Sleep Call (2023) Movie Script

[calm intro music playing]
[intro music fades out]
[quiet footsteps approaching]
[siren in the distance]
[siren in the distance]
[blood gushing]
[ominous music playing]
[man] Sinta.
- Rama? Hi.
- Hello? Is it connected?
- It is.
- Can you hear me?
Why is your camera off?
[giggling] I haven't showered.
It's embarrassing.
- It's okay. I'm sure you look beautiful.
- [giggles]
I'm glad that fate brought us together,
when I was swiping on the dating app.
My real name is Dina.
- Oh my God! Really?
- [chuckling]
- We've been video calling every day
- Yeah.
And you've seen me
- Well
- What?
I should go take a shower.
[Rama groans] No, let's talk some more.
- Can I ask you something?
- Yeah. What is it?
Um... How many exes do you have?
[Rama hums in thought]
So, how many?
How many?
So, are you saying we're dating now?
Did I say that?
- Are we dating?
- I'm just repeating what you said.
[Dina chuckles]
So, not yet? You're not sleepy?
A bit.
Go to bed then. You have work tomorrow.
No, I fell asleep first the other day.
It's your turn now.
- I want to watch you sleep.
- Yeah, I want to watch you sleep.
How about I tell you a story?
- Okay.
- Here goes.
Once upon a time,
there was a kingdom called Jakarta,
and there was a princess
called Dina who couldn't sleep.
[both chuckle]
- Good night, Rama.
- Good night, Dina.
I'll see you in my dreams.
- See you.
- See you.
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[Dina] I feel like life is full of traps.
It makes us struggle
and gives us no choice.
Are we just too weak
to face such a cruel
and harsh world, Rama?
We can choose...
to be an angel...
or a horrible monster.
[alarm blaring]
[alarm blaring]
[call to prayer in the distance]
[kettle whistling]
[siren in the distance]
[woman] This is the story of Sinta.
Waiting for Rama to pick her up.
To save her from Rahwana's imprisonment.
The devil who is full of love traps.
[woman screaming]
[nurse] What's wrong, ma'am?
It's okay. That's enough, ma'am.
- [woman screaming]
- [nurse] It's okay.
How are you?
I'm fine, Mom.
Thank you for checking up on me.
[siren in the distance]
Is Dina busy?
She hasn't visited me in a while.
Dina is busy working.
It costs a lot of money
for your treatment,
to care for you here.
Dina is a good kid.
She works hard
to be a flight attendant.
[emotional music playing]
[announcement] Be careful.
The doors will be closing.
[announcement] From Jakarta Kota,
preparing to depart
[news announcer] People around the world
have entered the era of globalization.
Anything can happen in this era,
including cultural shift.
People can experience many changes
as cultural shifts can affect our psyche.
Here is our coverage.
- [exhales]
- [elevator dings]
- Morning, Dina.
- Morning.
[doors creaking]
Something's not right.
Try the 4th floor again.
Just keep pressing it.
[pushing elevator button]
It's broken.
Oh my God!
- [man] Damn it.
- [woman] Stairs again.
[man] Smile!
Our job is to bring hope.
And hope starts with...
[all in unison] A smile.
And anger is our weapon. Be angry!
Rudi. Smile!
[man] Smile, not frown. Smile!
Be angry, Surya.
[man] Not having a stroke,
you moron! Angry!
[man] Angry!
Be angry, Mona. Angry!
Like how you're angry
at your bastard child.
[man] There you go.
A saintly smile, Nur.
You're the best at pretending to be holy.
Be angry!
[man] You're not a model, Bella.
Sweeter, Dina.
Now, say hello with a smile.
[all in unison] Hello.
We say hello with a smile
so people will want to borrow from us.
- [man] Smiling hellos.
- [all in unison] Hello.
- Angry hellos.
- Hello.
And you say hello with anger,
so people pay up.
Who'd pay you with that attitude?
- Angry hellos!
- [all in unison] Hello!
- Angry hellos!
- Hello!
- Not enough!
- Hello!
- Not enough!
- Hello!
- Angrier!
- Hello!
- Not enough!
- [all yelling] Hello!
Nice. Let's go to work.
- [woman] Good morning, Mr. Anton.
- [office chatter]
I'm Nur from Uangku Uangmu,
the answer to your financial problems.
I have a special offer for you today.
- [phone ringing]
- Hello, good morning.
- [Dina] Mr. Iwan, your loan is due soon.
- [Rudi] You're late.
Sir! If you change your number tomorrow
or if you don't pay up,
I'll expose your affair
to your family's group chat!
