Sleep Awake (2012) Movie Script

I am lacking the slightest
bit of courage...
I won't show you anything..
I can do so much, though
I'll show you nothing
When I fuck, it's like
another body fucks
and I move around just so
he knows I'm alive
but I feel everything and I
pant mechanically
I want to enjoy it
To feel his hard cock inside me,
on me,
his hands, his saliva
bursting in my mouth
I want to stroke his skin, ass...
all over..
I want to live.
I want to let go...
I'm so far away
It's from fear
from this comfort that
hiding gives me
that I've come to do so much
nonsense for this world
I have so many friends
I do so much shit for you
I'm nothing.
You make me fell all the shittier
with all your "thank you"-s
I hate you all.
I only want to suck cock, not
save your animals
I shit on your stupid shit,
on your wellbeing
I shit on all of you,
on all.
You're ugly,
your're stupid and I hope
you fucking die!
Do you think I'm lying?
Am I lying to you?
Am I hungry? Am I having my period?
I only know you're lying
You lie
You lie
Yes, hello, I saw you
called earlier.
Are you a weirdo or something?
Are you a weirdo or something?
With what?
Do you want to have sex?
You look very...
good... in this light.
Why did you write to me?
I wanted to...
I wanted too...
but, first, let's talk a little
Talk about what?
We get undressed,
I caress you,
we kiss,
then I touch you,
between your legs,
and you get a little wet,
I get inside you
and that's it.
where to?
You're a boy...
And being a boy is easy
I mean you have a dick
and having a dick is
like having a bat
for the other it's more difficult,
she must be confident that you know
what to do with it,
or at least you could tell her you
do, I don't know...
to build a dream for her...
an illusion
Do you want me to lie to you?
I think I do.
Do you want to go out for a
I was with a guy once and I
was feeling so good
and I told him: you can
do anything with me
and he turned me on the other side
and he shoved it in my ass.
Not that cool...
Ah... Okay
Let's talk about something.
Silence scares me.
Isn't it weird?
Every time someone says...
'let's talk'
about something, anything,
it's like you become stupid suddenly
and won't know what to say
So we have to talk
about something...
It must be trivial, not
something simple.
Like what?
I don't know...
about your day
and I'll be looking at you
and scanning you
for cool things and for
shitty things
following your face, your hands...
I don't know...stuff.
You don't really get out much,
do you?
You know what,
I don't want to do anything anymore.
You do!
Any man who knows he is desired,
attaches himself
and to get rid of you I would have
to stick a pen into your neck
or anyhow, something painful
even more so, since I'm beautiful
and anxious
and that, you know, shrouds
me in some mystery.
what would you want more?
You don't really have that beauty...
the fashion magazine type, you know?
More likely
a kind of
a beauty, like
a nerd all locked up in her house
that creeps me out somehow.
Listen, uhm...
are you by any chance
a feminist lesbian?
No, I like simple things.
Women are a nuissance and awful,
and I wouldn't want to
lick any pussy
you want to suck cock.
I do it
but I don't like it.
Oh, come on...
why are you giving my this shit?
Why not?
if we go to my place and...
You suck it...
By the way, how big is it?
I don't know
Ok, bye.
You never put a ruler on it?
Wait a second,
take my number.
It's Ilie
Yeah, from the park,
from the internet,
I was wondering if you
wouldn't want to meet
Ok, bye
I smell of cat
and of cigarette smoke.
May I take a shower at your place?
May I stay at your place without
us doing anything?
Why would you stay?
I want to hide somewhere
Do you still want to take a shower?
What's this?
I don't know
I just came to me one day.
It's very beautiful
It's not beautiful...
The water is running in the bathroom
That's ok
No, not in the bed
I was dreaming I was on the
side of the road
passed out
and that you brought me flowers
and you kissed me to get well
And did you get well?
Are you asleep?
Wake up
What time is it?
Leave me a bit longer
music by
art director
costumes and make-up
director of photography
executive producer
a film by
helped by
2nd AD
still photography