Smoke Signal (1955) Movie Script

Come on now.
What in tarnation's
the matter with you, huh?
Oh. Figured
you might be Utes.
Glad you ain't.
We're at peace with the Utes,
or haven't you heard?
I heard.
Still glad you ain't.
What are you?
A prospector?
No. Skin man.
- Name's Garode.
- Captain Harper.
Mighty glad to cross trails.
Ain't seen a white man in...
Still glad to see you.
You headed for, uh,
River Outpost?
That's right. Mind if I tag along?
Suit yourself. Thank you.
It's Corporal Davis
from the outpost, sir.
We'll take him
with us, Sergeant.
Yes, sir.
Smith. Porter.
All right. Come on.
We'll put him
on the pack horse.
Daly. Yes, sir.
Could be a trap, sir.
There might be Utes inside
waiting for us.
No. No. If they'd
wiped out the garrison,
they would've
picked up
their dead.
I think they're reforming
for a new attack.
Maybe behind that hill there.
Sergeant, tie Corporal Davis
on that pack mount
in a sitting position.
If they're back there,
we'll draw 'em out. Yes, sir.
And send Corporal Smith
up to me. Yes, sir.
Uh, Smith!
I figure...
Oh, excuse me, Captain.
See the captain.
Corporal Smith,
now you go back
to Fort Defiance.
Give this note to the colonel.
You'll get through all right.
The Utes are ahead
of us, not behind us. Yes, sir.
Now what were you figuring?
Oh. That you know
your Injuns, Captain.
All set? Yes, sir.
Let's move out.
Hyah! Hyah!
I sure hope there's
somebody in there
to open those gates.
Hold your fire.
Lieutenant Ford.Lieutenant.
Where's Major Evans? Dead, sir.
Day before yesterday
during the first attack.
- Oh. Captain Reynolds?
- Killed when we drove
them off this noon.
You're in command. Yes, sir.
How do we stand, Lieutenant?
Original complement, 45.
Present force, nine men,
including two wounded,
three totally disabled.
Supplies? Adequate food and water.
Twenty-five carbines.
Approximately 400 rounds
of ammunition.
I sent Corporal Davis
to Fort Defiance
for help this morning.
Yeah. I know.
We found his body.
Major Evans' daughter.
She came to visit her father.
Laura, this is
Captain Harper.
Miss Evans.
How do you do.
I'm very sorry
about your loss,
Miss Evans.
Your father was
a friend of mine.
We campaigned together.
Thank you, Captain.
Excuse me.
Well, she seems to be taking
her father's death pretty well.
Yeah. She's seen
a lot of death
in the last two days.
She arrived only a week ago...
We haven't had any trouble
with the Utes for a long time.
Any idea what started this?
Yes, sir.
A white man.
A white man? A special kind
of white man.
He deserted to the Utes
a couple years back.
Three days ago
our patrol
recaptured him.
Within an hour,
there were smoke signals
in a half dozen directions.
War Cloud's been trying
to break Halliday out
ever since.
Brett Halliday? Yes, sir.
We're holding him
for court-martial.
Here's the formal
statement of charges
we've had on file.
I won't need those, Lieutenant.
Welcome to the outpost, Captain.
What's left of it.
Untie him, Lieutenant.
Much obliged.
Have you ever heard
the formal statement...
of charges against you,
Captain Halliday?
Nobody's ever taken
the trouble, Captain.
"Article One.
On or about
April 16, 1867,
Captain Brett Halliday,
while on duty with
the First Cavalry Division,
willfully deserted that command
and sought sanctuary
with the Ute leader, War Cloud.
From that time forward,
he continued to live with
and to aid and abet the enemy...
against the military forces
of the United States.
Article Two.
On or about
April 24, 1868,
the above-mentioned
Captain Halliday...
led a detachment
of War Cloud's
against the First Cavalry
at the battle
of Shawnee Pass.
six dead."
The cavalry provoked
that attack, Captain.
I merely defended
women and children.
