Sleeping Dogs (1977) Movie Script

( Dramatic music playing on TV)
'The Prime Minister, Mr. Volkner, has had
to cut short his crucial Middle East talks
'seeking a continuation of
our oil supplies and return home to face
'the most serious crisis
in labor relations since 1951.
'The country today ground
to a halt in the major cities
'as the threat of a general strike loomed.
'Rioting broke out
as pro- and anti-strike factions
'collided outside the Auckland waterfront
this afternoon.
'Police were called in
and 11 men were admitted to hospital.
'One man is in a critical condition
with severe head injuries.
'The introduction of petrol rationing
and curtailing of public transport
'has given the union cause
a large measure of public sympathy.
'Only success at the conference tables
will give the Volkner government
'the public support it will need
to avert a general strike.
'It was hoped the Prime Minister's arrival
would break the air of mystery
'so far surrounded the Mideast oil talks,
but he refused to give any indications
'when met at the airport
by a TV1 film crew this afternoon.
(Reporter) 'Have you been able to
negotiate for continued supplies of oil?
' Unfortunately I'm not in a position
to discuss the matter.
'Are you aware of deteriorating
union-government relationships?
'- I am.
- What are you going to do about it?
'All I can say is the government
will not be held to ransom.
'If strikes continue, we'll be prepared
to meet force with force.
(Newsreader) 'This tough line with unions
has been backed up by new legislation...'
Dad? Dad?
Dad, where are you going?
I don't know.
'...and carry penalties of heavy fines
and imprisonment.
'The Army will be called in to replace
workers withholding their labor
'and police will be granted
wider powers of arrest.
'The most controversial clause
of the new legislation...'
I made you a present, Dad.
' detain without charge.
'It's believed even some government
members may vote against this clause.
'The Prime Minister will make
a major statement on all channels
'as soon as the vote has been taken.
'He will then disclose the outcome
of his talks with Arab leaders.
'In official figures released today...'
I'll see you.
'...the previous quarter, while gas and
electricity charges have increased 400%,
'and clothing prices 280%
over the same period.'
Bye-bye, Dad!
I haven't bloody left yet,
so shift that heap!
Hang on. I just want to talk.
Smith, please, for God's sake...
What do you think you're doing,
you bloody idiot!
For Christ's sake!
(Tires squeal)
"Don't look back")
Drop me a line
If you find you've the time
And let me know how you're doing now
And maybe some day
We might just meet up again
Though I don't think so somehow
Time will take care
of this whole damn affair
Lord, I'm so down in the mumps
That you've gone your way
So I guess I'll go mine
Like a free bird heading south
Don't look back
Why don't you turn around?
And don't look back
It will only bring you down
Though your hea-a-art
May be broke in two
Don't look back
It will only depress you
Keep on moving, baby
Don't look back
If you had your way
Maybe I would have stayed
For a short time...
(Dog barks)
(Feeble bell rings)
( Country music)
Fifty, fifty, fifty
Fifty-five dollars a week
Diggin' holes for trees
on the Auckland Council
I dropped that spade...
Actually, I'm not after a feed.
I was after a bit of information.
I was wondering if you could tell me
who owns the island in the next bay.
- Gut Island, I think it's called.
- It's Mori land.
Where would I find someone
who's responsible for it? For renting it.
Ben Taupiri up the p.
Yeah, Ben knows all about it.
Well, thanks very much.
Take a bottle of Scotch with you.
For the old bloke.
I will. Thanks very much.
Back to my daddy's farm
Back to the cows
that I have learned to love
And I'll never, never, never...
(Dog barks)
Excuse me. Would you be Mr. Taupiri?
A bloke back in town said you might know
something about renting Gut Island.
- Gut Island?
- Yeah. I'd like to, uh...
live out there, if it's at all possible.
- What do you want to live out there for?
- I don't know. Just a change, I suppose.
I could fix the place up a bit, you know.
I thought I'd plant a bit of a garden,
catch a few fish.
I don't mind paying rent
and I could paint it up, fix it up.
