Small Town Crime (2017) Movie Script

[singer] And I think of
all the good times
That I've wasted
Having good times
When I think
of all the good time
That's been wasted
Having good times
[blues rock music playing]
When I was drinking
I should've been thinking
When I was fighting
I could've done
the right thing
All of that boozing
I was really losing
Good times
Good times
When I think of all
the good time
That's been wasted
Having good times
When I think of all
the good time
That's been wasted
Having good times
All of my lying
I remember her crying
My useless talking
I could've been walking
Instead of complaining
I could've been gaining
Good times
South Core Police Department.
Yes, is Officer Spencer in?
- [officer] Who's calling?
- Mike Kendall.
- [officer] Hey, Mike.
- I'm checking to see
if he's received
my application.
It's a PIQ for re-entry.
[officer] I know this isn't
what you want to hear,
but clearing your background
is gonna be a real challenge.
The department does not let
officers walk right back in
after something like this.
[Mike] I see.
Would you be able to give
any idea how it looks?
[officer] The board makes
the final decision,
but it's not good.
Okay. So they'll call me?
[officer] Yeah, Mike,
if they're interested.
- Right, if they're interested.
- [officer] Look, it'll take
a miracle to get you
back on here.
I just wanna be honest.
Okay. Thank you.
- [officer] Okay.
- [Mike] Goodbye.
[upbeat music playing]
[car engine revving]
[tires screeching]
- [man] Fuck you, Kendall.
- [Mike] Morning.
Tell me about yourself.
What would you like to know?
You can start
with why you think
you're the best person
for the job.
I don't take any shit.
[woman] People
that work out here
usually have a way
with animals.
I can imagine.
- Hey, buddy.
- [horse whinnies]
Ooh, whoa, whoa.
[man] If you were to rate
your life success
on a scale of one to ten,
what would it be?
- Police officer, huh?
- Yes, sir.
Is there a reason
you're still not a cop?
I think I'd like
to hire you.
I can't say why,
but you struck me.
Let's get you signed in.
You can start first thing
tomorrow morning.
There's, uh,
one other thing
I'd like to mention.
- Sure, go ahead.
- [Mike] Well,
I have a problem
with alcohol.
I see.
Most mornings,
I'm about as worthless
as a park bench in hell.
I usually don't start
thinking straight
until I get a couple
cold ones in me.
After that, I wouldn't
recommend me operating
any heavy machinery,
if you get where I'm going.
But other than that,
you know,
I'm ready to go.
[phone ringing]
Hey, Wendy.
Mister Kendall,
how'd the job hunt
go this month?
Pretty good.
Pretty good.
I like my chances.
Get the fuck out of here.
[Mike] That wasn't
my fault, man.
That asshole's wife started
the whole thing.
Come on. Easy, boys.
I just had this son
of a bitch dry cleaned.
All right, let me
have another beer
and I'll sober up
a little bit.
Yeah, try it, Mike.
[taser buzzing]
[bouncer] I'll have you
hooked up to that line pole
waiting for the cops.
[Mike] You bastard.
I've been coming here
all my life.
Yeah, and you're
a nasty son of a bitch.
Nobody wants you around.
- Teddy likes me.
- Yeah, you're right about that.
[door opens]
[Teddy] Hold on,
my dick is out,
my dick is out.
Just hold it.
Nothing wrong
with my prostate.
[Mike] Hey.
That's a paying customer,
Have a little respect.
[bouncer] Boys,
get the hell out of here.
Bunch of pricks.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Let's go to the Dead Dog.
We still got another hour.
Uh-uh, mm-mm,
won't go back there.
Not since that pervert
attacked me in the bathroom.
We ran that guy off.
I'm gonna tap out, buddy.
Told Kelly
that I would take it easy.
You serious?
Why don't you
ride with me, man?
Just take the couch.
Gonna have to pass.
Last thing I want
is to wake up at 6:00 AM
to watch SpongeBob
with your kids.
- Hey,
- [engine starting]
You wrap your car
around a tree,
I'm not gonna
feel guilty.
Neither am I.
[car engine revving]
[indistinct] dollar signs
In their eyes
And I'll tell you what
I ain't got a dime
[engine starting]
[indistinct] but I'm way
Past my prime
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
[police siren wailing]
Go get 'em, boys.
- [Officer Burke] Come on, Mike.
- I'm fine.
I just need
to get some coffee.
Like hell. You smell like
a damned distillery.
The only asshole
drunker than you
might be this guy
right here.
[siren squawks]
[Officer Burke] I don't know
what's wrong with you, Mike,
but you could be
a good cop.
I am a good cop.
Turn off your engine.
Stay in the car.
- I can do the job.
- Hey.
You step one foot
outside this vehicle,
and I'm reporting your ass.
[sighs] Kendall,
I really like you, but...
Come on out, buddy.
[Mike] Shit.
Officer down,
code three.
I repeat,
officer down,
code three.
[indistinct radio chatter]
[train horn blowing]
Ooh, boy.
[keys jingling]
[car engine revving]
[upbeat music playing]
She's [indistinct]
She's [indistinct]
[tires screeching]
[suspenseful music playing]
[engine revving]
[distant siren wailing]
[indistinct chatter]
[Scott] Mike.
Mind if we do this outside?
Appreciate you hanging around.
I know the process.
Figured I'd save you
some time.
You look like shit.
I missed my shower
this morning.
You've been drinking.
Do you even have a license?
- Work permit.
- Got it on you?
Do I really have to deal
with this shit right now?
For all we know, you hit
that girl with your car.
[Mike] You wanna look
at my wheels, Pete?
- They're right over there.
- Why don't you wait it out
- in the car?
- [Pete] I'm all right.
I know.