[office chatter]
[tense music playing]
[office chatter]
[man] Dina.
Here are the new numbers we bought.
Good luck.
[quietly] Remember.
It's not the debtor who needs the money.
It's you.
[office chatter]
[tense music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
Take the suitcases to my house.
[speaking in Malay] Hello, dear.
I just got here.
I'll be home later.
[man] Dina. Look at Broto here.
All he does is borrow my money.
I didn't borrow much.
- It's piling up. You
- I'll pay you back.
[man] It's so hard
to find a debtor this month.
The debtors only come
during New Year's or Eid.
It's so hard to make them pay up.
Everyone here knows money is important.
So be smart with your money.
Don't waste it.
You say that,
but you keep borrowing my money.
[Broto] Look for people whose spending
is higher than their income.
Those hipster brats.
They're known to waste money.
[scoffs] Nonsense.
Don't bring kids into this.
Just target their moms!
- What's wrong with you?
- Moron.
[woman] I'm really lucky
to be able to work here,
I feel like I've found a family.
Can't you get the ladies
in your prayer circle?
That's a brilliant idea.
So help me out more.
Things are hard for people like me.
Their prayers reach the heavens.
You know what we'll get? Hell punishments.
We're in hell anyway. I don't give a shit.
[Bella] You don't have to put a fake smile
for me, Dina.
[tense music playing]
[Bella] Mr. Tommy's here,
that's a surprise.
[water streaming]
[female news anchor]
Social media was initially made
as a space for communication
and information
for those separated by distance.
However, as time goes on,
social media plays various roles
in our everyday lives.
[male news anchor]
The Fatwa regulates many things,
from social media posts
to verification methods.
We have here with us a number of MUI Fatwa
who regulates what can and can't be posted
by Muslims on social media.
[siren in the distance]
[Dina] Medical bills and hospital bills
forced me
to quit what I was pursuing.
[chiming sounds]
If we live following our fate,
then fate is not kind.
[man on the phone]
So when will you pay, bitch?
I don't have the money yet.
I just took my mom to the hospital.
[man on phone]
If you can't pay up, I'll expose you.
I can expose you to your family
and your neighbors! Just try me!
I had to turn to online loans.
But I can't pay them back.
Everyone in the office found out,
and I was fired.
- Bayu!
- Yes, sir?
[speaking in Malay] As a manager,
you should've helped lessen my burdens.
This Jakarta branch is
the least profitable of all my companies!
- What's wrong? Look at it.
- Okay.
Please forgive my people, sir.
We also have one person
who has a large loan.
- But I
- Who is it?
- Show me the data.
- Okay.
Uh, here.
[papers rustling]
She has no assets to forfeit.
But I have a solution
to even up our balance.
[Bayu] Maybe even the company
could get some profit out of this.
[ominous music playing]
[alarm blaring]
[Dina] Mr. Iwan, I want to remind you
about your overdue loan.
When can you start paying?
[Iwan] Ma'am.
I don't have any money, ma'am.
I don't have any money!
My mother was just hospitalized.
I need your understanding, please.
I can extend your payment time.
[whispering] But don't tell anyone.
[loud thud]
Fuck you! I gave you an extension!
Don't mess with me, asshole.
If you don't pay this afternoon,
I'll expose your personal info
to your contacts!
Got it? Dipshit!
You can't keep doing this.
People won't pay
if you don't pressure them.
Everyone, listen up!
[claps] Hey!
You have two things to do here.
One, smile.
[smirks] Smile.
Persuade them to borrow from us.
Two, get them to pay it all off.
You can threaten, yell at them,
or expose them. I don't care!
Take her as an example.
Look. Bella.
Look at her.
Look at her face. Remember it.
She's your role model.
She has the highest bonus this month.
You are here
not for the salary but for the bonus.
You and your debtors are broke.
Just make sure you're
not worse off than them.
But what?
Not everyone can be as merciless as Bella.
Everybody here has to do it...
especially you.
You're here because of my kindness.
Not everyone gets your special treatment.
When you couldn't pay your debt,
I gave you a chance to pay it off
by working here.
You must not go against Bayu.
[ominous music playing]
Don't tell anyone about
this special treatment I'm giving you.
Yes. I'm sorry, sir.
[pensive music playing]
[Dina] Tommy is not close
with his own family.
He said he was lonely
and needed someone to talk to.
I will always be here for you.
Don't record me.
[Tommy] Excellent.
Can you give me a hand?
He reminded me of
[birds chirping]
Stay with me.
[tense music playing]
[glass clattering and shattering]
[people shouting angrily]
[cat screeching]
[people shouting angrily]
[man shouting] Damn it! Bastard!
