Smallfoot (2018) Movie Script

MIGO: This is my world.
Harsh, jagged, freezing.
And I gotta say,
it's awesome!
It's got everything.
Ice, rocks, ice, snow, ice.
It's got a lot of ice.
Plenty of modern amenities.
And the best part, everyone's happy.
That's because our world
is built on a foundation of stones.
Not those. These.
See, we have these laws
that are written in stone.
Literally, written in stone!
Interpreted and enforced
by the Stonekeeper.
The stones are here to protect us
and keep us safe.
MIGO: They pretty much tell us
everything that we need to know.
Important stuff,
like how the world was created
when we all fell
from the butt of the great sky yak
and how our world is an island
that floats on a sea of endless clouds,
resting on the backs
of the great mountain mammoths.
And how we have to feed ice
to the mammoths, so they don't overheat
'cause if they did, they would die,
and we would all fall
into the great nothing.
YETI: There's nothing down here!
MIGO: But my favorite stone of all
is the one that says
the gong must be rung
to wake the great glowing snail
so it can crawl across the sky
and bring light to the village.
I love that one.
It might be the most important job
of all.
And, humble brag,
that job belongs to my dad.
He does it with passion, commitment
and the help
of his able-bodied assistant...
Up and at them, Migo!
Time to ring the gong.
I guess you could say
I'm learning the ropes
and the wheel
and the crank
because if my dad didn't ring the gong,
we'd all be in the dark.
MIGO: It isn't easy.
It requires skill, rock-solid nerves,
and a good,
strong head on your shoulders...
...because there's literally
no other way to ring a gong.
Oh, yeah.
MIGO: It gives my dad
a great sense of purpose.
Like I said, it's an important job,
a job that'll one day be mine.
Whoa-hem Good one, Dam!
And I can't wait for the day
that it's me
who gets to wake the village.
(SINGING) Look at everybody there below
All the yetis that I love and know
And they're waking up to see
This awesome morning
They've all got a smile on their face
Another reason I love this place
'Cause it's always full of life
And never boring
Look all around us
It's all rock and ice and snow
Frigid and freezing
Yeah, it's pretty great, I know
And hey, hey
It's another day
Like every other
I don't wanna change a thing
Not one little thing
I mean, because I do
What the stones say
And I'm doing okay
What could be better than this?
It is what it is
It is perfection
Look at everybody do their part
And they do it with a happy heart
And it gives them all
A sense of greater purpose
Well, that's the way that I wanna be
I wanna make them all proud of me
Just be a steady yeti
At their service
Do you seriously believe mammoths
are holding us up?
- KIDS: Mmm-hmm.
- What's holding up the mammoths?
Uh, hello. It's just mammoths
all the way down.
Don't listen to them.
They're questioning the stones.
And we don't do that. Okay?
(SINGING) If there's a question
Causing you to go astray
Just stuff it down inside
Until it goes away
- Got it?
- STONEKEEPER: Where's Migo?
Migo, you will never be
the gong ringer...
Wait, what?
...if you don't practice.
He's giving you your own helmet.
- Oh, I blew the surprise! Sorry, Dad.
My own helmet? You mean today's the day?
Congratulations, Migo.
Big day, son!
Hey, everyone,
I get to do a practice gong!
- MIGO: Ha-ha! Whoo!
(SINGING) And now we all say
Hey, hey
It's another day
Like every other
And I don't wanna change a thing
Not one little thing
I mean
Because we like living this way
And we're doing okay
What could be better than this?
It is what it is
It is perfection
You go, Migo, you go
You go, Migo
You go, whoa!
You go, Migo
You go
I said doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
It is perfection
You go, Migo
You go, whoa
You go, Migo
You go, whoa
You go, Migo
You go
I said doo-doo-doo, doo-doo
It is perfection
Practice gong!
Practice gong!
- Practice gong!
- Practice gong!
- Practice gong!
- Practice gong!
YETI 1: Practice gong!
YETI 2: Practice gong!
- DORGLE: (GRUNTS) You ready?
- Beyond ready!
Can't wait till this is my actual job!
Yup. Soon you will join
a long line of family greats.
Uncle Flathead, Grandpa Smashhead,
Great Grandpa Shelf head,
Aunt Crushedhead, Uncle Mushbrain,
Aunt Bam Bam, No-neck Nando,
Cousin Squatly,
Doug and his dumb mallet theory.
We don't talk about him.
And your mom.
Wish she was here to teach you.
- You're doing great, Dad.
- Thanks, son.
Okay, first, check your wind.
Doesn't take much
to blow you off course.
Wind, check.
Good. Now, true your aim.
You'll never succeed
if your aim isn't true.
- MIGO: Aim, check!
Great! Now, this is important.
- Even though you know it's gonna hurt...
- Mmm-hmm. gotta hit it head-on.
- Does it really hurt?
- Only for the first year or two.
Hmm. Did you actually
used to be my height?
Nope, I was much taller.
Took me years to achieve this.
Never missed a day!
- Oh, yeah!
- Cool!
- Ready?
- Ready.
Say the word, son.
Launch! (SHRIEKS)
Uh, did I mention
you gotta keep your feet up?
- No.
- You gotta keep your feet up.
Okay. Launch!
Launch! (EXCLAIMS)
Never seen that happen.
Attaboy, Migo!
Whoo-hoo! (GASPS)
Migo, true your aim!
- True your aim!
MIGO: Oh, no.
ALL: Uh-oh!
(GASPS) My helmet! Where's my...
- Hmm?
What is that?
Uh. Uh...
Hey, hey! What?
(SHRIEKS) Go! Get away!
Stop it! Not funny! Aah!
- Ahhh!
- Whoa! Aah!
Whoa. Whoa.
-(lvlleo ROARING)
(SIGHS) Look at your small foot!
Small foot.
(GASPS) Smallfoot. Smallfoot!
Oh, my gosh, it's a smallfoot!
Oh, no! No. Come back!
Oh, holy wowness!
(STAMMERS) Everyone! You gotta see this!
Come here! Come here! Come here!
Hey, everyone!
- Listen, listen! Everyone!
- YETI 1: Hey, Migo.
- You missed the gong.
- I know.
YETI 2: You missed the gong, Migo.
MIGO: I know.
Come here.
Gather round, gather round. Okay.
I saw a smallfoot!
- BOTHI What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- What?
- Ow!
Just come here and see for yourself!
Let's go! Come on!
Everyone, let's go!
KOLKA: Mmm-hmm.
- He's crazy!
It came at me from the sky.
It was like some sort
of hard, shiny flying thing!
It made a sound like...
And that's when it scooped me up!
Look. It's right this way.
- Aah!
NO! But...
No! No, no! No!
It was right here!
I swear! This shiny, flying thing.
