Smile Please (2019) Movie Script

Thanks guys
And let's check the pictures
Do you like this?
- Show me more
I love this.
- Yeah, nice. And this...?
I think we should hold on to this one.
- Perfect
- Happy?
- Superb! Good work, team
Pack up.
- Why a pack-up?
There's more to do
Would you talk to Arjun?
I've shot all the seven outfits
Actually, he is right.
There are five more to go
What nonsense! We had decided on seven
We had finalised twelve.
- Yes, Mr Sharma
I had informed you yesterday.
- When?
Last night. You said it was okay
Did I?
- Yes
I think you're mistaken
Okay. I'm sorry
Thank you.
- Let's finish the work
Is 2:30 in the morning any time to message?
- I...
Don't ever put me down
in front of my clients
Appa, take your pills
Have them.
- You hog on sweets,
and medicines are all I should have!
If you have so many complaints,
why don't you ever tell the doctor this?
In front of him,
you behave like an obedient patient
Tai, please eat the food while it's hot
After he takes his medicines
She doesn't care about your hot food.
This makes her happy!
The doctor visited, right?
What did he say?
Sangeeta, his maid,
is taking too many leaves
I told him, Sangeeta isn't trustworthy
She's got a part-time job at the parlour.
She gives him the slip
to play the hairdresser!
What did he say about Appa's health?
Oh, he discussed that with him!
The doctor said, it's all in the mind
If you don't like the medicines,
to hell with it
Did he say that?
Let me call him
I'm calling
It's ringing. Want to talk?
Talk to him.
- I'll take the pills
Stop laughing and make me some rotis
All of it
Get the rotis
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Nupur!
Happy birthday to you!
Listen... do I have to go there?
Napa, you promised her
that you'll go over on your birthday
Didn't you?
Open your gift first
Come on, come on
This isn't opening.
- Tear the paper
What is it?
- Take a look
Please tell me!
- See it for yourself
Thanks, dad. Well done!
Ten points to you for this gift.
You are the nicest!
Dream big!
Live life king size...
And, grow up!
But dad, do I really have to go there?
Napa, you shouldn't be selfish
At times, you need
to do little things for others
If someone...
- Okay, I got it
Thanks, dad
I love this racquet!
You think I paint them green?
They are fresh from the farm
Stop complaining.
- Appa
Please get done with this.
- She is my friend
Keep chatting. They are here.
- Already?
Be a good girl
There she is
- Come on in
No. I've got an important meeting.
- You always do
It's a narration. I have to go
I'll come for a bit
when I come to get her
For sure?
- All right
- Bye
Tell me.
Who would my grandfather be to you?
- Great great grandfather
Great great grandfather!
- Yes
Was he really great?
Many many happy returns of the day!
How are your studies coming along?
- The same
Jyoti, get the cake
Right away
And, any latest stories?
What about?
About you, lovely grown-up girls...
I'm sure lots going on at school
No, nothing special
Jyoti Tai, how's Pinky?
- She is talking a lot
She even talks in her sleep
Napa, have something.
I've cooked your favourite dishes
Can we cut the cake first?
- I'm talking to Jyoti Tai
Ah! Okay, you carry on.
I'll be right back
Jyoti, chat with her
She's gone to get the gift.
- She did the decorations, too
So, who gave you the best gift this year?
My friend, Grunali,
gave me a goldfish in a bowl
Grunali? Are her parents sane?
What kind of a name is that?
Appa, stop it!
- Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Napa!
Happy birthday to you!
- Thank you
Open it
What's this?
- Word Power. And a jigsaw
You will love it.
- Word Power and jigsaw?
For me?
Did you ask dad what I would like?
I didn't
I should have
Why don't we go out
and buy a gift of your choice?
Hello, dad. Party over
Sir, what about the passing shot?
Appa, what brings you here?
Nandini might not like it
if she finds out I am here
She would say it's her problem,
let her sort it her way
Has anything happened, Appa?
Nupur is quite rude with Nandini
I never interfered
in your relationship with Nandini
But, I can't bear to see
Nandini slowly crumble before Nupur
The girl is upset, I understand
I know she's a small girl
But, she can't be so indifferent
to her mother all her life
I'll talk to her
I'm not saying, you should yell at her
But, you should tell her that
her mother is also human
She also has emotions and feels the pain
Well... you can reason it out
in your own way. I'm not sure how
- I understand, Appa
- I'll talk to her
Tell me honestly
Had I given you that gift,
would you have reacted the same way?
You know why you are always so angry?
Because you've already made up your mind
That, she'll do something you will dislike,
and you're going to flare up
But, this is not fair, Napa
She always enquires about you,
your likes, dislikes, your hobbies,
your strengths, your craziness...
She wants to know everything.
Good night
- What is it?
You tell me
What's this?
- What is so funny?
The keys were in the fridge. Then where
do we keep our vegetables? In the attic?
Keys... in the fridge?
I remember keeping the milk
in the fridge last night
They are not mine. They are Nandini's
It looks like your job though.