Lot of the guys are still
pretty ticked off
with how it went down
with Burke.
Think I'm happy about it?
All right, let's talk about
this girl you found.
I need you to start
from the beginning.
Don't leave one
damn thing out.
Think she'll make it?
I've seen them
come back from worse.
Is she local?
Could be.
How old is she?
Early 20s, I guess.
Cops have any idea?
They were asking me.
[Teddy] Really?
You know,
this could end up
really nice for you.
You know,
damsel in distress
and here comes her knight
in shining armor.
You don't get involved
with a victim, Teddy.
- That's policy.
- Stop.
- [Mike] It's policy.
- Stop with the cop talk.
You don't have to worry
about that anymore.
[dramatic music playing]
[car engine revving]
[tires screeching]
What is that,
blood in there?
That shit's gonna be extra.
[door closes]
Oh, man.
Good thing you don't
have any interior.
- I appreciate it.
- [man] Thanks.
Found this,
underneath the seat.
[engine revving]
[phone beeping]
[phone line rings]
[operator] Southside Medical.
Yeah, ICU, please.
[operator] Please hold.
[Tammy] ICU, this is Tammy.
Hello, this is Mike Kendall.
I brought in a girl
yesterday morning.
Jane Doe, early 20s,
she was banged up
pretty good.
[Tammy] Oh, yeah.
Hi, Mr. Kendall.
I've got some
of her belongings
and I'd like
to drop them by,
to her.
[Tammy] Sorry,
guess no one told you.
She... last night
she passed away.
[tires screeching]
[car horns honking]
[Tammy] Mr. Kendall,
are you still there?
No, I'm still here.
Sorry to hear that.
[Tammy] Yeah.
Was her body identified?
[Tammy] I'm sorry,
I can't tell you that.
You'd have to contact
the police.
I understand.
- All right.
- [Tammy] All right,
well, you take care.
I will.
Thank you.
[engine idling]
[dramatic music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Pretty sure
that's gonna kill it.
Tina, why don't
you have a seat?
I'm working, Mike.
Come on, please?
It's been a shit day.
Two minutes.
It's good to see you.
Been a while.
You look great.
What are you
doing tonight?
You're looking at it.
You wanna stop by
after work?
Have a sleepover?
Guess it has been a while.
Me and, uh,
- Greg?
- Yeah.
Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- [Mike] Since when?
About a month.
I thought we had
something going.
Mike, I haven't seen you
around in six months.
I've been real busy.
Yeah, well, I called,
left messages.
Don't try and tell me you
didn't get them either.
That's why I came by.
That's a bunch of crap.
I wanna make it right.
Have Greg pour us
a couple drinks.
We can talk it over.
Sometimes you're just
such a shit heel, you know?
Want me to get you
the check?
Keep it open.
All right.
[phone ringing]
[man] Girl,
where you at?
I'm not sure of your relation,
- but I wanna let you know...
- [man] Who the fuck is this?
Put Kristy on the phone.
I don't think you understand.
Put my bitch on the phone.
You know something?
I don't like the shit
that's pouring
out of your mouth.
Do you know who the fuck
you talking to?
I bet you think that
tired ass Motown you're playing
makes you seem old school.
I'm-a give you that,
funny man.
And I'm-a slash
your motherfucking throat.
How you like that?
Yeah, I doubt it.
Don't think
I can't reach out
and touch you,
Try it.
I got to him,
rattled his cage.
He said her name was Kristy.
Mmm, You got a name.
That's good.
[Kelly] So that's him?
The killer is
on that phone?
I don't think
he knows she's dead.
It's probably a pimp,
could be her boyfriend.
Depends on how screwed up
this girl was.
Wait, you brought
a pimp into our house?
- No babe...
- It's a phone, Kel.
With my babies
in the next room.
[Mike] I didn't invite
the guy to dinner.
[Kelly] You shouldn't
be fiddling around
with some dead girl's phone.
[Mike] This guy is key
to the investigation.
He knows the girl.
He might even know
who she was
with that night.
You need to give it
to the cops.
- Uh-hmm.
- [Mike] Of course
I'm gonna give it
to the police.
Okay, look, Mike.
I think what Kelly
is trying to say
is that you are
no longer a cop.
Don't tell me
what I'm trying to say.
I know I'm not
a damn cop.
Thank you
very much, Ted.
Okay, you know what?
I'm going to bed.
I know you're going
through some shit right now.
And I love you.
- But it's been 17 months.
- Here we go.
You're 45.
- You don't have a job.
- This has nothing to do with me
- finding a job.
- And no matter what happens,
nobody's gonna hand you
another badge.
So you need to move on,
find something else.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
I know growing up
for you wasn't easy.
You didn't get
to be a kid.
And I sympathize.
- Baby, I really do.
- I'm not 12 years old anymore.
I don't need people
to look after me.
Okay, where is
the endpoint here, Mike?
When are you gonna start
taking responsibility
- for what you're doing?
- [Mike] Is it possible
for one supportive statement
to come out of your mouth?
Not when we've been
paying your mortgage
for the past
two months, no.
- I'm out of here.
- [Kelly] Oh,
but don't forget
your beer.
- Yeah.
- [can hissing]
[Kelly] Oh, that's nice.
- Nice.
- Thanks for the pep talk, sis.
[door slams]
- Teddy?
- [Teddy] Yeah?
I need the mop.
All over my damn clean floor.
[upbeat music playing]
Why'd you answer it?
Thought it might
be a family member.
Come on, Mike,
you know better than that.
- I got her first name.
- That's great.
We already have that.
Family came in yesterday.
IDed the body.
What's the family name?
I wanna send flowers.
How'd it go with the parents?
- [Scott] They're fine.
