Slava (2016) Movie Script

The time is 08 hours and
29 minutes and 10 seconds.
The time is 08 hours and
29 minutes and 20 seconds.
The time is 08 hours and
29 minutes and 30 seconds.
The time is 08 hours and
29 minutes and 40 seconds.
The time is 08 hours and
29 minutes and 50 seconds.
The time is 08 hours and
30 minutes and 00 seconds.
Hello again, investigative journalist
Kiril Kolev is here with me.
Could you explain to us
what this is all about?
Railway carriages have been sold
10 times below their value.
Certified carriages, and after that
old carriages have been purchased...
at 15 times their value,
using the same money.
And you assume the Transport Ministry
Knew about all this.
Usually such kind of deals
require approval on several levels,
budget commissions, at least
all the way up to the vice-minister.
We're talking about millions of euros.
So I don't think it's possible
that the ministry didn't know
And now for a different point of view.
We have the transport minister
on the phone.
- Good morning, Minister.
- Good morning.
An internal audit has been appointed and
the ones responsible will be sanctioned.
But I must ask Mr. Kolev
to refrain from such allegations.
I said it yesterday at the press
conference, I'll say it again:
The transport ministry
is not protecting...
How much?
And do they know who made the call?
Do we know where it comes from?
Uh-huh, I see.
You can get up now.
No, no way.
We're gonna use this, we still have
the carriage issue to deal with.
Get a camera guy and go there.
Avoid any journalists, okay?
I'm listening.
Everything's fine.
We only have to decide if we want
to freeze eggs or embryos.
I'm sorry, I have to take that.
Hello, yes.
No, I want to watch it first.
- So what's the difference between...
- The difference between embryos and...
I'm sorry, just, I get distracted
when you talk and I can't hear very well.
About what?
Why shouldn't they let you through?
Okay, I'll make a call. All right.
I have to make a call.
Can't you do that after we...
No. Where's my phone?
There it is.
Not that one, my private...
Ah, there it is.
Slavi, hey there, love. Listen up.
The guy who found the money...
I need to send a team
over there to cover it.
No, of course, they won't film
anywhere near your people.
Listen, that's good for both of us:
I'll do a little stunt and you'll be
left alone to investigate your case. Okay?
I love you. Bye.
Where were we?
Uh, we were...
- Whether to freeze embryos or eggs.
- Oh, right.
The eggs are your sole property, Julia,
Whereas the embryos belong to both of you.
So embryos then.
Yes, but if in the meantime one of you
should change his or her mind
or if, God forbid, a fatal incident
should happen to one of you,
those embryos will no longer be viable.
- Are you gonna change your mind?
- No.
All right, so we can move on
to stimulation, like I said.
We'll start with injections,
which you have to take every day.
- I'm sorry, my phone.
- Yes.
Yes? Yes, Minister.
On my way to you.
Misho? Kiro and Galya
are on the spot with the linesman,
and you and I are gonna take care
of the minister's statement.
I'll dictate it to you when I'm in the car
so he can memorize it until I arrive.
To hell with Kolev.
We've got a hero.
- You, come with me.
- Me?
No, not you. You.
Hello there!
This is the person.
Hi. We're from the transport ministry,
from the PR department.
So, like we agreed, no filming
in this direction, right?
As you say.
I'll be waiting for you
back there after you're done.
Lets shoot over there.
Against the locomotive.
Just come take a look at the frame.
This is my cameraman.
Is this okay for you?
It's not, but whatever.
Would you tell us now,
was there a moment of doubt
before you called the police?
You have to say it.
Go on.
Say the sentence.
I didn't hesitate at all
before I called the police.
I didn't...
hesitate at all.
That was great.
Now one more time, a little smoother.
I didn't...
- Before I called the police?
- Yes.
I didn't hesitate at all
before I called the police.
What's wrong with this guy?
So, is this it?
You've got zero usable material right now
so I don't see why you're laughing.
