Smiley (2012) Movie Script

[ music playing ]
[ crickets chirping ]
[ screams ]
[ sarcastic laughter ]
I had to get
your attention somehow.
It's not funny.
Who you texting anyway,
your boyfriend?
Just work stuff.
You know, someday,
you're gonna have
to get a job, too.
Nah. I'll just
get married.
[ giggles ]
Mare, come on.
No chatting.
Say goodbye to your friend.
He's not my friend.
I don't even know him.
[ giggles ]
Oh, no.
Is this that site
Where it just chooses
who you talk with?
Yeah, hideandgochat.
Yeah, you really
shouldn't be on this site.
It's for people
that do gross things
to other people.
People do other things.
Yeah, like what?
I don't know.
Be silly.
Make friends
all over the world.
You know,
you can even meet
a cute guy.
Heh. Really?
People use this
to find dates?
Yeah, a lot
of guys do it.
Some of them even do it
with their pants off.
Okay, see, that's why you
shouldn't be on this site.
It's way too sketch.
I'm serious, though, mare.
You really
Shouldn't put yourself
out there like that.
What? Like someone's
gonna go smiley on me.
You know,
the urban legend,
No. Who's that?
You start a video chat
with somebody
Who you don't even know,
And you type in
"I did for the lulz"
three times.
And then
this guy with a knife
appears behind them.
And what?
They die.
Why do they
call him smiley?
Because he stitched
his eyes shut
And carved a smile
onto his face.
[ laughing ]
You need to stop
being creepy right now.
But it's fun!
That doesn't
even make sense,
'cause how can
one person, smiley,
Just show up behind people
all over the internet?
You'd be surprised.
I think that's
Just--[ screams ]
What's crazy, daddy?
That you're still up. Go.
Go brush your teeth.
Go to bed, you,
before I get you.
I'm sorry
that I was late.
Um, would
a check be okay?
[ woman singing opera ]
[ opera music fades ]
[ opera music resumes ]
[ screaming ]
Wow. It's big.
Sure you're
gonna be okay here?
You can still
stay at the college
If you like.
Got everything
you need?
I think so.
Need some money?
Dad, you give me
plenty as it is.
I know, but I just want to
make sure that you're okay.
I promise, I'm fine.
I know.
But if you need
another year at home--
It won't be
like last time.
I'm ready
for this now.
Yeah, I know.
Look at you,
all grown-up.
You're sure you don't
want to be closer
to your classes?
Daddy, campus is
literally a block away.
You don't have
to worry so much.
Well, I'm a father.
I--it's part of my job.
We're both
gonna be okay.
We got this.
I love you.
I love you back.
[ both laugh ]
Get in there.
Text me if you
need anything!
I think I'll just call.
Probably a good idea.
[ laughs ]
Proxy, this house
is so nice.
Thanks for picking me.
Hey, I was just psyched
to meet someone normal
When my roommate bailed.
You know, it's weird.
There's so much online,
I kind of feel like
I already know you.
It's just so cool
that your parents
Bought this house
for you.
Um, my parents
bought it four years ago,
And they can't sell it,
so might as well
Have your daughter
live in it instead of
paying dorm fees, I guess.
Yeah, I really didn't
want to live in a dorm.
Yeah, they're small.
They're gross.
Dorm parties suck.
Speaking of which,
Um, I have a party
to get to.
Well, it's actually
kind of more of like
a little get-together.
Hey, I mean, you wouldn't--
You wouldn't want
to come with, would you?
Isn't it a school night?
Oh. Yeah, it's college.
[ laughs ] I can
do whatever I want.
[ chuckles ]
Yes, I accept
your invitation.
Is, like, everybody
at this party?
Mm, probably. But, um,
It's not exactly
a college party, though.
It's just across campus.
Oh. Is it
some friends of yours?
Wait. Am I
too dressed up?
No. No, no, no.
Don't worry.
You're cool.
I don't know all these
people either, so...
You don't?
Did you hear about
the party or something?
Wait. Do you think
we can get in?
Is it safe?
I know them, okay?
I just haven't
met them in person.
This guy from /b/
invited la people
To his house
for a meet-up.
What's bee?
You know,
the /b/ board on 4chan.
Is that like
an asian dating site?
Oh, my god, that sounded
totally racist.
Oh, my god. You rule.
Um, I might need
to get stoned
to explain this.
Do you smoke pot?
Oh, uh, I was kind of
a dork in high school.
Oh, but you're
in college now.
I can do whatever I want.
Oh, my god, pusher.
As I was saying,
/b/ is
an image board
Where people
can communicate
[ coughing ]
And what do people
do anonymously?
Oh, very
important things,
Like post gross,
but hilarious pictures,
Plan raids,
troll scientology,
Make memes,
and in general
Do anything necessary
for the lulz.
I think I'm high
on your marijuana.
[ both laughing ]
Give me my marijuana.
Ooh, I hope there's
some hot guys
at this party.
I like nerdy guys.
Obviously you
like nerdy guys.
Wait. Jacket on or off?
Off. Ready?
[ music playing ]
[ laughs ]
[ laughs ]
You okay?
Hey, uh, what's up,
superhot ladies?
What's up?
Heh heh. I'm guessing
one of you is proxy?
What's up, zane?
Zane, yeah.
[ laughs ]
Who's your
smoking friend?
Hey. I'm ashley.
Ashley. Nice.
Uh, I'm used
to living alone,
or else I'd suggest
A three's company
kind of thing.
There's plenty
of room,
in my bedroom.
[ laughs ] yeah.
[ mouths word ]
Oh, so, uh,
You enjoy
the strange?
Yeah, I enjoy
the strange.
[ snorts ]
[ laughs ]
I just smoked pot.
Did that come out right?
Yeah, it did.
No, I enjoy
the strange,
because it's, uh,
Interesting and
often retarded.
That's kind of
my special
research area,
The intersection
of the strange
and retarded.
That would make
a really good soap opera,
The strange
and the retarded.
"and these are
the days of our strange
and retarded lives."
