Sleepless Knights (2012) Movie Script

Papa, can't you see
you have no shoes on?
Come on.
Sit down here,
I'll bring you them.
A month.
- Yes? Well, it doesn't matter.
The usual. I say: "Get out. "
They're a normal family.
They show me their papers.
They're correct.
He wanted to let them go.
But I didn't. Something was wrong.
I keep them there.
"One second. Open up the trunk. "
There were four people in it!
In this house lives
the sister of the supermarket owner.
Ah, I haven't been there yet.
- No? She has the biggest madeleines.
Bigger than Isabel's.
Leave something over for your brother.
I'll do another fish in a moment.
Carlos, sit down to eat!
- I never eat lunch, Mama.
Eat a little at least!
- No.
Come on.
Sit down and eat in peace.
Who was it that didn't like football?
- No one!
Given the size of the stadium...
for Madrid.
Do you support Barcelona?
No! For Atltico Madrid.
- Oh, you like to suffer.
I'm a romantic
when it comes to football.
They like to suffer.
- Yes, we're born that way.
We only ordered two.
- it's fine, I'll take the third.
What are we eating?
- Here's the menu.
We haven't decided yet.
Hi, you're the new one, right?
- Yes. -And what's your name?
- Oh! Her name's Juana.
And I'm Manoli.
Want something to drink?
- No.
- I'm coming.
What does the new guy want?
- A tonic.
And you?
- Nothing.
But can I charge my mobile?
- Yes.
You don't look like you're from here.
- Because I'm not.
I thought...
I was born here,
but I live in Madrid.
Won't you come in?
- No.
It's really nice.
I'm tired.
Should I bring you home?
If we'd gone home,
we'd have got nothing done.
We've started getting organized,
and little by little
our numbers have grown.
We organized a grand demonstration
on May 15,
protest camps in lots of Spanish towns
were the upshot.
These camps are a result
of the demonstrations on May 15.
We all support this movement
by attending the meetings.
The movement has united people
who want to react
to the injustice of the system,
to the politicians and bankers,
to the dominance of the market.
We had spoken about these matters
amongst our friends,
but on May 15 it became plain we
were all talking about the same thing.
Yes, the screwdriver.
You're almost done.
- Pull a little more.
Now you're much safer.
- Don't you have anything better to do?
Are you coming along?
Will your brother be at the bar tonight?
- My brother? No.
I haven't seen your sister in ages.
- Right.
Are you all leaving now?
Will you give me her number
so I can talk to her again?
I don't have it here.
It's in the car.
Are the girls in Madrid pretty?
That depends.
How long are you staying?
Maybe the other one will come.
- No. She doesn't want to.
They can do as they like.
We'll manage all right.
She'll be on holiday over these days.
She always takes Christmas off, too.
Hello Carlos, how are you?
- Very well.
Are you here for a while again?
You'll have fun here in the village.
Well, it's boring compared to Madrid.
Right, but it's good to be here a while.
- Yes, it's good here.
And how's work doing?
There isn't much work right now,
but after the summer here...
Hello, Papa. Sit down.
The crisis will pass.
Better times are coming.
Yes, they are.
- Sure. Will you give me a beer, Mama?
And you? You're building a house?
- Yes, we're just starting.
And how's it doing?
- Very well at the moment.
There was a lot of dust
because of the diggers.
It must be the fan.
And you have to oil it here.
- I'll give it a lickin'.
Because it's linked
straight to the oven...
or else it doesn't run.
- Oh, here!
I'm telling you this
because it happened to my car, too.
Ow, it's red hot.
- Careful. Of course it's red hot.
It's not old at all.
My car is much older.
Older than 20.
- Older than 20?
The warning triangle is out.
So what do we do?
- Isidoro! Call the garage.
And an ambulance for us.
We'll leave the car here.
Look here! Look here!
Did you see that?
This fuckin' thing!
Pablo, look!
There it goes!
- No, my one... -Look! Look!
- No, that was too angled.
All the way to the mayor's door!
I won with an under-leg shot.
Only because I had my helmet on.
- Yes, that might be.
And sit down or we'll run out of breath
with all this smoke.
A catastrophe!
But then, when I concentrated...
We could sing the "Bean Song".
Maria Juana,
weigh the beans right for me.
Ours is a large family
and we're very hungry.
We eat beans on Monday,
on Tuesday and on Wednesday.
We eat tomatoes on Thursday.
On Friday I felt like having sardines
and got a bone caught in my throat.
The next day we had beans.
We eat beans on Monday,
on Tuesday and on Wednesday.
We eat tomatoes on Thursday.
We know that song.
Now a glass of wine!
- No, we're working.
It wouldn't be bad though.
Oh, this smoke,
it's really biting.
