Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018) Movie Script

BAT: Welcome to Slaughterhouse.
An unashamedly exclusive
pillar of excellence.
No other school in England
or indeed on Earth
can rival
our glorious surroundings.
A place at
is the envy
of the civilized world.
From these hallowed fields...
Bit of a weird name
for a school.
BAT: Generations of
young Slaughterians
have left their mark.
I went to see
the headmaster yesterday.
He was very impressive. Why
are you showing me this?
Don, a place has come
free next term.
This never usually happens.
You know we talked about
moving schools.
This is our chance.
What, at Slaughterhouse?
Is this an April Fool joke?
No. I drove six hours
there and back
to see the headmaster.
Do I look like I'm joking?
You need to knuckle down,
work hard like your dad.
Dad left school at 16, Mum.
Dad worked his bollocks off,
and he never had
opportunities like this.
You sit around here all day,
doing bugger all, drinking pop,
and playing computer games
with your friends.
And you don't get up till
after midday. You're depressed.
(IN LOUD VOICE) You're out of milk,
Mrs. Wallace.
Thanks, Mikey.
That's what I mean.
You need some new friends.
You could be rubbing shoulders
with the leaders of tomorrow.
Future prime ministers,
spies, pop stars.
You need to learn some
survival skills. Get real, Don.
Real? Mum, this ain't real.
This is just a bunch
of stuck-up twats
with a load of money.
All right? Look.
They've got their own army. It's cadets.
You've got other fun activities
too. Look. Sports, girls.
You know, it's like a very
exclusive holiday camp.
BAT:... to your child's
precious career.
I love you to bits... Yes! Ha, ha!
Wait a minute.
I knew it. I knew you'd say yes.
Thank God because
I already paid in advance.
Don't you dare
go changing your mind.
What? Got your tie.
Same color as my bag. Can we talk about it?
Let's have a picture.
Just gonna go get Dad.
No, don't get Dad.
Mum, leave him.
He's fine.
It's all right.
BAT: Good manners, good looks,
and good breeding.
MIKEY: Yes, Mrs. Wallace?
Put your arm around Dad.
Can you take a picture, love?
BAT: At Slaughterhouse...
He'd be proud of you.
BAT: ...a family that
is ready to fight
MIKEY: Come on, smile,
you posh bastard.
...until the bloody end.
Cry "Per caedes ad astra."
Through slaughter
to immortality.
Breakin' rocks
In the hot sun
I fought the law
And the law won
I fought the law
And the law won
I needed money
'Cause I had none
I fought the law
And the law won
I fought the law
And the law won
I left my baby
And it feels so bad
I guess my race is run
She's the best girl
That I ever had
Stop worrying, darling.
You're gonna fit right in.
What are they gonna do,
eat you alive?
Mum! Dad!
Love, I know it's been tough
with your dad gone.
We hit bottom.
The worst is over.
You're going to school
in a bloody palace.
Come here.
Robbin' people
With a six-gun
I fought the law
And the law won
I fought the law
And the law won
Can you hide something for me? Depends.
What is it?
Just this.
Leave it with me.Thanks.
I left my baby
And it feels so bad
I guess my race is run
She's the best girl
That I ever had
I fought the law
And the law won
Piss off, you twats! Shut up.
Piss off.
... and the law won
I fought the law and...
Ah, Mr. Blake,
you're in. Good man.
Mr. Houseman, sir.
I have someone I'd like you
to meet. Come in, Don.
This is your new study,
and this is Willoughby,
your new roommate.
Will, this is Don Wallace,
our new Spartan.
Welcome to hell.
Dab of snuff?
Will's a bit of
a legend in Sparta.
Takes one to know one, eh?
Will's part of
a long line of Spartans
that really left their mark.
This is your desk
where you shall be
spending many a happy hour,
I'm sure,
studying away
like a little beaver.
Or looking out the window,
that's what I did. Ha, ha.
Um, you got your schoolbook?
That's got everything in there.
Maps, school history,
secret tunnels and whatnot.
Ooh! Bloody heck.
Says "Viscount."
Viscount Seymour.
Is that you, lovey,
you a viscount?
No. No, that boy is, um...
no longer with us,
Damn it, I thought
I gave you orders
to clear out Seymour's stuff.
How much of it is left?
Right, well, um, ahem,
if you'll excuse me,
uh, I should... Need to have
a word with Matron. Ahem.
So did you know him,
the viscount?
He was my roommate.
Why'd he leave? I'm afraid
I'm not at liberty to say.
But you'll find out
soon enough.
Right, well,
I'll let you get settled in.
It's very nice
to meet you, Will.
I have a feeling
you two are gonna
get on like
a house on fire.
what I said, Don.
Well, then.
Here you are,
two years stuck in a box.
With me.
Sparta dogs, assembly.
Come on.
God's sake, Wootton.
Now, keep it
moving at the back.
Heads down,
say nothing to anyone.
BABS: You go in there
with your head held high
and just be yourself.
You belong here.
And don't let anyone
tell you otherwise.
Excuse me.
You dropped this.
Oh. Thanks.
What are those, selfies?
I don't think you
belong here, do you?
You're standing
in the girls' house.
Oh, yeah, uh...
Sorry, I didn't realize.
Everyone stands
in their houses.
This is Andromeda.
It's the newest house,
just for girls.
That's Xenephon, it's full
of scholars and brain boxes.
All super smart,
but none of them
can beat my friend Kay
at chess.
Olympus is all jocks
and rugger buggers.
The school's superstars.
And then there's Sparta.
Which is... Well, it's...
I think that's you.
Yeah, thanks.
What the hell are you doing?
Me? I was just... Talking to Upper Sixth?
Upper Six...
Who's Upper Sixth?
I am.
Matthew Clegg,
and so is she.
She's Matthew Clegg?
No, no.
You don't look at Upper Sixth,
let alone speak to them.
I mean, I was just... You're speaking.
And looking.
Now keep your eyes
on the floor,
and go and stand
with your house.
CASPAR: Order.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, dear.
You've upset Cleggy.
That's not a good start.
Comes from a long line
of war criminals.
--not be excused from games.Slacker.
Now, listen up.
Caspar de Brunose.
Head of school.
Till further notice, bathing in
the lakes is strictly forbidden
and the woods are completely
out of bounds
to all those who
do not wish to suffer
a slow and painful death.
You have no new messages.
Repeat saved message.
Hey, it's Audrey. I'm in Africa.
And guess what I just
found in my suitcase.
Your old cricket jumper.
it even smells of you.
Chin up, okay?
Stay strong,
this is gonna be
a great year for you.
A great year.
CLEGG: Silence!
For the head.
What's all this?
This is The Bat.
Welcome back.
And girls, of course.
Of course.
Welcome all
back to Slaughterhouse.
Our school
is home from home.
Now, when I arrived
last year,
I promised to
shake things up a bit.
Get Slaughterhouse
back on track,
make our school great again.
A family of proud
Don't forget, I once
stood where you are now.
Long ago.
In a galaxy far, far away.
There are those out there
who would like to see us fail.
Oh, yes. We know about them.
