
KENNY: Over the person,
over the motorcycle! Oh!
- Michael did it!
- Oh, my God!
TV ANNOUNCER: And Michael Diggs
advances to the final round.
KENNY: Michael Diggs.
Give it up for him!
Round number two. Craig
Jackson. Let's go!
TV ANNOUNCER: And this dunk could
advance Craig Jackson to the final round.
- Incredible dunk!
- Oh, my! What a dunk!
- KENNY: 360 windmill!
- What a dunk, baby!
- Baby! A winner's dunk!
- I love it!
- Gonna win this thing.
- I love it! All 10s, baby. Can't see me?
Now let's see what the judges give Craig.
Jos gives Craig an 8!
Eight? Are you kidding me?
- Terrell! Do something!
- I got you. Hey.
- Keep your head in the game, baby.
- All right. All right. Okay.
- I got you, baby.
- Stop talkin' to me.
- Talk to 'em.
- I got you. I got you.
Hey, Jos. Come on, baby.
We go way back. We've always been good.
I'm gonna need you to
hook a brother up on this
and get that score up for me.
Man, that was a boring dunk. He gets an 8.
Hey, listen, I'm not askin' for something
and not be willing to give something.
Two tickets, floor seats,
Clipper game. And it's yours.
Man, who do you think you're talking to?
I'm Jos Canseco.
MVP. 4-time All-Star.
First player to hit 30 home runs
for four different ball clubs.
Beloved by millions of fans.
You actually think I would stoop so low
for two Clipper tickets?
You're right. Make it four.
You got a deal.
My man.
- Bam!
- CRAIG: That's what I'm talkin' about.
Right back where we need to be!
- I knew you got it, baby.
- I got you, baby.
That's what's up, baby. That's what's up.
Oh, no! Jos just changed his score
from an 8 to a 10 for Craig Jackson!
What is going on?
I changed my mind, okay?
Well, that's wrong!
- I mean...
- BOY: Mr. Canseco. Mr. Canseco.
Why'd you change your
score? I looked up to you.
Welcome to the real world, kid.
Bill, who do you think will win?
Well, my favorite of
course, is still, the Jammer.
I mean, even over the German.
I mean, he's already won the
contest three years in a row,
and he just keeps
getting better and better.
BOB: And what about the
crowd favorite Michael Diggs?
BILL: Unfortunately, no.
He's too old,
and you saw he barely made
it to the second round.
I'm sorry, but his days are over.
Well, we will see.
We'll be right back after
this commercial break.
- JEROME: Excuse me, sir.
- Yeah, what can I do for you?
I was wondering.
Have you ever played basketball before?
- Uh, me? No.
- Okay.
Then why do you criticize those that do?
I'm just wondering.
I'm sorry, who are you?
I'm a friend of Michael Diggs.
I just don't really appreciate
how you disrespected him like
that on national television.
I'm a sports critic. That's what we do.
Oh, a sports critic. Okay.
You seem like a guy who's never been picked
to play basketball. Am I right?
Excuse me?
I already told you that
I didn't play basketball.
Therefore, you couldn't pick me.
I wouldn't give you the chance
to reject me. You understand?
You can't reject me. How
dare you criticize me?
- Bill?
- Bill, we're on.
You come over here and tell me
that I can't criticize people?
See, I am a professional sports critic.
That's what I do. See, you don't understand
because you've never criticized anybody
- on a professional level like me.
- Bill... We're on...
Who do you think you are,
you little hoopster hood rat,
coming over here and messing with me?
Give me a break. Get outta here.
- Bill!
- What?
We're on national TV.
I... (CLEARS THROAT) was just
talking to my buddy over here.
We're good friends from way back.
I've never seen you before,
so obviously you're a liar
and a very awful critic, so good luck, pal.
And now, here we are at the final round.
I wish you the best, man.
Man, why'd you do it?
When I was a kid, I used
to look up to you, man.
I used to watch you all the time.
We all make mistakes.
I ain't even tryin' to hear that, man.
I ain't trying to hear that.
KENNY: All right. Here
we go. This is it.
Round number three. This
is the grand finale.
If he hits this dunk, he
may be crowned our champion.
Let's go. Make some noise!
TV ANNOUNCER: Each contestant
gets one dunk in the final round.
Up now is Jammer.
- KENNY: Can he do it?
- TV ANNOUNCER: What dunk will he do?
Over the guy...
- Oh! And he's out.
- Oh, my gosh.
Jammer is out of the tournament!
Bill, what do you think of that?
Unbelievable. He was my favorite.
KENNY: And that's it.
The Jammer's eliminated.
Make some noise for The Jammer!
TV ANNOUNCER: All right. Incredible.
Three-time champion is
out of the competition!
All right. This is it.
Round number three.
This is the grand
finale, right here.
We got our man, the
German. Make some noise!
All right. This is it.
Frank Frondheim from
Germany, let's go!
- KENNY: Yeah!
- TV ANNOUNCER: And that might do it.
He may be our champion!
- The guy from Germany.
- KENNY: 360 through the legs! Whoo!
That was a nasty dunk.
Give it up for Frank Frondheim!
Wow! And the judges give him all 10s...
Except for one 9.