Carmelo, the fire is going out.
- Oh, we're suffocating.
The fish won't be ready in three months.
It will taste more of smoke
than of salt.
It won't be edible.
There are too few embers.
Blow, blow!
- Now it's burning properly!
The sun shines in my heart,
as my soul is dressed
as if for first communion.
And should I die one day,
- I don't plan on dying...
and see the splendor,
I will laugh thankfully,
For I carry the splendor within me.
Path that leads to the mountains,
Path that leads to the sea,
Path that leads to heaven,
How hard you are to tread!
We must all walk this path,
from birth to our deaths.
Even is the path and steep is the path,
and we must all tread it.
We're all expected up there.
- The fish are burning! Carmelo!
They're burnt already.
- No, they're still fine.
We'll have nothing to eat this evening.
I was froth on the altar,
I was many things,
that, by Your will, I no longer am
Now I am nothing
but a dog without master
who already senses where he is to die.
Should anyone ask me
what my name is,
I shrug my shoulders and answer:
"I am the dark swallow
that looks backwards as it ies
They call me Carmen, Lolilla or Pilar.
Whatever they call me
is not of my choosing. "
Come out!
I know you're there. Come out!
Should I help you?
- No, it's fine.
Watch out here.
Look at these pictures.
Is that the village?
- Yes.
And the last thing we see is the captain
holding a little lance.
The legend recounts
how General Cachafre
and his assistant, Palenque,
wanted to capture the Capilla Castle,
which was occupied by the moors,
and appealed to God for His assistance
in conquering the castle.
So they had the idea of rounding up
all the sheep of the area,
tying torches to their horns,
and driving them towards the castle.
When the moors saw such a great army,
or what they thought was one,
they ed.
When Cachafre and Palenque
got into the castle,
they found an old couple,
a child, and two cows.
That was the story. You like it?
- Yes.
Here are some pictures
of the celebrations
that are held every year
to commemorate the legend.
It's not ripe yet.
Do you like figs?
- No.
Try this one.
It's not ripe yet.
- Try it.
It's not ripe.
You'll fall!
- No, I'm being careful.
"Dear Alexa, are... you still looking...
a room in Munich?"
A room.
A room...
in Munich.
- In Munich.
That's a question.
"We have one...
in our shared apartment...
Shared apartment.
Shared apartment...
actually empty. "
Actually empty.
Actually empty.
Can't you hear me?
So, are you staying here or not?
It's always the same thing with you.
I love you three equally.
It's not me who has the favourite child.
You know you live here
and do very well from us.
He's only here for one month a year!
True, but then nothing else gets done.
It's always the same.
No, it's not as you think.
- it is. It's always the same.
On Saturday, September 10,
the swimming pool
will open for the last time.
And at 1.30 p. m. there will be
a puppet theater performance.
On Saturday, September 10,
"Los Duques" will play once more
at 10.30 p. m. in the town park.
To conclude
the Extremadura celebrations,
"The Planet of the Apes"
will be screened on September 11.
We will of course
be keeping you informed
about the festivities here.
Papa, hold still!
I need the bucket.
Can't you sleep?
You miss the capital.
She's in such pain.
Her forehead has gone blue
with the pain of it all.
They say it's because of a man,
they say it's because of two men.
But only she and I know
the reason for her pain.
We give the tides to the ocean,
dedicate candles to the virgin,
and to Carmen we give milk
to feed the child.
Give me the box from last year.
There are no batteries left.
- Calm down, there are none left.
I don't want any, anyway.
There are none left.
Six, seven...
- Stop, stop. Leave it.
Here are two more!
- All right, go on.
The sheep are over there.
We've surrounded them.
- You go in there.
- You go in there.
Make a wish, Mam a.
An elephant balanced on a spider's web,
when he saw that he didn't fall,
he called for another elephant.
Now with two?
- I want water.
Two elephants balanced on a spider's web,
when they saw that they didn't fall,
they called for another elephant.
I'll go and change him.
Did you see anything?
No, not yet. And you?
- Nothing.
He can't be far.
Get in,
we'll drive around.
Does he often disappear?
- Yes, this isn't the first time.
You're my soulmate,
a real friend...
You're always there for me.
And although you're a man,
you've got the soul of a child
You are the one who gives me
his friendship, his respect,
and his tenderness.
I remember the hard times
we've got through together.
You stood strong no matter
how strong the winds were.
Your heart is a house with an open door.
You are my security in uncertainty.
When times are hard in life
we look for someone
to help us find a way out.
And your promise
of strength and belief
makes me feel sure
you're always on my side.
You are my soulmate every day.
You receive me with a smile
after every trip.
You are always honest to me.
You are my security in uncertainty.