Slumber Party Massacre III (1990) Movie Script

- Oh, I got it!
- No way! No way! No way!
Jeez, Susie,
you sure pack a load.
No, you asshole, you made me...
you're in the way, Duncan.
- Hey, Duncan.
- What?
'Guys let s fne I "Go! p ay!
Come on, guys, let him play.
- He'll help, anyway.
- Think of it as a challenge.
I don't know, fellows.
What do you think?
We're history as it is.
why don't you just keep score?
- I wanna lay back anyway.
- Okay.
Okay, let's see.
Where are we?
All right! Huddle up!
Okay, okay, on three!
One, two, three!
8-3 girls.
Got it!
Got it!
Got it!
Yep'. Whoa'.!
Look up!
Get it!
All right, all right, all right.
Jackie, let's be logical.
You can't stop your parents
from moving,
why don't you just
move in with us?
My mom wouldn't notice.
She's going through menopause.
I can't do that.
Besides, since my mom
found my diaphragm,
and I told her it was yours,
she thinks
you're a bad influence.
You got one year of school left,
Are your parents Nazis?
My mom's always working at her
job with the Washington Bureau,
and my dad, he says lawyers
can get jobs anywhere.
Got it!
Alright, alright,
right, right, right!
Jesus, Torn! What are you,
sabotaging us, huh?
Huh? They promised you
something? Yeah? Maybe? Hmm?
Do I detect an unnatural
interest in Frank Reedy?
Oh, talk to me when you stop
lusting after Michael.
He asked for it.
Just look at him,
flaunting that bod.
It's no use. This is not
a good time to fall in love.
Hey, Jackie, how long has
that guy been sitting there?
A while, I think.
He looks weird.
Yo, buddy!
Keep your eyes to yourself!
Did you see that?
He averted his eyes.
That's a sign of submission.
I learned that studying
orangutans in biology class.
You're an orangutan,
I know what you're thinking,
you're thinking,
A guy like that is just
the kind of guy we need
at the party tonight."
Duncan, it's a slumber party.
And no one wants
to slumber with you.
Slumber outside.
Okay, I got it!
- Yeah!
- Whoo!
I'll get it!
So, what's it worth to you?
- You're Ken.
- Stop flirtin'! Come back!
Ken Whitehouse. You went
to Maya Vista High, fight?
That's right, and let's see,
you're Juliette,
Craig's little sister?
Go on without me, you guys!
Yeah, that's right.
Pleased to meet you, officially.
- Alright, alright.
- Right.
- I like what I see.
- I got it! Here, out! Out!
- Out!
- Where were you?
- You, too!
Jeez, Juliette.
If you didn't want him,
you could have at least
given us a chance.
For your information,
that was Ken Whitehouse,
of former water polo fame.
Are you kidding? And you
didn't bring him over here?
Well, he said he had to go talk
to his uncle or something.
But he said
he'd call me tonight.
I gave him your number.
Oh, great, Juliette. I'm glad my
mom pays to have it unlisted.
Don't you wanna give him
my number, too?
Get outta here!
Oh, the weirdo's gone.
What weirdo?
What's she talking about?
Uh, nobody.
All right, all right, all right.
Hold on a second, you guys.
I'll be right back.
- Hurry!
- Okay!
- Hurry up!
- All right!
Thanks for the ride,
and I'm sorry I put you
so far out of your way.
Don't mention it.
Well... Bye.
Um... about last night...
I, uh... I wanna see you again.
Frank, I... I just don't want it
to be just another thing.
You know, that may be okay
for you, but it's not for me.
Hey, I don't want you
just for like a day or a week.
So you like me?
Yes, yes.
I like you. I like you.
So, call me.
All right.
What are you doing
in the house?
Jackie, Jack, I, um...
I just got home.
I saw your sign, and...
and the door was open.
And I thought you were having...
an open house.
It's okay, it's okay.
I just must have left
the door open.