(Speaks in Mori)
(Continues in Mori)
The, uh, old man said it's OK.
Oh, that's great. Thanks very much.
Look, um... would the old man like
a bottle of whisky, do you think?
- Would you like a bottle of whisky?
- (Replies in Mori)
- I'll just get it out of the car, OK?
- (Speaks in Mori)
(In Mori)
You, uh, like the dog?
- Oh, yeah, it's a beauty.
- You can have it. It's yours.
- Er... what's her name?
- I don't know. It's your dog.
How are you going to get over there?
I've... erm.. got a great boat here.
Just needs a bit of paint, that's all.
Now listen, I... I'll do you a favor.
I'll swap my good boat for your car.
Eh? Look, that cost me
3,000 bucks, that did.
Hey, you kids! Get off my car!
(Dog barks)
(Seagull squawks)
( Gentle music)
Come on.
'This is an illegal demonstration!'
(Crowd yelling)
'Those persons not dispersing
will be arrested!'
Let's go.
'Keep back over there!
Get down off the truck!
'Stand back!'
(Firing begins)
Ah! Aargh!
( Dramatic music)
Over here!
(Sirens wail)
(Sirens wail)
( Dramatic music resumes)
(Whistles, clattering)
(Radio distortion)
'We tried talking...
We tried compromise.
'They all failed.
'That is why I ordered the Army
to break the waterfront strike.
'You do not need me to tell you
of the gravity of today's tragic events.
'It seems beyond belief
'that such a barbaric
and senseless act of violence
'could happen here in New Zealand.
'What are we to do?
'What I know is
that no longer will we be intimidated
'by the thugs wishing to plunge
this country into anarchy.
'No more will we pander
to the communists,
'subversives and other radicals
'wishing to destroy
established law and order.
'This organized campaign of terror
will not be allowed to go unchecked.
'Parliament will go into a temporary
recess for the time of the emergency
'and a curfew will be imposed
between 8pm and 6am.
'To lead this country
out of economic and political chaos,
'I must have your mandate.
'If I am to accept the challenge,
'you, the people, must demonstrate
your total and unequivocal support
'for the measures I am forced to take.
'A date will be announced in the near
future for a national referendum
'at which you will decide if I am to
continue to have that power and authority.
'It is indeed a tragic day
in New Zealand's history.
'It is with a heavy heart
that I address you tonight.
'But I know that together,
if we work together,
'towards a common goal,
'we will have a standard of living
and a way of life
'New Zealanders can be proud of.'
It's about bloody time, too.
Drop it, drop it.
Go on, drop it, you silly...
See the stick, see the stick.
Come here, come here.
Come on, come on.
Go on!
How's it going out on the island?
Bloody possums are digging up my garden,
You ought to lay some poison.
No, the dog might eat it.
A gun's what I need.
A gun's the story.
I, uh... I found an old radio.
Old Army one.
At least, that's what it looks like.
Sort of a two-way job, you know?
Yeah, well, that's possible.
During the war,
they set up caches all around this area
in case the Japs invaded.
There's stuff dug into hillsides
all over the place.
- Pretty useless now.
- No, it goes.
It's got a new battery and everything.
It's been good.
I had mates all afternoon.
You'll have heard the result
of the referendum, then?
Nah, I'm not interested in that stuff.
(Water lap)
You know, I really like it here.
He could at least pay some maintenance
for the kids!
No! I'll get a job first.
You're not getting any job.
- Left, right! Left, right!
- What the hell...! Run!
Left, right! Left, right!
Get your bloody hands off her!
Oh, Jesus! Aaah!
You bastards!
Oh, Jesus!
They got... They got my ID card.
(Seagulls squawk)
Hi, I was looking at your boat.
It's leaking a bit.
Where's Cousins?
I don't know.
Probably up in the channel, fishing.
(Owl hoots)
(Distant explosions)
(Chirping, buzzing)
(Dog barks)
What's going on? Let me go!
What the...!
What do you want? Christ! Let me go!
