Slum Dog Husband (2023) Movie Script

Let me go, sir. Please, sir. Sir!
I did nothing wrong, sir.
Sir... Sir, please, sir.
Let me free.
I did nothing wrong, sir.
- Sir... Sir...
- Shut up!
What's wrong with you?
I beg you, sir.
Sir, I'll give you biryani
and a full bottle, sir.
It's not gonna happen.
The higher sir have to come...
Eat biryani...
Thrash you...
If you fate turns out to be good the
next morning... He'll let you free.
Shut up! Don't scare me even more.
What did you do?
Why are you so scared?
- I got married.
- Huh!
They've arrested you
for getting married!
Did you elope or what! Nice dude...
Did it happen?
He married a dog.
- Married a dog!
- Yes.
Of course, I married a dog.
What's in it?
God must be crazy. You must be lazy.
How can you marry a dog?
You are not even a fox to do so.
Brother, stop eating my head.
Interesting. Come, sit.
Tell me, brother.
Brother, I've seen men who married
one sister and tried for the other.
I've also seen the other way around.
How could you even
think of marrying a dog?
- Remove that hand.
- I did.
Is my marriage that funny to you all?
Tell me your story, brother.
Don't eat my brain.
Don't worry.
My friend, Salman Khan is an advocate.
He'll bail you out.
Tell me your story, please.
I have a girlfriend, brother...
Her name is Monika.
Our love is pure, brother.
We meet in the day and talk
over the phone at night.
- Hello!
- What are you doing, babe?
- I just ate.
- What did you eat?
Bitter gourd.
It tastes bitter, right?
How did you eat it?
I ate it, remembering you.
It tasted sweet.
Your words are so intoxicating.
Even your words do something to me...
Do what? Make you hot?
Listening to you...
I'm really getting hot.
Come to me.
Okay, me, Lacchi.
I'll your lips
and kiss you all over.
God! You are killing me.
I'll kiss you all over,
removing my shirt buttons.
I'm doing it right now.
Lacchi, what happened? Hello? God!
How can you leave in between?
- What are you doing?
- Talking on the phone.
- With whom?
- One of my friends.
Poor fellow is in pain.
Is it?
Why do you have to remove
your shirt if he's in pain?
- It's hot in here.
- Oh!
Hot... and in this freezing winter.
- Mom, stop!
- Give me your phone.
You loose-slut...
Can't you control yourself?
How dare you spoil my son!
What did I do?
As if your son knows nothing.
He says he'll me.
Of course, you'll let him do it too.
Have you no shame? The hell with you.
- The phone is spoiling you.
- Mom, not again!
on phone!
- I'll thrash you!
- Mom, stop it...
You eat four times a day...
But you are still this
thin, and I wonder why!
This is why, right?
If I catch you again...
I'll kill you for sure.
Idiot! Can't you control
until you get married?
I couldn't talk to you while at home.
Same situation at my home too.
That is why we are here. We'll have
our privacy. We can enjoy a lot.
Yesterday, I felt like kissing you.
Even I got hot.
Right where we stopped yesterday...
- I'll start from there.
- God! You kill with your words.
You are killing me with your lips.
They are for you. Take them.
I will, wait...
- What are you doing here?
- Nothing, sir.
- She's sharing her pain.
- Is it?
She's in pain and you are romancing
her, removing your shirt, right?
- It's hot here, sir.
- Is it?
With all this cool breeze, you feel hot!
- Come on, let's sit in AC.
- No thanks, sir.
Are you acting smart?
- Let's go to the station.
- What's this, sir?
Look around.
There is a couple per tree.
- How many will you arrest?
- Everyone.
- Starting with you.
- This is injustice, sir.
My parents thrash me at home.
We don't have money
to book a hotel room.
And you are irritating us here.
Where should true lovers
like us go to, sir?
India has democracy. We have rights.
We have human right.
And parking right in the park.
Wow! So many right!
Sir, do you have an arrest warrant?
Do you want an arrest warrant?
Yeah. How can you arrest
us for no wrong of ours?
Brother, public romance
comes under nuisance.
Then where should we go to?
Answer me, sir? Where?
- Should we go to Pakistan?
- I'll give you a nice idea.
Because of corona, buses got
empty, parked in the depot.
Select a nice bus.
Romance in it. No one will know.
Sir, you are our god, sir.
We can never forget you, sir.
Don't roam in the parks again.
Why will we, sir?
That too after the idea you just gave?
The bus is our home now.
Why did you mix it too strong?
Tell me,
what happened in the park today?
The police got there right on time.
- Then what's next?
- I've planned something else tomorrow.
- No one will come there.
- And where is that?
At the bus depot.
Here. Eat it.
If you try to act smart again tonight...
I'll burn you down, fool!
Mom... Nothing of
such sort will happen.
I'll see...
Aunt, an omelette for me.
And you are an extra!
Forget him... One have to thrash
you to teach both of you a lesson.
- I'll eat a masala omelette.
- Nice!
So you don't want this one, right?
Mounika, I can't stop myself anymore.
Do whatever you want, Lacchi.
We are going to do it today...
This is high time.
Let me get undressed.
- Site me off.
- Not just a site.
I'll have a feast. Unstoppable.
Of course... I'm yours to feast on.
Who the hell is that!
Sir! You? What are you doing here, sir?
Are you here with your girl? Naughty!
- What are you doing in there?
- As if you don't know.
I don't. Get in.
Tell me what you are doing.
I'm here to inquire about the
bus to Yadagirigutta, sir.
Is it? Then why is
your shirt unbuttoned?
Sir, why do you keep asking that?
Don't you know why?
Tell me why you unbuttoned your shirt.
- It's hot, sir.
- In this winter?
Yesterday you talked about democracy,
human rights, and stuff, right?
Misusing government property
is an arrest warrant itself.
This is injustice, sir.
You gave the idea, right?
Fool! The government gives
permissions to wine shops...
And they fine the drunkards, right?
Same goes here.
We give the idea...
And then arrest for using it.
It's such a sin, sir. You'll pay for it.
I don't care. Let's go to the station.
Ok, sir. Arrest me, sir.
- Let her go, sir.
- Is it?
Great love! Ok.
Wanna have in a bus?
And enjoy for free!
Where is your democracy now?
How dare you talk about human rights!
How dare you mess with a policeman!
Get married if you want to enjoy life.
Or else, they'll think
that she's your keep.
She's my girlfriend, sir.
Then marry her.
No one will question you then.
Sir, no new ideas from you!
This is for your own sake. Get married.
I will, sir. Don't thrash me more.
See, I'm in love with her.
Are you getting us married or not?
- What's with all those words!
- Of course!
- What's wrong in it?
- Can't you control?
I can't.
You thrash me for
taking late night calls.
And the police thrash
me out of the house.
How long should I get thrashed?
So I'll get married and
do what I want to do.
Have you lost it?
No... I just want to get married.
- When did you become so big?
- Forget all that...
Get me married and I'll live my life.
We have to thrash him first.
He's manipulating you.
As if I'm still a kid.
I hit puberty 8 years ago.
I haven't had any romance until now.
See? This is why I warned you
to monitor her phone calls.
You are the one to be blamed.
What will you do?