My morn would kill me.
- Do you mind if I go by?
- Of course.
Of course not. No.
I'm, uh...
I'm just going to, um...
I'm... I'll just, uh...
I'm just gonna go.
No, no. Um...
Come on in. Take a look.
I didn't realize
you were in the market.
Oh, yes. Uh...
My accountant tells me I-
I have to buy something.
I have to buy something.
It's a nice house.
Why don't you just
look around yourself?
I mean, the layout's
really normal.
The bedrooms, they're upstairs.
Hi, honey. I hope you're not
making a mess.
It's snowing here,
but we're getting to see
some great houses.
Our flight leaves
around noon tomorrow.
I'll give you the details
in the morning. Bye-bye.
Anyone home?
Morgan! Do you want me
to show you around?
I... I looked... already.
Is there anything else
I can do for you?
No. No, thanks.
I think I'd better go.
Yeah. Yeah.
L.\ \ \ \ I Q a
How come you didn't come
to the volleyball game?
- Sorry.
- I couldn't.
- Did you bring beer?
- That's not all we brought.
[Laughing 1
So, put your stuff down.
What'd you bring?
Rum and vanilla ice cream.
And champagne, for the
more discriminating palate.
I don't know if anyone who wears
underwear in public
could be called discriminating,
And I brought brownies
with hot fudge sauce.
Well, didn't anybody bring
anything but dessert?
C'mon into the kitchen.
I got a barbecue going.
[Laughing 1
What are you making?
Chocolate-chocolate chip
I saved some dough.
It's on the counter.
Oh, you are a friend.
You should've come to the beach.
It was great.
God, Janine,
you are disgusting.
Excuse me if I don't
beat the shit out of you.
I think I'm having an orgasm.
Am I missing something?
Oh, no more than usual.
What are you eating?
So, Miss Harlowe,
Can we expect a call from
your latest victim tonight?
Oh, he'll call.
I'm gonna put these out back.
There's no room in the fridge.
Damn these things!
- Need some help?
- Nope.
The coals are almost ready.
There's nothing else to do
until Sarah gets here
with the food.
Wow, this place is great.
God, I wish my parents
would go away for a while.
I know what you mean.
I love it when
my parents are gone.
Mine hardly ever go away.
There must be something
we can do
to take advantage of this.
Before they come home tomorrow.
I don't know. Your parents
are really nice, though, Jackie.
I mean, mine are so strict.
They expect me to dress
like a little girl.
I have to change my clothes
in the car every time
I leave the house.
I think you're really lucky.
- So you like your new job?
- Yeah, it's okay.
I make pretty good money
with the tips.
The food's good, and the
people are nice.
So, do you meet
anybody interesting?
Well, there was a guy
that came in last weekend,
I saw him looking at me, then he
started coming back every night.
Even the nights that
I wasn't working.
One of the other girls told me.
Last night, he comes up to me
and starts talking to me,
and we're going out,
tomorrow night!
What's he like?
Well, he's really nice
and really handsome.
He has dark eyes. Oh, God,
I just love older men!
They're such gentlemen!
- Well, how old is he?
- Oh, 50.
It's cold out here. D'you think
we should still eat out here?
God, no way, it's freezing.
I'm gonna go back in.
I'll get it.
Who's there?
Oh, Puss. Silly Puss,
you out looking for mice again?
Come on, come on.
Thought he was fixed.
That shirt doesn't leave much
to the imagination, Maria.
Well, it's just us girls
It looks amazing.
Well, here is to beer bellies.
And here's to beer thighs.
Susie, you know,
your hair looks really good
pulled back like that.
Really? I always thought
that I'd need big hair
to balance my hips.
Did somebody mention hips?
Here are the cookies.
Oh, no.
Susie, I thought
you were bringing Sarah.
I think she bagged, man.
Nobody answered at her house.
0h, great.
There goes the main course.
Yes! Yes!