"As a result, he is charged...
with desertion,
treason and murder,
for each of which
the penalty is death."
- Is that correct,
- Yes, sir. In every detail.
That'll be all, Lieutenant.
You have a pretty good
memory, Captain.
You don't recognize me, do you?
Should I? We'll get back
to that in a minute.
Right now I want to tell you
that no matter what
War Cloud does,
he can't get you out
of this place alive.
He doesn't want
to get me out alive.
He has only one idea...
to kill every white man
in this outpost, including me.
Lieutenant Ford laughed too.
Just turn me loose
and see if he goes away.
He won't.
War Cloud is stirring up
real trouble, Captain.
That's why I broke with him.
You broke with War Cloud?
You can prove that,
of course.
We had a knife fight.
He's got a scar on his face
I put there.
But that's not important.
You're in for a full-scale war,
Captain, with more than Utes
to worry about.
You'll have Sioux
and Navajo too.
Even a raw recruit knows
that the Sioux and the Navajo
won't camp with the Utes.
There's always a first time,
Captain, and this is it.
You're a resourceful liar,
I tried to get the major
to believe me, but he wouldn't.
He was a fool.
He was an officer,
and a good one.
And a dead one.
And that's what we'll all be
unless you believe me.
I know War Cloud
and his people, Captain.
Once they're on the warpath,
they only respect power.
Apache power.
Garagna, the Apache chief,
is the only one I know
who can stop this bloodbath.
I know something about
Indians, too, Captain.
Garagna has no stake here.
Apache country's
over 300 miles from here.
I know that.
I was on my way
to talk to Garagna...
and try to convince him
when the patrol
picked me up.
Well, now you're on your
way to a firing squad
and nowhere else.
You'll have
to court-martial me
first, Captain,
and you'll need
five officers to do that.
Doesn't seem likely
at the moment.
Let's go back
to Article Two
for a second.
Six troopers died
at the Battle
of Shawnee Pass.
One of them was my brother.
Now do you recognize me?
You were in command.
You're Harper.
It was a fight, Captain.
Your brother's blood
isn't on my hands.
You led them.
You murdered him.
You didn't worry
about formalities then.
Why should I now?
I can kill you
and say you tried
to escape.
You're a soldier, Captain,
and a good one.
You won't pull that trigger.
But you're a murderer, Halliday.
So would you be,
if you pulled
that trigger.
You're taught to kill by trade,
not in cold blood.
It's the court-martial
or nothing.
An Indian trinket.
That suits you.
Lieutenant Ford.
One thing more,
Captain Halliday.
or no court-martial,
if this outpost falls,
you're gonna die along
with the rest of us.
My last act will be
to put a bullet
through your head.
Secure the prisoner, Lieutenant.
By whose authority
was that prisoner whipped?
Seemed the only way
to get the truth
from him.
I asked you by whose authority.
By my own, sir.
I felt that under
the circumstances,
there was no...
Circumstances do not alter
military regulations,
The United States Army
has never approved
whipping anyone.
You know that as well as I do.
I'm sorry,
but I'll have to
include this in my report.
Yes, sir.
Military regulations.
He threatened
to put a bullet
through Halliday's head.
All I did was try
to get the truth
from him.
But he's right
about the whipping, Wayne.
You've never been
to an outpost
like this before, Laura.
It's not West Point.
This place
has really changed you.
A year ago when we...
There aren't any rules here.
Sure I had to whip him.
It's the only way
we can stay alive.
Halliday's to blame
for all of this.
Howdy. Howdy, skin man.
Need some help?
Yeah, if you need the exercise.
Sounds interesting.
Sure could use something
to drink besides water.
Well, that's trading whiskey.
I get two skins a pint.
I only got one skin
and the Utes will have that
by tomorrow,
but you're welcome to it.
Help yourself.
See they finally
caught up with Halliday.
Know him? Yeah.
Met him when I was trapping
in Ute country.
They must be up to something.
See if you
can find out
what it is.
Listen to 'em
talkin' to each other.