Their lies, their gossip,
their envy.
But I say,
bring it on!
We'll show them
what we're made of.
We'll show them our guts.
Cry "Per caedes ad astra."
Through slaughter
to immortality!
Three cheers
for the head.
ALL: Hip, hip, hooray.
Hip, hip, hooray.
Hip, hip, hooray.
AUDREY: Sweetie, it even
smells of you.
Chin up, okay?
Stay strong,
this is gonna be
a great year for you.
What the devil?
Frack attack!
Danger, toxic gas!
Clear the area.
Smell the gas,
smell the bullshit.
Tell us what's going on
in the woods.
Why are you shitting
on your own doorstep?
HEDGER: Eco Doomsday. Take a leaflet.
BOY: Out you go. You.
this whole area.
Hey, get off. This is genius.
Is this Woody's idea?
I'm just a messenger.
Wake up!
Your house is on fire!
Who let the frackers
into the school?
He did! And we know why.
Thank you, off you go.
Back off.
I'm not one of you.
I don't need
to take any
of your
public-schoolboy crap.
CLEGG: You dare assault a prefect!
Well, there you have it.
Our enemies
are on the doorstep.
Holy shit.
LAMBERT: Lost, are we, sir?
School's that way.
Yes, I'm perfectly
aware... Jesus.
You're awfully bloody close,
aren't you?
You're practically
on the cricket pitch.
Get your pads on,
then, boss.
Woods are out of bounds
from the start of term.
This fracking tower is now
fully operational.
Yes. Yes, I knew
about the fracking,
I just didn't
expect it to be so big.
BUTLER: That's what all the girls say,
isn't it, lads?
Yes, he did. Yes, he did.
Carry on. Ahem.
LAMBERT: Tea break's over, lads.
BUTLER: Let's make some money.
Energy production will always
be contentious.
But fracking
is the future, and...
And thanks
to the wonders of shale gas,
which exists in abundance
beneath our school,
we can finally build
our dry ski slope
and the long overdue
prefect spa.
CLEGG: In the words
of Emperor Caligula:
"Let them hate."
Yes, quite. "So long as they fear us."
Oh! Meredith.
I heard you were
out jogging.
Didn't you get my note
about the no-go areas?
Uh, yes, sorry about
that, headmaster.
Be assured my prefects
have been instructed,
and the area's been
locked down.
Good, good.
Now's not the time
for the boys
to be slipping off
to the old haunts.
The woods, the lakes.
Ciggies and tongue sandwiches.
That sort of thing.
Perish the thought,
And how are things
with you, Meredith?
You seemed rather upset
taking Audrey to the airport.
Oh, I was just, uh,
a bit sorry to see her go,
headmaster. Uh...
She was quite a loss
to the school.
Don't sweat it,
You had a school romance,
delicious while it lasts,
but you know,
these things always end up
in a bloody mess.
The only couple
I know still going strong
are me and Mr. Chips.
Isn't that right, Chippy?
Come on, Chippy!
Let's get some fresh air.
MAN (ON PA): Cleanup team to the Portaloos.
That's cleanup team
to the Portaloos.
Talk to me.
What have you got?
Some underground cave system.
No wonder that bloody
sinkhole appeared,
leads straight down there.
I've checked the readings,
it's still full of gas.
Bingo. We've hit the mother lode.
Send down the pipe
and suck it up.
Pump. Ooh. Oh, baby.
You know the drill.
COMPUTER VOICE: Seismic observance
on level G17.
Mr. Lambert.
something down there
in them tunnels.
It's moving.
Bollocks. I wouldn't worry
about that, Butler.
Probably just some moles.
Pump at will.
HOUSEMAN: Yeah, I was...
I was just saying, I...
I've made a terrible mistake.
Audrey? Meredith?
I'm listening. I was just saying, I...
I should've come with you. Oh, sweetie.
Sparta needs you.
After what happened last term.
What was I thinking? Come on.
We had fun times.
We had good times there, but
Sparta's your life, you know?
No, no.
You're my life.
My love, all I want
is to be with you.
In South Sudan?
If I can find
a replacement coach
for the under sixteens, then
yes. I'll buy a plane ticket.
Audrey? Yeah. Okay. Ha, ha.
Is everything all right?
Who's...? Who's that?
That's Dr. Francois,
he wants me...
Needs me to assist him.
That's all we do here.
We're at it all day long.
Nonstop. Ha, ha.
Saving children?
It's so deeply fulfilling.
Yeah, sorry,
sweetie, that's, um...
Rebel fighters must be back.
I have to go.
Audrey, please, don't go.
BOY: Mr. Houseman, sir,
you're needed.
MATRON: Keep still,
you little bugger.
Why did Miss Audrey leave?
You're not going
to get a hard-on to that.
In my kingdom,
we banned fracking.
Can poison all the water.
Also causes earthquakes.
YURI: And sinkholes.
DON: Says here that there
were 600 earthquakes
in Oklahoma last year.
Good. Hopefully the fucking
school will fall down.
Lights in 10.
All right, Chibwe,
that's confiscated.
No electronic devices
in the dorm.
You, whatever your name is,
into bed.
Yes, sir. It's Wallace.
As in William.
As in Braveheart.
Blake, explain to me.
Why are you such
a fucking ponce?
You don't even play rugby.
"Never touch the balls,"
it's my motto.
I'm unwell.
Sick note.
How did you get that?
Suck off the doctor?
It was only a hand job.
Stop what you're doing,
house meeting now.
Move it.
Whose idea of
a sick joke was this?
Somebody hung this tie
from a beam
in the downstairs lavatory
and I want to know
who the heck it was.
Oh, you think this is funny,
do you, Hargreaves?
Well, I find it
deeply offensive.
Who could do such a thing?
Come on, own up.
I want to know who it was.
Was it you? You?
Well, I am most upset.
And I'm very disappointed.
Well, I hope this doesn't
cast a shadow over
the whole house,
Sparta, I really do.
If anybody knows
anything about this,
they better come forward.
Head back to
your dormitories. Now.
BELLO: Lights out
in three minutes.
What's all that about?
The boy who had your bed.
He died last term.
Hung himself in the downstairs
bogs with a school tie.
Welcome to
BOY 1: Lights out!
BOY 2: Lights out! Lights!
BOY 3: Lights out.
BOY 4: Lights out.
BOY 1:
No running in the corridor!
He's watching over you, Don.
You should
take comfort in that.
Don't forget how hard
Dad worked to get us here.
This was his dream.
Life's gonna get
better from now.
But you've got to believe that.
You do believe that, don't you?
Mr. Wallace.
Are you with us?
Class, I'm afraid
Mr. Prigg will be
unable to teach
Latin today,
or indeed, ever again,
because he passed away
in the holidays.
He died here.
But it was a good innings.
Uh, I will be
filling his shoes until
they can find
a suitable replacement.
Now, I have to confess,
I'm not the world's
greatest Latin scholar.
It's been a while, but,
uh, tempus fugit,
as they say. Um...
Page 108, sir. Yes, yes.
By the power of witches?
Yes. Why don't
you read, Bartlett?
