Smash Cut (2009) Movie Script

"I see the recording
films as a business,
I pity anyone who is
seen as a form of art"
Ladies and gentlemen. Notice,
that we intend to contribute,
there were only 3
times in film history.
Each time was preceded by
screening, promulgated
the type of film najneobiniji
who ever made.
And now, to inform
you for the fourth time.
Prikazaemo you a new movie
which is called "Smash Cut."
Odgledajte if
you. But remember:
You have been warned.
SMASH CU Acting:
Section for Psychiatry.
So Alan, do you still
have you... Uznemirujue dreams?
- Yes, I have.
- Almost every night?
Almost all that.
So these are the dreams of the incident
that occurred before the 2, 3, 4 months?
It was not a dream! It really is!
Really. I think that's true
clown. I think it's alive.
Yes... Well, well...
Alane. Concentrate.
Razmiljaj little rational.
Number one: toys are not
People. They can not come to life.
- They can not kill people,
They are toys Alan!
- It's not a toy Doc,
it is real!
We both know that you have a problem.
See, this izmie
control. I think...
- Potseti me once more,
as a clown name?
Bobo? It makes the whole
thing even stupider!
Overuse! Deserve
what you'll get!
Platiete for what you said!
- This movie sucks.
- This film is bezveze.
I want my money back!
- This is false!
- This movie sucks!
- That was it. It's
the death of cinema.
I know... I iznenaen,
the projector is not burned. Ed
Wood would look like Orson Welles.
- How did you say his name?
- Whitman. Able Whitman.
Jesus. I hope that
no longer makes movies.
"Lethal toy"
Now I understand why it is here
looking for actresses for your movies.
biopskopski Antichrist."
"To call him incompetent
would be too polite."
Sitniavost. She sitniava!
Able my boy, do not
and saddened by some newspapers.
As for recording,
tomorrow morning...
How many scenes are planning
for tomorrow, because you know...
Small plot, then death, so that
the issue of setting up lights...
Not only critics. Investors.
- Banknotes with teeth!
Producers, actors and
the audience, sitting in the dark.
Sniffing anonymously...
You should die, before
get a chance to look at
end of the movie!
And these "loyal" team...
Always sniffing something
better, using the links to...
- Please, Able!
- I always break!
Able, it is a little excessive.
I'm done cleaning
your camera. Here it is.
See you tomorrow on the set.
Always break...
In search of inspiration.
Need... Inspiration!
No tapes!
Doavola! Need
This is my inspiration!
I can give you inspiration,
that you need, Able.
You are my inspiration...
My husband on Human form.
Need me in the movie Next.
The camera and waiting.
Pervert. Pervert!
You sir, are
pervert natural appetite!
Yes sir! I
I am a true artist!
Able, let us go hence.
What are you doing?
It's money, Able. Not
money is BETWEEN us.
It's not about the money.
I'm not here for the money.
Already for us.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
God, why me? Why me?
I... Cut!
"This movie sucks!"
"This is false!"
My God... They are right.
That is false...
Purify set!
"This movie sucks!"
"This is false!"
All right, Gigi.
Give me all the inspiration you have.
This is brilliant!
So... realistic.
- Very... uznemirujue.
- So, Able.
If you continue like this, prestaemo
fees to beaches for a change.
I begin to zaraujemo money.
Ozzie, what you just said?
I just said...
If you continue like this...
You're right! Absolutely You
right. I can not stop now.
Able, you have everything ready to
should... to a meeting with the Council,
next week...?
We really need...
their money...
Absolutely. It is my priority.
Now if you excuse me gentlemen,
I have some modifications
on the script to do.
- Able, it is a reminder...
- Fine, fine, anytime.
...Something I wanted to
talk, but priaemo already.
Prepare your blood!
Able deae dear,
We're pretty scared.
- Do you need anything, Able?
- What was I, Able?
It is quite... For now.
What should I do, Gigi? Own
blood was not enough.
Please, Gigi...
Tell me what to do.
You are my muse!
Give me a sign!
Thank you and the love of mine.
It is well known, conventional,
anticipated, track, stock, issued...
nenamagnetisano, corny...
Commonplace? Ideal.
Able Whitmanov sense of
drama is commonplace as a... As...
As critic, which renik
doing all the work for them.