Wish I was a bird.
A real one, that is.
I figure that's
the only ways any of us
is gonna get outta here.
He's been gone
about an hour, sir.
Want me to have a try at it?
No. We'll need every man
we've got if they attack.
Thanks, Sergeant. Yes, sir.
Private Colton just died.
He was the youngest.
I'm sorry, Miss Evans.
You said that about my father.
We're doing everything we can.
Everything, Captain?
I have reason to hate Halliday
as much as anybody
because of my father.
But what good does it do
to hold him if none of us
can get out of here alive?
Your father was holding him,
Miss Evans, for court-martial.
I'm obliged to do
the same thing.
The situation isn't quite
as hopeless as it looks.
I've sent a man
to Fort Defiance.
A relief column
should be here
within 24 hours.
Do you think any of us
will be alive by then?
Perhaps Private Colton
was lucky.
So there you be.
Been looking for you
and that other bottle.
Well, I guess you found
both of us.
I used to be
a river man on Old Muddy.
I like to come up here
in the evening
and get the feel of a boat.
I used to have
a boat of my own.Here. Have a drink.
Thank you.
Where'd these beat-up
old scows come from anyways?
Oh, some old fool, name of, uh...
I can't think
of his name right now...
wanted to go down the river
a few years back.
Couldn't find anybody
crazy enough to go down
the canyon with him.
Boats never even hit the water.
Rogers. Rogers.
Captain Harper, sir.
Ute lookout.
Fine. What else
did you see?
I see nothing.
Only him.
Ask him how many braves
War Cloud commands.
It's gonna take
more than asking.
Tie him up.
Which one, Sarge? That one right there.
Put that ax down.
Oh, so you're ordering
us around now, Halliday.
I thought Captain Harper
was in command here.
Destroy those boats,
you'll regret it.
If you don't shut up,
you'll regret it.
Go on, Porter.
Soldier! I said
put that ax down.
What seems to be
the trouble, Sergeant?
I don't know, sir.
We were gonna bust up...
that old boat for firewood
and he started hollering.
You can't destroy
those boats, Captain.
They're your one chance.
The only chance anybody
will have of getting
out of here alive.
You mean down an uncharted river
that no one knows
anything about?
It's an escape.
For you maybe.
You figure you haven't got
anything to lose anyway.
You'd let your men die
just because of me?
If you think I'm gonna lead
my men into that canyon,
you're crazy.
If we got in there,
we could never get out.
The river's probably impassable.
No one's ever been down it.
It's still your only chance.
Once you get in that canyon,
you'd be safe
from the Utes anyway.
We'll stay here and fight.
Excuse us, Captain.
Delche just got a notion
how to make that red devil
start talking.
Figures to ship him
down the canyon if he don't.
Indian must have wickmunke
to fight bad spirits
in canyon of many demons.
Superstition, Captain.
The Ute ain't got one.
Without that thingamajig,
they won't go near the canyon.
They swear the river leads
straight to the devil.
Just the idea of the trip
oughta start him screaming.
Go ahead. Try.
He don't seem to cotton
to the idea
of a boat ride, Captain.
There are many braves coming.
The Sioux, led by Wild Horse.
The Navajo under White Feather.
The country will be on fire.
We ain't gonna face
just a handful
of 'em tomorrow, Captain.
We're gonna face a thousand.
He's trying to scare us
into freeing Halliday.
Ask him what happens
if we let Halliday go.
Says he can't speak
for War Cloud.
He's lying.
So's Halliday.
Ute does not lie.
Without wickmunke,
fear of canyon
make him speak true.
He's talking right.
Be the biggest encampment
since Bitter Creek massacre.
Still think going down
the canyon would be
too dangerous, Captain?
Coffee, Captain? No, thanks, Lieutenant.
I know how you feel
about him, sir,
but his plan to go
downriver is a chance.
I was thinking
of the men, too, sir.
We'd never make it, Lieutenant.
Even if that river's passable,
those boats would come apart
at the first rough water.
