Small Crimes (2017) Movie Script

[man on PA, indistinct]
[door buzzing]
[man exhales]
[man 2] So what do you think, Joe?
I dont know.
I dont think thats for me to say.
A second chance?
I mean, its a nice idea, but...
- How do you feel?
- Feel?
I feel that I was a nightmare.
I made terrible choices.
I drove my family away. I...
I hurt people.
I didnt mean to, but there it is.
And for all that...
theres a hole inside me now.
It hurts. I carry it.
Like Phil Coakley hurts?
Of course not.
But I know the work Ive done.
Youve seen that.
- Yeah. I have.
- Right.
I got almost six years.
Thats real.
Thats clarity.
I cant do anything about before.
Thats done.
But I can show people Ive changed.
Like with my behavior.
And my girls.
I can be their father again.
And thats what you want?
Thats all there is.
A second chance.
Why not?
I have faith in you, Joe.
- Thank you, Morris.
- [door buzzes]
[guard] Lets go.
Would you like to take communion
before you go?
Oh, no. Im good.
[cabdriver] Yeah.
- [Joe] Keep the change.
- Thanks.
[man] Mothers got
her soup line today late.
I think we expected to see you next week.
- Ah, shed have meant to be here.
- Its okay.
Well, shed have meant to be here.
- [Joe] Wait. Here.
- [grunts]
Retired, huh?
Yeah. I couldnt hump the lines anymore.
Look, uh, you know,
such a long trip up there
and my back being what it is.
- I know.
- Still, we should have.
- I just, uh...
- I know.
They brought some of your stuff back
when they closed your apartment.
Its downstairs in your space
if you wanna...
Oh, no.
Hey, baby.
I missed you too.
[automated voice] The number
youve reached is not in service...
- [Joe] Whered they move to?
- [man] We dont know.
We havent spoken to Elaine
since you went up.
[Joe] What about the girls?
Birthdays? Christmas?
We are not in touch anymore.
- You never called?
- She wouldnt accept em.
Well, shes not obligated to.
The settlement was clear...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I contested that fucking settlement.
A clean break now, Joe,
while the girls are young.
Its a shame, but maybe shes right.
Can I borrow the truck?
- Your mother will be home...
- Dad.
Ive been indoors six years. Please.
[engine starts]
[coins clinking]
[line ringing]
[girl] Hello?
Its Daddy, sweetie.
Its your dad.
My dad?
How are you, baby?
Hmm. Good.
Hows your sister?
Shes okay.
Thats great.
Um, you know, I...
Ive been away because...
Well, I had to be away.
It wasnt my fault.
Well, it was, but I was sick and...
But now... now Im better, see, and we...
Can you hold on?
Melissa. Melissa, wait. Wait. I love you.
[woman] Joe?
Hey, sweetie.
How did you get this number?
I know.
I just wanted to talk to the girls.
Joe, you know thats not allowed.
- I should be able to speak to my...
- Listen to me.
Youre violating your agreement.
- You call again...
- Why are you...
Ill press charges.
Well, this is...
Joes such a bad boy.
- [man] Sucker.
- [Joe] Sorry. Sorry.
[jukebox: country]
[pool balls clacking]
[whistles, laughs]
Joe motherfuckin Denton.
- Shit. Scotty. Look at you.
- Look at you.
Goddamn. Its good to see you.
Uh, get one, and put that on mine.
- Thats kind of you, man. Cheers.
- Oh, its the least I can do.
Its the least I can do, man.
I figure you and Billy were...
You were like brothers,
so that makes us like brothers, so...
- Hey.
- To bein home.
And to my brother Billy.
To home and to Billy.
I... I just... I wanted to say hey,
welcome you back.
If you need anything...
- Thanks, man. Good to see ya.
- Give me a call.
You know, I come in here a lot,
and Im pretty sure
Ive never seen you before.
Im new.
- New used, maybe.
- Mm-hmm.
But its whats under the hood
that counts.
- Yep.
- Right?
Not the paint job. The ride is just so...
I get it. Cars.
Do you, uh...
wanna buy me a Sucker Punch?
Oh, boy.
I dont know what that is.
[Joe exhales]
[woman] Hey!
[Joe] Hey.
- [woman] Now what?
- [laughs]
No. No.
No, I, uh... I gotta go home.
- [woman scoffs]
- Yeah.
Are you sure?
Thats boring.
Wanna give me a ride home at least?
Pretty please?
Pretty, pretty please?
[Joe] You sure this is the right way?