[ laughter ]
No, but, uh,
really, what I'm
interested in
Is how people start
believing in things,
you know?
Like, uh, bigfoot,
for example.
You know,
there's no evidence
that bigfoot exists,
Yet lots of people
believe in bigfoot.
Or how 'bout god?
I mean,
millions of people
go to church,
And there's
more evidence
for chupacabra.
So is god strange
or retarded?
Let's take acid
and discuss.
But first
I need another beer.
Uh, get drunk now,
three-way later?
Sound good? Yeah.
What the?
Oh, hey.
Hey, I think I saw
that guy on campus.
Oh. Should we say hi?
You should say hi.
Go. Go.
I'll be fine. Go.
College party. Go.
Hey. I'm ashley.
Um, is this
the anonymous party?
Nobody will say.
Oh. Well, then,
I guess it is, right?
[ laughs ]
I'm just kidding.
Yeah, it's the
anonymous party.
Yeah. I'm a dork.
[ chuckles ]
Hey. Hey, what's up?
I'm zane.
What's up?
I'm binder.
Yeah. What are you
doing here, pedobear?
Don't call me that.
Okay? I thought
it would be cool.
You're pedobear?
Do you approve
this message?
Bitch tits!
[ laughs ]
Guys, come on.
I was just
hanging out, okay?
Why don't you
Get out of here,
No one wants
to hang out with you.
Man: What a fucking tool.
Bye, pedobear.
What was that about?
Ah, he thought some
of the stuff on the board
was messed up,
Said he'd report it.
Honestly, some of the stuff
is pretty messed up,
But, uh, it's not smart
to say so.
He seemed nice.
probably too nice.
[ laughter ]
Dude, it's the tits.
I did it
for the lulz!
What are they saying?
Check it out.
What is this?
It's video chat,
like skype,
But you don't know who
you're chatting with.
Why would you chat
with strangers?
Isn't that dumb?
Does this
look dumb to you?
[ gasps ]
[ screams ]
[ laughter ]
What was that?
What, you've never
seen that?
"I did it for the lulz."
That's smiley.
It's not real,
though, right?
Well, nobody knows
if it's real.
It's on the internet.
It's like
bloody mary, okay?
It's an urban legend.
You type "I did it
for the lulz" three times
Across from someone
you're chatting with,
And then smiley
creeps into frame,
And he kills them!
Heh heh.
"I did it
for the" what?
Lulz! Laughs.
I did it just--
I did it just because.
It's like--
Do you know
when you do something
just because you can
Or you're bored
or whatever?
Anyway, don't worry.
That video's totally fake.
Yeah. Yeah.
'cause that's so freaky.
[ screams ]
[ laughs ]
You got me.
Yeah, I did.
I did it
for the lulz.
[ laughter ]
[ music playing ]
you can see it
from a mile away
you can see it
from a mile away
you can see it
from a mile away
you can see it
from a mile away
[ birds chirping ]
[ groans ]
Oh, my god.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
This class is
an introduction
to reason and ethics.
Well, good morning.
How are you?
Come on in, please.
Have a seat.
Make yourself
I'm gonna stay here.
As you guys know,
That this class
is a requirement.
Now, aside
from my brilliance
and my charisma
And the, uh,
school's obvious
huge budget...
Do you have a pencil?
And some of the
technical equipment...
Why do you think
this class is--
You smell better
than I do.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
What--what is your name?
Okay, mark,
could you please tell me
Why do you think
this class is
a requirement?
Um, because we
have to take it?
[ laughter ]
Okay, all right,
all right.
Hold on a second.
Don't laugh at mark.
All right, now what
is going on here?
Now, why can't,
"because we have
to take it,"
Be the reason
that this class is
a requirement? Why?
Yes, my sweet latecomer.
Because they're just
different ways of saying
the same thing.
They are what
we will learn to call
Equivalent statements.
Neither supports
nor follows the other.
Now, as you guys
get more comfortable
With the keys
of logic and reason,
You're gonna find
that they'll open up
just about any box.
Open your books
to page, uh, 29.
29. No, that's just--
That's just
a picture of me.
Professor clayton.
Oh, girl who was late.
I'm so sorry.
Ashley brooks.
I promise
I will never--
No, just kidding.
Half the people in this class
Are gonna drop out
once they realize
That reading is involved.
Oh, well,
I was wondering
Whether I could get
all the semester's
assignments early?
Why? You leaving town?
I just like to be
really prepared.
Are you hitting on me?
What? No.
I wanted
to know about--
[ both laugh ]
You're joking.
Oh, no. No, that--
[ both laugh ]
ah, yeah.
Nothing gets past you,
ms. Brooks.
Ah, you know what?
All the assignments
on the website.
All right. Okay.
Okay. Thanks.
Do yourself a favor,
though, okay?
You don't have
to do all your homework
in one night.
Just relax, okay?
It's college.
Have a good time, okay?
[ laughs ]
[ door opens, closes ]
Oh, what's up,
party monster?
Everything is
still spinning.
Is that normal?
I don't know
what got into you.
[ sighs ] oh, god.
Did I do something crazy?
Uh, well, if belting out
taylor swift lyrics
At the top
of your lungs in front
Of a bunch
of 4chan nerds
is crazy, then yes.
Oh, my god.
That's so embarrassing.
No, don't worry, okay?
No one's even
gonna remember that,
Because there's
a new video.
Are those juicy
booty shorts?
Oh, my god,
his forehead.
That is from last night.
What's that guy's name again?
I don't know.
Is that a mole
on your face,
Or is that a herpes?
I don't know.
They put something
Right there on my face.
I don't know.
What--what's it say?
[ ashley screams ]
Oh, my god.
There's no way, right?
No way it's real?
Or no way it's fake?
I don't know.
Can't you call somebody?
None of us even know
each other's real names,
But he hasn't
been online, so...
What do
other people think?
About half and half.
Well, did anyone
call the police?
And say what?
That there's
some internet video
Of some guy
getting killed?
Yes. If this is real,
Oh, my god,
this is so sick.
"hi. Police?
"yeah, there's
an internet video
of some guy getting killed.