Come on, work off that booze!
Get up here with me!
[Laughing 1
I'll go get that.
Come on, Juliette.
- Hello?
Uh, Jackie.
I was wondering if I could
come by and see the house again.
At night. I...
I want to check out
the visibility from the roof.
The visibility?
For my telescope.
I track stars.
Morgan, I don't think so.
I have friends over.
My parents will show you around
any time of day you like
when they get back, okay?
Oh, okay. Sure.
Of course.
Nice talking to you.
[Laughing 1
- Come on, dance!
- Show me!
Hey, what d'ya think
you're doing? Huh?
C'mon! Sounds like the party's
in full throttle!
Well, what did you
expect? Huh?
You know these girls,
they get a few drinks in them...
This is even better than
I hoped!
Alright, we're crashing.
- Damn right.
- Hey, hey, hey,
hold on fellas. I said
I would drive by
- and that's it. Not crash.
- Aw, c'mon, Frank.
You don't expect me to drive
all the way over here
just to turn around and go home?
Yeah, and take it like a man
why don't 'ya?
I'm a stud, not a man.
In your wildest dreams!
And a stud would never let an
opportunity like this
pass him by.
Without at least making
an ass of himself first!
[Laughing 1
Yeah, and, uh, remember
who's driving... stud!
Oh, Frank, now you're
sinking low!
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I got the perfect solution.
We can all get an eyeful and
they won't even know who we are!
Remember Halloween?
- No.
- Gimme the keys!
- No way.
- C'mon.
Frank, gimme the keys. I want to
get into the trunk.
I said no.
Besides, uh, they're not even
in there anymore, alright?
You guys! Come on.
Come on!
Yeah, you're a real pro.
- Yeah.
- C'mon, Frank.
Do you really think they're not
expecting us to show up
after the way
they've been talking about
this party all week?
All right.
You got two choices.
Either you can come with us,
or you can sit here
and miss all the fun.
Fine, I'll stay.
- Cool
- We'll let you know
when we're ready to go!
[Laughing 1
Alright, alright, alright.
Gimme the keys.
[Laughing 1
Gimme the keys!
And I'll take you to
the back door because
God knows you guys couldn't
find the back gate otherwise.
Juliette, truth or dare!
Did you really do it
with Neal Bogart
when he was still seeing Jill?
- Whoa, I...
- She's lying!
- Tell the truth!
- Come on.
I'll take the dare.
Okay, okay.
Do a striptease,
but the real thing.
You guys are sick!
[Laughing 1
- Come on!
- Come on, Juliette.
Come on. Strip!
I'll show you how.
[Laughing 1
I can't believe
you're doing that!
We haven't had a photo
opportunity like this
since Juliette's sweet sixteen.
Photo opportunity?
I don't have a camera,
But if I did, we could get
some great pictures.
[Laughing 1
Hey, how do you know
about this place, Frank?
He's been here before,
Yeah, I've been here before,
There's more than one stud
in this group.
- Oh, yeah?
- You may need
a little encouragement, though.
Obviously your imagination
doesn't need
any encouragement,
though, does it?
Oh, Frank, you wanna say hi
to your little girlfriend?
Why am I doing this, huh?
Take it off! Take it off!
Take it off!
Come on, Maria! Come on!
Oh, my God!
[Laughing 1
Hey, it's only us!
It's only us!
Jerks! When the hell are you
gonna grow up?
You guys,
it was really immature!
Hey, we didn't know
you'd be dancing around naked.
If we knew,
we would have come sooner.
You stupid perverts!
Why don't you guys go jerk off
I tried to talk to these guys.
Why don't you just leave?
Go on!
I cannot believe that.
They scared the shit out of me.
Get out!
Oh, my God!
Get water, somebody!
Here! Here!
- Ouch!
- Another prank of yours?
Hey, I had nothing to do
with this, all right?
Come on, give me a hand.
Here's some water.