Yeah. Its, uh, straight down there.
[radio: country]
Its right over there.
[man] Whyd you go away?
I told you Id get clean, girl
You know...
- [keys jangling]
- [engine stops]
I thought you
were gonna try something with me.
- Im just giving you a lift.
- Hmm.
You didnt ask my name.
Whats your name?
- [thunder rumbling]
- Cara.
Cara Coakley, you motherfucker.
Help! Somebody help me!
[man yelling, groaning]
[air conditioner whirring]
Id say its good to see you again,
but I feel sick just being this close.
- Nice to see you too, Dan.
- Lieutenant Pleasant.
Dont you dare use the informal with me,
you fucking degenerate.
Youre an everlasting disgrace
to this department,
and if Officer Barnett wasnt here,
I would tune you up myself
on general principle.
Let me ask you something.
Did Manny Vassey or any of his animals
visit you inside?
Was it worth it,
selling your soul to them?
You Judas fuck.
Wheres the DA?
Isnt he coming?
[door closes]
[Joe grunts]
Look, Phil, this is not how I want...
One of those young men
is in intensive care.
The one with the nunchakus?
His father is an alderman.
I dont give a shit if theyre astronauts.
Charge me.
Put those assholes on the stand
and watch em come apart like wet bread,
because you know exactly what this is.
Theyre parked in the middle of nowhere
with ninja weapons,
precisely where and when their girlfriend
happens to get assaulted?
Come on. Be serious.
Now, your daughter built herself
a cute little frame,
but theres no way this ends
in anything but a civil suit
that buys me your fucking house.
[Phil] Youre right.
I spoke with Cara just now.
Shes, uh, quite shaken by what happened.
Shes been, uh, angry lately.
She, uh...
Do you wish to press charges?
In light of the statement given by my...
regarding the events of this evening...
you have the right to press
criminal battery charges
against the men who attacked you,
- and my office will issue arrest warrants.
- [Joe] Hmm.
Ah, forget it.
Its in the past.
If I could change what happened, I would.
But I paid my time.
I just want everything
to stay in the past.
Like you want Billy Caldwell
to stay in the past?
Youre batting zero, shithead.
[door closes]
Goddamn, I miss high school.
I just passed a kid in the lot
molesting his girlfriend
in the backseat of his 82 Datsun.
Kind of impressed that Phils kid
went for hard stuff like that.
She always seemed
like kind of a flake to me.
But then the mother did leave
after the, uh... [whooshing]
So thats gotta be kind of rough.
You look like you lost a little weight.
Usually all that starchy food they...
Whats up, Dan?
Hows that for manners
after all Ive done for you?
- [chuckles]
- Hey.
Six years in county
beats 12 years in the state house.
Those boys down there wouldve
spread you out like my crazy aunts quilt.
Yeah, that was Mannys grease, not yours.
- Speaking of the king...
- [can hits bench]
- I didnt ask for this.
- So give it back.
You heard about Manny?
In the butt. Matter of time now.
Well, he had a good run.
Junior can steer things now.
Nothin to do with me.
- Clean slate, huh?
- Oh, yeah.
Well, I hate to break it to you,
but youre on the hook here, Joey.
Mannys gotta go.
You said cancer.
Before then. Now. Yesterday.
Fuck are you talking about?
That old-time religion.
Old mans found God.
Cravin salvation by way of confession.
Bullshit. Hed never flip.
Old Manny wouldnt,
but dyings made him smaller.
So lets consider now
specifically the kinds of things
that he might confess to.
Say, vis--vis, you.
Now youre seein it.
You think Phils comment
about Bill Caldwell was coincidental?
- Mannys talking to Phil?
- Crazy, right?
First he wants Phil hit,
then his assholes melting
and he wants to give him absolution.
Christ forgives. The sinner is saved.
All of that.
Phils nudging him towards a deposition,
and if he lives long enough, a grand jury.
But even if not, youd be inside so fast,
your bunk would still be warm.
And no favors this time.
What do we do?
We? You got a turd in your pocket?
You know, Phils been trying
to butt-fuck you since forever,
and if Manny sings, he can do it.
And if you do get keistered,
Id worry Im next in line,
and let me tell you
what aint gonna happen.
If I was gonna roll over,
wouldnt I do that
before serving my fucking time?
- I did the job they wanted...
- No, half the job. Semantics.
- Fuck you. I took the fall.
- [engine starts]
You be sure and send her
some flowers now, son.
The point is, you left Phil breathing
all those years ago,
or it wouldnt be a problem now.
