Slumber Party Massacre (2021) Movie Script

You following me around now?
What the hell, Chad?
Sound like you and your friends
is having fun.
I told you that I don't want
to see you this weekend.
Cause you got guys up in there.
Ain't that why you dress
like... that?
No, all right?
It's just me and the girls.
And actually, so what
if there are guys there?
We broke up, remember?
After you cheated on me.
Go back to your cabin
and leave me alone.
Yeah, a'ight.
Go back to whatever you doing
in there, ho.
The booze is here!
Happy graduation!
And all I got you was
a gift card to Sam goody.
Well now that you and Chad
are finally broken up,
you'll need it.
I thought you liked him.
No one liked Chad, trust me.
So did you ever figure out
who he cheated with?
Well, maybe he had a good reason
for doing it.
I'm just trying to make Trish
feel better.
And you think that's helping?
If the stupid car didn't break
down the second we got here,
we could at least go somewhere
else, you know?
The house the guys rented is
on the other side of the lake.
You don't have to see him
if you don't want to.
Yeah, and maybe you'll get lucky
and he'll drown.
What? Come on.
I love this song!
- Come on!
- Come on.
- Diane, let's go.
- Come on!
This is my kind of party.
I love you.
I love you.
Yeah, you is a dirty ho.
Nah, is he for real?
Damn pervert.
Woah, dog.
What are you doing with that?
Did you hear that?
Oh, my god.
The timer!
The brownies are done.
Where'd you get that?
I got a welcome gift.
We're about to have brownies.
How are you fitting all that in?
I have a stomach of steel.
Like Batman.
No, no, no. Like, like
the man of steel, right?
But my stomach.
Yeah. That's Superman.
Uh, no.
I think I'll go help Kim.
oh my god, Kim.
Trying to burn down the cabin?
Hey. You need help?
Oh, my god, Kim!
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
Someone killed Diane and
I can't stop vomiting on myself.
- Oh, my god.
- Oh, my god.
She's dead too.
Why is this happening?
I don't know, I don't know.
We're going to get out of here,
How? The car is busted.
Uh... we'll sneak out of here
and then run to the first house
we see for help.
One, two...
Did you hear something?
No, uh, no. It's...
I slept with Chad.
I was the one that
slept with Chad.
And I wanted you to know that
in case we die.
- I'm sorry.
- We're not going to die.
Okay? We got this.
Let's just um, make sure the
porch is clear first and let's...
Wait! Check first!
No! Please, please no! No!
Help me!
I love you.
But ironically, it
was a neighbor's complaint of
missing dogs that finally led
the authorities to the house
of an unemployed handyman
named Russ Thorne.
Thorne would come
to be known as the driller killer.
The lone survivor of
his night of terror
was a 17-year-old girl
drinking with friends
at a rented lake house.
And get this, George.
Apparently their drink
of choice was cooler.
The world's first and worst
vodka cooler in a bottle.
Look, I'm not
saying they deserved to die.
But with that booze choice,
it was inevitable.
The crazy thing is,
Russ's body was never found.
Police assume
he drowned in the lake
and his body was either
eaten by bears
or is still decomposing
at the bottom somewhere.
Despite the survivor
swearing she thought he was still alive,
but you know, cooler.
Either way, Holly Springs,
once a once bustling
vacation hotspot,
became a ghost town.
- Mom.
- I'm sorry.
I called you a couple of times.
- Your friends are here.
- Okay. Thanks.
I want you to know,
you can skip it if you want.
Blame it on me?
But I don't want.
And we talked about this,
and you said you were going
to be cool.
I lied.
Dana, I know you know this,
but I just have to say it.
Don't tell strangers
where you're going.
Keep your phone charged,
keep all doors...
Mother. I love you like crazy,
but right now you are being
the opposite of fun.
I just want you to be safe.
And I am.
And I know how to be safe.
And you're safe too,
you know that right?
You are.
So just go do fun things.
Go live your life.
I know.
And when was the last time
you left the house?
I have everything
I need right here.
I love you.
But no crying.
Okay, I love you.
Stop. Don't make eye contact.
It'll give her an excuse
to give safety advice.
Oh, shit.
Call me when you get there.
And right before you go to bed.
- And first...
- I will.
Girls, wait.
What's the name of the town
you're going to?