Look, why don't you just leave?
You've done enough.
Easy come, easy go.
Shut up, Tom.
Look on the bright side, Jackie.
You're selling the house.
My parents are gonna kill me.
It's just a joke.
They are so immature, I swear.
Hey, is it okay if we
change our clothes here?
Yeah. Go right ahead. I'll go
upstairs and get my things.
Oh, great, I've been waiting
to get out of these jeans!
Anybody want to use
the bathroom?
- Nah.
- No, thanks.
I sense a trend. I'm gonna go
get my things, too.
Excuse me.
All right, here's the plan.
You go back to the house
and beg for mercy
while we go look for flowers,
or candy, or something.
Frank, they're never
gonna listen.
Hey, look,
it was your idea, okay?
So you use
your persuasive skills.
If that doesn't work,
just offer them your body.
Yeah, offer it to Diane,
she'll bite, so to speak.
Hey, hey, you think that...?
- Come on!
- Just go!
All right.
Now, where were we?
I feel like some real food.
Oh, we don't have any.
Sarah never showed up
with the hamburgers,
and the coals are dead, anyway.
Hey, let's order a pizza.
- Ugh, just what my thighs need.
- Yes! Yes!
Yeah, that sounds good.
- Hey, how about some music?
- Good idea. Yeah.
Do you guys want pepperoni
on one of 'em?
- Yeah!
- No!
- Sausage!
- Mushrooms! Yay!
Hey. girls!
Hey, come on,
let me come in!
Look! Look, I can explain!
Come on!
Oh, my God,
I can't believe that he actually
expects us to let him in.
Somebody wanna turn up the music
and drown out
that horrible noise?
Please? Come on!
Come on, you...!
Hey, who's there?
Jackie! Open the door,
Do you believe it?
This guy won't quit!
Give it up, you jerk!
Jackie, open up!
Shit, come on!
Come on!
Gee, that was really weird,
you guys.
He goes
over the top sometimes, huh?
I don't know,
maybe we should let him in.
The bastard took the lightbulb!
Michael, don't you dare try
any more of your stupid tricks!
Probably him.
Let me talk to him.
Mikey's gonna get it!
I wish that pizza
would get here.
Hello? Who is it?
Oh, Juliette!
It's your loverboy...
Is this 392 Edgewood?
- Yes, it is.
- Jesus, I parked in Chicago.
Do you mind?
I'll give you 10 bucks
for the shirt.
No way.
You can buy them at the store.
No, I need it now.
I'll give you 20 bucks.
- Hey, look, forget it.
- All right, all right.
Look, I've got...
...46 dollars.
It's all yours.
But I get to deliver the pizzas.
Throw in your shirt,
you got a deal.
Now, turn around.
Do you think I want you
to watch me undress?
He probably had a good reason.
- Yeah, sure, he did.
- I know.
[ scoffs 1
I invited him over.
Good. I can't wait to see
what he does.
[Laughing 1
Oh, it's the pizza.
- Oh, good.
- Yes.
Do you need some money?
- No, I'll get it.
- Did she get mushrooms on that?
Not another one!
Give it up, Duncan.
What a loser.
Oh, wait a minute,
at least he brought food.
Now, what's going on with Frank?
I don't wanna talk
about Frank.
Oh, come on. I've got
to get my thrill somehow.
Well, we were getting together
to study, remember?
Oh, I knew I should have come.
Well, Tom didn't show up,
That's suspicious.
Frank must have arranged this.
- You think so?
- Of course he did!
Now, what happened?
Well, we started to read
"Antony and Cleopatra aloud...
You know, we have that test
coming up next week.
And I get to the part in the end
where Cleopatra's
killing herself,
I don't know what happened, but
I just really got into it.
And I looked over at Frank,
and he was staring at me
with this intense expression.
Oh, God!
And I just couldn't think.
I felt like one of those animals
that gets mesmerized.