Except drinking and sleeping.
These social media apps spoiled kids.
Always making those useless Tiktoks!
As if you are innocent.
Even you have a Facebook account, right?
You post about all the mutton
and biryani you eat, right?
Is this how you talk to your dad?
Forget all this...
Will you get me married to Lacchi or not?
What if we don't?
I'll elope overnight.
I'll never come back and you'll
lose face in the society.
How dare you!
Is this how you talk to your mom?
Understand, mom.
If you get me married soon...
I'll give you a grandson.
- I'll take good care of you.
- Ok, call them home.
Hello, priest.
Enough staring and fix a date.
The wedding should be huge.
Give me your date of
birth and star sign.
- When was I born, mom?
- I don't remember.
What! Don't you know when
you gave birth to me?
I remember the place. Not the date.
Try to remember.
Or else, we'll lose face.
I remember. When Hrithik Roshan's
first movie got released.
That night your dad said that I looked
just like the lead from that movie...
He didn't let me sleep the whole night.
You were born one year
after the release.
How will we know the date of birth
from the information of your romance?
At least you give me the
details of your daughter.
- Go on. Tell him.
- Don't you remember?
- Try to remember.
- I don't.
Then how can I?
What's with the murmuring.
Don't you remember when I was born?
I remember...
We watched Chirajeevi's
'Chudalani undhi' movie.
Your father got so energetic that night.
He even broke the bed.
God! It this old man that strong?
I was a body builder back then.
- Are you still on with it?
- Shut up! Those are secrets.
My daughter was born one
year after the release.
Nice! You and your bed breaking story.
How will it give me the date of birth?
What to do now, sir?
Madam, a wedding is
an auspicious event.
Everything should fall in
place to give you happiness.
Do something, sir.
They can't control anymore.
He's right. They are getting
married for the honeymoon.
- There's only one solution.
- What's that?
You have to get married
to someone else.
What? No way. How can that be?
- Not to a girl though.
- Then to whom?
A tree or a dog.
What the hell! A tree or a dog?
See... These are our traditions.
If there is a bad sign
in the birth chart...
Or if we don't have a birth chart...
This is the remedy.
Even Aishwarya Rai married a tree
before marrying Abhishek Bachchan.
- Do you know that? No.
- Sir...
When the rich wears a torn
jeans, it's called fashion.
We'll be called beggars
for doing the same thing.
As you wish.
This is your life and your marriage.
I can just tell you what's right.
If you get married
without birth charts...
Your mom might die.
Your aunt might die.
Your wife might die too.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
- As you wish.
- Son!
- Your wedding might kill me.
- What if I die!
What if I die?
What's the use in getting married?
- I think this is the only way.
- Just a matter of two days.
Marry a dog first.
Then marry this girl. That's it.
Say yes.
Please... I might die too.
You guys don't kill me already.
I won't marry a dog.
I'm the most feared in my area.
They respect me a lot.
Also, I don't believe in all this.
- I'll marry Mounika directly.
- Ok, as you wish.
Have you died?
I have not touched you yet.
I have not kissed you.
Just then, have you died?
God! The hell with the dream.
Seemed so real!
Seems like I'll kill someone.
Have to do something.
Why did you call me?
Nothing... I've decided
to listen to the priest.
What's with the sudden
change in opinion?
I'm getting nightmares.
I'm scared if I'll kill someone.
- You don't get tensed.
- That is why... I'll marry a tree.
It will be done and
everyone will be happy.
Listen to me and marry a dog.
Dog is India's national animal.
Hey, that's Tiger, right?
Dog comes right after Tiger.
They are everywhere.
I'll lose face if I marry a dog.
Why will you lose face?
Are you living for others?
Live for your girl. Live for your mom.
Live for your aunt.
You heard the priest, right?
But marrying a tree will
be done in ten minutes.
This is a marriage.
A priest should chant mantras.
Follow all the religious rules.
How will you tie mangalsutra to a tree?
You need a mangalsutra
that's 10 meters long.
- People will laugh at you.
- Then what to do?
Marry a dog.
- That's it?
- Yeah. Fix.
So I got decided... I'll marry the dog.
That's the thing...
You are my hero. My hero!
Just a minute... Let me call the priest.
Let me...
Sir... Good night.
Did you call me at this
hour to say good night?
Of course... In the morning, it's good
morning. Good evening in the evening...
The same with good night.
The hell with your english.
Tell me what's the matter.
My friend, Lacchi decided to marry a dog.
You fix a time.
You could tell me the same
thing in the morning, right?
- Disconnect! You fool!
- You do that.
You are still drinking?
Namasthe, Srinu uncle...
You look smart.
Smart? There are my oldest clothes.
No... You look so young these days.
What's the secret?
A hair colour makes
everyone look young.
Ok, come on...
Lacchi is getting married. Have a drink.
Getting married? Your life will end.
You need her permission for everything.
You'll die a dog's death.
Ok ok, have a peg.
Give it to him. It will be his last peg.
Looks like a fool.
This Thursday will be great
to marry him to a dog.
After a week,
the boy and the girl can get married.
- Super. Fix this. This is happening.
- Ok.
Wait... Not so fast.
We need to discuss dowry
and other gifts, right?
But dowry in a love marriage?
Love marriage is also marriage, right?
They'll still do everything that
a married couple does, right?
That is why I said no
to this cheap match.
Look at you talk about being cheap.
As if you won't expect
dowry if you have a boy.
Say yes with a hand on your heart.
Lacchi, talk to your mom.
What's with this dowry!
What's with you, mom?
I don't want any dowry.
Oh! You are already under her control.
What will you feed her with?
I'll feed her somehow.
I don't want dowry.
Ask me for one rupee...
And I'll kill you.
- Not at all.
- You guys don't worry.
She's my only daughter.
This house will be hers.
Wait at least until we die.
You should have said that
earlier, right?
- That's it. Fix a date.
- Ok, fool.
Thursday... At 11:10...
You are getting married to a dog.
All the very best.
You are my DP, You are my BP
With your smile all my financial interests are gone
Peepee with you is happy for mee
You are my soofie, You are my selfie
Your words are bru coffee for me
Come to me happily
Sweet words all the day and night
There is no satisfaction even if I talk for hours and hours
Allahi allah what should I do?
Just keep loving you
Allahi allah what should I do?
Just keep loving you
Im unable to live without seeing
you and without talking with you.
You are coming in my dreams
and not leaving me, even in dreams.
What have you done with your
eyes, Im unable to take breath
My poems have became
like songs because of your love
Dont leave me and go away...
because I gave my heart to you
I cant leave you, I will be behind you always
Allahi allah what should I do?
Just keep loving you
Allahi allah what should I do?
Just keep loving you
I am big boss of this parsigutta.. but
when I hear your name I lose my mind
Ill feel very happy by seeing
your message on whatsapp
When you sing a song by hugging
me, dont know what happens to me
Engagement is nearby but still
I can see the shy in your cheeks
We both will become one in this love
when all these peole are watching us
I liked this girl very much,
her words are sweet like sugar,
and it pierce into my heart
- We should get high and sleep well.
- Sleep?
We have to find a dog in three days.
As if there are no dogs in Hyderabad.
We'll get one easily.
I have a doubt...