That's what the smallfoot shot out of.
- It was like, poof!
And then this big skin thing landed
on top of it. It was like... (BLOWS)
- Ooh.
And then it saw me, and it sang
the most strange, beautiful song.
- It was like... (SHRIEKS)
Almost, it was more like... (SHRIEKS)
Oh, it's probably
still around here somewhere.
Let's look for it. Come on, everyone!
Still around here?
- It could be in the village!
- It could be at my house!
Get the children!
- Migo's gone crazy!
YETI 1: He said he saw a smallfoot!
YETI 2: Is that possible?
Oh, there you are!
YETI 3: Is it real?
MIGO: Wait! Hold on! Everyone!
It didn't seem all that scary!
It was kind of cute!
Everyone, make way for my dad!
Uh, I mean, the Stonekeeper. Sorry, Dad.
I mean, Stonekeeper.
Come on, Thorp. You blew it.
Good morning, everyone!
Hey, how are you?
- Oh, boy.
- Is this about Migo missing the gong?
Stonekeeper, he saw a smallfoot!
- He said it might still be out there!
- He said it fell from the sky!
- Garry, calm down. You know how you get.
Okay, I'll try, but I'm just so scared.
Now, I know Migo has gotten you all
very anxious with his little "story,"
but there's nothing to fear
because it isn't true.
But I saw one!
- No, you didn't.
I did.
You can't have seen it
because it doesn't exist.
I know. I know. Because the stone says
there's no such thing as a smallfoot.
Yeah, right there, clear as day.
I know,
but it was right there in front of me!
- Hey, Migo!
How do you know it was a smallfoot?
Because it had a small foot.
- Uh, Dad?
- Daddy, clearly, he saw something.
Oh, I'm not denying he saw something.
Most likely, he slipped, hit his head,
got confused, and saw a yak.
- Okay, I get it now.
Because if Migo is saying
he saw a smallfoot,
then he's saying a stone is wrong.
Is that what you're saying, Migo?
That a stone is wrong?
Nope! He is not saying that!
Let me talk to him.
(CHUCKLES) Kids, right?
Migo, what are you doing?
Challenging the Stonekeeper
in front of the whole village?
Dad, what's the piece of advice
you're always giving me?
"Do what you're told."
- The other one.
-"Blend in."
The other one.
"Follow the stones." "Be a cog."
"Do your part."
"Never disagree with the Stonekeeper."
"Always be true!"
That was about hitting a gong.
Not challenging a stone.
'Cause if it goes against a stone,
it can't be true!
But if I say I didn't see a smallfoot,
then I'm lying.
I thought you wanted
to be the next gong ringer.
I do.
Then are you still saying
a stone is wrong?
If saying I saw a smallfoot means that
a stone is wrong, then I guess I am.
Oh, Migo.
It pains me to say this. It truly does.
But you leave me no choice.
Disobeying the stones
is a grave offense.
From this day forward,
you will be banished from the village!
- What?
- STONEKEEPER: Until you are ready
to stand before us all
and tell us the truth.
I am telling the truth.
That's all, everyone. Back to work.
Let's make it another perfect day.
Stonekeeper, please.
That's my son.
Just give him a little time
alone out there to think.
He'll come to his senses.
- Sooze.
- THORP: Hey!
You're banished, remember?
- You know what that means.
- Yes, Thorp.
You do? What does it mean?
- Coming!
We'll circle back.
PERCY: Few can survive the cold,
brutal environment of the Himalayas,
but this ingenious creature
defies the odds.
The rare Himalayan jumping spider!
This week on Percy Patterson's Wildlife!
This agile arachnid
can lay 1,000 eggs at a time
and can jump 50 feet into the air!
There's an element
of mental preparation, I'm sure.
-(SHRIEKS) It's attacking! Oh, no!
The venom! It's going to my brain!
I can't feel my face.
Keep rolling. Keep rolling.
- Cut!
I'm melting before your eyes.
- BRENDA: Percy!
- And we'll add an effect.
Melting, melting, melting. (GROANS)
- BRENDA: Percy!
- Cut this bit out.
I'm gonna shut one of my eyes.
Hey, my eye! My eye!
Cut! What are you doing?
I'm saving our show.
Me being attacked
would get huge ratings!
Our show is educational
and enlightening!
A show that promotes respect
for our fellow creatures on this planet.
I know. That's why no one's watching.
- That's why I don't watch.
Look, Brenda,
unless our spiderjumps, it's boring.
Hey, itjumped!
Now, that was exciting.
Did we film that?
No, of course not. All right,
I'll just have to go over here
and interview a piece of bark, shall I?
- Yeti.
- What?
Plane crashed in the snow.
Teeth, claws, huge!
I saw a yeti!
- Yeti, you say?
Let me buy you a drink,
and you can tell me all about it.
- You believe me, right?
- PERCY: Of course, I believe you!
PILOT: You do?
You can trust me. I fly planes!
- Who's there?
Smallfoot? Is that you?
(SIGHS) Maybe you are going crazy.
No wonder no one believes you.
- We believe you.
- Aah!
- Hi.
- BOTH: Fleem!
- What?
Heh. You guys.
Is it just me, or does he look
disappointed that it's us?
You want proof
that you saw what you saw?
- Yeah.
-(WHISPERS) We got proof.
So, you believe me that I saw a...
- A small...
- They're listening.
- MIGO: Who?
The ears of oppression.
- Yeah.
- Uh...
This way, stealth mode.
Could this day get any more bizarre?
Is this too close?
- Uh...
- You know what you are now?
One of us.
Uh. hey, wait up!
(CHANTS) One of us!
One of us! One of us!
Now, don't tell Gwangi I said this,
but he's a bit paranoid.
GWANGI: Fleem,
are you talking about me?
FLEEM: Do you see what I mean?
Kolka talks to rocks
like they can hear her.
KOLKAI Fleem! Shh!
I've been told I'm pesky, annoying,
and a real pain,
but, hey, who listens
to their mom, right?
- Uh...
MIGO: Where are you taking me?
Our leader requests a meeting.
Wait. You have a leader? Who?
You'll see.
Oh, boy.
GWANGI: He's here.
- Meechee?
- Welcome!
I'm really glad you're here.
What is this place, exactly?
The secret headquarters of the S.E.S.
The Esias?
No, no, no. It's three letters.
Like S-E-S.
Stands for "Smallfoot Exists, Suckas!"
it's "Smallfoot Evidentiary Society."
I mean, my name's
got a lot more pizzazz, but...
Wait. You're, like, a smallfoot club?
And hold on. You're the leader?
But you're the Stonekeeper's daughter.
Look, I love my father,
but he isn't exactly what you would call
"open to new ideas."
Because questions lead to knowledge.
And knowledge is power.
So you don't just believe
in the smallfoot.