Corporal Rogers tells me
he can put them in order, sir.
It's a thousand-to-one chance.
The men would like that chance.
So would Halliday.
Captain Harper.
Something out here.
open the gate. Yes, sir.
It's Corporal Smith, sir.
Least we ain't got to worry
about help coming.
Rogers. Yes, sir?
Get to work
on the boats. Yes, sir.
Corporal Rogers.
You'll be in charge
of this boat.
Take Porter
and four men. Yes, sir.
Figured my knife
was quieter
than the rifle.
You know, War Cloud
will do anything
to keep me from seeing Garagna.
This one was trying to kill me.
Or cut you loose.
Come on, Halliday.
You can put
that thing away, Captain.
I'm just as anxious
to get down the river
as you are.
Why? There's nothing
waiting for you
but a firing squad.
If we make it. We'll make it.
Is that your charm
against the river?
You know him too?
He was my captain once.
Ready, Captain. Let's move out.
I'll take your rifle, Rogers.
Here, Sergeant.
Shut up!
Get the boat in the water quick.
Lieutenant Ford,
get the boats
in the water.
Daly, give 'em
some covering fire. Yes, sir. Rogers, on the double.
What about the prisoner, sir?
Get him in a boat
and keep him covered.
Halliday, get in the boat.
Keep him covered.
Boats are ready, Captain. Let's go.
Fall back to the boats!
Keep firing.
Get in that boat.
Delche, launch the boat!
Swim for it.
No Indians to worry about.
Isn't that what you said?
They're up there, not down here.
They're down here.
As long as you're with us,
they're right here.
Have it your own way, Captain.
I intend to, Halliday.
What is it?
Injun drums.
What do they mean, Garode?
Maybe they don't want us
to forget they're up there.
Ask him.
He lived with 'em.
They're sending word downriver
where we are
and what we're doing.
My guess is
they're talking
to you.
Telling you what to do.
Your guess is wrong.
The drums say
there's something downstream
we'll never get through.
Then your friends up there
are taking the trouble
to warn us.
Warn us? That's right.
They want us to know
what's up ahead.
They want us to sweat.
They want to tie us up
in knots.
When they have a reason
to hate you, they have a way
of letting you feel it.
Head in for the shore.
We'll try to see what's ahead.
Maybe we'll have to portage.
Follow them ashore.
Them Injuns sure had a point.
River's making enough noise
for a thousand devils.
Yeah. I wish I knew
what's around that bend.
You ain't alone, friend.
Lieutenant, that ledge
looks wide enough
to portage, doesn't it?
I think so, sir.
Take two men
and work your way
out to that point.
Whatever's ahead,
you'll be able
to see it from there.
If the river's too dangerous,
we'll portage.
Maybe the Indians expect you
to do just that, Captain.
I wouldn't risk it.
Go ahead, Lieutenant.
There's only one way
to stay alive, Captain,
and that's outthink them,
step by step.
Right now I think
your best chance is
back on the river.
Outthink 'em step by step?
That might be easier
if I always knew...
what was in their mind
like you do.
I lived with them. I haven't forgotten.
Sergeant Daly,
secure the boats.
We'll camp here.
Tie it off.
Porter, give me a hand with this.
There they are!
My eyes! My eyes!
Oh, my eyes.
Come on, Rogers.
Let's get him down.
Hey. It's not safe
up there.
They'll get down all right.
Why do you care
whether any of us
live or die?
I don't see any reason
for people to throw
their lives away.
Miss Evans, do you think...
W-Will I...
Will I ever see again?
Yes. You will.
Sure ain't much grub
to keep a man going.
The way I figure,
this is gonna
look mighty good...
time we get there.
Maybe the captain
should've taken his advice
about that ledge.
Maybe you oughta keep
your mouth shut.
From the sound of that river,
ain't gonna be much
better than a trail.
Lieutenant, break camp.
We're leaving immediately.
Captain, there's no sense
in risking both boats.
Haven't you got it clear yet
that I'm in charge here?
Nothing could be clearer.
