Small World (2021) Movie Script

What sort of species are we,
if we cannot protect our own children?
Poland, 2004
- I want a dress like that.
- When you have your first communion.
- When?
- In three years.
Can't I do it sooner?
Dont rush things.
Youve got your whole life ahead of you.
Body of Christ.
Body of Christ.
What are they doing?
They had their first confessions and now
they are receiving the body of Christ.
- Lets go to a disco tonight.
- I dont have a sitter for Ola.
Ill go by myself.
- Really?
- Its not my kid, its yours.
Honey, mommy has to go to work.
Dont leave me here.
Youll stay with the uncle and help
with the remodeling. Itll be fun.
- I love you.
- I love you, too. Very much.
What are you two doing?
Sanding down the plaster.
Shes allergic to that dust.
Tell her to go ride her bike.
Wheres Ola?
- Playing somewhere.
- In the house?
Everywhere, like a fucking kid.
Is Ola missing?
An ugly man took her.
What man?
What man?
But I didnt take any candies from him.
Take it easy.
Look at me.
Tell me what happened.
Ola took a candy.
He whispered something to her,
then took her hand,
and they left.
- Where.
- Towards the brickworks.
A teddy!
- She had this teddy on her shoes.
- That's the mans footprint.
Thats Olas dress!
Her hair...
Russian candy...
To Russia!
Roman, I know where theyve taken Ola.
Weve got time to find her.
- Shes gone forever.
- Roman, please...
Fuck! Get the fuck out of here.
- Whered you get this money?
- I won it.
You promised to quit gambling,
fucking dick.
- Lt Robert Goc. Documents...
- My daughters been kidnapped.
Im going to the border.
Theyre taking her to Russia.
- Documents.
- My daughter is 4 years old.
They kidnaped her in front
of the house and cut off her hair.
I found these Russian candies.
Please get out of the car.
Let me go or fucking kill me here.
Get into my car!
Ill go with you!
Were going to the border.
I should've given her a sweater.
Lt Robert Goc.
A four-year-old girls been kidnapped.
Her names Alexandra Chyb.
- This is her mother.
- Have you seen her?
They want to take her out of the country.
- Shes in that truck.
- Theres a boy in there.
They cut off her hair!
- Stop!
- Let us go!
Grab her!
- Stop that truck!
- Police!
Im a police officer!
Let us go.
Her daughters in that truck.
My daughter!
- Do you speak Russian?
- No, I don't!
A kidnapped child is in there!
- I'm with the police.
- Passport?
- No, I'm at work!
- You can't go without it.
- Fuck you.
- You can't go without a passport.
- I beg you...
- Let her go!
Calm down, calm down...
Just calm down.
I wouldve made it if not for you!
I wouldve made it!
If not for you!
Russia Three years later
A gas pipe exploded!
Where's Sonia?!
Sonia, come here!
Everyone outside! Quickly!
Bunny, how are you feeling?
It's all over now.
Sonia, Katia, let's be glad we're alive.
Sasza, everything all right?
- I wasn't scared at all.
- My little brave bear.
Children, wait for me here.
Everything will be all right.
Hello. I live in the building.
What's going to happen with us?
Will you arrange a hotel?
Got any identification?
I left my ID upstairs.
- Need to wait. We don't let anyone in.
- I'll go get it.
- Where? It's dangerous there.
- I've got money there,
Sonia's cereal.
She must eat gluten-free.
I'm telling you in Russian: wait here!
I've got five kids.
I have to feed them!
- Fuck off!
- Stop!
Stop, I said!
That's enough!
No sleeping! Wake up!
Wake up!
- Who are they?
- Homeless kids.
We could ask them
if they have any food.
We could catch something
from them.
Are we homeless too?
We are not homeless.
Uncle Kiryl will return tomorrow.
He'll let us sleep there
and give us money.
Everything will be fine.
What's wrong?
All the pipes need to be checked.
Wait here.
Hello. I live here.
Can I go in?
- How long can you keep us?
- Oleg Wladimirowicz Szutkow?
- Do you have my ID?
- You're under arrest.
Leave him alone!
- Legs!
- Oleg, what do they want?
- I don't know, Bunny
- Your left hand.
It'll all be cleared up.
Let's go.
Please don't take Oleg.
I'll do anything you want.
I know how to dance
Take care of the kids.
We're going to the station.
Fucking louse!
Get out of here! Now!
What do we do now?
They're taking him downtown.
Bus 526 goes there.
We'll go there and wait
until they let him go.
Let's get to know each other,
Oleg Wladimirowicz Szutkow.
- I'm Tatiana Nikolajewna Ziemcowa.
- Major Ziemcowa.
Why so official?
- Maybe I'm not your type.
- I don't like this situation.
Maybe you like
...younger girls?
Are these more your type?
What is this disgusting stuff?
The firefighters found
these photos in your apartment.
They aren't mine!
There are lots of films, too.
I rent the apartment.
I don't know whose these are.
I have five children.
- You were in Poland.
- What of it?
Watch your mouth.
There are Polish kids in those films.
- What is it?
- Come in.
- You've got a visitor.
- Who is it?
A Pole. He's been tracking
a kidnapped Polish girl for four years.