- They seem upset?
- [Scott] Sure.
- They have any idea who did it?
Thanks for the phone, Mike.
- I got the coffee.
- Oh,
there's still 15-20
numbers in there.
Plus the bar stamp
on the back of her hand.
- You went through the phone?
- [Mike] We start
with the most recent,
work our way back.
We can find this prick
who called
and twist his arm
up his ass.
Ten to one he knows
who she was
out with that night.
This is a police
I doubt we really
have to get physical.
He's probably
all mouth anyhow.
There is no we.
You know that.
Yeah, sure.
Just got
the old juices flowing.
I know you found her.
I know you feel responsible.
But you're not in this.
In any way.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
[upbeat music playing]
[pastor] Kristy Nevil
was a child of light,
a wonderful,
charming girl.
And although we haven't had
the pleasure of Kristy
here during
the last few years,
I choose to remember her
as the inquisitive,
God-fearing young lady
I received during
her first communion.
are always difficult.
[dramatic music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[bell rings]
- How can I help you?
- [Mike] I need about 15...
you know what?
Let's make it
25 business cards.
[door opens]
Hi. Jack Winter.
I called earlier.
That thing leak oil?
[Mike] I'm here because I knew
Kristy several years ago.
She and my younger
brother were friends.
They went
to Mt. Conyer High together.
How old are you?
[Deborah] Winter...
I don't...
I don't remember
your brother.
He's a lot younger.
Their relationship was brief.
She only came around
a few times
before they grew apart,
but I was quite
fond of Kristy.
[man] What was his first name?
[Mike] But everyone
called him Bill.
I think I remember
something about a Will.
[Mike] Exactly.
He could leave
an impression.
What can we do for you,
Mr. Winter?
I'd like to find out
who killed your daughter.
We've already talked
to the police.
[Mike] I'm not police,
I'm a private investigator.
Police have a tendency
to miss certain details.
Important details.
And those are the types
of details
that I pick up.
We don't wanna hire
a private investigator.
Which is why I've decided
to take the case pro bono,
Kristy being
a friend and all.
The least I could do.
[Deborah] I have to be honest
with you, Mr. Winter,
Kristen was a very...
she was
a very mixed-up girl.
She was
a free spirit, Deborah.
I'll give you that.
[Deborah] She took
this family to hell
more times
than I can count.
So maybe we would
just like for her
to find some peace.
[rock music playing]
Yeah, you saw me first
But you're not my baby
[Mike] Still here,
huh, Leslie?
Don't know
where else I'd be.
[indistinct] oh
Hey, Julian, get these
clowns out of here.
[Julian] We got it.
[Randy] Haven't seen you
in a while, Mike.
I haven't been in
since that pervert
attacked Teddy
in the bathroom.
We ran that guy off.
[Mike] That's what I heard.
Place has really picked up.
We're trying something new.
How about a beer?
You talked me into it.
[singer] No more girls
No more [indistinct]
No more honeys banging
in my bed
She's friendly.
Name's Heidi.
You should talk to her.
Maybe I will.
[singer] Oh, baby,
do we fade
Oh, baby, do we fade
Who's a tough guy now?
Who's a tough guy now?
[Scott] Take a seat, Mike.
What are you doing here?
Having a beer,
meeting a friend.
What are you boys
doing here?
[Pete] None of your
Goddamned business.
[Scott] Who are you meeting?
- What?
- Who's your friend?
Ah, hot little blonde
over there.
- You know her?
- Heidi?
It's a new thing.
She seems like
a real catch.
She's a wizard
with a pool stick.
[man groans]
Uh, that guy gives her
lessons all the time.
He's great.
She's a hooker, dipshit.
[Scott] Why don't you call
it a night, Mike?
[Mike] Yeah.
Before you get
someone else shot.
Hey, you wanna grab
something to eat?
I don't think so.
[Mike] Can we do this again?
How about I call
you tomorrow?
Who's that, your wife?
That's my sister.
Like a sister-sister
or that's your sister?
I was adopted.
How'd that work?
Compared to starving
and getting the shit
getting kicked out of me
by a couple of junkies,
I thought it
was pretty great.
Want a beer?
[TV reporter] And in Whittier,
a man is dead
and police are searching
for two suspects
after a shooting
at their home
on Sherman and US 31.
Twenty-four hour news updates
with Marion Jones
who is on the scene.
- Marion...
- [siren wailing]
- Just till you hear the click.
- [Jonathan] Can I get the keys
to the trunk of his car?
We got some identifiers
here, Jonathan.
[Jonathan] Yeah,
those are Mike's shots.
All right,
let's get it open.
- [officer] Oh, shit.
- [Jonathan] Jesus.
Mike shot her.
[breathalyzer beeps]
[Jonathan] You know,
he's fucking drunk, right?
Shit's not right,
I'm doing it again.
- [EMT] It's been calibrated...
- I said I'm doing it again.
[breathalyzer beeps]
[phone ringing]
[upbeat music playing]
[clears throat]
Jack Winter.
Thank you, Mr. Winter,
for being so...
Yeah. I had to shuffle
a few appointments,
but this is important to me.
My granddaughter's
been dead a week.
Police are no longer
answering my phone calls.
And some son of a bitch
is getting away with murder.
You know, to them,
she is just
another toe tag.
[Steve] I want this guy.
I wanna chain him
to the back of my Bentley
and I wanna drag him
around a little.
I can understand that,
Mr. Yandell.
Can you do it, Jack?
Can you find
this guy for me?
I can.
My daughter informs me
that you are willing
to take this case
for free.
That's correct.
Not a chance.
What's your rate?
[Mike] You know, it varies.
You know,
travel expenses,
you never really know
- with this kind of...