Why would she put the keys in the fridge?
She just doesn't trust me
I'll be right back.
- Where to, Appa?
To take a shower.
- Now?
Should I have sent out a memo?
- No...
Who puts the keys in the fridge?
Good morning, Kantu.
- Good morning, ma'am
Kantu! Green tea
Yes, ma'am
Green tea.
- Arjun and Kritika are not to be seen?
There's some important meeting
they are out for
- Where are you?
I'm on the way. Handle it
Sure. Actually,
everyone is waiting for you
I know that. Don't make me feel guilty.
Hang up now
Please carry on. Yes, ma'am?
I think I've lost my way
At the Pawar Nagar circle.
Do I take a right or left from here?
We came that way just the day before
Yes, I would still want to re-confirm.
Do you have a problem with that?
I'll send you the location
Please, quick
Let me at least check my phone!
It's me
- Yes
Is everything all right?
- Yes. Why?
Just because I didn't expect you to call
At least let me tell you why I called
Okay... sorry. Tell me
Can you pick me up from school?
Is something wrong?
- I mean, not now
In the evening?
- Oh!
- Yes, of course. I'll be there, baby
Okay. See you
Okay, baby. Love you!
Guys, I'm terribly sorry!
I owe everyone here an apology
- Hi.
Traffic is just crazy.
Give me a few seconds, guys
Arjun, call for coffee, please
Let's begin
Okay. If we saw
this photograph in a magazine,
would we spend more than a glance on it?
Honestly, I wouldn't
Because it looks like a million other
photographs we're constantly exposed to
in a million fashion magazines
So what is it
that makes us stop and take notice?
The shocking
The overwhelming
The unusual
But also, the relatable
Someone looks back at us from
the page and says, I am just like you
Whenever we look at old,
worn out family photographs,
even before we recognise
the people in there,
a kind of warmth spreads through us
A kind of warmth
that makes us want to surrender
We play on exactly that
We play on... we...
Play on...
We play on Association
It is not just what they see
But also, what they think they see
So we have
to understand the criteria...
Napa was sitting there
for two hours. Two hours!
Now, am I in any position to tell her
not to be upset and angry with her mother?
All of us are busy, but...
Hi, Appa
It totally slipped my mind.
I am so sorry!
It was on my mind all day
I had it in mind after the presentation
When I had coffee in the afternoon,
I still had it on my mind
Then... I checked the costumes
for the photo shoot,
I still remembered.
After that, somehow...
You have to trust me
Would I deliberately forget her?
Where is Napa?
Where's Napa?
I want to see her.
I have to say sorry to her
Come, I'll go with you.
Appa, I'll be back
The parent-teacher meeting is on Monday
I mean, you said you would come
See if you can make it.
- I said sorry
I forgot to pick up Napa from school!
I mean, of all the things,
how could I forget to pick up Nupur?
At least say something.
- I thought you aren't done yet
I've been talking all this while.
- Calm down, will you?
All right
How's work?
- The same. Nothing different
What about sleep?
I can't sleep for eight hours. Do you?
Stop it. Who's the doctor here?
I'm not your friend right now. Be serious.
- I'm serious. But you aren't talking
Must be fatigue.
It happens due to lack of sleep
Sleep is something we don't value much
Before going forward,
let's do some tests. Okay?
I'll be back
And here's your coffee
Here you go.
- Thank you
Nandu, let's begin the tests now
- Okay?
I'll give you three words
Sky, guava and ponytail
Am I a fifth grade student?
You may find my questions easy
But it is very important
that you answer all the questions calmly
Sky, guava, ponytail.
- Remember it in this sequence
Sky, guava, ponytail.
- Keep this in your mind
Today's date?
Sorry. 21st June
Okay. Hundred minus seven is?
- Minus seven?
- Keep going
- Yes
- Very good
Now, give me those three words
Sky, ponytail
Three words, right?
- Yes
It was a fruit, right?
- Yes
- Very good
Sky, guava, ponytail
Make as many words from S as you can
Surrogate, sorry, science
Soft, scientific...
science is done, will scientific do?
Straight, strong...
Now, name all the animals you know
Starting with S?
- No. Any alphabet
Tiger, lion, elephant, fox, pig, monkey
Alligator, crocodile...
- That's very good
Now, remember this address
Suyog Bhagwat, 17,
Ashok Nivas, Kurla, Mumbai 70
- Suyog Bhagwat, 17,
Ashok Nivas, Kurla, Mumbai 70
Now repeat the words
Guava, ponytail.
- Three words, right?
Yes, three
Guava, ponytail...
Same sequence?
- No. One more at the start
Ponytail, guava...
I forgot to tell you
I met Shetty sir the other day.
- Where?
Outside the college.
- Does he still teach?
Yes. He still looks the same.
As fit and energetic as he was
I told you, he takes some herbal products.
How can someone be so damn fit?
I tell you! Anyway, we're done for today
More coffee?
- No
Okay. Convey my regards to Appa.
- Yes
Nandu, can you repeat that
address for me?
