Slaxx (2020) Movie Script

Thank you for shopping at ccc
and making
a better tomorrow today.
Yes. Copy that.
I'm on it.
I think we're out of the w76.
No, not that peach. That's w75.
I said the w76, the pumpkin.
Are you asleep
at the wheel over there?
Today's a very special day.
It's aqua 65.
Every aquamarine item, 65% off.
Oh, I just...
I just I can't believe I'm here.
This is so exciting.
I've been wanting to work here
ever since I turned 16.
How long have you worked here?
Since 1987.
I just think what
Harold landsgrove is doing
is so great.
Like, he's my humanitarian hero.
Have you ever met him?
Only in my dreams?
Rule number 175.
It's diwali, Craig.
Listening to music
is part of my cultural heritage.
I thought the ccc promoted
cultural diversity
and inclusion.
Well, I'm sorry, truthy.
I don't want to step out of
my cultural zone
and on to yours, but pretty sure
diwali is in November.
You're right.
What can I do you for?
- New hire.
- Hi, there.
Hi. And you are?
Libby. Libby.
Libby, you are here for the new
collection turn around.
This is such
an important night for us.
Yeah, it's... it's a huge honor
for me to be here.
Gonna have you fill out
all your information
and have you set up to work
on the floor tonight.
So you're going to go
back on the floor.
You're gonna ask for hunter.
She's gonna explain about
the clothes.
Hunter. Right. Got it.
Thank you.
No, Libby, thank you
for joining the ccc family
and making a better tomorrow...
Today. Today.
Okay. See you out there.
Okay. Okay.
Hi, sorry, uh,
I'm looking for hunter attitude.
I'm on it. I'm on it, hunter.
I'm there in like t-minus 5.
Hi. Hi. I'm looking for hunter.
Could you, um... excuse me.
Hi, guys. Welcome today.
We're at hash tag #yoga,
a store I'm like totally
in love with.
Spandex. Spandex everywhere!
How can I resist?
Good boy.
Break room, five minutes.
Hi. Um, Craig told me to
see you about the clothes.
Oh, Jesus.
I don't have time for this.
My ecosystem's a complete mess.
Go see lord. Lord.
I'm sending you the new hire.
And I have time
for this because?
Because I say so.
The ccc contractually
requires all employees to wear.
Ccc apparel at all times
both on and off the floor.
I'm wearing some right now.
Oh, those aren't
from the season.
I just bought them.
When? Last month.
Last month
was three seasons ago.
You need to be in season.
Every time the season changes,
your wardrobe follows.
So get to it.
We need you back
on the floor at 9:00 P.M. sharp.
Harold's on his way
to address the germs.
Harold landgrove's coming here?
So that'll be $175.52.
I'm a new employee here,
so I get a discount, right?
You don't start till 12:01
so, uh...
You're not an employee
till tomorrow.
Oh, okay. I'll, uh, get
the discount next time I guess.
Thank you for shopping at ccc
and making a better
tomorrow today.
Dead valued customers,
the ccc will be closing
in 15 minutes.
Please proceed to the cash at
your earliest convenience.
And thank you for making
a better tomorrow today.
Belong, believe,
be love, become you!
You're gonna be the best
regional manager
this company has ever seen.
You are gonna take q2
into these stratosphere.
Take that, Barb lubotski.
I can't believe I agreed
to pull a turn around shift.
Wtf was I thinking?
Holy shit, girl, those are
triple locked away in fort Knox.
How the hell did you get ...Magic.
Ate half an apple at lunch,
which I know
is more than 20 calories.
But these are literally
going to save my ass.
And what the stopping me
from reporting you
to the robot king?
Uh, because I would not
hesitate to report you
to the robot king about
your little indiscretions
in the back store with
that muy caliente jail bait.
Mm! Mmm.
If robot king catched you, know
that I have no part in this.
Small price to pay
for an awesome ass.
Come on, we're going to be late.
Okay, everybody,
Harold landsgrove is almost
here, and let's not forget
why we are here, which to unveil
the new ccc collection.
So I want you to give him
a warm ccc welcome.
Be to be. Be to be. Be to be.
You are an integral Adam
in the ccc galaxy.
You soldier and in its
army of success.
Be to be. Be to be.
Aunt flow's come to visit.
A week early, that bitch.
Plug it up, girl. Plug it up.
Craig to Jemma.
- Jemma to Craig.