And then he took me,
and he leaned over,
and he started to kiss me.
God, I'm so jealous!
Can Michael really be
this stupid?
If that's him, I'm gonna
dissect him this time.
Why don't we scare him?
You pull the drapes aside,
and then we scream
as loud as we can.
- Okay?
- Ready?
- Yeah.
What's going on here?
Are you okay?
What happened?
It was the weirdo
from the beach.
He must have followed
one of us here.
He dropped something, Jackie.
I saw it fall outside.
It's my address book.
You don't think he wanted
to return it, do you?
Is that likely?
Why the hell would he go
to the back door?
So, should we call the police?
Yeah, I'm gonna call the police.
Come on, you guys.
Do you really think
we should call the cops?
- I mean, he didn't do anything.
- Should we wait till he does?
Oh, my God, what if that's him?
Do you think
we should answer it?
We know you have
Michael in there!
[Laughing 1
Should we let those losers in?
No way!
Wait a minute.
What if that guy is out there?
I mean, he could be dangerous.
Playa Vista Police.
This is O'Reilly.
Hello. My name
is Jackie Cassidy,
and I live at 392 Edgewood.
And I'm calling to report
this weird guy
that's hanging around my house.
You know, they could protect us
if he's out there.
I'll let them in if somebody
will come with me.
- I'll come.
Are you having a party?
No, no, no, those
are just my friends.
Um, I think he took my address
book from the beach.
Get a load of this?
Don't move.
Well, he ran when we screamed.
So, the weird guy
just drops off the address book.
You guys call the cops?
Yeah, Jackie's
on the phone right now.
Oh, hello.
Can I help you?
Hi. ls Juliette here?
Someone's here to see you!
Oh, Juliette!
Loverboy to the rescue!
Shut up, you GUYS-
I'm telling you what happened.
We saw this guy at the beach.
He was really weird.
Excuse me!
I cannot believe that you guys
invited him to your party
and kicked us out!
What is that doing in here?
Bet you let Michael in, too,
He left. He got the message
when we wouldn't let him in.
Hello, again.
Hi, beautiful.
So, that's what happened.
Look, Miss Cassidy,
I don't have time for this.
This weirdo probably just wanted
to return your address book.
Call us if you see him again,
Okay. Good-bye.
Sounded pretty rowdy.
Just a bunch of girls
with overactive imaginations.
Sound drunk, too.
So, did you know this guy?
Eh, he was here
before I transferred.
Supposed to be kind of...
Jiminy Cricket!
That's no reason
to kill yourself.
I heard what happened.
That weird guy came
to the back door, huh?
He might have gone
to the front door.
The music was blaring.
Anyway, he ran
when we screamed.
Yeah, I'd run, too.
Sorry. Sorry.
I am sorry.
I am sorry, too.
I guess I overreacted before.
It was a pretty dumb prank,
Is this the kind of guy
I'm getting involved with?
No. This is the kind.
Do you want some Champagne?
No, thanks.
You want another beer?
Are you trying to get me drunk?
Weren't you away
at med school?
What brings you back
to our fair town?
Jackie's dad, he's a lawyer.
Somehow I don't picture
lawyers fishing.
Better than screaming
at other lawyers.
You know, he used to have
this ridiculous swordfish
hanging on the wall
in the basement.
You gotta be kidding.
No, seriously, I'll show you.
This I have to see.
I think I could like this man.
Oh, he's got all sorts of stuff,
I mean, poles, lures.
He's even got a harpoon,
in case he runs into Moby Dick.
Can I ask you something?
I mean, you seem like the sort
of girl I could ask.
This doesn't sound promising.
I always thought of you
kind of like a sister.
Please go on.
If you're out on a date
with a girl,
how do you ask her
if you can kiss her?
[ Scoffs 1
Kiss first,
ask questions later.
- Really?
- Trust me.
You don't believe
in wasting any time, do you?
Life is short.
Can't argue with that.