Suyog Bhave.
No! Bhagwat
Ashok Vihar, 17, Mumbai 58
- Sure
Good. We will do the other tests and MRI
after three days and then proceed
Okay? Until then,
the only prescription is... rest
And, no office work
- Bye
You are behaving
like you are going to retire for good
Just relax. This short break
is going to be really good for you
Why don't I take a break
after the Krasaa photo shoot?
We'll manage. Don't worry
You know what? I can work from home.
I can definitely do some work at home
Look, Nandini
A sincere employee's request for a break
is to be taken very seriously
You haven't taken a leave
in the last four years
Okay. The Aishwarya Design Studio files
are with me...
Nandini! I'll manage
Don't you trust me?
- No
Now you go and really enjoy yourself.
- Okay. Bye, guys
See you soon. Miss me
Vedashree, Sanika...
Nupur Sarang
Who takes her studies?
She goes for tuitions
I mean, I'm extremely busy
It's all right.
We are really proud of her
Well, she is your daughter, after all
I've done nothing
Of course, it's in her genes
Children take after the parents
You are praising us for no reason.
- Not at all
Cannot deny her genes
Dad, who am I like?
What kind of a question is that, Napa?
You are... yourself
No. Am I like you or like her?
You know Mandar uncle?
When he was little,
he used to look exactly like his father
But as he grew up
and started going to school,
he would look like Nalu aunty
It was like, Nalu aunty
was going to school in shorts
But, who am I like?
A bit like her, a bit like me
Teacher Rohini doesn't know anything.
I am exactly like you
Naughty girl.
- Naughty!
Hi, Nandu.
- Hi
You were supposed to come in the evening.
- Yes
But it's been five days
since we did the tests
I couldn't wait anymore. If you are busy,
I'll come back in the evening
No, it's okay
Have the reports come?
Remember this
There are many people who love you,
who are close to you, who matter to you
Not everyone can say this
What do the reports say?
I feel terrible saying this
I haven't slept for two nights either
It's early-onset dementia
Are there any chances
of these reports being wrong?
Unfortunately, no
Is it possible to get it at my age?
Not really.
Yours is an extremely rare case
Sometimes, it's genetic
Age affects the cognitive functions
When you see or touch something,
the brain recognises
and identifies the object
It processes experiences
and memories related to the object
With age, the brain slows down
The degeneration is faster in this illness
If you can tell me
about the problems
I am going to face in future,
you know, I can prepare myself
Let's not think about the future now
We need to stay positive
In short, I'm slowly
going to forget everything
We will deal with this step by step
Don't avoid telling Appa and Shishir
I know you are strong enough
But, I'm here for you.
I'm with you
What are you doing?
- There are small cockroaches
How come you are back so early?
Thank you, Appa.
- What for?
For everything
You do so much for me
You have always been there for me
Are you all right?
I've always taken you for granted
Nevertheless, thank you so much
Who thanks their family?
You are too much
Please let me
All right. I accept the thanks
Would you like a cup of tea?
Jyoti is making me one
Shishir asked me to pick Nupur up.
I'm going
Tea won't take long
I'll be back soon
Okay, go. But come back soon
Come on!
Nupur, more footwork
Come on, use your feet
Forehand... stronger
Good. Well played, Nupur
Just work on your forehand.
- Yeah, sir
He is our coach.
- Hello
- I hope Nupur plays well
Yes. She is talented
I think she'll represent
our club in a few years' time
Her father tells me,
she talks more about tennis than studies
She loves the game. Right?
Shall we?
- Okay, sir
Nice to meet you.
- Same here
I told you to change their positions
Guys, change your positions
Hi, dad.
- Hey
How are you?
Sit. I'll be there in five minutes
- Hi, Chotu. How are you?
I'm fine
Thank you.
- Your tea
Thank you
- Hey
Sorry, we're behind schedule,
so I'm really tense
It's okay.
Tell me
Actually, I have something to say
Tell me. Chotu!
- Coming, sir
Go on
- One strong cup of coffee for me
And for her...?
- Tea for her
Listen. Today... actually,
for the last few days,
I was doing some tests...
- Hang on
- Yes, sir?
Did Shruti send the final songs?
- No, sir
I won't shoot on scratch.
I'll cancel the shoot
I'll tell her.
- Now
Thank you.
- I said I won't work
with silly choreographers and composers.
But the producers don't listen!
Anyway, you go on
You know Anjali?
Of course.
- Actually...
Hang on
Why haven't you sent the song, Shruti?
I'm shooting right now, don't...
Don't give me excuses
Hold on. Sit.
- Listen
Carry on. We'll talk tomorrow at lunch
Bye. Tell Napa I left. Bye
I told you, I won't shoot on scratch
Chotu, I think you are busier
than the director
You didn't bring me my tea
Hello, sir. Is Ms Nandini in?
- Yes... and you are?
Jatin sir sent me to collect some files.
- She had mentioned...
Jyoti, get him a glass of water.
- Okay, Appa
Yes, Appa?