Are the street dogs any good?
They have free sex, right?
They might have STDs.
Why are you scaring me?
What if they have AIDS?
Hey... Why would a dog have AIDS?
I don't mean that.
If a rabid dog bites you, it'll
take 7 injections around your navel.
Then why did you ask
me to marry a dog?
This is your first marriage after all.
Let's get a great dog.
That too a breed dog.
Let's not opt for the street dogs.
Where will we find breed dogs?
Drink up...
I'll take care of everything. Got it?
- Namasthe, sir. How are you?
- I'm good. How are you?
Good, sir. This is my friend
Lacchi I told you about, sir.
His time is not good, sir.
That is why we are here.
Don't worry, son.
We need to help each
other at times like these.
- Look out for each other.
- Thank you, sir.
- I'll be indebted to you.
- No need of thanks, son.
- What do you do?
- I sell glasses, sir.
- Glasses shop?
- Yeah, sir. A huge showroom.
Can you call the bride once?
Why do you look like you
are here for matchmaking!
Don't gawk at me like that.
I'm feeling shy!
She's staring at you.
I think she likes you.
Are you here to marry me!
Your dog looks beautiful, sir.
Don't call her a dog, son.
She's like my daughter.
And she has a name.
She even has feelings. Call her Baby.
- Got it?
- Sorry, sir.
We took care of it really well.
It never looks up,
while walking on the road.
She looks at no one. That's my girl.
That's my Baby's character.
She's a virgin too.
Super! Same with him too. Virgin.
Nice match, sir.
So you liked our Baby, right?
I liked your Baby, sir.
- Sir, about any fee...
- Forget about the money, son.
It keeps changing hands.
One should do good deeds
and make good name.
Don't worry about the money, son.
Start the arrangements for marriage.
Thank you, sir. He'll rock it.
It'll be a grand wedding.
-Thank you, sir.
- Ok, son.
Take care, sir. She's really energetic.
Get lost!
Wow! Such a great smile.
I'll be waiting for the wedding.
Are we doing the right thing?
I still think I'll lose face.
Why will that happen?
People will laugh at
me for marrying a dog.
Who will laugh at you? Call them to
me and I'll thrash them to death.
You wedding will be huge.
Cards... Posters...
I'll call everyone. Even the media.
I'll get you married
with my own money.
Do you think I'm joking?
It'll be like a festival. Understand?
Please attend the wedding.
- Are you marrying a dog?
- Yes, a dog. Not your sister.
You all are invited.
Wedding with a dog is not what we see
everyday. We'll be there for sure.
A strange wedding in
the middle of the city.
A man named Lakshma
is marrying a dog.
Yes, what you heard is right.
Marriage with dog.
Let's talk to his friend Santhu.
Tell me, sir.
What are the reasons for this wedding?
Namasthe. My name is Santhu.
I live around here.
I wanted to be an engineer.
But became a plumber.
Plumbing is also like
engineering, right?
- Right.
- Very good, Santhu sir.
Tell us about your
Lacchi and this wedding.
We are like the closest of friends.
We were together since our childhood.
We did all kinds of wrong stuff.
We watched a lot of movies.
Even the R rated ones... Right?
That's cool, Santhu sir...
Why is your friend
Lacchi marrying a dog?
Tell me about it.
Madam, don't get angry. I'll tell you.
It's a long story.
His birth chart is missinig.
A normal marriage will kill his wife
or his mother. Or even he might die.
So a priest suggested
him to marry a dog.
So, do you believe in superstitions?
Do you know something, madam?
do you think this is superstitious,
Is astrology a superstition?
Even politicians do yagams before elections.
That will sound good to you, but not this.
Right, madam?
This ritual happens in all
parts of our country, madam.
Look at this news if you want to.
Did you see?
What's wrong in marrying a dog, madam?
We all worship a god we can't see.
We even fight and kill for him.
All that is not wrong,
but marrying a dog is!
We all have different beliefs, madam.
Take it or leave it.
This is what we are. Let's go.
- Namasthe.
- Namasthe.
- How are you sister?
- I'm good.
- What's with the late?
- Enough of this...
- What are you talking with them?
- Just the media, brother.
Don't you have the responsibility
to inform about the wedding?
Don't you respect us?
Don't you respect me?
Don't worry. Come in.
I've got a full bottle for you.
This Gowliguda Ganesh is a
nightmare to many. Understand?
- I know.
- So what's the brand?
He's marrying a white dog, right?
So he got you full bottle.
Oh, Nice! That's how it is done.
What? You wanted to come here so bad,
right? Go, mingle with the others. Go.
- Please go inside, sister.
- Where's the sitting?
Lacchi's marriage is over, let's enjoy it.
Hey duggi tasha, marfa, come here...
I will sing a song, you have to hit the band.. are you ready...
Our Lacchis wedding should happen again and again
Our Lacchis wedding should happen again and agian
Hey you mad fellow,
marriage should happen again and
again?.. sing properly brother-in-law
Hey.. sorry dude sorry,
Im little high with alcohol
now you all guys hit the band, come on.
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
Delhi.. you drink the neat alcohol
because its our lacchis wedding,
From there to here, huge noise in every street
Its our lacchis wedding
You take the harathi, put bottu to him..
You take the cellphone and capture a selfie
Hey nattu come here and bring a laddu
Tie a ribbon on head, jump and flip in air
Chilkalguda tippu.. rotate your sword fastly
Hey varasiguda vaasu he is mayadari maisu
Come on lets rock the narsinganna naagin dance
Its our lacchis wedding...
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again because its our lacchis wedding
Put jumbo glass on your
head and do disco dance
Drink bottles and bottles of
alcohol and lie in front of vehicle
If you put biryani, bowls of
biryani should become empty
Bowls of head curry and legs
soup should become empty
Addagutta should stun...
mettuguda should shine..
Parsigutta parsigutta parsigutta
Hey.. parsigutta parsigutta
parsigutta.. how many times will you say,
chall close the cloth
Its our lacchis wedding, how it should be?
Cloth should get torn
Hey.. you hit the band
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
Brother, bring flower poola
danda and put in his neck
Bring kallu gudal from
boyiguda compound
Everyone should like
him like a movie hero
Lakhs of rupees should
be spent on lacchis bharaat
Not just Telangana, Andhra
whole India should know
Everyone should talk about our lacchis marriage
Hey.. You hit the band...
There is huge noise in parsigutta because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again and
again because its our lacchis wedding
Hey.. why song is stopped so soon,
hit the band again...
- Why are you laughing?
- Dude...
- This is the weirdest of weddings.
- Right dude.
That's how it is done.
We might die...
But our friendship shouldn't.
Dude, I have doubts about
Lacchi's first night with the dog.
Will he drink the milk that the dog
drinks? Or the other way around?
In what position will he
spend his first night in?
Baby, I got some curd rice for you. Eat.
Thank you, Baby.
Without you,
I would have missed my Mounika.
I can never forget you in my life.
You helped me a lot. Thank you.
- Hello!
- Why are you not answering my call?
Did you forget me already?
Are you that busy?
- What are you doing?
- Going to bed.
So early to bed?
- What is your wife doing?
- She just ate.
Looking at you getting married...
I could imagine we getting married.
