Smart Casuals (2024) Movie Script

I'm not trying to be your boyfriend.
That's not who I am.
Then who are you?
I'm the guy you go home with.
You do know I have a boyfriend?
Oh, I know.
- But this had nothing to do with him.
- Of course it does.
If your boyfriend had a say
in all the decisions you made,
- you wouldn't be here right now.
- Of course I would.
So your boyfriend knows that you're here?
With me?
He knows that I'm out
having dinner with a friend.
But I'm not your friend.
Well, then who are you?
I'm the guy you go home with.
Hi, my name is Mahlatsi
and I've been living in
Johannesburg for over
twenty years now.
And this guy over here is my fianc.
And my friends call me Bheka.
Mmm, and we're really excited that
we finally get to have our Dream Day.
Well, I
I think I'm not nervous anymore.
I just I want this to happen now.
It will, don't worry. Third time lucky.
Okay, Bheka.
Could you say that
line directly into camera?
Um, just the last bit.
Directly into into
Yeah, um, third time lucky.
Third time lucky.
Okay, could we do it again?
Uh, but maybe this time a
little bit less performance.
Um, just say your line. Um, don't act it.
I'm not acting.
Um, could you make it
a little bit more natural?
Third time lucky.
- Thanks a lot.
- I'm glad you're happy.
I mean, it looks good here.
And now I need to go back to my job.
But we still have that
one-on-one interview to do.
Which is fine. You you
can do me another day.
But the office kind of
scheduled you guys for today.
Um, you gave us up until 12.
Well, if I stayed here all day,
I wouldn't make my nine o'clock meeting.
But you agreed.
But I didn't.
Yes, you did, Bheka.
Remember last week when I
was confirming the schedule?
You agreed until 12.
Truth has not been
detected in your statement.
I'm not lying.
I never accused you of that.
Yes, you did. Just admit it.
Look, I admit that I forgot about it.
I don't remember.
Can we just please, um
- Can we not do this here?
- We're not doing anything here.
So what are we gonna do?
Well, you're gonna do your one-on-one. Uh
I'm gonna go to my meeting and
They will reschedule.
Love you.
Look, um, if you wanna do
your interview on another day,
- we could always reschedule.
- No, I'm fine.
We can do it.
Hey, you.
- You sleep well?
- Mmm.
Oh, is that for me?
No, this is mine.
Look I need to get to work.
What time is it?
Nearly nine.
Okay, um, I just need to freshen up.
I had an amazing time.
So did I.
So say, for instance, I
no longer had a boyfriend.
I don't date.
You're being serious?
If you wanna hook up again,
you can give me a call, okay?
Don't count on it.
All the way.
From, from, from our villages.
Yes, to dig up, to dig up, to
dig and dig and dig and dig.
To dig up the riches, riches
riches from our motherland.
For the benefit
Benefit, benefit, before
they can scavenge us.
He drilled, he drilled, he drilled.
Are you taking pictures of the women?
Or the performance?
I'm getting audience reactions.
Thanks, Taki, I'll do
your transfer tonight.
Unless you've got a
problem with cash in hand?
I've got nothing against cash in hand.
Cash in hand is great.
If you're a stripper
or you sell weed.
In other news, have you seen
where that lady went?
What lady?
The nice one.
They're all nice.
The one I was taking pictures of just now.
Oh yes, the one you
were taking pictures of
instead of doing
your job.
That's the one, she disappeared.
Have you seen where she went?
I was way too busy
looking after my club.
So you're gonna have to forgive
me if I couldn't do your babysitting.
As usual
it's been a pleasure.
All right.
- Take it easy.
- All right.
Hey, love.
No, no, no, they've pushed
my meeting up by two hours.
Yeah, maybe around six, half six, uh
Give or take.
Right, I'll see you then.
I love you too.
Hey, yo, Taks?
Jesus Christ
Whoa! She's gorgeous. Who's that?
- I wish I knew.
- Why you stalking, my guy?
I'm not stalking her.
I I saw her at the
poetry thing at the club.
Wait a minute, so you're telling me that
this person, she
She wasn't with anyone?
She came alone.
My brother.
Are you sure this person, um
wasn't a prostitute?
A prostitute at a poetry session?
Yoh! Who says prostitutes
don't go to poetry sessions?
Listen, if you'd seen half of
the things that they had seen,
I'm telling you, you'd need
some poetry in your life as well.
Can I help you, Donald?
Yes, um, the magazine guy
is waiting for us downstairs.
Okay, I'll be right down.
- Give me five minutes.
- All right, cool.
Just don't take too long because
apparently, he's waiting for us
and he's got a gig of
us taking pictures of girls.
In bikinis.
- Really, Donald?
- Hey, hey.
Don't you really, Donald.
I'm married. You,
you don't know my pain.
This is a blessing and it's
not even in disguise, it's
It's in the bikini, so
- You're stupid.
- Hey yo!
Amandla, let's get going, let's get going.
Linda, you said something about bikinis?
- Yeah.
- She's gonna be launching her debut album.
So we wanted a beach swimwear vibes.
- You know?
- So you want sand?
Not really,
I was thinking more big
balloons, cocktails, umbrellas.
