(2017) Movie Script

(lively but suspenseful music)
(phone vibrates)
(woman moans sensually)
(lips kiss and suckle flesh)
(phone vibrates)
(hand smacks flesh)
(woman whines in displeasure)
(phone vibrates)
(moves into frantic
and suspenseful music)
(woman screams and
grunts in fear)
(woman cries)
- [Woman] Stop, please.
(woman screams in pain)
(knife slices through skin)
(moves into energetic
heavy metal music)
- The Springfield Chief
of Police Greg Barns
announced this
morning that the FBI
is investigating the
murder of Hannan Williams
as a possible thirteenth victim
of the Slasher serial killer.
- It appears that the Slasher
uses a Tor Onion Proxy
to hide his IP address.
- Williams's body was
discovered in her apartment
Monday night after friends
reported her disappearance
to local authorities.
And at times,
they'll used a third
party VPN software
to create his own IP addresses.
Now these IP addresses
are associated
with physical addresses
within the area
that the murders have occurred.
- Go.
(house guests scream)
Get down, down, down,
down, down!
Down, down, down!
- What the hell!
What the hell! Oh my good.
- Put your hands up!
Hands in the air!
- Don't fucking move!
Don't move!
- Shut up!
(man grunts)
(man screams)
- [Interviewer] Oh my God.
People in danger
of actually being
falsely arrested
for this murder?
- The ah, only danger
at this time, well,
you know I better not
comment on that right now.
(wooden door creaks
and flexes loudly)
- Saturday evening
Williams told friends
she was meeting a man
named Tyler Adler,
whom she had met through
an online dating website.
Adler is one of several
aliases the Slasher has used
on various dating sites.
- I have no comment
on new leads.
But I can promise you this.
We are following up
on every one of them.
We will find him.
- Look, until this
Slasher is caught,
we highly recommend
nobody online dates.
- Hey,
some people just have a
hard time meeting people.
That's about all I'm
going to say about that.
- No. I have no comment
on how he does that.
Oh, we have five
failed searches.
- Freeze, freeze, freeze,
(naked woman screams)
freeze, freeze!
Okay, move, move,
move, move, move, move!
- [Naked Man] Fuck!
- [Officer] Move, move, move!
Get down right now!
- [Naked Man] Don't shoot! Fuck!
Fuck! No!
- Take that thing off!
- The photo in Adler's
profile has been identified
as an Austin, Texas man
and he is not considered
to be a suspect
in Williams's death.
Internet records reveal
Williams and Adler
had not meet prior to Saturday
but they have been communication
online for a few weeks.
The FBI was called
into the investigation
when forensics reported
William's injuries
were consistent
with those of the previous
victims of the Slasher.
The last murder was one
month ago in St. Louis
and authorities believe the
killer is still in Missouri.
(soft knocking)
Women should exercise
extreme caution
when using internet
dating sites.
(calm and relaxing music)
- [Man] Kristy right?
- Jack.
It's so good to finally
meet you in person.
- Yeah. Come on in.
- Thanks.
Um, picture?
- Sure.
(camera clicks)
- Not bad.
- I like your belt buckle.
- Oh Thanks. I've
had it for years.
You know you weren't kidding
about living the
meager lifestyle.
Um, it's clean I guess.
- Yeah.
I just don't know what
to do with the space
so I keep it plain.
Keeps things simple
though. How was your drive?
- Oh, it was fine,
I make the drive between here
and St. Louis all the time.
- For work?
- Family mostly.
You know,
you look different from the
pictures you have online.
- Yeah, I guess I
need to update them.
- No, it's fine.
I'm pleasantly surprised.
Most of the time with these
things, it's the opposite.
- Wow, thanks.
Yeah I've been trying to
take better care of myself.
Plus, I don't take
very good photos.
You look great though,
just like your photos.
- Oh really? Which ones?
- Well, all of them.
- Wow, you are good.
What happened to
the smooth talker
I've been chatting with
these past few weeks?
- I guess I'm just
a bit nervous.
This is a crazy idea.
- Why? Do you think I'm
the Slasher or something?
Lighten up. I was
just joking with you.
Besides, you're not a girl.
- This just turned weird.
- Come on. It's an adventure.
Our first real date is a
weekend trip to a cabin.
No menu to hide behind,
nature, fresh air.
It's a great way to
get to know someone.
You can back out if you want.
I mean, I can cancel
our reservation.
But, it would make a pretty
bad first impression.
- No, I think it sounds great.
An adventure, right?
- Yeah. An adventure.
- You know you talk just
like you do when we chat.
- You know, you don't.
- Sorry. I'm just nervous.
- Nervous, right.
You really need some
better pictures.
(camera clicks)
("Steel Toes" by
Don't Mind Dying)
I saw the World Wars coming
Lost my wine along the way
I pitch a tent...
- It's weird meeting
face to face isn't it?
Do you always take
guys you just met
out to the middle of nowhere?
- No,
usually we just go to a dinner
or a movie or something.
- Really?
You don't strike me as the
dinner and a movie type?
- Maybe that's why
the guys I date
don't stick around very long.
- So where'd you
get this idea from?
I mean I like it and all.
- Well my mom
showed me an article
about crazy first dates
and I wanted to try one.