Prove that I am right,
Whitman. Arriving
in my office,
to start suoili with me?
What are you: good,
bad... No, disgusting.
Probably zamiljate themselves as
courageous, domiljat unprecedented?
Well, I assure you, my dear:
And is only to
Either way, what
do you want? Interview?
No, none of these things...
Although I would like to make a statement.
Really? Tell.
I'm gonna kill you. And then...
Iseiu your body in small pieces.
I iskoristiu them to your
film. Not necessarily in that order.
Well, sir Whitman seems to have
finally came up with
original idea!
No, no... Saekaj.
Head... There.
The internal organs...
Well, I'll have them all.
- You're fired!
Fingerprints on a blind eye.
How good name for a movie!
Film title of all time!
Ingenious! Ingenious!
Whitman... You're a genius!
The play was commonplace for.
For DRAM is ingenious.
Broadcast information
disappearance Georginy Carson,
any such spot known as Gigi.
It was reported that the missing,
upon completion
in the club on Wednesday night.
The police treated her
ultimate disappearance as suspicious.
But for now no trace.
See you soon, seco.
Regarding the idea that
I had, boss...
What, the private detective
pronae your sister, right?
To tell you the truth,
Carson, svia me.
- Svia you?
- Yes!
You are young, vivacious. It
the more you're on camera.
It is a humane story. It
shows that the station has a heart.
Now, this guy...
Which do you want to...
- Beaumonde, right?
Yes, that's right.
I've heard it's really character.
- The story in itself.
- It is.
Another puzzle to figure out
He sent the Strangler
Savannah behind bars.
For Night of Witch,
closed and Jensen.
Francis "Lucky
Toes, "behind bars.
But he came out, right?
Conditional. But it is Beaumonde,
returned once more, permanently.
I certainly still a lot of them.
All major cases, all closed.
So, has a good reputation, huh?
Coincides, as far as I hear.
Follow it wherever it
move, gospoice Carson.
I do not know what yet, but I have a
feeling, that something big will fall.
Sorry gospoice Carson,
But Mr. Beaumont's Avatar
currently not available
to take cases.
So, when will it be? I
how do you know my name?
Mr. Beaumonde get this...
And your station gets an exclusive
entitled to an incredible story
where izvarendni
Beaumond solve the case.
You took my words out of his mouth.
In this case...
Isaac Beaumonde.
- At a lucrative service.
- What?
And now, my dear...
To hear the details.
These are my
sister. Gone.
Police did not find...
The police can not
pronae or her nose in the fog.
So... Searching for
your missing sister.
Come, my dear.
Come on... my dear.
If we start.
Gretchen Gregorski, known
as a film critic,
pronaena was brutally murdered in
his office early this morning.
The report found nepotvrenom,
body parts that are not pronaeni.
It is still neuraunjivo.
Indeed uznemirujue.
- They want us uutkaju, do you know?
- Yes.
Because we artists, telling the truth.
They want to make us
to fight for
with capitalism crumble
their table.
Yes, they only care about
para. Do not appreciate real art.
What are you working in your movie?
Actually I shoot video.
- Experimentally.
It's about television,
as the present's largest
Time Wasters.
Moan and influential medium,
that attacks almost every home.
My film is a collage of pictures
proves the thesis that up.
- Collage?
- What are you working in your film?
The eerie study abundantly watered
blood. My best work ever.
I will not allow
me that you sputava!
Now, we start with
eliminating suspects.
What the heck you svemonog
do you think? Get out!
Honey, get up. Our
confession is interrupted.
Get out of my
Limo! Get out!
Believe me when I say:
We do not want to spend time with
you more than necessary.
Just answer a few
questions to our satisfaction,
and we go our way.
- For news, Mr. Boone...
Reverend Boone. That
I want to say...
Wait a minute. News? You
the reporter from the channel...
With channels "Reverend Boone
enjoys smoking, in a limo
by strippers, on account.
The Church. "If you do not respond
- Oh, wait a little child...
- I...
- Concentrate, Reverend.
- To concentrate...?
Where were you in the past
uvea Tuesday at 23:00 pm?
I was right here, on this street!
Brought God's word, those
most in need.
You can ask anyone
from members of my flock.
Or any client temple harlotry.