You've been looking for one.
Yes. You see all the X's?
We have searched the entire mountain
for years trying to find one.
Why are you looking for X's?
We're not looking for X's.
We're looking for the smallfoot.
And you have seen one.
But I can't prove it.
That is where we come in.
Gwangi, show him the evidence.
Here's your proof.
First item, smallfoot pelt.
Evidence suggests
it sheds its skin annually.
Second item, smallfoot horn.
We believe it only has one.
And then there's this.
The scroll of invisible wisdom.
Just imagine the amazing stuff
they put on here.
A bunch of crap, if you ask me.
This proves nothing!
Show him the last one.
It's the first piece I ever found.
It's the thing that started all of this.
- That was a trigger. He's triggered!
GWANGI: Mmm-hmm.
MIGO: Look at your small foot.
- You did see one.
- Where did it go?
- I don't know!
- GWANGl: Think!
- Reach into your memory!
- Slap him!
No! It got whisked away on the wind,
over the clouds!
MEECHEE: Which way? Up?
Sideways? Where?
Did you say down?
- Slap him!
Down! Of course!
You know, I have always thought
it was weird that a mountain floats
when there's obviously some
invisible force pulling us downward
and keeping everything around us
from drifting off into the sky.
Of course, this is just a theory.
But that's why
we haven't found one up here.
Because it's down here,
below the clouds.
And if you want proof,
that's where we need to go.
(STAMMERS) In the nothing?
(LAUGHS) You're crazy.
Don't call me crazy.
Yeah. Never call a crazy guy crazy.
You want to know
why it's called the nothing?
Because there's nothing down there!
Why do you believe that?
Because it's in the stones.
So is the one that says
there's no smallfoot.
And yet you saw one.
Yeah. Why is there a stone
that says something doesn't exist?
Doesn't that just prove
that it actually does?
And if one stone is wrong,
then others could be as well.
What? Other stones?
How many do you think are wrong?
The whole robe.
You know what?
This whole thing's insane. I'm out.
Migo, wait.
Hey, I just wanna prove
that I saw a smallfoot
so I can get un-banished.
But you, you wanna, what,
tear down everything
our world is built on?
It's not just about
tearing down old ideas.
It's about finding new ones.
You know what? Come with me.
(SINGING) Take a look around
And see the world we think we know
And then look closer
MIGO: Wow.
There's more to life than meets the eye
A beauty to behold
It's all much bigger than we know
It's only just beginning to unfold
So let it all unfold
Far beyond all reason in your mind
There's a world mysterious
There for you to find
All these questions
That we always had
AH we are is curious
There's nothing wrong with that
So go 'round every corner
Search every part of the sky
'Cause a life that's full of wonder
Is a wonderful life
MIGO: Whoa!
Dig beneath the surface
Find the lessons there to learn
And then dig deeper
Feed your intuition
Don't leave any stone unturned
Be the seeker of the truth
Listen when you hear it calling you
You know it's calling you
Far beyond all reason in your mind
There's a world mysterious
There for you to find
All these questions
That we always have
AH we are is curious
There's nothing wrong with that
So go 'round every corner
Search every part of the sky
'Cause a life that's full of wonder
Is a wonderful life
Is a wonderful life
Is a wonderful life
Is a wonderful life
Down there, Migo, a world awaits.
Okay, I'll go.
- Really?
- Do you have a plan?
Of course, we have a plan.
Uh, I think the plan
might need more planning.
FLEEM: It was nice knowing you!
Hey, I need to readjust the harness.
It's a little too tight.
- This should be enough rope.
- Should be?
We don't know
exactly how far down it is.
- It's also all the rope we have.
Okay, if we're gonna do this,
we gotta do it fast.
Gwangi, tell him the plan.
- Oh, boy. Oh!
- GWANGI: Listen up.
Pull once to go lower,
twice to stay put,
-three times to come up.
- MIGO: Uh...
Four pulls means
you've reached the bottom
-and it's safe for us to come down.
- Wait. What was the second one?
Look, it doesn't really matter.
Your safe word is "mystical creature."
That's more of a phrase, really.
If you shout it, we'll abort the mission
and pull you right on up.
How aboutjust "help"?
I'll scream, "Help!" Nice and short.
You're gonna do great.
Yeah? You really think so?
Let's do this!
(WHIMPERS) Whoa! Oh. Oh.
- FLEEM: Migo!
If you die,
can I have all your worldly possessions?
- ALL: Fleem!
- Right. Sorry, when you die.
What do you see?
MIGO: Uh, so farjust seeing cloud,
and more cloud.
- Wait. Wait. (GASPS) What is that?
- Oh, no!
- MIGO: Sorry, that was just my hand.
- Okay.
- MIGO: Still clouds. More clouds.
KOLKA: Uh...
MIGO: Man, there's a lot of clouds.
- THORP: Meechee, you out here?
- Thorp!
- Uh-oh.
Uh-Oh? Why uh-oh?
Uh-oh. Mystical creature!
Hey, what are you freaks doing out here?
MIGO: Mystical creature!
Uh, what was that?
Uh, it's the Wind!
- Huh?
- Yeah, it makes strange noises out here.
-(EERILY) O00!
(WHISPERS) Mystical creature!
- ALL: Whew!
- Stop it. You're all acting weird.
I don't like weird.
Weird is weird, okay?
I thought I heard Migo's high-pitched,
kind of annoying voice. Where is he?
- Hanging over the--
- Honestly,
we have no idea of the status
of his whereabouts.
How many times was up?
How many times?
Something's not right here.
Let me think about this.
Ugh, something's not adding up.
Yeah, I can't do math.
You're coming with me.
(SOFTLY) on, no!
(WHIMPERS) Definitely not enough rope!
- Guys?
(ECHOES) Guys?
Oh, boy.
Oh, wow.
This is so not nothingness! (ECHOES)
This is definitely something-ness.
Oh, my gosh! Look at you!
Hi, little guy!
Oh! No!
That is just harsh!
I'll teach you a little lesson.
Take that!
Run, little one! Run! Run! Be free!
Ooh! The shiny flying thing!
(GASPS) A smallfoot.
No. No, no, no!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
No! Rock! Rock!
No. No, no, no.
BRENDA: Okay, okay, back up, back up.
You wanna interview a man
who says he saw a yeti?
And you actually believe him?
Of course not. But it makes for good TV.
That man has altitude sickness.
- He needs help!
- After he helps us.
- What?
Brenda, do you know
what this village is famous for?
More reported yeti sightings here
than anywhere else on the planet.
Picture this.
We're here looking
for the Himalayan jumping spider,
but we capture on film a yeti.
We post the video.
It goes viral. Then boom!
My ratings skyrocket!
Yetis don't exist.
Or do they?