Something of that sort.
I mean, she's gonna be
posing with her friends or her...
Rather the ones we get for her.
As you see here, gentlemen,
she has a very feisty feel to her.
Hmm. Hey, hey. Hold on. Um
She has a very sexy feel to her.
And the things I'd do.
Donald, why don't you do
those things to your wife?
Me? Bro, really?
Gosh, he's quite right, bro.
This girl is a unicorn.
A unicorn, really?
Those rare, mystical creatures of
That's the girl from the club.
Ah, the the prostitute?
She's not a prostitute.
I promise you, she's not a prostitute.
- Okay, I'll be back in a minute.
- Wait. Where are you going?
We're in the middle of a meeting.
Where you going?
Bro, you're looking at a
girl and calling her a unicorn.
This does not qualify as a meeting,
it qualifies as foreplay
to what you're gonna do to yourself
as soon as the universe
allows you alone time.
Yeah, you're an asshole.
Do I know you?
Yeah, you're the lady from the club.
And you are?
I'm the guy who takes the photos.
Um, are you stalking me,
guy who takes the photos?
No, no, um, I was
in a meeting.
And I saw you, so I decided
to come over and ask if you
might wanna see the
photos that I took of you.
Well, I took photos of the
the event but you happened
to be in them, you know?
- Mmm.
- Yeah.
Ah, do you do this with all the guests?
Yes, this is uh, standard procedure.
I'm lying.
So, um, how do I get the photos?
Well, you could give me your number.
I'll send them to you.
So you're asking me for my number?
I mean, I could, could use your, your
- email if
- No, no, no.
You're not answering my question.
I'm saying do you want to have my number?
- Yes.
- Where's your phone?
I saved it as Tumi.
That's your name?
No, my name is George.
Sorry, I'm a bit slow today.
I can see that.
Don't worry about it, I'm
taking pills and injections
and stuff, you know?
Doctor says it should
clear up in a few days or so.
Let's hope so.
Camera guy?
Um, I didn't get your name.
Taki with a T?
No, with a Q.
I've got a delivery for you.
Wow, Mrs. Nkosi.
No. No, no, no.
I haven't decided if I'm
taking your surname yet.
So please, don't flirt with me like that.
A delivery for a
possibly soon-to-be Mrs. Nkosi.
I don't want it.
Well, you can't reject it now.
I just did.
- Not until you read the note.
- I don't want to read the note.
Oh, that's perfectly fine
because part of my job description
includes reading the note.
- I don't want to hear it.
- Well, I think she does want to hear it.
future wife.
These flowers are but a
small symbol of my love for you.
And I'm the luckiest
fool to have found you.
Permission to kiss you.
Go up now. I'm coming.
Okay, okay.
- My love?
- Hmm?
I was quite embarrassed
by what you did this morning.
What did I do?
Telling the TV crew you won't do
the interview when you agreed to do it.
I'm sorry.
Um, I had forgotten.
So now you remember?
Yes, I do.
Look, I just double booked
and for that, I apologize.
Well, I think you need
to apologize to them.
- No.
- Why not?
Because they are filmmakers, okay?
That's not even a real job.
You know, huh-uh.
Sometimes I can't tell the difference
whether you're being serious or joking.
I don't know.
Well, this is my serious face.
I will not apologize to a group of
people who don't have real jobs.
All they do is sit around
and tell stories all day.
You know who else does that?
People in taverns.
You're being an idiot.
No, they're being idiots.
Spending all of their free time drinking
too much and having unprotected sex.
Who does that?
You know, you
You've really mastered
the art of being hurtful.
I'm just being honest.
In a very hurtful way
Um Hi.
Is this the guy who takes photos?
Why would you call me that?
I told you my real name.
You said it was your middle name.
I was just being charming.
Are you good, Taki?
I am.
Why are you calling me?
Well, it's about the photos and um
You're calling me about the photos?
I am.
That's disappointing.
I thought you were calling
to do dinner or something.
- Well, I'd love to do dinner or something.
- Then ask me to do dinner or something.
You want me to ask you?
I wouldn't have told you to ask me
if I didn't want you to ask me, Taki.
I'm a lady, so I would
like to be treated as one.
Would you like to do
dinner or something, Tumi?
Hmm Let me think about that.
Excuse me, I'm just
checking my diary quickly.
I may be able to fit you in.
When would you like to do it?
As soon as humanly possible.
How about now?
It's short notice now, Taki.
Okay. Then tomorrow.
Let's do dinner tomorrow.
Then I will dinner with
you tomorrow, Taki.
I am glad to hear that, Tumi.
Good night, Tumi.
It's still evening, Taki,
so we say good evening.
Well then, good evening to you, too.
I'm not a monster.
I didn't say you were a monster.
Yeah, sometimes I
just feel like you think it.
Do you think it?
You used to be tougher
than this, remember?
What happened?
I met you.
So in your life's movie, I'm the bad guy.
No one said you're a bad guy.
You're just saying that.
Because I want to believe it.
But you don't.
Not when you're being hurtful.
Am I being hurtful now?
And tomorrow?
If I don't want to hurt
you tomorrow, what
would I do?
Well, let's see.
You would help me find the cake.