So this is what I came up with.
- Aren't you afraid
it could go badly?
- We chatted enough for
me to feel good about you.
if things didn't check out
by my standards
at your apartment,
I was going to bail.
- Like what?
- You really want to know?
- Kind of.
- Okay.
If you looked worse
than your pictures.
That turned out to
be the opposite.
If you really didn't have a car.
It turns out you
have a nice car.
If your apartment was
different than you described.
Turned out to be pretty
much like you said.
Plus, you weren't
forceful at all.
In fact you seem kind of scared.
- Wow. You were
evaluating me that much?
- Were?
Who said I've stopped?
- And, uh,
how am I doing?
- Not so bad,
there's still critical
data I'll need to collect
before giving you the
full assessment though.
- And what is that?
(Jack and Kristy giggle)
- Are you sure
this is the place?
- Pretty sure.
- Shouldn't there be a
big sign or something?
- I don't know?
I'll call just to make
sure this is the place.
I don't have a signal here.
- (sighs) Me neither.
- I guess that's just part
of the fun though. Right?
- So you have been
around here right?
- Yeah. I love
this nature stuff.
I thought I told you that?
- You did,
I just didn't realize you meant
- I try to do as many
outdoor vacations
during the summer as possible.
I come to this area a lot.
Hiking, camping,
floating, cabins.
I never stayed here though.
- Well, shall we?
- It's an adventure.
- Man it's hot.
- Good old Missouri summers,
hot and sticky.
- I hope the bugs
aren't that bad.
- Man, you are a city boy.
- Sorry. It's beautiful though.
You're beautiful.
I think that you're beautiful.
- Smooth.
- Jesus.
(low, ominous music)
There's the sign.
- Looks like we made it.
- Should we just go in?
- Come on.
- Hello?
- Hi. Come on in.
- Hi.
- Oh you must be Kristy,
and you must be Jack.
What an attractive
couple you two are.
How are you two?
- [Kristy] We're fine, thanks.
- I was just cooking
something and I just thought
- It smells
(sudden ominous music)
very good. Yeah.
- Thank you hun.
- That's a nice spoon.
(calm but suspenseful music)
- Yes it is.
It's been in my family
for generations.
It's sterling silver. Heavy.
That's probably why
I'm such a good cook.
- Is the reservation
in your name?
- You'll have to
forgive my appearance.
I have been making
lunch all day and
cleaning down stairs.
- You have a basement here?
- We don't have basements,
we have a rumpus room
where we like to play games
and have fun.
And everyone around
here calls me Momma.
You can call me Momma.
(calm but suspenseful music)
- Thanks, Momma.
- So,
I see that we have you in,
we have you in cabin C.
You booked that online I see?
- Yup.
- Very nice.
Don't let those
machetes dirty my house.
- Easy now, woman!
- (giggles) Men.
This is my husband,
- Nice to meet you two.
- Nice to meet you too, sir.
- And this is my
daughter Caitlin,
who has blue hair.
- Hell of a place around here.
- Thank ya.
Me and little Caitlin were
just thrashing down some weeds
around the property.
You gotta keep beating
mother nature back
or she'll take over everything.
(calm but suspenseful music)
- Must be hot out there, huh?
- It's the perfect
day to get naked.
- That's gross Momma.
- It's not gross,
it's being human.
- What about you city girl?
What do you think?
- I'm sorry?
- Do you like to get all
naked up in the big city?
- Caitlin, I think
you need to be quiet.
- It's alright.
I'm from St. Louis.
It's not really a big city
like Chicago or New York.
- Yeah, I know
where you are from.
- Caitlin! You hush now.
- Yes daddy.
- Oh these kids these days.
You know, they're so curious.
When we heard that
you were coming
all the way from St. Louis,
Caitlin just kept on
talking about you.
Isn't that right, Caitlin?
- Yes Momma.
- Yeah, so,
are we good to go?
- You need to sign just in
case something happens to you.
A little rental agreement
that assures Myer's Rentals
are not responsible for
anything that happens to you
or doesn't happen to you.
Just right there.
Sorry. We just have crayons.
- Oh, it's alright.
- There. Yes, there.
You know we have
a DVD collection
because we don't
have any internet,
and it's right over there.
And maybe you'd
like to go see that
if you are not busy tonight.
- I'll go have a look.
- Jesse,
why don't you take
this fine young man
down to the cabin and
show him where it is.
- Yes ma'am.
Come on son.
- Are you alright in here?
- I'm fine. I'll find us
something in case we get bored.
- We're heading in my truck.
You're pretty near
there as it is.
You see that road?
- Yeah.
- Well sir,
you take it south
till you come to a
fork in the road.
You follow the left fork.
A few hundred yards
down the road,
you're gonna come
to a crossroads.
Now you make a left.
And your cabin,
well it's going to
be right about there.
You can't miss it.
It's the only one around.
You got all that?
- Yes sir, I believe I do.
- Yes sir.
- What's it like to
live in the city?
- Well it's busy.
Way more traffic than here.
What movies you recommend?
- I really need to
get out of here.
I'm not a little girl
anymore like they treat me.
- I'm not sure what to tell you.
- [Caitlin] Do you think
I'm old enough to leave?
