Sleepless Night (2011) Movie Script

The mask.
- That one's yours.
- How can you tell?
Smells of cigarettes.
They're turning into
Rue du Ruisseau.
Out of the car!
Hands on the dash!
Out of the car!
Open the trunk!
The trunk.
The bag! Give me the bag!
Move it!
Stop, Manuel!
You're crazy!
Fucking shit!
Damn... I'm guessing
more than 10 kilos... fuck.
Not bad, huh?
I'm going to be late.
Yeah... I'm coming.
- How's your cocoa?
- The milk is bad.
Try it.
Smells of Roquefort.
- Shows you've never been to war.
- Whereas you...
Cows don't make powdered milk.
- What's this?
- Coffee.
- And what's this coffee like?
- Powdered.
I don't know why kids
are talking like that now.
I don't talk like that.
Your mother neither.
- We're late. You going to get dressed?
- Have you seen my blue polo?
If you looked after your stuff...
I look after my stuff.
Don't turn me into something I'm not.
Are you alright?
Not too shaken?
- See, you found it. Where was it?
- Up your ass.
- Got new shoes?
- Yeah, I stole them.
Julien gave them to me
for my grades.
So, he's interested in
your academic results?
Yes. It was strange.
I'm not used to that.
I'll see you this evening. I might be
home late so don't wait for me.
- As usual...
- Next week I'll make an effort.
Next week?
It's the holiday, I'm going away
with Mom and Julien.
Oh yeah.
So we won't see much of each other.
What does that change?
I have a difficult job.
You understand that?
Yeah, yeah. Julien has a difficult job.
So do I. So does everybody.
And anyway, I don't care.
Morning. I'm following up on the
Rue du Ruisseau shooting this morning.
Why, do you think it was
a gangland killing?
Gianni Almetto, 43 years old,
two bullets in the gut.
Drugs, girls, blackmail,
various rackets...
14 years behind bars,
it all fits.
He's linked to the Marcianos
and the Corsicans.
They have a nightclub the
other side of the ring road.
You didn't get yourself patched up?
You're crazy, Vincent.
I'll take you to the doc...
I will go later.
You don't understand.
- We have to go back.
- Where?
- There, to clean up the mess.
- Are you nuts?
I know him. I already met him.
He's a shit-stirrer. We're in trouble.
If a crook gets killed,
it's because of a cop.
- What department?
- Rat Squad.
- What's his name?
- Lacombe.
I already talked to your colleagues.
I was woken by the gunshots.
What were they like?
- What?
- Physically, what did they look like?
Were they white, black, Asian, Arab?
The one without the mask
could be a guy like you...
- Are you sure?
- In fact, it's funny you look like him.
Oh yeah?
But that won't get you very far.
- No, probably not.
- Thank you, sir.
What is it Julia?
I can't talk right now.
What? I can't understand you.
What about Thomas?
I've called him. I've left messages
but I get no answer.
You're probably worried about nothing.
He's only been out of school for...
- It's already seven o'clock.
- Yes, it is.
It's Friday night,
maybe his battery is dead.
- Or maybe he left it at my place.
- He never forgets it at my place.
- With you everything's perfect.
- What should I do now, Vincent?
What do I do now?
Call the police?
- Are you pregnant?
- Yes, five months, darling.
Well, at least now I know.
Do you know how many missing
persons there are per week?
And most of them are teenagers.
- Who two or three hours later turn up at home.
- Yes, but that doesn't help us now.
- This is your son.
- If you know my job better than I do...
This is so typical of you.
You don't give a shit.
We'll look around his school together.
- Where are you going?
- To the cops.
The real ones.
Are you alright?
Thomas, damn, where are you?
It's Jose. Jose Marciano.
What the fuck do you want, Marciano?
I think you know.
- What is this? Where's Thomas?
- You were recognized...
- What are you talking about?
- Let me finish.
I want the bag,
I know you have it.
- What are you saying, Jose?
- You'll understand.
- Dad?
- Yes, Thomas, I'm here. Are you okay?
Yeah, who are these guys?
What do they want?
Dad? What do these guys want?
I'm coming right now.