Ask Livingston.
No. You'd like me
to do that,
wouldn't you?
Give you something
to talk about
at the court-martial.
We've got a lot of river
ahead of us
before I stand trial.
But I was talking
about the boats.
I could take some of the men
and try the rapids first.
If we make it,
I could fire a shot.
That way you wouldn't risk
everyone's life.
I'm not gonna let you
out of my sight
for a minute.
You'd better stop worrying
about me and start thinking
about that river.
All right. I'm gonna
take your advice.
I'll send one
of the boats ahead,
but you won't be in it.
Lieutenant Ford, take your men
and go in the first boat.
Yes, sir.
Sergeant Daly.
Get our boat ready.
We'll take one cask of water.
Yes, sir.
Porter, let's go.
you'll get through.
I have a feeling
that we all will.
You've never been
this hopeful before.
What makes you so sure?
I don't know.
I can't explain it.
It's just something I feel.
Good-bye, Laura.Good-bye.
Good luck, Lieutenant.
We'll wait
for your signal.
Yes, sir.
I'll fire one shot.
We should've heard their shot
long before this.
Not necessarily.
Lots of things
might've happened.
Somebody could work up
along that ledge
and take a look.
You'd like
to volunteer,
I suppose.
I think I could make it.
I do too.
The Indians wouldn't
shoot at you.
Your men may need help, Captain.
Once on that ledge,
you'd only help yourself.
This is not a military campaign.
You're not fighting a battle.
You're fighting a river.
Stop being so pigheaded.
There it is. They made it.
All right.
Let's go.
Hold on, Livingston.
This'll be a rough one.
I'm going after Livingston.
We capsized, sir.
Lost a lot of supplies.
Well, at least
that's all we lost.
Here's your grub, skin man.
Thank you. Hardly enough for bait.
Hmm, I think I finally
caught me one.
Hey, that's tugging
like a whale.
Come on, you ol' catfish.
I've seen goldfish
bigger than that.
Looks like a whale to me.
Guess it just
weren't meant to be.
Hey, Porter,
think we'll
ever make it?
Who, me? Yeah.
I don't know.
Sure hope we don't see
any more rapids like today.
Yeah. We're all lucky
to be alive.
It wasn't luck with me.
It was Halliday.
Any one of us would've
done the same thing.
He's still a deserter,
an Indian lover...
Whatever he is,
he saved Livingston's life.
This ain't
much food, Miles,
but don't spoil it.
I gotta do it.
It's gotta be set right
about Halliday.
It's gotta be set right.
Starting tomorrow,
we go on half rations.
Barring another accident,
there should be enough...
to get us through
to Fort Marble.
I hope so, sir.
The way this canyon's twisting,
every mile we go forward,
we have to go six sideways.
Well, if necessary, Lieutenant,
we'll go on quarter rations.
Yes, sir.
I don't understand you.
Does it matter?
Yes. It does.
Because I know what you are,
and yet you've tried
to help, us.
Today on the river,
you thought of Livingston
and not yourself.
It doesn't make sense. At least it makes
as much sense...
as taking me
down the river
to a court-martial.
You deserted
my father's command.
You can't deny that.
Hmm. I talked
to your father many times...
about his treatment
of the Indians
before I made up my mind.
He didn't understand
anything I said.
And I don't think
you would either.
Is he bothering you? No.
Why were you talking to him?
Because he puzzles me.
He's a renegade. A deserter.
What's puzzling about that?
Because once he was respected.
One of the best officers
in the regiment.
Then suddenly
he threw it all away.
Why would a man do that?
He did it.
Why doesn't matter.
Why you're worrying
about him does.
I'm only looking for the truth.
You won't get it from him.
My father told me
how to think,
not what to think.
I've always done that
for myself.
Captain, I'd like
to talk to you, if I may,
about the prisoner.
Alone, Sergeant? No, sir.
I'd like the men
to hear this, please.
Very well, Sergeant.