Picked up a suit in town this afternoon,
and it's a cracker.
Has stilts and everything.
You're gonna put that thing on
and deceive your fans?
(LAUGHS) Of course not!
I'll be on camera.
You'll be in the suit.
What has happened to you?
Where is the Percy Patterson
who loved animals,
who inspired me to love them,
who had integrity?
- I have integrity.
- Mmm...
Okay, yes, I've gotta do one thing
without integrity,
and then I'll just be all integrity
all the time.
I will ooze integrity.
I shall bathe in it. I will have
a sports drink called "integrity"
that I will endorse, not for free,
but I will take that money
and give it to charity.
- That's how much integrity I will have!
Brenda... Please.
Nobody's watching my show.
You wanna save a species
on the verge of extinction?
- Save me.
- Brenda!
Yo, I'm really nervous.
This one goes out to my girlfriend.
Brenda, wait.
Let me explain.
Lisa, will you marry... (SHRIEKS)
(SINGING) I thought I'd made it
Celebrated when I got my TV show
But the haters out there hating
Got my ratings low, low, low
It's hard to compete with videos
Of twerking hogs
And waterskiing squirrels
And monkeys riding on the backs of dogs
So much pressure
Have mercy, I'm not the Percy
That you've always heard about
That Percy, he was successful
That Percy had a lot of clout
Back then, back when
I was high on that hill
But now I'm broke here on the bottom
With no way to pay my bills
It's getting harder every day
To catch a break
So when I see a chance
Then it's a chance I really need to take
I'm just looking
For a way of bouncing back
The rent is due, I'm in a fix
And I'm about to crack
Under pressure
Brenda? I'm making this up on the spot.
He's under pressure
Which is impressive, let's be honest.
Come on!
(SINGING) Brenda, Brenda
I'm a desperate man
So help me get back on the top
Rockin' again
No pressure
Brenda, Brenda
Won't you hear my plea?
The weight of all the world
ls really weighing on me
So much pressure
This is no time to quit
I'm on the verge of a hit
And I'm determined
To make this a success, yeah
Brenda, tell me you see
All the potential in me
I'll do whatever it takes
To make you say yes
Down on my knees
Begging you please
Won't you tell me you understand?
Lend me a hand
Oh, you gotta save me, save me
Save me, save me
Those aren't even the words.
You think I don't know that? Brenda?
Oh, no, no, no. The bag! The suit!
Hey, what you got there?
Shh, it's okay.
-(GASPS) I must be close!
There it is!
I should introduce myself.
Oh, but why am I so scared?
Hmm. No language skills.
Didn't see that one coming.
Excuse me. Um...
PERCY: Brenda, please come back.
It's just this one time.
Then we'll do the whole integrity thing.
I promise.
Please call me when you get this!
Thank you, Brenda! Oh!
You've even put on the stilts.
Oh, I love it.
And the suit does not look fake.
It's actually quite convincing.
Okay, here's the shot. I'll film over...
He's doing all the talking.
Just say something, you idiot.
(INHALES) Here we go.
- Hi.
- Huh?
I'm Migo, and I have...
Blimey, good growl.
Did you put an amplifier inside there
or something?
This is why I work with you, Brenda.
When you're in, you're all in.
- Okay, hair looks good.
Nice bit of back light.
Here we go.
Yeti discovery shot, take one.
(PANTING) Percy Patterson here
high in the Himalayas.
- I was looking for the rare--
Not yet. Thank you. Cut that bit out.
In three, two...
(PANTS) I was looking
for the rare Himalayan jumping spider,
but I just heard a low growling
coming from this direction.
Is that a yeti?
- Do the growl.
Do you mind?
Ugh. Brenda, will you turn that off?
I'm trying to shoot Brenda in this...
Wait a minute.
- Brenda?
(WHEEZING) It's a yeti!
It's a yeti! It's a yeti!
I can't seem to shout.
You know, you'll laugh
because, in my world,
everyone thinks you're this
terrifying monster that's all...
But you don't look terrifying to me.
You're adorable.
Ooh, the smallfoot song.
I know this one. I know it. I know it.
Was that not right?
- I just need to take you home
and prove to everyone that you exist
so I can get un-banished. Okay?
MIGO: You wanna bring anything? Okay.
Ha-ha! (PANTING)
You wanna bring that, too?
Okay, come here.
- Ooh, that looks cool!
Whoa, whoa. Wait! Where you going?
- Look how excited you are.
-(lvlleo GRUNTING)
-(LAUGHING) Stop it!
That's ironic.
- Uh...
Smallfoot? Hello?
That supposed to fall out like that?
Hmm, we need to put that back in there.
It goes there, right?
Oh, boy.
All right, take a little bit of that...
I hope you don't mind,
but I'm taking you home.
I'm gonna be all like, "Yo, what's up?"
And they're gonna be like,
"Yo, is that a... What?"
And I'm gonna be like, "Yeah!"
Their faces are gonna be like, "Ahhh!"
Then my face is like, "Uh-huh!"
Smamoot eflsts, suckasA. Whoa-hem.!
Is that a blizzard?
(GASPS) You okay?
Wow, that storm came out of nowhere,
didn't it?
Don't worry. We'll wait it out in here.
It's nice and warm.
Aah! No!
Please don't die. Please don't die.
Please don't die.
Don't worry, smallfoot.
I'm gonna save you.
I'm gonna save you. Just hang on!
Hang on! Hang on!
(GROGGILY) So warm.
So nice.
Wait a minute. What's...
No, no, you can't...
How's that?
Nice and toasty all the way around.
- Oh, hey. What's wrong?
You hungry? I found your food.
You still cold?
(SIGHS) I can see why.
You have, like, no fur.
Oh, your cocoon is almost dry.
I'll clear off a space where you can
just lie down
until the storm passes, okay?
Percy Patterson here in what might be
my last broadcast ever.
I might get eaten or roasted
or frozen solid
or some horrible combination
of the three.
But know this.
Know that I risked my life
in pursuit of something extraordinary.
Something bigger than us.
Literally, so much bigger.
Oh, great! You're moving.
I've almost finished clearing off...
(PANTING) I think he's saying
he wants to have me for dinner.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Oh, what?
(GRUNTS) Come on,
you stupid frozen fingers!
There we go.
Brenda, give me my glory.
Upload this video, then send help.
Please work! Please work! Please work!
(SOFTLY) Something else is in here.
Judging by the echo,
I'd estimate distance is approximately
200 meters.
- Estimation wrong.
My husband is back there sound asleep!
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
- Not to mention the children!
Took me weeks to get them to sleep!
I don't even have kids,
but I can imagine
that is just a really hard thing to do.
All I get is six months
of a little mommy time,
and you are ruining it!
You just walk into my cave.
You don't even wipe your feet!
- Again, very, very sorry!