"At that moment, as I recall
the earth yawned open
by the power of witchcraft."
Name three
famous old Slaughterians.
Marquis de Sade,
Jack the Ripper, Piers Morgan.
Don't piss about, Wootton.
Sorry, Hargreaves!
When was Slaughter Hall built?
No, that's the year
the school was founded.
The original hall
was built in 1334.
Fuck this. School motto.
"Per caedes ad astra" What does it mean?
"Never knowingly undersold"? Oh, you twat.
"Take it like a man"?
"Give us your cash."
You had three weeks
to learn this.
Sorry, Hargreaves.
If you're not word perfect
when Clegg tests you,
you're gonna get feathered,
and we're both gonna
get grounded.
BARTLETT: "I caught a glimpse
of hell deep below.
And of Cerberus waiting
to make a meal of me."
Ah, now, Cerberus,
the three-headed hound of Hades.
Makes life hell
for the postman. Ha, ha.
Get on with it, Bartlett.
It's all there
in the school myth.
Legend has it
that a wandering knight
returned from the Crusades,
and with the help
of his faithful dog,
slayed a mythical beast
that was terrorizing
the village of Upper Slaughter.
In return,
he was gifted this land
and the title
First Earl of Slaughter.
Hence the motto...
"Through slaughter
to immorality."
BARTLETT: "I believe the witch did not
spare my throat in pity
but in a spirit of sadism."
Preparing to evacuate.
CHIBWE: "... whom thou didst
falsely affirm
"to be slain by me this night.
"And therewithal,
"I embraced my friend,
Socrates, and kissed him.
But he, smelling the stink
of the pissing..."
DON: What's the point in learning
a dead language anyway?
Hey, Will,
who was the blond girl
in the tennis gear outside?
I met her yesterday.
She's a goddess.
She's fit is what she is.
What's her name?
Clemsie Lawrence.
But it's not worth it. Why not?
CASPAR: Oh, no.
How unfortunate.
Total accident.
Next time, watch
where you're looking.
I don't think it's bust,
just mashed. Heh.
I'm Smudger.
No hard feelings, yeah?
Wait till you're a god.
Look. This is the school
pecking order.
We have Clemsie Lawrence
drinking nectar
with the gods
at the Arcadian orgy.
And then down...
--at the bottom in hell,
you have Wootton.
Who's Wootton? That's Wootton.
Hello. You all right?
You have gods and dogs,
heaven and hell.
And somewhere in the middle,
we have...
Why am I a limp cock?
Because, Ducky, someday,
you may well be a god.
Until then, you have
to wait your turn.
No, no, no.
This is bollocks, mate.
Bollocks. I'm in love.
You guys can laugh, but I ain't
part of your pecking order.
One of us. One of us.
Everybody says that. They all
sell out by the Upper Sixth.
YURI: Think of the orgies, man.
This Sixth Form orgy is a myth.
But I must have hope.
Wallace, you want to take
Clemsie Lawrence to orgy,
practice your
Latin conjugations.
A penis.
I wonder who drew that.
What were you talking
about in here?
Nothing. Well, excuse me...
Cocky little shit
he's got a chance
with Clemsie Lawrence.
Honestly, Matt, we were just...
All week, starting
tomorrow at 5 a.m.
And don't thank me.
Thank Wallace here.
(KNOCKS) Everybody out.
Stop loafing around.
This is a school,
not a fucking holiday camp.
Wootton, if you fail
the house test again,
you will be feathered.
All right.
You're free to go.
MAN (ON RADIO): Good morning,
And got a request now.
CLEGG: Move it, gentlemen!
Keep up the pace.
Blake, keep running!
Hup, hup, hup, hup!
Jump it. Jump it.
Jump it.
What the fuck is that?
Well, are you enjoying it?
Are you enjoying
the privilege
of your private school
Five generations
of Cleggs have given
their lives
to places like this.
Fucking plebeian.
Trying to buy your way in.
The only connection you'll make
around here is with my boot.
stop fucking mincing!
Get him out, Wallace.
Your roommate, your problem.
Come on, Will.
CLEGG: Chibwe, Bolotnikov.
Top of the hill,
then you can go.
Come on.
One mile back to school.
Breakfast ends
in 20 minutes.
Good luck with
that one, Wallace.
Hup, hup, hup!
Go, go, go!
CLEGG: Over the bridge!
Christ. Is that you?
No. It's the school tunnels.
Whole world
of shit down there.
Yeah, it smells like it. You still hungry?
Yeah. Yeah?
I know a shortcut.
It's through the woods.
DON: You call this a shortcut?
This place is massive.
Whose idea was it
to have a school
in the middle
of bum-fuck nowhere?
Um... The parents,
DON: Admit it.
You're lost, aren't you?
WILLOUGHBY: Now, now, Ducky,
I'm not lost.
Would you stop
calling me "Ducky"?
Your name is Donald.
I don't care
if my name's Daffy.
DON: Shit. It's the frackers. Hide.
Look at this.
A sinkhole.
Why didn't this happen
under the maths block?
Intruder alert.
A couple of
posh little fuckers.
Let's see.
Let's see
how deep it is.
Christ, mate. Fuck me.
It's that smell again.
Oh, that ain't
no drain.
No shite
smells that bad.
Look at this.
Must be some sort of evil gas. Put it away.
That's mine. I don't care.
There's gas there. Give it back.
You're gonna get us killed,
Shall we?
Oh, you're a bad man.
That's why they pay me
the big bucks.
I'm not kidding.
Someone bequeathed that to me.
What? It was a gift
from a good friend.
Give it back...
LAMBERT: Attention. Attention.
We have you surrounded.
Do not try to escape.
I thought you were sick.
You run like a bloody gazelle. With asthma.
I think we're safe.
WOODY: What are you doing here?
I'm sorry. Did the mask
of truth frighten you?
It does that sometimes.
You the boys that want
to buy some drugs?
I've got some black ash.
I've got some charas.
I've got some Mandy, ecstasy.
I've got some acid.
I've got some
No, no. We're just, um...
Just like... Yeah, there's a hole.
It's a big hole.Fracking.
BOTH: Fracking.
We're just seeing
what they're up to.
You were wondering
what they were up to.
Wondering what they're up to.
They were wondering
what they're up to.
I'll tell you what
they're up to, big boy.
They're unleashing hell.
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
What does thou mean?
I'll tell you what I mean.
I mean, over there
is a super-massive
frack hole.
And holes like that, they
don't open up for no reason.
They're the product
of evil men.
Fracking Mother Nature.
Pimping her,
poisoning her.
Pumping her with their
rock-hard, toxic cocks.
People don't want it.
Farmers don't want it.
The only people
that do want it
are the unelected imperialist
elite that is Terrafrack.
MAN: Privileged pricks!
We know what they are.
They're bullies.
And what better place
to learn bullying
than here at
an English public school.
The CEO of Terrafrack
and your headmaster,
they're school chums
from back in the day. Ooh!
I don't think they knew.
They didn't know. See this?
Old school tie.
Yeah? Wake up.
It's how the system works.
I bet your dads know
all about that.