"oh, no, sorry.
"I don't know his name,
"but, um, he plays pranks
on the internet,
"and there's
this urban legend that says
"if you type
'I did it for the lulz'
"3 times in a chat,
this guy smiley
Appears behind
the other person and..."
So it has
to be fake.
How would smiley
know where you are?
Right. Yep.
I mean, they're all
just waiting to see
who falls for it.
We're way too smart
for that.
Yeah, stupid trolls.
Heh. Oh, god,
I'm so glad you came home.
That was kind of
freaking me out.
Hey, you know,
I know how we could
find out for real.
Try to do it?
No way.
That's so spooky.
No, it's not.
Okay, we just do it.
Nothing happens,
and then we know
it's fake.
Because that way,
We'll know it's fake
for sure, huh?
What are they
called again?
Lulz, l-u-l-z,
Like lols, like lolcats,
but lulz.
[ laughs ]
Mm. Ah, no.
Don't want to waste it.
Keep going. Keep going.
Oh, he's kind of cute.
Mm, yeah, super cute.
Total babe.
Don't kill him.
Enh, no.
Ahh! Penis!
Hi, tiny and kind of bent.
Hope you like
touching that thing,
'cause no one else
is gonna do it.
"next" him.
Wait, wait.
Wait, maybe should
we kill him instead.
Let me do it.
Maybe smiley
Will come out and
cut off his wiener.
Heh. I think
you mean penis.
You can't joke around,
though, okay?
You have to really
want it to happen.
Yeah, okay, okay.
I want it to happen.
Picture it.
You have to picture it.
Give me the keyboard.
[ both laugh ]
Yeah, right.
As if.
[ both scream ]
He--he can see us!
"next" him!
"next" him! "next" him!
Oh, my god.
What the fuck?!
I don't know. Did we
just kill somebody?
Did I just
kill somebody?!
I don't know.
Where did he come from?
I don't know, okay?
I don't know.
I thought college
was gonna be fun.
If that really
just happened, smiley can't
know where we are.
But he saw us. I mean,
he looked right at us.
He doesn't know
where we are.
But he saw our faces,
and, oh, my god,
He waved at us.
And that doesn't matter.
He has no clue
where we are.
He can't find out
from the computer?
No, absolutely not, okay?
The hideandgochat servers
are completely anonymized.
That's the whole point.
They're set up
So not even your root
can find the ip.
I don't know
what that means.
Trust me. It's good.
Okay, okay.
So we report this,
tell the police
What we saw.
No, no, no, did. No, saw.
Why not?!
Because if we report this,
there's gonna be press.
If it's real,
it's gonna lead him
right to us.
He does know
what we look like.
What about the fbi
or something?
No. Ashley,
we can't do that, okay?
We can't tell anybody
about this.
This never happened.
[ cellphone buzzing ]
Oh. It's my dad.
Not a word.
Hi, daddy.
Hi, sweetheart.
How's college life?
It's fine.
I mean, it's okay.
It's good.
I'm having fun.
[ laughs ]
well, not too much
fun, I hope.
You sound
a little funny,
Everything's fine.
I'm sorry
I haven't called.
I just...
I was just watching
a scary movie
with proxy,
And I-I'm still
trying to get it
out of my head.
Everything's good.
Is this a bad time?
I mean,
Do you want
to get back
to your movie?
No! I mean...
Now's a good time.
I'm out on the patio.
You still sound
kind of funny, hon.
Must be a bad connection.
But I do want
you to know that
if you just...
Feel like you're
not ready to be
out on your own,
You know, you can
always come home.
Thanks, daddy.
I just miss mom.
Yeah, so do I, baby.
I wish we could just
call her up, you know,
Hear her voice
one more time.
Me, too.
It's just hard,
you know.
But I promise I'm fine
most of the time.
[ chuckles ]
Ohh! Um...
Proxy's ready
to keep watching,
So I'll call you
later, okay? Bye.
I didn't tell.
Now, who could
tell me what we mean
By "the scientific method"?
It's like you make
a hypothesis...
No, that's true.
Please, mark,
Stop--stop being right
so often,
And give
some of the other
students a chance.
Yes, it's true.
The first step
in the scientific method
Is forming a hypothesis.
So what's a hypothesis?
It's like what
you think is true.
Yes. Now that we
have this notion
Of what we think is true,
what do we do next?
I test it, girl.
[ laughter ]
You test it.
This man is
a closet scientist.
All right, so what
do we do now? Ashley.
Um, what if you
test your hypothesis
and it's wrong?
That's fine.
Happens all the time.
You add that result
to your observations.
You revise your hypothesis.
No. I mean...
What if you test
your hypothesis
And something
impossible happens?
Hmm. What do you mean,
It's stupid.
I'm sure it's not.
Like supernatural?
Like ghosts?
[ laughter, murmuring ]
I don't think
we're gonna settle
the ghost question,
But I want to talk about
how the curiosity
And skepticism embodied
in the scientific method
Have applications
beyond the laboratory
And their opposite,
We can call ideology
the complete confidence
In what we think
we know, and as such,
It is the end
of critical thinking
And not in a good way.
The worst things
that happen in the world
Are done by people
who are sure that
they are right.
Hitler, stalin, mao,
Pol pot, bin laden,
These are people
who believe that they have
some special knowledge
And that this gives them
license to do anything
Because they can.
Now, provided any of you
are still awake,
Would you please turn
your books to the bottom
of page 256?
[ both yell ]
Oh, I'm so sorry.
Uh, sorry.
Binder, right?
We met at that,
uh, party last night.
I remember.
Can I talk to you
about something?
Uh, yeah, sure.
Guess I'm
the only one here.
What's up?
What do you know
about smiley?
You mean,
is he real?
Did they
send you here
to mess with me?
Well, smiley's
part of the reason
they don't like me,
Like when I reported
the child porn they
posted on /b/.
I don't know.
I just don't think
Stuff like that
is ever funny.
Because it's not.
But what about smiley?
Well, my theories on him
are kind of weird.
This whole thing
is pretty weird.
Well, I think
smiley's only real
When people
make him real.