He saw that we'd confiscated
films featuring Polish kids.
He claims it might be
connected to his case.
I don't want him here, understand?
Get rid of him as soon as you can.
- Tania.
- Robert Goc. Nice to meet you.
You speak Russian?
I've been learning it for 3 years.
Been digging through
this shit for long?
Over three years.
- You chose it yourself?
- It chose me.
After three years of wallowing
in this shit I feel like
I'm going crazy.
I can't do it sober either.
Smile, teddy bear.
Look at me. Look at the camera.
Good, good.
Take off your t-shirt.
Come on, come on, take it out.
Sit on the chair.
Spread your legs.
You recorded this,
you son of a bitch!
See what's written there?
- What is this?
- What is it?!
Bad luck, pal. Those cans were
used in 2008 and only in Poland.
You drove there using your passport.
Stop this, people.
I love my children!
- You've got a brother named Kiryl?
- Yeah.
If you confess, we'll turn
the kids over to him.
If not, they'll go
to a children's home.
- My children have a home.
- Won't you be jealous?
You know what those
orphanages are like?
Other men will fuck them,
but for free.
How do you know so much?
Were you fucked in an orphanage too?
You'll be fucked in prison.
Have you questioned his kids?
They were to take them to a shelter,
but they left them on the street.
How is that possible?
We're in Russia.
Have you got photos of the kids
in the system?
They should be in the adoption papers.
All five were adopted by Oleg.
Where to?
What a fucking mess you've got here!
You left five kids on the street.
You have to find them.
I have to?
Do you want me to report
this to Interpol?
This is Ola when she was kidnapped.
Here's the age progression
This is how she should look today.
We've got photos of the kids.
Let's see that one.
Send all the photos to Interpol.
Where is he?!
- We let him go.
- What?!
We had no grounds to hold him.
You interrogated him.
The case is closed.
My little Bunny.
Let's leave here quickly.
Let's go, let's go.
We got an answer from Interpol. All five
were kidnapped in Eastern Europe.
- Did Oleg have cellphone on him?
- No.
How'll we find him then?
On the wall is the shadow
of another person.
- Someone else helped him film this.
- Oleg has a brother.
Where are we going?
To uncle Kiryl's.
I'm scared of uncle Kiryl.
What? It's always fun there.
Uncle Kiryl loves children.
Ah-ah, Africa has wide rivers.
Ah-ah, Africa has high mountains.
Ah-ah, crocodiles and hippos.
Ah-ah, monkeys and sperm whales.
Ah-ah, and a green parrot.
Ah-ah, and a green parrot.
- Hello there, brother.
- Hello.
Come on, let's talk.
What was that for?
You were not to go anywhere.
You were to play with them at home.
A gas pipe exploded.
The cops took me downtown.
It's over.
We have to sell your toys.
Let me keep Wala.
I beg you, let me have Wala.
I'm calm with her around.
I'll find you a new Wala.
Go say goodbye.
Give me a second.
I'm going.
Uncle Kiryl is taking you on vacation.
I want to stay with you.
Just for a while.
I don't want to live without you.
Look at me.
I love you.
Don't leave me, please.
Nothing can separate us.
- What we share is
- eternal.
Where are the kids?
I don't know. Lost.
I'm looking for them, too.
I'll shoot your prick off.
Dream Town shopping mall in Ukraine.
He took them there to sell them.
Ah-ah, crocodiles and hippos.
Ah-ah, monkeys and sperm whales.
Ah-ah, and a green parrot.
Ah-ah, and a green parrot.
They're headed for the Ukrainian border.
Search the truck.
I'm here.
Turn off the engine.
Get out and open the back.
Get a move on.
- I know this guy. I'll check him.
- All right.
They're looking for you.
Have a nice day.
Why'd they let him pass?
Because they're corrupt whores.
Get the fuck out of here!
Will the Ukrainians help me?
I can't help you there.
It's above my pay grade.
Tough... I'll go there.
They won't let me cross the border.
- Got your passport?
- Yes.
I'll arrange a car for you.
Where are you going? I don't give a fuck.
Drive my friend to Kiev.
Thanks for everything.
I thought we'd might hook up.
Too bad I couldn't read your thoughts.
Let's go!
Here! Stop here!
Excuse me!
Are they healthy?
All have had their checkups.
- One house, one user.
- They look sort of drowsy.
I drugged them so they'd be quiet.
Well then?
Two girls are virgins.
And the little one on the right?
Brand new.
- Maybe I'd take her for myself.
- She'd lose value.
It's my birthday.
All right, 2,000 less
and we'll take them.
Hey there, kids.
I'm uncle Ruslan,
and this is uncle Liviu.
We're going on vacation.
To the most beautiful place
on Earth... Moldavia.
I'm a policeman. My daughter's been
kidnapped! Block all the exits.
Lock the doors!
Hurry up!
You can't come in.
The doors are locked.
The doors are locked.
I'm sure they changed her clothes.
You'll find her only by her shoes.
Stop the tape.
Rewind it.
Turn it on.
Rotherham, England
Five years later
Four years later
It really is her.
Taken three hours ago.
When are the two of you returning?
We arent.
I don't understand.
Shed rather have $200.
Help!!! He touched me!