I'm coming to get you.
I'll sort this out, Thomas.
Let me talk to him.
Marciano, if you touch
a single hair on my son...
Straight to threats.
I assume you understand.
We picked him up outside his school...
Thomas is drinking a cocktail,
an exotic fruit cocktail.
- What's in your cocktail, Thomas?
- I have a big order to fill.
And you've complicated it,
so don't show up empty-handed.
You know the address.
Hey, you've reached Thomas's voicemail.
Leave a message...
Get up.
What do we do now?
I'll give him the bag
and get my son back.
We need that money.
We shouldn't worry.
There are three kilos more than we thought.
It's a blessing.
I have debts, I need this!
You are sick!
Is there a problem?
It's okay.
We're just talking about football.
- Everything's okay.
- We're good.
I get the feeling you too
could want to screw me.
If the bag isn't in the hiding place...
Yes, it's me.
We're in some shit.
Deep, deep shit.
We need to meet right away.
He wants to give the dope
back to Marciano.
He organized this.
He takes me with him...
We split everything 50-50. It's all good.
And now he backs off.
And what about me?
The guy I killed...
It'll be traced back to us.
- They'll come looking for us.
- Stop!
You're worked up. You're pissing me off!
You're getting on my nerves!
For now, you're on stand-by.
Look at me! Listen to me!
You're not listening. Listen to me!
For now don't move a muscle, understand?
He must be there already.
And where the hell is my coffee?
You're going down there.
And as for your share,
it's no longer 50-50, it's 40-60.
Seeing that you fucked up.
And since there's three extra kilos,
you can't complain.
We do as usual.
We change cell phones.
Here. Take this.
Throw it away after you use it.
And don't forget to delete
all the shit from it.
- Have a nice night.
- Good evening.
- I need to check the bag. Please open it.
- I can't do that.
That's the rule.
Would you please open it?
Will this do? No need to call your boss.
I have an appointment.
- Okay, that's fine.
- Have a good evening.
- Avoid the sportswear next time.
- Yeah.
- Good evening.
- Another one? Is there a seminar or something?
- Something like that.
- Nice ass!
What's with the cops tonight?
Holy shit!
- Hello?
- It's me.
I took the initiative of
following Vincent Garrel.
He's at a nightclub, The Tarmac.
I'm also there.
He hid a bag in the restroom
above a fake ceiling.
With, I don't know, a fortune inside.
- It's heavy. Must be a lot of coke.
- Whatever you do, don't touch the drugs.
- It's okay, I've hidden it.
- Hidden?
- Next door.
- Next door?
Are you going to repeat everything I say?
It's in the ladies bathroom
above the fake ceiling.
Why did you decide to
move important evidence?
- So what should I do, move it back?
- No, don't touch anything. Where's Garrel?
I have no idea.
I'm in the ladies restroom.
Find him and don't let him go!
I was going to bed...
I'm on my way.
Fuck! I can't believe it. ..
There's a problem at the pool tables.
Five sluts with loads of makeup and skirts
up to their asses are dancing on the tables.
Tell Sidney to throw them out.
And hands off, eh Sidney?
He's got nothing with him, what's this?
You've come empty-handed?
That's not good!
Is that all?
The rest is in a safe place.
Where's my son?
I don't get it. You don't want
to see your son again?
I'm 18 hours late. I'm taking
a big risk. Very big!
- Okay.
- Seems to be the same, where's the rest?
- Where's my son? I want to see him.
- Fatherly love..
- Stop it, Jose. You have three sons. So where is he?
- And a daughter.
Where is Thomas?
I want my coke, you want your son.
I can understand.
Abel? Right away!
Two years and a half, almost three.
She's pretty, no?
You're not answering me.
- She's pretty, unlike you.
- Her mom tells me that sometimes.
Who are these guys?:
Why are they keeping me here?
It's fine, Thomas.
We're going. It's over.
- I want my cell phone back.
- They'll give it back.
That's enough. Go. Take him back.
- Thomas!
- Let me go!
- Dad!
- Let him go! Let him go!
- Help!
- Thomas, I'll be back in three minutes!
Three minutes, fine by me.