God, I love this.
Oh, God.
What's wrong?
I think I drank
a little too much beer.
Ken, don't worry about it.
There's other ways
to make me happy.
You are crazy.
- Juliette will back me up.
- Uh-huh?
Does anybody know
where she is?
You might try a bedroom.
This calls
for some investigation.
Am I the only one
not getting it tonight?
I'm available.
I don't think you've
had enough to eat.
What are you two smiling
like Cheshire cats for, huh?
I think I'm gonna get
something to eat.
0h, my gosh!
- So?
- They're doing it!
Who? Juliette and Ken?
Oh, this is great!
She doesn't deserve it!
I do!
Didn't they just meet today,
Juliette has had her eye on Ken
since 9th grade.
- Oh, shit!
- Oh, God!
Get something to clean it up!
Oh, God!
I'm sorry.
It's okay, Susie.
Tom spilt pizza on the rug.
Ooh, let's get something
to fix that.
What should we use?
Bleach, you think?
Isn't that stuff kind of strong?
I don't know.
Do you want to try it?
What the hell?
We got to try something.
I'm gonna go take a shower,
so why don't you go downstairs
and tell them something?
I'll see you downstairs.
What is it, catching?
Poor GUYS-
Jackie's gonna hear about this.
You're one kinky guy.
How does it look?
Maybe we should blow-dry it.
We know how things look darker
when they're wet.
Hey, guys, I got one.
Here, in my bag.
My mom's gonna kill me.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Doesn't look
like it can get much worse.
- Back so soon?
- Huh?
We were just wondering
where Juliette was.
Oh, she just gave me a tour
of the whole house.
She stopped off in the bathroom.
Said she'd be down in a minute.
Excuse me, I think I have to go
powder my nose.
So, how is it coming
over there?
Oh, no.
I melted it.
Oh, Juliette!
Juliette! Jesus,
there's water everywhere!
What the hell was that?
It's Maria.
It's Juliette! She's...
Oh, God!
- Oh, my God!
- What do you mean?
She's dead!
- Where is she?
- In the closet!
- What happened?
- Maria, are you okay?
Wait here.
- What happened?
- Is she okay?
She was murdered.
What are you talking about?
She could have slipped
or something!
She's stuffed in a garment bag
in a closet!
We've gotta call the police.
What if whoever did this
is still in the house?
Ken, where was she
when you left her?
She was gonna take a shower.
We had just...
Jackie, leave him alone.
Maybe it was that weird guy
who did it.
Maybe he was the one
that took the lightbulb.
- What?
- What Iightbulb?
We thought Michael took it.
Gosh! Michael!
Ken, you and Dunc,
stay with the girls, okay?
Tom and I will
take a look around.
Susie's right!
He could still be in the house!
We should all leave!
But what if he's outside?
We should call the police.
Isn't there a phone up here?
They're not gonna listen to me!
They think I'm playing a joke!
I'll call. They'll listen.
If they won't help,
I'll call my uncle.
He's an ex-cop.
Alright, Jackie, we found
an open window.
But there's really
no way to get in.
Yeah, we also found a phone
that was ripped out of the wall.
But, guys, can we
just go downstairs
and call the cops, please?
Let's go.
Jackie, stay by me,
in case they have any questions.
Playa Vista Police.
This is O'Reilly.
Yes, I'd like
to report a murder.
A young woman.
A woman...
A woman named Juliette.
Who is this?
This is Jackie Cassidy.
I called earlier.
You're still at it, huh?
No! You've got to listen to me!
There's been a murder.
It's one of my friends,
Jeez, these kids never give up.
And my other friends
went to look for her,
and they found her
stuffed in a garment bag!
You girls
having a good time?
You've got to come over here!
It's your responsibility
to check out these calls!
No, you misunderstand.
My job is to weed out the real
calls from the prank calls.