I've been doing
a lot of thinking, sir,
and I believe
that when a man saves
another man's life,
you just don't forget about it.
I understand, Sergeant.
I don't want to minimize
what Halliday did
for Livingston this afternoon,
but it actually has
no bearing whatever
on the charges against him.
Sir, what happened
to Livingston today...
is only what made me decide
to talk to you about an incident
that happened over a year ago.
I was alone on patrol
and my horse broke a leg
and threw me.
When I came to,
a band of Utes had me...
and I was all staked out,
ready for carving.
And Halliday rode up
and made 'em cut me loose
and let me go.
Did you report this
at the time, Sergeant?
No, sir. You knew this man
was a deserter?
That the army
was looking for him?
Well, yes, sir,
but at the time...
But you felt
that if you reported this,
the army would know
where he was
and capture him.
Yes, sir.
That's part of it.
The actual fact is, Sergeant,
you let your sense of gratitude
make you derelict in your duty.
Sir, I want to go on record.
If we ever reach Fort Marble,
I want to speak
for the prisoner
at his court-martial.
Very well, Sergeant.
That's your privilege.
Lieutenant, we'll camp here.
Yes, sir. Sergeant Miles.
Yes, sir?
You were lead scout
for Major Evans,
weren't you, Sergeant?
Yes, sir.
I've decided
to send a man overland
to Fort Marble.
I want them to know
that we're here
in this canyon...
and doing our best
to proceed
down the river.
This is the likeliest spot
we've hit yet to get anyone
out of the canyon.
Do you think
you could scale
that cliff, Sergeant?
I think so, sir.
Captain, even if Miles gets
to the top of the cliff,
what makes you think
the Utes won't be
waiting for him?
We haven't heard their drums
or seen their smoke signals
for a long time.
In your own words,
if they were up there,
they'd let us know it.
They know
we outthought them before.
They might be
outthinking us right now.
Even a mountain goat
couldn't follow us
along that rim.
An Indian could.
You underestimate
your enemy, Captain.
Sergeant, I think
you should take advantage
of the daylight.
Draw your rations
and get started immediately.
Yes, sir.
can't you do something
to stop him?
He'll make it all right.
There's no danger.
Halliday says that there is.
The captain knows
what he's doing.
Yes. I think he does.
He's sending Halliday's
only friend to his death.
His only friend?
What about you?
Oh, you're twisting things.
I told you before
I'm only interested
in finding out the truth.
Are you sure that's all
you're interested in?
What's happened to you?
Why have you changed toward me?
I haven't.
Will you talk to the captain?
There's nothing I can do.
It was an order.
How high is he now?
Got a long ways to go yet.
What's the matter?
He's all right, son.
He's all right.
He made it.
All the way.
Now all he's got
to worry about
is getting to the fort.
Funny, the captain
sending Miles.
What are you getting at? Nothing.
What is it?
What happened?
It's Miles.
What's left of him.
No, no.
Livingston. Livingston.
Come alive. Wake up.
Who is it? It's Daly.
Snap out of it.
I-I saw him falling.
He was coming right at me.
You couldn't have seen him.
Yes, I did.
Just now I did.
You gotta forget it,
just like the rest of us.
No one's forgetting it.
Not even you.
I remember the other night...
when you said you couldn't
stand to eat with Miles.
It made you sick.
That's how I feel
about the captain.
You're out of your mind
talking that way.
Why don't you ask the others?
After what's happened,
we all feel the same way.
I don't see how you
can stomach him.
I've been with him six years.
He never once
let his feelings
get in the way of his duty.
That was before he caught up
with Halliday.
You gotta admit that.
You'll be all right now.
Go back to sleep.
I've called you together
because you've all
forgotten something.
You've forgotten
that you're soldiers.
You're beginning to act
like a bunch of disorganized
frontier scum.
This is a military operation.
We're proceeding
through enemy territory.
We're trying to reach
Fort Marble
and deliver a prisoner...
who's guilty of desertion
and charged with treason
and murder.
I consider every man here
equally responsible with me
for accomplishing that mission.