Our wedding will be even bigger.
The entire city will celebrate.
Really? Or are you just saying it?
- I swear on you.
- Why to swear on me?
Go have first night with your wife. Go.
You be ready the next week.
I won't let you sleep on our first night.
Don't make me go mad.
- I'm telling you...
- I'll site you.
Site me, site me all you want.
What are you doing with
her on our first night?
You fool... on phone again?
I'll thrash you. Wait for a week.
Don't you have any other work to do?
Stop eavesdropping and go sleep.
You too sleep off.
Or else, I'll come kill you.
You mom comes in everytime
we get into the mood.
Good bye. I'll take care of myself.
Hello, Mounika?
Sorry, Baby. My wife... Your sister.
Nice! You deserve this.
Shut and go to bed now... Fool!
You too got tired, right? Sleep off.
Romancing your wife on the road, Lacchi?
Get a room.
Get lost!
You've changed a lot
after getting married.
You look happy with your wife.
This is the Mounika I told you about.
My future wife.
She's not 'wife'. She's 'life'. Superb!
We are getting late for the shopping.
Baby, be with mom. I'll be back soon.
Those bangles, aunty.
- These will look nice on you.
- Not at all!
This colour suits you, Mounika.
Take these.
- Santhu is better than you.
- He don't know bangles.
But he know you, right? What else!
I wonder how I fell for you.
Just for a chocolate as a kid.
Just chocolate? I would have
given you a huge tub of it then!
- Hitting on my girl!
- Just joking.
Ok, we are getting late. Let's go.
- Want these?
- You put them on.
- No thanks.
- Fast... Baby will be waiting.
In that street. Catch it.
It's running away. Get it.
Here... That one. Get it.
There are no dogs here.
Get that white dog...
Fast! Into the van.
Hey, let go of me.
I'm not a street dog.
Let go of me!
They are taking away your dog, Lacchi.
Stop! Put her down.
- Throw her in.
- Put her down.
Hey, stop! Put it down first.
What? Why are you scolding him?
It's a street dog, right?
Does it look like a street
dog, you fool!
Get lost!
Suresh, give him the dog. Let's go.
Come on... Let's go.
Thanks for the late! He squeezed me off.
This old TV stops working right on time.
Can't you look after her?
Always watching TV!
Let her go.
We are not going to keep her anyway.
Dammit! You wanted me to
marry her to save your life.
And now you want to abandon her.
What the hell!
Shouting on me to support her!
Namasthe, son. Namasthe.
Right on time...
- Why does she sound angry.
- Why won't I?
He's taking the side of your dog.
What happened, son?
Nothing, sir. The municipality
people could have taken Baby away.
And she's busy, watching TV.
- So the fight.
- What is this!
Can't you take care of
your daughter-in-law?
- As if she's my real daughter-in-law.
- Mom, shut up.
Your daughter should be
happy at her in-law's house.
But you don't take care of
our daughter in your house.
Such double standards.
What's this?
Enough said. Take her and leave.
Of course, I'm not going to stay.
Lacchi, are you leaving me?
Please, don't send me away.
I'll stay with you, please.
I felt too bad today.
What happened, dude?
They would have taken Baby away.
I was right on time. Or else... Imagine!
Now I understand why
people have dogs as pets.
What's with all this
sentiment, just for one day?
You are getting married next week.
Get done with it first.
Then go get your Baby.
Why to spend more money again?
Mounika seems to be in a hurry.
To get married and have kids.
And then get Baby back home.
All the bad fate ended.
You both can get married now.
The coming Friday is really good.
- No other hurdles, right?
- No.
Let's seal the deal. Great.
May you get married soon.
God bless.
This is my wedding card, sir.
You are invited.
You helped me a lot.
Sure. I'll definitely be there, son.
By the way, where's Baby?
She's inside. Baby...
She's not even eating... Only now
she feels happy after seeing you.
What happened?
You too should come Baby.
Did you forget me?
Take me with you. Missing you!
- How are you, Lacchi?
- Sir... You?
Sorry for not inviting you, sir.
I got busy and forgot about it, sir.
Please have the food, sir.
- Stop this wedding first.
- What!
What for, sir?
- This wedding can't happen.
- Why not, sir?
Just because you are not invited!
Who's creating this nonsense?
Sir, namasthe!
Why are you stopping this wedding, sir?
- We received a complaint on him.
- Complaint?
- Did you get someone pregnant?
- It's not about sex all the time.
What happened, sir?
We received a complaint that
you are already married.
- You are already married!
- Stop it!
Sir, this is my first wedding
and she is my first wife.
- Then who's Baby?
- Who's Baby?
Sir, Baby is a dog sir. A dog.
Have you no shame?
You call your wife a dog!
I'm just calling a dog as a dog, sir.
I don't care if it's a dog or a fox.
But you all do agree, right?
- That he already got married once.
- Yes, sir.
I'm his mom and I'm telling you that.
So what?
Even the owner of the dog has no problem.
Why do you care?
Do you want me to talk to him? Tell me.
It's the owner who logged the complaint.
- The owner did?
- Mukundham sir logged the complaint?
I knew it. Such a fool he is.
- Call Mukundham sir once.
- Go on.
He took money from us and
logged a complaint on us.
- I'll poke his eyes.
- Santhu, talk!
His phone is switched off.
Sir, I'll talk to him.
You please leave, sir.
I'm not leaving until you come
to the police station with me.
The case went to court.
A court case?
According to Indian marriage act...
Without getting divorce from
the first wife, who's alive...
Getting married again is a crime.
- Divorce with a dog?
- Don't call her a dog.
She's your first legal wife.
Sir, I haven't seen such
a thing ever happen.
But it will happen. Marrying a dog
and divorcing a dog will happen.
But love making won't happen, right?
What kind of a law is this, sir?
I'm going mad.
I don't care. It'll go peacefully
if you come with me right now.
Or else, I'll drag you with me.
This is because of your foolish idea.
I'll kill you.
I'll settle this and will be back.
You be strong.
We already said 'No' for this match.
You didn't listen to me.
He ruined your life.
Look what happened to your wedding.
- As if she's that innocent.
- Shut up!
Get up right now. Let's leave.
Mounika, you don't worry. I'll be back.
Why are you laughing so hard?
Your story is the funniest of all.
Brother, divorcing a dog is really new.
You'll be the real dog here.
You are greater than
the Slumdog Millionaire.
You are Slumdog Husband!
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
Delhi.. you drink the neat alcohol
because its our lacchis wedding,
From there to here, huge noise in every street
Don't worry. I'm here.
- Hi.
- Hand him.
Lakshman's bail papers.
How can you arrest him
for some random case?
You know how it will
be if we fight back.
Watch your tongue.
Just saying, sir.
- Open the cell.
- Go on.
You'll be on time
for the money though.
If you are ever in Gowliguda,
come meet me, sir. Ganesh is my name.
Come on. Let's go.
Why does he look dull?
- Is everything ok?
- No!
- Let's go.
- Bye, sir.
No... You should keep visiting.
- It just started.
- Ok, sir.
Let's meet in the court.
Welcome. My name is Salman Khan.
My father's name is Amjad Khan.
As if we care!
Can you help him
get divorce or not?