I looked at all the eyes,
that came out of the house of shame.
Sublime is ridiculous.
Proveriemo your story.
Thank you for your
time, Reverend.
I go the hang of this.
I think now should I say,
You can scream
as much as you want.
Lonako you will not hear none.
The walls are thick, the room has
own ventilation system.
In addition...
The only person who has
I come here just me.
All recorded through
video camera today.
You know, those little tapes...
Without imagination, without
shape, composition.
This is really real.
I will not be detained by
by a patriot!
Show you for this!
It can not be...
I can not believe...
"Trillion Kosih Tower".
Einsporough Gordon, 1943.
He died at the premiere.
They said it was
pubuna, and he was killed.
Apparently the film
potstakao audience on crime.
And there is.
I thought they were
all copies destroyed.
But, that is.
Something we were together.
Thank you, Mitsy.
This is...
Ah, Able. Genius,
that I was looking for.
Come with me.
- Able, what do you think about karate?
- Well...
Yes. Larly exotic is exciting
is NEXT big thing.
Able, do you know the number of
karate school in America?
- Of course you do not know.
It's my job.
But listen... Complete
this bad situation...
Breaking bricks on his head
situation, great for kids.
We have to razmiljmo
the public tomorrow.
Able, the casting I razmiljao
the "deadly toy 2".
- We already produced by Ozzie.
- Of course, this is a creative challenge.
- But the kid...
- A child?
Prior will be a nine-year
karate champion.
Won competitions all over. His
parents are my friends.
Believe me the word: the
kid's gonna be something big.
I think it's "Deadly
Toy 2 "be a good start
for his career.
Ozzie, in this film
There is no room for the boy.
I do not want to do that!
Able, does not make yourself replaceable.
I think I understand, is
not? Or do you want in writing?
You can not do that. It
my film. This is my movie!
There should be less that
You read "film" or "Cinema"
You read a longer contract.
You see... I'm not your friend.
I'm not your partner.
I am your boss.
Why am I doing, Ozzie?
Because I can.
You need to hit his fist on the
table, to change a bit, Able.
People will even forget that you can.
When uem the room, people
should worship.
So, if a kid
remains in the film?
Morau to talk with the writer.
It's true spirit, Able!
Forget the awards. Just
Give something to fill coffers.
Move out of the way!
Able, we need to talk.
- You can not just let go
me and my team!
- We have a contract!
- Calm down, sit down.
Do not let the door,
to bite your ass.
And then we'll talk.
Able, for what would you get that
knife. Able? Able? Ableee!
As for the subject Grobera...
Is it a first or last name?
- Odkud I know?
- Never mind.
It seems that Grober,
if so called,
suffer from some type
post-war trauma.
From the war.
- What kind of war?
- Shit, gospoo. From the war.
It looks like a single
habit of fallen soldiers plastics,
which is actually a kind of
traumatic recreation.
What do you say?
I heard that he burned his
People after they died.
He used the petrol which
They burned wood, and lit them.
Do they not be cold.
I heard that he spent the whole night
spaljivajui outside bodies.
Only he and a bunch of burned corpses.
After all this crazy
to burn something.
Returns from kenjare and
something you can be sure.
Only we had done
service, I do not mix.
Smithy, watch out
bar. I have to serem.
Doors, gospoice Carson!
What is it? You play with
soldiers as a little child?
Skrivajui of eyes
the world with fire!
You are a coward! Come on,
guy! Cry! So, whether you crying?
We eliminate the certainty
Grobera from the list of suspects.
- And where it leads us?
- Originally, anywhere.
But we have a new candidate
directors of all this.
It is called extreme
unusual. Able Whitman?
Let's go to it naemo!
I'm going to be naem,
gospoice Carson.
As long as more than
help behind the scenes.
(/ Script describes a scene from
club, as it was before /)
I got some ideas
Recently, Alan.
I see, Able.
It's pretty big changes here.
I think here
missing bit of text...
Everything stems from one another,
After a lot of things become important.
This is called "inspiration", Alan.
Well, I guess I would
could prepare myself to do.
I'm sure you can.
It'll be fucked in
makeup department.
I'll take care of it.
Good. It seems that
I have a lot of reading.
- Oh .. And, Alan...
- Yes, Able?
We share the credit.