- Are you wearing
what I think you're wearing?
Jemma, where the...
Where are you going?
Unless you want me to bleed
all over the floor,
I've got to go plug my hole
right now.
Is that okay?
I register your feminine issues,
and I respect them.
Just make sure
you're back on the floor
in time for Harold's
All hands on deck, okay?
What's that? I can't hear you.
Yeah, there's
static on the line.
I'm losing you, Craig.
Jemma, I'm pretty sure I made
myself clear that no one
is to have eyes on those jeans
until tomorrow morning.
You would get us all in
a lot of trouble here.
Hello, my ccc family!
How are y'all doing tonight?
Be to be.
- Be to be.
- To be.
Be love.
Be love.
All right, you guys!
Tonight is a landmark night,
and you, all you
very special people,
are here witnessing history.
What the fuck?
There's been a lot of talk
about this item.
A lot of people have been very
keen to get their eyes on it.
That's why we've been
keeping it under wraps
until now.
We hired the top
thread count consultants,
the best stitching specialists,
the cotton masters
from across the planet
to bring you the latest
in our denim revolution,
the super shapers!
Jeans that automatically
adapt to your body size.
The first ever
gender-inclusive jeans!
One shape for all!
One shape for all!
One shape for all!
One shape for all!
Made from
an exclusive cotton strand
found only on the rich plains
of the Indian subcontinent,
this revolutionary fabric
is thermally activated
to mold to your unique
body shape.
Five pounds underweight
or five pounds overweight,
they'll make you look great.
All done in accord
with are ethically sourced
fair trade organic
and economically sanctioned
Making a better tomorrow today.
Starting tomorrow at 8:00 A.M.,
our super shapers will be
available exclusively here!
But we're not done.
We have exclusive exciting news
for all of you.
Peyton Jules is gonna
be here tonight...
For an exclusive
sneak preview of
the new collection.
So be sure to give her
a warm ccc welcome.
All right!
All right, you guys.
I'm counting on you
to have the most awesome.
Ccc Monday madness ever.
Mr. Landgrove, hi.
I just wanted to tell you
I think...
I thin what you're
doing is amazing.
It's my first day,
and I'm so glad to be here.
I'm so glad to hear it.
I hope you'll be
with the ccc family
for a long, long time.
Wow, Peyton Jules.
Amazing, amazing news.
So exciting.
So excitingly amazing.
Mm, exciting.
Peyton Jules coming here
is the most important PR move
anyone could ever orchestrate.
Super shapers release rests
stress completely on her.
But the store's going to be
in lock down all night.
She's going to get in
how exactly?
Doors will open for five minutes
to let her in,
five minutes to let her out,
and she'll have an hour
- to do her fashion haul.
- An hour. Live?
Of course.
This is a total lockdown.
It'll be online as of 8:00 A.M.
tomorrow morning.
So you better get
your cherubs moving.
Okay! Okay, everyone.
Back to work, guys.
Thanks. All right.
Landmark speech, Mr. Landsgrove.
Land Mark speech.
I want you to know
I will do whatever it takes
to make sure
things go as scheduled.
Whatever it takes.
Of course you are.
Have you made a decision
about that
regional manager position?
Not yet.
But tomorrow's
Monday madness performance
will be a major
deciding factor, Chris.
A major deciding factor.
Um, it's Craig.
Please, call me Harold.
Right. Harold.
I won't let you down, sir.
Harold, you can
count on me, sir.
I won't let you down.
- Lockdown activated.
- Won't let you down.
Oh, my god, I am totally batty
for this batty-utiful top.
Oh, my god.
How did you get in here,
little guy?
I'm gonna call him little p!
See you tonight at the ccc.
Put them in the back.
Is this... marigold. Over there.
Craig to Jemma. Come in, Jemma.
Hello. I need five boxes of a25s
in the yellow ecosystem.
Craig to hunter.
Hunter to Craig.
Hunter, what is Jemma's 20?
I don't know.
I'm not her keeper.
Her bee keeper?
Be her bee keeper. Find her.
I've looked everywhere
except for the ladies room.
This is seriously
going to compromise
the rebuild of my ecosystem.
You can borrow Jemma
to help you finish
once you've found her.
Thanks for being such
a great team player.
Jemma, robot king's
got ants in his pants.
You know what that means.
Craig to hunter.
Craig to hunter.
Any sign of her?
Well, then get back
out here stat.