Do you know him?
That's Cousins.
( Dramatic music)
Hey, I know him. Stop! I know him!
I know him!
Bloody ask him! He'll tell you!
Oh, Jesus Christ...
Ask him. He'll tell you.
Look, I know that jack.
What's his name?
(Distant cries of pain)
Open up, you bastards!
I want to see Jesperson!
I want to see Jesperson!
(Distant tortured cries)
(Cries continue)
(Footsteps approach)
Smith. I'm sorry
I didn't recognize you the other day.
- School.
- Right.
I read your file.
- Can you get me out of here?
- It's not going to be all that easy.
Please, what's...
What's going on? I mean, I...
I don't even know
what I'm supposed to have done.
Well, Smith, there really are
quite a few things, aren't there?
I mean, you haven't registered,
you had in your possession
an illegal weapon and ammunition,
you had an illegal radio transmitter,
you're an associate
of two known saboteurs.
Hidden on various parts of your island
were explosives and a variety of weapons.
Under present law,
just for the items in your possession,
a military court could have you executed.
I can explain all those things.
I'm not interested in your explanations.
Listen, it will take perhaps two months
to fully prepare a trial.
You will be convicted and shot.
Unless you make a full confession.
Voluntary, of course.
How do you mean? Confess to what?
Well, that you're a revolutionary.
Give a full and detailed account
of who supports you,
where your arms and supplies
come from
and that your aim is the overthrow
of established democratic values.
- But it's not true.
- If you made this statement,
then I would be able to guarantee you
safe passage out of this country.
You would have your life,
you would have freedom.
It wouldn't be true,
I'm not a revolutionary.
Does that matter?
The details of the revolutionary movement
are true enough.
The rest isn't important.
It's important to me!
Do you want to be shot?
Because that's your choice.
I'd have to leave the country?
We couldn't let you stay here, could we?
Within six months,
you'd be part of the revolution.
I've told you before, I'm nothing
to do with the revolution!
I'm nothing to do with anybody
with the revolution!
Tomorrow there will be a car
to take you to the television station.
You'll find a prepared statement there.
You'll have time to familiarize yourself
with it beforehand.
- Oh, filthy pig!
- (Coughs)
- Hey!
- Argh!
Stop that man!
Stop him!
Stop that man!
Stop him! Stop!
Get out of it!
(Siren wails)
We're in luck.
Where's Gloria?
She's away.
With Bullen?
Have they got the kids with them?
The kids are being looked after.
They're fine.
Jesus. What a mess.
What am I gonna do?
Smithy, I don't know.
I can't do much.
I've got an address,
someone who might be able to help you.
In Rotorua.
Rotorua? How am I...?
How the hell am I going to get there?
( Dramatic music)
Oh... sorry.
If he comes here,
notify the Special Police, immediately.
Do you understand that?
(Knocks on door)
Are you looking for something?
Oh... I'm looking for a Miss Thompson.
Elsie Thompson.
What do you want?
Look, sorry to bother you, but I was told
to see if you could give me some help.
What sort of help?
I need somewhere to stay.
Out of the way.
You're Mr. Smith, aren't you?
Yes. You've shaved your beard off.
But I'm afraid you can't stay here.
Have you tried the motel?
I'm sure Mr. Burton will give you
some odd jobs about the place.
- You wouldn't mind, would you?
- Is that a good idea?
You'd be perfectly safe. He doesn't have
many... Well, he doesn't have any guests.
But we really can't go on
calling you Mr. Smith, can we?
What about Brown?
Barry Brown. Do you like that?
Er, well, it's...
It's certainly different.
I'm sure you'll be very comfortable.
There's only Mr. Burton and Mary,
the girl who works there.
What she does I can't think.
Well... Look, I'll go and ring them.
Oh, by the way, there is one thing.
He's rather apt to hit the bottle.
You don't mind, do you?
(Telephone rings)
(Mower rumbling)
- Turn it off!
- Eh?
- Turn that bloody thing off!
- I can't hear...