- You better be sorry.
I don't know what you are
or where you came from,
but you better learn some manners!
Did you see that?
She was all like,
"You're gonna wake my husband."
And I was like,
"You gotta get out of here."
And then you totally understood me.
We were communicating.
This is amazing!
Don't be stupid, Percy.
Do not go back to help
the big, ferocious yeti.
Do not do it!
Although he did just
save you from a bear.
This is the wrong time
to grow a conscience!
It's okay, big fellow.
Let's get this thing off.
- Does this hurt?
- Sorry. This? How about this?
- This? This? Sorry.
- Stop it!
- PERCY: Got it.
(SIGHS) Okay. It's okay. I'm okay.
Oh, the storm's lifted!
What do you say me and you get up
that mountain and prove you exist?
Oh, right. Hand signals.
PERCY: This is unbelievable,
but I think the yeti is actually
trying to communicate with me.
And I think he wants me to go with him.
This is either the bravest thing
I've ever done
or the stupidest.
- Here's hoping it's the former.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Here. These should keep you warm.
- No, no, no. (HUFFING)
Oh! That's actually quite nice.
MIGO: Yeah!
(GRUNT s) Whom-how.!
We're almost there.
Up and at them, Migo.
Time to ring the gong!
(GRUNTS) Why is this
so hard this morning?
Migo, time to ring the...
Oh, yeah. Banished.
Huh? What the...
(some RINGS)
Two gongs?
(G RU NTS) What just happened?
(WHISPERS) Don't ask. Just push it down.
Push it down.
My helmet?
Drop me!
Quickly, before I change my mind.
KOLKA: You can't do this, Meech!
You're our leader!
Exactly why I should do it!
Drop me!
This is terrifying.
I cannot believe Migo did this.
Which is why maybe, you know,
(CHUCKLES) you shouldn't!
I just wanna say,
I'm fine with it being you.
I should go.
I'm strongest, and I've trained myself
to sleep with my eyes open.
I'm asleep right now.
You're all part of my dream.
He's down there
because I convinced him to go!
And he might be lost or hurt.
- Or dead.
- BOTH: Fleem!
Oh, what? Now we're not about the truth?
MEECHEE: Last time, we dropped him
because Thorp showed up,
which he might do again,
so can we please go?
MIGO: (m DISTANCE) Guys! Guys!
Oh, I can still hear
his voice in my head.
- Guys!
- It's in my head, too.
- MIGO: Hey!
- Migo! He's here!
I know. And he always will be.
No, no, no. He's here!
- As in over there!
- Mig()!
- Mig()!
(YELPS) Mystical creature!
Oh, no! Ahh!
- I've got you!
- Oh.
- Migo!
- I am so relieved!
- Oh, hi!
- Hey!
- Hi.
- See? I told you he was alive!
- My brother!
Oh, Migo! Oh, Migo.
Whoa, whoa! Guys, easy. Easy, easy.
PERCY: Mmm? Huh?
What is that?
Smallfoot Evidentiary Society,
meet your mystical creature!
I knew it was real.
No one's gonna think I'm crazy anymore.
He's so beautiful!
And so short.
You did it, Migo. You actually did it!
No, We did it. The S.E.S.!
- Wow! Four more Sasquatch.
It's a whole Sasquad.
Fear me, little creature. I am your god!
- Fleem, what are you doing?
- Establishing dominance.
We don't dominate.
- We welcome him with open arms.
Oh, did I just do that?
I am so sorry! Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
- I'm so sorry. I love you. I love you.
- GWANGl: Hey, hey.
We gotta bring
this truth to the village,
blow some tiny minds.
- What was that?
- Their minds are really tiny.
- Ah!
Gwangi's right.
Let's wake them up.
What? Migo's back?
Yeah, that's right. In your face!
- Oh! My face!
- Hey, listen! Everyone!
Stop what you're doing and follow us!
'Cause this is gonna be
the best part of your day!
GWANGI: You heard Migo. Everybody.
- MIGO: That's right!
- Migo?
MIGO: Hey, you up there! Come on down!
GWANGI: Come on, kids. You, too, Garry.
Get over here.
MIGO: Let's go! You're gonna love it!
Hey, Migo, welcome back...
Hold on, aren't you
supposed to be banished?
- MIGO: Yep.
- Ah, cool.
Everyone, listen up. Gather 'round.
I promise, you're gonna wanna see this.
(CLEARS THROAT) My fellow yetis,
there are moments in life
that are imbued with such importance,
we must pause and look deeper
into the moment
of the place in which we are
to hold such beauteous gravitas
and take in the beauty--
YETI 1: I'm losing interest!
YETI 2: Get to the point!
Yep, okay. Here we go.
Fellow yetis, behold, the smallfoot!
- GVVANGI: Mmm-hmm.
I can't believe my eyes.
These aren't primitive beasts
living in caves.
This is a complex civilization.
Do you know
what this means for the world?
A Percy Patterson network special.
You're welcome, world!
...what's all the excitement
about this time?
Migo found a smallfoot!
(SCOFFS) That's one guess.
But, Dad, look at the small foot!
- Don't yaks have small feet?
Let me take it into the palace,
consult the stones,
and determine what it is.
(STAMMERS) What if it is a smallfoot?
Does that mean a stone is wrong?
GWANGI: (COUGHS) They're all wrong.
KOLKA: Yeah.
- YETI: Tell us the truth!
Garry, just breathe.
Everyone, please.
What do the stones
tell us about questions?
I have so many questions!
- Where is it from?
- Why is it pink?
- How did you get it here?
- What does it eat?
How does it think
with such a tiny little brain?
Honestly, I have just
as many questions as you do.
- Where is its horn?
- Is that its ear?
Does it want a bite of fruit?
How is it here
if a stone says it can't be?
It's all much bigger than we know
What do you mean?
It's only just beginning to unfold
- I'm so confused.
- There's more to know?
So let it all unfold
I never knew there was more to know
Isn't it all so amazing?
There's a world mysterious
There for you to find
Out of the blue, there was room to grow
Isn't it all kind of crazy?
AH we are is curious
There's nothing wrong with that
So go 'round every corner
You call that art?
Search every part of the sky
- What is he doing?
- Is he really gonna fly?
'Cause a life that's full of wonder
Is a wonderful life
PERCY: Wh00!
- Blossom, sit.
Down. Down!
what you've started?
MEECHEE: Yes! Do you? Look at them!
We have been living in fear
for too long, Dad.
All I ever wanted to do
was keep you safe, Meechee.
Everything I do,
I do to protect the village and you.
I don't need you to protect me.
I need you to listen to me.
To all of us,
especially Migo!
Dad, he went below the clouds.
They're talking to Migo
because they have questions,
and he's listening
instead of telling them
to just push them down.
