Sleeping Dogs Lie (2018) Movie Script

Oh, Jack, live a little.
I can not help but be
reminded of a Japanese proverb.
Since I do not know how it is
said in the Mexican culture,
I'll put it into simple terms
that you may understand.
Where there are no
dogs, the fox is king.
But I am no fox, nor dog.
Isn't that right, Armando?
Yes, of course Mr. Nakamura.
In Japan, we have
certain customs
in which we show our
generosity by exchanging gifts.
But you must understand,
those who are selfish
are greatly despised.
You see, in a
wealthy man's house,
there should be no lean dogs.
You're absolutely
right, Mr. Nakamura.
You consider me a generous
man, do you not, Armando?
Of course, Mr. Nakamura.
Then perhaps I let
my dogs grow too fat?
It is all an
illusion, is it not?
Generosity, selfishness.
In Japan, we consider
both one and the same.
We generously give
and we selfishly hope to get
something back, but better.
Ah, yes, yes, yes.
Even sexual pleasure has
its root in selfishness,
and greed, especially greed.
One must be clever
not to be seen.
I'll get to the bottom of it.
I'm sure you will.
Mr. Robertson
will be leaving now.
I'll show him out.
It has come to my attention
that an error has been made.
My assets have
grown considerably,
but yet my bank accounts do
not reflect my good fortunes.
And every since I entrusted
both you and Mr. Robertson
in keeping my
finances in order...
Do you not see why
this causes me concern?
Look, I understand your concern
With all due respect...
It is said that
even a man of wealth
can even hire the devil.
Although the devil
may deceit the man,
he can never, never
fool the gods.
Have I mistakenly
hired a devil, Armando?
No, sir.
Look, I will send you the
report, you could see it,
you could have Mr.
Robertson see it,
and you'll see how I moved
a few numbers around.
I'm afraid
Mr. Robertson will be
terminated immediately.
Unless you wish the same, I
will give you one final chance
to undo your unfortunate error,
or we both shall see
who truly is the devil.
Goodbye Armando.
Damn it, Armando, fuck.
A warning would have been nice.
You sound like my wife.
I can't return the favor?
Just give me a minute, huh?
And I'm sure we can
work something else out.
Ah, shit.
Nakamura is on edge
about his finances,
guess I'm staying late.
Now I gotta fix a few things.
Run away with me.
What do you say?
What do you say I ask your wife?
I'm serious, Luna.
Just you and me,
anywhere you want.
Think of it as a permanent
vacation from all of this.
Are you going somewhere?
Never mind, you probably
wouldn't do it anyway.
I wish I could.
Guess that's the difference
between you and me.
When I want something,
I'm not afraid to get it.
Maybe it's time you figure
out what it is you want,
and exactly what you're
willing to do to get it.
It's a dog eat dog world, baby.
If you don't bite,
you get bitten.
How about now?
That's nice.
Ooh, you're so gonna get it.
Ola, amore.
Oh, shit.
It's not what it looks like.
Oh, yeah?
What is it?
Eleni, I'm sorry.
You will be.
Eleni, come on...
Baby, you're the only one...
Shut up!
Look babe, how about
we just take a trip, huh?
Anywhere you want, just name it.
Look what you made me do.
Get him out of the car.
Put him over here.
Get up.
Untie him.
Eleni, please...
Don't make me tell you
Tape him up.
I'm sorry.
Screwing the secretary?
You're a fucking cliche.
I trusted you and you
made a fool out of me.
God, Eleni, just let him talk.
He's trying to say something.
You have two seconds.
Okay, you can have
anything you want.
I'll give you anything,
a divorce, half of everything...
How generous.
Come on, babe.
This is fucking crazy.
Just let me go
and we'll just forget
about the whole thing, huh?
You've been lying to me.
And you've never lied to me?
We all have our
secrets, don't we?
Okay, you've proved your point
Now let me the fuck
out of this chair.
Times up.
Eleni, don't fuckin' do this.
Get me out.
Be comfortable.
What are you
going to do with me?
I've got a couple
of things in mind.
We have to figure
out a way out of here.
Fuck, cut me loose
She's lost her mind
Yes, I know, cut me loose.
Just tell her what she wants.
I don't know what she wants.
Cut me loose so I can
get us out of here.
She obviously thinks
you know what she wants
Yes, I don't.
Cut me loose, come on.
Cut the fuckin' thing
Cut the thing.
You're more stupid than you look
Eleni, I'm sorry.
Young and dumb.
Just the way you like them, huh?
She had nothing to do with this.
She has everything
to do with it.
I'll do whatever you want.