The way I see it, its your mess.
But hey,
Im more into carrots than sticks, so...
lets talk about your girls instead.
Junior high by now, hmm?
Family court judge by the name of Winthrop
found himself over-served one evening
a while back.
And he dented up the front of his Prius
with the skull of an address-free citizen.
You might say I helped him sweep that up.
And I know that he would fall all
over himself doing me a favor in return.
Like revising your custody deal,
for instance,
so you can see your daughters again.
What am I thinking? I gotta drive.
Manny goes. You get your girls back.
Thats the carrot.
The stick? Who wants to think about that?
Do it fast.
Answer me on that if I call.
- Dont make me come after you.
- [engine starts]
[insect buzzing]
[man on TV: faint]
He lives.
Hi, Mom.
Oh, I guess you needed the rest.
Thats okay.
- Is that a bruise?
- Oh, no.
That was there already. From a door.
- You need a hand?
- Nah. Makin soup.
[Joe groans] Hard time sleeping.
- Well, this is a big adjustment.
- Mmm.
Give it time.
Im sorry I wasnt here
when you arrived. I...
- I, uh... I already told him.
- Its okay. Its okay. [groans]
- Got our wires crossed, I guess.
- Hmm.
- What are your...
- Dad says...
- Sorry. Go ahead.
- No, no, you first.
I was just wondering
what are your plans for work.
[Joe] I havent been home a day yet.
Its a reasonable question.
Your first night home
and youre out till dawn
with your fathers truck.
I just dont want things
going back to how they were.
Not here.
Dad says you dont speak
to your grandchildren.
[Joes mom] Thats Elaines decision.
We just want whats best for them.
What about me?
Its impossible to you
that I might have changed?
You know...
every Sunday in church...
I have to see Phil Coakley.
And everybody there sees me seeing him.
Have you ever thought
what that might feel like... to me?
Have you changed?
[Joe sighs]
You know what this is?
You expect me to be impressed
cause you didnt drink in jail?
Dad! Come on!
Look, see, this is complicated.
No, its not.
You say youve changed.
Good. I hope its true.
Ive prayed for it long enough.
Im happy youre home, and I love you,
but you dont get extra points
for doing whats simply required,
what everybody else does.
- I cant believe this shit.
- You have work to do, Joe!
[door opens, closes]
[door opens]
[keys jangle]
[door closes]
[engine stops]
I am profoundly sorry, Phil.
Bill Caldwell. Billy was my friend.
And I just wish hed... hed...
worked the steps.
Hi, Phil.
I was out of line,
the way I spoke to you last night.
I thought about this a lot,
what I wanted to say to you
when I finally saw you,
and that wasnt it.
What I did wanna say
was that I am profoundly sorry.
I was truly in fear for my life.
I felt I was defending myself,
but that doesnt excuse the...
I dont even remember it. Insane.
- Which is it?
- Which?
You were in fear for your life
or you dont remember.
Which is it?
The point is, I do take responsibility,
and Im ready to move ahead
with a... with a clean life, a good life.
Take responsibility and just...
You know. Amends.
You mentioned Bill Caldwell.
He was my friend.
I loved him.
I just wish hed gotten
into the program like I have,
worked the steps.
Theres a whole other world
you can live in.
He just didnt know.
You are within 100 yards of my home here.
But Im not interested in some
chickenshit restraining order violation.
For you, I want the needle.
- And Im gonna get it.
- Okay.
Anger eats the vessel.
[engine starts]
[man] I guess you heard, huh?
Hows he doing?
Can I, um...?
He took care of me in there.
- [monitor beeping]
- [mutters]
Hey, Manny.
[Manny] Ha.
Youre on the same drugs as me.
- How you feeling?
- Eh.
Im working on my anger.
- What?
- Oh, nothing.
Thats not something
I thought Id ever hear you say.
[chuckles] Whatd it ever get me?
All this. Lots of things.
Yeah, well, I dont want em anymore.
Dan gave me a bag.
- You did your bid.
- Yeah.
But I blew the job.
And I warned you
about the drinking and the drugs.
You did.
I shouldve listened,
but since I didnt...
I guess I was expecting someone
to clip me in there,
- not pay me when I came out.
- [laughs]
If you knew how much it cost
to sell that imperfect self-defense line.
Manny, come on.
Yeah, I admit.
I was angry about Phil.
You blew our clean shot at him.
But since youd
already taken care of Billy...
even though he went over to them...
he was your boy.
