Slayers the Motion Picture (1995) Movie Script

So, your name is Lina Inverse?
My name is...
What was that?
Oh, whatever...
What's wrong, Brother?
My God, his leg is broken!
Hey, Lady!
Hey, wait a minute! I said wait!
Don't you need more exercise?
You think so?
Well actually my blood pressure hasn't
been doing too well.
Yeah, and you know, I got this...
Hey! We're not here to talk
about your health!
So, what do you have to say for
yourself! You broke our brother's leg!
Brother! Brother!
Setting aside minor details...
Yeah that's right, if you want to live,
then hand over all your money.
Would you people happen to be in the
profession of banditry?
Well, there are those that
refer to us as such.
Then you're bad people, aren't you?
Oh, you're much too kind.
She's not praising you!
Hey, you catch on quickly, Lady.
Hear ye spirits of the earth,
honor your vow in this hour of need
and do my bidding.
Explosion Array!
Delicious! Delicious! Delicious!
When you come to the ocean,
you can't pass this up!
It took us a while to find you.
We underestimated you before,
but this time we have a
trusty ally with us.
You, you...
Aren't you going to flee in terror?!
No way, I'm having lunch right now.
All right then.
Lady, it's your turn!
What sort of reckless person
would dare oppose
the world's most beautiful, intelligent
and powerful sorceress, the Lady Naga?!
What in heaven's name are you up to now?
Oh, if it isn't Lina.
So it was you? They did mention
something about highway robbery
and a feather brained, bully of
a sorceress with no cleavage.
Oh whatever, time to get to work.
Don't take this personally...
You're mean, Lina.
Look who's talking.
Don't you ever learn?
Besides, they're the bad guys. Aren't
you ashamed to be working for them?
Oh really?
Yes, really. Take one look at them!
But they always say that you should
never judge a book by its cover.
I can't fault you for that...
Nevertheless, these guys are bad guys!
I see, if that's the case,
I'll cooperate with you.
Hey, wait a minute!
We gave you a retainer!
Abide by our contract!
It so happens the law says you don't
have to honor pacts with bad people.
No, no, no, no! There is no such law!
In any case...
They sure didn't pack much.
Could you at least tell us your name?
Me? My name is Lina Inverse.
Then, then you are...
Not the...
Lina Dragon, the Robber Killer!
Please, forgive us!
We didn't know!
I beg you, do what you will with me,
but don't harm my family!
My wife and daughter have
nothing to do with this!
Anyway, aside from that "Robber Killer"
business, what do you mean by "Dragon"?
Um... well, you know,
"...even the mighty dragon
would run away..."
Oh my God! Hurry Lina!
We have no time for this!
Wh... what is it?
We're not gonna make it!
What are you talking about?!
We're running out of time!
Oh, thank God!
Good bye!
Setting sail for Mipross Island,
all aboard!
So those coupons were discount tickets
for the hot springs on Mipross Island.
But why did you bring me along with you?
Oh you know, you were just there,
and why the hell not?
Didn't you want to come?
Well, the food isn't too bad,
so I don't mind.
Oh, I'd like another serving please.
Why are we stuck in a room like this?
What did you expect?
These tickets are for the economy
discount rate package.
Naga, what's the deal
with Mipross Island?
You wanna know?
According to the World
Hot Springs Guide,
"The hot springs of Mipross Island are
rated at five stars out of five."
"The springs are the dream of
every true hot springs fan."
"They have amazing medicinal powers,
but that's not the real secret."
Are you listening, Lina?
"Mipross Island is known for the nearly
impenetrable fog that surrounds it."
"Fog so dense that birds cannot
fly through it."
"But at this time each year, when Fairy
Souls are just starting to appear,"
"the island unveils itself and accepts
people from the continent."
Here, you see. Right here.
"According to stories exchanged between
those who have visited the island,"
"there's a site where you can look back
to the time elves inhabited the area."
"There, the past and the present overlap
allowing you a glimpse of the future."
"Now, people refer to this island,
as the 'Promised Island'."
Where am I? What am I doing here?
I got it!
Isn't it hot?
I'm fine.
Pretty soon the Fairy Souls
will be everywhere.