That's what we're doing tomorrow.
Okay. We can do that.
And also, I'd like you to help me
more with the wedding arrangements.
You said you wanted to take the lead.
I was just letting you lead.
Yeah. But I want your input.
Remember, this is a partnership, Bheka.
I know.
And you're my partner.
Okay, I'll be there now.
Uh, I'll see you soon.
Hey. Uh, just a quick meeting in and out.
I should be back in an hour.
- I don't believe you.
- An hour and a half latest.
Remember, you still have to
do your one-on-one interview?
Yes, and I will. In an hour and a half.
You promise?
I guarantee it.
Okay, Trevor. Uh, we'll
shoot it in an hour and a half.
Yes, Sir.
It's Tresor, not Trevor, babe.
Why did you keep
letting me call you Trevor?
It's not a big deal.
No, it is a big deal.
What language is that anyway?
It's French, Sir.
Well, what does it mean?
It means treasure.
Why do you have a French name?
Because I'm half French.
You're French?
See, my father's from South Africa.
So I grew up here but
my mother's from the DRC.
That would make you
half DRC, not half French.
I mean, being colonized by someone
doesn't actually make you them.
Imagine if I went around
saying that I am half Afrikaans
and half British just
because they colonized us.
- Doesn't make sense now, does it?
- Babe?
I am teleporting a message to you
regarding the conversation
we had earlier on.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you.
No offence taken.
You see, love. He's not offended.
Oh. Well, if you keep speaking like
this, the offended will call you woke.
An hour and a half, Tresor.
Think about what I just said, right?
And how many people in France
do you think go around claiming
the DRC as their nationality?
And if they don't do it,
then we shouldn't either, right?
African and proud.
The thing is, it was the
Belgian that colonized us.
But um, I hear your point.
Yeah, Belgium, France. Same difference.
They all colonize us.
But we're still African and proud.
- Say it with me. African and proud.
- African and proud.
And you'll still be African and
proud in an hour and a half.
So you don't date?
- I don't.
- What do you do?
- I freelance.
- Between women?
Well, it's not between livestock.
Who hurt you?
Why do you think someone hurt me?
Because you've got an ice
box where your heart used to be.
- We're quoting Omarion now?
- Who hurt you?
We'll quote Boom Shaka if we have to.
Who hurt you?
- You wouldn't know her.
- She cheated on you.
She hooked up with another guy?
I did a count not so long ago and
the number I reached was around
half of Joburg.
What's her name?
Well, her nickname is Marie.
Marie is a name. It's not a nickname.
Not if it's short for Marie Antoinette.
Marie Antoinette?
Yeah, she never liked
seeing a good man go hungry.
So she let them eat cake.
Marie Antoinette.
So that has hurt your male ego.
That's like saying she
broke my male heart.
She did.
So how long have you been single for?
About three and a half years.
It's just that
being in a relationship
makes me feel trapped.
You know, I wanna get out.
But when I do that, I hurt someone.
So I figure if I don't date
I won't hurt anyone.
I'm not designed to hurt people.
No one is designed to hurt people.
Then why do we do it so much?
I guess if hurt is all you
know, then hurt is all you'll give.
You know that saying,
hurt people, hurt people?
Yeah, I've heard that once.
I'm trying to help you here.
Help me then.
I don't like to have too
many rules in my life,
especially when it comes to relationships.
But I do have one rule.
And that's never to date
anyone who hates themselves
or doesn't love themselves.
You can only give what you have.
And if hate is all you have inside,
then hate is all you give outside.
Never trust the naked man
who promises to give you a suit.
Because if he can't clothe himself,
then how do you expect him to clothe you?
So you only trust people
who are fully clothed?
The only people who can give
love are those who have love inside.
True love.
Not this thing that
people like to call love but
in reality, is just vanity
in sheep's clothing.
Heart times.
Hard times, indeed.
Oh, no, not hard times.
Heart times.
You know, like the heart that beats.
You down to the ground until
you don't recognize yourself
and build up walls like,
"I don't date anymore."
You clap when you laugh.
I clap when I'm happy.
And why are you happy?
Because I'm attracted to you
and I enjoy spending time
with people I'm attracted to.
what are your plans?
I have but one plan.
- Is that yours?
- Yeah.
Hey, love.
I'm good and you?
Really, I I didn't hear it.
I was out at lunch.
What time will you be back?
Okay, well wanna do a movie?
Okay. Dinner and a movie and
then we'll make it a real date.
Okay, love.
Love you, too.
That was your boyfriend?
You didn't say anything?
You didn't ask anything.
I didn't.
Does it bother you?
It can't.
You have heard of an
open relationship, right?
Yeah. In the movies.
So what? You
You can hook up with anyone you want to?
And he does too. I mean,
we're not prostitutes.
We just don't like to have
unrealistic expectations of ourselves.
Okay, that's that's nice.
- But give me a little more attitude.
- Got it? Let's go.
Linda, my guy.
You know, if you ever if you
ever want to give up on the world.
Just just come back to these moments.
- Beautiful.
- What did you say?
I said beautiful.
And I think we're done.
Hey, huh? Tak Taki?
Are you done? Dude, are they finished?