- That's enough right now honey.
You best be getting
back to your boyfriend.
- Yeah, I'll see you later.
- Nothing good?
- Guess we'll have
to find other ways
to entertain ourselves.
- Sounds good to me.
- Y'all know where you're going?
- Yes sir. You've
been very helpful.
- You young folks have
you a good time tonight.
We'll be seeing more of you.
- Thanks.
- Straight up crazy.
- Straight up crazy.
- He drew a map on
the hood of his car
in the dust with his spit.
- Eww.
(omnious electronic music)
- Not a bad looking place.
- It's peaceful.
I love the country.
You got the keys right?
- It's jammed.
- Pull the string muscles.
(low, solid thump)
- Wow,
this is a lot nicer
than I thought it would be.
- What did you expect?
Dirt floors or something?
- Well, kind of I guess.
- I'm going to go
get the groceries.
I'm ready for a beer.
- Now you are talking.
- [Kristy] Whatcha doing?
- Looking at these pictures.
They're kind of weird.
- Why are they weird?
- I don't know.
Who do you think
these people are?
- I don't know.
Satisfied customers?
("The Wound" by
Don't Mind Dying)
I've been wanting to
do that for awhile.
- Our first kiss.
It's nice.
- Yeah, it's real exciting.
To see a man slowly
Take his own life
And watch it wash away
In oceans of fear
Said I had a name for himself
As he lies, I cry
And a world of self
loathing and tears
- [Jack] Did you
know this was here?
- [Kristy] I had no idea.
- It's nice.
Too bad we don't have any suits.
- Who needs suits?
(mysterious and calm rock music)
- What are you doing?
Are you serious?
- Yeah. Why not?
- Okay, wow. I,
That's nice.
I mean
good job.
- Good job? Seriously?
Take off your clothes.
- Okay. Fine.
Let's do this.
We're doing this.
I gotta say,
as far as first dates go,
this has been pretty great.
- It has.
- I'm really glad we did this.
- Me too. Our crazy first date.
(pants and moans sensually)
(mysterious and calm rock music)
- You're so beautiful.
- You're shaking.
(lips suck and smack sensually)
(moves into erratic
and suspenseful music)
(moves into soft
and ominous music)
(pants softly and arousingly)
(tea kettle whistles)
(knife thumps wood repeatedly)
(soft and calm
electric guitar music)
(moves into erratic
and suspenseful music)
- Hello?
- What the hell?
- I don't know.
- Are you two up?
I can always come back
if this is a bad time.
- Just give me a
second. Hold on.
God you are beautiful.
- Oh no. Morning breath.
- I like it.
- Good morning!
I hope I didn't wake you.
- No, you're fine.
We were just laying around.
- Good.
Because I made you a
breakfast casserole.
It's kind of like a Myer's
version of a B and B.
- Wow. That's really nice ma'am.
- I told you, you can
just call me Momma.
- Right.
Sorry Momma, I...
(sudden ominous music)
(grunts in approval)
- It's good right?
Eggs, potatoes,
onions and parsley.
- Hi. It looks amazing.
- Good. All the
ingredients are local.
I grew the onion and
parsley in my own garden.
I hope you like it.
- It's really good.
- And you left this phone
at my house yesterday.
- I didn't even
notice it was gone.
Thank you.
- Well just holler
if you need anything.
- Thank you.
Oh my God, it's good.
- Yeah?
- Oh yeah.
(suspenseful electronic music)
- [Kristy] This
really your first time
being out in nature?
- You got me.
This is probably the most
time I've spent outdoors.
- You're so cute.
How do you like it?
- I'm getting used to it.
- You can't tell me you're
not having fun. Can you?
- I'm having the best time.
What's that?
- [Kristy] What?
- That. Are those cans?
- There's a lot of campers
around here, you know?
Maybe they just left
their junk or something.
- Should we pick them up?
- You really don't get
these people do you?
- What do you mean?
- People are different out here.
Some just leave
their junk behind.
- That seems wrong.
- Rednecks do redneck
things. Don't judge.
- Looks like we walked
to the main road.
- This is the road we can in on?
- [Kristy] Yeah.
- [Jack] Not much of a road.
- Come on.
(low, ominous music)
- [Jack] So, what do we do now?
- [Kristy] Hiking isn't
good enough for you?
- [Jack] It's good.
It's quiet and peaceful.
- This place seems to
be miles from anything.
- What's that noise?
- Let's go check it out.
(soft smacking)
- Hey you two.
- It's Caitlin right?
- Yeah.
(grunts loudly)
- How are you?
- Oh, I'm just playing
while daddy does some work.
- How are you folks
today? Doing alright?
- We are, thanks.
Your wife made us
the best breakfast
casserole this morning.
- Yeah boy, that is one
of her finest meals.
- You like her
fried catfish too.
- You're going after that
stuff pretty hard, huh?
- Got to, darlin'.
You got to keep beating
mother nature back
or else that bitch will
take over everything.
(low, ominous music)
- Gotta beat mother nature back.
- So are we missing any
sights on the property?
- Well we got us a lake.
About a mile down that-a-way.
You all been there yet?
- [Jack] We had a great
swim there yesterday.
Maybe we'll go back today.