Now, if you have any respect
for the taxpayers' money
and the people out there
who really need our help,
you'll cut this shit out
and stop tying up the phone.
Another one, huh?
Ah, the same one.
Stupid kids.
You ever feel you
might be wrong?
You know, ignore a call from
who might really need help?
You wanna answer
this fuckin' phone?
'Cause I don't need this shit.
I didn't mean anything by it.
It's just that it
occurred to me, that's all.
You tryin' to ruin my day?
Tell you what I'll do.
I'll swing by there in about an
hour, when I get off my shift,
and that way, neither one of us
will have to worry about it.
Got the address?
We're in deep shit.
Why don't I go get my uncle?
Look, man, no offense, but
you're not really in any shape.
I'm fine, and I'm fast.
I used to be a sprinter.
I want to get out of this house.
I want to do it for Juliette.
Why don't you just
call your uncle?
He's asleep by now.
He'd never hear the phone.
Maybe... maybe you should.
We have to do something.
All right. Do it.
But take something with you,
all right?
Hey, I'm going with you!
Come on!
- All right. Take it.
- Thanks.
- Let's go.
- You're too generous.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Ah! Shit!
What's the matter?
Are you okay?
Not really.
Oh, I can't run anymore.
Come on.
I'll go as fast as I can.
It's just a block down
and a block over.
If you wanna run on ahead,
I'll tell you which house it is.
No, that's okay.
What's wrong with your leg?
Oh, it's an old injury.
My knee's messed up.
Usually it's okay.
Yeah, yeah. My ankle
gets weird on me sometimes.
Achilles tendon.
Hey, is this
the old lumber yard?
I know where they keep
their tools in here.
Do you want it?
I sure don't want to be fighting
somebody off with this thing.
Let's do it.
They got some
major stuff in here.
I ain't carrying that
all the way back with me.
Yeah, we got to find
something smaller.
Go see what's on the shelves.
Yeah, this is more like it.
Yeah, let me see
that sledgehammer.
It's perfect.
That's what you get!
Oh, shit!
What are you doing?
Get the hell off me!
You crazy?
What kind of question is that?
Get off of me!
Nothing wrong
with my knees, boy!
Never, ever admit
your weaknesses.
How long has it been?
Ten minutes, at least.
The rug looks like shit.
God, I feel like I'm in
a concentration camp
waiting for the Gestapo
to come in and say,
"You, Diane, you're next."
All the windows
and doors are locked.
Nobody should be able
to get in.
What about through the basement?
Oh, my God, the basement!
I forgot!
There's a window in there!
Give me that poker!
Jackie, you're not
going down there!
- Besides, they're tongs.
- Give it to me!
Come on, Jackie.
Sit down.
Don't tell me what to do!
All right, all right, all right.
Let me get a knife
and come with you, okay?
Hey! Nice fish!
Forget the fish.
We've solved the mystery
how that guy got in here.
What in the hell
does my dad keep in here?
Come on. Come on.
The weirdo's
down in the basement!
- What?
- And the window was open!
It still is.
I can't believe that somebody
killed the weirdo and Juliette!
Where the hell are Ken
and Tom?
What is taking them?
Everybody, listen. Did anything
else strange happen tonight?
My neighbor called!
What neighbor?
This guy that lives
across the street!
- Another weird guy?
- Yes!
He lives across the street!
And he was in the house
when I got home today.
- What?
- What?
Well, he told me, he said
it was an open house,
and then... and then
he called tonight
and he asked if he could see
the house at night.
Jesus Christ, Jackie!
I'll get it.
Somebody, go with me.
- Hello? Who is this?
- Ken'?
You sounded funny.
Listen. My uncle said
it's definitely safer
to stay in the house.
The guy probably
didn't stick around.
We'll be over in a few minutes
to check it out, okay?
Tom went to try to persuade
the police in person.
I told him to meet me
in 10 minutes here.
Until then,
please stay where you are.
So, who was it?
It was Ken.