We're falling behind.10-4.
I love bollywood music.
My favorite song is
"hamara India."
Uh, I was just saying
that I really love.
"Hamara India."
Where you from?
And do you like green day?
What's green day?
It's a band from the 90s?
Oh, that's cool.
No, I don't. Why?
Because it sounds
like you're implying
that just because
my parents are from India,
I must automatically
like bollywood music.
What? No. No, no, no, no.
That's not what I meant.
No, I didn't mean that just...
Lord, you have eyes on hunter?
She's not in her ecosystem.
I sure don't, Craig.
How's your
ecosystem coming along?
We're on schedule.
And if I asked you
to locate her,
that would put you ...I've
only got new hires here.
If I leave my ecosystem,
there's no telling
what would happen.
Libby, Libby, I have a very
important challenge for you.
You up for it?
- Yes, sir.
- Craig. Just Craig.
We're all equal here.
Sort of like communism.
But not really.
I have two employees missing.
I need them back
on the floor a.S.A.P.
- Okay.
- I need you to locate them.
Can you do that for me, Libby?
- Yeah.
- Yes?
I think so, yes.
- That's great.
- Who are we missing exactly?
Jemma and hunter,
my two top girls
Jemma and hunter, right.
Start with the bathroom,
the break room,
anywhere, everywhere.
I am tasking you
with this, Libby,
because I am confident
that you can do this for me.
Alrighty then. Okay?
- Okay.
- Okay, off you go.
Those mellow yellow
should have been folded
30 minutes ago.
Are you the rabbit
or the turtle, Camilo?
Like the ninja turtle?
I'd be like...
I'd be like Leonardo.
What is it?
I found her.
Wow, this is horrible.
Truly horrible.
I knew she was battling
serious body issues,
but it's just so sad that she
couldn't reach out for help.
So tragic. So sad.
Should we call the police?
We can't. We're in lockdown.
We have no reception.
That means no phones,
no Internet,
no nothing until
the new collection
is safely on the shelves.
That's the way
the ccc's always done it,
and we're not deviate
at this crucial juncture, right?
Right. We have to do something.
If we tell anyone else,
it could just be panic.
Besides, we're on lockdown.
There's really nothing
we can do until 8:00 A.M.
Tomorrow morning.
What if there's
a killer out there?
There's no killer,
unless you consider
Jemma a killer.
Of herself.
Are you afraid there's
a killer out there?
Do you like being afraid?
Do you want everyone else
to be afraid, too?
That's not really
showing team spirit, is it?
Libby, I know
it's your first day
and you're eager
to do things by the book,
but I don't think you understand
the impact this could have.
If we don't get that
new collection turned around
on time, that means
Monday madness is a disaster.
And if Monday madness
is a disaster,
then the new collection fails,
and if the new collection fails,
the ccc fails.
That's not what you want, is it?
You were doing a great job,
by the way.
You know we had
to do that, right?
Even if I wanted to, we couldn't
even get out to call the police
until Peyton Jules and her crew
arrived at midnight.
I will take care of this
first thing in the morning.
I promise.
Tell you what.
You were such a trooper
back there that
I'm going to waive
the first month of your
mandatory employee
purchase plan.
How's that sound?
Sounds great.
Thank you.
We take care
of our own here at ccc.
Let's go.
Are we on target?
Craig to lord. Craig to lord.
Lord to Craig.
Lord, do you have eyes
on hunter?
I sure don't, Craig.
Copy that.
Okay, ladies, I don't know what
you're playing at,
but robot king is going to blo
if he finds out
you're playing with
the super shapers.
I'm gonna save your ass
this time, but...
Craig to lord, Craig to lord.
What's your 20?
Craig to lord. What's your 20?
I'm in the stock room
looking for hunter.
Forget about her.
I'll take care of that.
I need you back on
the floor stat.
Lord, do you copy?! Just get
back to the floor stat.
I am two men down,
and I can't be three.
We are running out of time,
and I can't have that.
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
Lord, what's your 20?
I told you get back
on the floor.
We have a situation here!
Lord, what's your 20?
Lord, what's your... 20?
No! No, no, no. No.
You are the...
You're the best goddamn
regional manager this place has.
It's you. Be to be. Be to be.
Oh, my god.
It's that guy!
It's just a mannequin.
Stuffed in a very tiny box.
It's a practical joke.
People get a little...