So that meant something.
I bet Junior disagreed, huh?
Yeah, well, Junior has a lot of...
A lot of different ideas
about a lot of things.
Funny you mention talking to Phil.
- Give me that fuckin thing. I hurt.
- In a sec.
Because what I hear,
theres this notion floating now
that maybe Billy wasnt an accident.
- Theres always talk.
- Manny.
Are you talking to the DA? Huh?
You know, sometimes when Im sleeping...
I think I see what hell looks like...
and it aint fire and it aint devils.
You know what it is?
Its just me.
And I aint no goddamn stool pigeon.
Im sorry.
I dont know. I...
Its been a tough few days, is all.
[Manny] Tough, yeah.
Tough for everybody.
[raspy breathing]
[monitor beeping]
[muffled coughing]
[doorknob rattles]
[muffled coughing continues]
[Joe] He nodded out.
Pressed the thing there and just...
Its the pain. We upped the dosage.
We should probably let him rest.
Of course. Of course.
Im Joe.
Charlotte Boyd.
Old friend.
So how is he... I mean, its bad, huh?
Im a hospice worker.
Yeah, well, hes a fighter.
Thank you for taking care of my friend.
Youre gonna sit there
with your stupid fuckin shirt
and tell me I cant see my own father?
My kids cant go?
He just wants you to call first, Junior,
thats all.
Oh, I see.
Did this cocksucker call first?
Hey, Junior.
- [boy] I thought we were gonna see Poppy.
- [Joe] Wow.
[Junior] Go inside
and play the quiet game, okay?
Oh, man. You guys are so big.
[Junior] Hey, close that door behind you.
The A/Cs on, all right?
- Goddamn, they grow so fast.
- Yeah, how you doin, Joe?
Now, you lay there with your hands
on your scrotum and you listen.
You are not welcome here.
This is a family time,
and this family no longer has any use
for dumb-fuck, grief-causing policemen.
Now, you come around here again
bothering my father,
disturbing his rest...
and Im gonna bring you down
to my playroom.
Yeah. You know what happens there.
- All right. Come on. Lets get up.
- [groaning]
I think wed all feel better
if you moved on.
Hey, Junior?
Any idea what Phil Coakley
talks to your dad about?
Besides the Bible, I mean.
Now, why would you say
something like that?
I mean, all these years
my father carries your crazy ass,
youre implying
hes some kind of rat or something?
All right.
Yo, break this motherfuckers mouth.
[man shouting in foreign language]
[shouting continues]
Uh, can I have a coffee, please?
Thank you.
Oh, hi.
Thank you.
No, thank you
for taking care of my friend.
You said that already.
Are you from Bradley originally?
I moved from Montreal
around two years ago.
- You got family?
- No.
I... Well, uh, no.
Do you work there every day
at Mannys house?
- Six days a week usually.
- Hmm. Wow.
And all of his... I dont know...
Uh, medication and monitoring
and all that, thats all you?
Thats me.
And another girl. We do split shifts.
That must feel like a big responsibility.
I guess it is. I dont feel overwhelmed.
But Im good at helping people.
I guess your agency provides you
with supplies and medication and whatnot
for there at the house.
My father had lymphoma.
And... [sighs]
They had him on
so much different stuff there.
At the end...
he didnt know what day it was.
- Im sorry. Its a terrible disease.
- Yeah.
Actually, I just moved back here myself.
Everyones gone now.
I was, uh, doing some consulting...
- [spits]
- Whoa.
[Charlotte] Oh!
- What the fuck?
- Sergeant Thom Doyle,
retired, IUPA local.
And you, sir,
are a worthless goddamn punk.
I think Im gonna skip this one.
Do you think
you might wanna get together again?
Like I said, everyones gone now, and...
I like you.
[men] Whoo!
You know, if you want,
I could set you up with Toni.
Little, uh, welcome-home toss?
You know we take care of cops here.
Bring that pussy over here, girl. Yeah.
Hell, your old buddy, hes on a weekly.
[man] Come on. Come on. Whats wrong? Hey!
Bruno. Fuck. Get that fucker out of here.
All right, come on.
Get the fuck out.
- Whos the peacock?
- Its her old man.
They got this whole jealousy thing going.
Anyway, if you wanna spend
some time with Toni, its on me.
- Pass.
- Suit yourself.
Hey, you want any, uh...? [snorts]
Oh, no, thanks.
Oh, yeah.
[man on TV] Marion Barry tonight
delegated many of his duties
as mayor of the nations capital
but did not resign.