- Look at this album once.
- What's in there?
Hrithik Roshan and me.
Bill Gates and me.
Aamir Khan and me.
Naga Chaitanya and me.
Why did you click
pictures with them, sir?
It's me who settled their divorce.
You are the GOAT, sir.
Salman Khan... Sir...
Salman Khan with Salman Khan.
He's not even married, right?
Coz' I told him not to get married.
- Superb, sir.
- Do you believe me now?
Of course, we do. Right?
This is the notice you got.
What's in it, sir?
What does it say, sir?
Your father-in-law is
asking 20 lakhs in alimony.
Please don't relate me to them, sir.
But you did marry his dog, right?
- This is his bloody idea.
- What did I do?
- It's the priest's idea. Not me.
- Ok ok.
There won't be a divorce
without the money.
Sir, this is too much.
Where can I get that
kind of money from, sir?
Don't get tensed.
I have some great points.
You bring the money...
- I'll take care of the law.
- Will he get the divorce?
Or will we be defeated?
- Everything is in your hands, sir.
- My name is Salman Khan.
I won't listen to myself
if I once get committed.
I won't listen to you at all.
Why won't he listen?
He has to... No other way.
Do you know who I am?
David Matthai.
- David Matthai?
- Yes.
David Mathews in English.
Praise the Lord.
You praise him and get me paid.
- 20 lakhs!
- Amen! For sure.
What do they even have
to prove us wrong?
Tell me. How can they prove
that this marriage is a lie?
Will they prove that Baby
is not his frist wife?
They can't do it.
And then what will happen?
Let the Lord bless you and this
case will be ours. Hallelujah!
A miracle in our country!
One have to divorce his first
wife to get married again.
Lacchi is fighting in the
court to divorce a dog.
Two enemies are going
to be their lawyers.
Salman Khan and David Mathews.
Famous judge, Justice Venkata
Chowdary is going to handle this case.
Get up!
He's a strong judge.
Mukundha versus Parsigutta Lakshman.
Case number 2021/18/C.
Parsigutta Lakshman.
Sir, as if I'm VVS Lakshman
to call me so many times!
- One time will do.
- Hey, mister. Watch your words.
This is court. Not your house.
- My lord, praise the Lord.
- Let the Lord be praised.
- Proceed with the case.
- Thank you, your honor.
Your name...
Parsigutta Lakshman.
Everyone calls me Lacchi.
See Mr. Lakshman, alias Lacchi...
You got married as the
Lord as your witness.
But you tried to get married again
without divorcing her, right?
Sir, I don't understand what's my
first marriage and what's my second.
What the hell! You don't know
which is first and second marriage?
I will explain this, your honor.
I will explain.
This man named Lacchi
married an animal.
What? You married an animal?
Yes, your honor. He married a dog
of the breed Golden Retriever.
Really? You married a dog?
What the hell!
This is my last case.
I want to retire happy.
What kind of wild case is this?
Yes, your honor.
You are absolutely correct.
This is a wild absurd case.
What we just heard is true.
He married coz' of some
faults in his stars.
And this marriage will clear them off.
And then marrying a girl named Mounika
after this is his criminal motive.
Ok. Marriage is just a custom.
Where is the motive in it?
Correct, your honor. Correct.
Where's the criminal motive in it?
What's wrong in it?
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong with it?
There is a mistake, your honor.
According to Indian Marriage act 1958...
Second marriage without divorce is
an offence. Don't you know that?
Did Aishwarya Rai divorce the tree?
Why should my client do that?
Why? Because no one filed a
case against Aishwarya Rai.
But a case got filed
against your client.
- A case for marrying a dog!
- Yes.
Coz' you did it.
It's true that you married her, right?
- Answer my question.
- Of course, I did.
- My bad fate. It's a superstition.
- Superstition? What do you mean?
My lord, he says it's superstition.
But he married a
dog with a belief.
He did it as a priest told him to.
To clearn off his stars, he did it.
He celebrated, danced, and got drunk...
What for?
He did it as he believed in it.
But now he says that it's superstition.
If all the other stuff is superstition...
Every marriage in this world...
Your, mine, all our marriage...
Are they superstition too?
Let's cancel them? Shall we?
You tell us, your honor.
From London's Cambridge,
along with Barrister certificate... got a gold medal
in English literature.
Think with your heart and tell us.
Tell us, your honor.
Objection, your honor.
How can you compare a dog's
marriage with a human's marriage?
It's after all an animal. A dog.
There is no mention of
animals in our Marriage Act.
You are 100% correct my dear lovely
defence lawyer Salman brother.
Also, it didn't say that
it's illegal, right?
So you think it's legal?
- How will you prove it?
- I will.
I will roast this dog's husband.
Wait, brother!
As Salman brother
said, dog is an animal.
But who is the man? Who is human?
- Who?
- Man is a social animal.
We studied it as kids,
right your honor? Tell me.
Yeah, I remember
studying it in school.
Can we prove that man
is not a social animal?
Can you prove it Mr. Defence lawyer?
No, we can't.
Male or female... Are all are animals.
A male and a female getting married
is two animals getting married.
The same way,
a man and a dog getting married...
It's like two animals getting married.
Man is a social animal.
Dog is a domestic animal.
So Lakshman's and the dog's
marriage is 100% legal.
I request the honorable
judge to consider this case... valid marital case and proceed
with the divorce argument. Thank you.
After all the arguments
and counter arguments...
The court strongly believes that...
Man is social animal.
Since dog is also an animal...
Marriage between man and
dog is considered legal.
As this kind of cases are very rare...
The court advices the
prosecution and defence...
To treat this case as legal marital case.
And proceed with further arguments.
What did you say in
all that English, sir?
That you should fight the case.
Tell me... Why will humans
have faults in their stars?
Work hard... Earn money...
And just be happy in life.
Where will all these faults
and bad fate come from?
There are no faults in my stars.
That day, everyone got me scared.
And made me do this.
You guys are chilling.
And I'm dying the death of a dog.
Don't get frustrated.
Everything will be normal soon.
- We are here for you, right?
- Nothing will get back to normal.
Have you ever heard
about divorce with a dog?
- Tell me lawyer sir.
- I got a nice idea.
- What?
- If you can kidnap that dog...
We can prove that
there is no dog at all.
And you can get the divorce.
Superb, sir!
I'll do it.
This Salman Khan's idea will
impress Shahrukh Khan too.
All the best of luck.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
- Who's that?
- Salman Khan.
- What is he saying?
- He gave a great idea.
- Is it?
- What idea?
The door will be locked, right?
You just follow me.
Come. Come on!
- Hi, darling. How are you? What's up?
- Here she comes.
Go on.
Hi, Baby. How are you? Been so long.
Your owner filed a
divorce case against me.
I'm facing a lot of problems.
- I'm here to kidnap you.
- What!
- Let's elope.
- What are you doing?
You are here to kidnap
her, not live with her.
- Move it!
- Ok.
The owner is here. Let's go!
Who's that?
- I'm here for my wife.
- Lacchi?
God! I think they are
here to kill my baby.
- My lord...
- Praise the Lord. Proceed with the case.
Your honor...
I want to call the prime victim.
You want to talk to the dog?
Your name...