Dana forgot to write it down
for me.
- Laurel.
- Lester.
Laurel, right.
They start with the same letter.
I always confuse them.
- Athlete?
- Yes.
- Is she alive?
- No.
- Justin Timberlake.
- Female.
It's a lady. A dead lady.
Jackie Kennedy?
Jt. Jt.
Dana, are you even playing?
Yeah. Um, junko tabei.
How'd you do that?
She doesn't yell out random
nonsense for one thing.
All right. Dana,
pick another one.
Someone the rest of us
might actually know.
Uh, Dee, can you make sure
everything's okay back there?
I don't want any of our
party supplies falling out.
Oh, my god.
Could you imagine if we got
pulled over?
We're not getting pulled over.
We'll just invite the police
to the partay.
None of that is funny.
Hey, seatbelt!
Do you know how often
accidents happen
when someone temporarily
takes off their seatbelt?
Well, I can't check with it on.
That is so not better.
- What is happening?
- There's someone in the back!
Oh, my god, your faces
are hilarious.
That was totally worth
all the hours of leg cramps.
Alix! What the hell?!
You told me I couldn't come.
What was I supposed to do?
Not come?
This is our special trip
that you are not invited to.
I know. That's why I'm here.
You have no idea what you've done.
Just get in the back seat.
We have to go back.
Drop her off.
If you're driving?
We'll lose the day.
Breanie's right.
You drive like a granny.
We're getting to the house
just before dark as it is.
Maybe it's a sign.
Maybe we should forget it and go home.
Hey. You've been on board
since the beginning.
Don't chicken out now.
I still am.
I don't want Maeve's
kid sister ratting us out.
She wouldn't. She's like us.
I don't know, it's not that...
Look, you know if
we turn around now
we're never going to come back.
This is the weekend.
The only weekend.
Yes, alix can be a pain
in the ass.
Um, I can still hear you!
She deserves to be a part of
our epic girls weekend.
We all deserve it.
A weekend of...
To dig deep into our souls and
pull out all the fear and anger,
and put it towards
something real.
So that our futures can be
brighter than anything
we could ever imagine.
You guys are talking about
doing drugs, aren't you?
Alix won't be involved
in any of the drugs.
How about that?
I think we should totally
vote on it. Yes!
I don't even know what
we're talking about anymore.
That's a yes.
But no drugs for alix.
I think you have a leak
in your radiator.
No. I just had the car serviced.
I don't know what to tell you.
- You're going to have to replace the hose.
- Okay. Go ahead and replace it.
Garage closed years ago.
This is a gas station.
It's not an auto body shop.
Okay. So we drive
to an auto body shop.
You're not going
to make it to one.
You've lost a lot of fluid.
My friend's got a shop.
He's got the part.
I could get it for ya.
Maybe by tomorrow?
No. We rented a house.
We have to be there tonight.
You're not going
to make it tonight.
What about... now?
I don't see how that's going
to help.
Whatever. I have to pee.
- I'll go with.
- Okay, meet you back here.
Aww. Babies.
Look at this.
I've seen bigger.
Of course you have.
What is up with this?
People steal a lot of dogs
around here.
They just get eaten by bears.
Wow, you came out of nowhere.
- Thanks.
- Bears eat dogs? That's so sad.
I know, honey.
The world's a sad place.
Our car is giving us issues and we
need a place to stay for the night.
Uh, I like this one.
Oh, you don't want to stay here.
Our lake's a dump.
Uh, we don't really have
a choice.
Unless you know of some place
else we can stay around here?
Not really.
You doing okay back there,
Yeah. All good thanks.
Just, just browsing.
Well, it's available.
What a surprise.
No offense.
I'll check you in.
Do you want the penis man or no?
I mean, obviously.
Maeve! Are you okay?
No! I think I just stepped
in human poo.
Ugh. It's so demoralizing.
It's not funny.
I probably have e. Coli.
I'm sure you'll live.
Come on.
Jolly Springs?
Why does that sound familiar?
Never heard of it.
Where did you get those?
I swear I would've left money,
but I didn't want Kay to be
complicit in selling to a minor,
so I stole 'em.
It works out for both of us
that way.
Stealing is still a crime, alix.
Oh, my god.
Is that the house?
Watch your steps.
Some of the planks are rotten.