Nice jacket.
- What?
- Don't worry, I'm only joking. It's shit.
Good evening. Is there a party tonight?
It's okay, same family!
But this one's unaccompanied.
Hello, Julia? Julia?
I've found him. I'll call you
back in 10 minutes.
Don't do that with the bottles.
This is unbelievable.
This doesn't go here!
And the ice bucket is on the
other side. You haven't got a clue!
Just tell me alright?
It's only my second night here.
If no one tells me,
how am I supposed to know?
Manuel, it's me. I need your help.
Come to the Tarmac, right away!
- Okay.
- It might be too late.
It's about my son.
I'm on my way.
Shit. It's me.
It sounds serious about his son, Thomas.
- Hey, this is the ladies room!
- Yes, I'm sorry.
Bitch! Yes?
The guy who got away
must have recognized him.
He must have told Marciano.
What do I do?
Do exactly as he says.
We have no choice,
everything must look normal.
Damn it!
Her again?
Fucking pisses me off.
Little fuck.
Sure you don't want a drink?
Or maybe a smoke?
I've got some good stuff
at the moment, Feydek.
I know, I sold it to you.
I have a lot of shit going on, Jose.
And I've been waiting all day.
Don't panic, it'll only be
a matter of seconds.
I'm not panicking, but I'm
thinking that your club...
Stop that, we've known each
other for a long time, no?
Go on, Yilmaz. That way.
Sit down, have a drink, relax.
It's coming.
Did someone leave a black leather
bag about 10 minutes ago?
No, I haven't seen a bag like that.
- I'll check anyway.
- You're not allowed.
- Call security.
- Hey! I am security! Okay?
So let's stay calm, don't call anyone.
Excuse me.
My black leather bag that
you wanted to look inside,
- Did you see anyone leave with it?
- Get your hands off me!
It's not my business.
I'm not the cloakroom attendant.
- It's important.
- Hey, where are you going?
- It's very important.
- I have to work...
Ask your colleague.
- What colleague?
- Sir, wait.
- The girl who came in with you earlier.
- Wait sir, one minute, please.
- Are you with someone? Are you together?
- Yes, we're together.
Hey! Where are you going?
- Speak French?
- Only English, sir.
I don't care whether you have
your papers or not, okay?
I just need a whole lot of flour.
Understand? Flour.
- You understand flour?
- No.
- Okay. Look. This is flour. Understand? Flour?
- Yes, sir.
- Where can I find this?
- Yes, sir.
- Hey, can't you see we're working?
- I'm working too. Move along.
- Nothing to see here.
- Right, it's like that.
- So where is this flour?
- Follow me, sir.
Quick, hurry up. Where is it?
Fine. Very well. Plastic bags?
Plastic bags, plastic bags.
Yes, good. You take the plastic bag
and you put flour inside.
You take flour,
you put in inside the plastic bag.
Fuck off! What do you want?
Get in here! Close the door!
Come here! Hurry up!
Fucking hurry up!
- You take the plastic bag. Speak French?
- Yes, sir.
Take the plastic bags
and put the flour inside.
Give me a bag.
Come On! Faster!
There, hurry up!
Where's your bag?
You must have one!
- No, no.
- I need to borrow it.
Don't fuck with me or you
get on a plane back home.
- Yes, help me. Give me your bag now.
- Yes, sir.
Here. Give it to me!
Thank you.
Pardon me.
A bottle of champagne for Marciano.
For Jose. He wants it.
- We'll be upstairs in his office, okay?
- Okay.
- Do you have a watch?
- Yes.
- In five minutes.
- Understood. Champagne in five minutes.
- Five minutes, exactly!
- Yes, don't worry.
There you are!
- Leave me alone!
- You see, everything works out in the end, Feydek.
What the fuck were you doing?
What the fuck were you doing?
They can't stay.
There are cops in the club, Jose.
- What, the cops?
- Yes, I saw three of them.
Plus two at the entrance.
What are they doing here?
How do you know they're cops?
- Jose, I hope you didn't fuck up...
- I know my job.
There are cops here every night.
They just want to drink.
Yes, but these are narcs.