Like tinker bell?
Heh. Yeah.
[ laughs ]
Except it's
like all the evil
around the internet
Found one place
to hide,
You know,
where it's invited,
And then
people just made it
become something.
Do you think he's real?
I don't know
if smiley's real.
I mean, I think
the videos are real.
That probably
doesn't make any sense.
No, I think I know
what you mean.
You seem really nice.
You do, too.
Maybe we could...
Be friends?
What's your number?
Uh, okay.
[ cellphone buzzes ]
[ laughs ]
That's you.
That's me.
That's you.
Okay, I gotta go, but...
Text me, okay?
Yeah, really.
See you later.
[ door creaks ]
Where are you going?
There's a big
party night at zane's.
It's gonna be huge,
and you're coming.
What about what we did...
With smiley?
I don't know what
you're talking about,
Because that never
happened, remember?
Oh. Right. Sorry.
Yeah. Okay,
go get ready, all right?
This'll make us
both forget, I promise.
Okay. Just don't dress
Like you're going to
a quinceaera this time.
[ music playing ]
Whoo whoo!
Hey, ash, I think--
Ohh! Ohh!
Shit. Oh, shit,
I am so sorry.
Um, the bar here.
Here. Try some.
Oh, I probably
Ah, come on. Drink it.
It's a free drink.
Drink it.
I gotta pee so badly.
Mm. I think there
was a bug in it.
I'm gonna go pee
in a closet.
[ both laugh ]
You're crazy!
"...Did it for the lulz"
three times,
And then smiley
came up behind him,
and he killed him.
That sounds crazy.
Are you sure
it's real?
Hey, what's up?
Hey, I'm ashley.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
We, uh--we met
the other night.
You wanted
to have sex with me,
But I wasn't
into it.
[ laughter ]
I'm sorry
about your friend.
Kells was
your friend, right?
What? No.
He's not dead.
Are you kidding me?
He's probably just
Pulling a frigging
prank on us. Hello.
They haven't even
found the body.
Well, do you know
where he lives?
I don't know.
with his moms.
Oh, dude.
You just
come up with that?
So you don't know
if he's alive.
What if this
is really real?
Oh, what if
nothing's real?
Maybe it's the end
of the truman show
And you both just hit
the sky mural.
[ laughter ]
"oh, what's real?
I don't know.
My life is
a show on tv."
Come with me.
What did you see?
what did you see?
I mean, I saw
the video of kells.
Yeah, and he's
fucking dead, right?
I mean,
we're on the same page here.
What else did you see?
I didn't see
anything else.
Are you fucking with me?
You typed it,
and you made it happen.
Yes. You did.
You did it
for the lulz, right?
You called smiley,
and he came.
Okay, look, if it
makes you feel any better...
I did it, too.
I don't even know
who the fuck he killed.
It was just some kid.
He cut him up
like a pig.
God, this can't
be real, right?
It can't.
I mean, god,
I don't even know
who these people are
that are my friends,
Just people I know.
[ vomits ]
whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa. Hey, hey.
I'm so sorry.
You--you want a bed
or something?
I'm gonna go home.
Do you have a ride?
You want a cab?
You can sleep over.
I'm gonna walk.
Eh, no, you shouldn't walk
across campus by yourself.
What if he comes for
the people who call him?
Have you thought
about that?
[ distant voices echoing ]
[ breath ]
[ footstep ]
[ laughs ]
[ sighs ]
It's nothing.
You're being stupid.
You're just being stupid.
Man: Ashley.
[ hisses ]
[ hisses ]
[ screams ]
[ screams ]
No! Please, no!
[ screams ]
[ screaming ]
[ mutters ]
Are you okay?
[ gasps ] what?
That must have been
one gnarly nightmare.
What was it?
Smiley was trying
to kill me.
That sucks. It's like
freddy krueger.
No! Last night,
He was really
trying to kill me!
Dude, what happened
to your shirt?
[ gasping ]
He--he chased me,
and he caught me.
He ripped my shirt.
I don't think so.
Maybe I--
I left the party.
Um, yeah. I was looking
all over for you.
And then this girl,
she was like, "meh,
She's not in the reh,"
So I got a ride
with them.
Look, this neighborhood
isn't that bad,
but you probably
Shouldn't be walking
around by yourself
at night.
This actually happened!
I left the party,
and I was pretty buzzed.
I was super wasted.
I mean, how did
I get so wasted?
Mm, I don't know.
And then--
And then I went
across campus,
And he was there.
Well, are you sure
it was him?
Wasn't just
some creepy guy?
He had the fucking face,
And he had the knife,
And he said
my name, proxy.
He knows my name.
But you got away.
But, like,
you're right here,
So, um, news flash,
this didn't happen,
Where did you find me?
I found you right here.
I came in your room,
and you were
in your bed.
He was in here?!
No. [ laughs ] god.
It was just you.
He did this.
I think that
it was just
a really bad dream.
I mean,
don't get me wrong.
I'm really
freaked out, too.
[ laughs ]
Okay, what's the last
thing you remember?
Uh, he--
He was...
And I woke up.
Ashley, are you
on any psychiatric meds?
Not anymore.
Have you ever been
on any medication?
Lithium for bipolar.
And when were
you diagnosed?
My senior year
of high school.
I kind of
had a breakdown
After my mom
committed suicide.
Had your mother been
diagnosed as bipolar?
No. Well, I mean,
And why'd you stop
taking the meds?
The lithium made me
so fat and stupid.
I couldn't
remember anything.
But I--I didn't just quit.
I came off it gradually.
Under your doctor's
I've been totally
off it for six months.
Okay. Well, what's up?
I'm really anxious.
It is your first week
of college.
Yeah, but...
Really anxious,
Like terrified.
And I feel guilty.
I feel like I've done
something really bad,
But I don't think I have.
Well, in your
first week of school,
You haven't done
something really awful,
Like, say,
killed anyone.
But I'm having
really vivid
You've been
through a trauma,
Adjusted to it,
And now you're
in a new environment.
It's stressful.
I don't seem crazy?