The word of this came hours
after the DC mayor was brought
before a federal magistrate...
[door opens, closes]
Excuse me.
That is not your vehicle.
Oh, Dad... Dad said it was fine.
Where have you been all day?
And why are you rushing in like this?
For your information, I went to a meeting.
- Where?
- What?
Where was the meeting you were at?
I... Its anonymous, Mom.
Were not gonna do things like this.
Im telling you right now.
- Im doing everything I can!
- All right, okay.
I wish I could believe you, Joe,
but you make it so hard.
No. You make it so hard,
because you dont want to believe in me.
I said believe, not believe in.
- [Joe] See?
- Now, listen.
The onus is on you.
What difference does it make
when youre determined to judge me?
Could I have some support here, please?
Oh, no, wait, wait. Mom.
Fuck it. Ill be gone soon anyway.
Whats that supposed to mean?
This behavior is precisely
why you lost your family, Joseph!
[birds chirping]
[no audible dialogue]
[no audible dialogue]
- Would you like another one?
- No, thanks.
Thank you.
For asking me here.
I dont usually... And... [sighs]
Feels nice.
Like I said, I like you.
Me too.
So, Montreal.
What prompted the move south?
[clears throat] Weather systems.
- Why does anyone do anything?
- I dont know.
Do you ever feel like
youre living in the wrong skin?
Sometimes Ill wake up
in the middle of the night
and Ill go to get a glass of water,
and Ill just catch myself in the mirror,
and I dont recognize myself at all.
Its like someone else has come
into my bathroom and just stood there.
Does that ever happen to you?
- [salsa playing]
- Do you...?
Oh, yeah.
[man singing in Spanish]
[cat mewing]
I... [clears throat] Im just gonna go...
Do you... Do you want a drink or something?
Okay. And you?
[cat mewing]
I like your place.
Its what I have.
- Cheers.
- [clinking]
Why me?
Cause youre good.
[Joe] I think everything happens
for a reason, you know?
Like what?
Meeting you.
- [chuckles]
- No, really. I...
Ive been having kind of a hard time.
Just alone, you know?
Things... just f-feel different now.
- Hmm.
- Hope thats not weird to say.
[sighs] Anyways, so, yeah.
Do you have any other clients?
Other than Manny, I mean.
I noticed you had, I dont know,
looked like, uh...
- [sighs]
- pharmaceuticals or something in there.
The reason I ask is because,
before I moved back,
one of the firms I was consulting for
had this guy...
Oh, Joe.
No, its true. He was... Really...
Really? Consulting?
You were in jail.
It was in the paper.
Your picture was in the paper.
Slash Cop, it said, which just is...
What happened?
[sighs] Didnt you read it?
Im asking you.
I was very drunk. Um...
Coming home from a place downtown.
Apparently I bumped into him, the lawyer.
And, uh...
There was a fight, and I hurt him. Badly.
- It said you had a knife.
- I thought he was gonna...
It was dark, and I-I-I, um...
If you knew...
Because I know what it means
to need a second chance.
And I didnt know you
when you did those things.
I know you now.
[cell phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
- [phone beeps]
- Hello?
[Dan on phone]
Didnt wake your girl, did I?
I was hoping I wouldve heard
some sort of In Memoriam item by now
about our mutual patron.
I fucking tried. Junior was there.
- Whoa.
- Yeah, exactly.
I cant get that close again.
If anything other than cancer
happens to Manny,
Ill be the first one he comes after.
Figure it out. [exhales]
Put in some work
instead of gettin your dick wet.
I was working. Shes the nurse there.
- Oh. Good thinkin.
- Yeah. Except that wont work either.
- Why not?
- It just... wont.
Theres no access. Trust me.
[sighs] All that matters is that there
isnt a case brought against you.
Phil is the only one eager to throw bombs,
and everybody else knows that
the Vasseys are good for business.
So if you cant clip Manny,
clip the mutant.
Theres no time left.
Just make it look right, is all.
[thunder rumbling]
[soft footsteps approaching]
- [grunts]
- [hammer cocks]
[Phil inhales]
[Phil exhales]
[phone ringing]
[Joes mom]
Joe! Pick up the phone. Its for you.
Joe! Joe!
- Yeah.
- [man on phone] Joseph Denton?
- Yeah.
- This is Anthony Getman
with the Bradley Post-Release Program.
You have your office check-in
and urinalysis appointment today.
- [sniffs]
- Hello?
Yes, sir. Ill be right there.