- Someone from your office is here
Did Jatin ask for some files?
- Oh yes
It's in my cupboard, left drawer
- Left drawer
Left drawer, okay
I mean...
Nandini, you are too young for this!
Let's take a second opinion
What difference will it make?
Shishir... can you believe this?
No, I can't
Does Appa know?
What did he say?
His silence said everything
You have been through
such critical phases before and...
And each time, you've come out stronger
What you said is right
This is just a piece of paper.
It's a report. This isn't me!
I capture memories
Beautiful memories
Me... and dementia?
Even as we sit here, I can visualise
a beautiful frame behind you
And I store these visuals in my mind
I still remember my first assignment,
my first photograph
I remember Napa's first photograph.
In black and white, in her nappies
The entire frame is etched
in my heart and mind
This is not going to be my identity
My work will give me my identity... right?
What you said is right
Dementia! Nonsense!
You are not alone, we are with you
I'm with you
I know
Where's Shishir?
I had informed him yesterday
Must be held up in some shoot
I think we should begin
Why don't you sit?
Tai is fighting this illness!
It's not fair
We need to be strong for her
There are various treatments
available all over the world
For a brilliant mind like Nandini's,
she might just make it through
Sorry, Appa. I can't help being harsh
Dementia is incurable
The sooner we accept it, the better
She is so young!
There are rare cases, one in a million
... but there are!
Appa, 32-year old Becky Barletta from
America was a very popular ski instructor
She was the youngest patient diagnosed
Dementia changed the way she spoke,
her personality, everything
She became aloof and quiet
Of all the illnesses,
patients living with dementia
need more care and support from family
All the family members need to be involved
If she has your support,
she will have the desire to live
If she goes weak, you need to be strong
The deterioration is rapid
in younger patients
Within just a year,
...Becky couldn't
tell the difference between fruits
She even failed to recognise her family
- Yes, Tai?
Can I have food? I'm hungry
Baby, you just had dinner
Have I eaten already?
- Yes, a while ago
- Yes, baby
Okay. Good night
Good night
Yes, Appa?
Have you kept a soap in the guestroom?
- Yes
Appa, does Tai know
we have a guest coming home?
Yes, I told her
He is a young kid. Viraj
Appa, does Viraj know about her condition?
Yes. I told Shridhar to tell him
Go on
Appa, where is Tai?
She must be inside
No. I cleaned her bathroom
I fixed her room. I didn't see her
She isn't in the kitchen either.
I thought she was outside...
Appa, she is not at home!
Where is she?
Nandini, I almost had a heart attack
Where were you?
- Appa
I saw her in the procession
I recognised her
These are from Shridhar uncle
Convey my thanks.
- Sure
Nandini, what did I tell you?
I told you not to go out alone, didn't I?
Why don't you hang a bell around my neck?
You will know where I am
- Don't do this, don't do that!
Sit down here, sit down there
... I feel like a little kid
Why don't you tie me up? Not allowed
to go out... not allowed to move!
Calm down, please
Come, I'll show you your room
Why? Why are you taking in strangers?
He is our guest
- Yes
Hello! I appreciate your help. Thank you
I told you about Shridhar's student
You were inside.
Jyoti was applying oil to your hair
I told you about
my friend Shridhar from Nagpur
I recollect now, Appa
While you were tying your pyjamas
Is he the one?
- Yes
Is he going to stay here? How many days?
Till he settles down in his job
and finds an apartment on rent
How long?
About three-four months
Four months? And you call him a guest?
Sorry... sorry
But you've been talking about me
like I am not here
I feel like I'm invisible
He will show you the guestroom
Guests come
and then they go
You can also stay there.
- Thanks
Let him get some rest.
Come with me
See you
This chap doesn't look like Shridhar uncle
How will he?
He is Shridhar's student, not his son
Go, take a shower
- Yes?
Dada, please don't make a mess
No, no
Just try this tea
You made tea for me?
- Of course
Oh, my God! No one ever made tea for me!
- I make tea for all my friends
How is it?
- Excellent!
If Tai drinks this tea,
you're going to take away my job!
Jyoti, I need to repair my slippers...
What! What do you need to repair?
- No one repairs slippers in Mumbai
Throw them away. We'll buy new ones
I can't throw away my things
How easy it is to use
and throw things away!
I would never do that.
- You are right, but...
- Coming, Appa!
Yes, Appa?
- Where's my wallet?
I hope you didn't forget it at the park.
- I just remembered
Appa, my brother-in-law
once left his wallet in a cab
He thought he had lost it forever.
But you know what?
The driver returned with the wallet.
We think these drivers are useless
But there are decent ones, too.
- What's the connection here?
Find the wallet.
I have to buy medicines for Nandini
Appa, you stay here.
I'll go and buy them
Why must you bother?
- No problem
I have to get my slippers fixed anyway
I'll get them
Who repairs their slippers these days?
Why can't you be quiet?
I'll give you the money later.
- I never asked you
Give me the prescription
Here you are.