[alarm blaring]
[breathing heavily]
[office chatter]
[water cooler bubbling]
I'm glad you're using my son's mug.
You broke my favorite mug, remember?
We're having an office party night.
Let's go to karaoke.
[office chatter]
come with us.
This is the first time since I had a kid
that I can hang out like I used to.
The others are going.
Do you still need me?
Is this
about the past?
I never left you behind.
I'm sorry, Din.
I haven't had the time to visit your mom.
I just had a kid unexpectedly
then got married right away
and was trapped in that new situation.
[office chatter]
I'm still the same old Bella!
[crowd exclaiming]
[music thumping]
[Bella exclaims]
Tonight, I'm not a mother.
I'm going to be a party girl!
Don't drink too much.
You'll get drunk and pregnant again.
[giggles] I can't hear a word you say.
- [singing] Thank you to all of you
- This is my jam!
A line of exes
And all those who left
Before we could be
I regret absolutely nothing
It just makes me more prepared
[singing karaoke in background]
What's wrong? Are you going home alone?
I'll take you home.
I can go by myself.
You rejected a drink from me,
and you rejected me driving you home.
You keep rejecting me.
I bet you'd reject anything I offer.
What offer?
[woman] I'm still
You always reject me
when I try to get close to you, right?
Then just don't.
Honestly, I've never seen you
in a relationship.
You're always on your own.
Then why do you keep rejecting me?
My life is hard.
That's exactly why, Dina.
[singing karaoke in background]
I know how much you owe the company.
When do you have to pay?
In three months.
- [hums in agreement]
- I remember.
That's why
I can help you.
I would love to help you.
You're drunk.
I'm not.
I have savings you can use.
[singing continues]
Hey! You're off tune!
[singing karaoke in background]
[chiming sounds]
[Dina] I realized now.
It's true, Bella has always
left me behind.
Marriage is just her excuse.
Do you know why guys
invite girls to get drunk?
- To sleep with them.
- [hums in agreement]
That's why I invited him to a bar
and got him drunk.
- You're crazy.
- [Bella snickers]
That's why I got pregnant.
And I got him to marry me.
[casual music playing in background]
Find yourself a man
so you can stop following me.
I don't think I can fall in love again.
If you can't find a guy, look online.
[clicks tongue] Online?
I know a trending app with a lot of guys
you can choose from!
All you have to do is swipe, easy!
It's called Jodohku.
If you're embarrassed,
make an alternate account.
[exhales] Hi, dear.
You're late.
Lots to do at work.
Like what?
[sighs] Printing.
[man chuckles]
Wahyudi, this is Dina. Dina, Wahyudi.
I have to go.
Remember, look online.
- You took too long!
- Well, calm down
[light flickering]
[ominous music playing]
[sentimental music playing]
But you won't leave me, right?
I promise.
I will always be here for you.
Only at night,
but I'm happy as it is.
You never told me
what you do during the day.
You sure you want the answer now?
I don't want to ruin
this strange thing we have,
but I want to know more about you.
You should discover places
outside Jakarta.
[Rama] Jakarta is a frightening city.
[whimsical music playing]
It has too many people in it.
They're too busy,
no time to get to know each other.
[Rama] Our time is wasted
on work
and rest.
We have more time here.
Forget the past.
Stop overthinking.
And at night,
think about you.
In Jakarta,
everyone holds a cup of coffee...
to keep them energized for work, they say.
As for tea,
one should enjoy it peacefully...
while thinking of our loved ones.
No wonder you disappear during the day.
Busy with the things you enjoy.
[alarm blaring]
[somber music playing]
[inhales and exhales slowly]
[subway horn blares]
- [subway wheels screeching]
- [announcement in the distance]
- [Bayu] Smiling hellos.
- Hello.
- Angry hellos.
- Hello!
- Smiling hellos to Nur.
- Hello.
- Smiling hellos to Nur.
- Hello.
- Smiling hellos to Nur.
- Hello.
[Bayu] You're late, Nur.
- Angry hellos.
- Hello!
- Angry hellos.
- Hello!
- Again!
- Hello!
- More!
- Hello!
- Angrier!
- Hello!
Okay. Let's go to work.
[woman] Have you considered
how much you want to borrow?
Two million? All right. Thank you.
[office chatter]
Mr. Ronny, our limit
is actually 25 million.
But I can give you more.
[office chatter]
Iwan still hasn't paid. Get him to pay up.
Can you extract Mr. Iwan's data?
Here's his number.
I'm going to expose him
to all his contacts.