Montana and Fargel, two bastards.
Who's that?
A delivery man. He's clean.
If you prefer to stay here,
you really are dumb.
Get out with your stupid bag
and save your asses!
Do you know who you are talking to?
Who is this guy?
And how do you know all of this?
Because I'm a cop!
You don't believe me? Here. Check it!
Hey! I'm a cop but I also do businees.
- Put your gun down.
- If my colleagues storm the place we all go down.
Very smart, Jose.
I didn't think that.
A cop who delivers...
I have never seen that in
15 years of business.
And you? Are you going
to fix my parking tickets?
Can I get my licence back?
Who's that? Don't know him!
What's going on?
- Move.
- Get moving.
That way! Everyone!
- Who's that guy? A cop? Do you know him?
- No.
No, it's fine.
He's ours.
- Who are you? Are you new?
- It's my second night.
- Have I done something wrong?
- No, it's okay.
My son right now!
That was the deal.
Abel, prepare the package.
Daddy's coming.
Hey, that way..
He's on the first floor,
back of the pool hall.
I never want to see you again, understand?
It's over. Screw things up again
and you'll go down with me.
I was forced to kidnap a kid.
You think I got a kick out of it?
You think that? Go on, fuck off!
And the guy you shot this morning,
he was my godson.
What do I tell his mother?
Do not move.
Wait here.
What the hell is this stuff?
What is this?
Who's gonna want this shit?
- I'll show him.
- Wait, Yilmaz. You stay here.
Damn it!
That dirty cop!
I'm gonna kill him!
I'm gonna kill him!
- We'll go in quietly.
- I'll follow you. You know better.
Good evening.
- It's not the right time.
- Are you crazy?
You look like shit, lieutenant.
Too much partying?
Let me go, I have to get
my son out of here.
My concern right now is the BMW
this morning in Rue du Ruisseau.
We can't talk here.
Why not?
I like it here.
It's Claudio Almeto's car.
Half-brother of the man
who was shot twice.
And as luck would have it,
he sometimes works for Jose Marciano.
- Weren't you just in his office?
- What are you doing here?
My son is in danger.
Don't you fucking understand?
Everyone's in danger tonight.
I don't see the son of a bitch!
Without the product, we're done for!
I'm really sick of this.
You can't do this to me.
Hey, we still have something to talk about!
Do you understand?
Why do they come back?
Don't open it, Jose.
I don't like this at all...
I can't just let them wait around outside.
We've been doing business a long time...
I will not be fucked with!
Not by you!
What's your fucking plan?
Don't screw me, Marciano! Taste this!
Sit down!
- Let me go!
- What's the problem?
- Go away!
- Stop acting like a princess.
Come on. What's the problem now?
You said yes, and once you say yes,
you can't back out.
- No! Let me go!
- That's enough, dammit!
Come on, let's go.
Not so fast. Wait.
What is this shit?
Do I look like I run a bakery?
I know your game.
It's as old as your stinking Orient.
Do you think you can screw me like that?
Trying to charge me double?
Take your "Turkish-Crash-Airline"
plane back to Istanbul.
And get fucked in the ass in prison.
You like a dick in the mouth
and the ass? Do you swallow?
Do you swallow, Feydek?
And you, Yilmaz? Shall I shove mine in?
You sit on a filthy sofa eating Turkish delights,
And suck on a hookah.
And they want to join the EU!
I'm from the West Indies, you idiot!
Let go! Let go!
Vincent has cheated us.
- Your corrupted cop?
- That's what I said. That French asshole has the dope.
Do you mean he's gotten away with it?
I still have his son.
He'll never leave without him.
With all this shit, you've ruined
a Dolce & Gabanna jacket.
You don't get it.
You get fitted out in the souk.
- Are you starting again?
- Pierre Cardin!
Does that still exist?
Fuck, Abel. I have to call Abel.
You stay here.
- Hey, watch it.
- Excuse me.
- Did he hurt you?
- No, don't worry.
Hello. Yes, what?
With his son.
That's it though.
You doing it on purpose?
Yeah, I'm on it!
- Sorry.
- Dad, give me your hand!
Thomas! Thomas!