- Twenty-five hundred a week?
That'll work.
Oh, would you mind
making it out to cash?
Ex-wife's got me
by the balls.
[Steve] How much do you
know about Kristy?
[Mike] Well,
she was a handful.
Did you know
she was a drug addict
- and a prostitute?
- Something like that.
Everybody tried
to help her, of course.
But, uh,
she pushed people away.
She was raised strict,
probably the reason
for her rebellion.
You ever meet
any of her friends?
She hung out
with some real scumbags.
Anybody you could put
a name to?
If I could put a name
to someone, Jack,
I would be busting
down doors.
She, uh, come by
with a couple
of skank girlfriends
looking for
a little handout.
Guy who drove 'em,
wiry little shit,
Hispanic, I guess.
Uh, you think you
could pick him out?
No, I don't think so.
I won't forget
his car, though.
'60s, purple.
[Teddy] All right,
racers, are you ready?
- [racers] Yeah.
- On your mark,
get set, go.
- Let's go.
- [siren wailing]
[upbeat music playing]
Sir, is that
an open container?
[Teddy] Ha, ha.
It will be.
Hey, Mike, where you been
hiding yourself, man?
Oh, I've been busy.
I got a job.
A job? What kind of job?
Uh, sort of
an assistant type deal.
Uh, I run errands,
do fact checking.
- Things like that.
- Mike, that's great.
That's great, man.
Uh, it's
a temporary position.
You know what?
Let's get Kels up here.
Hmm. Well, I don't...
I don't wanna...
No, no. Hey, babe,
come here.
Your brother's here.
Look, she looks busy
with the egg toss.
- Don't...
- Okay. Look, look here, man.
She really wants
to talk to you.
She feels bad
about the other night.
All right?
Just hear her out.
- What do you want, Mike?
- [Teddy] All right. Babe,
Mike got a job.
[Mike] Nothing big.
[Teddy] Yeah.
He's some assistant
to some big shot downtown.
Hmm, back to work.
That's, that's good, huh?
I wanted to give you this.
[Teddy] Oh, yeah, he's
probably gonna have
his own desk by the end
of the week, huh, Mike?
This is $500.
It's a start.
Wow. [chuckles]
Thank you, Mike.
You're welcome.
Well, I'm glad I got
to stop by.
I'll just add this
to the pile.
- I have to hit the road.
- [Teddy] But wait, wait, you,
you just got here, man.
At least stay
for the three-legged race.
Hey, you could buddy up
- with JJ.
- [Mike] Uh, no, I can't.
Uh, I got... I got a date.
A date?
That's incredible.
- Is it that incredible, really?
- [Teddy] Hmm,
I'm just saying, man. I mean,
this is like a total windfall.
Hmm. Anybody we know?
I don't think so.
I made you some cereal.
[Heidi] Thanks.
What do you think?
It's good.
It's an off brand.
Yeah. There's a shit ton
of raisins.
[Mike] That's
what I'm saying.
You know a lot
of the other girls?
I can, if that's
what you're into.
I picked up
a girl last week.
You know her?
Girls change their name,
like, every other week.
Short brunette,
real pretty?
Lot of girls fit
that description.
She hangs out
with a Hispanic guy,
drives an Impala.
Hmm, it's not
ringing a bell.
I mean, girls come and go.
It's not something people
usually stick to.
But I can ask around.
That would be great.
Oh, shit.
I got a 10:30 across town.
Think you could drop me?
[car engine revving]
[Heidi] Call me, baby.
[car engine revving]
[dramatic music playing]
[siren wailing]
Pull around the corner.
[car engine revving]
[suspenseful music playing]
Do you have brain damage?
- Are you following me?
- I'm following the girl.
But imagine my surprise
when a black Nova
picked her up
for the evening.
Not exactly what you think.
- Screwing a hooker.
- I'm gaining her trust.
You're compromising
my fucking investigation, Mike.
- I'm working on a lead.
- And I told you to lay off.
She's gonna ask around.
She's not gonna ask shit.
Think she wants to get
in the middle of this?
They were best friends.
- She said that?
- Hell yes.
Then I'll bring her in.
You bring her in,
she's gonna clam up.
She's doesn't want
that kind of attention.
Why do you think
she's working with me?
Give her some room. If she
comes up with something...
If she comes up with something,
you bring it to me.
Of course.
I'm the first person
you call.
- What did I say?
- You're the first.
You don't check out the lead.
You don't get a bite to eat.
You don't wipe your ass.
You call me.
- Is that clear?
- Absolutely.
You get one shot
at this, Mike.
Rose, you ain't got a damn thing
to eat in here.
[Rose] I just went shopping.
Yeah. Well, that'd be great
if I was in the mood
for celery sticks
and a Fruitini.
- That's what I eat.
- [Julian] Yeah.
We need to get some protein up
in this bitch.
I'm about to pass out.
And how long I got to watch
all these desperate-ass bitches
trying to get up on this dude?
[Rose] Sam never complains
when I watch my shows,
and he brings pizza.
[Julian] Yeah. Well, guess what?
Sweetie has a night off.
So, do me a favor and change
this shit to SportsCenter.
[knocks on door]
Hey, you got somebody
coming over?
Who is it?
[Rose screaming]
[Rose grunting]
[Orthopedic] You girls
were just too fucking greedy.
[phone ringing]
Jack Winter here.
[Steve] This young woman
was a friend of Kristy's.
- Are you sure?
- [Steve] Positive.
She offered to blow me
on three separate occasions.
For money, of course.
This prick,
I don't know who he is.
I do.
[suspenseful music playing]
You all right?
Just waking up, Steve.
[upbeat music playing]
[Leslie] Mike?
Morning, Mike. Beer?