Of course, Able. Of course.
So, do little
casting, Mr. Whitman?
- What happened to the star?
- Do you know me?
- I am a fan of your work.
- Really?
No. Nobody
admirer of your work.
I doubt that you are involved
in abduction. Perhaps the killing.
- You are the last person
who saw the victim.
- What kind of sacrifice?
- Georgina Carson.
It is probably better know under
umetnikim name: Gigi Spot.
- Gigi? Gigi, was, was...
- It was, Mr. Whitman?
You said, "was". It's time.
Is there a reason why you
me about it in the past tense?
You see, we have not
let me finish.
Last time I saw
Gigi, it was on Tuesday night.
Finally around neega agree.
Now, as you should
time after left the club
for gentlemen, to be killed?
Everything I did,
is that I drove.
My guess is that this is a euphemism.
I am not a murderer. I am an artist.
That creates a violent art.
While reading the scenarios that can
to doubt your involvement.
Come now, Mr.
- Isaac Beaumonde.
- In neijoj other services.
- Well, sir Beaumonde.
Certainly not enough sitniavi,
to think that violent art
naturally creates violence.
You did not answer the question.
Will you and do the job
for you, sir Beaumonde?
If you want to admit
Now, certainly I will not complain.
OK then.
- Vratiu it.
- What if I'm not here?
- Ye here.
- Really?
You have to finish the film.
He's right! He's right!
I have a movie to finish!
Alan? I need advice.
Good. What?
Killer... The murderer osimnjien
for murder by detectives.
It can not simply
to escape, because
then it would not be a
movie, right?
So, how to remove suspicion from himself?
This should do:
There is a poison that is
activated under the influence of heat.
Kanes few drops of
bulb and when the victim turns light
activates the gas, and
spread throughout the room.
- He's gone in minutes.
- Can this really be?
Yes. But that is part
holes in the plot, right?
How about this: nice and simple.
Murderer kills someone else.
Pretpostavljajui have a motive.
If he comes, right?
So it can kill someone else,
to look like suicide,
and to turn the accusations
to a dead man.
To make a farewell message. Or
better recognition. What do you think?
I like it. I like it.
Is there something that I could
to work on the script, or...?
Let me worry about it.
So, you might suspect. What else you got?
- Small plan.
- Plan?
- No, more like a trap.
- The bait is...?
Audition for his new film.
We need a new face.
18 auditions in a row, Gigi.
And the only thing that qualifies them
for the film, any of them, is
the fact that a good look at
light cameras. What should I do...?
Am I in the right place?
I hope so. If not, then
you are a lunatic old man,
who talks to dead bodies.
Yes, yes, the bodies...
This is false. False corpse.
You are here because
auditions? Tell me you did!
- Yeah, totally!
- Wait, you are...
April Carson. Television WKY.
- And do you do with...?
- Human interests.
We are all people, right?
The weekend forecast.
Weather forecast for
those who care.
But to tell you the truth, I am
fully integrates full accident
on his contract on television.
Trzim little more...
- Can you odradi reading?
- Totally.
Excellent. Excellent.
You swept the script?
Yes, but... To play Hamlet?
- Is not it a bit pretentious?
This is the role
in horror, right?
My dear,
"Hamlet" is the greatest work in
history of English literature.
Murder. Incest. Fear. Madness.
Suicide. Murder for murder,
while the stage is full bodies!
Do you know what is the greatest work
in the history of English literature?
Fucking horror movie!
Well then.
- Nesreni, poor Yor...
- Wait!
Here. Use this.
What is that smell?
Oh, latex. Decays.
And any such blood is fake.
I just feel so.
- Please, continue.
- Are you sure...?
- It seems quite right.
- No, it's a doll. Just a doll.
Nesreni, poor Yorick.
I knew him, Horatio.
He was a man stackless
spirituality and the best concept.
I was conveyed through their
lega a thousand and one times...
Now, how boring is my imagination,
cliffs rising out of it...
Here are the lips that I
Ijubio, not so often...
The camera is you waited.
And what happened then?
Suddenly, he said
the day has to go
have an important meeting
with the investor.
But... You have a role?
They called me to the doem
Early morning shooting right.
Perfect. Raspitau the
Investors around the...
Do not eat...?