I don't know what we're gonna do.
Go on, tell me.
We've got a few nice shots
at the beginning.
Show them.
A little further.
We'll take that detail shot
from 3:26:17 up to the end.
Then we cut back to the close-up
of the wrench, the watch.
And then, can you rewind a bit,
there was something there.
No, further back. Yes, right there!
You take this, slow it down, crop it
and all of this you put together
in a 30 sec. video
and we put a voice-over on it.
Then you squeeze in the minister's
statement and we're done.
Congratulations. Wonderful coverage.
Why don't we just film some other guy?
I'm so sorry, just a sec.
- How did you get in?
- Through the door.
It's time for your injection.
- What, now?
- Yes.
Can't it wait till tonight?
No, because of the puncture.
What do you mean?
The last injection must be 40
hours before the puncture and...
Okay, okay.
Those are the needles,
that's ethyl alcohol.
And that's the...
- The pen.
- The pen.
It has to always show 0
when it's not in use.
You remove this, you take a needle.
You take this off,
you push slightly so it can fit in.
You always have to adjust it here.
You get it?
- Yeah.
- That's your dose.
- Be more quiet!
- Okay.
Now. You put it in your belly.
- The belly?
- You squeeze the skin like this.
That's scary, I can't.
Put some ethanol,
then stick it at 90 degrees.
- Can you do it?
- Yes, okay, listen.
What? I can't come here every day
to give you the shot!
- Okay, just the first time.
- Okay.
She shouldn't have seen me!
I can't stand her! She's very irritating.
You're irritating.
What has she done to you?
Just, before we do this I want to ask you
once we've pinched you with that needle
there's no going back.
Are you sure you really want this?
- I want you to be certain...
- Oh, come on!
90 degrees. Good.
You hold it for 10 seconds
it's gonna inject as much
as we've set it to.
It doesn't hurt.
Of course it doesn't.
My phone.
Yes, hello? Yes, Minister.
No, you just have to say
there will be an award,
you don't have to go into specifics.
And I am proud
that this humble, honest man
is a state employee, a railway man.
He will be awarded for his noble deed.
The thorough railway man
was on his daily round,
when he came upon a remarkable view:
The rails and the surrounding area
were covered with cash,
said the honest linesman.
Yeah, give him
the fool of the nation" award.
It's the same spot I pissed on yesterday.
Five leva and 60 cents.
- Goo...
- Good evening.
Look at that, money on the pub floor.
Quickly, call the cops!
- Quickly!
- Stop messing with him!
You go home, dear.
Go on, dear, go home.
What do you mean he got lost? Lost where?
But where is he now?
- Didn't we send someone to get him?
- Yes.
- Where's the guy?
- I don't know.
Well, find out.
Yes, Valeri, quickly.
Yes, I did.
Well, the injection can't be home,
because I just took it.
Hey, I'm just kidding.
Look, I really am kidding,
I forgot it, big deal.
Look, things are looking pretty hot
right now... hang on.
You call this well pressed?
- We'll fix it.
- Yes, thanks.
Hello? Can you bring me the injection?
I owe you one. See you in a bit.
- Where's the linesman?
- I'm making the call.
This is too high. Our minister is shorter.
- Well, let him take a cab.
- What do you mean, cab?
- Where is he?
- Where is he?
Macedonia Square.
- Tell him to stay put.
- Tell him to stay put.
- Not to move.
- Not to move.
Hey, Valeri?
On your way here,
could you pick somebody up?
- What's his name?
- Tzanko Petrov.
Tzanko Petrov.
I'll send you his number.
Well, he's got a beard.
Excuse me, are you Tzanko?
I am.
Hi, I'm here to take you to the ministry.
Yes, um...
Don't worry.
I've got tissues in the car.
You'll pick it up later.
We have no time, really.
Didn't it occur to you
you could trim your beard a bit?
I can't, I've made an oath.