They catch all these
in the lake?
That's a shark.
I know.
Alix, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
A raccoon was in the sink.
It ran out when I screamed.
Oh, this town isn't what
it used to be.
We get untoward characters
here sometimes.
Stay inside, stay...
Stay quiet and stay safe.
I'm not getting any signal.
Out here you won't. Um...
Wi-Fi password's on the fridge
and my number's here too.
Text me if you have
any problems.
Thanks Kay. We appreciate it.
I feel bad for her.
Me too.
Old people are depressing.
Shh. She can hear you.
Please. She can't hear.
She's old.
Well, now that we're here,
guess it's time to start
the slumber party!
Oh, my god, breanie, stop it!
Oh, you guys.
I can't believe
we're doing this.
I love you guys so much.
- I want in on this!
- Me too!
I love you guys.
00! I love this song.
Ugh, I wish I never came!
Oh, my god, breanie.
It's you.
My friend dropped off the
supplies on his way home,
so I thought I'd drop it by
in case they wanted to leave
tonight instead.
But I can bring it
to them tomorrow.
They seem pretty busy right now.
I'm just gonna get out of here.
I'll, uh, I'll catch you later.
Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!
Chug it! Chug it! Chug it!
Ugh. Boys.
Ugh. How do you guys think
he's not cute?
Mm, he wears sports jerseys.
Like, for formal wear?
You have sauce on your chin.
Oh, where?
Hey. Want pizza, nerd?
Where'd alix go?
Are you okay?
Alix, I told you not
to go out! I was freaking...
Get inside, get inside!
Alix? You're bleeding.
It's not my blood.
Check all the windows.
What is going on?
- Now!
- Okay.
The guy from the gas station?
- He's dead.
- What do you mean?
I mean like someone
murdered him.
- Oh, that's so sad.
- Are you joking?
Why would I joke about
something like that?
I saw him in his car,
he's dead, this is his blood.
Maybe he was murdered by a bear.
Kay did say there were creepy
people around here.
I think it's bigger than that.
You think?
I knew certain things seemed
familiar about this place
and I couldn't put it together,
until I remembered this one
crime bandits podcast episode.
I know it's hard to hear,
but I think... I think
the driller killer is here.
But he's dead.
I should've known when Ashley
mentioned the dead clogs.
A bunch of kids in the '905
were murdered by this dude,
Russ Thorne, and their car
broke down as they got here.
Just like ours did.
And they were having
a slumber party in pajamas.
Eating pizza and
drinking stupid drinks.
He murdered someone
from outside watching them,
and then when one of them went to
go get the brownies from the kitchen,
he just snuck in
and started killing.
Oh my god, you assholes!
Pillow fight!
You came here on purpose?
What is wrong with all of you?
We're going to be murdered!
Sorry alix. We didn't tell you
because we didn't know
if Russ would really be alive.
And no offense, you weren't
supposed to come.
Look, don't worry.
When he comes for us,
we are going to kill him.
If he comes for us.
We're kind of brilliant
if you think about it.
Did everything almost
exactly the same.
- The pjs...
- The leak in the radiator hose.
The drinking.
It's water.
Yep. The only thing different
is the house.
Oh no, don't look at me.
It wasn't on the board.
Maybe they don't rent out
the murder house anymore.
- So what?
We just wait here
until he comes barging in?
Yeah. And then we kill him.
We've been planning this
for a year.
No matter what he does,
we are ready.
So, are you ready when
he comes knocking?
Uh. Maybe we should open it.
You can't open the door
for a murderer.
A murderer isn't going to knock.
Yeah, breanie is right.
Look, we know everything
about him.
He's not a knocker.
Woah. Hey, hey, uh, I mean hi.
I'm... I'm John.
Didn't mean to disturb you, I just, I saw
one of you on the dock a little earlier.
That was me. Hey.
Alix forgot to mention that.
I had other things on my mind.
- Okay. Well like I said,
didn't want to disturb you.
It just seems like we're
the only ones here
for the big jolly Springs
so we thought we'd be good
neighbors and come say hey.
This is Matt.
I have a girlfriend.
You guys really shouldn't
be out there.
Yeah? Why?
Because it's dark and
you don't want to get lost.
Yeah. Please, come in.
Seriously, come in, come in.