You won't understand my
language, or my name.
I get it... Your name is Baby, right?
Why did you even ask?
See Baby...
One week ago, Lacchi married you
as the Lord as your witness, right?
How famous is Nagesh Parvati Rakesh's wedding?
- It's famous all over India.
- Ok ok ok.
He married you.
Spent the first night.
And after a week, he tried to
cheat on you with another marriage.
- Right?
- God!
You are interfering in my privacy.
You'll never understand my pain.
- I understand your pain. I do.
- Understand?
What do you understand?
I did not understand.
Your honor, Baby is a virgin girl.
Her husband is her whole life.
Virgin girl! My whole life!
Oh god!
But they cheated on her.
Made her a victim. Made her lonely.
Do you know how this society will look
down on a wife without her husband?
A lot of male dogs will try to get to her.
Many women in our society are
facing this problem, your honor.
They can't express their pain.
Only their tears will do that for us.
See her tears, your honor.
Look into her eyes once.
Tears? Where are the tears?
Can't you see, your honor?
Girls like her cry day in and day
out, your honor.
One day, they will run out of tears.
That is why you can't see
them, your honor.
It's ok. But please try to understand
her emotion, with humanity.
Is this emotion, or over-action?
Mr. Salman Khan, any questions?
How can I talk to a dog?
Do you know dog's language? I don't.
No questions.
Please go, dear. Thank you.
Your honor,
he tried to kill his wife last night.
We can't even call him a husband.
That is why we filed Domestic
violence section 498A against him.
Objection, your honor.
My client didn't try to kill anyone.
He won't even harm an
ant that bites him.
He's so innocent.
How can he kill a dog?
Sir, he's lying.
He tried to kill her last night.
So, your honor...
It's better to get divorced than to
be with a psycho husband like him.
So I kindly request you to
grant the divorce immediately.
Sir, you are a god. Thank you, sir.
- Even I want the same.
- Did you see?
He says even he wants the same.
That is why we wanted an
alimony of 20 lakh rupees.
Objection, your honor.
20 lakhs alimony for a dog?
- This is injustice, sir. Injustice.
- Salman Khan sir...
Stop calling her a dog. She has a heart.
She has feelings. She also has rights.
Yes, even animals have animal rights.
- Who are you now?
- I'm from National Animal Rights group.
Animal rights?
Do you know who animals are?
They are gods.
Nandi sits in front of Lord Shiva.
An animal.
A dog sits beside Sai Baba. An animal.
Mother Durga sits on a tiger. An animal.
Lord Hanuma is a monkey.
Lord Ganesh is an elephant.
Varaha avatar is a pig.
How can you kill an animal?
How can you kill a dog?
Animal rights sir...
You say that I went to kill the dog...
Everyday in the name of
chicken, mutton, beef, pork...
You are killing all kinds
of animals on Earth.
Don't they have animal rights?
Are they not animals?
- What are you talking about!
- Hey! Are you a man or a dog?
How dare you call me a dog?
See? You think of 'Dog' as a bad word.
You feel like you lost face.
That you are insulted.
How will you fight for
a dog's rights when... are feeling insulted
being called a dog!
Sir, I beg you...
Show us a solution, sir.
The court is adjourned for a later date.
- What for lunch?
- Fish curry, sir.
Fish curry?
Lacchi's case took a new turn.
Women's association and Animal
rights group argued against him.
Will Lacchi get a divorce with the dog?
Stay tuned for more updates.
See what they are saying...
Don't know when the court case will end.
When will you get married to him?
Kids these days don't listen to us.
- And they want love marriage!
- Dad, please wait for a few days.
We will. Can you?
Will the case end in a day or two?
Don't know when it'll end.
Will you wait until then?
- What if you run out of age?
- Shall I look for another match?
Stop eating my brains!
Hello! Tell me.
- I don't understand what to do.
- Same here.
Ask your lawyer again about
how many days it will take.
I don't know... He says it'll be done.
But he's not saying when.
- I feel like crying, Lacchi.
- Don't... Have some patience.
I will, Lacchi.
But for how many days,
months, and years?
- Dad is asking to look for other matches.
- Hey!
I'll kill your father.
Is he trying to act smart?
Don't blame my father. He's thinking
about his daughter's future.
You are not giving a clear time.
What else can he do?
I married a dog just for you.
Not just for me. For you mom too.
But I'm facing the consequences, right?
As if I'm not facing anything.
My wedding got cancelled in between.
Do you know what people
are talking about me?
Do you know how much I'm crying?
Please don't mess with my head.
My pain is messing with your head, right?
- Don't be silly.
- Oh, I'm being silly now, is it?
Why do you need me then? Bye. Take care.
What happened? Is she acting smart?
Nothing like that. You go.
You'll get an even better girl than her.
I'll get you married better. Let her go.
Get me married?
I need to get divorce from that
dog to do that in the first place.
Thrash the one who suggested
you to marry that dog.
There's no use in it.
Don't we have brains?
It's you who got scared
that you'll die, right?
You are blaming your mom for your wife!
Of course, you need mom
only until you get married.
Once you get married,
your wife will be your master.
I'm not even married mom.
How can my wife control me?
What is your opinion on this
sensational case?, Rao sir?
You are trying to take advantage
of the dog's situation. Understand?
People will end you.
You'll die the death of a dog.
Talk rubbish and I'll
slice off your tongue.
As if we are not man
enough to let you do so.
I'll break your head and eat it.
Listen to their silly fights.
People are watching.
- This is the end of your parties.
- Who's silly? You fool...
Then... Why are they fighting for me?
That's how it is.
When someone is in pain in this country...
People will work harder to
push him into even more pain.
Dude, even public wants
the same nowadays.
They don't care what happens to them.
They just don't want us to be happy.
- Damn them. What do you say?
- You are right.
Let me take care of it.
Evening, Salman brother... Tell me.
What? Is it?
Thanks, brother.
I'll take care of it. Bye.
Listen... Our lawyer Salman
Khan came up with a great idea.
What's the idea?
Just follow me.
What are you doing? I don't understand.
What's with the dog?
Idiot! This is a male dog.
If we leave him onto Baby,
they'll both get coupled.
If we can shoot it and
produce it in court...
- What!
- We'll get the divorce.
Shoot and produce...
How will that work?
Fool! You have no sense at all.
This is what they call an illegal affair.
What an idea!
- Cleverer than a black magician!
- Take your phone out. Where's baby!
Where is she?
- There...
- There she is.
Why did you come at this hour?
Lucky, there's Baby. Go.
Lucky? Why did you bring him here?
Why are you pushing him onto me?
Shoot it well. Go on.
Why is he not doing anything?
- Why is he coming back?
- Yeah.
Go back... I beg you.
Why did you come back to us?
Lucky, how can you come back without
even touching a beauty like her?
I beg you...
I beg you! I'll feed you all
kinds of dishes you like.
I'll even feed you the food
that will turn you on, Lucky.
Let's do something.
Let's show him some hot videos.
That might turn my boy on.
My cute boy!
What are you doing? Bloody perverts!
I'll complain to the
police, I'm telling you.
- Looks like he got turned on.
- Yeah.
Go Lucky!
I've been recording,
but nothing is happening there.