Take the trousers, leave the coins.
Did you tell Katya about the flowers?
Not Katya, I told Stephie.
No, it's the other way around.
Stephie hands him the diploma.
Katya, the flowers.
- Okay, that's easy.
- No, it's not.
- When are you gonna tell her?
- In a minute.
It's too small.
- Misho?
- Yes?
- Get up.
- I'm taller than him.
Please, stand over there so I can see you.
Where's Ivan?
- How would I know where Ivan is?
- Go get him.
The kid recites the poem,
we raise the mic,
the minister enters from here.
You both are
in the second row on the left.
- The right.
- No, on the left.
- You said on the right.
- Yes, but now it's on the left.
Okay, so he walks
to the minister's right side
so that his left hand
can be facing the media.
Then come the two girls
with the flowers and the diploma.
They exit, the ceremony ends,
then the photo-shoot,
Where they have to be
as natural as possible.
- Ivan, take your pants off.
- What, here?
Yes, here. Please, stop fooling around.
You can see what we're dealing with.
- It's a rescue operation.
- May I get dressed now?
You may.
- What's Kolev doing here?
- I didn't know he was here.
Just make sure
he doesn't run into our man.
Good day and welcome to you all.
We're glad to have you here today
on this joyous occasion.
If our fellow journalists are all set,
we're ready to start.
Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready?
Thank you. You go ahead.
All at once, through rain and fog,
flickers, shimmers, then it's gone.
Lo! Right there, a little light,
a lantern flashing in the night
up there at the turning stands a linesman.
There it looms among the fog,
fatal danger, mighty rock!
The engine-driver is alert
and every lever will be served.
I've gotta take off your watch,
you're getting a new one now.
- But...
- I'll give it back to you first thing.
Face forward.
Slowly, slowly stops the train,
met by a lantern in the dark ahead.
A pale, wet linesman in the rain.
He's not waiting for a prize.
Rooted deep into his eyes
there is modesty and joy.
He's way too humble, way too coy.
Well clone, ye cheerful linesmen!
- P-p-p...
- You'll pee later.
Well done, well done to you all,
countless heroes of no name.
This poem sadly is too small
to bring you all to deserved fame.
Greetings, dear...
Greetings, dear colleagues...
Once again I'd like
to express my admiration
for the honorable deed of Tzanko Petrov...
25 years a linesman.
Because he proved...
that there were, are and always will be
honest and responsible employees.
Mr. Petrov, please, join me.
On his right.
May this watch serve you faithfully...
just like you faithfully
serve the Railways...
the Transport Ministry
and the Republic of Bulgaria.
Will the shoes be in the frame?
- It's all right.
- Will they or won't they?
They won't?
Is... Staykova... coming?
She's probably at the cocktail,
we'll find her later.
- You can approach now.
- We all set? Come.
Wait a sec.
The diploma, yes.
Make small talk while they're shooting,
can you do that?
How's the job?
25 years is a long time.
All in the same place?
Just don't forget to look into the camera.
Uh, this hammer you linesmen use,
is it heavy?
A wrench, not a hammer.
Six kilos.
Tzanko! Into the camera.
Six kilos?
You must've developed
a very strong fist for those years.
Will you shake my hand?
- How's that, is it okay?
- It's okay.
Could you smile a bit more?
Especially you, Tzanko. Please.
Why don't you ask me something?
Now's your chance. Ask me a question.
You ask, we answer, right? Go ahead now.
How much longer are you going
to delay our paychecks?
Hold on just a little longer, will you?
- Into the camera.
- We're in a crisis.
Everybody else is waiting and you can't.
What are 2 months?
Just a little patience,
you'll get your money.
Everyone else did, you will too.
I know where the problem is.
Good for you, bravo.
- Too much fuel is being stolen.
- Tzanko, look this way!
Let us talk about something more festive.
After all, we've gathered here
on such a fine occasion.
- Please, smile.
- Exactly.