- Is that it?
- Yeah, that's it.
Don't you have, like
an another shot or so?
Thank you so much, ladies.
Thank you. You did well.
I love you.
- Baby?
- Hmm?
I said I love you.
- Babe.
- Hmm?
I said I love you. Did you not hear me?
I did both times.
Okay, so
what do you have to say about it?
I have to say thank you.
Thank you and?
- Babe.
- Yeah.
Well, I have to say thank you
and I love you more than you know.
Are you sure?
I love you.
Bheka, I feel like you
don't really love me.
Of course I do.
No, you don't because now you're
running off to your little fianc.
I have to finish the shoot.
You don't have to do anything.
You want to.
I've been telling you this so many times.
You never listen to me.
Look, baby, I'm not
fighting with you, okay?
You know I don't like to fight with you.
Are you angry at me now?
Could never be angry at you.
So are you finally going
to send me that data
that I've been asking
for that you promised
so long ago.
But obviously, you always forget about me.
I'm sorry.
Look I, I had so much on my mind.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Okay. So you'll send it today?
I'll send it before I get to the shoot.
Look he's cheated on me before.
So this wouldn't be the first time.
You got cheated on.
What a historic moment.
Tell me about one woman
who has never been cheated on.
Oh, where's my phone
so I can tell the press.
- I'm glad that you find this as a joke.
- I don't think it's a joke.
I think it's a trend. Everybody does it.
So Thabo also cheats on you?
No. I just like being
drunk every day at 2 PM.
Geez, why didn't you tell me?
Because it's a trend.
Everybody does it.
Show me a man who doesn't cheat
and I'll show you a historic moment.
So what, are we just
supposed to accept it?
No, we're supposed to adapt.
Adapt? What do you mean, adapt?
I mean, we adapt.
By adapting.
Okay. Let me put it like this.
When your man leaves to do dodgy business
you must also go do your dodgy business.
Are you?
Please don't ask me questions
you don't have the guts to...
No. I do.
You are so innocent.
I feel like I'm talking too much.
You're crazy.
I'm not crazy.
The world we live in is crazy.
Me? I'm adapting.
So how long have you been
Ever since he started doing it.
You're lying.
I wasn't doing anything.
Until I found out that he is
busy hooking up with everyone.
Like who?
Like secretaries.
Like PA's.
Anyone wearing a skirt.
Men don't have standards.
What separates a man from a woman
is the clothes they're wearing.
But Sindi why don't you just leave him?
Leave him for what?
For another man who's
going to cheat as well.
Girl, we live in a city of gold.
Not a city of golden men.
No, well, I I don't believe
that all men are the same.
Okay. You're living in Lalaland.
Where they open doors for you,
give you back massages
without any ulterior motives. Here?
Trusting a man is like trusting that a
guy who drives a BMW won't speed.
You're such a pessimist.
- I'm a realist.
- No, you're a pessimist.
Because the only time your glasses
are full is when there's Pinot in it.
Open your eyes, friend.
Look around you.
We live in a city where broken
people come in and their droves
because this is the only place
where they can truly feel at home.
Come on.
Ah, you're back.
Yeah, you're still here.
What are you doing?
I was supposed to have
been gone by now, right?
No. Come on.
- They're usually gone by now, aren't they?
- I mean, on average, yes.
No worries. Um, I will just finish
up here and get out of your way.
I'm not kicking you out.
you want me to stay and eat with you?
Yes, I do.
Hey! Hey.
You've been so slow.
So much so, that being a
doctor is not about healing
but about prescribing the right
If life was reduced to a single moment
I choose to remain in this one.
Hey, love.
You have puppy dog eyes.
Puppy dog?
The happiest dog in the world.
Yet sometimes it looks so sad.
Well, I'm not sad.
You're lying to me.
I don't lie.
Time flies when you're
When you're having fun.
Yeah. It does.
What's worse than leaving?
Being left behind.
You know, I've been in Joburg for
over three years now and honestly,
if it wasn't for this last
year and this record label thing,
- I swear I would have left.
- So you don't like Joburg?
I mean, it's not
that I don't like it. It's just
It's It's hectic, you know?
It's not a place that you
wanna be in if you're broke.
Yeah, I mean
I hated this place.
Because I was broke the
first two years I was here.
Yoh, Joburg is more
intense than New York, hey?
Oh, you've been?
I mean, no.
But I'm sure it is.
- I have a theory about Joburg.
- Hmm?
Ask me what it is.
What's your theory about Joburg?
Why, that's a very good question, Ma'am.
Did you come up with that all by yourself?
You think you're clever, hey?
I think.
Therefore I am.
Ugh, what's your theory?
Okay. Think of every
megacity in the world.
They're all connected to a body
of water in one way or another.
Joburg is the only mega city in the world
that is not connected to a body of water.
Ask me why not.
Why not?
Because when we came here
we weren't looking for life.
We were looking for gold.
- So, when will it be done?
- Oh, they said in a day or two.
I was hoping you'd drop
me off at the shoot tomorrow.
I need to look for a wedding dress.
You already have a wedding dress.
You have two.
But those were for the
weddings that did not happen.
Now I need a dress for a
wedding that is going to happen.