He's not even touching her,
no matter what. I have my doubts!
It means this dog is male.
She's not Baby. He's a Boby.
And now you came to know it.
I've been trying to tell you the same.
I'm male.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
We are winning the case.
My lord, praise the Lord.
Mr. Salman Khan. What is this?
You are praising the Lord?
This marriage is invalid.
- Not invalid at all.
- Objection, your honor.
How can he just say that it's
invalid, without a reason?
What is the reason?
And why it is not valid?
There is a reason, my lord. There is one.
Baby is a male dog.
- A male dog.
- What? Male dog?
Are you serious?
He's not Noorjahan, but Shajahan.
Please take a look at the
veterinary certificate.
Male dog.
It's not a female dog?
Instead it's a male dog?
I'll kill you, fool!
Your honor, a male and female
can get married in our country.
But what about a male
and male marriage?
No imagination, your honor. I can't!
That is why, this marriage is not valid.
This is not even a marriage at all.
Biologically, traditionally, or legally.
Your honor,
I request you to cancel the case.
The judgement is scheduled for tomorrow.
The court is adjourned.
Why did you call me so urgently?
We are winning this case.
It's a male dog. This case is not valid.
Such great news, Lacchi.
I'm really happy.
Get ready for our
wedding and first night.
Of course... No one can stop me now.
No one can stop you now.
Where shall we have our honeymoon?
- Or to Edupayala?
- Are you a fool?
Are those honeymoon places?
Newly wedded will go to Tirupati, right?
- Go get your head bald.
- Enough already.
I don't need any honeymoon.
Buy me some flowers with your
own money and that'll do.
Just take good care of me.
I'll come directly to you after
the judgement. Unstoppable!
You have stole my little heart monika
You have stole my cutie heart lacchiga
You have stole my little heart monika
You have stole my cutie heart lacchiga
Im NTR, you are Sreedevi
Im ANR, you are Vanisree
You have stole my little heart monika
Like a superstar krishna you have
pierced a arrow with those looks
Like a rebelstar krishnam raju if you
say a dialogue, my breath is increased
Ill bring a boat type car, I
will come for you on the horse
I will take you and go, give me strong kiss
If I come like Majnu for laila, lets enjoy
Wrap your hand around my
waist and show me heaven.
Lacchi... It's you.
Push that ring like hair on your forehead
like shoban baba and fight for me
Yureka sakkamika dance like
chiranjeevi and Ill become your radhika
If you say yes, hey girl I will say disco
I will show you a hit movie in eastman colors o my baby
You have stole my little heart monika
You have stole my cutie heart lacchiga
Sir, give the judgement fast.
I need to go home.
Yes, sir. Settle it.
The case if over.
Pass the judgement, sir.
After going through all the
arguments and counter arguments...
And seeing the valid
veterinary certificate...
The court strongly believes that...
- Don't pass the judgment.
- What the hell!
- What happened?
- Just a minute, sir.
Thank you. Now starts the game.
Mr. David... Don't laugh. Tell the point.
Sorry, your honor.
This case is not closed yet.
With the grace of the Lord,
it is not even close to the end.
Read this Supreme court order
and you'll understand. Thank you.
Oh my god!
- Praise the Lord.
- Your honor...
- This is almost a legal marriage.
- Legal? How can that be?
Your honor,
according to Supreme court's order...
A man can marry a man and a
woman can marry a woman...
That means, gay and lesbian marriages
are decriminalized in India.
So the marriage of Lacchi
with the male dog...
It's legal. Hallelujah!
Crazy people! Crazy case!
- Santhu...
- Yeah?
How can a man get married to a
man and a woman to another woman!
The Supreme court
decided to respect them too.
We all are humans.
But no one cares about my respect.
Everything is backfiring at me.
Namasthe, brother.
You are the dog's husband, right?
Brother... Just a selfie please.
I'll upload it on FB saying
'Photo with dog's husband'.
Hey, get lost.
Brother, who's the first night with a dog?
I'll kill you.
Get lost!
What Lacchi...
You married a dog, without inviting us.
Feed us some biryani, will you?
Hey, careful with your words.
- You changed a lot after marriage.
- The hell with you...
Get out of here. You fool! Moron!
Everyone thinks of me as a joker.
And the media is thrashing
me without any gap.
This bloody call.
- Tell me.
- You said that the case is over, right?
- It's still running.
- It's the Supreme Court's order.
- What can I do about it?
- I'm not blaming you.
What about me? They are forcing
me for another marriage.
Don't irritate me with the
topic of another marriage.
You will wait a lifetime
if your love is true.
My love is true...
But what will we do
getting married at 60?
One expects some romance, right?
So you want some romance!
Then go get married. Go.
I'll see who you get married to.
You won't get a better man
than me in Parsigutta.
Then I'll go to Punjagutta.
If not that, Yadagirigutta.
You'll find just waste
fellows in all those 'Gutta's.
Do you think everyone will be like you?
I already got a Dubai match.
The hell with your Dubai match.
Did you ever see yourself?
I look better than you.
I'll get married to that Dubai
boy and you can just sit and cry.
Shut up! Don't irritate me. Bye.
What happened, dude?
She's eating my brains
about some Dubai match.
I told her to go for it.
This case does not conclude.
My lord...
I prayed, I praised...
Proceed with the case.
Thank you.
The accused named Lacchi...
I request the court to make
him pay alimony to his wife.
What is this, sir?
I work really hard to sell a pair
of glasses for just 100 rupees.
Where can I get 20 lakhs from, sir?
Do you think it's money
or grains of sand?
Sir, please permit me to
marry my Mounika, sir.
Please cancel the case, sir.
Even we want to close this case
fast, Mr. Lakshman. But...
What about your wife?
How will she live alone after
you divorce her? Tell me.
She will live in her house.
- See, Mr. Lakshman...
- Sir, let me speak. Let me...
Ok proceed.
Sir, I have a doubt.
Why are the court cases in
our country pending for years?
We are paying these lawyers
with all that we have, sir.
We are coming onto the roads, sir.
Even rapists have human rights.
Animals have animal rights.
And the rich will have
all kinds of rights, sir.
But are there any rights
for a poor guy like me, sir?
I resent being born
in this country, sir.
Please think of people like us, sir.
I beg you.
Cancel this case, sir. Please!
Lacchi, Mounika is getting
engaged to someone else.
Come out... Mounika!
Mounika, tell them that you
don't like this match. Mounika!
We are in love.
Tell them that you don't like this match.
- Please brother.
- Leave... Just leave.
- Who's he?
- Some road side Romeo.
They keep roaming around the
girl from the minute she hits puberty.
- We should thrash guys like him.
- Ganesh...
- Take care of him.
- Ok, brother.
- Get lost!
- Mounika, come out. Talk to me.
Mounika... Please, Mounika... Mounika...
- Please let me go. I beg you.
- Move it!
Let me go! We are in love.
And now she's acting smart!
I love you, Mounika...
Hit him.
Come out, Mounika...
Come out, Mounika...
Take her away soon.
These are dangerous people.
Don't think of anything.
Just put the ring on her finger.
What is the use..
What is the use of these eyes
when I cannot see you in my dreams
What is the use..
What is the use of this breath
when I cannot imagine about you.