Let go of me!
Let me through, damnit!
Vincent, Vincent!
Haven't you bothered us enough?
Are you alright?
Who are these assholes?
Are you going to be okay?
Where's the stuff, asshole?
Look at me.
Who are you?
Is that your jacket? It's the same...
Do you like champagne?
There's a bottle waiting for you at the bar.
Come on, Jose.
Champagne for everyone!
You are okay, yes? Do you get it?
You're not going to say anything, right?
Look here. Got it?
- What's this?
- Not mine.
- You stole it?
- No.
Get out of here!
Do you know what free will is?
See, you could decide
just like that, to release me.
Right now.
- It's not up to me.
- There, you see.
You don't have free will.
- Do you understand what I'm saying?
- You're a pain in the ass.
Do you have any kids?
Do you hit them?
You're mean. You're old.
Your hands are clammy...
and your breath stinks.
You know there are products for that?
Do you see that?
That's my free will.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Do you know what this is?
I don't know. A bracelet?
You're all stupid.
That's the problem.
It's not a bracelet, it's my wife's leash.
Well Clarisse's.
Clarisse is not my wife.
Mathilde is my wife.
Clarisse is the name of the poodle I gave her.
Do you follow me?
So that's the end of Clarisse's leash.
It's the only thing I got custody
of after the divorce.
The end of a dog's leash.
She kept the dog.
She kept everything.
She's even enjoying the apartment.
The enjoyment...
- Can I see your membership card?
- I don't have one.
- You don't? Idiot.
- Can I have glass of water?
- I don't serve water.
You want to sit or talk to a girl?
Could I just have
something to drink, please?
I'll see what I can do.
Yeah? Yeah, I've got olives,
peanuts and cashews.
Yes, I've got milk.
Yes, real cow's milk.
Not what powdered stuff?
I don't understand any of this.
Are you still with me?
That's all I have left.
Twenty years of marriage
and a dog's leash...
Do you know what I do for a living?
I'm real estate agent.
It was me who found this apartment.
122 square meters with balcony
at the top of the Avenue des Gobelins.
Across from the metro,
but we never took it.
Are you listening?
You're not at all interested
in what I'm telling you?
Hey, let go!
Alex, come over here.
What was that about?
- Sorry. I'm sorry.
- Alright, alright.
Is Thomas at your place?
Yes, of course, he came
back after nine.
Around ten, half past ten.
I don't remember when exactly.
It's my fault, we had an
argument this morning.
And to make a point,
he came home late.
Don't worry, I gave him a
good talking to.
- Let me talk to him.
- I would. He's asleep.
- Well, don't wake him up.
- Good.
I'll have him call you in the morning
after he wakes up, okay?
- I'm counting on you, Vincent.
- Yes, I promise.
I promise.
I'm this close to opening the gas can.
Where are you, Vincent?
Somewhere close by, I hope?
Unless you prefer I give
your son to the Turks...
Where are you, you piece of shit?
I'm warning you, you have five minutes
to bring me my powder.
Or I'll douse your son with gasoline...
Hey man, are you out of your mind?
- Get away, mate!
- Hands off!
- Get out!
- Come on, fuck off man!
Come on!
Drinking at work?
This is water.
Did you find the bag?
That was a great idea to hide it
in the ladies room.
How am I supposed to get it out
with all the women coming and going?
What are you saying?
That we pee a lot?
I did what I could.
I couldn't stroll around here with it.
I understand it's annoying
running our asses off chasing this guy.
Damn. You're busting my balls
shoving into me like that!
You're probably tired.
You should go home.
- I think he's gone.
- He won't leave without his bag.
I've got him trapped.
I'm telling you, he's gone.
Damn, Manuel, what are you doing?
Where are you?
I'm in the pool room.
Have you given Marciano the coke?
No, Lacombe followed me.
He's all over my ass.
See you in the parking lot.
Have you seen a man here
in a navy jacket? No?
Have you seen a man with
a navy blue jacket?
- Leave us alone!
- I'm police.
I don't care.
- Everyone's police tonight.
- So he came through here?
Don't move!
Can you feel the knife?
Don't move.