I'd have to say...
Not at all.
Even though the dreams,
They're really...
really realistic.
Well, that's the nature
of dreams, isn't it?
They seem real
when we're having them.
Otherwise, they'd have
no power over us.
But it sounds
like this anxiety
is debilitating.
And you don't want
To go back
on the lithium salts.
Have you ever tried anything
for situational anxiety,
Rather than
a sledgehammer
like lithium?
Like what?
I'm gonna write you
a short scrip for ativan.
That sound okay?
I just remembered
I'm not crazy.
Okay, good.
That's a good thing
to remember.
I'm gonna give you
this scrip,
And it's not for crazy.
It's for anxiety.
Did you tell?
[ gasps ] no.
I just remembered.
At the party,
Zane knew--
yeah, he just
called me.
There's another one.
Another what?
Another dead person.
We gotta go
to zane's.
Okay, what is going on?
I don't know.
What about you?
Huh? You know
what's going on?
Is that a gun?
Yes. Yes.
this is a gun.
Why do you have that?
Because I am
a security professional.
But I thought
you went to college.
Do I really seem
that retarded to you?
College is for retards.
I am a security
Like at the mall?
Fucking fuck, no!
No, no, no!
Like at the mall?
Network security.
network security?
He's a hacker,
okay, like lulzsec,
Like--like anonymous,
like wikileaks,
Like trolling
Proxy, will you
shut up, please?
Will you watch the gun?
Please shut up.
She has to understand
that to know what
you're talking about.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
He needs some money,
He hacks
a corporate network,
And then says, "hey,
pay me to fix your problem."
That's a network
security professional.
What you're talking
about would be
An illegal
protection racket.
I am one
of a hundred
Or 500 or
a thousand people
in the whole world
Who can
find out anything
about anyone,
Medical records,
how much money,
or vanilla,
top or bottom.
I mean,
and honestly,
I have no idea
what's going on.
I mean,
who's doing this?
We don't know.
Okay, well,
why don't you
riddle me this?
Who is she?
Smiley's trying
to kill me.
"smiley's trying
to kill me. Ahh."
You're not dead.
You're not dead,
And other
people are.
You want to see
the video
Of smiley slashing
crash's throat?
I could show it
to you if you want.
This shit's
personal, okay?
If this isn't some
internet hobgoblin
fairy tale,
This is one
of our enemies.
Who are your enemies?
Who is not our enemies?
You don't get to be king
of the internet assholes
Without making
a few enemies,
A shit-ton, in fact.
I mean, it could be--
Could be the--
the chinese
Or those fucking--
those dicks in holland.
Remember them?
And, uh, the feds.
Could be the fbi.
I mean, but--
but if it was the fbi,
You know, they'd be--
just knock down
the door.
[ sighs ] fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck.
What if smiley isn't
any of those things?
I mean, what if he's real?
He's definitely
fucking real.
I think we've
that by now.
No, I mean, what if
he's something we
can't understand?
What if he's just evil?
And that evil...
Is hunting us?
What if that evil
is hunting us?
Well, then, I'd
say that's pretty
fucking bad news.
I think I'm gonna go get
my prescription filled.
Oh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
What are
you getting?
Oh, ativan.
Ativan. Um, save me
some of that.
I think we're
gonna need it.
All right,
be careful, ladies.
Yeah. You, too.
[ gasping ]
[ crickets chirping ]
[ nail scratches ]
All righty.
Who can tell me
about occam's razor? Yeah?
Uh, "entities must
not be multiplied
beyond necessity."
You've done your reading.
That's very good.
Okay, now give it to me
in the plain language, okay?
What did william
of ockham mean? Hmm?
Uh, the most likely
Is usually
the right explanation.
Now, is occam's razor
a rule
Or more of a guideline?
Well, it's a guideline,
because, I mean,
Sometimes the unlikely
explanation is actually
the right explanation.
Right, and that brings
us back to something
That, uh, ashley...
Was asking about
At the end
of the last class.
How do we account
for things that
seem so unlikely
As to be impossible?
They do occur.
Like supernatural?
Ah, let me give you
something that's
A little weirder
than what we call
Just to, uh,
blow your minds.
Are your minds
ready to blown?
Now, we know
that the physical laws
That govern the universe
are specific
And that the tiniest,
most infinitesimal change
In the weight
of just one type
of subatomic particle,
Any kind of particle,
Would mean no universe,
No stars, no planets,
No life,
no consciousness,
Us not even having
this conversation.
Unless you believe
in a god whose only
reason for being
Is the authorship
of a relatively small
book of rules
About the weight and
behavior of particles,
Then we have
to acknowledge
That those rules
could have been
anything whatsoever.
Now, what is
the implication
of what I just said?
It's almost like
everything that happened
Happened so we could
know it happened.
And that idea is called
the anthropic principle,
That everything happened
just so that we could
know it happened,
But there's a problem
with the anthropic
principle. Ashley...
What could be wrong
with this idea?
It assumes we're the end.
It assumes
we're the reason,
When really we could just
be amoebas or whatever.
Simple forms of life
were necessary for us
to develop.
We might be
what's necessary
For something else
to develop.
And I think I'd like
to end it on that.
Humanity may be
nothing more than
an intermediate step
In the development
of a consciousness
A trillion times
We already
built it a network,
Millions of nodes
with each other
That is called
the internet.
And while each node
on its own
Is nothing more
than a dumb computer,
Please remember
that each of our
individual brain cells
Is capable
of far, far less.
like skynet.
Or like the matrix,
like neo.
I think it's gonna be
a lot stranger
Than anything we're
capable of imagining.
Let's just
hope that when it
becomes conscious...
It's nice to us.
Or it could all just be
a bunch of nonsense.
All right,
get out of here.
Have a good day.
Could I speak to you
for a second?
You know what?
I'm kind of in a hurry.
Yeah, but it'll just
take one second.
No, just come during
office hours, okay?
all right.
...Baby-sitter stacy
Hasn't been answering
her calls.
I'm really worried
about her,
Of her getting
killed by smiley.
And nobody believes me.