You hear the news, Randy?
The news, you know,
things that are happening.
- I don't recall.
- Yeah. Seems you ought
to remember if you heard
something or not.
[Randy sighs]
Didn't know.
[Mike] An employee of yours
had a little accident
last night.
He worked the floor.
So what?
She was working
something else.
In the back.
- All right.
- [door closes]
You think you know something?
You got two patrons
and one employee dead.
And Kristy Nevil
had your bar stamp
on the back of her hand.
Have a drink, Mike.
How long before the whole
damn police force
is breathing
down your neck?
You are the cop.
You tell me.
They already know
you're running a brothel.
It's a bar.
I can't do a background check
on everybody that walks
through that door.
You solicited me, Randy.
Which tells me
you're taking a cut.
You can't prove that.
I don't have to.
Cops are gonna do it for me.
They just want a fall guy
and will take the first one
that pops up.
All I have to do
is set it in motion.
What do you want?
The guy who supplies
the girls.
The one that drives
the Impala.
Can't help you.
How about a number?
We didn't exchange info.
The less we know
about each other,
the better.
If he wants
to say something,
he'll come by.
The guy's paranoid.
What if you have to get
a hold of him?
I use the girls.
[sighs] All I have
is a name.
It's not something you put on
a driver's license.
But it's what everyone
calls him.
It's what he calls himself.
[sighs] Mood.
[upbeat music playing]
[car engine revving]
[Mike grunts]
[dramatic music playing]
[Mood] Come on, man.
Over here.
That's right.
Right over here.
Say Motown.
[Mood] Say tired ass Motown.
I ain't gonna ask you again.
I'm-a just pull the trigger.
Tired ass Motown.
[Mood] I told you I was gonna
find your ass, funny man.
I've been looking for you.
[Mood] Oh, yeah? Funny.
A lot of fools' been looking
for Mood these days.
Yeah, fuck him up, Mood.
Baby, you take your ass
in that kitchen right now.
Can't you see I'm conversating
with this motherfucker?
And what'd I tell you about
getting up in my grill, huh?
You messed up,
Mike Kendall.
Asking about Kristy
like you did.
We had a good time once.
[Mood] Nah, nah, nah, stop it.
Kristy ain't gonna give
a John her real name.
That's rule number one.
So you can drop
all that bullshit.
I ain't trying to hear it.
Now, I'm down two bitches
and I'm in hot pursuit
for a third prostitute.
And Baby over there,
she seems to think
that you're the triggerman.
But I've been kicking it
with you for a minute.
I'm gonna say
that you ain't.
That's a cold-blooded
And you ain't nothing but a...
drunk in a $50 suit.
I'm a private investigator.
I'm working
for the grandfather.
Now you starting
to make some sense.
So y'all figured
you'd come to me?
I'm the key
to some answers.
Well, I'm gonna tell you,
I ain't got shit.
You're missing
a third girl?
That ain't my girl.
But I'm looking for her.
That crazy ass bitch
got spooked,
climbed up a coon's ass,
pulled her tail all the way
in with her.
[Mike] When?
Last night,
after Rose got smoked.
They knew each other.
[Mood] She was friends
with my girls.
Braiding each other's hair
and whatnot.
There a place she'd go?
Oh, for sure.
- You check it out?
- [Mood laughs]
We don't go
knocking on no doors
for no bitches.
As you can imagine,
most families...
ain't too enthusiastic
about seeing Mood
knocking on their door.
Feel me?
I feel you.
[car engine revving]
[doorbell rings]
I'm Jack Winter.
I'm a private investigator.
I'd like to speak
with Ms. Oarblocker.
Is this the Oarblocker
Can I see
some identification?
[Ms. Oarblocker] Oliver!
Let the man in,
for God's sakes.
Ms. Oarblocker, I'm Jack Winter,
private investigator.
I'd like to talk with you
about your granddaughter.
Let me see this.
- [Oliver sighs]
- Oh.
Okay, come on in.
Don't mind him.
He's just overly protective.
Come on in.
It's right down here
around the corner.
This is her room.
And she was living
here recently?
It's the only home she has,
as far as I know.
I didn't realize someone
thought that she was missing
until the officers came by
this morning.
- The police were here?
- Two of them.
[Ms. Oarblocker] And I told them
just give her a couple of days,
you know, she'll turn up.
She's always in and out.
She's a very independent girl.
Uh, if it's all right
with you, I'd, uh,
like to have a look around.
Oh, fine.
Fine. The officers wanted
to look around, too.
Can I offer you a drink,
Mr. Winter?
I got juice boxes.
No, thank you.
Ah. Milk or tea?
Or maybe the juice.
Okay. Perfect.
Perfect. [laughs]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Scott] Thank you.
How'd you get a hold of him?
Uh, he found me.
- Yeah, I can see that.
- You know, there's easier ways
of getting yourself killed.
How'd you guys find out
about Ivy Oarblocker?
Who's Ivy Oarblocker?
The missing girl.
What missing girl?
The one who was friends
with the dead hookers.
You didn't send two officers
to her grandmother's house
this morning?
Nope, not us.
[Mike] Are you sure?
Ivy Oarblocker.
If it got something to do
with the case,
then I'd know about it.
Give me your notepad.
- Why?
- [Mike] I'm giving you the address.
Girl's been missing
a couple of days.
Grandma said
two officers stopped
by the house this morning.
Could be
a different department.
You don't think so?
I don't know.
You think these are our guys?
Hey, where you going?
- Was that all I need to know?
- For right now.
- Hey, you get something else...
- You're the first person I call.
[suspenseful music playing]
[car honks]
[suspenseful music playing]
[car honks]
Amateur hour.
[knocks on door]
Who is it?