- Turn that bloody thing off!
- I'll turn it off!
I just had a call. A party of tourists
have booked in for the end of the month.
- We're in business!
- Good.
25 of them. A whole house full.
Maybe next month we'll even get paid.
- Mary's going to be run off her feet.
- How long are they here for?
They didn't say, but weekly rates.
A fortnight of fishing and frolic, eh?
Oh, I nearly forgot. We've got
an one-nighter booked in tonight as well.
- Business is really booming.
- Yep.
(Drunken singing)
Shove it up your jumper...
Eh, you bastard?
All right...
How's your mother...
(Mary) How's your father?
And he's down!
- You all right, Bill?
- Here, and... ah!
(Laughs helplessly)
- Here you are.
- Oh, my bum!
- Good night, you old bugger.
- Night, all!
All right, here we go.
- All right, here we go. Which way...?
- Here we go. In there.
Quick! Aah!
Not half bad.
Hey, no... No.
Get off, you! Stop it.
- No!
- Oh!
There, you!
- There it goes.
- And boom!
I'm sorry about the socks.
That. Undo that.
- Look, I'm a respectable married man.
- I know.
I'm a tad crook.
(Both laugh)
Do you know how long it had been?
How long?
I'd say about six months.
Last week, more like it.
It might be more like eight months,
- I don't think so.
- I'd almost forgotten what it was like.
It's not good for a jack, you know.
- What?
- It shrinks.
- (He grunts)
- This one seems to have grown again.
(Knock at door)
(Burton) Barry?
What the hell does he want?
- What do you want?
- That one-nighter's just arrived.
- You've signed them in, haven't you?
- He's asking for you, Barry.
Come on, get out of...
What the hell are you doing here?
Get out!
All right.
Don't get your balls in a twist.
I'll see you over in my unit.
Who was that?
Don't know why I'm wasting
my beer on you.
Where's Gloria?
She's fine. I'm seeing her tomorrow.
- She's here?
- Not far away.
Where are the kids?
They're staying with some friends.
We see them when we can.
Does Gloria know I'm here?
You know, Bullen, every time I see you,
my life gets a little more stuffed up.
- Jesus! You piss me off!
- All right, settle down. Calm down, OK?
I didn't come here to fight with you.
Let's just have a drink
and agree that it's a mess.
A lot of stories going round about you.
Living on an island arsenal,
blowing up a police station.
Escaping from the Specials.
Got your picture up in every post office
in the country.
Quite a revolutionary.
Yeah, the revolution's going
to have to get along without me.
Sitting out here on your ass
doesn't mean you're free of it.
- How do you mean?
- You don't know, do you?
This is a safe house.
There are members of the resistance
moving around the country all the time.
This is one safe house
and you're running it, mate.
You're a guerrilla.
- You, you right-wing prick.
- Yeah, me and a few thousand others.
In ten days' time,
a contact is coming through here.
He'll stay three nights.
You tell him to go to safe house seven.
Where the hell do you think
you're going?
- You repeat that after me.
- Piss off!
Smith, I'm serious!
- He can't stay here. We're full up.
- You listen to me!
Don't you give me orders, Bullen!
We're full. No room for your Boy Scout.
You've really got yourself set up,
haven't you?
Even the little bit of crumpet
on the side.
Don't you talk to me
about getting a bit on the side.
- Piss off!
- You watch what you're doing!
Now go and drown, you useless bastard!
( Dramatic music)
Hi. Are you the manager?
Er, no, I'm afraid he's out.
Look, em...
We're taking over this motel
for our quarters.
Well, I'm afraid that's impossible.
We have a party of tourists...
That's us. If you've got trouble
with units, my men will double up,
but I'll need one of my own.
I'll take that one right there. All right?
- Er...
- Thank you.
OK, boys, we're home!
(Sergeant) OK, you heard the man!
Over here, boys!
(Alarm bell rings)
Come on, you guys!
Get out here! Where are you?
Fall in! Fall in!
Look alive! What's the matter with you?