- I'll be right back
He wants to get his slippers repaired!
Hi. Can I help you?
Right! I should be asking you,
because you are coming in
What do you want?
I'm here to meet my grandfather.
Why should I tell you?
Oh, don't. I'm not going to tell you
why I am here either
Who cares! Don't tell me
I won't
Why are you here?
Hello, Appa.
- Hey! Early morning visitor!
Dad sent this for you.
Cold-pressed coconut oil
Did your school finish early today?
- No. I have to go
Bunking school often isn't good
Put in so much efforts
... in the end it is wasted
Did your school finish early today?
I just told you! I still have to go
She's grown tall.
Hasn't she, Appa?
I said it when she was born,
that she'd grow up to be a tall girl
Did your school finish early today?
Why are you repeating
the same thing again and again?
I have to go,
I haven't gone to school yet
Where's Jyoti?
She's putting the clothes to dry
How's dad?
As usual
He didn't come?
- No. He is away in Pune
We have a guest.
Introduce her
He just went out.
- He's gone?
I mean, he went to buy some stuff.
- He's going to stay here for four months
He's my friend's student
He has come to Mumbai for a job,
will be here till he settles down
Did your school finish early today?
Enough! Just enough
I can't handle this, Appa
I just can't
Finally... I'm going to school now.
- Okay, take care
I said it four times,
but she doesn't get it.
Damn, we meet again!
Appa told me why you are here
Not much of a mystery though!
- Sorry to disappoint you
- Hey! You're leaving already?
Are you having a party?
No. I thought we'd get to know
one another
- Viraj
May I leave now?
- What's the hurry?
Have lunch before you leave
Are you making pancakes?
- Hi
Hi. Om here
Here's your ID.
- Yes! Thank you
Let me take you through
The Brand Identity guys sit here
And Broadcast Designers here.
She is Meenal
Meenal, he is Viraj. Our new colleague
Hi. Welcome to the company.
- Thank you
This is Multimedia Management
Illustrators here.
And Web Designers over there
And here is your table
And what did you do?
Appa and I went to buy vegetables.
- What did you buy?
And you know... that round thing...
We bought pumpkin
- Fenugreek
We're making parathas tomorrow.
- Jyoti!
Now, let's do the routine
Say the alphabets, backwards.
- Sure
Z, X, Y
Will you have some tea, Anju?
- Okay, in a bit
The alphabets.
- Right
V, S
S, W.
- Very good
Saying the alphabets backwards would be
difficult for anyone. LMNOP is easier
Appa, let her try
Will you have some tea?
- After we do the alphabets
- Very good
Pick the pencil on the table
Okay. Keep the file on the pencil
Very good. Now, pick up the pencil
without touching the file
Touch the file, and give me the pencil
I'm going to give you
some things from this bag
Arrange them in alphabetical order...
- What's this noise?
Can't you guys hear this noise? Stop it!
Don't be angry, Nandu.
- Why should I not?
- This is deafening!
Appa, this is making me deaf!
- Yes. Let's go inside
She'll be fine in ten minutes
I'll bring her back then.
- It's okay, Appa. We're done for the day
Okay. See you.
- Bye
Let's go inside
Bye, Jyoti
Excuse me
Hi. I'm Viraj.
- Hello
I'm Appa's friend's student.
- Appa told me about you
So, do you like Mumbai?
I have yet to explore it.
- You will
I don't want to be intrusive, but...
- Ask
How long have you known her?
Nandu? My God, it's been years.
We were college friends
We used to tease her so much
while we were in college
As kids, we were clueless
But she! She knew exactly
what she wanted to do
Her energy was just incredible
Bright, brilliant, fearless
Never dependent on anyone.
That was Nandu
Is this frustration a part of the problem?
They do get frustrated.
They can't remember basic things,
simple tasks become tough for them.
It exasperates them
But, I don't think Nandu has that problem
Some days are extremely good
and some, bad
Today was an exceptionally bad day
It must be extremely tough
to see a friend go through this...?
I'll leave
- Bye
Actually, I was looking for some books
Sorry. Did I disturb you?
- No
I wasn't doing anything to be disturbed
This is her first international award
She was only 22
Her fashion photography
had not even started then
She took her ambitions very seriously
And she loved to celebrate her
If I teased her, she'd say that,
I was treating her like a kid
She lost her mother
when she was a little girl
Then it was just the two of us
She was there for me,
and I was there for her
I never once imagined
that a day would come when I'd see
my little girl in this state
I never ever imagined that! Seriously
It's for her
I'll take it
No! Take my job away!
I saw your awards
- Twenty trophies!
I counted them
Are you a little off?
Actually, I'd love to see
the photos that won you those awards
What's to discuss? Go, check them out
I've been addressing you informally.
Is that okay?
Ask me till I can remember
After that, it doesn't matter
how you address me
Appa was admiring your photos last night
The things old people do!
His father...
He used to watch cricket on TV using...
- Glasses?
- He watched cricket on TV using binoculars
- Yes
It was quite amusing
I don't know about you,
but my days are very busy
Shishir Sarang?