- TV ANNOUNCER: And now Craig Jackson's up.
- KENNY: Give it up, give it up.
TV ANNOUNCER: He has one dunk to win it.
- KENNY: Oh!
- TV ANNOUNCER: And he's out!
Craig Jackson is out.
KENNY: He tried.
Sorry, Craig. That's
a technical foul.
All right, what are you gonna do?
Hey, you don't have to
do anything spectacular.
You just gotta dunk and you win.
BRANDON: What you gonna do, man?
The impossible.
That's crazy. That's crazy.
BOB: He is in a virtual tie
right now with Frank Frondheim,
unless he misses his final dunk.
KENNY: All right, this
is it! Our grand finale!
Round number 3. Michael Diggs.
If he makes this dunk,
he is our million-dollar champion!
PASTOR SOUL: You are Michael Diggs.
Or was I mistaken?
MICHAEL: In another life.
are still Michael Diggs.
GEMMA: God will be with us, son.
KENNY: This is it! Make
some noise! Let's go!
The international slam dunk
championship, Michael Diggs!
Say it with me!
Michael! Michael! Michael! Michael!
(CROWD CHANTING) Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael!
KENNY: Michael Diggs!
(CROWD CHANTING) Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael!
Michael Diggs!
TV ANNOUNCER: He just did
the impossible! A 540 dunk!
No one has been able to do it! Not even MJ!
Amazing! He's our champion!
KENNY: Michael Diggs!
Michael Diggs, the champion now!
Oh, wow! He just did the impossible.
- A 540!
- Good work!
KENNY: Michael Diggs!
Michael Diggs the champion now!
We did it, man. We did it! We did it!
Ha-ha. We did it.
Congratulations, man.
That's the best dunk I've ever seen.
- You earned it.
- Thanks, Jose. Appreciate it.
- Congratulations, Michael.
- Thank you.
Now, I haven't forgiven myself.
Don't worry about it. I forgive you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, Michael.
You are a good dunker.
Talented man.
- God bless you.
- Thanks, man.
- God bless you.
- Thank you.
- Man, you did your thing, man.
- Thanks, man.
Every man can redeem
himself from time to time.
Man, this is for everybody.
I feel you, man.
- Have a good one.
- Respect.
KENNY: Folks, we have MVP
Hall of Famer, Jose Canseco,
presenting the million-dollar
check to billionaire entrepreneur,
Appi Reddy from Hyderabad Talkies!
From all of us,
congratulations to Michael.
You did it!
On behalf of Flyless Airlines,
we also want to sign Michael
to a five-year contract!
- Michael!
- Mike!
First off, I want to thank God.
Without Him, none
of this is possible.
I wanna thank my fiancee,
Lisa, who I once lost.
My mom who isn't
here. My brother Taye.
My friends, Brandon and
Jerome. We did it, guys.
People, hold on. There's more here.
Michael. Steve Mandell.
I'm gonna make you
millions of dollars, okay?
Mark Cuban called me.
He wants you in the NBA.
- Thank you, sir.
- Give me a call.
We're gonna get together.
I'm gonna make you a career
like you've never seen.
Hey, man, listen, listen, listen.
All you sharks are in the water out here.
Man, listen, baby.
I've always believed in you.
I knew you could do this.
And I'm telling you,
this story of redemption,
I can take you to new heights, man.
New heights, Mike. It's our time now.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.
- It's our time, Mike.
Why are you talking to him?
Mike, you have my number.
You have my number, Mike.
- Call me.
- JEROME: Bye-bye.
- How are you not dizzy from that dunk?
- Where did you come up with that, bro?
- I know.
- I don't know.
- I know.
- I just made it up.
- JEROME: Just made it... (LAUGHS)
- Oh, man.
- No, wait.
And he's gonna get a chance
to go back into the NBA.
The NBA!
Mark Cuban called.
- Mark Cuban! Oh, my God!
- Yeah.
- What?
- I know, I know.
- Bro.
- Oh, this is crazy.
And we're getting married.
Oh! You're gettin' married!
They're getting married.
- You guys wanna come?
- Oh, yeah, let's go.
- All right. Get in the truck.
- Okay, come on.
No. He's just being facetious, bro.
Wait. What does that mean?
I wake up today
It's a beautiful day
Like the sunshine
somehow removing the pain
I'm vibing away
To the music I play
Reinvigorating jump
I'm feeling so great
It's a beautiful
world outside my window
I'm in touch with my
senses Feeling the wind blow
He's back, lean back
Whenever you feel low
Just remember that the
world's your oyster, you know
Now's the time Now's your turn
There's a fire inside
You're feeling that burn
Whatever you
want You can achieve
Trust yourself to
realize your dreams
Come what may Life goes on
Gotta stay strong
And you won't go wrong
So what're you waiting for
'Cause the time's right now
I said, what're you waitin'
for Gonna ride right now
Oh, yeah
I wake up today
It's a beautiful day
Like the sunshine
somehow Removing the pain
I'm vibing away
To the music I play
Reinvigorating, yeah
I'm feeling so great
Yeah, I wake up today
It's a beautiful day
Like the sunshine
somehow Removing the pain
I'm vibing away
To the music I play
reinvigorating, yeah
I'm feeling so great