All right, you guys,
when that bell goes,
you get your asses out here
and fall in in full combat gear
or I'll have your asses for breakfast!
You hear me?
Hey, you guys! Wait for me!
Aw, man! That's cold!
Why don't you play polo with them, Barry?
- I don't know the rules!
- There's only one rule - win.
Come on! Come on!
Tonight at exactly one o'clock,
you press that button.
- Right.
- One o'clock.
Then get the hell out of here.
You know the Carter place? Go there.
We'll contact you.
I won't do it.
Do I have to take you down to the bloody
morgue and show you Elsie's body?
Take this.
- No.
- Take it!
All right, we'll leave it lying around
here, let your Army mates find it.
- I won't kill people.
- Nobody's asking you to.
Just push that damn button!
Maybe they'll get us first.
Just like they got Elsie. Right there.
Point blank, so she knew it was coming.
Great soldiers, your mates.
One o'clock.
(Door slams)
(Banging on door)
(Mary) Barry? Barry, are you in there?
Barry, are you in there, Barry?
(Mary) Barry?
(Banging continues)
Hey, it's us, Barry. Open up.
You got some fluff in there, boy, huh?
Open up. We've got a little drink.
What do you say? Oh, hey, you are here.
You got something in here?
How about a drink, buddy?
Sorry, I was asleep. Look...
Look, I don't feel too good. I...
- I had that much to drink last night.
- That's OK. You need the hair of the dog.
(Laughs) How do you like it?
Straight, or a little water in it?
I... I don't care.
Well, I'll just put water
in all of them, what the hell.
There you go.
- That's good Scotch. Here you go, baby.
- No, I like gin.
Take it. All right, there you go.
Gin? Oh, I got gin. Sit tight.
Drink up, buddy.
I'll be right back.
I've got some gin over in my place.
He's all right. He just wants a party.
What's wrong?
Come on. Take off that long face.
- What's wrong? You shrunk again?
- Christ's sake! Just leave me alone!
Oh, go to hell, then!
The party's started! We've got music,
we've got gin for the lady.
We've got funny hats.
We're going to have a party.
There's a hat for you, and a hat for you.
And a hat for me...
I want to play you one of these tapes
I've carried a long time.
This is a collector's item.
( Country music)
Yeah. Ain't that sweet?
I've got love...
- I got love
- ' I've got love '
- ' Love you... '
- Love you, baby... la la la la...
- Here's your gin, Mary.
- Thank you.
Please let your love...
Oh, that's great. I sure got
some good memories about that one.
Hey, come on. Come and have a dance.
Oh, nuts.
You on some kind of downer, buddy?
You done dope or something?
I'll dance with you, honey. Come on.
Now you come
Yes, you come
To set me free
My whole li-i-ife
I've had trouble on my mind
Now at last...
I carried that music all over 'Nam.
That's got some of the best memories
I ever had in my life.
Darling, I ache...
Oh, wow.
I sure have had
some good dances to this music.
Hold me closer
Darling, thrill me
Once again...
Don't you ever have nightmares?
I said don't you ever have nightmares?
Nightmares? What's he talkin' about?
I mean, don't... don't you ever worry
about killing the wrong man?
Oh, man, lighten up, will you?
- Come on, Barry.
- Oh, wow, goddammit!
- (Music stops)
- I want to know.
How does it feel?
It feels damn good! Does that make you
happy? Is that what you want to hear?
Well, it seems to make you happy.
I want to tell you something.
It was your government that asked us
over here to help solve some problem.
I'm beginning to get the idea
that you feel sorry for these guerrillas.
Well, I don't. Anybody that would blow up
six old ladies in a washroom,
I ain't got no sympathy for them.
Or shoot a little boy off his bicycle.
I like to exterminate vermin like that
and that's what I'm gonna do.
- Like Elsie?
- Elsie? Who in the hell is Elsie?
A woman who lives on her own
about ten miles down the road.
Your men shot her today.
- Whose side are you on, boy?
- Leave him alone. Put some music on.