[ gasps ]
[ gasps ]
Scared the crap
out of me.
Don't sneak up
on people like that.
Oh, sorry.
What are you doing here?
Oh, I, uh--
I work here.
Oh, in the library?
I manage
the networking
It's how I pay
for school.
You're like
a computer genius.
Uh, yeah, thank you.
I prefer
the term nerd, but...
What are you doing?
You remember saying
something about evil
being a force.
Did you
mean that literally?
We're talking about
smiley, right?
Well, I've been
researching it,
And I haven't even
had time to get
to this part yet--
Smiley's real.
How do you know?
I killed someone.
[ gasps ]
are you serious?
Ah, that's amazing.
I mean, that's terrible,
But I tried to do it,
and nothing happened.
Do you want them to die?
No. I mean,
I wanted to be right,
But I didn't want
to kill anybody.
You have
to really want it.
You have to really
want them to die.
But then
he comes after you.
He tried to kill me.
What did it feel like?
What do you mean?
It was horrible.
Wow. Do you know
what this means?
I mean, I thought
I was crazy, but--
But if this is true,
if you're not lying,
Then that means
been awakened,
Like something's
been born,
Like smiley
could be the next
Are you not
listening to me?
Smiley's trying
to kill me.
You know...
I thought maybe
you could help.
[ gasps ]
What are you doing?! Huh?!
What the--are you
trying to get us killed?!
I just--
are you crazy?
No, I just
want it to stop.
Well, then stop
trying to find out
What it is, okay?
You're bringing it to us.
But he won't
leave me alone.
I don't care!
I don't care.
You need to stop.
Crazy bitch.
[ static ]
hi, sweetheart.
[ gasps ]
What are you, crazy?
No. No, I'm not crazy.
I really didn't mean to.
It was smiley.
Shut up, ashley.
He was on the phone.
I swear he was
on the phone.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[ sobs ]
I'm so sorry.
I know I should have
mentioned something before,
And I know I lied.
I'm just...
I just don't want
to be crazy like my mom.
[ crying ]
I'm really happy
I can talk to you,
Because I have
nobody else.
Do you think you're
a danger to yourself?
I don't want to die.
I don't want
anybody to die.
I'm gonna need to see
you again tomorrow.
Between now and then,
I want you to sleep.
I can't sleep.
Even the ativan
won't make me.
I'm gonna give you
a serious tranquilizer.
I'm only gonna
prescribe one dose,
And I don't
want you to mix it
with the ativan.
Got it?
You're presenting
as rational,
But what you're saying
makes me very concerned.
The good news
Is that you know
it doesn't make sense,
And that's
why you're here.
Tomorrow, we're
gonna talk about
Checking you in
for another evaluation.
But I--I don't want
to go for another--
We talk about it
Or we do it today.
Your call.
Then I'll see you
[ cellphone buzzes ]
Ah, ms. Brooks.
You here to hand in
Your next
four months
of assignments?
No. I...
[ chuckles ]
come on.
So what's up?
I wanted to know--
you were talking about
in class the other day
About computers
being conscious.
Do you think
that's really possible?
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, why not?
I--frankly, I think
it's more likely
That we'll all
just kill each other
Before something
that interesting
occurs, but yeah.
You mean with
nuclear weapons?
Or bioweapons
or nanomachines
Or just plain old
resource depletion
Until we finally achieve
total extinction of all
complex life, yeah.
But why would we
want to do that?
Want to do it?
I don't think
we want to do it
Any more than
a great white shark
Wants to be
an apex predator.
It just does
what it does.
So you think that humans
are just evil?
[ chuckles ]
Can you keep a secret?
What's the secret?
I keep whiskey
in the filing cabinet.
You know, usually students
come to my office,
And they want to talk
about grades,
But evil is
far more interesting,
But I've gotta be honest
with you, ms. Brooks.
I'm not sure exactly
where this is going.
Do you think evil
really exists?
Yeah. Of course I do.
Who would deny it?
Evil is a byproduct
of humanity.
You--you mean--
I don't understand.
Like pollution?
Heh heh. Sure.
Yeah, that's a--
That's a good way
to put it.
Think about people,
what they do.
Eh, we're a perfect
planetary suicide machine.
All we have to do is drive,
Consume, start a family.
There's nothing
more effective
Than human reproduction
If you want to accelerate
planetary extinction.
You don't even have to do
anything spectacular
To play a meaningful role
in the grand human project
of ending the world.
And if you play your part
better than others
By inventing
some new weapons system
Or a more efficient way
of extracting
resource material,
Just so you can suck
everything out of the planet
before we go--
I don't know.
Do you think
that that is evil?
It's just doing
what we do.
Isn't it?
We're rats on a ship,
Ants on an ice-cream cone.
We're just going along
for the ride.
Everything's gonna end.
I think
the real question is
Is it gonna end
with a bang
Or eliot's whimper?
And, uh, in the meanwhile...
It just doesn't matter.
What is it
that the kids say?
Uh, it's the perfect
expression of nihilism.
You know what
I'm talking about.
What is it?
"I did it for the..."
"I did it for the lulz"?
Yeah. That's it.
"I did it for the lulz."
It's got a nice sound,
Doesn't it?
Is that why
you're here, ashley?
Do you want to do
something for the lulz?
I should go.
Go. Stay.
You know
my point of view.
[ door closes ]
I just don't care.
[ music playing faintly
over headphones ]
Man: Ashley.
...Alibi now
got a little theory
that everyone
talks about
the things you say
like, "I miss your face"
I want
to let you know...
Man: Ashley, I'm here.
I'm inside your head.
Over here.
[ gasps ]
I'm not scared of you.
Just shut up.
Shut up. Just shut up.
Fuck you.
I'm not scared of you.
Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck you!
Fuck--aah! Shut up!
[ sobbing ]
What the fuck are you
looking at? Huh?!
[ screams ]
[ screams ]
[ screams ]
[ screams ]
[ groaning ]
Oh, what's
Ow. I think
you broke my nose.
Am I dreaming?
Uh, does it look
like you're dreaming?
This seems
pretty real.