What are they?
A couple of bankers?
No, come on. Tell us.
What are they in?
Property? Hedge funds?
Insurance? Recycling.
What? You mean,
like recycling waste?
Yeah, he takes
other people's shit
and turns it
into cash.
That's funny. Pretty sure my old
man does the exact opposite.
Oh, well, pity, it's all going
to shit in the end.
Shit we'll end up
eating. Ha-ha-ha.
This ain't
a fucking joke, boys.
Huh? We are all gonna eat karma
for this. Join the dots.
That's why we're here.
ALL: Yeah! Knee-deep in shit.
ALL: Yeah! No flushing latrine.
ALL: Yeah! Don't cheer that one.
Because we know that hole,
it ain't no mundane chasm.
It's a portal.
A gateway.
It leads straight down
to hell.
Now, who wants
to buy some drugs?
Get them some drugs.
We're all gonna die soon.
Go out with a bang. Kaboom!
Is someone out of bed?
This place
is creeping me out.
I'm suffocating.
BABS: Don't be daft.
You're overemotional.
I'm not being overemotional.
I'm tired, all right?
I haven't slept
in fucking weeks.
BABS: All right, Don. Calm down.
You're coming home
this weekend.
We can talk about it then.
And you can always text me.
I can't text because
this prefect's taken my phone.
BABS: What do you mean,
your phone?
I let you
and Dad down, I know.
BABS: You did not let
Dad down or me.
I don't belong here.
BABS: Of course, you do.
I wanna come home now.
Do you fucking mind? Oh!
Sorry. We thought
you were someone else.
Calling child helpline?
BABS: Don?
Don? Don?
No, no. It's my mum.
She misses me.
BABS: Don, what's going on?
Speak to me.
I told you, Mum. No.
I'm fine, all right?
BABS: What?
I'm fine. I'll see you soon.
BABS: You weren't fine.
BABS: Don, don't... No, no. Bye, bye.
She's, uh, worried about me,
you know?
Keep telling her
to chill out,
but apparently
it's much worse at Eton.
Well, sorry
we interrupted you.
Why don't you come with us?
We're going to smokers' corner.
But, um, we haven't
got a light.
Ladies, lead the way.
Ah. Ahem.
I was just, uh...
Amazing grass.
Yes, the, uh...
The cricket pitch,
just cut to perfection.
Good job, lads.
Fucking fascists.
DON: This is smokers' corner?
Beats the back of the
bike sheds, this, doesn't it?
No wonder
everyone here smokes.
You're so northern.
It's true, though,
isn't it?
This is what our parents
are really paying for:
nice buildings,
Fucking prime ministers,
all that bollocks.
It's a breeding ground.
Breeding what?
Think how many of
our world leaders
spend their
formative years like this.
That is fucking scary.
Some don't make it,
though, do they?
Like that viscount kid.
The one who hung himself.
Oh, yeah.
I think
he got badly bullied.
A hard time being gay.
Got on the wrong side
of Matty Clegg.
DON: Why? What happened?
CLEMSIE: Matty caught him
and another boy
in the boathouse after dark.
Clegg told the parents.
All got brushed under
the carpet, of course.
Everyone says,
"Just be yourself."
But nobody tells you
how hard it is.
Especially around here.
You seem to be doing
all right, though.
Always smiling.
I am when I see you.
I'm glad... You dare
talk to a Sixth Former?
Fucking hell. Oh, my God.
Having a cheeky fag,
are we?
Where was my invite?
And, Don,
where's my lighter?
Clegg! Clegg! He's on
the warpath with his cadets.
DON: Cadets? What?
KAY: Run, run, run. Go!
SMUDGER: Who's got a ciggie?
Not now, Smudge. Go, go.
CLEGG: Halt!
We know
you've been smoking.
Empty your pockets.
DON: Run!
BUTLER: Shall I get that, boss?
LAMBERT: No. It'll only be
the headmaster.
Fussing about
the methane leak.
BUTLER: Methane leak?
That's a methane leak.
LAMBERT: Asshole.
Yes, uh, and you're quite sure
there's no danger?
Very good, very good.
Even so, I'd like to voice
my concerns with your superior.
Yeah, well, please do ask him
to give me a call.
He's very protective of me.
Aren't you, Mr. Chips?
The authorities,
they, uh, been able
to shed any light?
It's nothing.
Simple gas leak.
Thank goodness. Yes, thank goodness.
A gas leak? Headmaster.
Sounds rather...
Just a small one, Meredith.
Nothing to worry about.
it was a lake of fire.
Yes, well, uh, that is
the methane, you see,
uh, leaking
out of the ground.
Ahem. The chaps at Terrafrack
say it's all quite normal.
And they are the experts,
after all.
What is it now,
Another champagne hamper,
sir, from Terrafrack.
Thank you, Tomkinson.
Thank you.
So this is all
fracking related?
Meredith, the substructure
of Slaughter Hall
is hundreds of years old.
I mean, we have some
very leaky drains here,
very old tunnels.
Ancient, in fact.
Speaking of Matron.
(CHUCKLES) This took us a bit
by surprise is all.
Look, it is rather concerning,
headmaster, don't you agree?
Yes, it is.
Which is all
the more reason why I...
I cannot have boys smoking
in such a potentially
highly-flammable environment.
I mean, ooh.
Ah. I must take this,
if you don't mind.
It's rather urgent.
Audrey, darling. I can hear you,
but I can't see you.
Out of his league.
Now, look, boys, boys, boys.
You're both too young,
too bright,
and quite frankly,
too darn handsome
to be polluting your bodies
in such a reckless fashion.
I don't want to
start thrashing pupils
like it's the good old days.
But it's clear to me that
you do need some correcting.
I am going to
telephone your parents
and ask that you not
return home tomorrow
for the Exeat Weekend.
Instead, you will remain here
and perform sanctions
with your house god.
Who's at Sparta this weekend? I am, sir.
BAT: Mm. Good.
Well, now
try and use this as a...
Bello, what's up? What's up?
Bello. Cool.
Two more names
to go on there.
Blake, Wallace.
Tomorrow morning, 5 a.m.
In your games kit. Be prepared.
SMUDGER: Clemsie, you're Upper Sixth.
You can't be seen talking
to Blake and his oiky roommate.
I'll speak to whom
I bloody well like.
This place is a joke.
I'll be a joke if
the chaps hear about it.
I'm being made a god.
I've been dreaming about this
weekend ever since I got here.
What's up, Woots?
Did you pass the test yet?
What does it look like?
Look, Clemsie.
I need you
there by my side
when I'm anointed by
the head boy.
It's not my scene,
a bunch of dickheads
wanking each other off.
This is your night.
Smudge. Look.
Doesn't mean
I don't love you.
Ugh. Snuff.
Cheer up, Ducky.
I mean,
it's not all that bad.
At least you've got me.
So not going home, then?
We'd thought you'd be grounded.
Tough luck, boys.
Going home for the weekend?
To Hong Kong?
Don't be ridiculous.
I'm in a chess tournament
in Beijing.
Really? When? Five minutes. Better run.