But, believe me, you are their leader,
and they wish it was you.
So just talk to Migo about what he saw.
You're right.
That's exactly what I need to do.
Oh, thank you! I knew you'd come around.
I'm gonna go get the smallfoot! Bye!
That's a snood.
It's like a sort of scarf.
That's a fiber supplement.
I'd rather not go into it.
- That's a sock.
It's a lining
between your shoe and your foot.
That's not how you're supposed-- Ugh.
Four days I had them on.
Can you translate
the Scroll of Invisible Wisdom?
Yes. Actually, I do need this.
- It is not wisdom
and definitely not invisible.
- GWANGI: Hmm.
- Hey, where's Migo?
MIGOI Hey, Dad! Dad!
Oh, is this the best day ever or what?
What's wrong?
What happened to your helmet?
DORGLE: I missed the gong.
But the sky snail, it came up anyway.
Whoa! So another stone is wrong.
- This is amazing.
- DORGLE: Amazing?
What's so amazing about it?
The stones are supposed to be stones,
you know?
Sturdy, reliable, true.
And now the snail is
just rising on its own?
If it even is a snail.
Meechee thinks it might be
a flaming ball of gas.
I've been banging my head on that thing
to wake up a gas ball?
That's usually what wakes me up.
(SIGHS) Look, Dad,
I know all of this change is scary.
But maybe this is a good thing.
Maybe there's something even better
than banging your head against the gong.
But if I don't ring the gong,
I'm not the gong ringer.
And if I'm not the gong ringer,
then what am I?
THORP: Hey, Migo!
My dad wants to see you.
MIGO: The Stonekeeper. Really?
Which must be nice for you 'cause
he never wants to see me. Heh.
MIGO: Okay.
Why did I shout that out?
That's so embarrassing.
Ugh. Blew it again, Thorp.
Hey, Dad. I'll be back.
- Dad?
- Hmm.
Look at them.
The great Stonekeepers of the past.
Each one adding new stones
as they received wisdom
about what was best for the village.
- Robe looks heavy.
- It is.
It requires a strong backbone.
Whoa. Secret stairs. Okay.
Where are you taking me?
(CHUCKLES) So many questions.
Think it's about time
I give you some answers.
What is this?
You see, Migo...
(RAPPING) There was a time
When yetis lived beneath the clouds
We were alive
And we were thrivin'
Till we came across a crowd
Of smallfoot
That's right, we used to live
Down there
But there were actions
We could not forgive
Down there
And though they used
A different nomenclature
Man or human
They showed us human nature
A dangerous species
Though we approached with wonder
They attacked with their spears
And their smoking sticks of thunder
They called us Sasquatch
They called us abominable
They chased us, pursued us
Their persistence indomitable
We had no choice but to run and hide
Otherwise, we surmised
We were facing genocide
So we climbed this mountain
Just to stay alive
You see, we knew that up here
Smallfoot could not survive
So it was here the first law
Was written in stone
It was named and proclaimed
As a truth to be known
Our world is an island that floats
On a sea of endless clouds
That's how it would be
And then we wrote more laws
More rules to obey
For the sake of us all
It was the only way
To protect us
From all of the human ravages
Heaped upon us by those human savages
Now you know, now you know
Now you know, now you know
And new rules apply
Now you know, now you know, now you know
MALE CHORUS". So it's best just
To let it lie, let it lie
FEMALE CHORUS: Now you know
Now you know, now you know
Now you know, now you know
And you can't deny
Now you know, now you know, now you know
That it's best just to let it lie
Let it lie
But my smallfoot, he's not like that.
They're all like that.
Tell me, when you found him,
did he greet you with open arms?
They don't care about us.
They don't care about anything
but themselves,
which is why we must do the same,
if we care about our future.
MIGO: We're below the clouds.
STONEKEEPER: Or so it would seem,
but look closer.
Those aren't clouds! It's steam.
The stones are working.
The stones?
Every job and every task
As pointless as it seems
All of it ensures
That this important machine
Keeps churning and turning
And spinning around
So those below don't look up
And those above don't look down
And they'll look
'Cause even if they hear
Of these atrocities
The only thing stronger than fear
is curiosity
FEMALE CHORUS: Now you know
Now you know, now you know
Wait. So none of those stones are true?
They're all lies?
Let it lie
Good lies. To protect our world.
But they need to know the truth.
Oh, do they?
(RAPPING) You feel emboldened
By your noble quest to find the truth
I chalk it up
To the naive innocence of youth
So let me share a secret
That you'll learn as you grow older
What's true or not true
ls in the eye of the beholder
So do you wanna prevent
Our own annihilation?
Then our only goal should be
To control the flow of information
Unless you want to see the smallfoot
Conquer and pillage
Then protect the lie
And you protect the village
Lives are at stake, Migo.
Your friends, your father, Meechee.
Okay. I want to know everything
there is to know
about you and your world.
- STONEKEEPER: She's curious.
And you know what they say.
"Curiosity killed the yak."
So what do you want me to do?
Tell everyone you were lying
about the smallfoot.
(SCOFFS) But they've already seen it.
They're not gonna believe me.
You'd be surprised
at what they'll believe.
You think knowledge is power, Migo?
FEMALE CHORUS: Now you know
Now you know, now you know
Now you know, now you know
Question is...
FEMALE CHORUS: Now you know
Now you know, now you know
...what are you gonna
do with that power?
M E EC H E E: Okay. It's a little fuzzy,
but I think I'm starting to get it.
Your job is to tell stories
that fly through the air
in a series of pictures
in rapid succession
that magically appear
in other smallfoots' homes.
- TV. Right!
And what is this thing here?
That's the roof of my home.
- Home.
- Home?
Are we saying the same thing?
Oh, is that, like, your best friend?
That is evil banker man.
He wants to take my home away
because of something
called a "variable interest rate."
Apparently, I don't know
what it means either. (CHUCKLES)
(SHIVERS) The air is
really thin up here, isn't it?
Those are animals.
Anyway, the point is,
this is why I do what I do, see?
I was fascinated
with other species, like you.
Actually, nothing like you.
You're quite extraordinary.
But lately, I started to only care
about how many people are watching,
how popular I am.
Hearing myself say this out loud...
What's the yeti word for "pathetic"?
When I was nine, I saw my first lion.
It looked like this, see?
It looked nothing like this.
That looks like a fat poodle.
Here, I'll just show you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay. What is that thing?
STONEKEEPER: They don't care about us.
Lives are at stake, Migo.
They don't care about anything
but themselves.
Good lies.
Which is why we must do the same.
Protect our world.
Your friends, your father,
Meechee. (ECHOING)
MEECHEE: No, don't do that.
What are you doing? You're ruining it!
Stop! Stop it!
Red one up! Up, up!