That's 'cause it is.
My nose is broken
in a pretty real way.
Gotta go get a towel.
[ groans ]
Sorry about your nose
And being just insane.
That's okay.
And I'm sorry
that I yelled.
You're not insane.
I know
you're just scared.
Oh. Zane and I,
we had sex,
And then he split
right before you
started screaming.
I seriously
can't take this anymore.
I mean, is this real,
or am I just going crazy?
I think both, dude.
Who are you calling?
It's 4:00
in the morning.
They're open.
911 emergency.
Hi. I'd like
to report a murder.
Could I have
some more coffee?
You want me
to make this run?
Ah, I got it.
I need another cup, too.
All right, let's
go over this again.
Now, you called in
to report a murder,
Maybe two, you don't know.
I do know.
several murders.
I witnessed
at least two.
On video.
And you say that
both of these murder--
Well, all these murders
were performed
By the same guy,
the same person,
This, uh, smiley.
Okay. Well, just so--
Just so we
get this straight...
Smiley appears
behind people
In an anonymous
video chat,
Like from out of
cyberspace or something,
When the other person
types in, uh,
"I did it for the lulz.
I did it for the lulz.
I did it for the lulz."
Yes. I told you,
I know it sounds crazy.
But, I mean,
it happened.
Hmm. Yeah.
And he--he chased me
across campus,
And then he
tried to kill me.
And then you woke up.
But I must have
blacked out.
Maybe he did
something to me.
I'm gonna
tell you the part
I'm having
a hard time with.
All of it.
Look, look, look.
Listen. Listen.
Just hear me out.
This is what it looks like
From my perspective
as a police detective.
First of all,
you have no victim.
But we do
have victims.
But there are no bodies.
You say you saw
dead people,
But you don't know
who they are,
Except for some nicknames
that, uh, nobody can trace.
It is very difficult
to investigate a crime
When it's not very clear
that any crime has been done.
You haven't found
a single body?
We find bodies
all the time.
We just haven't
found one that fit
the description that you gave.
And nobody's
called in about smiley?
No, we've had
a few calls about
this smiley character,
But yours is the first one
that we've taken
Seriously enough
to have this talk.
Now, you look like
a nice girl
That nobody
would want to hurt,
So I gotta ask you.
Are you on the wrong end
of some kind of prank?
You been punk'd?
Why won't you
believe me?
Look, I'll
show you everything
I'm talking about.
You're welcome.
Let me show you
something first.
[ gasps ]
How did you get that?
How did we get it?
I think pretty much
everybody got it.
Over 5 million views
since yesterday.
Maybe he took it.
Maybe he took it.
We have to take allegations
like the one you
called in seriously,
So we're not gonna
press charges against you
for wasting our time.
If you believe
That you
told us tonight,
Please, please,
You need to see
a psychiatrist.
I am seeing
a psychiatrist.
[ sobs ]
I am.
Well, that's too bad.
Uhh! This is bullshit!
Well, at least my nose
isn't broken. I guess
that's good news.
Proxy, they didn't
believe any of it.
How can everything
just be gone?
I don't know.
Okay, we did
the same thing
In my interview room,
and I just--
I don't know.
It's just weird.
whatever smiley is,
He's just
playing with us.
But how can you
erase everything over
the whole internet?
You can't.
Not if you're human.
I promise
I'm feeling better.
And it's
not like I'm saying
yesterday I was crazy
And today I'm not.
I still believe
everything I said,
But it
was just really weird
at the police station.
Look, I'm not there yet,
But maybe I've
been having trouble
With what's real
and what's not.
Is it bad?
Acknowledging it
is good.
That's a scary thing to do,
Admit that your perceptions
are in conflict with
objective reality,
And it's the first step
to bringing them
in line with each other.
Are you sure?
Trust me. This is good.
Ashley: Thanks so much
for doing this.
Hey, being
a total nerd is good
for something, right?
You're not a nerd.
And it's so awesome
that you gave me
your old computer.
Ah, well,
that's what friends do.
You didn't
have to do that.
I know,
but I wanted to.
So not to be
any nerdier than usual,
But this computer is
fully equipped, okay?
It has
your own firewall,
128-bit encryption
And a 256-bit key.
[ laughs ]
I don't know
what you just said,
But sounds good.
[ laughs ]
this is the dungeon.
I am the dungeon master.
This is the dungeon
master's key.
Why, thank you,
dungeon master.
You're welcome,
the dungeon master
Never gets
the princess.
Sometimes they do.
Heh. You crazy kids.
[ laughs ] hi.
So you're sure
you're cool with me
Going to my parents'
for the weekend?
I just--I really
gotta clear my head.
Yeah, totally.
Oh. Okay, well, uh,
I should probably go,
So see you later?
Bye, dungeon master.
Dungeon master?
[ laughs ]
that's kinky.
Not like that.
The nerd kind
of dungeon master.
He's sweet.
No judging here.
There are handcuffs
in my underwear drawer
if you need 'em.
If you need me,
call me.
Otherwise, I don't know.
We could just,
Like, video chat
the whole time.
You'll be fine.
I know.
I'll talk to you?
Text me.
Have a good weekend.
Yeah, have fun.
[ sighs ]
so much fun. Bye.
Heh. Yes, really,
daddy, I'm fine.
Okay, sweetheart.
You know you can
always call me
if you need me, right?
Yes, I know.
I love you.
I love you back. Heh.
[ computer chime beeps ]
Oh, my god.
Thank god you're there.
Hey, what's up?
Are you okay?
I can't find zane.
Um, we were gonna
do stuff on video chat.
It's the only thing
he's never late for.
[ sighs ]
What? What, you think
he's hooking up with
some other slut?
Mm, or...
Oh, my god.
I'm gonna call the cops.
No. I'll go.
No, you can't go
by yourself.
Binder will
come with me.
Uh, okay, fine, fine.
Okay, fine. Yeah,
I guess if he goes with you.
Okay, stay online.
I'll make sure
everything's okay.
Be careful!
Yeah. Bye.
Hey, you've reached
binder's voice mail.