He said he'd be here
in 10 minutes,
and he wants us to wait
right here.
I hope he has his uncle
with him.
This is for you!
I can't stand this.
It's been 10 minutes already.
It's him.
Hello, police?
This is Doctor Hurt Nanette,
395 Edgewood...
I'd like to report
a disturbance.
Yes, sir, yes, sir, we'll have
somebody out there right away.
Don't go out there!
You killed him!
Was it something I said?
Jackie, this way!
Okay, okay!
- Come on!
- Wait!
I can't get it open!
He's coming!
Oh, my God!
I can't get it open!
He's coming!
Be nice to Uncle, girls!
Alone at last, huh, Maria?
Oh, God.
Please, no.
Please, Ken.
Do as I say!
Open it!
Please, help me!
Come on.
You're not being nice!
Fuck you!
What a waste.
We've got to get help.
Jackie, I can't jump,
it's too high.
I'll fall, and he'll get me.
Then, the only way out
is the basement,
'cause he's watching
all the doors.
Can you at least walk?
- Yeah. Yeah, I can.
- Okay.
Uncle Billy has something
for you.
Come and get it.
You can't keep me out!
You ready?
Let's go.
You did this!
He's got somebody.
Wait, Jackie!
Oh, God!
Fight the fight!
You were jealous, weren't you?
Look at me!
Look at me!
You were jealous, weren't you?
You have to be jealous.
I'm your uncle, huh?
I'll always love you.
I'll always love you!
He's got Susie!
He's got her!
Come on!
We can play this game,
if you want!
Come back!
Okay, somebody,
help me with this!
Help me with this!
Get up there!
Hurry up! Get up there!
You go through and pull
from the top.
Go. Go. Get up there, go!
- Go, Maria.
- Go. Maria!
- I can't do it.
- Go!
- Maria.
- Go!
I can't, it hurts...
Get the drill!
Get the drill!
Get the drill!
Ken, stop!
Please, stop!
Remember when you said
you wouldn't hurt me
if I didn't move?
Well, you did!
You kept your promise!
I'm sorry I didn't
believe you, Ken.
I'm sorry we all hurt you.
I know you don't want
to hurt me,
you just want me to do
what you say.
I will... listen to you, Ken.
I'll do exactly what you want.
I know somebody did something
really awful to you,
but it wasn't me, Ken.
You hardly know me.
But if I said something to you
that made you angry, I'm sorry.
I take it all back, really,
I do.
Just, please don't
hurt me anymore. Please.
You can talk to me about it.
I'll listen. I swear, I'll stay
right here with you and listen.
Was it your parents?
Is that what it was?
Was it a girl?
Is that it?
You can touch me,
if that's what you want.
Go ahead.
You can do whatever you want.
I can do whatever I want?
Yes. That's right.
Oh, yes, Ken.
Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.
Touch me, please.
Oh, yeah.
Stop it! Stop it!
Where the fuck are you?
I don't wanna
play this game anymore!
Come around.
Now are you at almost?
A little heavy-footed there,
"Yes- yes!
I haven't got all night,
you little bastard!
Uncle Billy...
I don't want to do this.
Make another noise.
Come on!
Come on, you bastard!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
I need help!
Get the net!
I'm gonna call the police.
They have to listen this time.
Let's just kill him,
and then he'll never get away.
We can't just kill him!
Why not?
Because you don't kill somebody
that's just lying there!
Guys, excuse me.
We don't have all night.
What are we gonna do with him?
Jackie, call the police.
Watch him.
I'm gonna get a knife
from the kitchen.
I'm your uncle.
I'll always love you.
Uncle Billy has something
for you.
- Shit!
- What's wrong?
He pulled that phone out, too.
He's kind of breathing funny.
Well, you hit him
over the head a lot.
What should we do?
Jackie, stop!
It's okay!
Let go!
It's okay.
It's okay, let go.
It's okay.
Police! Open up!