- No.
- Do it somewhere else. I want to sleep.
I want to tell you something.
For your information,
Elsie had her chimney stuffed with guns,
grenades, ammunition.
When we arrived on the scene,
she killed herself.
We didn't shoot her.
Now how does that make you feel,
you sonofabitch?
Get that crap and let's get out of here.
I got my eye on you, boy.
I got my eye on you really good!
Come on.
(Mary laughs)
(More laughter)
Get your ass down!
(Clock ticking)
( Suspense music)
Why the hell
hasn't he pushed that bloody alarm?
If he doesn't do it in one minute,
you'll have to go and do it for him.
(Faint laughter)
(Alarm rings briefly)
What's he doing?
(Rings fully)
Come on, you guys!
Where are you? Get out here!
Come on! Get in here!
- Did you set that off?
- No, sir. I thought you did.
Any of you men set it off?
All right, scatter!
Watch it!
Give me cover!
(Battle rages)
Get those units cleared out!
Get into those units!
- Up there!
- Come on! Come on, all of you guys!
Get out of here! Everybody out of here!
(Vehicles drive off)
( Melancholic music)
(He vomits)
That's that Barry Brown.
- He's over there.
- Thank you.
Gloria, Jesus!
What are you doing here?
Sit down.
I've got a message for you.
Yeah. I don't want to hear it.
Not just now.
- How are you?
- I'm fine.
What have you been doing?
Didn't Bullen tell you?
I'm with the resistance.
You haven't fallen for that crap, surely?
I have to give you a message.
You're to meet Bull at a safe house
at 0500 hours tomorrow morning.
I'll give you the directions.
He's taking you to Coromandel.
Whose idea is that?
Central Headquarters.
It shows you how smart
Central Headquarters are, doesn't it?
Coromandel is where I was arrested,
for Christ's sake!
But you know the area there.
I know my island and I know
the main street and that's all.
They know what they're doing.
What if I don't want to go to Coromandel?
You have to go. If you stay here,
you'll probably be captured.
That would make you a danger
to everybody else.
You'd almost certainly get shot.
Is that in order of importance?
Smithy, you're part of the resistance now
whether you like it or not.
(She sighs)
How are the kids?
They're fine.
They're with really nice people.
( Romantic music)
- Whoo-hoo!
- I bet I can do this.
Oh, I can't see!
I bet I can sing as well.
God of nations...
Sing! Sing, Smithy!
That's the song your mate Bullen sings
all the time, eh? thy feet...
In the bonds of love we meet...
(Gloria) Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
I was going really fast there.
What's the time?
- Seven o'clock.
- Holy Jesus!
(Distant voices)
(Gloria laughs)
Oh, I'm not gonna be able to walk
when I get off this bike.
He's looking pretty angry.
(Gloria) He is looking pretty angry.
- We're really late.
- Yeah.
You're late.
We were supposed to have been
on a Kombi that left two hours ago.
What are you doing here? You were
supposed to catch the blasted bus!
I'm sorry we were late.
Yeah, you certainly were, you bitch!
Bullen! Bullen!
We might not see each other again.
I don't want to leave you like this.
Yeah, OK. You just shouldn't
have come here. That's all.
You'll have to stay
and catch the bus this afternoon.
OK, I'm sorry.
Yeah, well...
We'd better get going.
- Take care of yourself.
- Yeah, and you.
OK, let's go!
Come on, get on!
(Clears throat)
Smithy, aren't you going to say goodbye?
(Engine starts)
You realize you held everything up
for two hours?
You were supposed to be
on that damn Kombi. It waited an hour.
I didn't want to bloody come
in the first place.
You realize I could have you shot
for this, don't you?
Listen, I was talking to my wife!
You bastard!
- Get down, you crazy fool!
- I'm sick of sitting in sheep shit!
I'll rub your bloody nose in it. Get down!
- You stink, Bullen!
- You just get down, you crazy...
Jesus, look out!
ID card.
Wait here.
( Suspense music)
OK, you can go.