We're also looking
for a grocery store,
some place we can
restock on a few things.
- There's a general store
about five mile up the
road past the house.
Six more miles,
you come to town.
They got some real
good Bar-B-Que
down at Petey's Smokehouse.
- Might go check
the general store.
Jack, what you thinking?
- What?
- You wanna check out the
general story or the town?
- Yeah, the store.
We can get more
beer for tonight.
- Great, thanks.
We'll let you get back to work.
- Bye you two.
- Yeah, see you later.
Did that seem weird to you?
- What? No.
They're nice people.
- I think Caitlin
was flirting with me.
I think.
(Kristy laughs)
What? Why is that funny?
- Well that's the first
difference I've found
with your profile.
You were so humble online.
Get you out in the woods and
you think everyone wants you?
- No, it's not like that, I,
never mind.
(suspenseful guitar music)
- I know you fancy him.
I saw what you was doing.
- I'm sorry daddy.
- Little girls
shouldn't act that way.
- Yes daddy.
- Who are you Caitlin?
- Daddy's little girl.
- That is right sweetheart.
You're daddy's little girl.
And only daddy's little girl.
You stay away from
them two. Hear?
- Yes daddy.
- That's my girl.
(loud smooching)
Now you go play with
your doll babies,
I still got me some work to do.
(loud smack)
- This place is old fashioned.
- It's rustic and cute.
- If you say so.
- I'm sure that they
have the beer you want.
At the very least,
the beer you need.
- Hey guys, what's up?
- How's it going?
Looks like you've been
doing some serious hiking.
- Yeah, I'm on a two week
hike through the Ozarks.
- Two weeks?
- Yeah man, I love this
stuff man. Nature, wildlife.
- Wildlife? Don't
you ever get nervous?
- Aww, no man.
The animals they're
all pretty calm.
Keep to themselves
for the most part.
It's the people you
got to worry about.
- More than wolves and bears?
- I'm just saying, you know?
I hike through private
property every so often.
There're some crazies out
there, I'll tell you what.
Hell one time I even got shot at
hiking down through Arkansas.
I told the local sheriff
afterword and he says
"A man's got a right
to defend what's his."
Haven't had any
problems up here though.
As long as I leave the
place like I found it.
All the other hikers
I've talked to though
say pretty much the same thing.
It's the people you
better watch out for
more so than the
than the animals.
- Sounds like an adventure?
- [Hiker] Yeah. It's
the only way to live.
- Maybe we'll see you later.
- Yeah.
You guys take care and watch
out for those mosquitoes.
- You too man.
- Afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Looks like they have
a bit of everything.
- Yes they do. I'm
gonna go grab some beer.
- So, you from out of town?
- Yeah. I'm from St. Louis.
- Oh, what brings
you to these parts?
- We're staying at a cabin
around here for the weekend.
- Oh neat.
Which place?
- The Myer's.
- Momma's place.
- [Kristy] That's the one.
- Afternoon Jimmy.
Howdy folks.
- Afternoon Sheriff.
This couple's staying
at Momma's place.
- The Myer's place eh?
- Yup. That's the one.
- First night?
- [Jack] Second.
- Ah, where are my manners?
Tom Westin, the
Sheriff of these parts.
- Hi Sheriff, I'm Kristy Smith.
- [Jack] Jack Roper.
- Pleasure.
- They're from St. Louis.
- St. Louis?
Welp that's a great city.
Love the pork steaks there.
- Lots of fatty goodness.
- Do you want anything else?
- I'm fine, thanks.
- [Jack] What do I owe you?
- That brand's $7.34.
(cash register whirls and ticks)
- Six beers.
I guess you guys
didn't come here
to party too hard, now did you?
- Nope. Just the right amount.
- Course with a pretty
thing like yourself,
a man wouldn't need
much to drink then,
would he?
(tinny and suspenseful music)
- Yeah, well,
it was great
meeting you Sheriff.
But a guy like you
in a town like this
probably has a lot to do
so we should get
out of your hair.
- And y'all don't
hesitate to give me a call
if you need something.
- Sure thing.
- [Tom] Don't you kids go
having too much fun out there.
- Yeah, we'll try not to.
- Well Jimmy,
what's the weather report
looking like today?
- It's going to be
a hot one sheriff.
Lot of humidity.
- Just like this hell hole
city we live in. Hot and slimy.
- Say Sheriff,
did you see that thing
on television last night
about the Amish?
- You all don't
hesitate to call me
if you need anything now.
(Jack giggles)
- I've had a really
great time with you.
This was a great idea.
- I'm kind of sad it has to end.
- Me too.
Maybe we can come back
for our second date?
- Yeah, you want a
second date with me?
- I do, if you want one.
- If I want one?
I think I do.
- [Momma] Hello. It's Momma.
- I'm coming Momma.
- Hi guys.
I just brought you
a little nightcap.
- Wow. Thanks Momma.
That's really kind of you.
- Oh, yours looks
a little wilted.
I can fix that.
Yes, it's perfect.
- Thanks. By the way,
your casserole was great.
- I'm so glad you liked it.
- It was delicious.
- Well good.
- So what is this?
- Oh, it's nothing special.
It's just our little
version of a Mint Julep.
- Wow.
- Mmm. It's really good.