Hey, Don. You could always
hook up with Clemsie.
KAY: She's staying too.
Oh, my God.
She's here.
A weekend alone in paradise
with Clemsie Lawrence.
Come on, Ducky.
Grow up.
She's Clemsie Lawrence
of Belgravia.
Who the hell are you?
Thanks, mate. Just being honest.
Good. It's about time,
isn't it?
You haven't told me nowt
about this place, Will.
You didn't even tell me
Seymour was bullied,
or why he hung himself.
That's none of your business.
None of my business?
I sleep in his
fucking bed, Will.
Someone died and you act
like you don't even care.
You're supposed to be
my roommate.
Thanks a lot.
No wonder he fucking
topped himself.
Go and do some snuff,
you weirdo.
WOOTTON: I'm sorry I failed the test.
Please, Mummy.
Let me come home.
I promise not to be
a nuisance to you and Steve.
No, please.
All this quiet desolation
I am burning up inside
I don't know my own mind
Feels like
I could disappear
Feels like I was never here
But I'd keep it to myself
'Cause there's not
A hope in hell
Now the moon
Calls your name
The sun's a burning flame
So I crawled
Among the shadows
And hollered out in pain
HARGREAVES: Happy bloody weekend.
I gave up my sole position
I gave up on asking why
Why, why, why
Baby, goodbye
WILLOUGHBY: That's none of your business.
None of my business?
HOUSEMAN: Whose idea of a sick joke
was this?
I want to know. Own up.
I think he was badly bullied.
...he was badly bullied.
WILLOUGHBY: He was my roommate.
You? Your roommate, your problem.
He was my roommate.
DON: I sleep in his
fucking bed, Will.
Was it you? You?
You'll find out soon enough.
Oh. Fucking prick.
Nearly bloody killed me.
Oh, my...
You're a bloody drama queen.
You know that?
Oh, my...
I'm sorry for what I said, mate.
All right? You're not that bad.
Life ain't that bad.
Yes, it fucking is.
Is that what you're leaving me?
Your snuff box?
Did you bequeath it to me?
What the fuck am I supposed
to do with that?
You've got years of snorting
tobacco ahead of you. Years.
All right?
You're not him, Will.
You're not Seymour.
He was all that I had.
Yeah, but then rage, all right?
Rage against the...
Machine? Dying of the light.
Whatever. The point is, you've
hit the bottom, all right?
But you're on the way up.
Things can only get better.
It can't get any darker now.
HOUSEMAN: Don't tell me you've
found someone else.
You know I have.
This is Ibrahim.
How can I just leave him
and come back?
Well, can't you
bring him with you?
Hey, Ib.
Hello, little man.
Do you like cricket? Meredith.
WOOTTON: Hargreaves!
All right,
everybody gather around.
Better do a body count.
One, two...
three, four, fag...
...six.And Bello's in the bath.
There's no power anywhere.
Blackout for miles.
Everybody sits tight
until I've gathered intel.
Matron, take some candles up
to the headmaster.
Lock up behind you.
Nobody leaves Sparta.
Um, Clegg.
Where's Meredith?
Mr. Houseman
is not feeling well.
He's taken to bed.
I'm in charge now.
What was that?
No, the shafts
have completely failed.
It's only an earthquake.
It's an occupational hazard.
Boss, look at this.
Those things,
whatever they are,
they're out.
The shafts are blown.
There is no way.
The sinkhole. The sinkhole.
In Xanadu did Kublai Khan
a pleasure dome erect. Ha, ha.
Boss, we've gotta go.
We need to evacuate.
It's doomsday.
You don't wanna stay
for dinner?
Turns out these little babies,
they love fracking.
It's made them
fucking bonkers.
You're off your fucking tits.
I'm out. Where you going?
They don't wanna bite you.
HEDGER: Evacuate!
Come on! Let's go!
You're not gonna bite him,
are you?
What the hell is going on?
Fuck me.
Who's got a weapon?
Give me that fucking Taser.
You know
how to use that?
Hey, watch out... Aah!
Oh, sorry. No, sorry.
Should we tell
the headmaster?
Sod the headmaster.
Where's the bloody choppers?
We need choppers.
Got that? I repeat...
The Portaloo!
The fucking bogs!
HEDGER: Evacuate!
Fuck me,
these mushrooms are strong.
HEDGER: Everyone, we gotta leave!
It's the sound again.
They're back.
Teddy, stay put.
I'm gonna come and get you.
No. It's a dragon!
Sounds like there's a war
going on out there.
Maybe the frack hole's
blown up.
Sorry for putting you
through all that.
I'm such a tit.
Don't be daft.
You just can't handle
your drink.
Sod this.
Where are you going?
Think I'll take a look.
Don't tell Cleggy.
Fuck Clegg.
Come on, duck.
Let's have some fun.
Zadok, the Priest
And Nathan, the Prophet
...Solomon king
DON: Think I figured it out.
Figured what out?
The guy in the forest
with the beard.
Prophet of doom.
He's an old Slaughterian.
How do you know?
DON: I did a bit of digging.
His name's Woodrow Chapman.
WILLOUGHBY: Wait. Woody Chapman?
Why? Do you know him?
He's the school legend.
He's the big brother
of Teddy Chapman.
The plaque in the basement.
WILLOUGHBY: That's Teddy.
He and Woody
were trying to escape,
but he disappeared
down in the tunnels.
They've been sealed
ever since.
What happened?
Well, that, my friend...
is the most terrifying story
of them all.
KAY: Aah! Was ist das? What?
Two little schoolboys.Clemsie. Kay.
Queen of cunts.
What are you doing?
CLEMSIE: We're going to investigate.
And you're the backup.
All right.
KAY: I can't drink any more of that.
Pretend it's the end
of the world.
We're all that's left
of humanity.
There's no need to pretend,
We'll soon be eating each other.
We're all going to die...
DON: Told you there was a war
going on.
CLEMSIE: What is this place?
WILLOUGHBY: The anti-frack camp.
They have a Chinook?
They've got power over there.
Right, mate.
We need to call the police.
The police?
What was that?
DON: Hello?
It was a fox.
A fox?
KAY: Over here.
Well, it's a... What the hell is it?
It's a... It's fucking ugly.
It's got a snaggletooth.
That thing needs to see
a fucking dentist.
CLEMSIE: Guys, don't be mean.
It looks kind of cute.
Yee. Hey, little baby.
Where's your mummy?
DON: Clemsie!
CLEMSIE: Get it off me!
DON: Clemsie, no!
No, Clemsie, watch out.
There's a sinkhole.
Clemsie! I've got you.
CLEMSIE: Get the fuck off me!
The ecstasy
of death.
You okay?
You're all right, Clemsie.Yeah.
Yeah. I mean, yeah.
You killed it.
Give Boadicea a fag.
It's old foxy again.
Will you stop saying
it's a fucking fox?
It's clearly not a fox,
is it, Willoughby?
All right, Wootton.
Death beckons.
Your move.
So let me see.
I'd like to summon a demon,
please, Hargreaves.
You would, would you?
Just like that.
Bring the darkness.
But I'm a necromancer.