That's when the village will celebrate.
Can I come?
Excuse me, I'm sorry to
bother you but...
Is there something wrong?
Father and Mother don't approve of
me seeing a human like you.
Hey, you kids.
I don't care.
It doesn't worry me either.
I can't believe these two.
It's getting late. I have to go home.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Hey, wait!
I see, I must be dreaming.
I see that little gets by Lina Inverse.
Yeah, whatever. Who gave you permission
to mess with my dreams?
Sorry about that, but I couldn't get
permission, because you were asleep.
Of course!
Calm down. In any case...
Welcome to Mipross Island!
Old Man, who in world are you?
The fun is only beginning.
This is so good, Naga.
Hey, watch it!
Like takin' candy from a baby.
What the hell do ya'
think you're doin'?!
That's my line. Taking things from
people without permission is theft.
That's right, you're gonna get hurt
if you keep this up.
Hey, Brother!
What was that about keeping it up? Huh?
Ah c'mon, you know.
Bad boys get punished.
Embarrassing me is going to cost you!
I've had enough of your excuses.
Beg and plead all you like,
but it won't change a thing!
So, what are you gonna do now?
What do you mean?
You're the ones that brought us here.
You're quite the smart-ass, aren't you?
Enough already. I am the tenth
strongest man on this island.
This is your last chance to
repent and leave.
Yeah, yeah sure.
Explosion Array!
You're pretty good.
But I am the eighth strongest
man on this island.
And I'm the seventh.
As for myself, behold,
I am the fifth strongest man!
What do you think of that?!
Ya' ready to give up?!
Well in that case, all together now.
That was quite a feat. I'm impressed.
Would you happen to be...
Lina Inverse.
As I thought, the world renown,
Lina Inverse.
And who is your companion?
I am Lina's most powerful and
foremost rival...
My sidekick, Naga.
How can you say that, Lina?
Why do you care? Who are you, anyway?
There are those who call me Sorcerer A.
So, what is your business with us, A?
I thought it was time to expose Lina
Inverse to the marvels of the world.
A magic field?
Prepare to depart life as you witness
the most frightening sight known to man!
The ultimate incantation spell,
Summon Jelly Fish!
Naga, what is this?
Sea Cucumber Spin!
I should've seen this coming.
You're pretty good.
You're not too bad yourself.
He was quite a challenge.
That's the least of our concerns!
What are we going to do with all this?!
They taste good pickled.
You have a point there.
I see what you mean, these really
are fresh. I'll take 'em!
Thank you!
How weird...
How cute!
Isn't it adorable?!
Look at this!
Don't you think it's awfully strange?
Yes, and in very bad taste.
I don't really think that's
the issue here.
Ladies and gentlemen!
We welcome all visitors from the
continent to Mipross.
It seems another year has passed. I am
Lagos, guide to the world of dreams.
Dear Lady, where might you be from?
Why, we're all from Sangoost.
I see, Sangoost is far to the south.
Of Sangoost, I hear the mountains supply
wonderful scenery for fine dining.
This guy's a master of illusion.
Picturesque mountains and beautiful
nature surround the valley.
But look there! And there!
He uses intricate hypnotic suggestions
to draw them into a world of illusion.
Aren't those the Sangoost Mushrooms,
famous for their wonderful aroma?
Being from Sangoost, they must be seeing
the mountains and rivers of their home.
Now, let's clap together and welcome
the fall festivities of Sangoost.
Are their brains completely rotten?!
Hey, you know, meat tastes best
just before it spoils.
I'm taking the first dive!
Oh, this is the five star hot
springs of my dreams.
Just feel this texture...
This smell...
This taste... Why this is...
Hi everyone!
We're the Hot Springs Sisters.
I'm Shampoo.
I'm Rinse.
I'm Lufa.
And so...
We will be your guides to
the hot springs tonight.
And now, a word about the pride of
this hotel, our hot springs!
This hot spring is renowned for its
healing effect on all manner of ills.
Thanks to its epidermal benefits,
it is known as the spring of beauty.
And what about its ingredients?
To the natural spring water are added
other medicinal ingredients
to provide an exquisite blend.