- I'll let you folks
get back to your night.
Have a good one.
- Good night.
- Good night Momma.
(heart beats loudly)
(loud thump)
(sharp, high pitched tone)
(loud thump)
(sharp, high pitched tone)
(loud thump)
(sharp, high pitched tone)
(loud thump)
(woman screams loudly)
(low, oscillating
synthesized tone)
(loud thump)
(loud thump)
(man screams disturbingly)
(loud thump)
(woman speaks in distorted tone)
(loud thump)
(loud thump)
(woman speaks in distorted tone)
(man screams disturbingly)
(woman speaks in distorted tone)
- Please let me go.
Please let me go.
Please let me go.
(Kristy sobs softly)
(disturbing and
synthesized music)
Please just let me go.
Why are you doing this to me?
Please let me go.
No, please let me go.
No! Please just
get away from me.
Get away.
Get away from me!
No. (cries) no.
Please let me go. Please.
Please just let me go.
Please. Please.
Please let me go, please?
(cries) Please let me go.
Why are you doing this?
Please let me go.
- Quiet.
- Please. I know
you're good people.
(hand smacks skin)
(Kristy screams)
- When I tell you
to talk, you talk.
When I tell you not to
talk, you don't talk.
Shut this girl up Jesse.
Shut her up good.
- Please.
- Yes Momma.
- Please just let me go.
No! (cries uncontrollably)
No, please!
- What are you doing?
- Well look who's up?
It's our little city boy.
(Kristy screams and cries)
- Stop that.
She can't breath.
- She can breath. Can't you?
(Jack grunts in struggle)
- [Jack] What's going on?
- Oh,
would you like a gag too?
I can give you a gag.
feed this to our city boy.
- I won't talk. I swear.
Please no.
No. Don't.
No. No.
Oh no.
No! (mumbles)
(Kristy screams)
- Anything else Momma?
- Maybe.
Do we have any more use for
that plaything over there?
(hand smacks skin)
Yup, I think we've
pretty much worn him out.
I think he's all
broken down down here.
this doesn't work.
I think he needs to sleep.
- Yes Momma. I'll
put him to sleep.
- Go to sleep,
my little boy.
Oh go to sleep,
my little boy.
Go to sleep.
(fluid drips noisily from man)
Jesse, get his gag.
- (Mumbles) No.
- Feed the little boy.
Feed the little boy.
Feed the little boy.
Ooh, feed the little boy.
Feed the little boy.
Feed the little boy.
I love you, Jesse.
- I love you too, baby.
- Go get the room ready.
- Yes Momma.
- A strong body.
You ever been with
another man before?
(Jack mumbles and grunts)
(Momma laughs deviously)
My precious little girl.
My pretty, precious,
little girl.
Have you ever been
touched like this before
by another woman?
Do you like it?
(Kristy screams and cries)
Oh come on.
We're just playing games.
That's all we do
here at the cabin.
We just play games.
I'm not gonna kill you.
Jesse, please come on in here.
- Aw, come on now,
we's just playing
with all ya'll.
- I'm gonna let you go.
You can have a nice
vacation after all.
- Well look at that.
She wants to stay after all.
- It looks like she does, Momma.
- (Laughs deviously) Well then,
take her into the other room
so we can get
started on our fun.
- Yes Ma'am.
- Finally, we get
some alone time.
I have wanted you since
the time I first saw you.
It wasn't fair
that she got to have
you for her lonesome
with none of us around.
It wasn't fair.
It wasn't fair.
Share and share
(Kristy struggles and screams)
I should go take care of Kristy.
See what she wants.
Don't you worry,
I'll be back for you.
(Jack grunts in struggle)
(Kristy screams and grunts)
(low, suspenseful music)
- Momma, he got loose.
(moves into erratic and
suspenseful electronic music)
My fault?
You the one supposed
to be watching him.
- I have seen you tie
a knot to hold a truck.
What the hell happened?
- Damned if I know?
Forget about him!
He can't go nowhere!
- You are a stupid
son of a bitch.
You stupid, stupid.
- Don't call me stupid, woman.
I could break you. Ya hear.
Break your little neck.
- Honey, calm down.
- You don't tell
me to calm down.
You don't treat
me like no child.
- You are no child to me.
You are my protector.
You will always protect me.
You are my life.
You will protect me.
- Woman, I swear.
- You will protect me.
You are my life.
- Momma.
- What do I always say?
- Your world would end
if I should ever leave.
- That's right.
You know it's the truth.
That's right.
- It's just sometimes
you get so damn mean.
- I know baby, I'm so sorry.
I don't mean to get mean,
but I just getting scared.
I get scared.
But you're my protector.
You'll always take
good care of me.
- I've always protected
you. I always will.
(erratic and suspenseful music)
- Wake and bake, man.
- Help! You've got to help me.
- Dude! You're in
your underwear man.
- You got to help me.
Those people are bat shit!
They still have my friend.
They're crazy! They drugged me!
- Look man, just calm
down man. Have a smoke.
- I'm serious. We got go.
Where is your car?
- What car, man. I
hike these woods.
- We gotta go.
You're not safe either.
They're coming.
- It's cool brother.
I know these woods, man.
We're all right.
- I'm out of here.