I swear.
Get up.
I said I was sorry.
What else do you want from me?
I want the money, Armando.
Okay, fine.
You can have it.
I said you could have
half of everything I own.
I want the real money.
I don't know what
you're talking about
I think Luna might
Wait, what?
What money?
Don't listen to her.
. She's out of
her god damn mind.
I'm talking about the
account you set up, malaka.
The one in her name.
What account, Armando?
What is she talking about?
There is no account.
For fuck's sake,
Eleni, stop talking.
Come on, he's your boss,
you know what he
does for a living.
He's an accountant.
Uh-huh, you never
wondered about your clients,
all that cash businesses.
Doesn't that seem strange?
So what?
It doesn't mean shit.
What it means is that he's
a special kind of accountant,
one who takes dirty money and
turns them into clean dollars.
But why is there an
account under my name?
There is no account.
For fuck's sake,
Eleni, stop talking.
Because he's been
skimming pennies for years,
only now they've grown
into a thick wad,
and you are the little ass
he found to shoot it in.
Is this true?
Luna, she's out
of her fuckin' mind.
Call the bank and see,
you know, the one in Panama.
So it is true
You're a real piece
of work, you know that?
I learned from the best.
Who told you?
And Who else knows?
Let's just say, that when
a relationship loses trust,
there's no telling
where it will go.
It's not your money, Eleni.
Not yet.
Yell, if you want some coffee,.
You set me up.
If anyone found out,
they would think it
was me that stole it.
No, no, you got it all wrong.
Nobody stole anything, I just...
Just what?
Moved some number around?
Look, nobody's gonna find out.
Eleni did.
It's only temporary, Luna.
Yeah, until when?
Until someone like
Mr. Torres finds out?
Or even worse, Mr. Nakamura.
Why would you do this to me?
Because he's a selfish bastard.
Always has been.
Enough of this.
Get me out of this
chair you crazy bitch!
Shit, grab the gun, Luna.
She won't do shit!
Grab it!
Try me.
Eleni, please stop this.
What else do you want?
You found the account.
I want the password,
and I'm not
interested in sharing.
No fucking way.
There's some rope
in the other room,
go and get it.
So, what's it going to be?
You can make this
quick and easy,
or slow and painful.
Very painful.
It's entirely up to you.
You don't have the balls.
Did you know certain
methods of torture
have been around since
the beginning of time?
Yeah, it's called marriage.
There's really no
end to the nasty things
you can do to a person.
I've been reading all about it.
Armando, just tell
her the stupid password.
You can end this right now.
It's very simple.
You honestly think I'm
just going to tell you?
You have no fucking idea the
position you've put us all in.
What are you going to do, Eleni?
Are you going to
torture it out of me?
You really got that in you?
You prepared to find out?
I read the most sensitive
part of the body
is actually the foot.
Did you know that?
You're making
the biggest mistake
of your very soon
to be short life.
They say that the foot
has more nerve endings
than anywhere else.
Funny how that works.
You know, all those feelings
always getting stepped on.
But you know all
about that, don't you?
I can't believe
you'd do this to me.
After all I've given you.
What have you given me?
I gave you life, you bitch.
If it weren't for
me you'd still be
in that shitty little
village herding goats.
Well, lucky you.
I only want one last thing
Come on, Eleni.
You give me the password,
you get to walk out of here.
Armando, just give
her the password.
God, is the money
that important?
You're not gonna do this, Eleni.
I know you.
You're right, she will.
What are you talking about?
Don't you want me to trust you?
Eleni, I can't...
Don't listen to her.
Don't you dare.
He doesn't care about you.
He would toss you to the wolves
if it meant saving his own ass.
Now take it.
Eleni, don't make me do this.
I guess I have my answer
I swear to god, if
I get off this chair
I'm gonna fuckin' rip
your fuckin' head off
Ah, Fuck!
Oh, Shit!
Ah, Fuck!
Stop it!
What's the fucking password?
Ah, fuck.
We can do this
as long as you like
I got nothing but time.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come back here.
Stop, Luna.
You went too far.
It's almost over.
I thought we were only
supposed to scare him?
And we did that.
Yeah, but now you're scaring me.
Come on, I didn't
mean any of it.
We're almost there.
We will get the
password, I promise.
He will talk, I know he will.
And if he doesn't?
He will.
Just a little bit
longer, trust me.
Puta madre.
Go, go.
I didn't see that coming,
I'll give you that.
You don't understand.
This was all her idea.
Now, shut the fuck
up, both of you.
Armando, please, she's the
one that made me do this.
She said she was going
to kill you and me.