Bheka, please drop me off.
Why don't you order a ride?
Because my soon-to-be husband has a car.
And he also has a job that he
needs to get to in the morning.
So you're saying no?
I am saying why don't you
order a ride in the morning
and I will pick you up
at the end of the day.
I really love both the dresses
but I haven't decided on
which one I'm gonna go for.
So I will sleep on it.
- Do you want me to say anything else?
- No, I think I think we're good.
I think we're good.
Okay, cool.
What if we did a little sign-out where
you say this is the end of the day?
You're waiting for Bheka
and when he comes through,
you jump into the
car and you guys drive off?
- Okay, fine.
- Awesome.
Camera's rolling.
And action!
So we've just finished off the
day and I've selected two dresses,
which I still need to sleep on before
I decide which one I'm gonna go for.
But at least we have our finalists and
right now, I'm just waiting for Bheka to
come and fetch me so we can go home.
Just keep walking until
where the car gets here.
We'll play with transitions and jump cuts
just to make the wait a little shorter.
- But just keep waiting.
- Okay.
Bheka, you said you'd
be here 30 minutes ago.
Call me back.
He's um, probably in a meeting.
Yeah. No, it's it's fine.
I'll just I'll just call the cab.
No, don't worry about that.
I'll drop you off.
No, really, it's fine.
I'll call a ride. It's cool.
That would be fine if I didn't have a car.
Here we go.
- Thanks for dropping me off.
- No, not a problem at all.
I don't know what I would
have done without you.
You would have called a ride.
- Alright, good night, yeah.
- Good night.
I was thinking, babe.
What were you thinking?
You know, we could
re-look this baby issue.
Is this the talk you wanted to have?
I thought this was gonna be a good talk.
Wait, how is talking
about a baby not good?
When I'm not ready to have one?
Don't you remember,
you were the one that said that,
you know, we'd revisit this issue.
No, you were the one who said
you wanted to revisit this issue.
You're being selfish.
So what's the alternative?
Me being selfless and having
a baby I don't want to have
so that you and your family can go
around saying, "She's such a bad mother."
- It's not gonna happen.
- Yes, it will.
Baby, look.
People have children
they don't want all the time.
And that's why there's so many
messed up individuals in this world.
Do you honestly think if people chose to
have babies when they're good and ready
that it'll at least solve half
of the world's problems?
But you're ready, we both...
Are you honestly telling
me that you're ready
for a child to mimic
who you are right now? Because I'm not.
So you're waiting to be perfect?
I am waiting to be ready.
Babe, I've been calling out to you.
You didn't answer.
You are angry at me.
It's understandable.
I made a commitment to come
and pick you up and I didn't.
I broke a promise and for that I'm
I'm sorry. I apologize.
Do you forgive me?
My love, I'm talking to you.
Sit down.
Can I get something to eat first,
I'm famished.
I'm sure she gave you
more than enough to eat.
So I'm going to need you
to sit down.
So it's about that?
Sit down.
Do you love me?
How can you even ask me that?
Yeah, cause I mean you walk
in here with lousy flowers
to compensate for the fact that
you were inside another woman.
Do you love me?
My proof is your lies.
Your lies, Bheka.
And your stupid meetings
that run into the night.
It's the nature of my job.
As what?
As a qualified architect?
Or a qualified whore?
The Carlton Centre is the
second tallest building in town.
Do us a favor.
Go take a leap of faith.
Why would you
do something like this to me?
Because you have done nothing.
You're not listening to me.
When I met you,
you were this beautiful, radiant girl.
Your body looked like it was engineered
by an Eastern Cape car manufacturer.
Your hair, your nails, your skin.
You were polished like a rare diamond.
Then you got too comfortable.
Put a ring on your finger.
And you took that as
permission to let yourself go.
Oh, please.
Says the man who used to run track.
But the closest you've gotten
to a six-pack in the last decade
is in a bottle store.
This is my issue.
You just don't get it.
- It's like I'm talking to a two-year-old.
- Oh, well then enlighten me, my love.
Because I I can't seem to understand.
I'm struggling with your double standards
as your hypocrisy washes over me.
It is not hypocrisy.
These are the rules of the game.
The rules? What rules?
When I don't take care of myself
I must get thrown out and when you
don't take care of yourself it's all good.
Because I'm a man!
You didn't just say that.
Because you are the man.
Because you are the man, Bheka.
I'm sorry, I'm not
trying to be an ass here but
That ship has long sailed.
You know what?
What I'm trying to say
is that I worked hard.
Okay? I come from poverty
and I worked hard.
Okay? I went to university.
I got a good job.
I made money.
I started my own company.
Okay? I made even more money.
So as a man, I did my part.
I provided.
And you, what do you do?
Stuff yourself with hamburgers.
- It's a chicken burger.
- It's still a burger.
I didn't say you must throw it away.
Oh, fuck you and your lame attempts
at being a considerate asshole.
Fuck you!
You've changed?
Yeah. Um
I need to get to work.
Emergency shoot.
It's 10 p.m.
Are you shooting paramedics or something?
No, I'm
There's an artist in
town who's performing,
And his photographer bailed on him so
- Yeah, I've gotta step in.