Open the door. Open it!
- You're taking a big risk...
- The door!
- My bag?
- We know you're trafficking with the Marcianos.
My bag, bitch!
Yeah, where's the bag?
Where is it?
Where is it?
My fucking bag?
- My bag! Look at me!
- You're only making it worse...
- Stop.
- I'm from the same department, bitch!
I've been undercover for 14 months
in that shitty police station.
I don't believe you.
You're out of your mind.
The stunt in Rue du Ruisseau,
I set it up by myself.
And I took Manuel with me... order to trap him.
Because he has been dirty for years.
And it seems he's protected
by a superior.
And you're fucking everything up
with your zeal!
So where's the bag?
I don't believe you.
Who are you working for?
Where's the bag?
I have no idea.
Please, don't.
I'll break your arm, colleague.
Do you hear me? I will break it.
- What do you see in this photo?
- I don't see anything.
Take a guess.
What do you see?
- A boy.
- A boy, yes.
And what is the boy?
Is he blond or brown, or maybe chestnut?
What does he look like?
Look at him!
- He's brown.
- He's brown?
He's like you!
That's right. He looks like me!
And his eyes. Look at his eyes!
And his mouth, what's it look like?
Do you see the scar on his chin?
This is my son! It's my son!
He's here and I'm not leaving without him!
Where's the bag?
Please, I can't take anymore.
It hurts.
And me, you think I'm not hurting?
Where's the bag?
- It's in the restroom.
- What?
In the restroom.
In the same place it was,
but in the ladies room.
Your job is to harass guys like me,
The foot soldiers who
have to deal with shit...
Do you speak English?
Do you speak French?
Brown, with dark hair.
Are you crazy?
- Are you crazy?
- Fuck off, dude! Fuck off!
Look out!
Stop, he's had enough!
Where did you put the handcuff keys?
What's this?
That's my ID card.
What are you doing with this?
Where did you put the keys?
You attach them to your car keys?
You know what?
I'll keep the car keys.
Come on. Answer please!
For me.
It's me.
He left his phone on the sofa.
He's in the bathroom.
What are you doing? I'm scared.
- I'm coming.
- He was going to strangle me.
- I'm doing all I can.
- What's that noise?
- I'm next to the kitchen.
- What are you doing there?
You're sure you know where I am?
I haven't seen any kitchen.
Stay where you are. Shut your mouth,
don't speak, don't say a word.
Play dumb and don't
look them in the eyes.
You understand?
You are the only thing
that matters to me.
Why didn't you tell me that before?
I'm coming to get you.
Hello? Jose? Bingo.
The little shit took the bait.
He called his father
with my cell phone.
The idiot is gonna use up
all my minutes.
By the way, the cop is
next to the kitchen. If you hurry...
Come on.
Excuse me.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Get away from here.
I'll take care of this.
What are you doing under the table?
Please get out of there, Sir.
Are you insane?
Not in my restaurant!
Fuck, do you ever answer?
What happened here?
- Do you have a gun?
- Yeah.
They're everywhere.
Let's try to go in through the back.
I know where Thomas is,
and I know where the bag is.
- I was an asshole this morning.
- Me too. Forget about it.
- Which way?
- On the left.
Oh shit...
New message.
Where the fuck are you, Manuel?
We have to get rid of him. He nearly killed me.
It's Feydek. Tell him you have a
problem and he must come here.
Tell him you know where the dope is.
One word in Turkish or whatever
and you're dead? Understand?
Where are you?
I'm back at the emergency exit.
- What did you say?
- It's urgent.
I know where the coke is.
I'm on my way.
Give me your gun.
Turn around.
Are you a cop or not?
Give me my son,
or I blow his head off!
- Go ahead, I don't care.
- Tell him, Feydek.
I don't give a shit about your son.
Why don't you shoot?
Your hands are dripping sweat.
- You know what?
- You are pissing me off.
I think you set this thing up with him.
He's not a cop.
Did you think I'd buy it?
You know Marciano, Caribbeans and Corsicans
have one thing in common...
You're bugging me.
Feydek, it's Turkish, not Jamaican.