Ive been with all these years like a sky
How come youve changed like this and seen my end
I have given my love to you
and you asked my life in return
Told me to forget you and you left me
What is the use..
What is the use of these eyes
when I cannot see you in my dreams
Hey girl What is the use..
What is the use of this breath
when I cannot imagine about you
Told me to forget you and you left me
I told Im dying without you,
still youve changed your mind
Can you change the mother?
Can you change the life?
Then who are you to change the love?
There is only one mother,
one birth and one love..
Listen to me my doll
Let anything happen I love
you and I will stay with you
What is the use
Hey girl what is the use
It's you
What is the use
What is the use of these eyes
when I cannot see you in my dreams
What is the use
Where are you, sir?
Come out. Sir...
I lost my girl because of you, sir.
You said you don't want money, right?
Just doing a good deed is enough.
What are you asking 20 lakhs for, sir?
This is not right, sir.
Where can I bring those
20 lakhs from, sir?
Sir... I feel like killing myself.
Please let go of this, sir.
For marrying your Baby...
Everyone is playing with my life, sir!
- I beg you, sir.
- Get up...
Get up... You don't kill yourself.
- You should live, Lacchi.
- Sir...
I married a dog for my girl, sir.
But the same girl left me, sir.
- What should I live for, sir?
- You should, Lacchi.
You are a good man.
In today's world,
there is no use in being a good man, sir.
There's no value for that, sir.
I talked to the court people.
I understood how much
I've troubled you.
- Also, I'm not the reason behind all this.
- What?
Sir, how can you say no to 20 lakhs?
Do this... You take 15 lakhs.
The remaining 5 lakhs
is enough for me.
How can you say no to easy
money, sir?
- Will he pay?
- For sure... 100%.
Let's go to Bangkok and enjoy.
He lured me into filing
a case against you.
Brother, he's trying to kill me. Save me!
Brother, make it fast.
Why did you do it?
I did it for Mounika.
But why!
Because I love Mounika.
I'll kill you!
Hit him, Brother.
He is hitting me.
Do you know why I did all this?
I loved her more than you.
Just for chocolate?
I would have bought you a store.
I tried a lot to seperate you guys.
But you planned to get married.
I can't see you guys getting married.
Hit him!
Hit him!
Get up... Do you know something?
I talked to the priest and got
you married to a dog. A dog!
And I made him file a
divorce case against you.
I know you don't have
any money with you.
I thought it would send you
to jail for 10 - 15 years.
And Mounika will forget
you and marry me. Understand?
Thrash him!
Stop! Just a minute. Hey, dude...
Get up, Get up, Get up.
I thought Mounika will marry me.
But she married someone else.
It's ok. I can't see her marrying you.
Not you!
I can't see you both happy,
right in front of my eyes...
I can't take it!
Now you know everything.
So only one of us can live.
I'll be living. I'll kill you!
Brother... save me.
Fast! He'll kill me.
Sir, I don't know what
judgement you are going to pass...
But I don't want this divorce, sir.
I'll be with my Baby, sir.
What happened? Why change of mind?
Sir, I've learnt a lot
in life because of Baby.
About our system, our society...
And about humans...
I've learnt a lot, sir.
What did you learn?
In our society...
Sir, even the rich has greed for money.
There are friends who are snakes.
Also lovers who will leave
you for a foreign match.
There are parents who will
emotional blackmail you, sir.
People will just treat you
like an use & throw item, sir.
Sir, do you know something?
People who don't even follow
traffic rules behave like gods, sir.
They even teach you values, sir.
Every single one here is
an avatar of god, sir.
But every single one of
them is selfish, sir.
Sir, maybe even I'm selfish.
I did all these things
to marry my girl.
I even got angry on my poor
mother, sir.
- Why do you want to live with a dog?
- Sir...
Animals are far better than
humans, sir.
Sir, I've been with
Baby for only one day.
And I just fed her with
a cup of curd rice.
Just for that...
Baby saved my life, sir.
That's what loyalty means, sir.
Sir, that is why the sheep
believes in the butcher.
Because they are not selfish, sir.
They know nothing but love.
That love is worth everything, sir.
We don't want people who flies off to other
countries at the first chance they get.
So please close this case, sir.
I'll take my Baby and go.
Baby, do you know one thing?
The same day, I expressed my love to Mounika.
I adored her.
But she abandons me.
My heart is in great pain.
Baby, did you abandon me?
Did you ignore me?
Why don't you pick up the phone when I call?
I don't want you.
I knew Santhu had betrayed you.
I hurt you a lot.
Whatever you say but, I don't want you.
Will I leave you, Lacchi?
I also canceled that engagement.
Lacchi, I can't live without you.
I can't live without Baby.
I will care for the 'baby'
as if it were my own child.
When you said I love you to me,
I fixed you as my husband.
I made the engagement in haste.
I realized my mistake.
Please don't keep me away.
I want you.
I will either live with you or die with you.
Did you remember it?
You stated I love you the same day.
I love you Mounika.
I hurt you.
I love you, Lacchi.
I love you, mounika.
Sorry... Sorry.
Sorry, mounika.
I love you.
Why are you sitting away?
Are you feeling shy?
I'm afraid, not shy.
Why be afraid?
It's my first time.
You believe I have prior experience.
It's my first time as well.
What happened to you?
I'm feeling hot when you touch me.
Your words are so intoxicating.
I'm really getting hot.
You are killing me.
I'll your lips.
Come on, me.
me as you please.
Hey! What is the dog doing inside?
What are you looking for?
Go, It's none of your business.
Why are you wasting your time after marriage?
I'll kiss your face all over.
Come on Lacchi.
Why spend your time with discussions?
We are better than you.
We quickly enjoyed life after meeting.
Will you eat an apple?
Will you eat a banana?
You're getting married to eat fruits
on your first night?
Very good. You start.
I'm going to shut my eyes.
You take the harathi, put bottu to him..
You take the cellphone and capture a selfie
Hey nattu come here and bring a laddu
Tie a ribbon on head, jump and flip in air
Chilkalguda tippu.. rotate your sword fastly
Hey varasiguda vaasu
he is mayadari maisu
Come on lets rock the
narsinganna naagin dance
Its our lacchis wedding
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
Put jumbo glass on your
head and do disco dance
Drink bottles and bottles of
alcohol and lie in front of vehicle
If you put biryani, bowls of
biryani should become empty
Bowls of head curry and legs
soup should become empty
Addagutta should stun...
mettuguda should shine..
parsigutta parsigutta..
Hey.. parsigutta parsigutta parsigutta.. how
many times will you say, chall close the cloth
Its our lacchis wedding,
how it should be?
Cloth should get torn
Hey.. you hit the band
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
Thammi, bring flower poola
danda and put in his neck
Bring kallu gudal from
boyiguda compound
Everyone should like
him like a movie hero
Lakhs of rupees should
be spent on lacchis bharaat
Not just Telangana, Andhra
whole India should know
Everyone should talk
about our lacchis marriage
Hey.. You hit the band..
There is huge noise in parsigutta
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again
because its our lacchis wedding
You hit the marfa band again and
again because its our lacchis wedding
Hey.. why song is stopped
so soon, hit the band again..