Crazy around Monday madness.
- You know?
- No. No, no.
That didn't look like
a mannequin.
- It's happening again.
- Libby, Libby.
Don't you trust
Harold landsgrove?
Maybe we should... maybe we
should call the police
when Peyton Jules comes in.
You don't... no, no, no, no, no.
No, I highly advise against
that course of action.
You know what, Libby?
You're right.
We should do something
about this.
I tell you what,
I will call Harold.
He will be the one to advise us
on the best
course of action, okay?
Yeah. Yeah?
After you.
Lockdown deactivated.
Oh, my god.
I'm so, like, totally excited
I could just die.
Hi, you guys. Hi.
No photos. No photos!
Hey, guys, phones down.
- Phones down!
- Where the fuck were you?
Just tidying up.
Everything better be ready,
or Harold will roast your ass.
All set now, Barb. All set.
So what's the game plan?
I think I start with the floor
and take her through
the jeans ecosystem.
I've been tasked
with that, Craig.
Me, me, me.
Got that? Me.
Absolutely. Mm.
Absolutely. 100%.
Loud and clear.
So... so glad to have you
on board with us, Barb.
So glad!
Oh, my god.
Are those the super shapers?
Yes, they certainly are.
I've been waiting for these
for my whole entire life.
So have we all.
So, Peyton, you're
the woman of the hour.
What are you thinking?
Give us your vision.
I love everything but these.
These I want.
Can we got these for her?
What size are you, honey?
Zero. Got that?
I certainly do.
Now, Peyton,
if you'll excuse me,
I'll have to go get
those myself personally.
Just get them, okay?
He needs to hurry up.
We're going live in 10 minutes.
It's not my opinion.
I explained it before.
There are no live feeds
during the change over.
Your piece will go online at
8:00 A.M. when the doors open.
What?! My credibility
is at stake here.
I have millions waiting
for my broadcast.
Well, just think about how much
they'll be begging for it
if they have to wait.
It's all about building
the anticipation.
Are we cool?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
How about I get you
and your crew
some awesome ccc promo gear?
It's ultra exclusive.
Sounds awesome.
Don't move.
You guys, I am losing my mojo.
I can't really lose my mojo.
So let's just shoot
this thing, okay?
Oh, hey, guys!
Welcome to the ccc's
collection reveal.
Have you ever been
Peyton julesing
to lose those five extra pounds,
but it's just like not possible
to cut back on those
triple fudge oreos
or that last bite of Mickey d's.
These are totally for you...
The super shapers!
They have some crazy ccc magic
that'll give you the best bod
of the century without the...
I'm buying an entire box!
And their fair trade,
sweatshop free,
and 120% organic.
Some sweet, sweet denim.
Tonight is a landmark night.
And you very special...
Are here witnessing history.
Believe, be love, become.
The super shaper!
One shape for all!
Where's that promo
Gary sent you last month?
And what are you doing here?
You're supposed to be
on the floor.
You're not... you didn't...
What? Speak up?
The pants.
Are you mentally challenged?
Peyton needs these, not me.
What the fuck are you doing?
No! Wait!
Do you actually
think you have a shot
at being regional manager?
Dream on.
You're nothing but a pathetic
little store manager.
And that's what
you'll always be.
Are we done here?
Yes, indeedy.
Never send a boy
in to do a woman's job.
Hamara India
Hamara India
hamara India
Hamara India
Break time!
The super shapers!
They have some crazy ccc magic
that'll give you
the best bod of the century
without the...
I'm buying an entire box.
And they're fair trade,
sweat shop free,
and 120% organic.
Some sweet, sweet denim.
Break time!
Don't do that!
Sorry. I'm sorry.
Okay, okay.
You didn't kill me or anything?
You need to watch this.
And they're fair trade,
sweat shop free,
and 120% organic.
Some sweet, sweet denim.
He said Peyton Jules
would have an hour, right?
Come on. What?
Come on.
Lockdown activated.
Come on.
This is shruti. Come in!
This is shruti.
This is shruti. Come in!
Shruti, what's your 20?
Craig? Yes.
I'm at the back door. You?
My office.
What is it? Spit it out.
I don't know.
Are you afraid there's
a killer out there?
I will do whatever it takes
to make sure things go
as scheduled.
Whatever it takes.
His office has
the only door that locks.
So unless
you have a better idea,
that's where we're going.
Craig, let us in!
Us? Who?