- Iwan
- Suryadi.
How much longer should I be patient?
Don't you dare keep doing this!
Rot in hell!
Son of a bitch.
[Nur] Are you stupid or dumb?
I told you from the beginning.
There's a penalty if you don't pay up!
It's accumulating!
That's why you pay up!
How many times do I have to tell you?!
I'll call you back at 5:00 p.m.!
Oh, Nur.
- [whispers] Oh my God.
- Calm down. Have some coffee.
You're not having coffee?
- I drink tea now.
- Hmm?
- Cheers.
- Cheers. Thanks.
- You're so corny.
- Whatever.
[whimsical music playing]
You've become more cheerful
these past few days.
Yeah, it's unlike me.
I even worked extra hard today.
But I don't feel tired
because I knew I'd talk to you tonight.
You have two phones?
One is from work.
Help me get them to pay up.
Since we've helped you,
I think your behavior of refusing to pay
Not harsh enough.
It has to be a threat...
like in those Italian mafia films.
Many are harsher in this country.
Like what?
Because corruption kills people
Just like your smile
which is killing me slowly.
Ah! I'm dead.
It's the same for your smile...
killing me slowly.
[both giggling]
Let's try it. Be angry.
Be angry at you?
You're still smiling.
I'm not smiling.
You're still killing me.
[both giggle]
How about you do it?
You're killing me too.
[both laughing]
You have to learn to get angry.
[Dina] Where do you live anyway?
Not in Jakarta I bet.
[Rama] Just guess.
[Dina] Bandung?
[Rama] Bandung
is not so different from Jakarta.
[Dina] What about Bali?
Bali is for those who want to escape.
[Dina] Yogyakarta then?
[Rama] Yogyakarta
[romantic music playing]
[kettle whistling]
Mr. Iwan, this is not a joke.
I know which school your kid goes to.
I can expose you
and ruin your kid's future.
[Rama hums]
You're not scaring me.
Mr. Iwan, this is not a joke!
I know which school your kid goes to.
I can expose you
and ruin your kid's future.
That sounded moody.
Show me then.
Mr. Iwan!
[call to prayer in the distance]
It's dawn already.
Shouldn't you sleep? You have work.
[whines] I still want to talk
Let's not sleep.
But promise me, you will face Mr. Iwan.
I feel bad for him.
You can't do that.
What if he doesn't pay?
You're right. I'll call him...
if I have the courage. [giggles]
No can do, Mr. Iwan!
Your debt plus interest has quadrupled.
If you don't pay now,
it'll be sixfold tomorrow!
Hang on, sir.
[Dina] Our IT team has the list of your
text messages over the past four months.
I know what you used the money for.
[phone ringing]
[office chatter]
[Rudi whispers] To provide
for his second wife.
To provide for your second wife.
And her name is
- Dwi.
- Dwi!
- [Rudi whispers] Sri!
- Sri!
[whispers] It's Sri, not Dwi!
Think carefully, sir.
[Bayu] Dina.
[car door shuts]
I'm heading your way. Wanna go together?
No, thanks.
Um... About the money you owe us,
remember, you have two months.
It'll be done after I deal with Mr. Iwan.
[subway rattles]
[announcement] Dear KRL passengers,
if you see or become a victim
of sexual harassment,
please inform our officers on board
and do not hesitate to ask for help
from other passengers.
[man talking in the distance]
[Dina screams]
You bitch!
Mr. Iwan?
I told you
to give me some damn time!
I told you my mother is sick!
- [gasping]
- You heartless bitch!
- You devil!
- Sir, stop!
I'm just following regulations!
My life is fucked!
My wife and child left me!
Fuck regulations!
[tense music playing]
If you're going to kill someone, kill me.
[heavy breathing, gasping]
Kill me!
Don't keep fucking with my life!
Just kill me!
- [Dina yelps]
- Do it!
- Just kill me already, bitch!
- [yelping]
- [sobbing]
- Do it!
[motorcycle honking]
[heavy breathing, sobbing]
[tense music intensifies]
[door slams, key rattling]
[breathing heavily]
[typing on phone]
[phone ringing]
[screams in frustration]
[lighthearted music playing]
[alarm blaring]
[lighthearted music playing]
[tense music playing]
[tense music intensifies]
I had no choice.
I was helpless.
Dina's dad controlled everything.
[somber music playing]
drink this.
Drink this with me. Okay?
Come on.
[glass shatters]
No, Mom.
I'm here for you.
You have me.
[somber music playing]
[somber music playing]
Thank you for saving me.