[buttons clicking]
[line ringing]
- [Scotty] Hello?
- Its Joe.
- I need your help.
- Who is it?
- Oh, hey, man. Come on up.
- [door buzzes]
[Scotty] Seriously, Joe, its no problem.
The, uh, reserves piss test randomly,
so I, uh...
stick to booze.
- You can keep the cup. [chuckles]
- [chuckling]
- Thanks, man. I owe ya.
- No.
Hey, Joe,
can I ask you something straight up?
Back then was there ever any, uh...
I dont know...
Any talk about what happened to Billy
maybe wasnt an accident?
I mean,
we all know he was a lush,
but falling asleep on the tracks?
Wasnt my case, but I knew the guys
who drew it. They worked it right.
Why, um...
Why now?
Phil Coakley called me.
He wants me to come in.
Mm-hmm. He say why?
He said theyre gonna impanel a grand jury
and, uh, reopen it as a homicide.
Based on what?
New information is all he would say.
Its like he wanted to dangle it
in front of my face.
Fuckin prick.
Whatever Phil says hes got, its smoke.
Hes fishing.
Hes got a hard-on for the Vasseys.
Always has.
There was talk about Junior,
maybe hed been around the tracks
that night.
But they could never back it up.
It was what it was.
A shitty accident, like you said.
Im sorry, man.
I never liked Phil anyway.
I was glad when you fucked him up.
Thanks, man. All right.
Hey, buddy.
- [electricity zapping]
- [groans]
- Hey, fellas!
- Hey, Dan!
[Joe groans]
Yeah, now he gets it.
Get it all out.
- Okay.
- [retches]
Up you go. Come on.
This thing works pretty good, huh?
Now, I didnt wake up in this mood.
I was thinking, Dont worry. My pal Joey
will carry his water on this thing.
But then I hear, uh, no.
This Caldwell grand jury
is, uh, in motion after all.
- I know.
- Did I tell you time was short?
Did I tell you what was coming?
And what did you do but fuck around.
Ill just take my chances in court.
Buddy, you know I wouldnt be able
to let you do that.
Then Ill run.
Well, that either.
Do I need to recharge your battery?
F-Fu... I cant do Manny. I cant do Phil.
You name a third way or get the fuck out.
I just bought a new gas grill.
Stainless steel.
Got an infrared system on it.
To be honest,
I dont even know what that means.
But if you think that I wouldnt buy
some crackhead nigger
for 500 bucks
to come into your parents house
and slit their throat while they sleep...
if it meant that I got to keep that grill,
you got me mixed up with somebody else.
Mannys deposition is Monday morning.
Thirty-six hours.
Now, you fix it before then,
or Ill assume that were at odds.
And then... [huffs] goddamn,
everythings on the table.
And I really do like your folks.
[engine cranks]
[phone ringing]
[phone beeps]
[Joe] Hey, its me.
Hey, hey, hey. How you feelin today?
Do you know, I was thinking
maybe Id want to talk to Toni.
- You mentioned preferentials.
- Yeah.
So you know when she sees Dan then?
Or... Or where?
Dan? I never mentioned Dan.
I was talking about Phil Coakley.
How else do you think that Frankenstein
motherfuckers getting any pussy?
[siren blaring]
[Joe] Whered you meet him?
[Toni] English Garden Inn, off 68.
Same room or different room?
He had a retainer on number 27,
on account of its a queen size.
- Can you get him to see you again?
- I dont wanna see him.
A grand.
Thousand dollars?
Cash. After.
[Joe] I think I can do it.
[Dan on phone] Good boy. Which one?
I got a way to freeze Phil out.
Nobody gets hurt.
Oh, girl, did I knock a fuse loose?
I can back him off. No grand jury,
no Manny Vassey. Its done.
You must have a hell of a wedge.
- [car horn honks]
- [sighs]
Bradleys most saintly public official.
Solicitation, on tape.
Ha! Is that real?
Im looking at it.
Ill be goddamned.
Phils still got some gas in his tank
after all.
He is mighty precious
about his reputation,
but, still, blackmails messy,
you aint careful.
Nobody dies, Dan. Its clean.
So long as its chilled.
It will be.
[engine starts]
Thats my boy.
You seem different.
Hows that?
I dont know.
Things are gonna work out.
Maybe they already have.
[cat mews]
Im gonna have a shower.
All right.
[phone buzzes]
[Toni] I told him Id see him again
if he laid off the Jesus.
He damn near jumped through the phone.