Our common trait is family. And I'm well
informed about yours. Pretty wife...
Still in good shape after the kid, a little fat.
But we Caribbeans like it...
- Get rid of this kebab.
- I want my son.
- You've got no balls, Vincent.
- I want my son!
You will always be a little shit cop.
And you, what are your balls for?
To make more kids?
After I've fucked your wife in every hole.
And just before I piss and shit on her...
Drop it!
Drop your gun!
Drop your gun right now, Jose!
Are you looking for your colleague?
She's over there.
He locked me in there.
- It stinks of meat, and I'm a vegetarian...
- Are you okay?
I should be asking you that.
You don't look very good.
Wait, wait.
Maybe he got away in a car?
No, he hasn't left.
Oh shit...
What's all this shit?
- Too late.
- For him as well.
It's flour.
Now you're gonna tell me
where my merchandise is!
What kind of father are you
to hold on to the dope like that?
Tell me, or do you want me to
deafen your other ear as well?
- It's in the ladies room.
- Which one?
Across from the dressing room.
Take me there.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- Yes, I'm fine. Really.
Three dead in less than 24 hours.
And every time that fucker
Vincent is involved.
He told me Marciano has got his son.
He says he's undercover.
Trying to expose someone high up
who was protecting Manuel Sabian.
I've been investigating cops
for 10 years now...
Every time I catch one red-handed,
he tries the undercover excuse.
It's bullshit.
A guy who hides 10 kilos
of coke where we found it... totally corrupt.
There's no other excuse.
You're doing a great job.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- What are you doing?
- Excuse me ladies, we won't be long.
- That's the ladies room.
- What are you doing here?
- The men's room is next door.
- You're not from here, are you?
- Have you got it? Excuse me.
- Hey.
What are you doing?
- Hey!
- What are they doing?
What are they doing in there?
Good evening, ladies.
- Hey, another one?
- It just keeps getting better.
- Are they gay, or what?
- Get lost, you idiot!
- Is everything alright in there?
- Get out! - Jose?
Maybe it's better not to
even think about it.
This guy's really starting to piss me off.
Hey, come on.
Wake up, wake up.
Fuck you!
Are you alright?
Look at me!
- You fucking asshole!
- I don't have time to explain.
You have to run faster
than you ever have before.
Shut up!
You bastard!
This is my son, dammit!
- What's going on here?
- He's my father! - Leave me alone.
He came to get me.
- I need to piss.
- Wait, wait.
What are you doing?
Let's go!
- Alright, let's go.
- Okay.
Hey, check the emergency exit.
Head towards the open doors!
Slowly, gentlemen. Everything's fine.
Don't worry, everything's okay.
Shit, the keys!
Damn it!
I can't tell one from the other.
Where is the car?
Turn the engine off!
Open the trunk.
And what might this be? Perhaps flour?
Not again, my friend.
Give me the bag.
Police! Drop your gun
and put your hands on your head.
Don't move!
- Does it hurt, dad?
- You must not tell anyone, okay?
Not even your best friend, or your mother
or Julien. This stays between us.
What were you doing?
What took you so long?
I need a cigarette.
Do you have a cigarette?
Take my cell phone out please.
It's in my jacket.
Call Manuel.
No, not Manuel.
The last missed call.
- I mean the last call received.
- Right, I got it.
- You're not going to answer that?
- It's not my phone.
Sorry about your arm,
and for calling you a bitch.
That's Manuel Sabian's phone.
Look inside, it's very interesting.
New message.
Where the fuck are you, Manuel?
We need to get rid of him. He nearly killed me.
- Continue driving, calmly!
- What's going on?
Continue driving or I'll shoot!
Do it. Do what he says.
I don't believe it.
What are you doing?
Drive! Drive, dammit!
What happened?
It was Marciano.
He caused the accident.
- Are you alright, can you stand?
- Yes, Yes.
Call your mother.
Tell her you just woke up.
- So that she doesn't worry. Got that?
- Yeah.
I'm here, I'm here.
Wake up, dammit!
There's nobody here?
Help me! Please!
My father's there!
My father's in the car!
Hang in there.
Stay here. Stay here.
We'll come and get you.