You're a dick. Roll 20.
If you miss, you die.
That's tyranny! That's the rules, bitch.
You know, Hargreaves,
one day I'll be a god,
and then I'm gonna fucking...
I can't quite see you
at the Arcadian orgy somehow.
You're perfect sex-god material? Fuck off.
What is an orgy, anyway?
For fuck's sake,
would you just roll, please?
Twenty or death.
What's that sound?
What's that smell?
Ugh. Hargreaves, Jesus! Ha-ha-ha.
That's evil.
Talk about summoning the dead.
Fuck's sake, come on.
Good grief.
What's all this?
Why are you exposing yourself?
Oh, sorry, sir.
There's something
you need to see.
BAT: What is it?
Someone's head? Ha, ha.
DON: Not just a head, sir.
It's a whole body.
Well, goodness.
I am intrigued.
Dear God.
This looks like
Tuesday's pudding.
Bit of custard on it,
be nice.
Uh, sir,
it attacked Clemsie.
I'm afraid
I had to kill it.
Sir, if you look closely,
you can still make out
the jaw.
See? They're carnassial teeth,
clearly visible.
It's a carnivore.
I think quite possibly a rare
or even undiscovered
subterranean subspecies.
DON: God.
Well, fascinating.
Thank you, Matron.
Thank God for rat poison.
I'll tell the ground staff
on Monday.
CLEMSIE: Sir, this is
way beyond rats.
You need to call
the police now.
The police?
this is a school matter.
We're not bothering
the rozzers.
Sir, we've been
to the frack site.
BAT: No, no, no.
No, Mr. Spray
and the ground staff
will see to the vermin
on Monday.
Ahem. Now...
in the meantime, I'm going
to have to notify your parents.
BAT: I can't have pupils
wandering about in the middle
of the night after orders...
Are you serious?
In the forest.
An area you all knew
was strictly out of bounds.
No! This is what
you're going to do.
You're going to put us
in the car...
and you're going to drive us
to the nearest police station
right fucking now...
BAT: What exactly...?
There's something in the woods.
Uh, do you have
your car keys, sir?
Only I think we should probably
be getting off fairly soon-ish.
Anybody seen Blake or Wallace? No, Clegg.
Stand up straight
when you speak to a house god.
And you take off
those fucking ears now.
Nobody leaves.
BAT: Keys, keys, keys.
Ah. Presto. Thank God, let's go.
Wait. There won't be
enough room in the car.
Who's gonna stay
and hold the fort?
you're Upper Sixth.
If anyone's staying,
it should be you.
Don't be ridiculous,
I'm driving.
You're the one responsible.
You and your dodgy
frack buddies.
just you jolly well hold on.
She's right, though, isn't she?
Your boy in the wood told us.
You and Terrafrack. Oh, dear.
I fear you have been poisoned
by the ravings of a lunatic.
He's not mad. He's...
BAT: My old roommate.
Class of '88.
Old school tie.
Yeah? Wake up. Ha-ha-ha.
What's Woody
been telling you, eh?
There's a sinister evil lurking
beneath our school?
He's been playing the same
old record since he was 14.
Now, look, boys, boys.
I get it. And girls.
The world's a bloody mess,
and you want someone to blame.
But the truth is, there is
nothing dodgy about Terrafrack.
They are a heavily regulated
and highly reputable
energy supplier.
And without their help...
we simply do not have the funds
to maintain our school. Fact.
Don't try and stop me, Chippy.
While we're talking about facts,
I am getting sick to death...
of this endless scaremongering
about hydraulic fracking.
There is no danger.
There is no risk.
The only genuine risk...
is of a bankrupt United Kingdom
with no affordable energy.
Or worse, energy
entirely dependent on China!
Well, by golly...
you may not care
about this country of ours...
but I'm not giving up
without a fight.
We are drilling for shale gas
if it's the last thing we...
Podge! There's a big dog.
To the Skoda!
Open it.
Damn, it's a rental, you see.
The Jag's got a flat.
Are you serious? Try again, open the door!
You're pressing the wrong
button. Give that to me.
How did you do that?
Fuck's sake,
just get in and drive.
Seat belts, everyone. Hurry!
I'm going as fast as I can!
I am not driving
without my seat belt.
Please, sir, just hurry up.
You're making me nervous!
You're making me nervous,
Brace yourselves, children.
Mr. Chips.
Oh, no.
Chips. Chippy. Dear God!
Goodbye, Mr. Chips.
What the hell is he doing?
WILLOUGHBY: Give him a moment.
He reversed
over his best friend.
What was it?
Some kind of rare,
subterranean subspecies.
And you've pissed it off!
WILLOUGHBY: Drive! Drive!
CLEMSIE: We're in a fucking hedge.
Let me drive.
Once on a high
And windy hill
In the morning mist
Two lovers kissed
Don, fucking brake now!
KAY: Jesus Christ.
Oh, Clemsie,
that is a lot of glass.
Is it dead?
It's been dissected.
Really, Clemsie?
That's the second living thing
you've killed this evening.
how many more are there?
What? Why are you stopping?
Clemsie, come on, drive.
I have to go back.
It's Smudger, I...
I can't leave him.
He's my brother.
He's your brother?
Of course.
Yeah, we got to go back
for your brother. Do we, though?
Thank you, Don. Clemsie, he's your brother.
We can't leave
your brother behind, can we?
Come on, guys,
we can do this.
We are all going to die.
what happened out there?
Clemsie ran into a creature.
Where's Mr. Houseman?
No sign of him.
Clegg's gone too.
WOOTTON: Maybe he's been eaten.
Don't get your hopes up.
We need to hurry up.
What time is it?
It's tool-up time.
What is all that crap? It's games cupboard.
You can find anything
in here.
Last worn
by the Duke of Clarence.
Last worn by Hargreaves.
WILLOUGHBY: Wait a sec.
You thinking what I'm thinking?
Just needs some petrol.
Get fucking real.
Where is your brother?
He's at a party.
I ain't eez-eh
And I make you mad
At least I ain't sleazy
Cripes. He's gonna finger her.
Oh, he is.
He is, he's a bloody animal.
Let me have a go.
HARGREAVES: No.Give him a bloody go.
You're torturing him.
WOOTTON: I want a go.
This is it.
This is Smudger's initiation.
A "let's wear togas
and talk fucking Latin" orgy.
We have to stop it at once.
Good luck with that.
They've been planning this
all term.
DON: No wonder
the country's fucked.
Being run by these knobheads.
Get him out!
It's an emergency.
I don't speak Latin.
Anyway, you're Upper Sixth.
Aren't there rules
about these things?
Don, he's my brother.
(GASPS) He's...
He's getting anointed
by the head boy.
Wow. His hands are massive. Please, Don.
For me. All right.
Come on, Will.
Right-o. Yes. I'll just
keep watch from up here.
What do you mean, keep watch?
Come on, give me a hand.
A hand? "Never touch
the balls," right?
Especially his.
(IN LATIN) Make way for the head
of school!
"Never touch the balls."
What a load of bollocks.
What the devil's
going on? What...?
Where's everybody...?