Those people are crazy.
- Well look, alright man,
I just can't let you go
traipsing around like that.
I'll take you back to
your cabin, alright?
Just let me get my shoes.
- Hurry.
(low, suspenseful music)
- You're on my property.
- No.
- No man. It's cool.
- I said, you're
on my property boy.
(bones crack)
(hiker screams in pain)
I can't stand you hippy types.
(hiker moans and grunts in pain)
You sons of bitches
think you own
the whole God damn world!
This is my property!
You hear? My Property!
(suspenseful and thrilling
electronic music)
(loud thumps)
(Jack grunts in pain)
(knife shanks flesh)
(Jack screams in pain)
- Well now city boy
that oughta keep your
ass from running off.
You've seen what I did to that
hippie piece of shit.
I'm gonna do the
same thing to you.
But it's your lucky day, son!
You're gonna get to play
with Momma and me first!
(knife slices flesh)
(Jack grunts in pain)
- Please just let me go!
- I don't get it, city boy.
We watched and that
pretty young thing
bumping uglies
all day yesterday.
What we got in mind, well,
it ain't so much different.
Me and Momma, we like
the same things you do.
Only we take it just
a little bit further.
Fact is,
we're gonna open your eyes up
to things you ain't
never considered before.
(jack moans and grunts in pain)
But don't pay it no nevermind.
You ain't going to
last too long anyway,
pretty boys like you never do.
Suppose we best be
getting back to the house
before Momma gets madder.
Come on boy,
we're going to have us some fun.
(suspenseful and
thrilling music)
(loud thumping)
(Jack grunts)
(loud thumping)
(soft and ominous music)
(jack screams in pain)
(door creaks closed)
- You crazy fuck.
Stay the hell away from me.
- You don't need that with me.
- [Jack] The hell I don't.
- I'm not here to hurt
you. I'm here to help you.
- Then get the
fuck out of my way.
- Wait!
My parents,
this land has been in
our family for years.
There are traps
and lures all over.
You won't ever make it.
No one does.
- You mean, all these people?
- You won't make it
out of here without me.
I know the woods just
as well as they do,
maybe better.
I can get you to the Sheriff.
- Why would you help me?
- They're monsters!
No one knows that
better than me.
- Then why are you
still here then?
- I don't have
anywhere else to go.
(low and ominous music)
- You can get me out of here?
- Yes.
- What do you want in return?
- Take me with you,
take me to the city.
Wherever you go.
I'm nothing like them.
You need me just as
much as I need you.
- Okay.
- You promise? You promise
you'll take me with you?
- Lady, if you get
me out of here,
I'll take you to London, Paris,
anywhere you want to go.
- I knew it.
I knew it when I
saw you yesterday
that you would be the one.
- We need to hurry.
- Yeah we should.
- Well let's get going.
They could be here any minute.
We should go.
- Mmm, baby.
- We need to,
they could be here any minute.
You need to calm down.
- Calm down?
- [Jack] We need to focus
on getting back to town.
- That's all you
care about isn't it?
- At the moment? Yeah,
that pretty much covers it.
- What about me? Were
you just using me?
- What?
- You promised.
You promised we
would be together.
How could you lie
to me like that?
- Keep your voice down.
- You're a liar.
You're a liar! (mumbles)
(sudden smack)
(Jack grunts in pain)
(erratic and suspenseful
electronic music)
Please. Baby please.
Come back.
You said we'd be
together forever.
Please come back.
I'm going to fucking
kill you, city boy.
Where are you?
We'd be together forever.
Come back!
Come back!
Baby, please!
We're supposed to be together.
Supposed to be together.
Supposed to be together.
You promised that
we'd be together.
I'm gonna fucking hurt you,
I'll gut you like a fucking fish
with this machete I got.
I'm gonna fucking
kill you, city boy.
I got you right where I
want you in these woods.
(thrilling and suspenseful
electronic music)
(loud thuds)
You're so beautiful.
(low grunting)
(knife slices flesh)
Why did this happen?
You were supposed to love me.
We were supposed to
go away together.
You must
love me.
(Jack pants)
(intense, oscillating tone)
Love me.
(erratic and ominous
electronic music)
- You see,
electricity is
like anything else,
(phone rings)
if you never really had it,
you don't really miss it.
- Sheriff's office,
go for Sheriff Westin.
- Thank God.
You've gotta help me.
I meet you yesterday
at the grocery store.
I'm at Myers Rentals.
You gotta help.
These people are crazy.
They're trying to kill me.
They're murderers.
They've killed other people.
They have the girl that I...
- Now slow down, slow down,
slow down, just a minute there.
You're the couple I met
at the general store
yesterday, right?
- Yes.
They're fucking crazy.
They disabled my car.
You got to help me.
Send a team,
SWAT, whatever.
You got to come quick.
- Welp.
I'm currently the only one
in the office right now so.
- Jesus.
I've gotta get out of here now.
- Okay, listen, listen.
I can be there in about
10 minutes, alright.?
You just sit tight
there in that cabin
and we'll get this
all sorted out.
- No no! I can't stay here.
How do I get to the highway?
I'll meet you there?
- Okay. Sure, sure,
I can meet you there.
I can meet you there.