And I meant every word.
Then do it.
Go on.
Pull the trigger and I'll
give you what you want.
Shoot her and I'll
give you the password.
Eleni, don't do it.
Don't listen to him.
It's a one time offer
and it expires in three...
Don't listen to him, Eleni.
Eleni, you need me.
Rise and shine.
What the hell did you do to me?
Are you ready to talk?
Get me the fuck out of here!
You're going straight
to hell, Luna.
I can't believe you
did this shit to me
You're wasting your time.
This hole is really deep.
It was an old well.
So, you like to swap tacos?
You should have told me that,
could've really had
some fun with it.
Just give me the password.
You really trust her, huh?
It's a lot of money, Eleni.
People do some crazy shit
for that kind of dough.
That they do.
Get me the fuck out of here.
Mmm, would you like some?
I'd like you to choke on it.
What choice did you leave me?
After all these
years I stood by you.
Whatever you asked, I did it.
And I didn't say a word.
Oh, you're a fucking saint, huh?
I did it for us.
You did it for yourself
I earned it, and this
is how you repay me?
What's the matter with you?
A Greek woman is
not spicy enough
or I'm not so young
for you anymore?
Come on, babe.
You know how much
you mean to me.
No, no, just give
me what I want.
I can't do that.
Oh no.
Eleni, I'm doing this
shit for our own good.
Did you know there's
about 300 kinds of ants
around here in the desert?
You are so gonna regret this.
I read that most
of them are harmless.
That's not to say
they don't bite,
but there are a few who
have a serious sting.
Come on, Eleni.
Get me the fuck out of here.
I think you have about an hour.
I guess by then we'll find out
which kind of ants these are.
Who helped you?
There's no way you could've
found this money on your own.
I read that the coyotes
have been aggressive lately.
So, if the ants don't get you,
I hope that you come to
your senses before they do.
Fuck, Eleni!
I don't care about the
money anymore, Eleni.
Maybe we should just
forget this whole thing?
That money is all I have.
You have no idea what
my life was like before.
Maybe he's right?
I'm gonna go to hell for this.
I was thinking Costa
Rica or Santorini.
You can change your
name if you want.
Become anyone you'd like.
Wouldn't that be interesting,
be someone else?
Maybe, I don't know if I
really like who I am right now.
You know, we all have
someone to answer to, Eleni.
Only to ourselves.
My grandpa used to
tell me this story.
In English.
I don't understand Spanish.
The story of the two wolves.
He said that there was
two wolves inside us.
One was for the
goodness and kindness,
and the other for
the evil and deceit.
Always fighting,
always at war.
And which one wins?
The one you feed.
I'm going to take a shower.
I hope you're not planning on
leaving while I'm gone, huh?
What the hell are you doing?
He's gone!
I don't know.
We gotta get out of here.
We can't just leave.
Fuck, the gun, Eleni.
The gun!
The gun, Eleni.
Where's the gun?
Did you take it?
Eleni, he's inside.
Be quiet
It came from the backyard.
It did not, Eleni.
He took the gun.
We need to get out of here.
There's no way he
could have gotten in.
So we're just going
to sit here and wait?
Come on.
There's nowhere else to go.
Locked, just like I thought.
Meaning what?
Where's the gun, Luna?
I told you, I don't have it.
He never got in and you know it.
So you're blaming me?
Why would I take the gun?
Where is it?
Why don't you tell me?
How do I know you don't have it?
I guess you don't.
This is crazy, you know
it was on the counter.
Why are you doing this to me?
I just want to
get that password.
Game on, bitches.
I thought you said
everything was planned?
Nothing would go wrong.
We've come this far.
We have to come up with,
how do you say, plan B?
We need to figure
a way out of here first,
before it's too late.
And go where?
We have no car keys
I don't know,
let's call the police
Yeah, right.
And tell them what?
That we kidnapped my husband
and threatened to kill him?
We can say he
tried kidnapping us.
No, we are not going anywhere,
and we are not calling anyone.
We have to bring him back here
and take what we came for.
I know we can do it.
I just want to know if
you are still with me?
He's not gonna
take it easy on us,
not after what we did to him.
That's why he's not
gonna get the chance, right?
That's your big plan?
We're gonna bring him in
and trip him with a rope?
You know, a little
bit of can-do attitude
would really help us now.
Don't you dare start
feeling sorry for him.
I'm not.
Today in the office,
it wasn't an act, was it?
Jesus, Eleni.
You tell me to do
something and I do it.
And now you're giving me shit
for doing too much
of a good job.
What the fuck else do you want?
