Smuggling Hendrix (2018) Movie Script

Commenting on the peace negotiations
between the Greek-Cypriot President
and the Turkish-Cypriot leader,
the UN representative restated
that the 43-year division
of the island has to end
and Nicosia, the last divided capital
in the world, has to be reunited.
Greek Cypriots are calling for
the withdrawal of all Turkish troops,
the removal of Turkish settlers,
and for refugees to be able to go home.
The perfect trousers
for the perfect buttocks look...
Okay, go then.
My friend, are you gonna buy
something or just stare outside?
I'm looking, I'm looking.
Found anything good?
-I think so.
How much is this?
One euro.
-One euro!
Damn it.
Have you seen a dog?
-No, no.
Damn it.
Excuse me,
have you seen a dog pass by?
Have you seen a dog pass by?
Have you seen a dog pass by?
Dogs come and go all the time.
-A small one. White with brown spots.
I don't know, man. I just arrived.
Maybe he went to the other side.
-To the occupied areas?
Yeah, cats jump over all the time.
Can we check?
-No way, man.
It's forbidden.
-Just a couple of minutes.
It's forbidden.
She'll kill me if she finds out.
Never mind. My ex.
Tell me about it!
Okay, let's go.
But quickly.
Thank you.
-Is your foot okay?
You'll step on something.
-It's okay.
Behind the wall is the buffer zone.
He could easily have passed through.
They say there's a secret tunnel
that they used
to cross from the free territories
to the Turkish occupied areas.
Maybe it's all bullshit. Who knows?
Like the "Buffer Zone Zombies".
It's a game I'm developing.
The "Zombie Apocalypse".
The zombies live in the buffer zone
and kill anyone who tries to cross it
and then they become zombies.
But then they start killing each other:
Because half of the zombies are Greek
and the other half are Turkish.
You know...
half are Christian and half are Muslim.
Then you also have the UN zombies...
Yeah, I get it. Great idea.
We have to go, man.
I'm going to get into trouble.
Maybe the Turks
saw something on the other side.
Can we go and check?
You'll have to go get him.
I don't go to the occupied areas.
Never have and never will.
What do you want me to say, man?
I have to go back.
I'll get caught and punished again.
It's your dog and it's your decision.
There's no need
to litter the place. Please!
Hey, are you in?
Open up, you hear me?
I know you're in.
You'd better have my money.
I'm warning you.
One of these days, you'll find
all your stuff out in the corridor.
Do you understand?
Do you hear me?
You owe me five months' rent!
I'll throw you out,
I'm telling you.
Since that girl left you,
you've gone from bad to worse.
You should be ashamed.
You drive me mad.
I can't take this guy anymore!
My nerves...
You know how old
the Karate Kid is today?
Ralph Macchio?
Fifty five!
The Karate Kid!
Excuse me.
Why the passport? There's no border here.
Where do I...
To the pseudo-police
in the occupied areas.
Do you see any borders here?
-No, no.
I'll cut your legs.
You should be ashamed.
Don't do this again!
I was looking everywhere for you.
Aren't you ashamed?
You're a bad dog.
A very bad dog.
I'll cut your legs!
Get up now.
Are you hungry?
Hey, mister!
Where do you think you're going?
Ah, sorry.
No, I don't want that.
You don't show your passport here.
Where are you going with the dog?
He's mine.
-From the Turkish occupied areas?
No, he just crossed over.
-No, no.
You can't bring animals
from the occupied areas.
But he speaks Greek. Look.
Jimi, sit.
Jimi, sit.
Sit, damn it.
Read my lips.
Excuse me, I don't know
what your problem is.
Bringing animals from the occupied areas
is prohibited. End of story.
You said there were no borders.
-There are.
If you come from
the Turkish occupied areas.
Get a new dog.
This one isn't passing here.
Not with the dog.
Not with the dog.
What's happening here, guys?
"We don't forget."
"Do Not Forget to Not Forget."
Yes, Mom... Yes, I know...
I know... okay... okay...
Yes... I ate...
No, I don't want beans, okay?
She calls me ten times a day, man.
Ten times!
She calls me ten times a day, man.
Ten times!
I think there's been
a misunderstanding.
I'm thirty-five years old
and she treats me like I'm ten.
No, no thanks.
Look, sir. I had a very long day.
I'm leaving Cyprus in three days
and have tons to sort out.
-Look, sir...
According to Regulation Number 866
of the meeting on April 29th 2004,
it's prohibited to bring live animals,
plants or animal products
through the buffer zone.
Put simply: On the north side,
a non-existing country was created,
which is not covered by EU regulations.
According to Protocol Number 10
of the EU Accession Treaty,
you can't bring him back.
This ban will only be lifted
if the Cyprus problem is solved.
But it's okay to take animals
from the Greek to the Turkish side?