- Is it?
And what's the artist's name?
His name?
Nark something?
- I don't know, something like that.
- Nark something?
I've never heard of him.
- Must be an up-and-coming artist, right?
- He must be, yeah.
Probably is.
Okay, just give me a few minutes.
I'm gonna go clear my head a little bit.
Because things were said last night
that I need to marinate on.
I will be back later.
I don't think she'll ever change.
I know, baby.
But I could change for you.
You don't have to change.
I don't want you to change a single thing.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
'Cause I'm perfect?
I won't say this has come
as a complete surprise.
But women in your position
have been known to do things
even more dramatic
than this to keep a man.
Granted, it's a bit desperate.
Unoriginal in my opinion but
well played.
we'll get married,
we'll have this child and
we'll make lemonade.
Okay. So I'm gonna
be in edit most of today.
I'll give you a call when I'm almost done.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I think congratulations are in order.
are expecting a baby.
Um that's, that's not possible.
That's not possible.
I've been taking these pills for like
I don't even know how many
years and I've never skipped a day
and they've never given
me a problem before.
You do understand that close to
10% of women who are on the pill
fall pregnant every year, right?
I know. I'm just saying like,
I've taken it every single day.
it's like
why wouldn't they work?
What's important is that
we look at our options now.
I can schedule another
appointment for later in the week.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What's wrong?
You said you wanted to
speak to me about something.
What I wanted to
speak to you about can wait.
First, tell me what's wrong.
I am.
Taki, come here.
Talk to me.
I ignored your calls.
What do you mean?
When you called
earlier on
just now this morning,
I didn't miss the calls, I ignored them.
Why would you do that?
Because there's something
seriously damaged about this guy.
The moment I feel remotely
- in lo...
- Vulnerable?
In Vulnerable, I
Are you falling in love with me?
Please don't look at me
when you ask me that.
Does that make you feel vulnerable?
A bit.
And does that make you wanna run?
Not from you.
So what do you wanna do?
I wanna stop jeopardizing
my own happiness.
It's exhausting.
So why do you do it?
Fear of another Marie
Antoinette situation?
That was really painful for me.
I don't like pain because
pain hurts.
So you still need to get over it?
I'm over her
and that chapter.
I I've closed that entire book now.
I'm not concerned
that you're not over her.
It's recovering from the emotional damage,
from the heartbreak
that I'm concerned about.
But I am over the damage.
Well, then why did you just call
yourself damaged 20 seconds ago?
the level of fear you
have towards anything
that compromises this image
that you've built of yourself,
is frankly a phobia.
Yet here I am
facing my fear.
You're facing your fear of losing me.
You're not facing your fear of commitment.
Being here
is me facing my fear of commitment.
And how's that fair on me?
Expecting me to fully commit to someone
who's still facing their fear of it?
But I am committed to you.
You say that now.
But wait until you're triggered.
I'll miss a call and
you'll think I'm cheating.
I'll be out of town and you'll
think it's because of another man.
You have to heal
the damage that you've
carried for all of these years.
Or else you'll just carry it into
the next relationship you're in.
And that to me is like the textbook
definition of emotional baggage.
But what if
What if by the time I've healed
you've married him or something?
You were the first person
I called after I left the doctor's office.
You were the only one I called.
Well, so far.
When did you go to the doctor's office?
Before I called you.
What's going on?
I'm having his child.
So you stopped using protection with him?
That's the thing, um
protection doesn't always protect.
Well, that's true.
So like, how do you feel
about what I've just said?
I'm happy for you.
I know.
I mean, I think uh I
think I read it somewhere.
I think I read like the
stats somewhere that said
nine out of a hundred
women who are on the pill
still fall pregnant.
But it's not like they all have it.
And And I'm not saying
that you should have it.
I mean, him or her,
I'm just saying I get it.
I get it.
I mean, I I'm not stupid
and I understand that
medicine is a science but
it's not an exact science.
Nothing that is man-made
can ever be exact.
It's not perfect.
Because how can an imperfect human being
create something that is perfect?
I mean, that would be
Th Th That would be defying science.
Wouldn't it?
Is there anything that you wanna ask me?
Are you gonna marry him now?
You were the first person I told, Taki.
You were the only one I told so far.
But what does that mean, Tumi?
What does it mean?
It means
you'll take all the time that
you need to process everything.
And I concurrently will be doing the same.
And um
once we've processed everything,
we can
you know, connect once we've found
some sort of semblance of lucidity and
pick this up again.
Well then
thank you
for the elephant in the room
of a conversation.
Did we have an elephant in the room?
A big one.
And it's African too so
it's the biggest of its kind.
Alright. Okay Sorry
to cut you off there, Doc.
So wait, so
So the meditations are guided?
Keep focusing on your
breath as you inhale, exhale.
And on your next exhale, allow yourself
to let go of anything that no
longer serves your mind, your body.
I was on a date the other night.
Does that make you jealous?
Not necessarily.
you don't care about me?
You went on a date, which is okay
because you and me are not dating.
Okay, so
So now that you've used me,
you don't care what happens.
- Wait. You feel used?
- You know what I mean.
But I told you this in the beginning.