You've got some nerve! Calling this an
"exquisite blend" is totally shameless.
Oh no!
First of all, this hot spring
is far from natural.
Oh no! Oh no!
For you see,
this aroma, the artificial smell that
stimulates the back of the nostrils,
is the famous mixture from Tranvargen,
"Hot Springs of the Northlands".
Yes, this, this artificial flavoring
that clings to the tip of the tongue...
Why I think this is a substance commonly
sold in the Miranda region,
"The herbal hot spring that's a
delicious drink: Miranda's Mix."
I would guess the two are blended
together in a 60/40 mix.
Well, am I mistaken?
Naga, that's incredible!
But of course.
You may get away with deceiving an
amateur, but you won't get past Nahga's
sensitive skin.
Nice to meet you, I'm Juliano Jubibieno,
the owner of this establishment.
Aren't you an interesting person.
I am humbled by your praise.
So, as an interesting person, are you
going to take responsibility for this?
Yes, well you see,
even if the hot springs are fake, so
long as the customers desires are met,
our business is legitimate.
Well, I'm not satisfied.
One disgruntled person cannot out weigh
hundreds of satisfied customers.
Then you'll give me a refund
for my dissatisfaction?
Unfortunately, because you are staying
on a discount voucher, I cannot.
You certainly are a cheapskate.
Oh, I'm nothing compared to you.
Well, I'll leave the rest up to you.
What's your hurry? The fun is only
beginning, Ms. Lina Inverse.
Get out of the way, Naga!
Who are you anyway?
I'm just a hotel owner that likes
to rip off customers
using his favorite hot springs
in order to build up capital,
enlarge his chain and, eventually
expand to the continent.
In short, I want to conquer the world!
Then I have no reason to go
easy on you, do I?
As you wish...
Demon Wind!
Freeze Arrow!
Now it's my turn.
This is getting intense, isn't it?
Here, have some more.
Oh, why thank you...
Then I would like the Pannon Juice.
Sure! Pannon Juice for the
customer from Room 26:
So, where do you rank on this
island's tough guy list?
It would appear that I am in 3rd place,
if you don't include the Great Master.
The Great Master?
That's nothing you should
be worried about.
You're right.
My God!
Spiritual Curse!
Vibration Blast!
You're pretty good.
His magical field is gone?
First in line, Lina Inverse, here I go!
Explosion Array!
Tomorrow is the village festival.
Wear this ring of flowers when you come.
Will it be all right?
Oh no, not this stupid dream again.
Old Man!
I know you can hear me, Old Man!
What is it?
Don't "what is it?" me! Isn't it about
time you explained what's going on here?
Actually, I'm a very shy man.
You won't let me see you or tell me who
you are. That's a little beyond shy.
Well I know, but I can't help
it if I get embarrassed.
My point exactly! Why should you get
embarrassed over these children...
That's right.
You and I will live peacefully together
no matter what happens, right?
Of course.
It's a promise.
Isn't this over yet?
Thank you so very much.
We don't know what to say to
show our appreciation.
We were wondering if you might be
gracious enough to perform another task.
Could you take him to our king?
We know this isn't much, but could you
accept this as a token of our gratitude.
We humbly beg you to do this for us.
You know Lina,
it's about time...
For something to happen, right?
Well well, we've been expecting you,
Ms. Lina Inverse.
Did you come to get him back?
Of course not. We wouldn't dare do
such a thing in your presence.
But we are professionals, and there is a
matter of some pride to be addressed.
Pride, huh?
Incidentally Ms. Lina, where
might you be from?
Oh, me? Zephillia. Oh no!
Zephillia was it?
Such a magnificent place, Zephillia!
The harvests are so bountiful they seem
like a gift from the gods.
With one bite of the luscious fruit,
the rich, sweet flavor spreads
throughout the mouth,
prompting one to lose himself
in the taste.
That is the unequaled reputation of
the marvelous grapes of Zephillia.
I can see them. I can see them.
I can see the grapes of my homeland.
It's about time for the
harvest festival.
How will this year's
new vintage turn out?
The wine is made from grapes crushed by
the delicate feet of virgins.
Naga, help me!
Now, dear Lady, where might you be from?