[cat purring]
[cat meows]
[knocking on door]
[gasps loudly]
[knocking on door]
[knocking louder]
[breathing heavily]
[Bayu] Dina?
[knocking louder]
Dina, I know you're inside.
[knocking rapidly]
Dina, open up.
[door opens]
What happened?
Are you sick?
I'm okay.
You were absent for four days.
You didn't even say anything to me.
Four days?
What happened?
Tell me on the way.
I'll take you to the office.
Come on.
[in unison] Surprise!
[crowd cheering, clapping]
Congratulations, Dina.
You are the top employee of last month.
- Excellent.
- [crowd cheering, clapping]
[Tommy] Okay, go back to work. Dismissed.
- Thanks.
- Congrats, Din.
[crunching sound]
[Nur] Dear God, may you bless us
with halal earnings.
[all in unison] Amen.
[Nur] Please spare us from envy, grudge,
resentment, slander, disgrace,
and hell's torture.
[all in unison] Amen.
- [woman] Let's go.
- [Broto exclaims]
Someone died because of online loans.
Full name?
Iwan Suryadi, 45 years old.
Isn't that Dina's debtor?
He shall return to God.
- Can I have a piece for my kid?
- Sure.
[dramatic music playing]
[all murmuring]
[Nur] When else can you eat money?
[crickets chirping]
I can't believe my job would make someone
kill himself for being trapped.
Even though I'm trapped myself...
I should've known.
Some people choose
to give up on life.
Some choose to keep on living.
You only have two options.
To be a coward
or to be brave.
I'm scared.
You have to be brave.
It's my fault.
[Rama] You have to be brave.
[Bayu] Dina!
Focus, will you?
Because of Iwan's case,
Mr. Tommy might not trust us anymore.
And it's his birthday today.
I'm sorry.
[Bayu] Listen.
I know Iwan's family is grieving,
but you still have to collect the money.
I'm scared.
It's not about being scared.
Everyone must do it, not just you.
We don't have a debt collector.
All of you should be capable,
including you.
We can learn together.
If God wills it, we can.
[woman] Collecting is easy.
We just have to be persistent.
- Ma'am.
- [fake sobbing]
We know you're grieving,
but your son had a large debt.
It's giving our company a hard time...
which is why we blocked
- access to your son's grave.
- What?
[man dressed up] My son just passed away.
[Surya] I don't care. Don't let your
son be buried in the ballpark.
- You don't want that, do you?
- No.
When you visit his grave,
you'll have to buy a ticket first.
Stay strong, ma'am.
Ma'am, do you know that when people die
[fake sobbing]
God won't accept people's good deeds
if they still had debts.
[fake sobbing] That's true.
Only hell's torture awaits them.
May God forgive him.
So please pay his debts off.
Okay, miss.
[Nur] They pay.
[reciting prayer for the deceased]
[woman] Goodness gracious!
Stupid bitch!
Are you an idiot or something?
You're goddamn mad!
How could you collect debts
during a memorial? Huh?
[Dina] I'm sorry, ma'am.
My friend, Nur Hidayah, said that
debts of the deceased must be settled
- or he'll face hell's torture.
- Don't bring religion into this!
[Iwan's mother] Do you know what it feels
like when your son has died?
Take this, take everything!
- Ma'am.
- Take it!
Ma'am, calm down.
Sorry, sir. Sorry, ma'am. She's new.
- We're sorry for your loss.
- [Iwan's mother] Leave.
- Leave! All of you!
- [Bayu] Dina, let's go.
[Iwan's mother screaming, wailing]
[Bayu] Sorry, Dina.
[clicks tongue]
Forgive Iwan's mom.
That lady is a moron.
Her son had a debt.
We weren't wrong to collect
during his memorial.
It's Iwan's fault.
He chose the wrong time to die.
Don't worry too much.
It comes with the job.
You're still better off than me.
I have to deal with you guys
and with the debtors too.
Let it go.
Let's just have fun at Mr. Tommy's party.
[upbeat music playing]
[upbeat music thumping in background]
If you feel uncomfortable,
don't worry, I'm here for you.
Take me home at 10:00 p.m. I have plans.
- Okay.
- Mr. Johan!
Hey, guys.
- [party guest 1] How have you been?
- [party guest 2] I'm good, thank you.
- Stay healthy.
- Thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Please enjoy yourselves.
Mr. Tommy. Happy birthday.
I wish you good health. God bless you.
- Thank you.
- Happy birthday, sir.
Wishing you and your family happiness.
Dina, thanks for coming.
[singing in unison]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Make a wish.
[crowd cheering, clapping]
Happy birthday, darling.