Really something... I am not hungry.
Is not this great, small?
I invested in
tons of these things.
Soon I'll have a whole
a fleet of these things.
Kohlberg Ozzija luxury line.
Pravie trips and tours through here.
That all can see
Ozzijev city, and Ozzijev time.
That'll be really
classy. As in Europe.
Our guides will be
sexy red uniform
sluzie the steaks, cakes
with small cups of tea...
Yes... it'll be machine
for making money.
And I think that you are
film producer, Ozzie.
I am an investor, small.
Regardless, be it film,
machine's future sales or
in indistriji toys.
If Ozzi Kohlberg involved...
isplatie it.
Where we are, doavola?
Stay here. It is time,
to expel the waiter.
Driver! Driver?
- Where do you gig?
- The store with harpoons.
For shops with harpoons?
But I took it at the expense of the company.
So, technically
I bought it. You are.
- Ozzie And...
- What?
You'll be stabbed!
Shit! Shit!
Shit! Shit! Shit!
It took me to the heart!
It took me to the heart!
What I thought...!?
What I thought...!?
And what if they fall on
that is suicide?
- Alan? - Yes?
- Able said. Yes...
I have little to doem itself.
Killer earns some more
murder, to remove doubt.
But what happens if
earns killer murder
and the audience simply to
fall that is suicide.
What should we do about it?
Well, if satirina
Party concerned,
killer can leave your farewell,
he was living at the expense of society
it is not able to accept.
- And before everyone goes home.
- Good.
You probably will need more murders
to cover the murder and so on.
Probably the killer will...
Able? Able, are you there? Hello?
Very good.
April, you are mighty.
You brought new life into the scene.
Able, Mr. Farmsworth
and wants to
seen in the office.
He says it is urgent.
5 minute break.
Ugi, Able. I have to
talk to you.
Ozzie is gone.
- Gone...?
- Yes. He stood me up,
does not occur to any of th
numbers... No it is not
Video from yesterday.
I do not know if I should do that
I say, but Ozzie is odd behavior
He called me several times and
asked to naemo private.
- What is wanted?
- I'm not sure.
I think... that
wanted to confess something.
What do you think this might be?
I do not know... I have no idea.
I do not know what to tell you...
Without Ozzija not be able to
to finish your film.
If you want think again
proposals on distributor...
They will not dictate my brains pilei
banknotes and large, what to do!
Simply will not!
Now, I have some really
good news.
Sea whether competition
Committee for Art?
- Well, no one came. Therefore,
continues to record.
Able, you did it. Really
're living savior.
- When you were nominated?
- You have to be nominated?
Philip, are you serious?
I gave it .. All right. I gave you
my name is engraved on it.
- We shall be engraved and
Your Monday...
However, Philip.
Good Grief!
We're out for blood!
5 minute break.
Are you still alive?
Maybe you have something
in itself, which
can become large
umetnika blood.
It's time to saseemo budget...
Try to find out what
zakljuanuh behind the door.
I know that Whitman is hiding something.
Yes, I found Mr. Kohlberg.
No, I think we have benefit.
I can not live with
The fact that I did.
Therefore I kill myself.
SA harpoons.
Cut! Very good.
Everything else we shot today.
I want to see you
here all morning.
Early in the morning? But
already too late, Alba!
Nonsense. It's not too late.
This is a magical hour.
This is great! One of
yours, the best part!
I knew I had to have
in it from day one!
It's really something, right? I think
I finally went to Bobo's head.
- Able, I have to say something to you.
- What is it?
It is about Ozzie.
Police it is pronata
together with a girl
They say that murder,
to suicide.
- This is horrible! -
But there's more! - More?
It appears that Ozzie
any such killing more people.
One critic, Gregorski.
The majority of our team
the specials effects.
I still find them
only in pieces.
And I have just received the account
the harpoon, which Ozzie...
He killed himself!
Here, everything is here, in
today's edition of the newspaper!
He used the money Firmin.
Police say it's proof!
I would say it would endanger
our record. I'm not sure.
But since it would
made an excellent film.
As for the reminder...
I would like to organize
film, which I found
in our archives.
It's called: "Trillion Kosih Tower".
- We do not have a copy of it...
- Yes, we have.
I thought it was just a legend!
No, really. I
we must show...