I know who's doing it.
Where they're doing it.
Oh, please, that's enough.
Give me the shoes.
- Just a few more shots.
- No, I can't be bothered anymore.
I've reported to my immediate superior...
- Got it, got it.
- ...and I wrote to headquarters.
Easy, easy.
That's it, we're done.
Come on, let's join the cocktail.
- Mrs. Staykova... will she be there?
- I bet we'll find her there.
10... 9... 8... 7...
What is it now?
Yes, speak.
I can't right now!
I guess today everybody's brains
have shrunken from the heat.
It's like I'm surrounded by retards.
Why the silence? Nothing happened!
I forgot, big deal!
I just took it, didn't I?
Thanks for that, by the way.
Yes, Minister.
I'm in the bathroom...
What did he tell you?
Well, he can say what he wants,
it doesn't matter at all.
He's obviously retarded.
Just a sec. I'm sorry.
Just a sec.
We'll talk tonight, please.
Don't be mad! You hear?
Frowny face! We'll talk tonight! Jeez!
No, we can't replace it right now.
Mr. Petrov. How do you do?
Kiril Kolev, journalist.
Congratulations for the award.
Tzanko. Thanks.
I'd very much like to do
an interview with you.
I'd rather not.
What do you mean? You're a hero.
Not so much.
Anyway, in case you change your mind,
here's my card, the name of the show
is Point Blank, call me.
Hi there, Kolev.
- Come on.
- Where?
Okay, bye.
What about my...?
- Your what?
- My pants.
Oh, right. Wait here.
Did Mrs. Staykova call?
What about?
The watch.
Oh, no idea.
That's absurd! You're 40 years old!
Enough already!
When will you have kids,
when you're 60, or a hundred?
I'll be a mother when I decide, okay?
You're making a mistake.
You're making a mistake.
You think I'm bullying you. I'm not.
Why are you waving that finger at me?
You're making a mistake.
Are you a parrot?
- That's because you are!
- Be careful! You're going too far!
- I'm going too far?
- I'm not eating this!
Don't you raise your hand against me!
Tomorrow before noon the weather
will be sunny in most of the country.
In the afternoon, rain clouds
will start to form all over the country,
and there will be short rains
and thunderstorms,
especially in the North and the West.
You're wrong.
I Want you to take the week off.
The time is 09 hours and
15 minutes and 00 seconds.
The time is 09 hours and
15 minutes and 10 seconds.
The time is 09 hours and
15 minutes and 20 seconds.
Can I get the number
of the Transport Ministry?
Ministry of Transport, how may I help?
Could I speak with...
I didn't catch you?
Hold on.
Since the launch of the linesman story,
we've landed more than 20,000 page views.
We've got 12,000 unique impressions
for the ceremony alone,
- which happens very rarely.
- Bravo!
Judging by the comments,
people are entertained
and consider the case funny.
Which was the goal.
- There's nothing about carriages.
- Kolev is fucked!
Well done, boss.
Thank you.
I'm giving you a treat.
- Misho, come help me, will you?
- I'm coming.
Because you are a nice
and neat outfit and I love you.
- What's he doing behind me?
- Nothing, I'm helping.
- You are? And nothing else?
- Absolutely nothing.
Even Anna gets one, although
she doesn't deserve it enough.
I deserve a lot.
Galya, since those guys
at the railway company are sleeping...
That's enough for you.
Push them to think of somebody to fire.
- None for me?
- Forgive me, dear.
Like for instance, some accountant
who omitted a couple
of zeros in amortization.
Just... they'll figure something out.
And Krasi will make sure
it gets in all papers.
Just a small piece, no overdoing it.
Delicately as always.
Just a little for me this time.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You're great.
- What is it?
- The man's still waiting on the phone.
Why is the man still waiting on the phone?
You took his watch during the ceremony
and you promised to give it back.
Hell, Jules.
I completely forgot to tell you.
So where's his watch?