I mean, I got some
bad news though,
the fastest way's there
is through them woods.
There is a path, if
I remember correctly,
that oughta follow
out to highway 63.
Put you out around
mile marker 118.
I can be there in
about 10 minutes.
- I know the path.
I'm leaving now. Hurry.
(thrilling electronic music)
- Fuck! No!
- God dammit!
God dammit!
Why'd you have to go over there?
Didn't I tell you
not to go over there?
- You're daddy's little girl.
- I'm gonna skin that boy alive.
You hear?
- You will always be
daddy's little girl.
- I'll get you a new one.
- I don't want a new one.
I want this one.
- Remember that old one you had?
- Annie?
- Yes, Annie.
And you were so sad
when Annie died.
And then we got Caitlin
and you became so happy?
We'll get you a new one.
Pick her up. Let's go.
(soft rustling)
(suspenseful electronic music)
- Ah fuck.
(Jack screams)
(suspenseful electronic music)
What the fuck?
I need your help.
(grunts) I need your help!
- Calm down, calm down.
You're okay now.
You're safe now.
You're safe.
Come on, have a seat.
Here you go.
Drink some water.
- Thank you.
- You alright?
Pretty nasty cut you got there.
Might wanna get you
some medical attention.
- No, I'm fine.
They still have her.
- Kristy?
You mean that beautiful
thing you were with earlier?
- [Jack] They still got her.
- Okay, well calm down.
Everything's going
to be alright.
- We need to go back.
We gotta go back.
- Okay.
Calm down.
Everything's going
to be alright.
I need to call this in.
Hang tight.
This is sheriff Weston
with disturbance out
of highway 63, over.
- [Dispatcher]
Copy that sheriff.
- Looks like I'm going
to need backup over here.
I got a possible assault,
a rape, murder,
and God knows what else.
- [Dispatcher] Copy that.
So you got him? Over.
- Yeah I got him Momma.
(low, suspenseful music)
I'm bringin' him in to ya.
- Whoa, whoa where
you're goin' son?
- Please don't do this.
- Ain't no use in begging son.
You did a very bad thing and
now you get to pay the price.
(fist smacks face)
You ain't gonna hit
me with no rock.
Stupid ass Jesse.
Never was the smartest.
(low thud)
(Jack screams in pain)
- [Jack] Please stop!
- Yeah, yeah,
that ain't nothin' compared
to what Momma gonna do to you.
So you wanna fuck
with her family, huh?
(Jack screams in pain)
(Tom screams mockingly)
Scream all you want.
Scream all you want.
Can't nobody hear you out here.
Okay? Ain't nobody hear you.
(solid thunk)
Ah come on, come on.
Don't you go passing
out on me now.
Wake up son. Wake up.
Come on. Get up.
Get up.
Come on get up.
(knife slashes flesh)
(thrilling, suspenseful music)
(Tom gargles and gasps)
- [Momma] Are you
on route? Over?
I asked you are on route? Over.
Answer me damn it!
- Your sheriff won't
be taking your call.
- [Momma] I'm going to kill you.
You hear...
(soft and ominous guitar music)
(moves into soft,
suspenseful music)
(sudden shocking tone)
(woman screams)
(fist smacks face)
(woman grunts)
(knife slices flesh)
(woman screams)
(thrilling and
suspenseful music)
- Son of a bitch.
You growed you a
pair of brass ones,
didn't you city boy?
- I've always had em.
(men grunt)
- Woo wee! You fast, city boy.
But it don't matter.
I've had faster.
- You have no idea,
but you have fucked
with the wrong guy.
- Been a few like you
from time to time,
always talking shit.
In the end, even the
tough ones crumble.
(men struggle and fight)
- You know,
I've been wondering.
Why you do it?
- You're about to
find out, city boy.
- Yeah, sure, okay,
but really, why?
I mean, is it sexy to you?
Does it fill a need?
Some dark void left over
from your inbred childhood?
- I do because I like it.
It feels good!
You about to find out why
it feels so good, city boy.
I'm gonna enjoy tearing
up your punk ass!
(Jesse grunts in pain)
- Really? Because it feels good?
That's your only reason?
And you do it with your family!
I mean, that really
threw me off at first.
I was really scared
there for a second.
I don't usually let things
get out of control like that.
- You ain't never had control.
- Sure, whatever
makes you feel better.
- Oh, I'm coming for you boy.
- You know, I have been
doing this a long time,
never come across
anyone like you guys.
I mean you have a real
mom and pop organization
going on here.
See me?
I've always been more of
a lone wolf, you know?
I was planning on killing the
woman who brought me here.
- You what?
- Yeah right?
Fresh air? Seclusion?
I have never killed
in the country before.
I was thinking it would be
a nice change of scenery.
Give it a whole "no one
can hear you scream" motif.
I love your death ditch
with the lime, by the way.
It's a good idea, I guess.
You know, I like you in
a strange kind of way.
Well, like is a strong word.
We'll say I admire you as
a colleague and a peer.
I'll tell you what.
(knife slices flesh)
(Jesse grunts in pain)
- [Jesse] What the
hell are you doing?
- If I did what I
think I just did,
I nicked your femoral artery.
Call it a professional
- Eh?
- It's the main
artery in your leg.