[upbeat music thumping in background]
I love you.
Thank you, dear.
Let's grab some food.
Broto, is it just potatoes and sausages?
Where's the steak?
It's inside. Just eat what's served.
So stingy.
I'm here to eat good food.
Just eat like you usually do.
Don't be so upset, Dina.
There are still many other clients.
They burned the sausages.
Let's go out. Have fun with me for once.
- I'm going to the restroom.
- It's over the
[upbeat music playing]
[clinking glass]
May I have your attention, please?
Someone came into my life
and changed things for the better.
[Tommy's wife]
And to that one person alone,
I will devote my whole life.
That person... is you.
Happy birthday, my loyal husband.
[Tommy] Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, everyone. Enjoy.
You're eating it in the end.
[upbeat music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[upbeat music thumping in background]
Are you dating Bayu now?
Besides, I can date whomever I want.
You're wearing this dress though.
[Dina gasping]
I know you still love me.
I don't have anything else to wear.
[upbeat music thumping]
- [crowd murmuring]
- Hey, Boss.
- Everything's good?
- Good.
What are they having?
It looks delicious.
while we're having burned sausages.
These are fucking leftovers.
I wonder what a steak tastes like
passing through my neck.
[upbeat music thumping]
[water sprinkler spurting]
[crowd laughing]
You have a thing with Mr. Tommy?
- Yes? No? Which is it?
- No.
Then why won't you accept me?
Cause I'm not rich?
Cause I have no power?
Oh, I know.
- Cause I'm not a married man?
- Fuck off.
Just tell me if you are taken.
Is that so hard?
As if you didn't tell me
so I'll keep pursuing you.
You made me think you're just
playing hard to get. Is that it?
You made me have feelings for you!
Any other guy in my position
would think you're playing him.
Is that it? Huh?
Yes, or no?
Answer me, Dina!
[Bayu] First, I want to thank you guys
for going to Mr. Tommy's birthday.
And also
[chuckling] About last night's
water incident...
[Bayu laughing]
it was just to entertain
Mr. Tommy and his friends.
Just for fun.
He was so happy you guys were there,
especially Dina.
He was so happy you were there.
Let's start.
Um... Smile.
- Angry.
- [mouthing] Fucker!
[ominous music playing]
[Bayu] Wider.
Show your teeth!
[Bayu] Smile!
Okay. Let's go to work.
[all shuffling]
[somber music playing]
[Tommy] Yes, Mr. Yohan.
There's some disturbance in my karaoke.
Sort it out.
Okay. Thank you.
Yes, that's right.
[siren in the distance]
I heard you're living
in a small flat now...
far from the office.
You can come back to the apartment
like you used to.
It's still my property.
I'm lonely.
And you know it kills me.
I miss you.
[somber music playing]
[Nur] Hello, Mr. Rahmat.
I'm Nur from Uangku Uangmu,
the answer to your financial problems.
Yes, it's me again.
I'm really grateful, you know.
You always pay on time.
Yes, your debt is settled.
Would you like another loan?
I'm actually calling
to get in touch with you.
We're like family now.
That's right.
You can rely on us for everything.
You need 100 million? Yes, we can do that.
[office chatter]
It's not like I was forced
to be with Tommy.
He saved me once.
To this day, I'm still hoping
for someone to save me.
[car honking]
My husband's here.
I have to go.
[announcement] The last train
I want to hear all about your day.
You're the only one
who's always there for me.
[alarm blaring]
[siren in the distance]
[Nur] I'm heading off.
- I'm heading off.
- [Bella] See you.
[woman] Hey, wait for me.
Rudi, wait for me.
Dina, Bella. I'm off.
- Yeah.
- Wait!
Sir. I'm off.
[ticking sound]
[Bayu] Thank you, Bella.
Leave it.
Still working?
Take a break.
So you can relax.
Don't worry, it's not office hours.
[Bayu] I care about you.
I know you've been so tired lately.
That's why I wanted to help you.
I mean well.
Jakarta is a frightening city.
It has too many people in it.
They're too busy...
no time to get to know each other.
I've said this before, right?
Don't get tired of my poems.
I can make you fall in love with me.
Do you even know who I really am?
[whimsical music playing]
[subway passing in the distance]
[somber music playing]
[Dina gasps]
Dina. Babe.
It was good, right?
This is what you've been missing.
Second round? Shall we?
[Dina gasps]
What's the hurry? Where are you going?
- [groans]
- I was drunk! You should've protected me!
You're overreacting.
You started it,
and now you blame the alcohol?
Come on.
[Bayu groans in pain]
- Asshole.