The movie director?
- That's him
He tortured her. Even before Nupur...
I mean, when Tai was pregnant!
They used to fight every day.
- What for?
He didn't want her to work after the baby.
But Tai flatly refused
- Things went from bad to worse
She somehow managed for about four years.
Then they separated
Divorce didn't hurt her
as much as separation from Nupur did
What? How come?
The mother usually
gets the custody of the child
Was the judge out of his mind?
- Did I know the judge
to ask him if he was messed up
in the head?
What about Nupur's relationship
with Nandini?
She can't stand her mother
Nupur has never addressed her as Mom
He made sure the daughter
never acknowledged the mother
- Shishir dada, of course
What's the use now?
The damage is already done
Strange... because he makes good movies
What's the connection?
Didn't Shishir try to remarry?
Hats off to you!
They call me a gossip queen.
But you take the cake!
Let's go
No school today?
Holiday for some reason
Don't you have a job?
Always lazing around at home
You know,
you are angry with me for no reason
What work do you have now?
Anjali was here a few days back. Anjali...
I talked to her about Nandini
There are no problems we cannot solve
Global warming,
Nipah virus, Bermuda Triangle...
Hang on. What I mean is, there's nothing
so difficult for someone to give up
Nothing is worth giving up
Somewhere, your mother...
- Nandini!
Okay. Nandini
A woman like Nandini gave up
I think, she feels guilty about her illness
Don't you think so?
Who are you?
A counsellor?
A friend?
Or, are you Superman?
- This isn't about me
If all of us make an attempt...
- Hold!
What if she doesn't need your help?
Just mind your own business!
I didn't mean to upset you
But, I thought we... we could talk
- Thanks
Isn't she the one?
One of the magazines photoshopped
her picture without her consent
And she threw a fit
They say she is mental now
Oh, yes. She's gone crazy
Finally, you showed your character!
- Why do you take it personally?
What you say about others
says more about you than it does about them
Here's a piece of advice
in your own interest
Before you speak, make sure
you think for a couple of seconds
I'm happy you play tennis, I don't mind
But you aren't going to Goa.
- Why not?
I don't feel it's safe, Napa
I get to hear so many things. No
Is someone waiting to kidnap me in Goa?
Girls from the club go there every year.
And they return
Their parents may find it safe, I don't
It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, dad
Come on, Napa! Don't be so melodramatic
You don't realise
how serious and huge this is
You see, in our country,
the state of individual sports is pathetic
How many girls you know play tennis?
Count them
Sania Mirza.
- Sania Mirza. And?
Ankita Raina, Prarthana Thombare,
Rutuja Bhosale...
Now, look
You know their names
because you play the sport. Ask others
I said, no. No means no
Good morning
What's wrong?
He doesn't think from my perspective
- Dad
Of all, I thought he'd understand
He always cribs how his parents never
understood his passion for film-making
As if he understands!
Appa, I had a chance to go to Goa
- Only 3 girls were selected from the club
I was one of them.
- Really?
But he kept harping about some
practical nonsense. Says, it's not safe!
Are you laughing at me, Appa?
- No
You remind me of my young Nandini
After you were born,
Shishir told her to quit photography
And she was as upset as you are today
You are so lucky
to have a beautiful garden in Mumbai
In Nagpur, having
a small little garden is very common
I feel one should grow some plants
once every month
I've been thinking of planting something
ever since I got here
Can you read this for me?
Dig a 5 to 10 centimetre hole in the ground
Put two seeds in it
Two seeds?
Two spoons of seeds
Cover it with soil, and water
Do you need this soil?
- Yes
What's the noise, Appa? What's going on?
Go, see what noise this is...
Hey, you're still here. Didn't go home?
I told dad, I feel like staying back here
I couldn't sleep
Me too
I was very little when they got divorced
I don't remember much
She never used to be home
Always working
She had no time for me
That's all I remember
We could never understand each other
And you decided
that she was wrong
I used to get angry, so I decided
You are right. You were too young
But you are growing up now
See if you want to understand her
In this respect, you are quite rich
You have so many people who care for you
People who can fight
to show their love for you
That's why you can afford
to be upset with a couple of them
But trust me, when you have no one,
you try to latch on to the one you find,
like you hold on to your life
If you really want to get to know her,
then this is the time, Nupur
Or, when you actually long for her,
she might've drifted too far by then
And then you will feel helpless
May I come in?
I just dropped in, and saw this photograph.
- No problem
Your parents?
- Yes
Where are they?
I lost them when I was a child
People keep asking me
if I remember them, what do I remember
I had the same reply every single time
Their voice
Their presence, their touch...
Yeah, but I see fleeting images
of them every now and then
But then I realised that those images
were not from my memories
They were from these photographs
Oh, yes
Thank God I remembered.
I have some work with you
My friend's. It's not working.
See if you can fix it
You are quite smart
But don't take it for granted
that I don't understand anything
It's dangerous
I understand what you are trying to do
Gosh! What?