This ban will only be lifted
if the Cyprus problem is solved.
But it's okay to take animals
from the Greek to the Turkish side?
There is no Greek or Turkish side.
There are "free territories"
and "Turkish occupied territories".
The problem is
on the "other side", there are diseases
that are not covered by EU regulations.
What if he brings over a disease
from the "other side"?
Messing up the ecosystem on the
Greek side... which is covered by EU law!
Do cats and birds stop and go back too?
Don't they carry diseases?
Look mister, we do our best
to keep it as simple as possible.
Always in line with EU regulations.
You know it's all bullshit.
Just let me cross.
Nobody will know.
I'm afraid I don't agree
and can't let you cross.
You don't agree?
Just let me cross!
One moment...
This conversation is over.
Look, I'm sorry...
Where am I supposed to leave him then?
That's not my responsibility.
I have tons to take care of too.
I'm sorry, but I can't help you.
Come on, Jimi.
Come on, Jimi.
Go away.
Come on.
Come on.
I'll be back first thing in the morning.
Okay, I'm leaving.
You got yourself into this mess.
It's not my fault. It's your fault!
Okay, I'm leaving.
Damn it, Jimi.
Damn it.
The EU and UN
fully support a solution in Cyprus.
Go away... go away...
What are you doing in my house?
What do you want?
Son of a bitch...
I don't want him here.
Why can't he take his dog?
It's EU law. It's complicated.
The dog came illegally.
It's international politics.
You don't understand.
Why did you let him in?
-He can't take his dog back.
He came to see his house.
-This is our house.
The kids like him.
The dog should stay with us.
What does he want from us?
What does he want?
Not with the dog.
Leave him outside.
The small dog says "hev hev".
The big dog says "hau hau".
Did he bring the money?
He should have.
He doesn't have it on him.
You said one thousand.
Yes, one thousand now and one later.
-No, just the one.
Don't lecture me
on what I did or didn't say.
If he doesn't have the money,
there's no deal.
Wait... wait.
You can't just come in whenever you like.
-You haven't paid my rent!
I can do whatever I want.
You hear?
I was going to pay it all.
-Is that so?
Can you give it to me now?
-I'll pay all of it in three days.
All five months, maybe six!
What's wrong?
Turn on the lights.
Is someone after you?
-No, I'm just economizing a bit.
Two guys came looking for you yesterday.
Not the kind you want to mess with.
What have you done now?
-They're just friends of mine.
You know,
at your age I had a grandchild!
A grandchild!
I'm trying, but it's not only up to me.
-Where's that girl of yours?
She was a good girl.
I guess nobody
can put up with you for long.
What are all these boxes?
I'm just throwing stuff out.
-Throwing stuff out?
Well, clean up a bit while you're at it.
It stinks in here.
It stinks.
Why don't you clean up?
I can't take it anymore.
-If you can't take it, let's go then.
I rented out the apartment next door
yesterday to a foreign girl, a European!
She gave me three months' rent up front!
-Excellent. Now go.
You have until Sunday to pay the rent
or you'll find your stuff in the hallway.
I'll kick you out.
And don't tell me I didn't warn you.
Okay, no problem.
-I'm going to rent it to foreign people.
When they say they'll pay, they pay!
Not like certain other people.
-Good night.
Fuck off.
Not like certain other people.
-Good night.
Fuck off.
Show your papers...
What are they doing?
What is he doing?
How are you guys?
You know the feeling when something stuck
between your teeth finally comes out?
Or finally using your own toilet
after a long time away from home?
Or when you squeeze someone's neck,
knowing that his life is in your hands?
These small pleasures in life
are completely underrated.
Nobody appreciates them.
Doing business with the Turks.
Shame on you!
Think I don't know what you're up to?
Give me three more days
and I'll pay you everything.
This is nothing!
Where are you going
to find the rest in three days?
You fucking with me again?
You were a handsome guy.
And very talented.
I believed in your music.
What went wrong?
We'll keep your papers.
No more coming and going
to the occupied areas.
Don't do anything stupid.
Don't make me run after you again.
And answer your phone.
Yianni, who do you owe it to?
Yianni, who do you owe it to?
-Are you out of your mind?
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
-Yeah, right! Where did you spend it?
Actually, I don't care.
You always have an excuse.
It's a never-ending story.
I'm not asking for your money.
-Is that so?
Then what?
What's going on here?
Nothing, my love.
I'll explain later.
Hello, Giorgos.
What is it this time?
What did you do now?
-Take it easy.
He shows up in the middle of the night
and you tell me to take it easy?
I'll take care of it.
Go to bed
and I'll be back in a minute.
Take care of it then.
I'm going to sleep.
Go on...
What happened?
It's Jimi.
We should go to the police, Yianni.
-I can't. What will I tell them?
Who knows what else he was smuggling.