- The fuck?
- [sobbing]
- [tense music playing]
[car honking]
[breathing heavily]
[sobbing loudly]
[kettle whistling]
[dog barking in the distance]
[phone chimes]
Son of a bitch!
Help me.
[ominous music playing]
I'm going to talk to Auntie Dina.
Okay? [kisses]
I'm sorry.
Wahyudi can't babysit alone.
Where were we?
I'm done looking for love
in the real world.
Who would have thought
I would find love online?
I feel more alive online
much happier than in my real life.
[Bella] I remember that
I suggested you try the dating app
so that you could forget Tommy.
I think
the pain from the real world
is far better
than anything online.
You should stop contacting him.
[somber music playing]
[Bella] You have to remove everything
that connects you to the internet.
Delete your social media.
Change your number if you have to.
Also, block Rama's number.
Remove everything that makes you
feel vulnerable
or makes you want to talk to him again.
[Bayu] Dina.
That was not what I meant the other night.
I fucked up. I fucked up, I know.
I'm here by myself waiting
I'm here by myself hoping
- [giggling]
- I'm not used to getting my hopes up
Running so I can reach you
And make all my dreams come true
I hope you'll be
- Be what?
- be the one I want
[somber music playing]
I want to take you out
for dinner tomorrow.
What do you think?
[Bayu clears throat]
I'll pick you up at seven.
Wait. It's stuck.
Be careful.
[pensive music playing]
[Bayu] Let's go.
You don't have to dress up.
Even when you're drunk, you're pretty.
Let's go, it's getting late.
This is how you should dress up. Hot.
It shows your curves.
[whimsical music playing]
I can't wait.
Can't wait for the dinner. Let's go.
[fanciful music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[heart monitor beeping]
[Bella] Nur Hidayah
suspected it was a debtor
who wanted to get revenge on him.
The others said he was mugged.
But strangely, nothing was taken.
[heart monitor beeping]
Do you know anything?
[ominous music playing]
[tense music playing]
[music intensifies]
[exhales nervously]
11:00 P.M. WOKE UP
11:05 P.M. GOT THE TEXSo you're saying Rama put Bayu in a coma?
This started right after I blocked Rama.
I followed your advice.
I think Rama won't let me go.
Do you know Rama's identity?
And he knows yours? Even your address?
He knows everything about me.
During sleep calls, he would often
record me showering, sleeping.
You're a loan shark.
You should know how to keep your privacy.
Your address, your identity.
But you gave him everything?
[Surya] Dina.
Mr. Tommy said
he wants to see you after work
in the meeting room.
I have offers for you.
One, you're fired.
You still have to pay off your debt.
I'm sure you know
I have people who can
spread this video of yours.
Don't record me.
[footsteps approaching]
[ominous music playing]
Can you give me a hand?
[moaning on video]
[Tommy on video] Excellent.
You know what I want.
[Tommy] Excellent.
[somber music playing]
You know that
I miss you so much.
[Tommy] And you know that
this will not be the last time.
[alarm blaring]
[woman on radio] Wuhan is a city
with a population of 11 million.
The city is the origin
of the COVID-19 virus.
The latest report shows 41 people died
in Wuhan due to the virus.
- What about our debtors' data?
- Move everything, Broto. Come on.
Just secure them.
The soft copies are safe.
What about the physical copies?
- [Mona exhales]
- Wait. Okay, I got it.
What's going on?
It's Mr. Tommy. He died. He was murdered.
[Mona sniffles]
Where will I work?
[Surya] Mona, don't cry.
You're making me cry.
[Mona sobbing] What am I going to do?
Where will I work now?
[Mona] What will happen to my kid?
I realize now
that love comes in many forms.
When a person truly loves another,
they will do anything.
What do you mean?
I know what I have to do.
I'll find him,
wherever he is,
and I'll thank him.
Because he saved me.
Stay with me.
[ominous music playing]
Help me.
[ominous music playing]
[Bella] You still want to work, don't you?
Do you want to work?
Yes, we do.
I'll try calling an investor.
Mitro, I want you to prepare a list
of all late debtors, now.
Rudi. We must renew our app.
Get to it.
And everyone!
Smile wide.
[woman] It's time, Sinta. Go.
Follow your destiny.
If Rama doesn't come to you,
save yourself.
[breathing heavily]
[Dina] I tried googling,
but I couldn't find him.
What I know is he has a tea cafe,
not a coffee shop like most people.
It should be easy to find, right?
But I couldn't find him!
I have to go to Yogyakarta no matter what,
to find him and thank him for saving me.
- You're crazy.