And any man here who tries
to shirk that responsibility
will be dealt with severely.
we'll embark immediately.
Yes, sir.Dismissed.
Where's Sergeant Daly? Sergeant Daly.
Sergeant, I'd like to go
in your boat.
It's getting shallow,
It's coming from the willows.
Keep the boats moving.
Keep moving.
Daly! Daly, where are you?
Livingston! Over here.
Halliday. Halliday!
Harper! Quicksand!
Head to the shore.
They're in trouble.
So are we.
The boat's breaking up.
Stay with it.
I lost sight
of the little lady
and Halliday.
Yeah. So did I.
If he's alive, I'll find him.
We lost Porter, sir.
He never had a chance.
Where's Laura?
We lost sight of 'em.
We'd best look downstream.
You beach the boat,
We'll go look for them.
Yes, sir.
Too bad about Porter.
I thought we were
all goners that time.
Well, let's get this
equipment out of here
and fix the boat.
Over here.
Laura, are you all right?
We'll be over for you
as soon as we fix the boat.
Hard enough doing it
by daylight.
We'll be all right.
You needn't be afraid.
You'll be perfectly safe.
I know.
Why didn't you escape?
Why don't you now?
Got to get out
of this canyon first.
Those Utes are after me too.
You once said that you'd spoken
to my father many times...
about his treatment
of the Indians.
You said
that I wouldn't understand.
I think I would.
I believe you would too.
But it'll hurt.
I want to know.
Laura, your father was
a blind, intolerant man.
Oh, sure, he was a good soldier.
But he believed
all Indians
were savages.
He treated them like animals.
I've spent my life here.
I know them.
I'm not a deserter, Laura,
but something
had to be done.
I went to the Utes
to persuade them
to be patient, to wait.
I knew the chance
I was taking, and I knew
it would be worth it...
if I could prevent
a bloody, insane war.
And you feel my father's
to blame for all of this.
Your father
kept pushing War Cloud
until he had to fight.
After the killing started,
War Cloud wouldn't believe
anything I said.
He even tried to kill me.
And then I realized
my only chance...
was to reach Garagna,
the Apache chief,
who has the power
to stop this uprising.
He's waiting for me now.
Laura, maybe you never
really knew your father.
I told you it would hurt.
I'm sorry.
What hurts most...
is being wrong about you.
I think she's
shipshape now, sir.
Let's shove off.
They're coming for us.
Harper will never
let you reach Garagna.
He'll kill you first.
I've had a dozen
chances to get away.
There'll be another one.
So I misjudged
how you feel
about Halliday.
I suppose you were
just finding out
the truth last night.
He held you in his arms,
didn't he?
What of it? And what else?
You don't know
the first thing about decency
or honest feelings.
I suppose a squaw man does.
Squaw man?
That's a lie.
He didn't tell you
he's got an Indian woman
waiting for him, did he?
You'd like me to believe that.
Look for yourself.
He wears her charm
around his neck.
That's... That's just
an Indian token.
Don't believe me.
Ask Garode.
He knows what it means
when a white man wears
a charm like that.
Halliday's got a woman waiting.
Go ahead. Ask Garode.
You were looking
for the truth.
Now you know it.
I tried to tell you
what he was like.
Maybe from now on
you'll listen to me.
With only one boat left,
I don't dare take a chance
on any more rapids.
We'll have to portage. If you portage
over that ledge,
you can forget
about the rapids,
and War Cloud too.
We'll be seeing open country.
Apache territory.
Couple more days
ought to see us through.
Better. Them catfish won't bite
and all the grub's gone.
Where are you going?
I'm going to talk to Miss Evans.
She doesn't want
to talk to you
now or ever.
Since when do you
speak for her? Since right now.
Stay away from her.
If I have to use this,
I will.
And I won't fire over your head.
I don't think
you would. Don't ever tempt me.
I don't care whether you get
to that court-martial or not.
Laura, let me help you
with that.
Thank you.
I don't need any help.