Am I a technician?
Why don't you take it
to the shop and get it fixed?
Which shop?
There are hundreds.
- Name at least one. This is not my city
One is nearby.
- Wow! Which side?
There's a tree nearby.
- Which tree?
Near the Mahananda Dairy
- Sure
Thank you
Are you still upset?
- No, I'm not
Why don't you answer me then?
I don't feel like answering
Sometimes, you behave
so much like Nandini...
How you yelled at me the other day!
No means no!
You didn't even care to ask me later
if I was all right, if you hurt me
And you're taunting me now!
What is this?
Is this how you talk to your father?
You must've surely treated her like this
Who? When?
When the two of you separated
You must've ordered her around like this.
- Stop
Enough. That's too much
You are a selfish and heartless man
She couldn't be my friend because of you!
- Enough!
You are talking anything
that comes to your mind ... utter rubbish!
Shut your mouth,
or I'll give you a tight slap!
No, he's fine. Viraj likes it here
He has beautified our garden. Yes
He'll find it. He's looking for a place
But we are not in a hurry
Okay, I'll call you back
What's up, Appa?
Nothing. What about you?
I'm busy editing, dubbing...
- Hi, dada. When did you come?
Appa, tea
Tea for you?
- No, I have to rush
Is Nandini asleep?
- Nandini...?
Hi, Appa.
- What is Nandini doing?
She's taking a shower.
- Again?
- How many times today?
Hello, sir
I've heard a lot about you from Napa
I've heard about you as well
You were looking for a house
I still am
A good agent would've found one already.
Right, Appa?
Yes, right
Of course. I'm not in a hurry though
I'll be leaving, Appa.
See you in the evening
Bye, sir.
- Bye
Will Nandini take a while...?
If you are in a hurry, you can leave
Tell her I was here.
- All right
How much do you know about this boy?
About Viraj?
Who else is living with you?
I know enough about him. Why?
You don't know about him, his background.
How could you just trust him blindly?
This is how I am. I do not suspect people
Appa, just because we need support,
should we put our trust in a stranger?
Who do I count on then?
On someone we know...?
Beautiful light!
The sunset looks like somewhere abroad!
The kids' picture
would look lovely in black and white
The sun is so far,
and the kids are so close
Did you use the same camera?
Different lenses
- Right
Napa's birthday is approaching
Oh, yes! Napa, it's your birthday month.
- Yes
This year...
This year, what?
Will you come to see me?
Instead, why don't we
celebrate my birthday here?
Why are you silent?
You didn't like it?
Is that all?
This is the reason...
I didn't want to comment
Wait, let him talk. Go on, Neeraj
Neeraj? He is Viraj
It's the same... tell me
It's not brilliant.
- Come on!
- Why?
Look at this one.
- What's wrong?
I'm sure, you clicked such photos
during your kindergarten days
She picked up the camera after years...
- Of course, I'm happy for her
The photos are great,
but not up to your standards
You will, dear
You will gradually get there
It is important that
you don't stop clicking
No, Appa
I mean, I'll agree to anything,
but not regarding the photos
You are not expected
to click mediocre pictures
Sorry, I'm a bit harsh, but... no!
This is not worth the excitement
She is capable
of delivering top class stuff, Appa
Not up to the mark
Viraj. Hi.
- Hey
How are you?
- Good
Where's the little one?
- Over there
I'll just give her the gift
Happy birthday!
- Hello!
How are you?
- Great. Thank you
How are you, Appa?
How are you?
I'm good. How are you?
- I'll get myself a drink
I'll see you soon.
- Yeah
Where's Nandini?
- She's dressing up
- Excuse me
Hi. How are you?
- Great
- Sure
You know, you are such
a good friend to her! - I know
Anyone in my place would've done that.
- No one does
Everyone told me,
she was stubborn, sharp
I thought, let's see
I've faced loneliness all my life
Always been dependent on others
When I met Nandini, for the first time
I felt that she needed me
For the first time, I felt
that I really had something to offer
You know, you deserve a pat on your back
Appa told you to be with her, didn't he?
He told you not to leave her alone, right?
I told her I'll be back in five minutes
Doesn't she understand what I am saying?
Five or fifty minutes, can she tell?
Her brains aren't functioning.
Are yours too? - Shishir!
Appa, I had no idea she'd go downstairs
I was away only for a couple of minutes,
I swear to God
But you should've shown some seriousness
She is sick.
We need to be careful, don't we?
How's it?
How's this place?
Nice. Why?
Would you like to showcase
your work here?
What work?
In two months, we are going
to exhibit your photos here
I've booked this gallery
Neeraj, I'm not one of your projects
I'm not an object that you can use
to prove a point
I am myself
I'm scared sometimes,
and I make mistakes, but...
But if you feel you can achieve something,
don't make me look wrong
I don't want to do any exhibition.
- Okay
Hello, dad?
- Yes, ma'am?
My green tea
Good morning
Hey, Nandini. What a pleasant surprise!
How did you think of us today?
What is all this, Jatin?