[Tony] Sir, we're with the City
Planning Commission.
- Okay.
- [Tony] We'd like to talk to you
about a major development coming
to your neighborhood.
[Mike] Oh, that sounds great,
but I'm not feeling
too hot right now.
Can we do this another time?
[Orthopedic] It'd be best
if we talked now.
[Tony] Don't know
when we'll be back, sir.
It will only take a minute.
Sir? Sir?
Son of a bitch,
he's out the back.
We'll track him down.
[upbeat music playing]
Rode the bike.
[Mike] Ah, Nova's
on the fritz.
Where's Kelly?
Oh, she took the kids
to a show.
Something with
some singing carrots.
Hell, I couldn't stomach it.
- What's up with your head?
- At work,
low hanging shelf,
had a lot in my hands.
What's this?
I want the Glock.
- What?
- [Mike] My gun.
The one I sold you.
I wanna buy it back.
- That's the 250.
- [Teddy] Yeah, you gave me
specific instructions
about the gun.
I was to hold on to it.
I was never to sell it to you
or anybody else until you
were back on the force.
You made that very clear.
I know.
Are you back on the force?
I got an interview.
Hot damn, okay, come on.
[man] Hello?
[Orthopedic] This thing
just went next level.
How would you like us
to proceed?
[man] Okay, we need you
to finish it.
We're not going to jail
for this shit.
I'm not losing my family.
It's gonna cost you double.
[man] Just get it done.
We'll be in touch.
When the department sees
my targets, they're gonna shit.
Okay, look, you can't
let Kelly know, all right?
Interview or not,
she will not understand.
- No way.
- All right?
- Where you headed?
- Across town.
Hey, man,
I can drop you off.
Nope, I'm done
putting you out.
Be by tomorrow
to pick up my wheels.
[upbeat music playing]
[Randy] Oh, look who's back.
- Deja vu.
- You wanna piss me off?
Keep acting like I'm one
of your drunks.
[Randy] Not long ago
you were.
Got to say,
I liked you more then.
You had Julian watching Rose.
Probably told him he could
make some easy cash
hanging out
with a beautiful girl.
Can't blame him.
Hell, I'd have taken
the gig myself.
Where's Ivy?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Sam, show Mike the door.
Sam, you touch me, I'm gonna rip
your fucking balls off.
I remember back
in high school,
I watched you pitch a no-hitter
in the city championship.
Hell, you took us
all the way to state.
My dad said
you could have made pro
if you set your mind to it.
You were a real technician.
Not to mention a 90-mile
per hour fast ball
made you one hell of a player.
A real bear,
they used to say.
Where is she?
I know you think she's safe,
but it won't last.
Not with these guys.
Just as sure as I did,
they'll track her down,
and they'll go through you
to do it.
- You got the bar.
- Okay.
- [Randy] I got her at Fred's.
- [Mike] Who's Fred?
[Randy] One of my cooks.
[knocks on door]
- Hey.
- What can I help you with?
[Tony] Is Kelly Kendall in?
[Teddy] Banks, Kelly Banks.
Yeah, she's been that
for eight years now.
Brother's Mike Kendall?
Yeah, yeah,
but she's not in at the moment.
What... what's this about?
[Tony] We're actually here
about her brother Mike.
She's listed as a secondary
point of contact.
Oh, is that bad?
Well, not for Mr. Kendall, no.
Uh, you see, we'd like to lease
a nominal part of his land
and, uh, he has the opportunity
to make a significant amount
of money.
- Okay.
- [Orthopedic] So it's best
that we talk to him
as soon as possible.
Uh, yeah, well,
you just missed him.
- He took off in a cab.
- He did?
[Teddy] Yeah.
Any idea where he was headed?
No, he didn't say.
But if you got a business card,
I'll take it from you
and, uh, I'll pass it
along to him.
I got one of those.
[Conchita] Mr. Randy.
Y esta?
It's okay, Conchita.
Es mi amigo.
Aca. Vamos.
[speaking Spanish]
[Conchita] Miss Ivy,
it's Mr. Randy.
Why don't you
you hang back a bit.
Let me warm her up.
- [Ivy] Hey, baby.
- [Randy] I, uh,
I brought somebody.
His name is Mike.
I've known him
a good long time.
He used to be a cop.
Just trying to help her out,
huh, Randy?
I thought you weren't gonna
tell nobody?
[Mike] Yeah, I think I'm
starting to understand why.
[Ivy] Randy, this isn't
what we talked about.
[Mike] You got a plan,
Something tells me
I'm looking at it.
Think you can
wait them out?
Maybe they'll get tired
of looking?
Let's say
they can't find you.
Doesn't mean it's over.
They'll grab somebody else,
someone close.
Let's say
your grandmother.
Well, it won't matter
if she doesn't know the answers
to the questions
that they're asking.
They'll make her suffer.
And when her body is found,
beaten and mutilated,
and floating
in the St. John's River,
you'll wish
you'd come forward.
By then, they'll have
someone else.
Maybe another relative,
or friend.
Maybe Randy.
That is if there's still
somebody you give a shit
about besides yourself.
Let's cut the bullshit.
You tell me what's going on.
[upbeat music playing]
What can I get you?
We're looking
for Mike Kendall.
No, he's not here.
[Orthopedic] But he was here.
[Leslie] I didn't say that.
So he wasn't here?
[Leslie] I haven't seen him.
Well, that's strange.
Because I just spoke
with a cab driver
who said no less
than a half hour ago,
he dropped Mike Kendall
off at this bar
and watched him walk inside.
That just kind of proves
to me that you're lying.
I could haul your ass
in right now, just for that.
- What do you think?
- [Fred] Cheese sticks?
End of the bar,
thanks, Fred.