Laura, what's the matter?
I don't... I warned you.
Halliday! Ford!
He asked for it, sir.
He was annoying
Miss Evans.
You're supposed to be
an officer.
I've already warned you
about resorting to violence.
It's the only language
Halliday understands, sir.
I'll be the judge of that.
One more incident from you,
I'm gonna have you bound
hand and foot.
You want me killed,
but it must be according
to regulations, huh?
And that's the way it'll be.
At least Lieutenant Ford
is man enough
to do his own killing.
You're nothing
but a stinking savage.
Right down to the skin.
Or you wouldn't be
wearing that thing.
That belonged to my wife.
You lost your brother
at Shawnee Pass, Captain.
I lost my wife.
All right.
Don't stand around gaping.
We've got plenty of work to do.
You knew all the time
that she was dead.
- What of it?
- Harper called him
a savage.
Well, you're the savage.
Brutality, lies, hate.
That's all you know.
You're in love with a man
who's gonna be shot.
What a waste.
Now listen.
You stay away from me
from now on.
Just stay away.
I'm so sorry.
I believed Wayne
when he told me...
that you had
a woman waiting for you.
That's all right.
I understand.
Hold it.
It's all right, Corporal.
It could've been one of us.
Let's go.
Oh. So you're finally
making your move.
I saw it.
Wayne tried to kill him.
And you wound up with his gun?
Take it.
We're not out
of the canyon yet, Captain.
Where would I go?
They won't waste much time
at the court-martial, will they?
He'll be found guilty.
He'll be given a fair trial.
By men who know nothing
about him.
I'm afraid your emotions
are involved here,
Miss Evans.
Well, what if they are?
Does that change
what he's done
for all of us?
No. It doesn't
change the charges
against him either.
The charges are false.
The charges were drawn
by your father.
I know now that my father
wanted war with the Indians,
and Halliday wants peace.
That's why he went
to live with the Utes,
and that's why he must reach
Garagna before he stands trial.
Why won't you give him
that chance?
Because I don't believe him,
Miss Evans.
And if you'd rather
take his word
than your own father's,
there's nothing else
I can say to you.
Captain, why would a man
give up his friends, his career,
everything that he loves?
What does he have to gain
by living with the Utes?
Or even by cutting himself off
from them to reach Garagna?
Why would a man do those things,
Captain? Why?
What's your answer?
I have no answer, Miss Evans.
If you were talking
to him about me,
you're wasting your time.
I had to try.
You shouldn't have.
You can only hurt yourself.
I don't care what he thinks.
I don't care
what anybody thinks.
You'll have to after I'm gone.
Harper can't stop me.
I'll make it.
Brett, I wish
I'd really known you
from the beginning.
We'd still be here,
right where we are now.
We made it.
That's Fort Marble
at the next bend.
Time's running out, skin man.
There's a cavalry troop coming.
- What are you
talking about?
- You, Captain.
And him.
Maybe he done
his share of wrong,
but we figure
he's squared accounts.
You gotta let him go.
- Daly, are you
in on this?
- Yes, sir.
We all are.
The three of us.
Every man here has looked
into his own soul.
'Bout time you did too.
I did that a long time ago,
the day I became an officer.
Your request for the release
of the prisoner is refused.
It's more than a request.
I've already given you
my answer.
Tain't good enough.
Well, you tried.
Forget it.
We didn't start this
to forget it.
You know the penalty for mutiny.
There's six bullets
in this gun.
The first one's for him.
Oh, don't you see?
Mutiny won't save him.
He'll kill Halliday anyway.
You win, Captain.
But we all know what you are.
Not one of us
will ever forget it.
Nope. Apache.
They're friendly.
Stand up, Halliday.
We're out of the canyon.
Your time has run out.
Fire at him.
That's an order.
I never could hit
a moving target.
I figure the captain knew
you wouldn't.
Maybe Halliday didn't escape.
The captain probably let him,
but it had to be according
to the rule book.
Thank you, Captain.
I think he'll be back.
I know he will.