Shruti and ...Bby!
Come on, hurry! Hurry!
Let us in!
Libby! There you are.
I was wondering ...What happened?
- What is that thing?
- What thing?
That thing that killed
everyone in the store.
I don't know
what that was, nothing.
Mass hallucination.
Mass hallucination?
Uh, Libby, please, please
don't touch that.
There's someone out there.
We have to go check it out.
I'm not going anywhere.
That thing is still out there.
We have to make sure
everyone's okay.
Well, you go out there,
and you're dead.
Hang on. You were out there.
And you're not dead.
You're singing
"hamara India", right?
Okay, so I like
to listen to bollywood music
once in a while.
Is that a crime?
Give me your phone, shruti.
Your phone.
Hello there.
That... that's a bindi.
It can hear me.
I can understand.
You don't actually think you can
communicate with that thing.
Okay. So we know two things...
It loves bollywood music,
and it has a bindi
on its forehead.
You speak Indian, right?
There are over like 130
different languages in India.
Okay, well,
you speak one of them.
Yeah, hindi, and a little bit
of urdu.
Let's get what it wants.
It obviously wants something.
Maybe if we give it
what it wants, it'll stop.
Wait, where'd it go?
It... it's hindi.
Keerat? What's keerat?
It's a girl's name.
Who's keerat?
How should I know?
Look up your employee records.
We don't have employees.
Over there, it's just
lines and lines and lines
and lines of subcontractors.
We don't actually know
who... who works for us.
Well... then,
how can you know if you're
employing fair trade workers
and that they aren't working
in sweatshops and that the
cotton they're using is organic?
We don't!
Okay? Jesus! That's just a line.
When are you gonna
figure that out?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no. W-What we can do
and what we do know
is we can trace everything
back about those chains.
We know exactly which
genetically modified seed
- they're grown from.
- Gmos?
You're using gmos?
How do you think they
can make a pair of jeans
for five dollars
and sell them for 150?
"Picked cotton."
How old were you
when you died, keerat?
It's not called child labor
for nothing, right?
Hold on now. The scc has
strict ethical standards...
You just said you can't
trace back who works for you!
You guys were supposed
to be the good guys.
I came here to do good.
And get half-price clothes.
We have to help her.
"Justice for keerat."
Keerat, if we tell
the world your story,
will you stop killing?
No, stop!
What did you do?!
You idiot!
I had her.
And you just made her mad again.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Did I not get the memo,
or are we talking about
a pair of killer pants here?!
You knew what was out there,
and you didn't do
anything about it!
You knew?
If you hadn't hidden
that girl's death
and if you'd let me
call the police,
then they'd all still be alive!
That is some god danged
insubordination right there.
I'm gonna have to
sanction you, young lady.
Sanction me all you want.
I quit. Yeah?
- Well, you're fired.
- Enough!
How many more pairs
of those jeans are there?
What? What? What? What?
What if more of them are alive?
Shit. Oh, god.
It's coming for us.
We have to make sure.
Come on.
What the fuck, Craig?!
Let us out.
So, I've been thinking.
I'm going to need you to
hand over that camera.
Can't have that story
floating out there.
I'm sure you understand.
No way.
You and your bunch of
ccc hypocrites are going down.
Why, shruti,
I didn't know you cared
about anything.
This must be a first for you.
How does that feel?
You will do
anything to make it right.
Soon that door
is going to burst.
It's you or the camera.
Your choice.
This is what you want?
Come and get it.
Just give me the camera,
and we can all go home
like none of this ever happened.
I'll even give you a raise.
Come on, shruti.
This isn't you.
Why the sudden change of heart?
Craig to shruti.
Craig to shruti.
Come in, shruti.
Come in, shruti.
Okay, Craig. You win.
There you go.
Give it now!
The card. I know you have it.
No. No, no!
You're not gonna ruin it
for those pants,
ruin everything I have
ever worked for.
It's clothes. It's just clothes.
It's not just clothes.
See, see, see.
In an ecosystem of life.
Please... don't.
These people haven't
done anything to you.
This is right, keerat.
This isn't justice.
Lockdown deactivated.
No, don't! Don't!
Welcome to the ccc family.
We're all equal here,
sort of like capitalism.
Hi, you guys.
Welcome back.
And now we're all ready
for yoga season!
Mm! Mm! Mm! Mm! Mm!
It's been way
more than five minutes.