Leave me a message.
Hey, binder. It's ashley.
Could you give me
a call when you get this?
Proxy just called me,
and zane's not, um--
Just call me when you
get this, okay?
Are you here?
[ man singing ballad
on stereo ]
[ ashley breathing heavily ]
nor should you
be thinking about me...
[ gasps ]
[ metal clinks ]
you would do
do your utmost
to destroy that feeling
that feeling for me
I should not be
thinking of...
[ screams ]
[ gasping ]
[ distorted ]
Ashley. Ashley.
Ashley. Ashley.
Ashley. Ashley.
[ hisses ]
[ line rings ]
This is diamond.
You have to help me.
Zane's dead.
I'm sorry. Who is this?
Ashley. Ashley brooks.
I called you about
the serial killer.
Ah, ms. Brooks. Heh heh.
Is this another one
of your friends
from cyberspace?
Yes. [ panting ]
He's dead.
I saw the body
in person.
Ms. Brooks.
[ beeps ]
[ sighs ]
She dropped the call.
I'm sure
she'll call back.
Wha--did you just
hang up on me?
Fucking crackpots.
What the fuck?
Proxy: Ashley?
Ashley. Ashley,
what's going on?
Zane's dead.
Oh, my god.
Smiley cut off his face.
Oh, my god, ashley.
There's blood
Call the police.
Call 911. 911.
This has to stop now.
Oh, my god. No, no, no.
Ashley, no.
Do it.
No. You can't.
[ lock clicks ]
Come on. Do it
before I change my mind.
Are you sure?
You have to mean it,
You have to picture him
killing me.
[ body falls ]
[ coughing ]
Oh, my god. Binder.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Oh, my god. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I really didn't mean
to do this to you.
It was an accident.
I promise.
It was an accident.
You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine,
okay. Just breathe.
[ screaming ]
[ hisses ]
[ hisses ]
[ screams ]
[ clicking ]
What the...
Clayton: What brings people
to do the things they do?
Reason and ethics can
explain some of man's motives,
But only some.
We all have the capacity
to commit the most...
Vicious of acts,
the cruelest of atrocities,
To do something
simply because we can.
But what prevents us
from doing the unthinkable?
From crossing over from
the light and into the dark?
Every community
lives by a moral code,
And when that code
is broken,
We're led to believe
that a force has been
unleashed onto the universe...
A score needed to be settled...
A bounty to be collected.
Of course,
we can never know for sure
The consequences
of our actions.
But one thing we know for sure
Is that our actions
will have consequences.
And in the struggle
between good and evil...
We'll never know
who has the last laugh.
Oh, my god.
Holy shit.
Boys, we fucking
did it.
Dude, that bitch
went fucking splat.
Yeah, I gotta
instagram that.
Guys, what happened?
We didn't even
get to come out.
Our noob fell
And broke her neck.
She's dead.
[ opera music playing ]
Oh, my god.
[ sighs ]
That's awesome.
Oh, shit.
We have to get
out of here.
Oh, relax.
We're fine.
Proxy: Oh, my god! Ashley!
What's going on?!
Oh, my god.
Shut up, you whore.
It's over.
What do you mean
it's over?
She fell on her head,
and now she's dead.
Oh. That rhymed.
Oh, my god.
That's fantastic!
Hey, uh, daniel day-lewis,
Your girlfriend just
landed a triple lindy
on her brain.
What up?
Ah, and I didn't even
get to fuck her?
Ah, well, she's not
going anywhere.
You're right. Hmm.
Oh, and, uh,
by the way, good call
on the double kill.
I really thought
I cut you up there
for a sec.
Ah, well, you know,
a little latex
And corn syrup
goes a long way.
[ laughs ]
Wait. Did ashley
do it on purpose,
Or it was
an accident?
It was
an accident,
But we're still
calling it a win
for anonymous.
Uh, not sure
Our hacktivist branch
will condone this.
Okay, you know what?
Fuck those guys.
They don't get to
say who's anonymous
and who's not.
The troll army?
They don't have
any command
or control.
I mean, they say
we're off message?
No, fuck them.
They're off message.
Because, I mean,
there's only
one reason to troll.
For the lulz.
For the lulz!
For the lulz!
Amen, brother.
Well, now that
she's dead,
I guess smiley's
dead, too, right?
Heh. God,
you know what, kells?
I'm really glad we
killed you off early,
'cause I feel like you
just don't get it.
You see,
smiley's not dead.
Smiley is immortal.
Smiley'll be around
longer than any of us.
You know, he's like
the pyramids
Or the great work
of william shakespeare.
He's chocolate rain.
[ laughs ]
And these masks,
They're in boxes
all over campus
And about
20 other campuses.
It's only a matter of time
before the copycats
start rolling in.
Smiley can be anyone
at any time.
[ laughs ]
The first viral
serial killer.
Oh, god,
something tells me
Smiley's gonna be really
popular this Halloween.
Ah, it's gonna
be historic.
People are gonna be
speaking our names
for generations.
Except they don't actually
know our names, right?
You know what?
That part's actually
really important.
We should probably
get our shit
And get the fuck
out of here.
[ sighs ]
I kind of have a boner.
Is that weird?
Look, zane, um,
is she really dead?
Uh, yeah.
She's really,
really, really dead.
Are we bad people?
Why did we do this?
Oh, well, I don't know
why you did it,
But I know why I did it.
That's not funny,
[ chuckles ]
We really
killed her.
Oh, come on.
She killed herself.
[ hisses ]
[ screams ]
Holy shit.
[ ballad playing ]
Man: I should
not be seeing you
nor should you
be seeing me
we know
that it can never be
you and I together
I should not want
to be around you
nor should you
want to be around me
it's all because
of that feeling
the feeling
the first time we met
if you knew
knew how blue
how lonely
I have come to be
you would do
do your utmost
to destroy that feeling
that feeling for me
I should not be
thinking of you
nor should you
be thinking of me
we know that it can never be
you and I together
I should not be
thinking of you
nor should you
be thinking of me
we know that it can never be
you and I together
[ gasp echoes ]