- I gave it to you, didn't I?
- No.
- I didn't give it to you?
- No.
He was looking for you yesterday
after the cocktail.
About the watch.
Well, I'm sorry. He won't find me
because I'm leaving.
I'm going to get some sleep,
so you deal with it.
Without me this time.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I too have the right
to take a day off, don't I?
So what do I tell the guy?
Tell him to call again tomorrow.
What do you mean tomorrow?
Yesterday you said tomorrow,
today you say tomorrow.
What are you gonna say tomorrow, tomorrow?
I'm done hanging on the phone!
Pepa, you have the same phone, don't you?
- Yeah, I do.
- Can you tell me who's called me?
Give it here. What date?
The day before yesterday.
- Missed or received?
- What?
Did you press this green button here?
The other one.
Here's a call from Tuesday, 12:00.
Let me.
Can you write it down for me?
Look now: you press
the green button and it will dial.
I'm begging you.
Good day.
This is Tzanko.
Aren't you the driver?
The one who picked me up the other day?
The award... you know.
The linesman.
I'm trying to find...
She has my watch.
No, no...
my personal watch...
from my father.
Talk to him and apologize
for losing his watch.
I didn't lose his watch,
there's nothing to apologize for!
All the better. Tell him
when you'll give him back his watch.
I'll talk to him when I decide!
Too late. You already left the meeting.
- Hello?
- Stop it!
Yes, here she comes.
Stop giggling, you...
Yes, I have it.
I'll leave it to the porter
at the ministry next Monday.
No problem.
I can't understand you. Good-bye.
Listen, I won't have you
messing with my business, okay?
This isn't about business,
it's about human relations.
Don't give me this bullshit!
Did you find the watch?
Did you look in my office?
Everywhere? And it's not there?
Did you ask the janitor?
I don't care, come Monday
we need to have a watch.
I don't care what you do.
But come Monday we need
to have a watch. Is that clear?
Tzanko Petrov?
I need to see an ID.
Here you are.
Thank you.
Your ID.
This isn't my watch.
Mine has an engraving.
It says To my son Tzanko.
Mister, this is what they left for you,
nobody's touched it.
There's no engraving here!
If you have a problem,
turn to the people who left it for you.
Will you let me through?
Do you have an appointment?
I don't.
Then no.
Use the phone to make
an appointment if you want.
What number?
Here are all the numbers,
find what you need.
Who are you looking for?
- Which Staykova?
- Julia.
- Public relations.
- Yes.
Then the line is busy.
You have to wait.
They could be out for lunch.
We're done, you can get up.
Is everything fine?
Yes, alls good.
We've got five nice follicles
and I hope we can get five strong eggs.
Is she ready for hSG?
No, it's still early, we've got
two more days on the same dosage.
The hormones are ready.
The hormones are fine. It's all fine.
Everything all right?
Everything's fine.
Uh, Tzanko's calling.
Probably to thank me.
Everything's according to plan,
things are looking good.
We've got only two more
days of stimulation,
after which we proceed
to harvest the eggs.
You need to be here
for the puncture early morning...
and you mustn't eat or drink after
10:00 pm. on the previous evening.
Excuse me.
- Take it if it's important, no problem.
It's not important.
So you should be calm, don't worry,
there's nothing to be afraid of.
I'm not worried.
Just, if I may.
Sure, sure.
Yes, Tzanko, I'm sorry. It's just we're
at the doctor's. I'll call you in five.
Why do you explain where we are?
Just hang up or go talk outside.
You have to fill in the papers
for the anesthesia,
we'll give it to you on your way out.
I think that's all.
We're very grateful.
- Good-bye.
- Bye, have a nice day.
Are you listening to yourself?
It's the same but it's not yours?
He's pissing me off!
Sir, the watch I took from your wrist
is the one I gave you back.
I haven't taken any other watches.
Yes, I get that, just don't
shout at me, please.