Now, over to the blue one.
Blue one. Three in a row! Yes!
- Meechee?
- Not now, Migo.
Ooh! Okay, down, down. Right side.
Purple thingy.
- Slide it, slide it.
Oh! There we go! Boom!
Ha-ha! Whoo!
Migo, I'm putting shapes next to
other shapes to make the rows disappear.
It's pointless and a total waste
of time, but I can't stop.
(GROANS) There goes our high score.
Hey. are you okay?
PERCY: Getting a little woozy.
(SLURRING) I'm going to need
some more oxygen. Oxygen.
I can't remember my own name.
- MIGO: Um...
What's all this?
Oh, uh, we learned how to communicate!
- That's his world...
...and I think it's really big,
and there are more smallfeet down there.
Like, a lot more.
Migo, I think something's wrong.
- He doesn't look so good.
He's cold and his breathing is off.
STONEKEEPER: You see, we knew that
up here, smallfoot could not survive.
MEECHEE: I think we need
to take him home.
What? No!
No? Why not? What if he's really sick?
What if he needs help?
Just stop asking questions!
Stop asking questions?
THORP: Attention, everyone!
The Stonekeeper has an announcement.
What's going on? Do you know?
'Cause you look like you know something.
Just stop. Please.
STONEKEEPERZ Well, Well, Well,
what an interesting day it's been.
A day full of excitement and questions.
So many questions.
I must admit, the events of the day
even had me asking a few.
- Uh-oh, I smell cover-up.
So I asked Migo to join me
so I could question him
about his amazing discovery.
And together,
we've reached the same conclusion.
Migo, tell them what we learned.
Yeah. Um...
The thing is, see... Uh...
Yeah, it's, uh...
What I was gonna tell you is, urn...
- Uh...
It's not a smallfoot.
-(LAUGHS) Wait. What?
Yeah. I was wrong, I got confused,
and the Stonekeeper figured it out.
It's actually a type of yak.
A yak?
- STONEKEEPER: Migo found a rare breed
that even I didn't know about.
A red-coated pygmy hairless yak.
You know this is not a yak.
As you can see,
its existence is confirmed
in stone.
(WHISPERING) What is happening?
The stones have protected us
for generations.
But we've been ignoring them.
No one's been feeding
the great mountain mammoths today.
- YETI: He's right.
And because of that, we are sinking.
(WHIMPERS) I don't wanna sink!
Garry, you're right to be afraid.
Everyone, listen to Garry.
- I don't wanna sink into the nothing!
These are lies, Migo.
We saw you go below the clouds.
I didn't. I fell into the clouds,
and I found him inside of a cave.
- What?
Don't listen to him.
This is all part of a massive cover-up!
- MIGO: Please, wait--
- We're all part of a big machine.
Dude, no. Come on, stop!
In fact, I think it might be
a big machine that's down there!
You need to stop!
- It does sound like a machine!
- I thought so, too!
- You heard me!
- Just stop!
A big machine. (LAUGHS)
Let's all listen to Gwangi
and his whacked-out theories
because we all know that Gwangi is
-just straight-up crazy.
- What?
- Don't call him crazy.
Come on, are we really
gonna listen to these guys?
They're the village weirdos, right?
We all know that.
They're just trying to prove
all the stones wrong.
But if we don't follow the stones,
really bad things can happen.
STONEKEEPER: Well said, Migo.
That's the truth.
The truth?
I don't think anybody around here
cares what that is.
(SIGHS) Guys, wait.
Migo, give him to me.
- MIGO: Wait. What are you doing?
No, no, no!
He needs warmth, and he can't breathe!
- Meechee.
- Why are you doing this?
This is something
we should discuss inside.
Yes, Father.
Meechee, we need to talk.
I think you've said enough.
STONEKEEPER: Okay, everyone.
Now everything
can go back to the way it was.
Everyone, back to work.
The village won't run itself.
The smallfoot,
what are you gonna do with him?
We're taking him back to the cave
where you found him.
But I didn't find him in a cave.
But you said you did,
so they believe you.
You've done a good thing, Migo.
Stonekeeper, wait!
- No!
STONEKEEPER: You've done your job, Migo.
Go home.
What's wrong? What are you doing?
(SIGHS) I was just thinking
about Stone 15.
"ignorance is bliss"?
Yeah. That one's true.
Ignorance is bliss,
or at least it was.
I was pretty happy
when I didn't know about the smallfoot
or the S.E.S.
or how amazing Meechee really is.
And I'm pretty sure I'd be happier
not knowing that they hate me.
Or that I lied and betrayed them all.
I miss being ignorant.
So let's just, you know,
go back to the way things were,
with one change.
I'll be the gong ringer from now on.
Maybe banging my head into that thing
will make all of these feelings go away.
Oh, yeah. You'll pretty much go numb.
You won't feel a thing.
Good. Because I feel like such a jerk.
Now, you remember
the advice I gave you, right?
First, check the wind.
Pretty easy to get blown off course.
Wind, check.
DORGLE: And you gotta true your aim.
You'll never succeed
if your aim isn't true.
Aim, check.
And don't forget.
Even though you know it's gonna hurt,
you gotta hit it head-on.
He's in there.
She's in there.
DORGLE: You already woke
the village, son.
Now, go make sure they stay awake.
I love you, Dad.
I love you, too, son.
Now, say the word.
- Ow!
Meechee, I am so...
Oh, no.
- Meechee?
What are you doing here?
Where's the smallfoot?
Hold on, little guy, okay?
You're almost home.
Yeah, uh, so Meechee took the smallfoot.
And, uh, convinced me
I have a lot of anger issues
because of something
called a father complex.
I don't know. Something about
not getting enough hugs as a kid.
Really doing some serious processing
right now, Dad.
What have I done?
Open the door!
Guys! You have to help me!
Meechee's taken the smallfoot
below the clouds!
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean what I said.
I can explain everything,
after we find Meechee.
She's in danger. You have to believe me!
Why should we believe you? You lied.
Friends don't do that.
Or stab you in the back
and call you crazy
in front of the whole village.
You acted like me.
I expect more from you.
You're right. I lied.
You know, you've always searched for
the truth. No matter what anybody said.
They laughed at you.
They called you names.
Wait. What names?
But you never let fear get in the way.
That's what I should have done.
And it's what I'm gonna do now.
-(lvlleo SCREAMING)
- ALL: Migo!
FLEEM: Wait! What names?
-(lvllc;0 GRUNTS)
Oh, Meechee, where are you?
- Huh?
- Kolka!
- Hi!
Hi! Wait. If you're here, that means...
Man! That is a long way down!
You came!
Of course, we came. For Meechee.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
And a little bit for you.
But mostly Meechee.
Thank you. Even you, Fleem.
Wait. Where's Fleem?