- No, we...
- Bro.
Come in. Come on, yeah,
yeah. Awesome.
Did you see that?
Sorry. Didn't realize you guys
were getting ready for bed.
We don't mind.
Are you guys staying in
the house across the lake?
- Yeah.
- Five of us.
Yea h, yeah.
We like this podcast
called crime bandits.
John's kind of obsessed with it.
Okay, I'm not obsessed with it.
- Well...
- We do this murder tour thing.
People were murdered in
the house we're staying in.
It's way more boring
than you think.
Which is why we thought
we'd come and say hey.
So... hey.
So uh, if you don't mind
my asking,
what are you guys doing here?
Our car broke down,
so we're staying the night.
I mean, you guys can come
and hang out with us...
Um, we can't.
It's a girls' weekend. No boys.
So... thank you for coming by.
Okay, yeah sure. Yeah.
Oh no, wait.
Can I just talk to you guys
for a sec?
We have to tell them
what's going on.
We can't tell them we're here
to murder someone.
We can't let them
be murdered either.
He doesn't want them.
He wants us.
I don't know, Dana. He seems
pretty equal opportunity
when it comes to murder.
- Let's go bro.
- What? No.
- Anyway, we gotta go.
- We don't...
Uh, I... I don't think
you should leave.
- I agree.
- No, no. We really have to go.
Wait, seriously guys.
You should...
The other guys will know
if we're gone too long,
- so, so take care.
- What are you...?
Come on!
You might've just sent them
to their death.
We cannot veer from the plan.
That is the only way
it will work.
The plan was for no one
to get murdered.
We'll go after them.
Should I go get
the brownies first?
Hey, what was that about?
I think they're those man-haters
you always hear about.
- What?
- They had knives hidden in pillows.
- Matt, that is ri...
- Come on.
What do you mean they had
knives in pillows?
Knives, in their pillows,
like kitchen knives.
Okay, what is this really about?
It's about knives
in their pillows.
- I don't want to die.
- Look, you're not going to die.
Look man. I'm not saying
climate change isn't real.
I'm saying Mars, right?
It's going to be terraformed
in like 10 years.
So what's the big deal if we
just let this planet go to shit?
That's a really dumb
thing to say, guy.
Well, I'm sorry, guy two.
But I refuse to be insulted
by a bro wearing makeup.
It's tinted moisturizer.
A lot of men wear it these days.
I don't think they do, dude.
I don't think they do.
Come on!
Hey. Where'd you get that, Sean?
I found it in the closet.
Sick, right?
Oh, yeah.
Chug it
there you go. Come on.
I gotta piss.
Dude. Bathroom's inside.
The world's a toilet, my man.
How'd it go?
Don't ask.
You two are all charm.
Hey, uh, guy two, you remembered
to turn the stove off, right?
Ah, I forgot.
- I forgot. I'm sorry, dude.
- I asked you to do one thing!
Wait, he actually made dinner?
- Yeah.
- I thought he was joking.
Yeah, well we have
to eat something.
That's why I brought chips.
What the hell, dudes?
Hey, asshole!
You want a piece of this?
Big mistake, mother...
You're not Russ Thorne, are ya?
Oh, man!
Oh, my buddies and I,
we came here 'cause of you.
Obviously we didn't think
you'd actually be alive.
You see man, we do
this murder tour thing. We...
Man, it was...
It was nice meeting you.
Really nice meeting you.
Oh, no...
Help me!
No, please, please. No! No!
Why is that so hard?
I'm telling you Sean,
my girlfriend read all about it
and she said it can't be done.
She also says blowjobs
cause cancer.
So there's that.
You try, bro.
Good call,
'cause it can't be done.
All right.
- There we go.
- Well, I'm doing it.
Go, go!
Go, go, go!
I understand why
Dana is doing this,
but why are you?
We're friends.
We support each other.
Yeah, I get that.
But I feel like you can
support someone
without agreeing to help
them murder somebody.
Look, he killed four people
and just got away with it.
Probably more over the years.
Do you know how many young
women have gone missing
in a 20-mile radius of Holly
Springs in the last 30 years?
Over 20.
Are they
out-slumber-partying us?
Is this what guys actually do
when they're alone?
It's so... depressing.
So we just knock on the door and tell
them Russ is alive? Just like that?