Indeed we must show people,
what is called the filming!
What is called the capture
true films.
What is the art of shooting
We need to shake them out of ignorance!
We have to show them the suffering, sweat
and pain resulting from recording!
We need to really shake them!
Can we take advantage of this popularity
the "deadly toy 2".
I have the exclusive Mozam
April as a leader!
This is a fantastic idea.
It'll be quite popular.
Especially after neega
like this!
- What should I do?
- Only Book Theatre.
I will make sure the film personally.
- Bah!
- Bah!
The case is zakljuen.
Suicide is obviously false.
You Are Not required intelligence
Beaumont, in order to see.
Police have accepted it,
and everyone's gone home earlier.
Kohlberg is not a murderer?
No, Kohlberg is not a murderer.
A man who killed Gigi,
is still out there.
Yes. It was Whitman!
I knew it. Just
should have some proof,
something that neither the police
could not ignore.
Are you sure? Only...
I find it hard to believe.
There is so much passion...
Passion is just madness
dressed in a cashmere sweater.
Well, sure, it's too late.
The station does not reward us more.
They said that the case is closed.
It's over.
- When Isaac Beaumonde
water case,
no it is not removed from the
case. In addition...
We Unovili Stanicin
eek a few days ago.
So what shall we do now?
You go on record Next scene.
And I'm going to talk to mrtvakom.
You not have to throw, Alan...
- I listened to your advice Alan.
- My advice?
Yes, your advice. Kill
someone, record it,
Police removed from my neck...
- You mean your characters?
And then I realized that
my perfect alibi,
only needs to solve only
person who could finger pointing.
Able to have more
talk about the script?
I get the script from
your hands, Alan!
Blood gushing out of your hands,
Alan! Blood gushing out of your hands!
Svia me how it sounds.
I really svia the sound of that!
Alan, the blood gushing out of your hands!
Alan, did not
said I'm gonna kill all!
It's me Alan! And the blood
gushing out of your hands!
Did I mention that
blood gushing out of your hands?
Blood gushing out of your
hand! This is Bobo!
I'm gonna kill it!
I... Cut! Uraeno properly.
Every day you are getting better.
But now you're playing, as if
your life depends on it.
I want...
I want to believe in you Able,
to... I think I'm overreacting a bit.
Nonsense, your...
- Able deae my, we can
I talk to you?
What can be so
important that I interrupting?
Endangered species called
profesionalisti, Able.
Listen, I've read
new version of the script.
But I noticed some flaws
BETWEEN 84 scenes and your new 84b.
Able, should be
make some decisions.
- Razmiljao I...
- Razgovaraemo tonight.
Naiemo in Alanovoj office.
I really appreciate your contribution.
But, of course.
Gospoice Carson...
I intend to protivreim
the universal miljnje,
that dead people do not
hear stories about stories.
I just discovered,
identity of the killers.
All that remains, is to inform
public about my genius.
Really? Ekranizovati?
I reiemo to live a lie.
Can you make it possible
access to one of the cameras?
To catch a thief you must
razmiljati like a thief.
To catch a film director,
as you razmiljati
film director.
Isaac Beaumonde
intends to continue to
his directorial debut.
What are you doing for the name gavoli
sedei there in the dark, Able?
Able... What's that smell?
As for your fears
about continuity...
I appreciate that.
I really have a good eye.
I do not know what happened...
I do not know what I did.
It's like that
Alan cut off your hands!
Activate the light.
Mon dieu!
Why, it's...
Really wonderful shot.
I have always said, that really
have very good eye, Armand.
Armand can not be with us today.
Well, I'll take the camera.
This is the first time for 7
films, fails to capture.
But in a way...
I feel as if part of
him here with us today.
Then, let's make today!
This is for Armando!
Are you ready?
- Ablu?
- Yes?
I think we will
need my equipment...
Yes. Yes.
Perfect. Keep that phrase.
Bobo, I want you all these murders...
Bobo, I want you all this
come the end of the murder?
I bring those innocent eyes, that
had left his victim,
and show the world terror
that you see in this world.
Omoguie you to finish
the whole process of the human body,
and then...
- And then? And then?
And it will all end up killing.
Or will it be just the beginning...
Cut! Perfect!
Two in one!
I think the late show.