Where's the bathroom?
Okay, what is it that you want?
Money? You want money?
Have you no shame?
We made you a hero and now you...
I know what this is about.
Tell me how much. Tell me!
Listen, if you don't leave
the ministry this instant,
I'll have you arrested, do you get it?
You all right?
Tzanko, how are you?
We can talk as friends, right?
Sure, sure.
- Sorry I'm late.
- It's fine, I was...
To be honest, I didn't really follow
you on the phone.
Some watches, Julia Staykova.
What seems to be the problem?
This is the problem.
The award doesn't work. It runs s-s...
Forgive me. Hello, yes.
Speak to me, Totev.
No, I can't. What time? No, no.
Send Dimitrova, yeah. Good, good.
No, I can't right now.
I'm sorry, Tzanko.
So, the award?
Runs slow.
And the Glory... isn't my Glory.
Your glory isn't your glory.
I'll have a double vodka.
- What are you having?
- No... a...
A beer. A pint.
All right.
What's your salary?
350 a month net.
Not net.
Well, how do you get by?
Something on the side?
There's plenty of opportunity
in the railways.
True. They come by.
- But you don't take advantage.
- Never.
And the others?
The others...
They do?
- Here a little, there a little?
- A lot.
- Does management know about that?
- They do.
- Everybody does?
- Everybody.
- The... minister too.
- The minister?
He knows. I told him.
- You did?
- I did.
No reaction.
Tell me about the mysterious watch.
She took my Glory...
and gave me back the fake Glory.
Who did? Julia Staykova?
- Staykova.
- Personally?
- What would she need it for?
- No idea.
- So how did you know it's not yours?
- Mine has an engraving saying...
my son Tzanko.
There's nothing here.
Some mystery, huh.
What's your explanation?
All right.
Tomorrow, 8:00.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Take care.
Got a cigarette?
A cigarette.
20 bucks for blow job and fuck.
- What?
- 20 bucks for blow job and fuck.
Please, could you give water
to the rabbits?
Yes. Okay.
He's ready.
Hey, Tzanko, how are you, man?
- Hi there.
- Welcome to our place.
Thanks, thanks. How...
- How are you?
- Fine, fine. I'm fine.
Did you get enough sleep?
How's your head?
- See where we work?
- Yeah, I do.
Quite different, huh.
A... Airy.
Airy, yes.
Say, last night when we talked,
after you told me about the watch,
the things you said,
they bother me very much.
So this morning my editor Totev
and I drafted a...
Totev! He'll come right away.
We drafted a few sentences
in the same tone of voice.
Totev! Please, take a look at them,
see if you could read them.
- Good day.
- Here, see it, read it.
The idea is,
after we talk about the watch,
we move on to this, because this
is a topic we simply can't neglect.
Tell it to the viewers
like you told it to me.
Take a minute to read them through.
It's just a few sentences.
Totev, take the last item out,
I can still see it in the feed.
We discussed this a few times already.
Go on, just a few sentences.
Nothing special.
Tell Annie to bring our guest some water.
Can't you say it?
I can, Tzanko, and we can also
print it in the newspaper.
But we won't be credible.
Who believes journalists
these days, huh, Totev?
You are the hero,
people will listen to you.
If I believed you, everybody will.
It will make a much bigger impression
if you say it.
And also the watch... things could go
much further than expected.
Take the water
and I'll walk you through it.
Come. You'll sit here, this is
our chair for guests, take a seat.
There's the Autocue.
You know What Autocue is?
This is where the text scrolls.
Can you see it from there?
This is a different text now,
but it will be the one you just read.
You just have to read it out loud.
Can you see from there?
I can.
You just have to read the sentences,
you speak slowly anyway,
you can pause whenever you need,
no one will pressure you.
Do this for the people,
they should know the truth.
I dunno.
We can't have a show
about timepieces only.
Who's gonna win
if we don't tell the truth?
They are.