I think...
He's here.
Come on, we can get him!
- Shit! Dana!
- This isn't part of the plan.
What the?
Oh, my god.
What's going on?
Does anyone know where
the breaker box is?
Fuck! Someone just stepped
on me!
What's going on?
Guys, who said that?
We found the breaker box.
Guy two, are you okay?
Guy two?
I think he's dead.
He is dead.
He is definitely dead.
Lady killers!
It wasn't us.
We came to help!
Then... then whose blood is that?
- It's Dave's.
- Dave?
- Who the hell's Dave?
- Oh, my god.
Why is guy two dead?!
All dead is too dead!
I don't know.
Maeve, breanie,
check the perimeter.
They had knives when
we were at their place.
- Uh-uh. Yeah!
- Stay away from us.
Look. We didn't do this.
We came here to warn you
that Russ is alive and killing.
- It's clear.
- Here too.
Wait, Russ Thorne?
Like the Russ Thorne is,
what, alive?
Oh shit! We... we gotta warn guy!
- Yeah!
- I... I thought that was guy.
- There are two guys!
- There are four of you.
No, there are five of us.
There are two guys.
I just don't think we should be
joking about this right now.
Guy one, guy two!
Okay, but when did guy two
go out?
No. Guy two is dead!
Guy one is... is out there.
This is so messed up.
This is so messed up.
We have to do something.
We have to find guy
and take this asshole down
before he comes
for the rest of us.
- Yes!
- Get on the offensive.
Okay. And we will
tell you our plan.
There's three of us.
We outnumber him.
There's eight of us.
You'll need weapons too.
Okay, but we have weapons.
And we can't just
go running out there.
Russ knows we're onto him.
That is not going to work
against a power drill.
We just need to scare him off,
get guy,
and get the hell out of here.
Okay, well it isn't
as easy as that.
John, you take the trail
down to the water.
Look for guy by the shore.
Matt, you take the right side
of the house,
I'll take the left side.
Splitting up is not a good idea.
Guys, I... I think...
I think the ladies know
what they're talking
about, right?
- Yes, thank you.
- Totally. Uh...
Got it.
You girls stay here.
We'll go get guy
and come back for you.
We're going out the door
on three.
That is a bad idea.
- On three.
- On three.
You should not go with them.
Yeah, I know. But my toxic masculinity
is kind of forcing me into it.
John. You're a man.
- I'm a man.
- You're a man.
- You're a man.
- I am a man.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Yeah!
- Ready?
- Yeah!
One, two...
Thanks, thanks.
Yeah well, they're gonna die.
I can't believe these dudes
are beating us out
on being murdered.
Like honestly, their privilege
is just ridiculous.
What are we going to do now?
We go back to the original plan.
Finish what we started.
Or we call the police?
We don't have time to wait
for the police.
We can't take any more chances.
Maybe Ashley's right, Dana.
We lured him out, the police
can find him and arrest him.
Either way it'll be over.
We won.
And how do you know they won't
say that we lured him into it?
That it was our fault?
He could say it was
We chose to come here,
we brought weapons.
And that's if they find him.
He's gotten away once before.
And nothing will change.
Absolutely nothing.
I mean,
we are these smart, tough,
incredible, kick-ass women,
and we do not need to let
some asshole with a battery-operated
power drill scare us off.
Because we can
take him down, right?
For my mom, for us, for
everybody else he's terrorized.
And when we do it we'll show him
and every other dick-obsessed
murderous asshole
that there are consequences,
yes, and we are
those consequences.
Okay. I get it now. She's good.
- So let's go.
- Yes!
Okay. Okay. Woo!
Where'd the guys go?
Okay. If we stick to the plan,
maybe we can save them, okay?
But that is the most
important thing,
that no matter what,
we stick together.
He's here!
No, no, no, no, no, no! Come back!
Don't... split up.
Okay. You can do this.
I'm not afraid of you!
I'm not afraid of you.
You know you want it.
Performance issues?
Back off, freak face.
Don't worry, I got this.
Sean, wait!
Help! Help!
Help! Help!
I messed up the plan!
I messed up the plan!
You're pretty.
All of you.
Very pretty.
Diane sends her regards.
Kim wanted a word.
And Jackie needed some closure.
And, and this is for
Trish deveraux, my mother.