He said that you
agreed to leave with him.
And you believe that?
I fell in love
with him once, too.
What do you have there?
Pepper spray.
I hope you're ready to use it.
Listen Eleni, I'm only
gonna tell you this one time.
If I wanted to be with
him, I'd be with him.
But I'm here with you.
And if we're gonna
get through this,
we need to trust each other.
Okay, I'm sorry
for all of it.
And I'm sorry that I blamed
you for taking the gun.
It doesn't matter anymore.
We just need to get
the password, okay?
What now?
We wait.
Where is he?
He's fucking with us.
Armando, we are right here.
Jesus, Eleni.
You need to warn people before
you do stupid shit like that.
It's a flashlight.
That means he could be anywhere.
That's why we have to bring
him back in here, right now!
Eleni, would you
just wait a minute?
He's out there.
Eleni, please, don't do this.
Come on, baby.
Let's talk about this.
Eleni, shut it.
One of us has to go out there.
Are you crazy?
Eleni, please I'm begging
you, shut the door.
No, I swear.
I wasn't gonna call anybody
Let's go.
Son of a bitch, I knew it.
Come on!
Where is the gun?
What did you do with it, Luna?
Where is the fucking gun?
I hid it so no
one would get hurt.
Now move!
Eleni, My leg!
My leg!
Come on.
Get it off!
Watch out, watch out!
My turn.
Aw, babe, you gotta
do better than that.
How about another nose job?
The one you had didn't
do shit for you!
Wait til I get my hands
on you, you filthy whore.
Even dental records
won't identify you.
Turn around.
I have an idea, huh?
After we fix that
honker of yours,
why don't we shave
those chubby cheeks
and maybe those fat
fuckin' ears, huh?
It's not so fun when you're on
the receiving end of it, huh?
Watch your step Luna.
I'll be catching
up to you real soon
Let me go!
Oh, babe.
We're just getting started here.
Rise and shine.
I saved you a seat.
Front row and everything.
Eleni, you have to tell me.
Who else knows
about the account?
Eleni, who else knows
about the account?
You can make this
quick and easy,
or slow
and painful.
It's entirely up to you.
Eleni's kind of in a bind,
so maybe you ought
to come back inside?
Gotta say, it's a lot safer
than being out here
with the coyotes.
FYI, they're persistent
little fuckers.
They like to hunt in pairs.
They like to take
little bites out of you
with those sharp-ass teeth.
Maybe for hours until
you're all bled out.
That's when they call
the rest of them.
Then the whole pack comes.
They tear what's
left of you apart.
Something to think about,
if not for yourself, for Eleni.
It was her.
I'd figured you might say that.
It's the truth.
We'll see.
Now, I don't know if you came
across this little tidbit
in your online research.
I swear this was all her idea
The ancient Chinese
had this really
hardcore way of getting information
out of their prisoners.
She came to me and she
said she found the account.
The technique was
called Five Pains.
Yeah, it's not a
catchy name, I know,
but you gotta hand it to them,
the chinks sure know
how to fuck people up.
Why did you put the
money in her name?
Why do you think I came
to your office today?
Don't you see that
she's playing us both?
But I really need
to know from you.
Who else knows
about this account?
No one
So the reason this
technique is called Five Pains
is because, number one,
they chop the person's nose off.
I swear it was all her
idea, every bit of it.
But yes, I went along with it.
Number two and three,
they'd cut off their
hand and their foot.
I'm so sorry I did this to you.
Don't you see?
She knew we'd turn
on each other.
And number four, they'd
castrate the dumb shit.
The problem was that
after all that chopping,
and cutting the person began
spewing all kinds of shit,
so you never really
knew for sure
if that prick was
saying the truth.
I'm begging you, you
have to believe me.
Which brings us to number five.
Bet you can't guess
what number five was.
It was the punishment
for lying, Eleni!
When they'd slice
the fucker in half!
I'll show you.
Eleni can't come to
the phone right now.
Let her go, Armando.
I mean it.
I hate to burst that bubble,
but you're in no
position to demand
much of anything.
But if you'd like to
leave a message for Eleni,
then I suggest you get your
sweet little ass inside.
This sweet little ass
is fine right where it's at.
Maybe so, but I can't
say the same about Eleni.
Are you gonna join us?
Go Luna, get...
What do you want, Armando?
A drink would be really nice.
Run Luna, now!
No, no, please, please.
Armando, stop it.
Just leave her alone.
Eleni, are you
gonna fucking tell me
who else knows
about this account?
You got one last chance,
Luna, to come inside.
Eleni, I swear to god I will
fuckin' smash your fingers.