Great. Ill be right there.
- [knocking]
- Ill call you tonight!
[Charlotte] What?
[camera whirring]
- Taurus
- Wow!
- Its built for speed
- [Joe hums]
Its got what you need
To get from A to B
- Taurus
- Wow!
A cut above the rest
Why you messin with anything
Less than the best?
[commercial announcer]
Taurus is the car youve been waiting for.
Sleek, strong, safe.
[commercial announcer continues,
- Taurus
- Wow!
[commercial jingle continues]
[brakes squeaking]
See the new look Taurus
at a dealership near you.
[door closes]
[TV announcer] And now back to
our Friday night presentation.
[indistinct dialogue on TV]
[train whistle blowing]
[train crossing bell clanging]
[TV dialogue continues]
- [door closes]
- Hmm.
[car door closes]
- [door slams open]
- [man] Bitch, I knew it!
- [gunshots]
- [Toni screams]
[door opens]
[thunder rumbling]
[door slamming]
[car engine starting]
[tires squealing]
Police! Stay in your room!
[door closes]
[thunder rumbling]
[door opening]
I gotta talk to you.
All right.
[grunts, exhales]
I read this while you were inside.
I didnt know there was a name for it.
I have always known
since you were little...
there was something in you.
And I didnt do anything about it.
Ive done a lot of soul-searching...
about my part in what happened to you.
- Dad, you didnt do anything.
- Let me finish.
Thats what Im saying.
I didnt do anything.
I didnt make you run with wild people.
I didnt make you gamble all that money.
I didnt make you take drugs
or drink liquor
or be so goddamn angry all the time, Joe.
I knew how you were.
I did nothing to help.
I am sorry, Joe.
For that I am truly sorry.
But Ive gotta do something about it now.
For your mother, for me...
- [sighs]
- maybe for you.
I dont know.
But this cannot continue.
Give me the keys.
Give me the keys.
Tomorrow morning.
Youre gonna have to leave.
Dad, Im leaving right now.
[door opening]
Where is it?
I will not have dirty money in my house.
Its not dirty money. Its my money.
Who keeps that much money in a bag
unless its dirty money?
You have no right to go through my stuff!
We have every right!
Where did it come from? Where?
Whats the difference?
Im leaving! You get your wish!
My wish is to have my son back.
- All right...
- I dont know who you are!
- [Joes dad] Take it easy, Joe.
- Mom.
Im going. Okay? Im going.
But I need that bag.
- Mm-mmm.
- I am dead without it.
So where is it? Please.
No. No!
[Joe] What the fuck?
have been in touch this whole time?
The best thing
that ever happened to those girls
was to get away from their father.
[Joes mom] Remember, you had everything
and you destroyed it all!
- [Joe] Fuck you!
- [Joes dad] Just stop!
[Joe] Youll never hate me
as much as I hate myself!
[Joes mom] Oh, no, you dont!
You dont get to turn this into
a little pity party!
This is beyond your little feelings!
[Joe] When did you ever care how I felt?
[Joes mom] Thats all I ever cared about!
And I dont hate you!
I hate what youve done to this family!
- Wheres the fucking money?
- [gunshot]
[glass breaking]
- [rapid gunfire]
- [screaming]
[distorted] Joe! 911! Joe, call 911!
- [Joes mom] Oh!
- Call 911, Joe!
- [speaks indistinctly]
- [gagging, gasping]
- Oh, Jesus Christ, Joe!
- Aaah!
Who did it?
[Joe sighs]
Junior Vassey or-or Dan Pleasant.
I dont know.
Your friends.
[Joe] Oh.
You bring mayhem with you, Joe.
I fucked up.
[water splashes]
[Joe] Then what happened was...
I got behind with my bookie.
It started slow, ya know,
couple of Sundays of bad luck.
Next thing I know, Im underwater.
I kept thinking, Aw, Ill sort this out.
[sniffs] Ill dig out from this.
My daughters...
when they look at me, when they look
at my face, theyll forgive me.
Me and another cop...
a guy named Dan...
we did whatever Manny said,
and he said, Do terrible things.
Now it...
Its happening all over again.
Hes gonna talk about all that now,
Manny is, and when he does...
that prosecutors
gonna give me the death penalty.
Assuming Dan doesnt kill me first.
You dont know that.
You dont.
Were not defined by our pasts.
Youve remade yourself.
Youve chosen to be a good man.
Its a choice. Thats all it is.
In prison, uh, there was a chaplain.
Chaplain Morris.