Why don't you just
hold tight there, Pablo?
Being a bartender,
you see a lot of shit.
You learn a lot of shit, too.
Useless knowledge
most of the time,
but once in a while,
you get a gem.
Let me give you an example.
I bet you don't know
that our law enforcement holds
a lot of pride
in the national bird.
Now that makes sense,
if you consider
that the state's fowl
is the valley quail.
Let me tell you, there's
nothing tough about a quail,
and you sure as hell
wouldn't want to put that
on your uniform.
Now, you see,
t the top of your badge,
there's supposed
to be an eagle.
A bald eagle,
the national bird.
Now, what you got there
looks more like a hawk,
which is a hell of a bird,
but it ain't no bald eagle.
So, I'm guessing that that
badge was made in, uh, Tijuana
by a counterfeiter
who didn't know the difference
between a chicken
and chicken shit.
Is that right?
It could be.
[Ivy giggles]
Look, these guys are a bunch
of rich assholes.
They were in town
for some real estate thing
and they wanted
to get their dicks wet.
They wanted some young pussy,
and they were willing to pay
a lot of money for it.
[Mike] So, you blackmailed them
and now they paid
a couple of psychopaths
to knock off the girls.
Real smart.
[Randy] I helped them
with the blackmail,
but the girls came to me
with the video.
They wanted to do it.
Maybe we hit them up
for more too many times
but who kills people over
a few hundred thousand dollars?
How old are you?
How old do you want me to be?
You teach her to say that?
God, no, he didn't
tell me shit.
But you saw the opportunity,
didn't you, Randy?
[Ivy] Hey, I've fucked guys
for money before.
Pack up your stuff,
we're going to the police.
- [Randy] Wait a minute, Mike.
- We can't go to no cops.
[Randy] We can pay you.
We got money.
We already got a hundred
and forty thousand
out of these guys,
and that was just our cut.
I'm bringing you both in.
I don't think
I can let you do that.
I'm not asking.
What are you gonna do?
Shoot me?
That's for being a scumbag.
Ivy, get your stuff.
- Come on.
- [Ivy] Jesus fucking Christ.
[Kelly] Abby, Abby, Abby,
get your backpack.
And JJ, close the door
after her.
[JJ] Yes, ma'am. Come on.
[Kelly] Okay.
Come on in.
Yeah, well... hey,
what do you want for dinner?
Looks like poor Leslie
just got the one shot off.
Well, this guy
was a bouncer.
Looks like that poor lady
was just having a drink.
[officer] Sir?
I got a witness.
Said there were
three of them.
They lit out of here
in a silver '90s model sedan.
My nose is broken.
[Mike] Be happy
you're still breathing.
- That car.
- [Randy] Yeah?
It's them.
[speaks Spanish]
[speaks Spanish]
[speaks Spanish]
Okay, get rid
of that Mexican.
Open the door.
Abre la puerta.
You open the door,
or I shoot you
in the fucking head.
He understood that one,
didn't he?
Holy shit.
Go, go.
Get down.
Bitch! Hold tight.
[suspenseful music playing]
Oh, shit.
You're bleeding, baby.
- [Randy] Fuck.
- [Ivy screams]
[Mike] Hang on.
[both grunt]
[suspenseful music playing]
You can get out there.
You okay?
You see my leg
pissing blood?
No, I'm not okay.
Ease off.
We're clear.
Take your foot
off the gas.
There you go,
nice and easy.
Give it the brakes.
Ivy, look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You're safe.
You did great.
- We're safe.
- [cell phone ringing]
Calling the cops.
It's over.
[cell phone ringing]
Not even close, Mike.
That was a pretty
good shot.
Where's Teddy?
- Teddy?
- [muffled shouts]
I'm looking at him
right now.
Don't you touch him.
Gonna cut a deal
with you, Mike.
Don't you fucking touch him.
[Orthopedic] You don't get
to make the demands here, Mike.
Now, whatever happens
or doesn't happen
to your friend here, Teddy,
that's on you.
But I got to tell you,
he's not looking good.
But if I don't get that girl,
I'm gonna kill him.
And then I'm gonna kill
your sister, too.
And I don't care
if it takes a day
or a lifetime,
I'm gonna gut
those two fucking kids
of hers
from stem to stern.
I'm going to take your silence
as a sign of understanding.
I'm gonna call you
in a bit.
I'm gonna give you a time
and a place, huh?
But you fuck me,
you get cute,
you get stupid...
well, we both know
how that ends.
Change of plans.
- [Kelly] Hello?
- Kelly,
I need you
to leave the house.
- [Kelly] Why?
- [Mike] I don't have time
to explain right now.
Take the kids and get out.
Meet me
at the Black Bear Diner.
- You got a phone?
- Uh-hmm.
Call us a cab.
Hey, guys,
I need to talk to your mom
for a minute.
What's going on?
What did you do?
And who's that girl, Mike?
Listen, uh,
I messed up.
I got into some shit.
These are some really
bad guys and they're...
- they got Teddy.
- What?
They have him and, uh,
they're making threats.
No, Mike.
I'm gonna do
everything I can...
- Mike...
- You and the kids...
- No...
- I need... I need you...
You stupid shit.
- I can fix this.
- You can't fix it, Mike.
You can't fix it.
You're the damn problem.
You need to call
the cops.
Tell them you and the kids
need protection.
You stupid, stupid shit.
All we do is help you,
and all you do is
ruin people's lives.
That's what you do.
Your car's here.
I'm gonna get him back.
You better get him back.
You better bring him back.
- Hey, you Ivy?
- Uh, yeah.
Hop on in.
How's your day going?
- [Mike] Pretty good.
- Good, where to?
- Make a right.
- Okay.