Did you think you could lower my morale
with Lina's Octopus Dance?
How dare you underestimate me?!
What?! Impossible!
Stone Ghost!
What in God's name?!
B... B... Boss!
Fear not! To an entertainer, it makes
little difference who the audience is.
A true professional never shrinks
from a challenge!
Where might you be from?
Wow! That's really something Naga!
Naga, it's falling down.
It's on a rampage.
Naga, you simply must take classes
in anatomy and perspective!
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Your questionable aesthetics have
caused mass destruction in the city!
One, two, one, two...
I see. I'm impressed by the skill you
displayed in creating such a dragon.
But of course! I am Naga!
Naga, the White Serpent.
Naga the Serpent!
And who might you be?
Lina, Lina Inverse.
Y... yo... you are Lina Inverse?
So, the rumors were right.
You are pretty small, rather skinny,
and somewhat flat-chested as well.
Take this!
Even if you are a king, you can push me
only so far before making me angry.
What do you mean "so far?"
You're already angry.
Oh no, that was just a simple drop kick.
Whatever, it's unimportant.
Come, we'll continue this conversation
later. Stay at the place tonight.
Yes, that would be nice.
Why don't you do that?
Now that that's been taken care of...
Hey, bring food!
Haven't you forgotten someone?
Oh no, but I was about to.
I am Lina's greatest and closest rival.
You must be Ms. Naga, the sidekick.
It is with great pleasure that
I welcome you to our castle.
The dream again?
That sword has no blade!
Lesser Demon!
Light come forth!
That's the legendary Sword of Light.
I've been waiting for you, Lina Inverse.
Welcome to the Land of the Promise.
So that was you, Old Man?
That's correct.
I am the great sage, Rowdy.
I wish to return this island
to its proper state.
I'm more concerned with getting some
sleep than the state of this island.
Hear me, Lina. There is no time
for detailed explanations.
Head north through the Forest of Galin.
There you'll find the Ruins of Elmgowsh!
This geezer isn't listening
to a word I'm saying.
Do you understand?
Go to the Ruins of Elmgowsh!
Go to the Ruins of Elmgowsh!
Go to the Ruins of Elmgowsh!
Go to the Ruins of Elmgowsh!
What are you doing, screaming into
my ears in the dead of the night?!
Oh, have you awakened?
You were the ones who woke me up!
Beyond the ruins to our north, there is
another village on Mipross Island.
The hot springs originate in that
village and are channeled to this side.
About a year ago, demonic beasts
began to inhabit the ruins.
Demonic beasts?
We sent expeditionary forces into
the ruins a number of times.
But those who returned say things that
make no sense. Something about a frog.
We still don't have a clear idea as
to what their true nature is.
We've lost all contact with the village,
and the water has dried up.
And I believe it was
about a month ago...
Yes, we began to have dreams of this
Rowdy who claims to be a great sage.
You too?
Yes, and according to the sage,
soon Lina Inverse,
a stuck-up sorceress with no cleavage
but still very skilled...
It wasn't me!
It was that pretentious sage.
He said to leave the beasts
to Lina Inverse.
That's not what I was told!
Is there no way of convincing
you to help us? I know!
There's the matter of payment for the
destruction brought about by Naga.
Well, that's an unrelated issue that
must be dealt with separately.
I would be willing to consider
a reward for your efforts.
I humbly ask that you leave
this affair to me!
Here are three days worth of provisions
and the other items that you requested.
I'm placing you in charge, Lina Inverse.
Do you have some business with me?
You're no fun.
That's so funny! But I have nothing to
give you for the entertainment.
Right Lina?
Lina, isn't that a Sleep Berry?
Yep, I'm taking off to see someone.
Go see someone? What are you?
Let's see...
So this to this and...
And twist this so...
What are you doing, Lina Inverse?
You must hurry to the ruins! Come now!
Why this is...
You're something! No ordinary mortal
could kick me while I was in his dreams.
What are you talking about?
This was my dream to begin with.
As long as I believe it,
I can do anything.
Isn't that right?
All right then, it's time for you
explain all of this in detail.
You ask me to explain but...
Well you need my help, right?