Drugs, guns, icons...
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I didn't want to worry you.
They took my papers. I can't cross.
-How do you keep messing up like this?
What now?
Show me where you used to cross
in the old days.
-I'll find a way to bring him back.
Forget it!
-Don't do it for me, Kika!
Do it for Jimi!
They'll put him down otherwise.
I can't believe I'm doing this.
Since the checkpoints opened
I haven't had to cross illegally.
I thought I was done with all of this.
It's not my fault.
Of course not.
It's my fault that I left him with you.
It's not my fault.
Of course not.
It's my fault that I left him with you.
When this is over,
I'm taking him back.
I don't think so.
He's mine.
-He's ours.
I got him for us.
He was ours. Now he is mine.
Yeah, whatever.
I didn't leave us.
You were the one who left us.
Jimi wouldn't have saved
our relationship, Yianni.
This way.
Your biggest problem is you think
you have all the time in the world.
And you never take responsibility.
-This again...
You blame everyone else
for your failures.
My failures?
-Yes, your failures.
You've been chasing them since I met you.
From one to the next.
You left the band
and I couldn't do the record.
That's why you borrowed the money?
To make a record?
You're out of your mind.
At least I didn't compromise.
Where are the guards?
Probably jerking off somewhere.
Isn't that what you all do in the army?
You're on your own now.
Go on.
Will you be okay?
I'll be fine.
Take care of Jimi, Yianni.
I'll be fine.
Take care of Jimi, Yianni.
Don't worry. I'll find him.
Thanks for your help.
Hey, hey! Stop, stop!
Stop! Don't run.
Turn on the lights!
On the other side!
Not on us!
Over there!
Perfect! We're stuck here now.
They'll put extra security and guards.
We can't take the same route back now.
You can go back through the crossing.
-I don't have my papers.
I'm not in the computer.
They'll know I crossed illegally.
Perfect. It's Giorgos.
And now what?
Now we go find Hasan.
Of course.
We'll go find Hasan.
Who the fuck is Hasan?
Tell them what happened!
I didn't do anything.
They took everything.
The Greeks.
They sold me out.
Where is the dog now?
The dog, where is it?
You are
A tram full of lies
Going round in circles
Without even a driver
You are
The sickness and the curse
The smoke of the cigarettes
The cross of Jesus
The smoke of the cigarettes
The cross of Jesus
You are
The cross of Jesus
You are
Something else
Trying to figure out
where to place you
Since you tell me you don't fit
You're my life's biggest pain
You are
The shit in the fields
A fake bracelet
The selfish interest in a cause
You are
Something else
Trying to figure out
where to place you
Since you tell me you don't fit
You are my life's biggest...
When are you going to Holland?
What will you do there?
Where is she?
Jesus, what am I doing?
Good morning!
Go check the dogs.
Go check the dogs.
Come on, let's go.
What's wrong, Jimi?
He's not well.
What's wrong, Jimi?
He's not well.
What's wrong?
-How would I know, Yianni?
Yianni, we have to take him
to a vet, right now.
I had everything planned out.
I even made a list.
I'm sorry for what I said before.
About your failures.
We both tried.
And we had an amazing time.
Those were the best days of my life.
We just didn't make it.
All I wanted was to leave.
Nothing more.
And when he finds out
you have nothing to give him?
One step at a time!
-If we get arrested, we're in deep shit.
Any other ideas?
One step at a time!
-If we get arrested, we're in deep shit.
Any other ideas?
I'll call Giorgos to pick us up when
we arrive. Then we'll go to the vet.
This is the Cyprus Navy Patrol.
Please do not move.
We are approaching
the boat for inspection.
Give me Jimi and jump!
Stay on board. Do not jump.
We are coming closer.
If we got arrested...
-Yianni, get out.
I don't believe it.
She went inside again.
As if I don't have enough problems.
I was about to come find you.
I have your money.
He's waking up.
About time! I was getting worried.
They really fucked him up.
It's not that bad. I've seen worse.
He must have driven her mad
to throw him out in this state.
She said it wasn't the first time.
She seemed like a nice lady though.
That's all they did to you?
I expected it to be worse.
This is the last time I bail you out.
Stay away.
The further away you are,
the better it is for you.
And for me.
I know it's not enough...
but it's a start.
Keep your money, Yianni.
I don't want it.
You're not going either?
Where am I gonna go?
The mood of the peace talks deteriorated
dramatically during today's meeting.
After a heated exchange the Greek-Cypriot
leader stormed out of the room.
The Turkish-Cypriot leader has accused
him of leaving the negotiating table.
The Greek-Cypriot leader insists
he only went out for a cigarette break
and blames the Turkish side for bringing
the talks to the brink of collapse.
At the moment, nobody knows
when or if talks will resume.
Another blame-game has started
between the two communities...