[dramatic music playing]
Men like this don't forget.
They come back
and finish the job.
There you go,
I've dealt with people
like this before,
not in this exact way,
but in business.
These are sociopaths.
They don't give a shit
about anybody but themselves.
We do this,
there's no halfway.
Are you sure
you're up for this?
[cell phone ringing]
Yeah, I know the place.
Old train depot off 226.
Not a lot out there.
I'm counting on it.
in three hours,
give this guy a call.
He's a good cop.
We could use
another man.
I might know someone.
Somebody you can trust?
I think so.
And he definitely
seems motivated.
[upbeat music playing]
You got to be kidding me.
Who the hell else
are we gonna get?
[groovy music playing]
So, y'all got a plan
for this shit,
or we just gonna jump
into an old-fashioned dog fight?
[singer] I reach out
my hand to you
But the door is closed
to get you through
Just you and me,
together we would...
Do we have to listen
to this?
Hell, yeah.
This shit right here
gets my motherfucking
blood up.
Where you buy
a car like this?
You don't,
you got to build this.
Doesn't seem practical.
Because it ain't.
It's just my weekend car.
Are you ready?
Is that all you bringing,
that musket?
It's a high-quality
musket, son.
It's your bed.
I'm surprised
you made it out.
These motherfuckers
murdered two of my girls.
You must've taken
quite a loss.
Oh, you think
this is business, huh?
I see what you did
to my granddaughter.
You know, I found her
living on the street,
rolling tricks
for dime bags.
I raised her rate,
gave her a roof.
You wanna get
all mystical
and start searching
for answers and shit,
maybe you ought to think
about what y'all did.
You sure you can shoot
a fool from this far?
I can rip the heart
right out of his chest.
[ominous music playing]
Just stay put.
You drunk?
I'm comfortable.
Looks like you caught
a stitch in your side.
Looks worse than it is.
The girl?
Teddy first.
All right, tough guy.
I'll show you mine first.
Where's your partner?
Does it matter?
[ominous music playing]
Oh, he got the prick.
There's some shit right here.
[Orthopedic] All right.
Just so we're all
on the same page,
Captain Shit Heels here
makes any sudden moves,
trigger gets pulled
and off goes his head.
The same goes for me.
If I'm forced to make
any sudden moves...
trigger gets pulled
and off goes
his fucking head.
I'm sensing a theme here.
I'm here, buddy.
Oh, fuck.
Take the shot, come on.
All right, Mike.
Time for you
to show me yours.
[dramatic music playing]
Let's go, sweetheart.
Take the shot,
Steve, come on.
All right.
Here you go,
take her.
This all could
have been so simple.
Yeah, it didn't
work for me.
Mind if I finish my beer?
Go right ahead.
Make the shot old man,
come on, take the shot.
Stay down, Teddy.
[Teddy] Mike!
- Mike!
- Aah!
What the heck?
Stay put Teddy, stay down.
[Teddy] Mike!
[Mike] He wouldn't go down.
Motherfuckers had vests on.
[Mike] Steve.
[Steve] I'm here.
I'm hit. Son of a bitch.
I got you, buddy.
- Okay.
- I got you.
[dramatic music playing]
[Mood] Come on.
Somebody help these fools.
We just spent our morning
in the judge's chambers.
It appears
the court is, uh,
inclined to rule
in self-defense.
You just lucked out.
What about the girl?
Agreed to testify.
She's in protective custody,
but she'll end up in a home
after the trial.
- We'll hope for the best.
- [Scott] Right now,
we've got two
of the three pricks in custody.
They're partners,
all of them.
They run a high-end
real estate firm
in Orange County.
First one came pretty easy.
[reporters yelling]
Number two gave us
a little chase.
[officer] He's running.
He's running.
- [cops shouting]
- [woman screams]
Freeze! Freeze!
On the ground.
- On the ground.
- Okay.
Get down on the ground.
Those were
$200 wingtips, man.
Number three,
William Ritter, owns a boat,
sailed himself
into Mexico.
So, it's probably gonna take
a dump-truck-size shitload
of paperwork to get
his ass out of there.
At least six months
to extradite. And that's...
only if we can convince
the district attorney
this guy's even
worth the trouble.
Worst part is we know
exactly where he's at.
An old fishing village,
couple miles south
of Costa Maya.
We just thought you might
wanna know that.
[upbeat music playing]
[teacher] You have two hours.
I repeat, that is two hours
exactly to complete this exam.
It is multiple choice.
You will begin... now.
Heard they ruled
that shooting...
They did.
That's good.
Took the private
investigator's exam
this morning.
Seemed like
I knew most of it.
I think this is something
I could be good at.
Even if I am a fuck-up.
Might be.
How's Kelly?
[Teddy] It's not gonna
happen right now, Mike.
Thought maybe
we could get a drink.
Maybe a coffee.
Uh, gonna need some time.
[lawnmower starts]
[singer] When I think
of all the good times
That I've wasted
having good times
When I think of all
the good time
That's been wasted
having good times
Hey there, motherfucker.
Don't you look comfy.
[singer] When I was drinking
I should've been thinking
When I was fighting
I could've done
the right thing
All of that boozing
I was really losing
Good times
Good times
When I think
of all the good time
That's been wasted
having good times
When I think
of all the good time
That's been wasted
having good times
All of my lying
I remember her crying
My useless talking
I could've been walking
Instead of complaining
I could've been gaining
Good times
Yeah, we all are
having a jolly good time.
And everything
is working out fine.
Ha, ha, ha.
Useless talking
All of that walking
All of my sinning
I could've been winning
I have it too easy
And it's a beginning
Of good times
Good times
I said good times
Talking about good times
Oh, good times
[dramatic music playing]