Okay, pros and cons.
Pro, Migo needs you.
Con, you're useless to him
if you're dead.
Cons, one. Pros, zero. Okay. Pro.
Yeah, Fleem sucks.
We can't wait. We have to find Meechee
right now before someone else does.
It's so big.
- How do we even know she landed here?
MEECHEE: Okay, little guy.
- You can breathe easy now.
You're home. See?
What is that?
Wait. Where am I?
Oh, no. No, no, no.
- Brenda?
- Percy?
- Ow!
- Percy! You're alive!
- You're alive!
Oh, my gosh, you are alive, aren't you?
Not dead. Raring to go.
...know that I risked my life
in pursuit of something extraordinary.
Something bigger than us.
My video.
I uploaded it like you told me to,
and it went totally viral!
It was real, right?
I mean, I have the suit.
You found a yeti.
My phone has been ringing like crazy.
Everyone wants you.
Haven't you checked your messages?
PERCY: (ON TV) life in pursuit
of something extraordinary.
my favorite client! It's your agent.
I want you back. Call me.
This is Mark Birden from the
National Geographic Society. Call me!
Percy, it's your dad!
I'm no longer ashamed of you!
MAN: Hi, this is the New York Times
calling again...
WOMAN: I got your number from
a friend of a friend. I saw your video.
Percy, it's Gayle at the network.
I saw your video!
If you can get that yeti alive,
you and your show are saved!
BRENDA: This is everything you wanted.
Wait. The yeti is here?
I can't believe what I'm looking at.
- This is incredible!
- Ooh!
- MAN: Huh?
What is that?
- So pretty.
Oh, my gosh, a baby smallfoot!
You are so cute!
Wow, you are so limber!
(LAUGHING) Wh00! Yeah!
Wait. You're not real, are you?
Super pointy.
Oh, it's so pretty. (GASPS)
- Another smallfoot!
How many of you are there?
- Oh. A lot.
-(GASPS) Wow! Those are fast.
Guys, I've looked everywhere.
Meechee's not here.
Yeah, I think I found her.
Oh, this is amazing!
Hey... Oh!
Oh, no, no, no.
Okay, that's really bright.
Oh! Hey! Ow!
What is going on?
Why are you doing this?
Meechee! We're here. It's okay.
(SIGHS) Thank you.
Actually, it's not okay.
We're in the worst place ever.
But we're together!
- Yes.
- Yay!
Wait. Where's Fleem?
(SIGHS) Pros, 10. Cons, 65.
Oh, this is torture!
- Fleem's pathetic.
- Yeah.
- Are you hurt?
- I'm okay.
But why did they just
turn on me like that?
Because they're terrible creatures.
You! Why are you here?
- You're angry.
- You think?
Meechee, I'm so, so sorry.
But believe me,
I said what I said to protect you.
Protect me? By lying?
She's got a point there, Migo.
Haven't you been lying to your dad,
secret leader of the S.E.S.?
He's got a point there, Meech.
This is completely different.
Besides, what did you think
you were protecting me from anyway?
From that.
This is what your dad showed me.
This is why I lied.
They're monsters.
No, they think we're monsters.
Guys, guys! Psst!
They're getting closer.
They're gonna find us.
What are we gonna do?
We gotta go. Now.
Are they really all bad?
MIGO: I don't know.
But we can't wait around here
to find out.
GWANGI: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
- Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!
Where are they?
I swear they came this way.
- Whoa! Found them!
BRENDA: Oh, no! Where are you going?
They're not gonna get them before I do!
- MIGO: Let's go. Come on.
Getting down here was easier.
Oh, no! Migo, we're trapped!
Stay out of the light!
ALL; Huh?
The whole robe.
I told you the stones were here
to protect us.
You came for me.
Of course, I came. I listened.
Thank you.
GWANGI: What are those things?
Migo, come on! We can make it.
- Go!
- What are you doing?
We can't let them follow us home.
- Migo!
- MIGO: Just go!
Here I am! Come and get me!
Gwangi, come on! Gotta hurry.
Whew. (GASPS)
Friends, right?
I hope you understand
why I have to do this.
Oh, no! They got him!
- Meechee!
- MEECHEE: Migo!
Oh, darn! You got me.
OFFICER 1: Do you think
this is some kind of joke?
That depends.
Did you think it was funny?
Just a publicity stunt for ratings.
- Losen
That's not Migo! So where's Migo?
MIGOI (SLURRING) He shot me.
- ALL: Migo!
- You smallfoot shot me.
I can't feel my face!
Wait. So he is bad?
No, no, he's not bad.
I think he shot me to save me.
Yeah. You're right. He did.
He saved all of us.
Well, there goes my fame.
Yeah. But you have something better.
Huh. Where was that hiding?
Thank you, Brenda.
OFFICER 2: You're under arrest
for disturbing the peace,
destruction of public property,
discharging fireworks
within the city limits...
PERCY: Wait. Hang on.
-...internet fraud, loitering...
...looking weird.
I love that little guy.
I love you guys, too.
And you are so awesome and smart,
and I'm meet you. I mish you.
I mush you.
- I mush you, too, Migo.
- Mmm.
Okay, everyone, let's go home.
Okay, what'd I miss?
MIGO: This is our history.
And these are our ancestors.
There was a time when yetis lived
-beneath the clouds.
We came up here
where the smallfoot couldn't survive.
You see, I thought the smallfoot
was my enemy. And then he saved me.
And I know that
I said it wasn't a smallfoot,
but that wasn't true.
And I'm sorry that I lied to you.
The smallfoot is real,
and they live below the clouds.
Clouds we make.
And this is why
-our ancestors decided to do that.
That's the truth. See?
It's complicated, and it can be scary,
but it's better than living a lie.
Like, way better.
So we didn't fall out of the butt
of the great sky yak?
Probably not.
Whose butt did we fall out of?
- You know what? We'll circle back.
- Got it.
So now you know.
We think they're monsters,
and they think we are.
And that is not gonna change
by us hiding.
We have to communicate.
So it's up to us to decide
what we wanna do.
0h, yeah!
It's time
Time to do
Something drastic
Something new
Right here
And right now
- We need to find a way somehow
It's about reaching out
Closing up the distance
Instead of hate
Celebrate all the ways we're different
I am optimistic
Yes, I do believe
We have the power to make
This world a better place
But if it's ever gonna change
We gotta come together, me and you
In a mo-oh-oh, oh-oh
A moment of truth
If it's ever gonna change
We gotta come together, me and you
In a mo-oh-oh, oh-oh
A moment of truth
I'm not crazy!
Pro, if you go down there,
you'll meet lots of people.
Con, uh, you're not really
a people person.
Oh, this is torture!
- Okay, in three, two...
On the next episode of...
Wait. Am I missing a tooth?
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