If he tells them where we've come from,
they've got Gloria. Are you happy now?
You're expecting us. I'm Bullen.
- Where's your telephone?
- There... Smith!
- Do you dial 0 to get long-distance?
- Give me that!
- What number do you want?
- Hamurana 858.
G'day. Alison... This is Dudley.
Can you put a call through for us,
Yeah. Hamurana 858.
Thanks. They're gonna call us back.
- It's urgent. Why did you hang up?
- You'll have to wait.
You know, if they don't answer,
it'll mean they've got her.
Here, stuff that in your gob and shut up,
will you?
How do we get through to Area HQ?
That's a bit tricky.
You have to take the road past the school.
Where it peters out,
there's a gate into a paddock.
If you don't go through the gate,
they buried enough explosives under there
to blow up half of Coromandel.
Get over the fence and follow the track.
They'll contact you.
- You know this road?
- You have to know the password.
What is it?
They say, "It's a hell of a place
for a picnic," and you say,
"Have you seen a peaked cap?
I've lost one in the bush somewhere"
"Hell of a place for a picnic.
Have you seen a peaked cap?
"I've lost one in the bush somewhere."
Have you got that, too?
- Eh?
- (Bullen) Repeat it.
"Hell of a place for a picnic.
"Have you seen a peaked cap?
I've lost it in the bush somewhere."
I didn't think you were one of us.
- I'm not. I never was.
- You're becoming quite a celebrity.
I don't even know why I was arrested
in the first place.
Cousins set you up.
- Cousins?
- Yeah, your fisherman mate.
He was upset
when you moved on to his island.
He had an arsenal set up there,
so he set you up for the Specials.
You mean Cousins put the gun
in the boat?
Unfortunately underestimated
the Specials.
You bastards!
You bastards!
(Phone rings)
No, but...
Yeah, I see.
(Bullen) Well?
She's dead.
- What happened?
- There's no answer.
It's been ringing all the time.
There's no reply.
Jesus, God!
She's dead.
Put that thing away.
I might as well have shot her myself,
you know.
While she was asleep, just put the gun
against her head and... and bang!
It's not just me, you know.
Oh, no, it's you, too.
All you soldier boys and Boy Scouts!
Put that bloody thing down!
Put it down, will you?
Put that bloody thing down!
- Jesus!
- Shit!
Out the back, quick!
In there!
There's nobody here.
Pull your bloody finger out!
Here, come on! Jesus, get moving!
Get in there!
Come on, run!
Ugh, ugh!
- Let him go!
- Stop, Bullen, he's hurt!
(Tires screech)
- You can't just leave him...
- We did it, boy! We're on our way!
You can't just leave him there,
you bastard!
(Tires screech)
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, I'm all right.
The bastards closed the whole place off!
Go, you crazy bastard! Get 'em!
Hold on, boy! Here we go! Yippee!
Get the bloody thing out of here!
- Keep going!
- Are they after us?
Jesus, get going, you bugger!
Take it easy, you mad bastard!
You want to bloody kill us? Jesus Christ!
Come on, get out of there!
Will you bloody get out?
What the hell's the matter with you?
- What's got into you?
- Leave me alone!
(Distant sound of vehicles)
Get down.
Aaagh! Aaagh!
Come on.
We got the bastards, didn't we, Bullen?
Hey, didn't we?
The easiest thing in the world.
They just go through the gate
and bam, they go up! Simple!
You just pull a trigger...
...and they go down.
If they get up again, you pull the trigger
and they go down again.
- Just another Special. It doesn't matter.
- Agh! Aah...
Hell of a place for a picnic.
No, I... I know it.
It's, uh... a peaked cap.
Have you seen a peaked cap?
I've lost it in the bush somewhere.
All right. Come on.
Hurry up.
(Helicopters whirring)
What the hell do you think you're doing,
you bloody idiot? Get down!
Isn't this what you want, what you do?
You've got to learn to do as you're told!
If doing what I'm told means
taking orders from you, Bullen,
then you can stick it!