- Do you still consider me a friend?
I need your help. I'll be taking a loan.
Approve my request
and have Mitro send the money.
- You're fucking crazy.
- I need 100 million.
You want to chase the guy
who made you delusional?
If you won't help me,
I'll ask other online loans.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
You were never there for me anyway.
[Bella] Dina!
[light flickering]
But nothing beats
spending the night here,
talking with you...
even if this is temporary.
I want to make all of this real.
[suspenseful music playing]
Where is this coffee bean from?
We have two local coffee beans.
This one is from Toraja,
and this is from Wamena, Papua.
Has this place always been this way?
We're not in Yogyakarta?
What are you talking about?
This is where we usually hung out.
The place where you said
I was never there for you.
This is really not Yogyakarta?
Yogyakarta? This is Ciputat.
Get well soon!
[man] Come on, just a little.
There's no one here.
I'm alo
Rudi, I need your help.
Can you track someone
with their phone number?
I can, but I have to use that PC.
A password. Got a clue, Din?
His birthday?
[keyboard clicking]
It doesn't work. Whose birthday was that?
My mom's.
What does that have
to do with Bayu, shithead?
- Sagittarius.
- Surya, shut up.
- My mom was born in December.
- I don't give a fuck!
[sighs] "DINACUTE".
- [PC logged in chime]
- [exclaims]
- Here's the number.
- Right.
It's right here.
That's the office's number.
What about this one? I blocked this one.
Looks like an elite neighborhood.
- Is there an address?
- Yeah.
- Done.
- [phone chimes]
- Okay. Thanks.
- Yeah. You're welcome.
- Seems high-class.
- Yeah, I can see that.
[whimsical music playing]
[birds chirping]
[car horn honks]
[whimsical music playing]
[tense music playing]
[Rama] Babe.
I made you coffee.
Thank you.
- Are you leaving soon?
- Yeah, in a bit.
[exhales softly]
My business is in bad shape.
I need
[Rama] You know how it is.
[woman exhales]
Look at what I'm wearing.
I'm wearing an outfit for
Outfit for?
Answer me.
For work.
Good boy.
And why do I work?
I do it to provide a living for you.
Oh, Reno.
Do you really think
I don't know what
you've been doing behind my back?
You scum.
I'm off to work.
Don't stay up too late.
Drink your vitamins.
[footsteps walking away]
[door closes]
Love you.
[exhales] Fuck.
[phone chiming]
Who the fuck are you? [whimpering]
What do you want?
What the fuck are you doing here?
Are you insane?
You're insane! You're out of your mind?!
You made Dina insane.
What did I do?
What the fuck did I do?
Sleep call.
Sleep call?
We were just having fun!
Besides, we haven't done it
in a long time!
[groaning in pain]
Dina! Please!
Please! I don't want to die. Help!
Did you listen to Dina?
When she begged you to stay.
[Rama breathing heavily]
Did you listen to Dina when she begged you
not to share the video?
What video? I didn't share anything!
I didn't share anything!
I just recorded it to be sure
you wouldn't tell my wife!
But I recorded every other girl too!
I didn't just record you!
You're not special!
[ominous music intensifies]
[fanciful music playing]
[storyteller] If Rama only sends an army
and doesn't come to take you
with his own hands,
manifest your wrath!
Ignite the fire!
Burn down all the love!
[fanciful music playing]
[man in Javanese]
Babe, don't come to the capital.
It's tough here. Complicated.
People are insane.
You don't believe me? Look at that.
She's young, beautiful,
but talking to herself.
- [thudding]
- [groaning]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[drags on cigarette]
[ominous music playing]
[blood gushing]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music intensifies]
[soft music playing]
[eerie music playing]
[eerie music intensifies]
[music cuts out abruptly]
[soft music playing]
[storyteller] Who exactly
are the real victors
of this everlasting war
if Rama is not a true knight?
Sinta was able to win the war
by becoming Rama
for herself.
[nurse] Miss Maya.
Let's put Rama and Sinta away for now.
It's time for your meds.
[somber music playing]
Dina, you should take your meds too.
[somber music playing]
[soft guitar music playing]
The night is holding down the sun
It's darkest before dawn
I set my eyes on this wall that
Separates us all
This time now I know how
We're not the same after all
This time now I know how
We're not same after all
When friday calls all gather round
And mocking can be found
No responds made on sunday
Yet you here always sail
I recognize this wall
That separates us all
I recognize this wall
That separates us all
I recognize this wall
That separates us all
I recognize this wall
That separates us all
[soft music playing]
[soft music playing]
[music fades out]