You have about five minutes
until you bleed out.
Or maybe you find a way
to stop the bleeding.
You have got to learn to adapt
if you wanna stay
competitive in this field.
Otherwise some young guns
is just gonna come in
and cannibalizing
your territory.
speaking of course.
- What the fuck are
you talking about?
- You're going to want
to stay pretty still.
You're losing a lot of blood.
You're probably feeling
pretty light headed.
I probably did some
nerve damage too.
you stay here and think about
how you're going to improve
your performance for next time.
I'm going to go have a nice
little chat with your wife.
(loud thump)
(intense and thrilling music)
Good luck!
- You know,
being a mother is
a thankless job.
You wouldn't know it yet
but trust me, it's
a thankless job.
Oh, don't worry.
Jesse's going to be
back with your city boy.
And then we're
gonna go to a room.
And we're going
to have some fun.
Won't that be fun?
I did everything for her.
And she still got herself
killed by that pretty city boy.
I mean I would understand it
if it was a big man like Jesse.
Well I guess she would
have gotten herself killed
by somebody.
Don't you think?
(intense and suspenseful music)
- I'm sorry,
I didn't realize
rednecks had the monopoly
on killing around here.
- Where's Jesse?
- Oh, he's just working some
stuff out of his system.
- I am gonna gouge
out your eyes.
(loud smack)
- Oh good, you're awake.
I was worried I did
some real damage there.
That would take a lot
of fun out of this.
- Ain't this a son of a bitch?
- Lady, you really know how
to ruin a guy's weekend,
You know that?
- I'm so sorry I messed
up your vacation.
- Kristy, I had
big plans for her.
- Oh, do tell.
- Most girls I meet online
are ready to go on a date
before I even have
the time to come up
with a decent back story.
- I've never done that
myself, so I don't know.
- Kristy, she took
some convincing.
Finally she agree to a date.
She had this whole
scheme worked out
where we were going
just get away from it all.
You know, really get
to know each other.
And you know what? I liked it.
I really could've
used a nice getaway.
- Well nature can be a
soothing to the soul.
- I was having a
really good time.
But you guys,
man, I did not see you coming.
- Sorry to mess up
your plans, city boy.
- What I was really
looking forward to
was just cutting loose.
Really hearing them scream.
Well, no point in wasting
a good opportunity.
(loud smack)
(striking guitar chord)
- You punch 'em first?
You gotta take it slow.
You gotta make them scream.
You've got a knife?
Otherwise you were the
one who was lecturing me
about wasted opportunities.
Oh yes. Yes.
That's much more better.
All that talking you
were doing earlier.
That was all right.
that lets them know
you've got plenty of time
and you're in no rush.
Starts making it clear
they are in for a long ride.
Your instincts were right.
But you did one thing wrong.
You know when you're talking
about all that stuff?
You gotta touch them.
All over,
in all those places they
never wanna be touched in.
You touch them.
Remember me doing that to you?
Creepy right?
That shows them
who has the power,
who's in control.
It really adds to the
sense of helplessness.
(moans) Yes.
That's it.
- You're getting off on this?
Being touched by the man
who killed your husband?
- What? Jesse?
He always comes back.
- Not this time.
(Momma giggles)
- That's much better.
You're getting it now.
It's just not about the knife,
everything about
you is the weapon.
- I know what I'm doing.
I've been doing this
for a long time.
- I've been killing longer
than you've been alive.
- I saw the pictures
in the cabin.
Caitlin told me those
were your victims.
I've killed many more
people than that.
- Darling,
I own five cabins on this land,
every cabin has a mantle
just like that one.
- I've never met
anyone like you before.
Like me.
(thrilling and
suspenseful music)
- Momma?
- Hi baby.
(men grunt)
- Stop!
Leave daddy alone!
- No one knows you're here.
She made all the reservations.
- We never met until I
came over to your house.
- Online dating.
(loud thud)
- Ooo wee!
That is the most fun I've
ever had at a gas station.
- We got some goodies for you.
Here you go.
- Thanks Momma.
I love these.
- I know you do honey, I know.
And, we got one for your friend.
(intense and energetic
heavy metal music)
- Thanks Momma.
(Momma laughs)
- Why was the gas
station so fun?
- We got it all on video.
Here, have a look.
- Man, what are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing?
What are you doing?
Come on.
Come on, goddamn it!
What the fuck are you doing?
Just take the fucking money.
Please, please!
Don't! Don't!
(loud smack)
(fist smacks man consecutively)
You don't even have to do this.
You don't have to
do this at all!
Come on, man! Please man!
You don't even have to do all.
(knife shanks silently)
Just be glad you
shot me when you did
'Cause you hither had've made
Would've not been kind of you
To see her gray
and all that lonely
Would've made me desire
'Cause still on my
lips and my tongue
To see a man slowly
take his own life
And watch it wash
away in oceans of fear
Does sinner have
a name for himself
As he lies, I cry
And the world is
self loathing and piss
As of right now, I'm lonely
Yes in their world
Our dear, now I'm
glad you ever would show
The chills that I had
And I brought it all for you
I know that sort of fear
The bullet hole to blame
And tell it to the law
That I saw that hole
I never did
As of right now, I'm lonely
Yes in their world