Where the hell do you think you're going?
Where are you going?
Well, bloody well go then!
(Helicopter whirrs overhead)
(Whirring fades)
(Whirring overhead)
(Orders given over radio)
(Aircraft engines roar)
'Chopper One to Blue Section.
Get the hell out of here!'
'Going in for a second attack
on impact area.'
(Distant screams)
Aaaagh! Aaagh! Aaagh! Aaaagh!
Jesus! You poor bastard.
Come on. We've got to get out of here.
Ugh... Ugh!
- Come on.
- Ugh!
(Aircraft engines roar)
(Birds singing)
(Bullen groans)
(Breathes heavily)
(Smithy) Brilliant revolution.
Two guys shitting themselves in the bush.
Just because they knocked out
one little camp,
doesn't mean they've won
the whole bloody war.
Where are we?
What do you mean, "where are we"?
You bloody well got us here!
You can get us out.
There are some... farms...
...on the other side of the peninsula.
If we can just get over the mountains...
You must be joking.
You can't even bloody well walk!
Christ, look at you!
Who'd bust up a marriage over that?
All right, get up.
Get up!
Now let's get moving.
I'm... not going to be able to make it,
Why don't you just piss off?
Gloria'll never know.
Yeah, but I would.
I'm sorry, Smithy.
(Distant animal cries)
Don't look at the brook.
- Hang on to me. Hang on to me.
- Aagh!
- Hang on to me!
- Aagh!
Aah... Aagh!
Uhh... Aagh!
(Sobs quietly)
(Continues sobbing)
( Dramatic music)
This way.
Take it easy.
We're there, Bull!
We're there, Bull!
You're not gonna believe this, boy.
Come on, Bull. Come on.
We're... We're there.
Look at that!
(They laugh)
You beauty!
We beat them, Bull.
We beat those bloody bastards.
We beat those bastards.
We're here, Bull. They couldn't stop us.
Shit, I never thought
we'd bloody get here.
Hey, Bull?
Hey, Bull?
Listen, Bull, I'll go down to the farm
and get some help, all right?
It's gonna be all right, Bull.
Hey, Smithy.
Hey, Smithy... Smithy!
We did it, boy.
Yeah, we did it! We did it!
Look out!
Aaagh! Smithy...
Ugh! Aaagh! Smithy!
Not you, Bull, you poor bastard.
- You poor old bugger.
- Leave me here.
It's gonna be all right.
It'll be OK, I promise.
Put down your weapons
and come out into the open!
You bastards!
- You bastards!
- Smith!
Give yourself up!
You're completely surrounded.
Jesus, they're really
pouring them in, Bull.
(Jesperson) I've got 12 armed men up
here and there are more on their way.
We'll give you one minute
and then we're coming down.
Let them take me, Smithy.
Let them take me.
You'll be OK, Bull.
I'll look after you, mate.
I'll look after you. Don't worry about
that. I won't let 'em get you, Bull.
This is your last chance!
(Gun cocks)
It's gonna be all right, Bull.
Smith, I'm not waiting any longer!
Don't push me, Smith!
Well, here goes, mate.
This is it.
Don't fire!
Well, what are you waiting for?
Shoot me.
Shoot me!
Come on, shoot me, shoot me!
Isn't that what you want me for?
Come on, what are you waiting for?
Pull the trigger, Jesperson!
Come back here! Come back here!
Smith, I want you alive!
"Sleeping Dogs")
And I find myself
Back on the road again
There was really nothing there
to try
It don't make much difference
For the time was surely slipping away
Turn your back on it all
And let sleeping dogs lie
The winds have changed,
they blow colder now
The time for regrets is done
And these black clouds rolling in
from the south
Well, they seem to be driving me on
When it comes to leaving
There's one thing I surely know
That if staying around
don't look too easy
It's even harder to go
And I find myself
Back on the road again
Don't even understand the reason why
It don't make much difference
For the time is surely slipping away
Turn your back on it all
And let sleeping dogs lie...