I'm not pushing you, think about it.
We've got a few more minutes.
It's not a big deal.
There's not much difference if you're
speaking to me or to the viewers.
If you don't consent, we've got
a substitute, we'll do another subject.
But if you and I don't do this,
we won't ever forgive ourselves.
This your first time?
No, my third.
What happened?
Actually, everything was normal the first
couple of times, including the transfer,
and then the embryos stopped growing.
That's why we have to do it
again from scratch.
- How long have you been trying'?
- Four years.
No reaction...
Have you tried any other way?
Have you tried any other way?
It's exactly what I wanted to add...
I told the minister about...
who regularly siphon fuel.
And I told him I know where, I know when.
Between stations Tzerovo and Bov.
- You told the minister this, personally?
- Yes.
And he says to me,
This isn't the right time.
And I told him,
But I know who they are.
Would you confirm
those names before court?
I would.
Thank you, Tzanko.
Dear viewers, you heard the truth
and not from just anybody
but from a hero, an honest man,
the truth about how a functional,
healthy enterprise is being plundered
with the knowledge
of the highest officials.
Let's hope the authorities
do their job for a change
and put an end to this pillaging
of public assets.
Let's move on to our next subject.
- Kiro? About the wa...
- Right!
Tzanko, take off your watch
so we can show the viewers.
The award Tzanko was given
for his heroic act,
which I doubt any one of us
would be capable of.
A cheap watch, which runs slow,
A cheap watch, which runs slow,
and meanwhile Tzanko's
own Glory" watch, a family relic,
was removed from his wrist
during the award ceremony.
As of today,
Tzanko still hasn't got it back.
Instead, they gave him another fake.
- Which runs too fast.
- Yes, this one runs fast for a change.
So tell me, dear viewers,
how is this man, whom the lives
of so many people depend on...
How's he supposed to keep track
of the train movements
and what are these times we live in?
What are you doing?
There are five women before me,
I'll be back in an hour.
But the follicles could burst any moment!
- I'll be really careful.
- I have to tell the doctor.
Tell him.
Tell him I'll be back in 40 minutes.
Misho? I want this interview
and all comments
gone from the Internet in two minutes.
Yes, Minister.
I'm working on it.
We'll make him apologize, don't worry.
To the transport ministry.
I want the lawyers to call him
and tell him that if he doesn't apologize,
we'll sue him for defamation.
Yes, and call me afterwards.
Galya, pick up a team for the minister.
Yes, prepare to write.
You ready?
I would like to express
my deepest indignation...
I would like to express
my deepest indignation...
- Excuse me, can you turn it down a bit?
- Yeah, sure.
I would like to express
my deepest indignation
with linesman Tzanko Petrov's
offensive conduct.
A man whom I personally
awarded a knighthood diploma.
The allegations he made
on broadcast television
are nothing but slander
and a clumsy political provocation,
directed by the journalist Kiril Kolev,
who for reasons unknown to me
has taken on a personal mission
to besmirch my name and reputation.
Drop name. Just reputation.
Unless the linesman...
provides proof of his allegations
Within 24 hours,
he will be duly prosecuted.
Do you have it?
Okay, I'm waiting.
What do you mean he won't apologize?
This guy's asking for it.
I'll take care of it.
- Could you turn up the air conditioner?
- Got it.
Come on.
Hello, Slavi?
Can we have a talk? Is this a good time?
Well, no, it has to be in person.
How about earlier?
Well, now?
Talk to you later.
- Hi.
- Hey there, beautiful.
I'm sorry I'm pressuring you
but you gotta help me.
I'd do anything for you, you know that.
Tell me now, what do you need me to do?
I need your people to find something
where it isn't supposed to be.
That's fine,
but it isn't as easy as it sounds.
I'll give you an organized crime group.
What's their field?
Fuel theft from train engines.
That's not a very sexy field.
I'll need some sort of a bonus.
Like a dinner for two.