When you've grown as old as I am, you
can see just a bit into the near future.
So even though this is a request from
me, it has a lot to do with you as well.
Nevertheless, compensation is required
if you want someone to do as you ask!
Hey, cut it out!
It just so happens that there's this hot
spring that only I know of...
Hot spring?
Yes, this is a secret, but the spring is
called the Fountain of Growth.
In another words the hot spring
accelerates your growth!
Accelerates growth?
I'd grow taller and
my breasts would get bigger?
All right! You have a deal!
Leave it all to me, Rowdy.
Let's go, Naga! Time to get to the
ruins! C'mon, we don't have all day!
Explosion Array!
All right, let's have a talk with this
nice beast everyone keeps talking about.
I hate all these ruins and dungeons.
They're always dark and damp.
I guess...
It's trying to welcome us.
Looks like this calls for...
An all out assault.
Earth Spirit Road!
We'll take the most direct route.
Sounds good.
This must be the deepest level.
Here it is!
This is the demonic beast they
were talking about?
It's also probably the "Great Master"
the hotel owner was talking about.
It makes no difference to me
what sort of master you are.
Shouldn't there be a vast
treasure trove in here?
Yes, yes! Look at all that loot!
Hey, wait Naga!
Such treasures!
I've had about enough from you!
Shadow snap!
Stay still for just awhile.
Looks like we can have some fun.
Eh, Lina Inverse?
Would you be so kind as to
tell me your name then?
Call me Joyrock.
So Joyrock, what are you up to? Making
money by manipulating the citizens?
Hogging the hot springs all to yourself!
And on that note!
Demonic Crystal!
You shouldn't let your guard down like
that, my cute little Joyrock.
A futile attempt.
Looks like my turn.
Are you going to show me
something special?
Oh no, this is just a simple trick
I keep up my sleeve.
Guard Flair!
He did a spatial shift?!
He must be...
A demon!
You move pretty fast.
So that's your true appearance?
Shape and form are meaningless to me.
Is there a shape you wish me to take?
There's no need for that.
Not to quote that old geezer but,
"The fun is just beginning!"
We've gotta get out of here, Naga!
What about all this treasure?!
Oh, you can come back for it later!
The treasure!
Sorry to bother you, but may we
have some water to drink?
Why certainly, that's easy enough to do.
Thank you.
No problem. By the way who
would you be?
My name is Lina, Lina Inverse.
This is Naga.
Ah, Lina...
Lina... Inverse...
Lina... Inverse...
Oh my God, that was disgusting!
Here let me borrow this for a second!
Hey, wait a minute.
What do you think you're doing?
Don't worry!
Let me go!
Who are you laughing at?
You're fun to watch,
and I bet you taste good too.
I thought demons subsisted on
human fear and suffering?
There are all sorts of people out there,
and each has a different flavor.
Just like every demon has
an individual appetite.
You see the various emotions of humans
are like delightful, exotic seasonings.
I see. So you did that to them?
Rotten bastard!
If you want to have fun and play,
do it alone and at your own expense!
The people on this island
are not your toys!
Oh, but they are! Human beings are
nothing more than my toys!
Like this!
Kack Tai Chyawak
You see? Just toys.
Y... y... you bastard!
What's this? Are you getting angry?
Oh, I love it!
The anger and fear that humans
experience are true delicacies for me!
Are we ready to fight now?
Your conduct is so deplorable that even
I cannot help but be outraged.
Get out of the way, Naga.
Heed me, oh spirits darker than dusk
Red beyond crimson flow like blood
What would that be?
In the name of those reduced to dust
I pray to the shadows
Mark ye these villains that bar our way
This can't be.
And to my small strength thine own ally
To deliver doom, folly repay
I don't believe this.
Come judgement from the grave
Dragon Slave!
D'ya get him?
I think so.
Don't celebrate just yet!
You're not getting away!
Hey, you know, that hurt.
Oh no you don't!
Don't move. I'm genuinely surprised.
I never thought a human such as yourself
could unleash something like that.
You've become an obstacle
to my entertainment.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Old Man!
I wondered who it was. Why, it's Rowdy,
the grandpa that never dies.
That would be me.
Wow, listen to your nerve!