It's not some big surprise that I'm
throwing at you at this very moment.
I told you I don't date.
You agreed to us not dating.
I don't understand why
you're using guilt as a weapon.
That's not okay.
You know
You think you deserve no
responsibility for the damage you cause.
Just because you make this big
announcement in the beginning saying,
"Ah, I don't date."
Which makes you think
that your hands are clean
of all the blood you're about to shed.
The blood I'm about to shed?
You know what your problem is?
Well, I have a lot of those.
Do you want to hear something specific?
You're a fake.
A con.
You'd like to talk this deep talk about,
"Ooh, Joburg is so materialistic"
and "Ooh, there's no life here."
But what you fail to understand
is that the reason
why you can't find life
is because
there's no life in you.
So when you seek and do not find
it is only because
one cannot locate that
which they do not recognize.
You're Geppetto.
As you take advantage
of the fact that Joburg is a wilderness
filled with dying people
who will crawl with their manicured
fingernails to the first oasis they see.
You're okay with entering my body.
But it's entering my heart
that you have a problem with.
But I told you this in the beginning,
- Katlego.
- Yes.
Yes, you did, Taki.
Because that's your game.
And you play your game
I just hope that one day
you realize
that human beings were
not created to be played with.
Especially by you.
Baby, I'm telling you,
Taki is into this one.
He said he was going to go celibate,
grow his hair and be vegan for this girl.
I'm telling you no lie.
- You're an idiot.
- You said that.
- He's an idiot.
- He said that
No wait now. Wait.
So what are the rules?
There are no rules.
But he said you guys aren't
allowed to talk to each other.
No, we're just giving each other space.
So you guys can talk to each other?
Babs, listen. That wouldn't be giving
each other space, now, would it?
I just want to know how long this
is actually going to go on for, babe.
When it feels right.
Um, I don't know.
Doesn't it feel right now?
It does but I don't think I'm there yet.
But Taki
do we ever truly know when we're there?
Listen. Don't listen to her.
You do your thing and take your time.
- Thank you, my friend.
- There we go.
Oh. Like you took your time with me?
That's different.
Look, you were all over me.
- Is that how you choose to remember it?
- Yes, that's how
Look, whether it is true or not
Look, I have decided that is how
I'm going to remember our courtship.
And actually, under our constitution,
I enjoyed the right to freedom of choice.
Even if that choice is to lie to yourself.
Per Per Actually
Anyway, everybody
lies to themselves and I
Tumi's my freedom of choice.
And I choose her.
That's that esoteric thing
I was telling you about.
When I'm faced with my freedom of choice.
Whether it's next year, the
year after that or in a decade.
I'm always going to choose her.
You're not wrong.
Um Uh, bro, look.
You go make the phone call.
- Yeah, I think I should make the call.
- Yeah.
- You don't mind if I use it?
- As long as you need.
- All right, cool. Thank you.
- You go, girl!
Oh, stop it. You're going to
make him lose focus, man.
Lose focus?
Do you see that guy? He That guy is here.
- He's here. I'm telling you.
- Donald, you're ridiculous, man.
- Oh yeah, that's why you love me, right?
- Did you get dessert?
Uh, was I supposed to be making dessert?
No. Weren't
Weren't you making dessert?
I thought you were making it
because I'm understanding
how it's been done.
My number's blocked.
- What?
- What do you mean?
She blocked my number.
Shit, bro.
I'm sorry.
Okay. I got you.
- Yeah, okay.
- Alright?
- Yeah. Oh my God.
- It's okay.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay, it's okay.
- You okay?
- I'm sorry.
It's okay. There's no need to apologize.
I got you. Take off your shoes.
I'm okay.
It's alright.
I I'm so I woke you up
- It's okay, Taki.
- Okay.
You don't have to apologize.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, let me Let me get this for you.
Alright. Yeah, I think we're good.
- Okay. We're good?
- Yeah.
All right, cool.
All right. Uh, the big
day is finally here.
I think I'm a little bit nervous.
Since we've been trying to tie
the knot forever but never could.
But uh
we've been through our ups
and downs, like every relationship.
And I've supported her,
she's supported me.
And now we're going to support
each other as husband and wife.
Come in.
Hey. You're in your wedding dress.
I'm not supposed to see
you in your wedding dress.
It's bad luck.
Oh well, that's not a
South African superstition.
So you can relax.
Can I please speak to you?
- Can you give us the room?
- Yeah.
I tried. I gave you chances.
Over and over and over
and over again, Bheka.
- Just once. Just...
- You still don't see me...
- No.
- Just...
- So give us a chance.
- And now I'm done.
- Come on. Why aren't you listening to me?
- When I woke up this morning
- I knew I couldn't.
- Give us a fucking chance!
I tried to push through the doubt
but the closer we got to the ceremony,
the harder it became for me to
justify why I would marry this man.
You know, there are so many times that a
woman can be told that she's not beautiful
before she starts to believe it herself.
And when you believe it,
you start to think that the person
you're with is doing you a favor
by being with you.
But what you need to realize
is that no one who is
secure within themselves
will make anyone else feel
insecure about themselves.
You see, insecurity is a contagion
that has no known vaccine.