And he sat with me for...
For fuckin years.
Im tellin ya, if someone tells you
for that long that you can be forgiven...
Youre the only one who made me feel
like maybe he was right.
He was.
I need money to run.
[piano: classical]
[classical continues]
[Manny groans]
[groaning, exhaling]
[monitor beeping rapidly]
[classical continues]
[beeping rapidly]
[music ends]
[beeping rapidly]
[steady beep]
[steady beep continues]
- Lets go.
- [Joe] Hey, guys.
[zipper zips]
[Joe] Im gonna go.
Big time.
youre gonna see the playroom first.
Junior, you dont have to do this. I...
I swear Im gonna leave.
What-Whatever Phil is gonna do
with your Dad had...
My dad?
My father... is dead.
He was a great man. A king.
Well, theyll never be
another one like him, right, fellas?
- Fuck yeah.
- [thug] Hmm. [chuckles]
[stammers] Dont, dont! No!
Your girlfriend isnt
the most competent nurse Ive ever seen.
Jesus Christ, you sound like she did.
But dont worry. Youll see her again.
[thugs laughing]
[Joe] Where is she?
Out there.
[thug] Lets go. [speaks foreign language]
[Junior] Were gonna go in there together,
you and me.
[Joe groans]
We are gonna go down there
and work it all out.
[Junior] We got all day, dont we?
Theres nothing to work out. Uh...
I didnt do anything. It wasnt me.
Thats not what she said.
[Joe] We dont have to do this.
It wasnt me.
- All right, come on.
- [Joe] No. No!
- [thug speaks foreign language]
- No. No. No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no! No!
- [tires screeching]
- No, no, no, no, no!
Who the fuck is this?
[thugs speaking foreign language]
[thugs speaking foreign language]
- [car door slams]
- [thug shouting]
[rifle cocks]
- [gunfire]
- Aaah!
[Scotty] Ill kill you, Junior!
[shotgun cocks]
[Scotty] Die, motherfucker!
- [shouting]
- [Scotty shouting]
[Scotty] I see you, Junior!
I see you back there, bitch!
[both grunting]
[Scotty laughs]
There you go, Junior! There you go!
[Scotty] Get some!
Get some!
Now, Bill is my brother!
[Junior] Suck my cock, you fuckin retard!
- [grunting]
- [keys jangling]
Fuck it.
[Scotty cackling]
[Scotty] Fuck, man.
[Scotty] Joe?
Hey, Joe.
[door rattling]
[flies buzzing]
[Joe] You hold on, okay? You just hold on.
Scotty, you hear me?
Yeah, yeah, I hear you.
Youre gonna be fine.
- Getting you help.
- Yeah?
you were like a brother to Billy.
That makes you like a brother to me,
Thats right.
Except he didnt fall
on any fucking train tracks, did he?
Not the way they said.
You... put him there.
Thats crazy, Scotty. Just...
Were almost there, okay?
Junior... told you to do it.
[clears throat]
And you did it.
I talked to Phil about it, you know?
- Hes not such a bad guy.
- Did you...
Did you maybe take a shot at my house,
[engine revving]
[keys jangling]
[thumping continues]
[Joe grunts]
[phone buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
- [beeps]
- Yeah.
You slick motherfucker, you.
Hey, Dan.
Thought you said your plan
was no bodies.
But I aint complainin.
You do some work on his brakes or what?
His what?
Phils car.
[tires squealing]
- Bitch, I knew it!
- [screams]
[tires screeching, horn blaring]
[Dan] Got into a smashup last night.
Went up in smoke.
You did it. Youre free.
Now well get started with the judge,
get your girls back.
Yes, sir, a brand-new day, Joey.
A brand-new day.
[phone clicks]
[footsteps approaching]
How is she?
Shes gonna live.
What are you doing?
Im leaving.
What are you doing with that?
- You want it?
- [scoffs]
- What are you doing with it?
- Im taking it to the girls.
- No, youre not.
- Im not trying to buy them.
Just gonna give it to em.
Most of it.
See them once more, and then Ill just...
No, youre not.
You are going nowhere near those girls.
Money, no money, I dont care.
You will never be in proximity enough
that your damage and mayhem
ever touches them, not even for a second.
I promise this to you, Son.
This will not happen if I am alive.
Bye, Dad.
Im... sorry for everything.
No, youre not listening.
I said it will not happen.
I said no.
Stop me.
[blade scrapes]
[winces] Oh!
[man singing in Spanish]
[song continues]
[song ends]