I had kept an idol... of Ganpati.
Where is it?
It's in my cabin. It's safe, don't worry
Hello, Shishir
Nandini has come to the office
Yes, I'll get her home
Appa, let's go inside
I spoke... to Jatin
They are on their way
Call again.
- Appa, they will be here
Why get them stressed?
- Did anyone ask you?
Did anyone ask you?
Who is he, Appa?
He barges into people's homes
and interferes in their lives...
Who do you think you are?
Are you greater than science?
Do you even know what you are doing?
The world over doctors say dementia
has no cure. And he...
He thinks he can create a miracle
with his kindness and sweetness!
Why are you giving her hope?
So, should we just give up everything,
accept defeat and watch her fade away?
Sir, you should come over and see.
For someone who never woke up before noon,
she now wakes up early morning
to water the plants
She even makes tea sometimes,
she's started taking pictures again
Right! And when she is unable to click those
pictures again, it will hurt her, not you!
You don't stop living today in the fear
that someday something will go wrong
Look! In your life, Nandini is...
just an interesting person
She is there today,
she will be gone tomorrow
If you feel Appa, Nandini, Nupur...
are there in my life today and
not tomorrow, then I must say, sir,
you don't know anything
about relationships.
God knows why you make films on them!
- Don't try to teach me!
- Who the heck is he to teach me...
How are you?
Hi, Appa
Jyoti, make tea for everyone
Hey, I hope you didn't cancel
the exhibition
That space is really beautiful.
I like it
Thank you so much.
- Congratulations
Appa, I've found a place
I'll move in next week
Stay another month. What's the hurry?
Do you really have to go?
If not now, never!
So what?
Please let me go
What's up?
What happened?
You are not a counsellor,
not a friend,
and not family either
But seriously,
you are Superman!
Thank you
Great. Excellent.
Excuse me. Hi
This is my daughter. Moushmi.
- Hello
- Such a lovely exhibition!
She has been after me,
she wants to learn photography
After watching all this,
I think I should allow her
Pretty. What's your name, dear?
- Moushmi
Thank you.
- Thank you so much, ma'am
Where's Anju?
- Over there
Superb exhibition. Awesome
I'm so proud that you are my friend.
- Anju!
All thanks to you and Neeraj
Hey, Shishir. Hi
Hi, Sampada.
- Hi
- Nandini, it's a fantastic exhibition
Thank you.
- Congratulations
I leave it to you guys here.
All the photos are fabulous.
- Yeah
Superb exhibition
Napa and that boy did
all the arrangements
Was I really a troublesome husband?
Why do you ask?
No, I mean...
When we were together,
if you ever felt that
I was not appreciative of your talent,
then it's not true
I really don't remember
There never was anyone
like you
and will never be!
Good evening.
May I have everyone's attention, please?
Can you please take a seat?
Thank you
I'm really grateful to Event Dynamics
for helping us organise
such a lovely exhibition today
I wish this day would never end!
We are all here to celebrate
her work today,
and this is really really special
Without wasting much time, I'd like
to call on stage the artist herself
For you, she is Nandini Joshi
who I proudly call... MOM
My paper?
Please forgive me for this
I had to write this down
As we grow older,
we tend to forget small-small things
But, I didn't have to wait that long
I have unconditional love for photography
Clicking pictures make me complete
Words were never my friends
But, I could express through pictures
what I couldn't through words
And it was my father who noticed it first
I was sixteen
when he first bought me a camera
He would not appreciate me
talking about it
But thank you, Appa
When the world told me it
would not be easy,
my father said it would not be difficult
As we grow up, we start getting attached
to many things;
people, success, failure, experience
And we take them all for granted
We don't realise their importance
until one day we lose them
In the last few years,
I have lost several such things
I am still losing... every day
speech, belongings, sleep,
but the most important
of them all... memories
I have earned everything
through a lot of hard work
And slowly all this is
taken away from me... bit by bit
All thanks to my illness
And I must talk about it.
Or, this evening will be incomplete
This illness made me realise
a lot of things about myself
Suddenly one day
everything around you changes
We lose confidence
We find our dreams, our realities
gradually slipping away from our hands
The mind eventually goes blank
Yet, in the wake of all our struggles,
it must all end one day
I will finally lose
And what will be left behind,
is the illness
We fall in our own eyes
And in this time, someone comes along,
whose presence makes you comfortable
That person comes to give you
tremendous strength and support
I was fortunate enough
to have that person walk into my life
And he is...
Viraj. Sorry
Viraj, I wouldn't want to thank you
and make you feel like a stranger
But for all that you have done for me,
I cannot express that in words
I know, I'm going
to forget everything, bit by bit
It will all be gone some day
But, your efforts will always stay with me
A friend like Viraj walked into my life
and I feel...
I feel, everyone
should have a friend like him
Life is tough.
Yet, half the battle can be won
when you have someone
to tell you... Smile please!
Thank you
Thank you
We did it!
We did it...?
What do you mean? I don't understand
We did it
Yeah. Thank you