Hargreaves? Bello?
Cor, I don't half fancy you.
(IN LATIN) Mmm, I love it
when you talk dirty.
Smudger. Smudger, wake up.
It's time to go, mate.
Come on, mate.
It's breakfast time.
All right. Come on.
Clemsie's here, mate.
And the, uh... The headmaster's
been eaten by a wild animal.
And you've shit yourself.
Smudger! We got to go
and if you think I'm carrying
you, you got another...
A new boy. No, I'm not part of this.
Restrain him. No, no.
I'm just visiting. No!
Where did they come from?
HARGREAVES: The Minotaur's back.
Hey, stop! We've got to get
out of here, you lunatics.
Start listening...
Oh, fucking hell.
What are you doing?
He's going Fifty Shades.
What? Give it back now.
Oh, this is not
going to plan.
We gotta go help him. He's having fun.
get down here quick!
You don't get this type of thing
in Doncaster, you know.
Fuck! We gotta save them both.
Right. You take that.
DON: Help! You two with me. Come on.
I've come to get you, Wallace.
Shh. Christ.
When this lot wake up,
they're gonna
find you skinned
like a rabbit.
Do you know what that means?
No, of course
you fucking don't.
It's Latin for
"I'm gonna fuck your face."
Bloody hell.
It's Clegg. Clegg?
Who's he gonna shag? Uh...
Wallace, by the looks of it.
Let me have another go,
What the hell
is going on here?
There's no power.
Sparta's completely empty.
Who put me to bed?
You're so warm.
And wet.
And wide?
Oh, I'm terribly sorry.
What was that?
It's happening. Aah!
I'm a necromancer.
He's got a big knife.
There's an orgy.
Stop shouting.
I've got a splitting headache.
The head's dead. And so is his dog.
Don! Oh!
Oh, you came for me. Thank God.
Right. Help me carry Smudger.
Yeah, your brother. Yeah, yeah.Mummy.
What are you doing
with this?
This pike saved the First Earl
of Slaughter from the beast...
What the devil?
We've been
trying to tell you, sir.
Sir, come on.
I rather think it's dead,
don't you?
Sorry, sir.
CLEMSIE: Sorry, sir.
We should find
somewhere to hide.
Like now. Smokers' corner?
So pretty dark. Hmm?
Do you think
we've hit the bottom yet?
It's funny to think an hour ago,
I was about to top myself.
And here we are
fighting for our lives.
He looks like
he's given up.
Come on.
We need to keep moving.
Get back to the house.
Save the children.
Try and save the children.
Mr. Houseman, sir?
We... We need you, right?
Please, help us.
Yes. Help. Yes, help you.
Right. Um... Ahem.
Where did they come from?
The creatures,
where are they from?
Out of the ground.
There must be a nest somewhere.
And how many are there?
Dunno, sir.
"Dunno"? "Dunno"?
"Don't know." For heaven's sake,
enunciate, Wootton.
Sit up. Don't slouch. Sorry, sir.
Keep it together. Yes, sir.
There were four at the river
plus one that ate the head.
There's five. At least five.
Right, so we must assume
there is a... A herd or a pack...
...or a hive. I'm sorry,
I don't know
what the correct
collective noun is.
A frack sounds good. I agree.
Yeah, I like frack. Me too.
Jolly good. A frack of...
But a frack of what?
Who the frack cares?
They ate half the Upper Sixth.
Smudger, I'm sorry.
At least they died
doing something they enjoyed.
A distress flare. Someone's in distress.
We need to call the army.
WILLOUGHBY: It probably is the army... distress.
The cadet range.
we need firepower.
Stand back.
I'm gonna ram it.
Wait, where's Smudger?
Back door's open.
Right. Come on.
Ugh... Damn shoulder. Sorry, sir.
Think I dislocated it.
HARGREAVES: Guns. Firepower.
Now we can blow shit up.
Language, Wootton.
WOOTTON: Sorry, sir.
Hargreaves, get
the generator on. Right.
Girls, glow sticks.Sir.
Willoughby, water.Sir.
Smudger. Yeah?
Find yourself some trousers
for God's sake.
Let's have a look at this.
DON: Sir?
Throw me the bat.
DON: Sorry, sir.
HOUSEMAN: Shoulder.
DON: Are you all right?
HOUSEMAN: It's the old wound.
Killed my cricketing career.
Could have bowled for England
once upon a time.
You're a good man, sir.
You know that.
Yes, well, maybe thank me
when we're all out of here, yes?
Now, be a good boy
and smash that lock off.
Oh. Aha!
KAY: Whoo!
HOUSEMAN: Let there be light.
HOUSEMAN: Good heavens.
Looking for these, are we?
You're alive.
Thank God. Are you all right?
I'm fine, sir.
It's just a scratch.
Right, well, very happy
to hear that. Very happy indeed.
Now, we have to get
this gun rack open at once.
You're not thinking
of giving firearms
to these two, are you, sir?
Well, yes. We've got
to get all hands on deck.
What the...? These two degenerates...
need to answer
for their crime.
What are you
talking about crimes?
The school ties, sir.
In the downstairs lavatories.
And over my door.
HOUSEMAN: Willoughby?
Was it your idea
of a little joke?
HOUSEMAN: You and Seymour?
A pleb and a queer.
Tell me, Blake, am I going
to find you buggering him too?
Matty, stop it.
We can talk about that later.
Now is not the time.
You've lost a lot of blood.
There's always one or two, sir.
Trying to destroy our school.
And what would be the point?
There will always be
pricks like you.
HOUSEMAN: Matty, put that gun down!
Lower your weapon!
That's an order!
DON: Jesus Christ, Clegg!
I'm establishing a new order.
It's madness! This is doomsday.
disgraceful behavior.
CLEGG: Wallace, Blake.
On your feet now.
DON: For fuck's sake.
We'll shove these two perverts
out the front door.
While they're
being eaten alive,
we can make a run
for the tunnels.
You're not serious.Yes.
Clegg, you're a sick bastard.
I'm giving you a chance
to be school martyrs.
They may even put your name up
on a plaque.
The first Wallace to die
like a gentleman.
Think how proud
your daddy would be.
No, you didn't.Hey.
will you stop doing that?
Both of you. Now.
Everyone else, stand by.
A signal.
AUDREY: Meredith.
Audrey, my darling. I'm here.
We're all... The children.
Yes, they're safe. Look.
They're with me.
AUDREY: We need to speak.
Something terrible has happened
at the school.
Meredith, you're breaking up.
Audrey, can you hear me?
you must call for help, please.
Text her before
we lose the signal.
SOS Slaughterhouse.
AUDREY: I can't hear you.
"Sausages"? Bloody auto-text.
DON: Help me!
Enough, Clegg. Let him go.
Put your hands in the air.
I'm not taking orders
from a fourth year, Hargreaves.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
You don't understand.
This is war!
No, this is Sparta.
you shot me in the neck. Wow.
Fuck. Oh, God.
Fuck. Fuck.
You're a fucking disgrace
to the house!
You pathetic fucking plebs.
Hold on, Matty!
Get off him!