All right, as long as you cook.
No problem.
- We'd better go have a smoke outside.
- Right.
And we'll set the menu.
Julia, you have returned.
Well, I...
In such cases we'd normally cancel
the procedure and call it quits.
This delay might be fatal
for the follicles.
They might already be all gone.
Come in. Let's see.
Are you Tzanko Petrov?
You live here?
- Here, in this house?
- Yes.
Come for a minute.
What's this, pal?
What's this money?
You know these got numbers on them?
Give me the bag. Put it inside.
Give me your hands.
Straight ahead.
Sit down.
Can I call...
No, that's a business line.
It's expensive.
It's very important.
- My rabbits...
- Forget the rabbits.
You won't be seeing them
in the next three to four years.
Sit, sit down.
Tell you what. My partner and I,
we'll take care of the money,
but you'll have to apologize
to the minister.
I didn't take...
You didn't take this money.
I took 150.
- On top of those?
- Yes. No! This I didn't...
I returned them on the tracks...
What tracks?
We found the money in your house.
Didn't what?
- What've you been doing in there?
- Where?
In the cell.
You were supposed to think in there.
You apologize to the minister
and we forget about the cash.
It's pretty simple.
- This is your speech.
- Hello.
- You have to read it into the camera.
- Can I water my rabbits first?
No, there's no time, we have to be ready
for prime time news.
Tell him where he should stand.
Is this okay?
- Should i...
- You have to say it.
- ...start?
- Yes.
We rolling?
Hang on, the bins are in the frame.
Let's move then.
Let's go over there. By the magnolias.
Come on, there's no time.
- Which ones are the magnolias?
- Right here. In front of you.
In this heat... the rabbits...
Stand over here.
- I'd like to ap...
- Hang on.
We're rolling.
I'd like to apologize to Minister Kanchev
for what I said about him
on the morning show with Kiril...
Cut, cut.
What do we do with this vest?
It looks absurd.
- Can't you cut off his head?
- Are you kidding me?
You give him your shirt.
- Do you know how much it costs?
- Come on, I'll wash it for you.
- Come on, boy.
- Go on. We shoot and you get it back.
This isn't how it's supposed to be done.
- Is this okay?
- It's perfect.
I would like to apologize
to Minister Kanchev
for what I said about him
on the morning show with Kiril Kolev.
Not one word of what I said was true.
I was misled...
and fell victim to a dirty political game.
I am sorry.
Tzanko, let's have a beer!
Come, now.
Say, who's stealing diesel, huh?
Get him!
This is a beautiful embryo,
as you can see.
It's ready to become a baby.
I'm gonna show you the second one now,
also beautiful.
I believe this one also has good chances.
Whenever you decide to go for it.
It looks excellent.
Such a fine embryo is really rare.
You could even name it if you want.
...following International Route E85.
The overall estimate is that
the corridor's entry through Ruse
provides numerous benefits for the
complex development of the entire region.
I'm sorry.
First of all, Corridor 9 and Corridor 7
intercept at Ruse, at the Danube river...
which gives the town defining geo-
economic significance within the EU.
Second, the strategic location
of Port Ruse
facilitates combined transport services
and supports the development of
the trans-European transport corridors,
providing a suitable connection
between Western Europe,
Southeastern Europe,
Asia and the South Caucasus.
Sorry! The Germans want to talk to you.
Hey, Slavi?
Is this a good time?
I only wanted to ask you...
In your report from yesterday
there's an item about...
a railway employee
who jumped under the train. Yes.
I need a little more info. Name, age...
No, it's not urgent.
Just call me when you're free.
I'll be waiting. Thanks.
- If someone asks, I'm not here.
- Understood.
You're free to go.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Hi, this is Slavi, please leave
a message after the beep.
Assya, did you look for that watch at all?
Get yourself together, Jules.
Hello? Slavi.
You forgot about me.
Yes, just the name.
We found it.
Here it is.