She'll take her life back now.
It takes a lot of love
for a person to do this.
But I love you.
Well, the feeling isn't mutual.
Didn't want to be left out.
Well, I can finally
get rid of these.
Playing the hot girl
is exhausting.
The lady doth protest too much.
Fine! Next time you deal with
all the slut shaming.
There won't be a next time.
We did it. It's... it's done.
We did.
Uh, where did you get that?
Oh. Kay left them
at the door for us.
She's lucky Russ didn't murder
her when she dropped them off.
There you are.
Yeah, I'm still not sure
they didn't do this.
We never saw Russ Thorne
kill anyone, you know.
It's just their word.
Woah, uh, he's dead, Dee.
Yeah well,
they never die just once.
Well technically he died twice,
so I think we're good.
- How can you eat right now?
- I'm starving.
Plus, he's not getting
any less dead.
We should get back to the cabin,
call the police,
and lock ourselves inside
until they come.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey!
- You shouldn't eat food from strangers.
Whatever, grandma Maeve.
Is it time to call the police?
I want to get out of these
clothes and go home now.
You remember what to say?
You coming, Dee?
Do me a favor and
watch the body?
- He's dead.
- I just...
Think we should be
a little extra cautious
until the police get here.
Oh, good. Watch the body.
- But he's dead.
- Just do it anyway.
This sucks ass!
What did the police say?
Um, I haven't called yet.
Ash, we need to finish this.
I don't have any bars and the
Wi-Fi password isn't working.
I'm waiting for the modem
to reboot.
You think something's wrong?
Let's just get the hell
out of here.
Looks like the Wi-Fi's down.
You smell that?
It's gone now.
You want a beer?
I need something to calm
my nerves.
I'm going to go find service
somewhere else.
It's not working inside anymore.
There's that smell.
Dude, I don't smell anything.
Be careful.
Those creepy girls
could be anywhere.
Hey, I think I'm getting a bar.
Ugh, gross.
It's a good thing you know
how to fix cars.
- We did good.
- Yeah.
You need anything else?
I know what I'm doing.
Yeah, you do.
Bree, I might need a hand here.
Help, Bree!
Help! No!
N o, no, no, no, no! Stop!
No! Stop!
Guys. Who moved everything
in the kitchen?
Our weapons are gone. They
messed up the crime scene.
I didn't. You asked me not to.
That never stopped you before.
I don't know,
maybe it was Ashley.
She wouldn't.
Guys, something is wrong.
I think we need to leave now.
Well, Ashley should be done
with the car any minute.
Oh! And who's watching the body?
I asked alix to do it.
- He's dead. I got bored.
- Shit.
Dana, he's dead.
Oh, and his body is gone?
No, no, no, no, no!
He was just there.
Someone is still after us.
You think?
Where's Ashley?
He got Ashley!
Breanie, get away
from the window.
Shit, that was so...
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
We have to fight back.
He took our weapons.
We don't have anything
to fight with.
How the hell is he still alive?
What are we going to do?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
You planned everything.
- You're supposed to know.
- How could I have known about...
You should've called the police
when alix found the first dead guy.
Now breanie and Ashley are dead.
This is all your fault.
We all did this.
We all wanted this.
Alix didn't.
Yeah, it could be one
of the guys.
They're obsessed with Russ.
Maybe, maybe they're doing
a copycat thing.
- Maybe.
- Maybe?
The best you can do is maybe?
We need to get out of here
before they murder us!
Okay, okay, uh...
Alix. You said you found
the dead guy in a truck.
The tires were flat.
Okay. The guys...
If their car is still here
we can run and take it.
They could be the ones
trying to kill us.
And how do we get out of here
without getting hit?
I'll go out the side window.
If you distract him,
I can slip out.
You go.
Alix and I will stay.
It's okay, I'm going
to protect you.
Like that?
Then you'll protect me.
Hey asshole!
I think I figured out why
you're doing this.
And I would tell you to go
to hell,
but I am gonna make sure
you get there very soon.
Come on!
Come fucking get me! I'm ready!
Come on you fucker!
Go! Go!
I'm not feeling so...
Why are you trying to kill us?
What? You!
You killed Matt!
And I found guy dead
in the cooler!
Guy died in the house.
No, that was the other guy.