I have yet to get my hair.
Can you believe?
Really awesome movie.
We must satisfy ourselves that.
You know what, actually I can not I believe
that they are recording something.
Pasolini appears
as Garry Marshall.
How did you say his name
that you made this?
Whitman. Able Whitman.
Jesus. I hope that they
make a movie one day.
I am April Carson. We
We are in the cinema "BYTOWN"
and prisustvovaemo
the creation of film history:
Performance of "Trillion Kosih Tower".
Let me
introduce a man responsible
for this display, as
and the consequences it entails,
Mr. Able Whitman!
Good evening. I would
would like him to start from...
In this night full of mystery,
I present to you a man,
living reavajui them.
Mr. Isaac Beaumonde!
It is time for the finals,
Mr. Whitman.
Thank you, April. But today
I'm not here as a detective.
- I am here as an artist.
- What?
Tell us more,
Mr. Beaumonde.
I have directed short
film, which will be released.
Before the main show.
Tell me, Mr. Whitman,
if you know
Shakespeare? "Hamlet" is more accurate?
Of course it is. And as for the
"Hamlet", in my miljenju,
first horror film, in which
I relied...
- He based his I film on stage
from "Hamlet", as the known
"Art in the Arts", or.
"Mousetrap". Very
I am curious to see,
what will be a reaction to
Mr. artists habit.
What is the name of your movie?
I call it: "The murder Gregorski".
Sounds great. Let's see.
"Gretchen Gregorski,
worked hard to"
to protect people of bad art.
"The burden of society! Artist!"
Congratulations, sir Beaumonde!
Now you know what that means
be a real artist!
- You will not...
- Se get away with it?
But already I am, gospoine Carson!
And is your Isaac Beaumonde
Another worthless corpse.
See, I do not know why the Able
it said. I really do not know.
But the wider distribution
is something
what we fought
From the very beginning.
OK, gotta go...
Able? Able, is that you?
I sold your film distributors!
What did you do?
- Yes!
I told you that this movie will
be fully independent!
But that's what I
worked from day one.
No, my sister!
- Forget it!
- Forget it...?
Put your hands inside.
You will not get away with this is, Able!
Able? Able, I brought
knife that you asked...
To doem I later...?
Gospoice Carson...
Ye besmtnolizovani in
Next film Able Whitman.
I liked it or not.
No! Res.
This is a closed set,
Beaumonde sir!
What do you think who you are?
I am reasonable, Mr. Whitman.
And you are ruining
acceptable social norms.
Good evening, gospoice Carson.
This is the last cut,
Beaumonde sir!
Zamraenje, Mr. Whitman.
It was for Gigi...
- Gigi...
- Oh my God s, Gigi!
All of my life...
I had this...
fffilm perfect...
...In my head.
I will never be able...
...Bring it to the screen...
And now...
...I had a chance to see him...
Another case in
fully resolved successfully.
We should celebrate.
Maybe... with dinner?
It seems that you have a lot of places.
Kiss odseenu my sister's head.
I thought my dinner instead,
more suited to the psychiatrist's advice.
As you wish.
And you see a lot.
The film is dedicated to LIFE AND
WORK Herschel G. LEWIS.
You watch...
You really do not act like you
work for me, sir Beaumonde.
Wait, in the shadow of you...
Blame Me!
This is exactly what film
from the beginning I wanted to be...
It is just exactly
I wanted to see...
Skonterie? How many
need to concentrate?
Skonnn... Well, once again.
- Skonten...
- Concentrate.
- Focus...
- That's right.
I am reasonable, Mr. Whitman.
And you are ruining
acceptable social norms.
The moment...
Prikazaemo you f... new.
- Damn!
- It is...
After the great narrator reima
story: accident does not go in pairs,
already the whole battalions.
Excellent! Cut!
And any such blood is fake.
I'm screwed with the text.
I forgot the text.
I forgot my text.
I ran out of the text.
Stripper. One critic,
G... G... G... Gregorski.
Well I... Shit.
I shit?
Must people to the bathroom.
Can a 5 minute break?
Excellent, just like that!
Okay, cut.
This is the last cut,
Beaumonde sir!
Yes. But that is part of
the holes in the plot...
Once again...
What should I do?
What do you want from me?
View only... All right.