I wanted to keep at least one of you
around just to make things interesting,
but the three of you together are
becoming an annoyance.
Too bad, I'll retreat for now.
Do you need a hand?
Well, it's about time I
explained everything.
This is Meliroon and myself
as we were long, long ago.
This island was once close enough
to walk to the continent and back.
At least until he came.
You're referring to Joyrock?
It was the day of the elves'
annual village festival.
He came just as the festivities
were in full swing and
that was when the slaughter began.
As I rushed toward the village
a lesser demon appeared.
I slew him, but it was too late.
The elven village lay in ashes,
and only the monsters remained.
Knowing I had little chance of victory,
I lunged toward Joyrock.
Sadly, I couldn't even scratch him.
And so Joyrock, faded away into
the darkness laughing aloud.
That was when the island withdrew
itself from the world
and started to follow time in
a different manner than usual.
Since then, I have lived on for what
seems like an eternity
unable to die and comforting
the soul of Meliroon.
Are you still in love with her?
But after many ages Joyrock
has returned,
and I know what must be done.
Are you talking about changing the past?
To change the past that was not meant to
be and create the present that should be
that is what this island cries out for.
Here they come!
Freeze Arrow!
Blast Ash!
Elmekia Lance!
One down!
Damn it!
I've waited for this, Joyrock!
This time,
the wishes of this island,
my soul and your magic!
Everything is in its place.
The gates of time shall now open!
This is impossible!
Lina, take this!
This is the last of my power!
Hey! Where do you think you're going?!
I waited countless unending nights and
days for this opportunity to arrive.
You're my last hope, Lina Inverse
and that other girl!
What do you mean, "that other girl"?!
I have a name!
Guard Flair!
Looks like I made it in time.
So, you must be Lina Inverse.
Me? My name is...
I know, Rowdy Gabriev, isn't it?
Now then, it's time to get going!
Blast Ash!
Wh... what?!
So, we meet again for the
first time, Joyrock.
What nonsense are you talking about?
Would you like to play, little girl?
Well, all right.
I'm willing to play with you.
Blue Magic Wave!
Flair Pit!
A worthless attack!
Say, isn't that sword known
as the Sword of Light?
Heed me, oh spirits darker than dusk
C'mon, show it to me.
In the name of those reduced to dust
To deliver doom, folly repay
Come judgement from the grave
Dragon Slave!
C'mon, Rowdy.
No way!
Greedy brat!
This sword has been in my family for
generations. I can't just give it away.
Looks like it's time for me to go.
Ms. Lina...
Thank you.
Where have you been, Naga?
Shut up! How should I know?
Then you must've been stuck in here.
Give me your hand, Naga!
Or else you won't be able to get back.
Well all right, I will but only
because you asked me.
Now, Lina Inverse was it, what is this
reward you are talking about?
Yes, this is the first time we've met.
Wow, history really has been altered.
I guess it can be done after all.
Hey, wait a minute!
Naga, I just remembered something.
I'll catch up with you later, so go
ahead to the harbor, all right?
Sorry about this. Raywing!
Hey you, would you happen to have a
spring called the Fountain of Growth?
Yep, it's just right around back.
Yes! Thank you!
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
What the hell d'ya think you're doing?!
Hey, that hurt!
Watch what you're doing!
This hot spring is used for the
accelerated cultivation of vegetables.
Now if you were to jump in...
If you'd just hopped right on in, you'd
be a wrinkly old grandma in no time!
Good, you understand. It's always best
to leave that stuff up to nature.
Old Man!
Thank God you came back safely.
Thank God nothing happened to me,
but what about this! This! This!
Why, this is the Fountain of Growth.
Yeah that's right! This was the most
import thing in this deal!
Hey, Lina Inverse, you know
what they say...
Be careful what you wish for.
That's not fair!
Lina Inverse, thank you very much.
Good bye.
Oh well...
Oh Naga, why, it's you!
What's going on here?
Oh, you know... It was...
Nothing was going on!
Did you think you could
get away from me?
I said it was nothing! Nothing!
Give it up, Lina!
Yeah, here comes the Dragon Slave!
Well then, here's my Sword of Light!