How could you fuckin'
do this to me, huh?
Who knows, Eleni?
I am fuckin' losing my patience,
I swear to fucking god!
Fuck, you see!
Don't fucking move.
Ooh, you look like shit.
Throw it on the couch.
Put your hands on your head.
I only have one,
thanks to you two.
Do it.
You sure you know
how to use that?
Oh, what about the money?
You shoot me, you
don't get squat.
Yeah, but I'd sure get
the satisfaction of it.
Eleni tells me this whole
shenanigan was your idea,
I would tell you the same shit
if you were breaking
my fucking fingers.
Funny thing is I'm
starting to agree with her.
Well then you're wasting
your time, now get back.
I underestimated you, Luna.
I guess it's not the size
of the dog in the fight.
It's the size of the
fight in the dog.
Don't worry,
I didn't tell him anything.
Admit it, you're
in it for yourself.
Regardless of who found
the account or how,
you set up this dog fight so
we'd tear each other apart
No, no, no, no.
You used me!
Both of you did!
I have proof, Luna
Don't you dare.
Explain this.
Do you know there's
a car parked outside,
hidden under some bushes?
What does that
have to do with me?
It's a rental, your rental,
with your signature right on it.
I've never seen that in my life.
Ah, fuck.
You took the bullets out.
Put him on the chair.
You unloaded the gun.
I knew you'd take it.
I would never leave it loaded.
Give me the gun.
Give me the gun!
We need to call an ambulance.
It's over, Luna.
They'll come for me.
They'll figure everything out.
They're gonna come
for all of us.
Was it worth it, babe?
How about you?
I'm sorry.
You're good, Luna.
Too good.
Give me something to write with.
That's not my signature.
It doesn't matter.
I worked too fucking
hard for this money
to let it go to waste.
No, baby, it won't.
Remember what I told you?
We said a lot of things, Mondo,
a lot of things
I wish we hadn't.
When you asked about the money,
I said I'd give you half.
Well, I'm a man of my word.
Take it.
Keep it, you fuckin' deserve it.
You wanted the password?
Now you could both
fight over it.
Every stinkin' penny.
You fuck, you fuck, you fuck!
Fuck, fuck, fuck, you
fucking fuck, fuck!
Eleni, take it easy.
Give me your half then.
I never said I would do that.
How about now?
We don't even know if
that's the real password.
Yes, that's the real deal.
You can call the bank and check.
Consider it my gift to you both,
or one of you anyway.
Just open the door, Luna.
I'm too tired for this shit.
You don't leave me
much choice, Luna.
Come on, give me that paper.
You have about 10 seconds
before I open the door for you.
Times up.
Don't you dare.
Don't make me, I mean it.
Just think this
through a minute.
I swear to god, Eleni,
I don't care anymore.
Okay, alright,
give it to me and
I'll let you go.
You want me to believe that?
You've been lying to
me this whole time.
And you haven't?
The license, why is there
a license under my name
with your picture on it?
Luna, listen to me.
You rented the fucking car.
Put the lighter down.
The gasoline?
You think I'm so stupid,
but I know what
you're doing, Eleni.
We don't have time for this now.
You thought you'd find
yourself a little girl
that would do
whatever you wanted.
You always had a choice.
So did you.
Are you crazy?
You called me!
You were gonna light
this house on fire
with me and Armando in it.
You were pulling all
the strings, Eleni.
So you could disappear
and run away with
the money as me.
You're fucking sick.
Yes, I am.
You really are stupid!
Eighteen million dollars.
Mr. Nakamura.
It's Done.
I'm afraid I have some bad news.
They're both dead.
And about the password,
I wasn't able to
get it, I'm sorry.
So am I.
Go fuck yourself,
you Chinese fuck!
I'm Japanese.
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Japanese, Chinese,
I don't give a fuck!
I will search every
shadow until I find you.
Yeah, you do that.
I'll be basking in the sun,
sitting in a pile of money.
Your fucking money, you prick.
I beat you!
You will be praying for death
Yeah, that Mexican kid,
you thought would
never amount to shit.
Yeah, I fuckin' won.
Oh, fuck.
Oh fuck.
Fuck, shit, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Through pain and agony
Through the
heights of ecstasy
What are you
trying to do to me
What are you trying to do
What are you trying to do
What are you
trying to do to me
What are you
trying to do to me
What are you trying to do
What are you trying to do
What are you
trying to do to me
What are you trying to do
What are you
trying to do to me
What are you
trying to do to me
What are you
trying to do to me
What are you trying to do
What are you trying to do
What are you
trying to do to me