And those who suffer from it
will always try to infect
others with their virus.
So if the only way your Prince
Charming can be with you
is by convincing you
that you're not a princess,
then pause and ask yourself this question,
"Is he really a prince?"
"Or is he something much less?"
I've got great news.
I thought you would've called, babe.
No, you don't call with great news.
You say it face to face.
Okay, what is it?
I left her.
- Wow, Babe.
- Yeah.
And now I can marry you.
Oh my gosh.
I'm so happy.
I'm so happy, baby.
Finally, just me and you,
like we've always wanted.
Where is he?
Where is who?
The guy you're fucking, where is he?
Baby, come on.
There's nobody here,
it's just me and you...
Whoever is in this flat
I want you to come out of
where you are hiding right now!
Baby, what are you doing?
- Where is he?
- There's nobody here.
- In the bathroom? Where?
- Bheka.
In the wardrobe?
Under this bed? Where the fuck is he!?
Okay. Please
Please, listen to me.
You're scaring me, baby.
I'm going to give you five seconds!
And if you don't come out of
where you are, I will look for you
and I will find you!
And when I do, I will fucking kill you!
- There's nobody here, babe.
- Five!
- Calm down, please.
- Four!
Please don't do this, baby.
- Three!
- Okay.
I didn't know.
No disrespect, my man.
I am not your fucking man.
Get the fuck out of here.
- This is my flat, Bheka.
- Sorry, sir.
Who pays the rent?
Look, baby, I
I'm so sorry.
Really, I
Listen to me, okay?
Let's talk about this.
Look at me. I don't love him.
Okay? I don't love him.
I love you. I want to be with you, okay?
I met him at the gym and we
just work out together sometimes.
I've been begging you to come
to the gym with me but you
Shut the fuck up!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, please.
Please don't leave.
Please don't.
Okay, will you will you call
me at least so we can talk?
- We need to talk, babe.
- No, I will not call you.
Okay. You can send me
some airtime and I can I can call you.
So So
I moved out.
He said that I should stay but
the spirit kept reminding
me that this house
will never be a home.
Thank you for coming, Taki.
This is where I first
fell in love with art.
Art was the place I felt safe.
The place I felt peace.
It was then that I also realized that
I'm incapable of falling in love
without first feeling
You know
I dated this girl half a year
post the human apocalypse.
And one of the reasons we
ended up dating was because
she was my friend during the Marie era.
It felt like every time I was
sharing the shit that
Marie put me through, she was just
taking notes and
marking down all my weak points.
I say this because
you know how I feel for you.
I've made that abundantly clear.
You know my relationship with pain.
I did this because at no
point did I think you'd use
this information as intel to
conduct a fucking strike on me.
I didn't fucking strike you.
You said that we needed
to process everything
and once we had processed
everything, we would reconvene.
I did my processes and when
I came back to reconvene,
there was no one to reconvene with.
Because you blocked me.
I didn't block you to block you.
Then you blocked me for what, Tumi?
I blocked you because I needed time.
But why didn't you just say that?
I would have understood.
Would you, though?
Isn't "let's not talk indefinitely"
a concept that you're a
little too stubborn to grasp?
Why wouldn't you
want to talk indefinitely?
Other than your response
illustrating my previous point,
it illustrates another one.
You get to make your side of this decision
based on the criteria of me as a partner.
And I get to do the same of you.
However, and more importantly,
I have to consider the
criteria of that of a mother.
So if that process of considering
what's best for my child
takes an indefinite
amount of time then so be it.
I'm prepared to lose a partner over it.
But you didn't even give me a chance.
the chances that we
get in life are a testament
to the lives that we live.
You cannot spend the majority
of your adult life being a playboy
and then suddenly expect that I'm
going to take a chance on you on what?
The hope that suddenly
overnight change is an actual thing.
It's been a little over three months now.
I'm not going to lie and say
that it's been smooth sailing.
Change is difficult.
Even positive change.
But it's always important to remember
that during those sleepless nights,
when it feels like there's something
pressing down on your soul.
It's always important
to remember that this
this is good pain.
And do you see how this
you and me thing might
not be a good idea anymore?
I do.
Because once you let go
of something destructive
the pain that you have left over
is called recovery.
I had to apologize to the um
our Dream Day people. I mean, production.
However, as bad as I felt
It was a wake-up call.
I was caught up in trying to have this
perfect wedding
not realizing that I was about to
walk into a nightmare of a marriage.
See a wedding is
that's a one-day event.
You can't build your life around one day.
But a marriage on the other hand.
Now that's that's a commitment you make.
Using your life as collateral.
And I'm so tired of
seeing marriage as this
You get engaged in 9.58 seconds and
then you get a cash prize that comes with
getting a ring on it.
That's imagination.
See in life... In real life
you get called to be real.
I don't know. I
I don't know when I'll get married.
I know I do want to get married.
One day.
I just don't know the details of it.
And what he'll look like or
where he'll be from.
I just know that he will be kind.
Because kindness is the only
thing I'm willing to accept now.
I think it was
Paolo Coelho who said...
No, it was Khalil.
One of them said this.
"And God said"
"Love your enemy."
"And so I obeyed."
"And loved myself."