Get off!
AUDREY: Meredith. Meredith.
Children, save yourselves!
Get to the tunnels.
HARGREAVES: You heard him.
Now's our chance.
CLEMSIE: The tunnels.
AUDREY: Meredith? No, Meredith?
You're breaking up.
Look, I'm not coming home,
I'm sorry.
It's over for us. It's over.
Come on.
WOOTTON: I can't run
in these bloody wellies.
DON: Run!
HARGREAVES: Run, come on.
Run. Come on!
CLEMSIE: Come on, Smudge.
Get up! Get up.
Come on.
Someone's had the same idea.
DON: The not-so-very-secret tunnels.
Well, who's going first?
Excuse me. Coming through.
Come on, go, go, go.
Oh, Christ.
Tunnels, my ass.
This is a sewer.
Hey, I know this.
HARGREAVES: The story of the school.
Hey, what's that say?
WOOTTON: Look. It's the First Earl
driving the beast
back into its cave.
The First Earl constructed
the original house...
on top of the beast's lair.
This whole labyrinth was carved
out by the beast itself.
So we're hiding
in its fucking lair?
Thanks, Mr. Houseman.
Coming down here was
a really crap idea!
Wootton finally passed
the house test.
Nice one.
Shame we're all gonna die.
Shut up, Willoughby.
Maybe we should go back.
SMUDGER: To where
that creature's waiting?
(GROWLING)CLEMSIE: What was that?
Something touched my leg.
That was me. Sorry.
Your hands are fucking freezing.
Shall we split up?
Split up? Are you insane?
Mathematically speaking,
our chances of finding the way...
Mathematically speaking,
we're the square root of fucked!
It followed us.
It's got into the tunnel!
Oh, no.
KAY: There's gotta be
another way out.
We're gonna die down here.
Like Teddy Chapman.
I'm gonna die unfulfilled.
I'm gonna die a virgin.
I'm gonna die in Greek sandals.
Where the fuck do we go now?
You two still looking
for some drugs?
Woody Chapman? Thank God.
He's Woody Chapman?
KAY: Never heard of him.
Anyone seen my little brother?
Huh? Teddy!
I've come back for you!
Woody? I've gotta find little Ted.
Woody, so sorry, mate.
Teddy's gone, okay? But you need
to help us get out of here.
There ain't any way
out of hell.
Don't be daft.
You got out before. Remember?
Yeah, you came down with Teddy.
You tried to escape.
We weren't trying to escape.
We were trying
to blow up the school.
We all knew about
the gas down here.
Blow it up? Like Guy Fawkes?
Like kaboom!
It was my idea.
We got separated.
I lost Teddy.
Something happened.
DON: It was them, weren't it?
Those creatures.
The beasts.
CLEMSIE: You got out, right?
Found a path.
KAY: A path?
What path?
WOOTTON: There's a path?
The path to immortality.
And now?
What do we do now?
We need a distraction,
like a feint move in chess.
Yes, yes, exactly. Will?
You distract it, mate. What?
That light. These creatures...
they're subt... Subterran...
They live underground.
They live underground.Yes.
And it's dark underground.
So these creatures
must hate light.
Give me your torch. It's mine.
Hand it over. I'm a prefect.
And I'm a house god. Fair play.
WOODY: Sparta '88.
Have some of this,
you little bitch.
WOOTTON: I am a servant
of the Secret Fire,
wielder of
the Flame of Anor.
Go back to the shadows.
Go back to the...
WOODY: There's nothing
to be frightened of.
What's this?
Oh, there's my boy.
That's a good boy.
He's like a doggy. Hey.
Actually, he's all right.
He's quite nice.
CLEMSIE: You genius. It worked.
SMUDGER: And I got an E in Biology.
WOODY: Where's the cats?
Where's the cats?
That was close. Ha, ha.
I shouldn't have said "cats."
I shouldn't have said "cats."
Teddy. Huh.
What are you doing here?
Of course there's a way out.
You just gotta follow the...
You gotta follow the...
A dead end!
DON: Path? Where...?
Where's this fucking path?
There's an air current.
It's defogging my...
WOOTTON: The path to immorality.
Go down there.
Go! Immortality.
WOOTTON: Doesn't matter.
Go on, quick. Go, quick.
HARGREAVES: Come on. It's coming.
KAY: They're right above us.
HARGREAVES: It's the bloody frack.
And that's our bloody way out.
Don, your tie. What?
Give me your tie.
Finally hit the bottom, eh?
Be a flame, Ducky.
Welcome to hell,
you son of a bitch!
CLEMSIE: Willoughby!
Hey, let's get out now!
CLEMSIE: Don! Come on!
Don, come on.
Don't fucking die. Go!
Dab of snuff?
Will, give me your lighter.
It isn't mine. It was his.
Come on, Seymour.
If you're out there,
be a flame!
All right, Seymour.
Bequeath this, motherfuckers.
DON: Clemsie, it's gonna blow!
Fucking run!
WILLOUGHBY: Fucking hell.
Congratulations, Ducky.
Really left your mark.
DON: My mum is gonna
fucking kill me.
Let's go.
Yeah Yeah, yeah
I was right all along
Yeah Yeah, yeah
You come tagging along
Audrey, darling,
I knew you'd come back.
I'm alive.
I'm alive. Children!
Children, I'm alive.
Where are you?
Little shits!
Yeah Yeah, yeah
I was right all along
'Cause I have
Done it before
And I can do it
Some more
I've got my eye
On the score
I'm gonna cut
Through the floor
It's too late, it's too soon Or is it
Tick, tick, tick, tick
Tick, tick, tick, boom
Oh, yeah Yeah, yeah
I was right
You were wrong
Yeah Yeah, yeah
Going, going, you're gone
I saw you hesitatin'
Waiting too much
Until it slipped
Through your hands
And then you stagger
To your feet
And out the door
'Cause there's
No second chance
'Cause I have done it before
And I can do it some more
I've got my eye
On the score
I'm gonna cut
Through the floor
It's too late, it's too soon Or is it
Tick, tick, tick, tick
Tick, tick, tick, boom
Shake it
And you come crying to me
But it's too late
The man you try hard to be
But it's too late
Get your head out of the sand
But it's too late
It's too late, too late
too late
Too late
Oh, yeah
But it's too late
But it's too late
Get your head out of the sand
But it's too late
It's too late, too late
You know I've done it before
And I can do it some more
I've got my eye
On the score
I'm gonna cut
Through the floor
You know I've done it before
And I can do it some more
I've got my eye
On the score
I'm gonna cut
Through the floor
It's too late
It's too soon
It's too late
It's too soon
It's too late,
it's too soon, or is it
Tick, tick, tick, tick
Tick, tick, tick, boom
BAT: As headmaster,
I have always been
a firm believer
that cream rises.
And here at Slaughterhouse...
we are proud to be the whisk
to your child's
precious cream...
(CREATURE CONTINUES GROWLING) they prepare to make
themselves felt in the world.
At Slaughterhouse,
you will find family
that is ready
to fight for you.
Cry "per caedes ad astra."
"Through slaughter
to immortality."