There were two of them!
Okay, well you killed
Ashley and Bree!
- I didn't kill anybody!
- Okay, well neither did we.
Okay, well we did kill the guy
killing people,
but people are still dying.
Yeah. 'Cause it's part of your
big feminist plot
to get rid of all the men!
That was a really sexist
thing to say.
I'm sorry.
But that doesn't change anything.
Ugh, well this isn't getting
us anywhere.
And if you aren't the killer,
then they're still with my friends.
And I need to help them.
You drop the stick...
And I'll drive us there.
No, no, no!
How many of the cookies
did you eat?
Most of them.
Why? Do you think that's
why I'm sick?
Please don't be mad at me.
I'm not mad.
I wish I listened to you.
I'm sorry I didn't.
I don't want to die.
I'm sorry I didn't turn around
to take you home.
But you are not going to die.
Dana's going to be back
any minute now
and we're going to leave.
How do you know
she'll come back?
We take care of each other.
That's what we do.
I love you, Maeve.
I love you too.
- Hey kid.
- What are you doing out here?
I'm snail hunting.
Did you see someone out here?
Just you.
Okay, well there's a...
There's a killer out here.
And there was one, but now there...
Now there's another.
Are you okay?
There's no killer anymore.
There was one once.
A lot of people heard about
it because of this podcast,
but he died a long time ago.
No, no, no, he didn't.
He came back and he...
He tried to kill us.
But then we killed him. But then
he... someone else is... still trying to.
- Please, help.
- I'll help you, okay.
That ridiculous podcast.
We were finally getting things
turned around here,
bringing back
the real vacationers.
Then these idiots start talking
about this one-time incident.
This one time.
Four people died.
It's a shame.
Did you live here back then?
Yeah, still do.
Did you know Russ Thorne?
He killed my mother's friends,
and he tried to kill her.
But she survived.
That is why I came here.
I wanted to help her get over what
happened all those years ago,
because I thought that
it ruined her life.
But then one day I realized
that she had gotten over it,
and that it was me
who ruined her life,
because if I hadn't been born,
maybe she could've moved on.
But instead she just became
obsessed with protecting me.
That is why I came here.
I wanted to show her that
she didn't have to worry,
and that I could
take care of myself.
Mothers just want to protect
their children.
You brought over a container
of cookies last night,
and the Wi-Fi password
changed this morning.
Who the hell are you?
I'm old!
You hit an old lady!
I... I'm sorry.
My son deserved better than
you and your whore friends!
Your son is Russ?
I tried to help you.
I tried to make it easier
for you
like I tried to help
the other ones.
You could've gone to sleep,
then you wouldn't have
tempted him,
showing yourselves off
like that.
What was he supposed to do?
How about just not kill people?
When did that become
so much to ask?
He was a grown man, an adult,
and we didn't make him
do anything!
Let me in! Let me in!
It's me! It's me!
Let me in, let me in!
Let me in, let me in!
Let me in, let me in!
Oh, my god! Are you okay?
I don't know, I don't think
it's that bad.
Kay is Russ's mother.
Oh, my god!
I knew it. The fucker!
She's the one after us.
Is this because
I stole her beer?
No, alix, this isn't your fault.
This isn't any of our fault.
We can take her.
The nail gun?
I didn't see a nail gun.
She had a knife, but...
I don't know.
Alix! Alix! Wake up!
No, no!
Get away from my girls!
- Mom?
- Dana, you didn't call me!
Mom, we did it.
We killed Russ Thorne.
I know you.
You're the bitch who ruined
my son's life.
I have a name.
It's Trish deveraux.
I stopped your son
from killing me.
I'm going to stop you
from killing my daughter.
Dana, take your friends
to the car and leave.
No! We're not going without you.
Get in the car now!
- Mom!
- Now!
They owe me!
They killed my son!
They owe you nothing.
Russ Thorne was a murderer!
A predator!
You made him do it.
This stops now!
I don't have any feeling
in this hand.
You can thank your son for that.
I'm going to go back in
and help my mom.
Take the keys and go.
She's my mother.
She is the reason
that I came here.
To save her.
So I, I have to save her.
I'm sorry that I got you
into this.
I wanted to be here.
This is for my son.
I'm not afraid of you!
Come on!
Look out!
It's over. It's over.